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To Paradise | Hanya Yanagihara
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This year‘s bookish resolution was to read no more than 3 books at a time. We‘re not 2 weeks in and we‘re not doing well - my library hold for this month‘s bookclub came in yesterday. So I started it. Then this morning To Paradise came in 2 weeks early - it‘ll take me 3 weeks and then some to get through it, and if I go to the back of the queue, I won‘t get it til May. So I started that too. 😬. Help! 📚📚📚

scripturient 😂 I heard that To Paradise moves rather quickly once you‘ve gotten into the story, despite it being a chunkster. Maybe that helps. 🙈 6d
rockpools @scripturient I think I‘m going to enjoy it - despite my reluctance to take on another chunkster! 6d
Caroline2 Argh! Yes! I‘m reading 4 books at the mo and it‘s stressing me out too!!! 😆 🤦‍♀️ 6d
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scripturient @rockpools My copy will be delivered today and I plan to start on the weekend. Looking forward to it while also being mildly intimidated. (edited) 6d
Oryx I'm desperately trying to be good and finish my current one before starting To Paradise. But it's a struggle. 6d
julesG #BookNerdProblems - I'm reading too many books at the moment, too. 6d
TrishB I‘ve just started To Paradise with my breakfast 😁 unfortunately I now have to work!! 6d
Cinfhen I dropped everything for TP!! I‘m glad I did. It really sucks you in 🧡😁 6d
jenniferw88 I'm reading too many books too! 6d
rockpools @Caroline2 @julesG @jenniferw88 It‘s good to have company! 6d
rockpools @scripturient @Oryx I think it‘ll be worth the wait 😊 6d
rockpools @TrishB It really gets in the way, doesn‘t it?! 6d
rockpools @Cinfhen That might have to happen if I‘m to get through it in 21 days 😱. Glad you‘re still enjoying it though! 6d
Chrissyreadit I‘m a member of the #readmultiplebookssimultaneously club too 🤣 but I‘m a total mood reader and can‘t imagine not. 6d
rockpools @Chrissyreadit Ha! I‘m glad we‘re a club not a problem!! I can‘t imagine not doing either, but I was trying to limit it this year as I do get a little overwhelmed. Maybe I should just roll with it! 6d
TrishB It so does. 6d
Cinfhen It‘s going to demand 21 days of FULL ATTENTION 😁❣️😘 6d
squirrelbrain I too was trying to limit myself this year, but was just laughing at the height of my current pile of physical books, only 3 but all chunksters. Plus one audio, and two Kindle…🙄 What are we like?! 6d
Crazeedi Look at everyone ⬆️ saying the same thing!! I'm right there too! 4 books, Argghhhh!!! #blameitonlitsy 6d
AmyG Ha...I also started To Paradise. Screw the other books. 🤣 6d
Cortg My library system went fine free last year, but in the past, I‘d rather just pay the couple dollars in overdue fines then not finish and have to wait. I consider it my library donation 💰 6d
rockpools @Cinfhen THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN 🤣🤣 I might manage 10 minutes a couple of times a week 🙄 6d
rockpools @squirrelbrain My print pile is looking very civilised, if a bit chilly. But I‘ve got a 1200 page chunkster on Kindle and, somehow, THREE audiobooks on the go. I don‘t know how that happened! 6d
rockpools @Crazeedi I‘m loving that everyone‘s going … uh… yeah! And Litsy is 100% responsible! Good luck 😘 6d
rockpools @AmyG 🤣🤣 It‘s a plan! 6d
rockpools @Cortg I like your thinking. I do justify library reservation fees as supporting the greater good😁 Annoyingly though, this is an audiobook, so it‘ll automatically disappear after 21 days. And I‘m never sure when, so I need to get it finished at least a day before that… 6d
Centique I only read two books simultaneously but the pile next to my bed GROWS and then I‘m like - maybe I bail on this so I can get to that next one - so same problem but I end up bailing on some perfectly okay books. The power of the new ones! 😂😂 5d
rockpools @Centique 😂😂My ‘currently readings‘ very often become ‘currently not readings‘ before I ‘reshelve‘ them (ie bail on a perfectly good book without admitting it!) 🤫 5d
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Which do I read first?
I can't decide! 😩

#BooknerdProblems #TheStruggleisReal 😆

ravenlee I always go with Mercy - but the other is still sitting on my shelf unread, so I can‘t judge fairly. 4w
TrishB I enjoyed the left! Not read any Biggs! 4w
Crinoline_Laphroaig I loved, loved, loved House in the Cerulean Sea. 4w
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#bookhaul today. Finally got Inheritance by Paolini. Problem: I have yet to read 2 and 3. #booknerdproblems The Vines is reference. The rest....apologetics and research works.

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Impromptu decision to move a bookcase to another room today.... This is my bed at 5.30 pm on a Friday night 🤦‍♀️🤣

AmyG Oy! 1mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Been there, done that….and regretted it at bed time 😂 however it did motivate me to finish before the end of the day 😂 1mo
squirrelbrain Eek! 1mo
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LiteraryinLawrence Can‘t wait to see the end result! It‘s exciting to change things up! 1mo
BarbaraBB Love it! 1mo
marleed Wow! I hope you are having fun. It‘s my kind of Friday night! 1mo
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Hiddensee: A Novel | Gregory Maguire
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Trying to grab a few chapters while my boys play at this very noisy birthday party, but it‘s not going well. 😅🙉😂

#bookclub #decemberselection

Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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November is a tough month…waiting to read books for upcoming challenges, having to finish up current challenges with books you‘re not quite excited about; waiting for holiday book gifts…Lots of waiting!! #BookNerdProblems 😂🤓

Hoping to start #DrZ for the upcoming #BuddyRead with my fabulous co-host @BarbaraBB #DecemberChill
Really enjoying my current books in progress 🥰

BarbaraBB What do you think of Monogamy? I enjoyed it a lot. And I also have Gifted School lined up for finishing a challenge. I love the concept but it‘s such a chunkster. Have you started yet? (edited) 3mo
Cinfhen Monogamy is a #GutPunch @BarbaraBB it‘s hitting me so hard and Gifted School is an easy distraction from the heavier and more somber Monogamy. But I feel like both books are a little too long. 3mo
BarbaraBB I can imagine Monogamy is hitting you. It was a gutpunch for me too. I am glad The Gifted School is an easy read. 3mo
TrishB Great plans 👍🏻 3mo
Kdgordon88 Are you trying Dr Z on audio? I started on audio but lost my way so changing to my hardback. 3mo
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Switching between audio and print for this one and it‘s interesting enough so far. Champ‘s giving me the stink eye because he‘s ready for a nap! 😂 #audiowalk #dogsoflitsy

PS. I‘m 6 books behind on reviews. I hope to find time to catch up today. I hate when this happens. And instead of writing reviews, I start a new audio, and get further and further in the hole.

britt_brooke @Megabooks Are you still having reviewers block? 😅 I‘m struggling hard. Makes me mad AF that I can‘t just crank them out as soon as I finish. 3mo
Megabooks @britt_brooke a little bit. I‘m only one behind right now, so not as deep as you. I‘ve been forcing myself to write them. 😂😂 3mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks Ah, good!! I keep getting buried deeper. 😩 #booknerdproblems (edited) 3mo
RedxoHearts He's such a handsome pup! All three of my dogs hate when you delay their naps too 🤣 3mo
britt_brooke @RedxoHearts Thank you! 💚🐾 They are so human sometimes. Moody little children. 😂 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Facts!! 🤣🤣 #booknerdproblems

Jemgirl2014 So very true! LOL! 3mo
EvieBee Yes!! 3mo
BiblioLitten Absolutely true!! 2mo
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Raven Boys | Maggie Stiefvater
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Omg I really loved this. I need the next one in the series now! #booknerdproblems #scarathlon2021 #teamhendrix #themeread and it‘s #supernatural so it covers today‘s #scarathlonphotochallenge I‘m one book away from a #bookspinbingo @Clwojick @Linsy @StayCurious

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Starting one of my #ouabc books, reading a little each day until I get caught up! I‘m woefully behind and I ordered two special boxes for October! #booknerdproblems

Soubhiville Why do I love this cover so much? I think it‘s the way the A almost looks like a drawn on mustache. Makes me happy. 🙂 (edited) 4mo
BarkingMadRun @Soubhiville I wonder if that was on purpose? 4mo
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