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Basic Witch
Basic Witch: Witches of Salem | Harmony Hart
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Gemma Bradbury used to be the epitome of a basic thirty-something woman-obsessed with social media, Netflix, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.But when she stumbles into a new life in Magickal Salem, everything changes. Gemma finds herself tangled up in the suspicious death of an elderly shop owner, realizes her cat can talk, and discovers she's an actual witch.She also finds out that she's stuck in Salem. Forever.But once the Coven assigns her a magical tutor-the drop-dead gorgeous Professor Beauregard Bacchus-and she makes friends with a real fairy princess, things start to look up.All she has to do now is learn to navigate a new town full of witches, vampires and shifters, manage a magic shop, pass her first wand exam, and maybe flirt a bit with the handsome paranormal bachelors in her new town.Oh, and find the shop owner's real killer before Salem's bumbling moose-shifter deputy tosses her in jail for murder.Suddenly, this witch's life isn't so basic anymore.
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Catching up after a busy work day & trick-or-treaters. Opened my #basicwitchswap package this morning but didn‘t have time to take pic or post. I‘m very excited about 2 new books, fun soap, the necklace, and the bat squeeze ball. The bat is adorable. I also use homemade soaps all the time, so I love the soap. Thank you, Nicole!! @PaperbackPirate @Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain thanks for hosting! @Clwojick #scarathlon

sprainedbrain Lovely! Happy Halloween! 🎃 3w
PaperbackPirate I‘m so glad you loved it all! I am overjoyed with my package but didn‘t have time for a good pic so I will post tomorrow! Happy Halloween! 🎃 3w
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🖤🖤🖤 my #BasicWitchSwap 📦! It is fabtastic! Thank you @HufflepuffGirl90
That tote is amazing. I've already taken the mug around work to show everyone. I'll be having some of the tea this afternoon ( and maybe reading some tea leaves 😉). Thank you so much.
This was such a fun swap. I hope you two do it again @Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain

Meaw_catlady It has been a very fun swap !! Thanks for participating! What lovely treasures! Happy Halloween! 🖤🧡🎃 3w
BethM That tote is life! 3w
thewallflower0707 Everything looks amazing! 3w
MaleficentBookDragon @BethM I know I 🖤 it so much. 3w
sprainedbrain Omg that mug! Excellent package. Blessed Samhain to you! 🖤 3w
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I love all of my stuff... such a great swap!!! Thanks so much!!! #basicwitchswap @Meaw_catlady @Nitpickyabouttrains

Meaw_catlady Cute!! Happy Halloween!! 🖤 3w
Nitpickyabouttrains So glad you like it all! 3w
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#BasicWitchSwap Wowza!!! Thank you so much, @slightlyfoxed for this generous and totally on-theme swap box!!! I can‘t wait to dive into the teas- but the packaging is so pretty!!! And SOOO many books from my wishlist!!! I can‘t wait to get reading!!!

Meaw_catlady Wow!! So lovely ! And witchy! The packaging is so gorgeous! 🖤🖤 3w
sprainedbrain What a great package! Happy Halloween! 🖤🎃 3w
AmyG I got the ouija board bookmark for someone for a swap...it‘s so lovely.🖤🎃 (edited) 3w
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TorieStorieS Thanks so much for organizing, @sprainedbrain and @Meaw_catlady !!! 3w
TorieStorieS @AmyG I love it- and I got two bookmarks from there (but from different people!) I will have to check out The Bookish Den! 3w
slightlyfoxed Yay! I hope you enjoy everything! Like I said, I tend to go hard with themes, for better or worse 🙈. 3w
TorieStorieS @slightlyfoxed I love it all!!! The pins, stickers- journal!! Everything!! Thank you- I hope you enjoy your box, too!! 3w
monalyisha @slightlyfoxed This looks like such a thoughtful, bad-ass package! Great job! 3w
TorieStorieS I‘m so happy with everything!!! @monalyisha 3w
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#BasicWitchSwap Look at this gorgeous wrapping and black and gold theme!! I can‘t wait to tear in, @slightlyfoxed !!! That tote is so fun!!!

Meaw_catlady Lovely! 🖤 3w
monalyisha Adore the tote! 3w
TorieStorieS @monalyisha Me too!!! Everything is so perfect!!! 3w
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What makes Halloween even better? This awesome #BasicWitchSwap box from @J9brown, that‘s what! Thank you Jeanine for the wonderful books, the sweet candle, keychain, and especially for the GORGEOUS scarf with the moons & stars! And thank you, too, @SprainedBrain and @Meaw_Catlady for organizing the swap!

Meaw_catlady Lovely! That journal ! 🖤 3w
j9brown Yay, glad you like it 😄 This was a really fun swap! 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤🖤🖤 3w
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monalyisha I love Kelly Link! And is that a journal in the back? Too cool! 3w
PatriciaU Yes, that‘s a journal!!! 3w
sprainedbrain Lovely! Happy Halloween! 🎃 3w
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Got my package today from @TheRomantiCate thank you ☺️

@sprainedbrain @Meaw_catlady

TheRomantiCate Hooray!!! Hope you like it!! 3w
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Got my #basicwitchswap package last night and totally forgot to take a picture! Can‘t wait to open it in a couple days! ❤️📚🧙🏼‍♀️

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🧙‍♀️🖤 3w
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This is me smiling instead of yelling at you for sending me a #basicwitchswap package even though we aren‘t partners ! 😘😘😘😘 you are the best @sprainedbrain !!! I cannot wait till Samhain 🖤🖤🧡🖤🖤

sprainedbrain Yay!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 4w
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My #basicwitchswap package arrived! Looking forward to opening @Kshakal

Kshakal I am glad it arrived safely... can‘t wait till Halloween!! 4w
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Just sent off my package!! Should be there by Monday!! #BasicWitchSwap

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love that image. 💚🖤 4w
Meaw_catlady So witchy love it! 🖤 4w
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@Kar2b your #basicwitchswap package should arrive to you by Friday @Meaw_catlady

Kar2b How exciting!!! 🎃🦇👻 4w
Kar2b @Endowarrior21 the package arrived today. I can‘t wait to open it! 👏 4w
Endowarrior21 @Kar2b yay 🎃🎃🎃 4w
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Got home from a totally hellacious day to find this beauty waiting for me. Can‘t wait to open!

Thank you in advance, @j9brown!

@sprainedbrain @meaw_catlady


j9brown Hooray! Glad it made it! Hope you enjoy 🎃 1mo
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Thank you @TheBookKeepers – both packages arrived safely. It‘s going to be hard to wait until the 31st! 🎃🧙🏻‍♀️🔮

TheBookKeepers Yay!!! 1mo
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My package is heading out today! 🐱🌘🔮 #BasicWitchSwap

@Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain

JoScho Great graphic! 2mo
monalyisha @JoScho I was going to say the same! 2mo
JoScho @monalyisha 😊🖤 2mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @JoScho @monalyisha Thanks. I got her off on Pixabay. 2mo
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Cannot believe it‘s the last day of September ! My birthday was a major success! I sang ABBA karaoke till my voice cracked! 🖤 tomorrow is October !!! Although I‘ve already been celebrating spooky season it‘s officially time to switch to that gear since my bday party is complete. I bought the last item for my #basicwitchswap partner ! Now to wrap and ship!! So excited cannot wait till Samhain! 🖤🍂🎃🖤

tdrosebud Woohoo ABBA karaoke!!!! 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tdrosebud I was thinking that too! Sounds like tons of fun! 2mo
bullbunny Happy Birthday!! Karaoke is awesome!! 2mo
Branwen Yay! Happy October! 🍁🎃👻 2mo
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Favorite Color - any of the “royals” or jewel tones - blue, purple, deep red, green
Favorite Tarot Card - Queen of Wands
Favorite Crystal - moonstone or amethyst
Favorite Book - right now, The World that We Knew by Alice Hoffman
Favorite Flower - Lilac; Favorite Herb - Basil
Favorite Candy - peanut clusters (no caramel, though!)
Favorite Essential Oil - civet

@Sprainedbrain @meaw_catlady

Meaw_catlady Moonstone 🌙💕🌙 3mo
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Tea ☕
Fiction 📚
Dark 🌚
Dogs 🐾
Tarot 🎴
Practise 💫
None 😬
West 🌊

@sprainedbrain @Meaw_catlady
#basicwitchswap #thisorthat

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#BasicWitchSwap This or That
☕️ I drink both. Too hard to choose.
📚 While I read both, I prefer fiction.
🌑 dark so you can see the stars
🐶🐱 I have one of each, so I can‘t choose
🌌 Tarot
🖋 story
🔮 crystals – I like plants, but I tend to kill them
🧭 west

Meaw_catlady 🖤🌙🔮🖤 I also love both coffee and tea. They are both essential for life 3mo
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