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Week 5 of #bfcr4 I am happy with my results this week! I got a cold last weekend & was feeling not so great this week, but I pushed through, worked my school‘s book fair two nights & then rested on Friday, so my steps were low that day. I found a Water app, but it is telling me I need to drink so much more water than I have been, so I am going to need to work on that. I am drinking more water than I have been, but no where near the right amount!

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 5d
AsYouWish #bookfitnesschallenge #Week5 Also in case anyone is interested in the app it is called Drink Water: Drinking Reminder, you can set up times for it to remind you to drink water. You can also log coffee, wine, tea, etc. 5d
Bookwormjillk Thanks for the app info! 4d
AsYouWish @Bookwormjillk You‘re welcome! It is really easy to use and I am really liking it so far. It is also really easy to go back and log water for the previous day if you forget or are busy. 4d
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#BFCR3 #week5 | It was a solid week. I didn‘t lift weights as much as planned, but I got in an extra 4-mile run and some much-needed yard work.

📖 2 (19/20)
🚴🏻‍♀️ 31.1 miles
💪🏻 1x
🥵 run 2x, stairclimber 1x, 2.5 hours yard work
👣 86,592/85k

Can‘t believe we‘re going into our last week already #TeamLetsDoThis !

imabusybee 👏🏻👏🏻Good work! Where has the time gone! 2mo
LibrarianJen I kinda fell off the wagon. I need to get back into this. 2mo
julesG I admire your strength. 👏👏👏 2mo
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julesG @LibrarianJen No time like the present! 😉 2mo
TheSpineView awesome! 2mo
Reecaspieces Keep on rocking and rolling! 2mo
britt_brooke @imabusybee Thank you! 2mo
britt_brooke @LibrarianJen You can do it, Jen! 2mo
britt_brooke @julesG Thanks so much, sweet friend! 2mo
britt_brooke @Reecaspieces Thanks! You, too! 💪🏻 2mo
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Hollow Kingdom | Kira Jane Buxton
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Started #BFCR3 #week5 with a 5-mile run and “Shit Turd” in my ear. 🤣 This is the first time in several years I‘ve been able to run this far without walking in between. Feeling pretty damned good about that!


wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2mo
tjwill Great job! 2mo
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britt_brooke @tjwill Thank you! 🤗 2mo
CallMeIshmael That is awesome!!! 2mo
julesG 👏👏👏👏👏 Wow! I admire your strength! 2mo
imabusybee That is awesome!!👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Moony 🎉🎉🎉 2mo
britt_brooke @julesG Thank you - you are so kind! 🤗 2mo
britt_brooke @imabusybee Thank you! I‘m a little sore this morning, lol. (edited) 2mo
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Scythe | Neal Shusterman
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Halfway through this chunkster & am LOVING it! Also, I achieved 97% of my step goal, considering the heat & that I spent 12 hours driving one day this week & 12 hours in emerg with Dd (she's okay) another day, I'm going to call that a win!

7/6 books read & steps away from my July goal!
#BFCr2 #BFC #bookfitnesschallenge #week5
@wanderinglynn @mcipher @krayoncolorz @BeckyB @Lucy_Anywhere @okthislooksbad @twohectobooks @Books.Bottles.and.Babies

Cathythoughts Love this cover ! Not a fan of YA though. 4mo
Lucy_Anywhere I loved this book! Such a great read 4mo
DebbieGrillo @Cathythoughts If you like post-apocalyptic fiction, this one is worth giving the broad genre of YA another chance. 4mo
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Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳👍🏻📚🍾 4mo
BeckyandBooks Great job! 4mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week! 🎉 4mo
mcipher Total win! Glad you had a good week and everything is okay despite the ER visit!! 4mo
hwestfall I just picked the second one in the series up today. Target had it 20% off and then an additional 20% off with Cartwheel! 4mo
twohectobooks Glad things are ok! I keep seeing this cover and feeling curious, but not curious enough to add this one to my TBR. 4mo
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#BFCR2 #Week5
Yoga 7/6
Meditation 7/7
Books 13/18
Walk 2/3
Another good week. I have several books almost finished. I should be able to meet my book goal.
@wanderinglynn @jillannjohn @Buchbeeg @Cheshirecat913 @Chili @Dragonfairykats @bookandcat @bewareofwords

bewareofwords What a great week! 👏🏽 4mo
LauraJ Wonderful! 4mo
Dragonfairykats Awesome!!! 💃🤸‍♀️💥 4mo
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Chili Way to go!!! 👏👏 4mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! 🎉 4mo
Megabooks Fantastic!! 🥳🥳 4mo
Daisey Great week! 4mo
Cheshirecat913 Great week!! 4mo
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Week five! I can‘t believe it. This wasn‘t my most stellar week. Re-entry after vacation is never easy. But I did take a short hike- my first one after fracturing my foot, and I did just barely make my step goal every day. I did hit my book goal. I just need to get back to healthy eating. Tomorrow. Tonight there‘s cake. #BFCr2 #bookfitnesschallenge #week5

Time to finish strong!

catebutler These look so fun and delicious! 4mo
Beatlefan129 So cute! 4mo
BooknerdsLife Those cakes!!! 😍😋 4mo
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Crazeedi You can do it!! 4mo
wanderinglynn Those cupcakes look delicious! And it does take time to get back into routines after vacay. You had a great week, so definitely be proud of that! 🙌🏻 4mo
Bookwormjillk Thanks @catebutler @Beatlefan129 @BooknerdsLife @Crazeedi @wanderinglynn - it was my cat‘s birthday so we had to have cake. 4mo
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#BFCR2 #week5 | It was vacation week so I did my best. I grabbed one 3.5 mile walk on the beach then 2 more workouts once back at home. Those hurt like hell after eating/drinking what I wanted all week! 😆

📖📱🎧 3
🚴🏻‍♀️ 18mi
🥵 other cardio (walk and stairclimber)
👣 12-15k every day except one

Megabooks Awesome job for a vacation week!! I hope you got plenty of fun in! 🎉📚😎 4mo
KarenUK That‘s what vacations are for! 😉💕 4mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks Thanks! Yes, lots of fun: beach, a museum, estuarium, an amazing civil war fort, and lots more beach. 💚 4mo
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britt_brooke @KarenUK Absolutely! 4mo
Mdargusch I love your collage! 4mo
KathyWheeler I love the forts here! And those black & white pics are just lovely. 4mo
britt_brooke @Mdargusch Thank you! 💚 4mo
britt_brooke @KathyWheeler Thanks so much! We loved spending a few days down in your neck of the woods. 🥰 4mo
KathyWheeler @britt_brooke Glad you had a great time! 4mo
julesG You had a very active vacation week! Great! 4mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 I‘m super impressed you were so active on your vacation. 🎉 4mo
Moony Congratulation 👏🌻 4mo
sudi 👏👏👏👏👏👏 4mo
britt_brooke @julesG Our 5 and 7 year olds didn‘t give us much choice. 😆 (edited) 4mo
britt_brooke @wanderinglynn Thanks! Our sons are 5 and 7 so there wasn‘t much relaxing. 😆 4mo
britt_brooke @Moony Thanks! 💚 4mo
Cinfhen Love this collage!!! I don‘t even want to think about what I‘m putting my body through 😜I‘m not sure I‘ll be able to bounce back 😩😩😩 4mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen 🤣🤣 4mo
Reviewsbylola Walking on the beach! 😍🙌🏻 3mo
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#BFCR2 #justbookit #week5

Not too shabby this week. Water & bed on time today are hopefuls, so I didn't count them in the totals. Reading goal adjusted down again 😳🙄😕 I love my cousin's wife, we have a lot of fun together, but my reading time!!! 😆
@wanderinglynn @jillannjohn
@Chili @marmie7 @bewareofwords @Cheshirecat913 @bookandcat @Buchbeeg
Everyone signed up for round 3??? 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪📚📖

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week! 🎉 4mo
JodiY This is awesome, what app is that? 4mo
Chili Way to go!!! 👏👍 4mo
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Dragonfairykats @JodiY It's actually a page in a journal app with regular emojis 🙂 4mo
Marmie7 Great week! 👏 4mo
bewareofwords Fantastic job this week!! 4mo
Cheshirecat913 Awesome week!! Excited to see all the emoji in the moving column again. 4mo
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#BFCR2 #Optionalphotochallenge #week5

Favorite equipment or workout. I love walking in the forest. I like hearing the birds and the wind through the leaves. (The shade is pretty good too! Lol) I don't have a picture of the gravel road we live on, but that's our forest.
@wanderinglynn @jillannjohn

jillannjohn 💚💚 4mo
wanderinglynn Lovely! 💚 That‘s my favorite workout too. 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for sharing. 4mo
brit91 Beautiful!!😍 4mo
Cheshirecat913 Walks through the trees are the best! 4mo
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Just got an exercise bike for the heatwaves and rainy days! #BFCr2 #week5 photo challenge @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Awesome! 🙌🏻 You‘ll have to let me know how you like it. I‘ve considered getting one, but am not sure how much I‘ll use it... (edited) 4mo
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