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Wonderful Wednesdays
Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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"Fifty-two conversation starters . . . simple exercises for sharing our thoughts, feelings and desires with our partner for life. That's the good stuff of relationship! As a couple building their own relationship, Eddie and Sylvia provide us with pearls of great price, their own experiences, wisdom and insight, as a means for us to explore our own and grow infinitely closer in the process." Priscilla Hunt, Executive Director, Better Marriages
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Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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*Just had my 3 year Litsyversary a few days ago--I didn't realize it had been that long.
* @silentrequiem invited me!
*I think I read more since joining, though that's as much due to my freelance curriculum review project as to sharing on Litsy.
*Sci-fi and fantasy, both adult and YA.
* @silentrequiem, of course. I think I've also been following @Ddzmini and @MrBook the longest!

#WondrousWednesday @Eggs

Eggs Hi 👋🏻 thanks for playing 💕📚🤗 2mo
MrBook I‘m honored! 😳☺️🤗 2mo
Ddzmini As am I 🙏 I love Litsy and have to agree wit you about reading more... or maybe it‘s because there are so many different reviews on Litsy that makes it so easy to get more books to read 🙌🏽📖😋 2mo
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Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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1. Trick or Treat
2. Children finding joy in playing music
3. My current job - teaching elementary band
4. 🥰😍👻
@Eggs #wondrouswednesday

Scochrane26 I always admire band & orchestra teachers as I walk through the hall, hearing screeching & a chaos of noise. 2mo
TheLibrarian I love Trick r' Treat (hope I'm thinking of the same movie as you). 2mo
Eggs Thanks for playing 🎶👏🏻❤️🤗 2mo
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Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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1- Do you see the face in the rock?
2- If I'm lucky enough that it rains on the weekend I read!
3- Alone time while my husband, son, and grandbaby hopefully go camping! 🤞
4- If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!
#wondrouswednesday @eggs

Eggs I do see it!!! Have fun with your self and your solitude!! (edited) 2mo
LaurenELovesToRead I see the face in the bottom left!!! 😱 2mo
bookandbedandtea @LaurenELovesToRead It reminded me of Grandmother Willow. Maybe he's Grandfather Granite. 😉 2mo
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Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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1. Black Licorice (Good and Plenty)
2. A sundress with books on it.
3. The Tiger Catcher by Paullina Simons
4. @gradcat

#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

gradcat Thanks for the tag, Eadie! ♥️ 4mo
EadieB @gradcat You're welcome! Hope you are doing well! 4mo
gradcat I am, thank you...how are you? Are you doing okay & getting lots of reading done? 4mo
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EadieB @gradcat Babysat and took them to 5 playgrounds. My hometown has a zipline which Finn loved. He needs to go back there! I called it The Playground Tour. He said that each one has something special. But I‘m a little tired and it will take me ‘til Thursday to recoup. Getting some reading done but family days get in the way but they are necessary. Have to try reading faster! How about you? 4mo
gradcat I‘m glad that you get to have good quality time with your grandchildren. My mother & I were only today bemoaning the fact that we don‘t have very many family members. I think family is everything, and you‘re right—it‘s even more important than reading! 😂♥️ I‘m actually doing pretty well with my reading lately...feeling like I‘m really catching up! I‘ll be ready for our next Cara Black book...I‘m in fine reading fettle! 😁 4mo
Andrew65 I love liquorice too. 4mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Licorice is great stuff! Especially black! But I would probably eat any flavor that was handy! 4mo
Crazeedi @EadieB yes to Good and Plenty, I have a bag in the drawer by my bed!! 😉😍 4mo
Crazeedi @gradcat I have the book on loan from overdrive @EadieB @Andrew65 when are we reading? 4mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 👍❣ 4mo
gradcat Ready for the 22nd! @EadieB @Andrew65 & @Crazeedi ... so excited! 😆 4mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff That sounds like a fun dress! 4mo
EadieB @chaoticgoodhufflepuff I‘ll post a picture and tag you! 4mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
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Wonderful Wednesdays | Eddie Robertson, Sylvia Robertson
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Thanks for the tag @Eggs ! 😊👍💕
1. Kindness
2. Cruelty
3. Best friend of 25 years, lived together at Uni and for few years afterwards in London.... just wish we didn‘t have an ocean between us now! 🇺🇸🌊🇬🇧
4. If you‘d like to play, consider yourself tagged 👍💕

Eggs Thanks for joining in 👏🏻🤗💗 4mo
Cathythoughts Kindness ♥️ 4mo
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