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This book by #AuthorAMonth author for June is currently 99p in the U.K. for Kindle and Apple Books.

Seen great reviews for this book and looking forward to getting to it in June.


Julsmarshall It is soooo good! 4mo
Andrew65 @Julsmarshall One of the most recommended books during #12Booksof2023 Really looking forward to this one. 4mo
Bookwormjillk One of the best books I‘ve read this year 4mo
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Andrew65 @Bookwormjillk That says a lot! 4mo
CatLass007 Thanks for sharing. It‘s an excellent book and I plan to continue reading this author. 4mo
KadaGul @Andrew65 Awesome 🤩 Sauce #Greatdeal 4mo
TheSpineView Thanks 4mo
jhod Thanks @Soubhiville 😊 4mo
Caroline2 Thanks. I‘m looking forward to reading this one in June. 👍 4mo
Amiable Great book! 4mo
Yenya1954 I‘m looking forward to reading this book 4mo
tpixie Thanks 😊 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This one is so good!! 3mo
Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m looking forward to June and getting to this. If you love it I‘m certain I will. 3mo
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Waiting for Tom Hanks | Kerry Winfrey
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Sorry @Andrew65! I forgot to post my last book! #12booksof2023

The Second Chance Year | Melissa Wiesner
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✨ december ✨

i had five five-star reads in december last year:

-the magician‘s nephew
-the second chance year
-the horse and his boy
-prince caspian
-the voyage of the dawn treader

and the second chance year was my (non-reread) favorite of the five.


Andrew65 That;s brilliant and thanks for playing along. See you on Christmas Day for #12Booksof2024. Happy reading. 6mo
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Square of Sevens | Laura Shepherd-Robinson
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Atmospheric, historical fiction, mystery, fortune telling. I‘m still thinking about this one!

And it‘s a wrap! Looking forward to some more great reading in 2024

Andrew65 Brilliant. Thanks for playing along and I look forward to seeing you on Christmas Day for #12Booksof2024 Happy Reading! 6mo
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Oops. I forgot to post my #12booksof2023 selection for December. This was a fun book, and we had a good discussion at book club. I can‘t really say more, because the reason I liked it is a spoiler. 😎

Honorable mention to The General and Julia, which was published in November. It was the newest book I read in 2023, and The Mystery of the Old Clock (1930) was the oldest.

With this I think I‘ve sufficiently recapped 2023. On to 2024! #wrapup

Andrew65 Excellent! Thanks for playing long, a great way to review 2023. See you for #12Booksof2024 on Christmas Day. 6mo
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I‘ve been wanting to read Audre Lorde for a long time and now I‘ll definitely be reading more by her.

✅ memoir
✅ coming of age
✅ lgbtq author
✅ Black author
✅ 1950s New York

Thanks again for hosting #12booksof2023
@Andrew65 !

Andrew65 Excellent. Thanks for playing long, a great way to review 2023. See you for #12Booksof2024 on Christmas Day. 6mo
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Just After Sunset | Stephen King
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Not every story was 5 ⭐️ but the majority were scary and/or memorable!

#12booksof2023 @Andrew65

Andrew65 He does write brilliant stories. 6mo
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Project Hail Mary | Andy Weir
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Also my favorite for the year!

✅ science fiction
✅ fast paced
✅ unique

#12booksof2023 @Andrew65

Jari-chan One of my favourite books ever ❤ 6mo
Andrew65 Love this book ❤️ 6mo
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Andrew65 Thanks for playing long, a great way to review 2023. See you for #12Booksof2024 on Christmas Day. 6mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 5mo
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Nobody's Fool | Richard Russo
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#12Booksof2023 #December

This book had a lot to live up to, because I love the movie with Paul Newman. We watch it every year sometime on or after Thanksgiving. Thankfully I loved it. It added depth to the characters in the movie and introduces more that are not in the movie. This is also a husband pick as he read it first. He is currently reading the second book and third one arrived today.

Reggie I haven‘t read this one but I‘ve read his Straight Man and it‘s hilarious. 6mo
Bookzombie @Reggie This one has funny moments. The residents of North Bath are unique and that leads to hilarity sometimes. They also have a lot of issues. Since I have seen the movie so many times, the characters were the actors in my head but I think the casting fit. 6mo
Andrew65 Thanks for playing long, a great way to review 2023. See you for #12Booksof2024 on Christmas Day. 6mo
Bookzombie @Andrew65 Thanks for hosting! 6mo
Andrew65 @Bookzombie Love hosting this. 6mo
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