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A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning; The Reptile Room; The Wide Window | Lemony Snicket
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Bringing together three adventures starring Klaus, Sunny and Violet, this book includes 'The Bad Beginning', 'The Reptile Room' and 'The Wide Window'.
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It's official. I've been in a reading slump for over a month. I didn't finish a single book in October, despite forcing myself to make an effort. I've come to accept that I won't meet good number of the goals I set for myself this year. It's not internal, but rather external circumstances that have worked against me for months. Many issues have afflicted my household, including major dental work for this little guy who has lost half his teeth.☹🐕

SW-T Awww...poor little guy. Hope he‘s doing better and will still be able to enjoy his food. Our mutt had to see a doggie dentist for a while to save his teeth and jaw. You ache for them but try to do what‘s best. Hugs and get well wishes to your furry friend 🥰🐶🥰 1mo
SleepyDragon @SW-T Sounds expensive .. our guy had about 20 teeth extracted, including 2 canines. At least he still has enough to eventually be able to have kibble again once he's healed. But till then, no toys or anything crumchy/hard, which will be difficult with two messy 4 year olds in the house. He's very quick when they drop things. Plus all the meds they sent home for him. It's going to be a long 8 weeks. 1mo
Crazeedi My heart breaks for this little fur friend! Hugs1🐶 1mo
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SW-T @SleepyDragon Oh...it was pricey 😳 Tried not to think about it. We wanted his long term quality of life to be good. I wish you and your little guy luck over the next few weeks. Hopefully anything that falls within his reach will be soft! Hugs to you both 🥰 1mo
SleepyDragon @SW-T I can only imagine. We desperately need new flooring, but that will now have to wait. It hasn't been a good year for us and unexpected medical expenses, both human and canine. I just wish pet care was more affordable and pet insurance less ridiculous. He might have lost less teeth if we could've afforded to do this earlier. Sigh. I just have to focus on the fact that he will be happy for the second half of his life, even with half his teeth. 1mo
SW-T @SleepyDragon Hopefully next year will be better for humans and canines alike.💗 1mo
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this book is about three orphans who had their parents die in a fire and then they had to live with their evil uncle count olaf who keeps following them for their fortune.after they stop living with him,then they live with their uncle monty and get followed by count olaf in disguise.

LitsyWelcomeWagon Welcome to Litsy! Here are links to #Litsytips: http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU. There‘s lots of fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! @litsywelcomewagon 3mo
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I just rewatched season 3 of the Netflix show for about the seven thousandth time😂😂😂and the kit/Olaf love scene hit me haaard, it always does but this time it was rly hard

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The unfortunate tale of three orphans sent to live with their not-so-warm relative Count Olaf after their parents pass away in a fire.

I don‘t know why but I loved this book. Loved the movie too.

Despite its dismal storyline and bleak outlook, it‘s just a fun and easy read. Really appreciated the dark humor.

Shley9225 Will you be continuing with the series? 7mo
KristenDuck @Shley9225 yes! I have number 2 on hold with libby 7mo
MaceyT15 Did you watch the Netflix series? Much better than the movie! 7mo
KristenDuck @MaceyT15 I don‘t have Netflix but I heard good things! 7mo
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Anyone else love the librarian from A Series of Unfortunate Events?! I am so sad its over 😭

LibrarianRyan The series is completely over. They ended it. There was 12 books which would make like 6 seasons. 7mo
MaceyT15 This series was wonderful! Although I'm sad it ended, they tied things together quite nicely. Sara Rue crushed it in her role as the librarian 7mo
TheRomantiCate I loved this series in every possible way... I‘m on the second part of The Penultimate Peril and I don‘t want it to end 7mo
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rather_be_reading @MaceyT15 i loved sara rue!! i need to read the books! 7mo
rather_be_reading @TheRomantiCate i agree!! thts exactly how i felr 7mo
MaceyT15 @rather_be_reading I haven't read the books either, but they are on my joint TBR with my son! 7mo
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📚 A Series of Unfortunate Events
📽 Office Space
🎶 I‘m Just a Kid by Simple Plan
#manicmonday @JoScho

JoScho 🖤🤓🖤 10mo
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Saw on Facebook and couldn't not share 😂😂

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My pick for a “bad” villain is actually an amazing character who I love... but who is super bad at being a villain. Although I think he would disagree with me...
Count Olaf is spectacularly awful at his one simple job. Stealing the Baudelaire orphans enormous fortune. #lovehate #badvillain #poorbeatrice @ErinSueG

ErinSueMreads #poorbeatrice 😂😂😂😂 10mo
Meaw_catlady Good choice 10mo
SailorMoon I'm definitely adding this series to my stack! I had been looking for the books at my local library but they are not so eady to find! I'll look them up online!!! 10mo
MatchlessMarie Just read this for the first time this year! 10mo
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1) Bunnicula! I also loved reading Monster at the End of This Book to my little brother 💕
2) Playing with my brothers on snow days
3) Push mowing 5 acres twice a week every summer
4) it‘s not really a toy, but my piano was my salvation as a kid
5) Loved reading the Lemony Snicket books to my daughter when she was small ❤️

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 11mo
Andrea4 Ooo Bunnicula!!! A very good one!! 11mo
Ericalambbrown @Andrea4 I think that may have been the first book I ever bought for myself at the scholastic book fair 💕 11mo
Andrea4 @Ericalambbrown haha what a great memory! And a great pick!! 11mo
Emilymdxn Love lemony snicket so much!! 11mo
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Has anyone seen these hilarious posts on Twitter??? My husband somehow found them and I‘m cracking up! #removealetterspoilabook

vivastory That's awesome! 13mo
Librariana I love the whole "remove a letter" concept! Hehehe ? 13mo
CoffeeNBooks That's hilarious! 😂 13mo
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It was good a decent mystery but I liked it

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The Gram is on fire today. 😆🔥

sudi Why is this so accurate 😂😂😂 1y
JoScho So true and describes my day perfectly! 1y
Readingismyescape Love this!! 1y
zezeki 😂😂 1y
Purrfectpages This is the best! 1y
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Upcoming Events 🤗:

I bought some goodies for the #FallingforFallSwap while shopping this past weekend. I can‘t wait to see who I‘m matched with!

There are a few books en route to me from The Book Depository. When they arrive, I can post my #MakeMeReadIt stack & cross my fingers for more votes.

And I‘ve decided that I AM going to put my #WitchPleaseSwap idea into effect (“witch” I‘ll start organizing after my brother‘s wedding in 2 weeks 😱)!

hermyknee I‘m all in for the #witchpleaseswap !!! I can‘t wait to hear more about it! (edited) 1y
Readergrrl I‘m also eager to hear more about #witchpleaseswap 🧙🏻‍♀️ 1y
TheReadingMermaid I'm ready 1y
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BrittanyReads Ooohh witches!!! 1y
Nessavamusic Ooh yay for the #witchpleaseswap 1y
LoverofLit Oh my gosh yes to #witchpleaseswap 1y
MeganAnn You already know I‘m all in for the #witchpleaseswap I‘ve already been searching for lovely witchy extras! 🔮💛🧙🏻‍♀️✨ 1y
Burghbookaddict I'm excited for your swap! 1y
Jess_Franzino Totally into this! 1y
Avanders Ooooh 🧙🏽‍♀️🌚🔮✨ 1y
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umm...that‘s not a “goof”, IMDB. 🙄

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HOTPock3tt Truth!! 2y
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What a fun day! We stopped by a shop and I picked up a The Black Arts a Concise History of Mystical Practices Throughout the Ages. My partner also found this amazing 35th anniversary My little pony. My inner child was so pleased. My step sister also let me borrow her collection of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I have never read this series. The sad part.. she is missing 6! I will definitely fix that!

BekahB I love your My Little Pony! So many memories coming back to me! 😄 2y
JoScho That My Little Pony 💕 2y
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Starting season 2 today!!

JoScho NPH is so fabulous! 2y
ReadingRover Yay! 2y
Craftylikefox Yess!!!!!!!! 2y
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Pluralconstant I just finished it! 😊 2y
TheAliceEvers I completely forgot season 2 was coming! 😱 thank you for reminding me! 😍 brb just going to go binge! 😉 2y
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MelAnn 😂🤣😂 love it! 2y
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Linking (below) to an article about Children‘s Lit & the #metoo movement. Particular attention is paid to Daniel Handler‘s gross behavior.

"For too long, kid‘s & YA lit has done what so many other industries have done: 'Not us! Not here! We‘re different! We‘re KIND! We write about dragons, & wizards, & justice, & how middle school bullying is wrong, & kittens being best friends with dogs! We don't have THAT kind of problem.' That time is over."?

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great, if sad article. I can‘t say I‘m surprised though, it is unfortunately universal. I don‘t know a single field that would be automatically immune. 2y
hermyknee Wow 2y
Beachesnbooks I was reading about this the other day after hearing about it on the Book Riot podcast, I'm glad someone posted something here too. It's awful that several prominent authors have been doing this for so long without any repercussions. I'm someone who likes to know about the authors I read and will be avoiding picking up works from those writers in the future. 2y
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❇ Not a movie but I read the first few of A Series of Unfortunate Events before the Netflix series.
❇ Too many to count
❇ None yet 😔
❇ Chocolate chip crunch cookies from The Chocolate chip cookies murders and Russian tea from The Witches of Echo Park. Both delicious.

#weekendchat @CSeydel


I think ASOUE, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice are the books I can read over and over! The first 2 being 2 of my favourite from being a child, and every time I re-read them I learn or realise something else. Pride and Prejudice is just lush and an absolute classic 😍😍

Thanks for the giveaway @mrozzz ❤️📚

mrozzz Oh that Lemony Snicket ☺️ 2y
BeckyK @mrozzz Love him! 2y
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💛2 older sisters! 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏻
💛Nope. I need to travel more, first.
💛Anatomy Of A Scandal, A Little Life and Genesis.
💛ASOUE and Pride and Prejudice
💛I don‘t know - Amazing?
💛I honestly don‘t know!
💛BOTH 🐱🐶
💛Tea, then Hot Chocolate then coffee
💛Rebecca 😂 (I think I‘m so funny 🙄)
💛 @jenniferw88 - my #potterheadswap match! 💚


ooomeooo 11.) 😎🤝🤣🤣 - you are 👌 2y
BeckyK @Gyldholm Haha I had to!! 😂 2y
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Hello friends,

I finally finished A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and it was SO GOOD! I started reading it when I was in elementary school but never finished it. I started the series in January as a part of my bookclub‘s “Firsts” challenge as my first series of the year. The books were a little repetitive but I enjoyed most of the characters and the author‘s way of writing. If you haven‘t read this series then I recommend you do.

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I got up this morning, and the back of the house was flooded because my washing machine broke. So then I went upstairs to do yoga, because I was anxious and I thought it would help, and realized the air conditioner wasn‘t working. And later, after my shower, I tried to blow dry my hair, but the blowdryer just blew my hair around without actually drying it. And after all that, I still didn‘t kill anybody. High five, y‘all.

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Three word titles #riotgrams

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I just started this series a few months ago and I am so in love!

TheWordJar Me too! I just picked up 3 and 4 at the library today. Have you been watching the Netflix series, too? ❤️❤️ 2y
captivatedbywords @TheWordJar I have only watched the first two episodes so far, I'm really enjoying it! I figure each time I finish a book, I will watch an episode. 2y
TheWordJar That's what I'm doing too! I was glad to hear they are doing another season to finish up the series. All of the actors are perfect! 2y
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Another favorite from my childhood. So dark, funny and touching. IMO the movie didn't do them justice. (Forgive the missing 5th and 6th books, my niece borrowed them 😊)

Josie I have the same box set! It's beautiful!!! 4y
Kear_Bear Oh cool! It really is beautiful. I love the artwork! 4y
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