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Come Juneteenth | Ann Rinaldi
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This book is strange & made me very angry. It tries to grapple w/ the choice many white Texans made to not tell their slaves that they had been freed until 1865 (Juneteenth). In creating drama, Rinaldi centers the story on the premise “if only we told the slaves they were free” instead of “if only we didn‘t ascribe to this racist institution” and seemingly unintentionally absolves its white characters of any agency w/ in the story. #soproblematic

crhealey Not sure the character limit or my mental energy can truly capture how much of the Lost Cause ideology and glorification of Southern tradition is present in the book. Even the end, which attempts to demonstrate growth for the characters is inherently racist and problematic as well. 3mo
crhealey And I like Ann Rinaldi‘s other works! I don‘t remember them all being this problematic! #rantover 3mo
Chrissyreadit I think sometimes I need to know these books exist as proof that the crazy rascist way of thinking is alive, well and in many places still being taught. I have had people try to tell me it doesn‘t exist. One of the reasons I stopped Facebook. 3mo
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The Serpent King | Jeff Zentner
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Oh mylanta! Could Dill be more of a whiner? I don't think so! He's wallowing in self pity and just doesn't want (refuses, rather) to get himself out of it. Ugh!
*Chucks book at wall*

RaimeyGallant Been there. 7mo
bg_reads @RaimeyGallant I mean, I get it to an extent: he wants to respect his mother but he's drowning. If he decides to not pull himself out of the situation then he needs to buck up and stop complaining. Ya know?? Oi! Anyway.. #rantover 🙄 For now, at least. 7mo
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Let me be clear. I love this world. I love the characters. I love the story. BUT, I am quite annoyed by the amount of repetition. If I'm half way through the third book of the trilogy, I'd better understand how the metals work in the magic system. PLEASE stop explaining it! Also, I am quite aware that Vin wears a simple shirt and trousers. #rantover #neededtovent #cosmere #fantasy

Untitled | Unknown

Y‘all, I need to talk about one of my pet peeves with you: when people don‘t count audiobooks as “real books.” AHH. So I just listened to an unabridged audiobook, but somehow I don‘t count as having read that book?? There‘s a girl in my volunteer program who hints all the time that she doesn‘t consider my audiobook listening to be real reading, and it‘s driving me crazy. I understand if an individual‘s learning style doesn‘t work with audio ⬇️

Caterina But if I‘m an audio learner, who are you to judge? I find that audiobooks enhance my reading experience, since I am an audio learner. And what, do books our parents read to us as kids not count as real books? Do books that blind people read not count as real books? Do ebooks not count as real books? Where do we draw the line? 2y
Caterina People who are snobs about books kill me inside. We all have personal preferences, thank goodness we can‘t inflict them on others! 2y
Caterina #rantover 😡😡😡 2y
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Redwritinghood I say - who cares what she thinks? I do some of my reading by audiobook too and it‘s definitely reading. 2y
Caterina @Redwritinghood True, true. This girl is cruel to people‘s faces and gossips behind people‘s backs, so I extra shouldn‘t pay any mind, but for some reason it‘s really getting to me today. 2y
quirkyreader It is real reading. I have a visual impairment and sometimes I can't read print. Audio books are a life saver. 2y
janeycanuck Ugh, this woman is ridiculous. First, the content of the book is still going into your brain. Second, with an audio, you hear EVERY word whereas reading in print makes it very easy to skim or skip - in which case, isn‘t that the cheater‘s option? Third, who gives a flying rat‘s ass about how someone else consumes their books? Why is it any of her business and if she thinks audios aren‘t real reading, she‘d better not shop online, eat... 2y
janeycanuck In restaurants, etc because that‘s not “really” shopping if you get it delivered or not “really” eating if you don‘t make it yourself. Tell her to turn her nosey judgment inward and work on her own crappy attitude instead of giving other people a hard time. 2y
OrangeMooseReads It‘s real reading. Audiobooks were made for those with visual impairments. This girl can shove her opinion where the sun don‘t shine. 2y
HardcoverHearts I have author friends who assure me that they do not make this distinction. All they care about is that people engage with their stories and ideas. That‘s it. How you do it is up to you. Shine her on. Don‘t let her steal your joy. 2y
thelizflynn Listening to an audiobook is definitely “real” reading! I believe listening to a story activates the same parts of your brain that reading a story does, so there! You still get the same, if not more, out of a book when you listen to it on audio! 2y
xicanti What an unpleasant, judgey person. 😡 Seriously, does she think blind people who only read audiobooks are all cheaters, too? Or dyslexic folks who find it easier to concentrate on audio? 2y
sprainedbrain You don‘t need that kind of negativity in your life! Audiobooks are books, and listening to them is reading. ❤️ 2y
Redjewel_7734 Sounds like a person that needs to be kicked to the curb. Audio def counts as reading! 2y
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So my audiobook right now is Frankenstein and the quoted book, the eBook I‘m currently reading, has an author go on a rant about how movie adaptations replace the book in people‘s minds. This is a thought I have had repeatedly when reading classics that I was first exposed to through film. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo, War of the Worlds, etc. “A new reality has been implanted.” #booksyncronicity #rantover

readinginthedark Yeah, I once had a twenty minute debate with a guy in one of my lit classes about the literary value of Jane Austen and, specifically, Pride and Prejudice. Because that‘s how long it took him to quote something at me that he deemed “unrealistic.” It was a quote from the 2005 movie, and he‘d never even read the book! At least he conceded at that point that he couldn‘t really judge without reading the book. Ridiculous! 2y
CSeydel @readinginthedark Oh heck no! What a twit! 2y
readinginthedark Ugh, yes! And in a Lit class! I was somewhat disillusioned. 2y
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Other People's Houses | Abbi Waxman
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I will get this book finished today! Wish I would have brought to my moms appointment. Hate how doctors make you wait for just a simple finger prick. We should be in and out! #rantover


Also, I heard that Strayed donates $ to the PCTA which works to maintain the trail. So these elitists need to stfu. #rant #rantover #mytwocents

Anyone read Wild? What did you think of it? If you liked the adventure aspect of I highly recommend Thruhiking Will Break Your Heart by Carrot Quinn. 😁

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Apparently the book bears attacked this book, because how else could Saturday be pictured on the cover as anything other than blue? Saturday's blue skin is discussed frequently in each of the books. #RantOver

monalyisha GOOD POINT! 2y
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Soooo as a huge John Green fan I was so excited to order a signed copy of Turtles All The Way Down from Book Depository....but now they've emailed me saying that it is "out of print" and when I emailed back I was told the book "should become available" but they have no idea when.
Now it's too late and too expensive to get a signed copy from anywhere else and I'm just so annoyed that I may not get it and needed to vent ??? #rantover

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Perfect rainy day reading view. Wish I could stay here all day curled up with my cup of tea & stack of books. 🍵📚🤓• #adultingistheworst #idontwanttogoadult #iwanttostayhomeandread #rantover #hashtagstorytelling