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@Ijuliel Q. what's the diff bt comics, manga, anime, graphic novels, etc

4/6: Then we get into graphic novels and things get muddy. gns are also comics but i see them as borrowing from both styles. they are usually formatted like comics but start to look like the animanga style. i also read that gns tell a story in one volume but so do manga. and that comics tell it in volumes but so do manga. these are also usually in color and read L to R

LibrarianRyan You had great explanations. I think the only thing I might add is that Graphic novels are similar to comics but allow for a longer story. And/or they compile volumes of comics into one bigger collection. Usually 3-4 comics per graphic novel. 1mo
Crimson613 @LibrarianRyan thanks 🙂 oh yeah! comics are usually very short but graphic novels are probably the longest of the group. Manga now comes out in omnibus editions tho which I know a lot of people like 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Crimson613 I think for me I only like Manga omnibus editions if they are hard cover. Other wise they fall apart too easy. That being said I have had my eye on a new Death note set all in black with black spayed pages. Tempting!!!! Plus GN are get “book” where the combine the GN in to a book. I like the hard covers but not the price. 1mo
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Crimson613 @LibrarianRyan for me omnibus books are iffy. If the series is available by volume I get those and if they don't, I get the omnibus. I haven't seen a lot of hardcover ones, are they more expensive than the paperback? Which are expensive already #rip. oh man I love Death Note! Will you get it? I'd also be tempted if I didn't already have the single volumes 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Crimson613 death not eventually probably. I used to buy manga for my libraries but it was always hard when books in the middle of series would fall apart and you couldn‘t replace the volume. I own so very little manga because it was hard to get in farm country but I always tried to have the most popular at my library. 1mo
ljuliel Wow, such a lot of differences between them ! You did a great job. 1mo
LibrarianRyan Btw do you know @Easytiger @GrilledCheeseSamurai and and and it‘s on the tip of my tongue who also appreciate Gn and anime? @GondorGirl likes Gn and I‘m doing her challenge this year. 1mo
Crimson613 @ljuliel thanks 😆 1mo
Crimson613 @LibrarianRyan Ohhh I don't know too many people so I'm always up for litsy ppl recs, what's the challenge? 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Crimson613 it was simple. Two graphic novels a month. I‘m also oldoing the #litsyAtoZ challenge with all graphic novels. I have a few letters I have to find. I started looking today. 1mo
Crimson613 @LibrarianRyan if they do it again next year I think I'll join, I'm doing #nfnov and a winter reading challenge in December so I'll be too busy to do something else, but I've always been curious about the A to Z challenge 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Crimson613 they are pretty fun. Usually hosted by @BookishMarginalia and @WanderingBookaneer normally you set how you will make your alphabet. I‘m doing picture books and gN 1mo
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Witchcraft at Salem | Chadwick Hansen
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October 12th: Graveyard 🧟‍♀️⚰️ I took this last October while touring around Salem, MA. This year, you can‘t access this graveyard during October due to historical preservation. I am glad I had my chance. #ChillingPhotoChallenge #Graveyard #Salem #RIP #TeamSlaughter #Scarathlon

Sula | Toni Morrison
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Book 113 of 2019

thehonestpuck Oddly enough this is the only Toni Morrison book I've read. It's wonderful and strange and I definitely need to read more 4mo
ginganinja Giving Song of Solomon a reread now in celebration of Toni Morrison's extraordinary life! 4mo
rather_be_reading @thehonestpuck this is my first! 4mo
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rather_be_reading @ginganinja awww definitely! 4mo
thehonestpuck I look forward to seeing what you think! 4mo
LiztheBibliophile I loved this book. 4mo
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Paradise | Toni Morrison
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Thankful that I got this one from my parents for my birthday so that it was waiting for me on my TBR shelves #RIP 💔 #nowreading

Emilymdxn I need this one! I want to reread Beloved as soon as I‘m done with the man booker longlist 4mo
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My local bookshop put up a nice little twist to the usual #RIP tribute to #ToniMorrison yesterday. Rest In Power, and thank you!

Untitled | Unknown
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This can‘t be true 😟 Toni Morrison is such a influential being. My mom loves to read and introduced me to her. When she would speak she had that voice that made you want to pay attention and listen. Lord I am at a loss for words I don‘t even know what to say prayers to the morrison family friends and book lovers. Rest In Paradise Queen 😢🙏🏾 #influential #brokebarriers #strong #leader #powerful #buyherbooks #bookreaders #bibliophiles #rip

CaliforniaCay 💔 4mo
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Song of Solomon | Toni Morrison
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Years ago, when I read Song of Solomon, I had never read a book like it. It is still one of my all time favorite books. Toni Morrison had such a way with words. #rip

Beloved | Toni Morrison
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She used words in such a beautiful way. I‘m so glad she shared them with all of us. #RIP

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I love you Max.

Suet624 Oh gosh. Heart officially broken. 4mo
KirstieE Sorry to hear of your loss. Dogs are truely blessings. Hope you recover soon ❤️ 4mo
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The Bluest Eye | Toni Morrison
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I read Beloved in Yale Summer School—Gender and Political Science class—and it changed the way I looked at the American novel. I also read The Bluest Eye in that class, and it changed how I looked at my own writing, at sparseness of word to tell a powerful gut-punch of a story.

She won the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was a treasure, as is her work. #tonimorrison #rip #love

Bibliogeekery 💔 4mo
megnews 😢 4mo
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