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Bambi: A Life in the Woods | Felix Salten
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The beloved story of a deer in the forest reaches a new generation of readers with a fresh new look. Bambis life in the woods begins happily. There are forest animals to play with and Bambis twin cousins, Gobo and beautiful Faline. But winter comes, and Bambi learns that the woods hold dangerand things he doesn't understand. The first snowfall makes food hard to find. Bambis father, a handsome stag, roams the forest, but leaves Bambi and his mother alone. Then there is Man. He comes to the forest with weapons that can wound an animal. Bambi is scared that Man will hurt him and the ones he loves. But Man cant keep Bambi from growing into a great stag himself, and becoming the Prince of the Forest. Repackaged with a vibrant, fresh cover for the first time in two decades, this timeless tale of a young deers woodland life is an ideal collectible.
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Well-loved books from the #1940s (and some from the 1930s) that have been passed down in my family. #LetsTravelJuly @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

Lcsmcat The tagged book is the one with a missing spine on the right. 6mo
Graywacke Cool! 6mo
OriginalCyn620 That‘s so awesome! ❤️ 6mo
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Day 8 Nature

We were very lucky to have a deer visiting our street for a while. I was always very excited when it made an appearance! 🦌


britt_brooke Pretty boy! 1y
emilyrose_x @britt_brooke He was such a graceful animal (except when he was eating!) Unfortunately they've started to build houses in the fields beside us and he no longer visits 😢 1y
britt_brooke @emilyrose_x That‘s a shame. 😔 1y
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Thank you so much @Amy-Laura for the gorgeous card! I don‘t have any plans for the summer either - we‘re going on holiday in September once all the kids go back to school....

Cosyreader You‘re welcome! Oh nice, where are you off to? 1y
squirrelbrain A week on the Ile de Ré in France - we went a few years ago and it‘s lovely. Much reading will be done! ?? 1y
CareBear Oh my gosh @Amy-Laura where did you get these? 1y
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Cosyreader @CareBear eBay! I got the princess one too, but I have to be honest - there are a lot of duff ones in the packs haha 1y
Cosyreader @squirrelbrain wow that does sound lovely 😊 1y
CareBear @Amy-Laura thanks, I‘m going to see what I can find! I got the idea but I definitely had to google “duff” lol 1y
Cosyreader @CareBear lol sorry! 1y
CareBear @Amy-Laura no it‘s ok! Now I know a new word 🤣 1y
tracey38 Love this card! 1y
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Trying to read some of the books that I missed as a child. Salten's Bambi is definitely more realistic than the Disney version. He does a great job of giving the animals a voice and emotions without it being cliche or distracting. Excellent illustrations as well.

Bradleygirl Isn't it awesome? I never really thought of it as a kids book. Like Peter Pan in the original, but less weird. 2y
Mollyanna @Bradleygirl I was surprised by how grown-up some of the themes were. I went in thinking it would be a expanded Disney version. It was very different. I'm glad I read it. 2y
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This is what greeted me this morning. This mom and her babies seem to really enjoy stopping by! We've had a lot more deer than usual around here this year.

tpixie Great photo!! 2y
Librarybelle So sweet! ❤️❤️ 2y
Lcsmcat We get deer and bunny families in our backyard too. 2y
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scripturient 😍😍😍 2y
Dragon They are so darling! 🦌 2y
britt_brooke Love them! 2y
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This is a dark and beautiful fable, not at all what I was expecting. Much more brutal and bloody than modern children's books of course, but also with tons of depth. Apparently the nazis banned it for being anti-fascist.

Like a cross between a woodland fairy tale and Animal Farm, this definitely holds up as a book for grownups.

This was my "published in 1923" book for the #192019challenge.

IamIamIam I bought this last year! I'll have to bump it up to the top of the list! 3y
diovival Great book! 3y
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#marchintoreading Day19: #setinthe1920s
I struggled a bit with this prompt. I haven't read that many books set in this time period and the number of those books I've enjoyed is even smaller. So I've chosen to highlight a book that was written in the 1920s that I really enjoyed. This is NOT Disney's Bambi. There are scenes from this book that still haunt me.

diovival Has anyone read this? Thoughts on book vs movie? 3y
Lindy @diovival I haven't read it, but your post makes me want to. 3y
Lcsmcat @diovival The book is SO much better than the Disneyfication! It deals with some deep themes - more of a YA than a kids book. 3y
IamIamIam I got a great vintage copy last year! I almost pulled it out recently but I'll definitely bump it up now! 3y
diovival @IamIamIam Yes! Give in to it's siren call. 3y
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#onewordtitles are kinda scarce for me but turns out I had all these. I'm so proud of Elementals b/c I got it signed after a reading by A.S. Byatt in college, but so chagrined bc I got it all wet later so it's warped. Seriously, why doesn't Litsy have that book?
#photoadaynov16 @RealLifeReading

Megabooks Star Trek 🖖🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻 3y
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[DELETED] 2232195534
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From my morning walk yesterday. Felt a little like I was in the Disney movie of Bambi. I saw several does, no fawns though. Probably too late in the year. Also saw a rabbit, but it quickly bounded away so no picture. And I caught a glimpse of a skunk, but I quickly 'bounded' away! Decided to link this pic to the actual book of Bambi. Did you know the story came from a book? Good morning Bambi, Thumper and Flower!!

RealLifeReading Nice place for a walk!! 3y
NatalieR Such a beautiful experience! I ❤️ nature. 😊 3y
[DELETED] 2232195534 @RealLifeReading @NatalieR It is really lovely and cool. I'm finding it easy to talk myself into walking each morning! 3y
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#FunPhotoFriday - #FunFridayPhoto
I was around 11 when I first read my grandmother's 1929 copy of the book on which the Disney movie BAMBI was based. Surprise, surprise - they're nothing alike. The German/Jewish allegory was completely lost on me, but I remember thinking how beautiful and violent nature was, and how interesting it was that the animals had family relationships like humans do. Oh, and there's no Thumper or Flower.

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Bambi doesn't sugar-coat the world and what really happens in nature. There's a lot of heart-breaking stuff that happens outside our doors--and Salten doesn't hold back at all. I read this to my daughters when they were around 7--difficult but important.

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