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Good introduction to a new detective series 👍🏻 liked the character build ups and the twists and turns. Will definitely try the second.

Cinfhen Really? Another series!!??! I wanted to read this but not sure I want to start a new series🤪 1d
TrishB @Cinfhen I did wonder why it was so popular all of a sudden with people that don‘t usually read series! And it is very obviously start of new series story. 1d
Oryx I'm reading this at the moment. Not too far in but I like it ok. I hadn't realized it was a series when I started it (as her other books aren't). 1d
TrishB @Oryx when I get it on kindle it had pre- order the next one underneath. Obviously as it‘s the first it doesn‘t affect the storyline anyway. 1d
BarbaraBB Very appealing ! #stacked 1d
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I recommended this to a friend and when she asked what it was about I had trouble coming up with just one thing and replied, “everything!” A memoir in essay form (which is perfection in my book!) touching on everything from abortion/pregnancy and parenthood to religion/Buddhism, depression, race, traveling abroad, writing —all intermingled with anecdotes which are in turns hilarious and sad from Sanchez‘s life.

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This is the story of the crew of the Karluk who were stranded for about 9 months on Wrangel Island, north of Siberia. The author describes the ordeal of the men in great detail making it sometimes hard to read but, it's a fast-paced and tense tale that kept me reading past my bedtime wanting to know what happened. Anyone who enjoys survival and/or exploration adventures would like this. It will be published on December 6th.

Cinfhen Sounds fascinating!! I love exploration stories!!! #Stacked 4d
Andrew65 Sounds a great book. Well done 👏👏👏 4d
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Cinfhen Ohhhh!!! I need both those prompts #stacked 💖 7d
BarbaraBB You can use John Le Carré also for the Tinker Tailor Spy prompt in #ATY23! 6d
jenniferw88 @BarbaraBB yes I can, but not using the one you'd expect. 1) because I've already read it and 2) I can #doubledip with #Panama #readingtheamericas2023 6d
BarbaraBB So clever!!! 6d
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Paulina moved on her own at 16 to Paris to model. She met her older husband, Ric Ocasek (of The Cars), a few years later and allowed him to make most of the decisions for their family. This led to disastrous financial consequences when he suddenly died while they were divorcing. In this memoir, she examines their marriage and reflects on the difficulties of aging out of modeling. She writes about her childhood torn between Czechoslovakia & Sweden.

Megabooks Thank you to @penguinrandomhouse for this ARC! It‘s out now. #NFNov @Ann_Reads 1w
Cinfhen Definitely interested in this one #stacked 😃 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen it‘s perfect for my #GenX friend and her love of memoirs!! 1w
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I LOVED this book. Although the cover isn‘t that ugly it doesn‘t do the book justice. It‘s much more than that. Those characters. All of them so lovely. I can‘t say it any other way. There‘s not much of a plot yet the interaction between those loving individuals was all I needed!

Thanks for this wonderful gift Helen! 💝

TrishB I loved this 😁 and then read her others! 1w
BarbaraBB @TrishB Are they as good? 1w
KarenUK I have this on order! No I‘m even more excited! 1w
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AnneCecilie @TrishB Anything in her backlist you would recommend? 1w
squirrelbrain I‘m so glad you loved it! I‘ve read two others since (one a gift from @TrishB !) and they are also very good, but this is still my favourite. 1w
Librariana This is the first time I'm hearing about this book, but all the comments here made me curious! 😁 The Litsy synopsis is also quite intriguing and now I'm just gonna need to add it to the TBR. #stacked 1w
TrishB @AnneCecilie @squirrelbrain like Helen I enjoyed both the others, though probably this one slightly more. 1w
Megabooks This has been on my TBR forever, but the US release date kept getting pushed back and it is still quite expensive! I am definitely keeping my eyes on BD though. So glad you liked it!! Sometimes we just need a lovely book. 💜💜 1w
BarbaraBB @Megabooks I‘ll send you mine! I‘ve been thinking about🎄 🎁 💚 1w
Megabooks That would be a lovely Christmas present! Thank you!! 😘💜🎄 1w
CarolynM Stacked🙂 1w
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Fantastic Fungi | Paul Stamets
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This was a great choice to follow-up my recent reading of Suzanne Simard's Finding the Mother Tree with #NaturaLitsy. Each chapter in Fantastic Fungi is written by a different expert, so there is a lot of variety and science backed information. The topics range from fungi as a food source to possible environmental uses for mycelium and a whole lot in between, including mushrooms for medical treatments. ⬇⬇⬇

(Photo from book.)

Ann_Reads The book is a companion piece to a movie covering the same subjects. I haven't seen the movie yet but hope to soon. Prior to reading this, I never would have guessed that fungi has so many potential uses. There seems to be a resurgence in interest by the scientific community for the study of one earth's oldest organisms. Recommended reading for anyone interested in science & the environmental perils the earth is currently being subjected to. 2w
batsy Great review. This sounds fascinating. 2w
Ann_Reads Thank you, Batsy. I definitely found it to be an engaging read. 2w
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Ann_Reads Oh, I should mention the book has lots of cool photos. Who knew mushrooms were so photogenic? 🙂🙂🙂 2w
Megabooks This sounds really interesting! #stacked 2w
AllDebooks @Ann_Reads great review. I have a whole pinterest collection of beautiful fungi photos. Love em 1w
Ann_Reads @megabooks - Thank you and I hope you like the book. 1w
Ann_Reads @AllDebooks - Thanks so much. I think you'd like this book, if for nothing else the really colorful photos. 1w
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Currently reading (and chuckling). 😆

jlhammar This was a fun one. Love the title of his newest. I'm definitely going to be getting a copy once it is released (US) at the end of the month! 2w
LeahBergen @jlhammar Yes! I have it ordered. 😊 2w
Cathythoughts You can‘t beat a good chuckle 🤭 2w
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LeahBergen @Cathythoughts They‘re always needed! 👍 1w
Amiable I like that cover! My copy had a different one. 1w
BookBabe This sounds fun! 😄 #stacked
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My Soul Twin | Nino Haratischvili
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I‘m TOTALLY blaming you for this one! @Mitch 🤣

I popped into my local indie to pick up a book I‘d ordered for hubby when I spotted this on the shelf….

Actually all of the blurbs / reviews say it‘s a modern-day Wuthering Heights so I may use it for #booked2023 #moderntakeonaclassic instead of Demon Copperhead. It‘s certainly slimmer than Demon anyway, as I saw that on the shelf there and it‘s a bit of a chunkster!

Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻 great!! Thanks for sharing 😄 2w
julesG I'm blaming @Mitch too. But I only got the ebook. 2w
squirrelbrain @julesG 🤦‍♀️ 2w
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Mitch Yeah!!!!! 2w
EvieBee I added it to my wishlist after seeing her post, also! 2w
batsy Any book that's compared to a Brontë has me intrigued! 2w
Megabooks That cover!! 😍😍 2w
rockpools It‘s so pretty! And I did love Eighth Life 😍 1w
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South Korean author Sehee taps into universal feelings in this book about her experiences in therapy for depression and anxiety. This memoir has been translated into many languages and was just released in English this month. The majority of the book is transcripts of her work with her therapist. Anyone who has been in therapy will likely find a familiar ring to Sehee‘s worries and problems and her therapist‘s insights about them. #NFNov

Megabooks I think what I found coolest about this book was how similar and relatable her problems were even cross-culturally. 👍🏻 2w
Ann_Reads Great review! Just out of curiosity. I had to find a video explaining how to make tteokbokki. 🙂 2w
RowReads1 I just put this on my list yesterday. 2w
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Megabooks @Ann_Reads it is totally not how I conceived of rice cakes. I follow a lot of recipe accounts on Instagram, and that‘s where I first saw how different they are from American rice cakes. I‘ve never tried them, but they look yummy! 2w
Megabooks @RowReads1 I hope you enjoy it! 2w
sarahbarnes Sounds very relatable. 2w
BarbaraBB It sounds good and important and I love Korean ricecakes! (edited) 2w
batsy Glad to see your positive review! I've been very curious about this one. 2w
Cinfhen Great review!! I‘ll be looking for this one #stacked 2w
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