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Man Booker Prize
Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Man Booker Prize for Fiction, also known in short as the Booker Prize, is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original full-length novel, written in the English language, by a citizen of either the Commonwealth of Nations, Ireland, or Zimbabwe. The winner of the Booker Prize is generally assured of international renown and success and, for this reason, the prize is of great significance for the book trade. It is also a mark of distinction for authors to be nominated for the Booker longlist or selected for inclusion in the shortlist.
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Joy!!!!! My #BookerBundle arrived ?All 6 shortlist nominees, in hardcover from TheBookPeople.co.uk for Qc.99 and because it was shipped internationally an additional Qc.95 ?? Books were sent last Tuesday, the day the Atwood was released and in less than a week they‘ve arrived. I‘m super impressed with this website ♥️ shoutout to @GuiltyFeat for letting me know about this company❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️#HappyLitten

Cinfhen Daniel, if you‘d like to borrow any of the books I‘m happy to share 💚 @GuiltyFeat 4mo
TrishB I can‘t wait to see you tackle the HUGE one 😁 4mo
Cinfhen Hahaha me....1000 + pages @TrishB what‘s the problem??????!!!!!??? 😜 4mo
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Cathythoughts I can‘t wait to hear what you think of that huge one. They all look lovely ... nice stack to get 👍🏻♥️ 4mo
Cathythoughts It‘s a great deal too 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
Amiable Awesome bundle! 👏🏼 4mo
Owlizabeth I started that HUGE one last night and it is hypnotizing. 4mo
Kalalalatja What a stack! 4mo
Kalalalatja Also, your page count phobia must be going bonkers at the sight of those chunksters 😂 4mo
GuiltyFeat Ooh that's great service. I assumed they would take weeks to arrive! I've had mine sent to London and from there they're going to LA before they come back to me here. Fortunately I still have a healthy TBR to tide me over until they arrive. 4mo
reluctantangeleno OMG, love this!! I'm ordering mine immediately!! 4mo
Cinfhen I will definitely use TheBookPeople again @GuiltyFeat 😃 4mo
Cinfhen Well, I‘ve read The Orchestra of Minorities so that‘s one chunkster down @Kalalalatja @Cathythoughts @Owlizabeth but the REST of the bundle is a little daunting 😂😂😂 4mo
Cinfhen And FYI @reluctantangeleno Last year‘s #BookerBundle is on sale for (d4.99 ❣️❣️❣️❣️ (edited) 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! What a beautiful stack! Happy reading! Though I‘m staring anxiously at that chunkster 🦆 😅 4mo
Cinfhen I can‘t decide which book to begin with @erzascarletbookgasm 4mo
LeahBergen Ooooooo! 👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm If I have this stack, I‘m most eager to read Girl, Woman, Other. 🙂 4mo
Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll try that one first @erzascarletbookgasm I‘m almost done 4mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Booker Shortlist has been announced.

Margaret Atwood, Lucy Ellmann, Bernardine Evaristo, Chigozie Obioma, Salman Rushdie and Elif Shafak are on the shortlist.

My favorite “Lanny” didn‘t make it ☹️

I have Ellmann and Evaristo, and are looking forward to reading those.

What do your think of the shortlist? Did your favorite(s) make it?

Cathythoughts I loved Lanny too ♥️💔. I loved Orchestra too 👏🏻 5mo
Moray_Reads I loved Lanny too. I haven't read any of these yet but I'm a little glad that the Wall didn't make it, I thought it was very poor 5mo
AnneCecilie @Cathythoughts I read his debut and I didn‘t fall for it like everyone else seemed to do. Might have something to do with just having finished A Little Life. So Orchestra hasn‘t been high on my list of books to read. I think you are the first to have been positive towards it. I‘ve seen a lot of negative reviews 5mo
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AnneCecilie @Moray_Reads I‘m reading the Wall now and it has been a long time since I spent almost 2 weeks reading a 270 p book. 5mo
kathedron I would have picked Lanny or Lost Children Archive so far. I'm looking forward to embarking on my copy of Ducks, Newburyport but next up is Girl, Woman, Other (borrowed from the library last weekend). 5mo
Cathythoughts I‘m wondering about Ducks ? What do you think ?! 5mo
Moray_Reads @AnneCecilie There was absolutely nothing in it that I haven't seen done much better elsewhere. I appreciate the Booker looking more at “genre“ fiction but please, choose better examples. 5mo
AnneCecilie @kathedron I didn‘t love Lost Children like everyone seem to do. I got really interested in Girl, Woman, Other after hearing the author talk on Guardian Books podcast. I‘ve heard nothing but good things about Ducks and I‘m looking forward to the reading experience. 5mo
AnneCecilie @Cathythoughts I have high expectations towards that one. Everyone seems to love it and I love a good chunkster 5mo
AnneCecilie @Moray_Reads I couldn‘t agree with you more. Now I‘m just reading to finish it. I‘m terrible at DNFing 5mo
BookwormM I am really excited for Atwood having read all of these (40% of Ducks) 10 Minutes was my favourite. Personally if it hadn‘t made the short list I would DNF Ducks I don‘t understand why everyone loves this now I am being forced to finish it maybe I will find out... 5mo
BarbaraBB I am disappointed and discouraged ro read them! 5mo
AnneCecilie @BarbaraBB Which books were you rooting for? 5mo
AnneCecilie @BookwormM That‘s interesting, everyone seems to love Ducks, what is it about you don‘t like? I haven‘t read The Handmaid‘s Tale jet and feel like I should probably read that before reading The Testaments. 5mo
BarbaraBB Lost Children Archive, Lanny, The Wall, My Sister.... 5mo
BookwormM @AnneCecilie basically I feel I could flip to any page in this book in any order and it would still just be a load of random rambling. The phrase “the fact that” is used over 15,000 times according to the Kindle there are whole pages that are just lists and I personally just don‘t care what she has to say. 5mo
AnneCecilie @BarbaraBB Lanny was my favorite, I absolutely adored it. LCA didn‘t quite live up to Lanny. I‘m reading the Wall now and if I‘d been an active DNFer, I probably would have dropped this book. I haven‘t read My Sister jet, I‘ve it and hope to read it this month. 5mo
AnneCecilie @BookwormM Thanks for your comments. I‘m curious to find out how I feel about Ducks. 5mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I‘ve enjoyed a couple of days reading samples of 9 of this year‘s 13 MBP nominations. (I‘ve already read My Sister, The Serial Killer and the remaining three haven‘t been released yet.) Emoji opinions below:

Ducks, Newburyport 😴
10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World 😃
Frankissstein 🤔
Lanny 🤔
Girl, Woman, Other 😃
The Wall 😃😃
Night Boat to Tangier 😃 (probably great as audio)
Lost Children Archive 😃😃
An Orchestra of Minorities 😀😃

LiteraryinLititz Love your rating system! 6mo
TrishB I love that summary 😁👍🏻 6mo
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squirrelbrain Love this! ❤️ 6mo
Cathythoughts Brilliant ♥️ 6mo
Ms_T @squirrelbrain @Cathythoughts Thank you my lovelies! 😘😘 6mo
batsy Clever 😁 6mo
Ms_T @batsy You‘re too kind! Thank you 😘 6mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I love a Kindle collection and here are samples of nine of this year‘s Man Booker Prize long list. Three are yet to be released in the UK and one I‘ve already read (My Sister, The Serial Killer.) I‘m most intrigued by Ducks, Newburyport.... 🤔

ephemeralwaltz I'm very intrigued as well; 6mo
Ms_T @ephemeralwaltz It simply has to be investigated... 6mo
AnneCecilie That the longest of the novels, 1.000p and 8 sentences if I‘ve understood it correctly. I think that‘s the one I will wait the longest to read, if ever, depending on reviews and if it wins or make it to the shortlist 6mo
Ms_T @AnneCecilie It‘s certainly one that‘s got people talking! 6mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Booker longlist is here!!
So far I have read Lanny (SUPERB), The Wall (brilliant & poignant dystopian on the aftermath of a climate-crisis), and My Sister, The Serial Killer (entertaining but MEDIOCRE on every level).
On my TBR:
Ducks, Newburyport
Lost Children Archive
10 Minutes, 30 Seconds in This Strange World
Fran Kiss Stein
The Testaments (waiting for reviews as I'm hesitant to read anything that might undermine the Handmaid's Tale)

The_Real_Nani I will read anything by Salman Rushdie. I hadn‘t realized he had a new book out! 6mo
Niso @The_Real_Nani it is actually curious that there has been no news circulating about his upcoming book 6mo
Freespirit Wow. I‘ve only read Lanny which I loved💕 6mo
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charl08 Looking forward to reading some of these! 6mo
The_Real_Nani @Niso I wonder why! 6mo
emilyhaldi I have only seen rave reviews of Lanny!! I‘m reading My Sister the Serial Killer now... I think I‘m going to agree with your assessment 6mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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It‘s heeeere! I‘ve read 3/13 (Lanny, Orchestra of Minorities, My Sister the Serial Killer) and loved them all, I‘m excited by the crop overall!

There‘s two that won‘t come out for months in the UK which will make reading them all a challenge for now but that‘s 8 to get through now. Bit daunted by the 1000 page one sentence novel but last time they picked something like that, the Overstory, it was one of my new all time faves.


jhod I also think its a great list and have read three - and have two more out of the library so I fancy my chances! I may leave the doorstop until shortlist time...! 6mo
jhod Update - the goodreads reviews have now made me really want to read it! 6mo
Clare_Riley It looks like a really interesting list! I‘ve read 2 (Lanny and My Sister, The Serial Killer), I have the audiobook of The Wall (need to listen to it now!), ordered The Testaments (released in November here in the UK), and have 2 on my bookshelf (Lost Children and Frankissstein - better get reading!). Ducks, Newburyport is getting some huge love on bookish twitter, so I might have to try and find that! 6mo
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Emilymdxn @Jhod which ones have you read? I‘m really excited for the doorstop weirdly I got it originally cause it was one of the cheapest on kindle but I‘m now really excited to dive into it even if it is huge 6mo
emilyhaldi I haven't read a single book on this year's list 😱 and the few that I'm most interested in reading aren't released yet! 6mo
ephemeralwaltz I'm really excited for Ducks Newburyport - it sounds wild! I haven't read any from the lidt - YET 6mo
Emilymdxn @Clare_Riley I‘m really excited! I‘m in the uk too and seems like there‘s an unusually high number of books still to wait to come out? Testaments is ages away! I‘m starting ducks newburyport today hopefully so I hope it‘s good! 6mo
MicheleinPhilly I‘ve read a whopping 1 book on this list! Go me! I don‘t know how I feel about pre-pub books like Atwood being on the list. I think there should be clear guidelines on pub dates/eligibility. @emilyhaldi 6mo
emilyhaldi I agree! @MicheleinPhilly I think it takes some of the excitement out of the list when so many nominations are unpublished and therefore unread by most 😏 (edited) 6mo
Emilymdxn @MicheleinPhilly I think their rules allow for books published into the autumn (cut off is end of October or November but can‘t remember which) but it‘s relatively rare for there to be many books released that late in the period! 6mo
Emilymdxn @ephemeralwaltz I just started it and the first few pages are SO promising but my kindle thinks it‘ll take 22 hours to finish 😱 6mo
Clare_Riley @Emilymdxn I keep hovering over the ‘buy‘ option on my kindle for Ducks - it looks far too big to read it in paperback! 😂 6mo
enidkeaner I‘ve only read My Sister, The Serial Killer and found it pretty blah, which makes me fairly hesitant to read anything else on the Longlist which is kind of a bummer cause a few of those other books were on my TBR 6mo
jhod Losy Children, The Wall, My Sister - first two great, My Sister is pretty blah compared to them @enidkeaner so i wouldnt let that put you off. 6mo
jhod @Clare_Riley agree, that would be too big a book to carry round without severe shoulder ache! 6mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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So excited to see what makes the list!!

JamieArc I just saw a post that it‘s already been announced! 6mo
rmaclean4 @JamieArc sweet!! 6mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Excited! I didn‘t manage to read the whole shortlist this year as I ran out of money 😞😞😞 but I‘m still thrilled to be here hearing readings from the shortlisted books before the winner is announced!!

Oryx Very cool! enjoy 8mo
julesG Wow! Enjoy the evening! Seems like you have perfect seats. 8mo
BarbaraBB Enjoy!! 8mo
BookwormM Exciting enjoy 8mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Shortlist is here! We‘ve got both my favourites from the long list (remainder and drive your plough), one I found quite good (celestial bodies), one of the most disappointing books I‘ve ever read (shape of ruins) and some I haven‘t read. What an odd mix! What do you think??

Samplergal I‘ve not read any, nor have heard of some. Wow. Not sure. 10mo
Redheadrambles I have only read “Jokes for the Gunman” which I am pleased is not there ! I might need to pick up Olga‘s book on your recommendation 10mo
Suet624 Yay for a shortlist. Now I have to get reading! 10mo
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mreads 4 women 👍. I've only read The Remainder, the others are hard to access here in the US 10mo
Simona I‘m a little bit disappointed ... 10mo
BookwormM We both predicted 4 of these but different books 🤣🤣 10mo
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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See @Samplergal for original post. #ManBookerChallenge19 Very excited for this. Come join us.

Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Still haven‘t made it to a book shop yet but....I had the short list bundle sent to where I‘m staying in London...Missing is Mars Room because my host has taken it? #TheBookPeople All 6 hardcovers were Qb.99 with 2 day free shipping ❤️ #LovingLondon

the_hibernator Beautiful! I haven't read any but The Mars Room yet, but Washington Blaxk is in the mail on the way to my house. 😁 1y
Cathythoughts I havnt read even one ... great to get them on your trip 👍🏻❤️ 1y
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kathedron I haven't read any of them yet: I'm waiting for my library reservations of Burns, Johnson and Powers to come through. 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Good buys, and who can resist free shipping? 1y
Velvetfur Errrr, are you in London at the moment?! 1y
emilyhaldi Oh wow!!! What a beautiful bundle 🤗 I didn‘t realize your London trip is NOW!!! Have SO much fun! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
emilyhaldi Omg and please go to Persephone 💓 1y
GlassAsDiamonds Love that sticker 😂😂😂😂😂 1y
TrishB Will await your reviews. I have the Black one from a work colleague. 1y
Kalalalatja 😍😍😍 1y
Cinfhen I‘m about halfway through Everything Under...it‘s weird @Kalalalatja @TrishB @GlassAsDiamonds @emilyhaldi @erzascarletbookgasm @kathedron @Cathythoughts I‘m LOVING London @Velvetfur but there is just wayyyyy too much to do & see. 1y
Velvetfur @Cinfhen That's so cool! How long are you here for? 1y
Cinfhen I arrived on Thursday & we leave tomorrow morning @Velvetfur 😥😥 it‘s been wayyyy too short. I NEED to come back without hubby & son. I STILL have not gone inside a freakin bookstore!!!!!! 1y
Velvetfur @Cinfhen Oh nooooo I've missed you then! Well hopefully you'll be able to come back some time and we can meet up then 😊 Enjoy your day today then! 1y
Cinfhen I will definitely let all my lovely Brit‘s know next time I‘m in town @Velvetfur it would be so nice to hang out & meet the girls xx 1y
Velvetfur @Cinfhen Aaww you're too cute 😘 1y
Reviewsbylola Some absolutely beautiful spines!! 1y
Cinfhen The spines seem to be better than the content @Reviewsbylola so far I‘m 0/3 in liking the books 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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It‘s on!!


Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Man Booker Shortlist has been published. Any thoughts?

Have you read any?

Which one would you vote for?



Crazeedi I have not read any unfortunately. I will have to investigate these 1y
Redwritinghood I‘ve read half of them and am reading Washington Black right now. My favorites so far are The Overstory and The Long Take. 1y
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Neither have I, but I do want to read 1y
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Andrew65 @Redwritinghood Well done! 👏 1y
JamieArc I‘ve read half of the long list, two of them that made the shortlist: The Mars Room and The Overstory, which I really liked and am rooting for to win. I‘ll try to read 2 or 3 more of the shortlist. Really looking forward to Under Everything. 1y
Reviewsbylola I haven‘t read any of them. I will probably read Mars Room. 1y
Kalalalatja I really liked The Mars Room and Everything Under. Did NOT like Milkman, and haven‘t read the rest, but I have The Overstory and Washington Black from the library at the moment, so hope to get to them soon 🤞 1y
Simona I‘ve read them all and my winner is The Overstory. 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The #manbookershortlist is here!! I didn‘t quite get through the whole long list but I did read all these ones.

It‘s pretty close to what I would have picked actually! I‘d have swapped out the mars room for Normal People (which I can‘t believe isn‘t here), but I‘m happy other than that. What do you think??


JenniferP I don‘t make an effort to read all the nominees but I did read and enjoy The Overstory and am not surprised it made the list. I‘d also like to read Washington Black sometime. (edited) 1y
BarbaraBB I am not happy at all. Only two of my favorites made it to the shortlist. Two others I didn‘t like at all and the remaining two I haven‘t read and I don‘t appeal to me. So that‘s how I feel 😕 1y
Simona @BarbaraBB I‘m quite happy with the shortlist. All three my favorites are shortlisted, and others three - I simply ignore them 😘 1y
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BookwormM I read the whole list and think these deserve their place although I only predicted 4 of them 1y
Emilymdxn @JenniferP the overstory was my absolute favourite! 1y
Emilymdxn Sorry to hear that @BarbaraBB which ones were your faves? (edited) 1y
Emilymdxn @Simona ooh which ones are you ignoring? 1y
Emilymdxn @BookwormM ooh which ones???? I‘m so nosy about what everyone thinks 1y
BarbaraBB The Long Take is my fav. I also liked Everything Under. 1y
Simona Washington Black, Everything Under and Mars Room. 🤷‍♀️😘 1y
BookwormM I predicted The Overstory, The Long Take, Everything Under, Warlight, The Mars Room and In our Mad and Furious City 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Man Booker shortlist has been announced.

What do you think about it?

I‘m happy that the two books I‘ve bought from the longlist made the cut to the shortlist; Washington Black and The Long Take. I‘ve yet to read any of the books from the lists

JamieArc I was really hoping The Overstory would make it. I really liked it. 1y
AnneCecilie @JamieArc I‘ve seen a lot of love towards that one. Maybe now I‘ll actually get to it 😊 1y
HardcoverHearts I‘m so sad that Warlight didn‘t make the cut. I love his prose. And that book was wonderful. But happy to see The Mars Room included. 1y
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BarbaraBB I am so sad that Normal People and Our Mad and Furious City didn‘t make it! 1y
AnneCecilie @HardcoverHearts I've seen mixed reviews for both of your favorites. I might try Warlight though 1y
AnneCecilie @BarbaraBB Normal People seems to have been a favorite among many. I feel like Our Mad and Furious City has gone a little bit under the radar and I haven't seen many reviews. 1y
BarbaraBB They both are real good, I think you‘d like them too. My favorite is The Long Take! 1y
AnneCecilie @BarbaraBB Both seem interesting so I might get to them. I've already bought The Long Take and hope to get to it soon, hopefully before the winner is announced. 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Tomorrow the shortlist of the #ManBooker2018 will be announced. Above are the ones I‘ve read. My six favorites for the shortlist are:
▫️The Long Take
▫️Normal People
▫️In Our Mad and Furious City
▫️Everything Under

Let‘s see which ones will make it. What are your favorites?

AmyG I‘ve only read The Mars Room. 1y
DGRachel I‘ve read four, but the only one I enjoyed was From a Low and Quiet Sea. I‘m reading The Mars Room now and struggling with it a bit, and I have The Overstory checked out from the library. 1y
Lola I‘ve only read one so far. I loved it and hope it makes the longlist 1y
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Lola @DGRachel Good to know about Quiet. I bought that and The Overstory but haven‘t read them yet. 1y
JamieArc I really enjoyed Snap (though I don‘t think it will make the short list, and don‘t even think it should), and I REALLY like The Overstory and am Rooting for it to win! 1y
DGRachel @Lola I have requested Washington Black from my library but I‘m still waiting. Part of the problem is that half the long list hasn‘t been published in the US, yet. 😔 1y
Redwritinghood I still haven‘t read them all - still have 5 more to go. So far I favor Overstory, Long Take, Mad and Furious City, and Mars Room. 1y
Lola @DGRachel Yeah, I cheated with Washington Black and ordered it from the Book Depository UK 1y
Reviewsbylola And I‘ve still yet to read a single one of them. 😆😆😆😆😆😆 1y
emilyhaldi Ooohhh fun! Excited to see how your picks match up 🤗 1y
Kalalalatja I‘m so excited to see the shortlist! 1y
BarbaraBB @Lola That‘s one of two I haven‘t read! But it will probably make the shortlist since my predicties turn our wrong most of the time 😉 1y
BarbaraBB @DGRachel That is so disappointing, that they haven‘t been published in the US yet. I always forget, living in Europe. 1y
mklong So what do you think? I am fuming over Gunaratne‘s snub! I‘m happy to see Kushner and Robertson make the cut though. 1y
BarbaraBB @mklong I am not happy. Only two of my favorites made it to the shortlist. Both of the books that I haven‘t read made it to the shortlist too and somehow I don‘t feel like reading them. I am really disappointed. 1y
mklong How disappointing! I assume you are rooting for The Long Take? I still plan to read Milkman and Washington Black. I would have skipped both if they hadn‘t made the short list. 1y
BarbaraBB Yes I do vote for The Long Take. How about you? I am not sure if I‘m going to read Milkman and Washington Black. I am still not really tempted. 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I think this shop is the first place I‘ve seen all the Booker books all next to each other and they‘re an attractive bunch! I really wanted to buy Sabrina but managed to control myself... this time

AceOnRoam I see they chose not to display 1y
AceOnRoam My kind of bookshop 😊 1y
Emilymdxn @AceOnRoam oh I didn‘t even notice that! 1y
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AceOnRoam There is another book missing as there are 13 in the longlist. I can't work out which book it is..... 1y
BarbaraBB That‘s a coincidence. I saw them all together as well today, in our local Waterstones. I forgot to take a picture! 1y
Emilymdxn @AceOnRoam @BarbaraBB it was normal people that was missing! I haven‘t read it and keep forgetting about it 1y
AceOnRoam Ah yes, well spotted. It's not out yet!!! It is due out on the 28th but I have no ARC 🙁 1y
Emilymdxn @AceOnRoam ahh that must be why!! I never see it in bookshops but never thought about why 1y
AceOnRoam Oh and I have been meaning to say I ❤ those Moleskins to the left. I got one 2 weeks ago, but am afraid to actually write in it... 1y
Mdargusch How nice! 1y
KellyHunsakerReads Are you all in the UK? I can‘t get a good number of them here in US. 1y
Emilymdxn @Hunsakermountain I‘m in England yeah! I assumed they would all be available in the states tho - I always kind of imagine America has everything! 1y
Emilymdxn @Mdargusch I know right!? They‘re an aesthetic bunch 1y
KellyHunsakerReads Unfortunately literary fiction is often released later here. 1y
Emilymdxn @Hunsakermountain I‘m assuming all the ones that are originally from America are available? I‘m not sure how many of them are British. Snap is definitely English, and I think 2 are Irish 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Man Bookering. I almost have the full set. Only missing Normal People. The others I have as ecopies.

Sorry been a bit quite her lately as I attempt to read them all before shortlist is announced. But I am reading all your posts 😊

Emilymdxn I‘m doing my best but no idea how I‘ll get through them all before the shortlist is released 😱 1y
JamieArc I‘m making my way through as many as possible before the shortlist is announced. Everything Under just arrived today and I‘m in love with the cover 😍 1y
ReadingEnvy I'm stalled on Milkman so I need to move to another one I think 1y
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JenP @JamieArc yes, beautiful! 1y
JenP @Emilymdxn good luck! 1y
JenP @ReadingEnvy I‘ve heard great things about it but also heard that it‘s all about the narrative style and that the style won‘t work for everyone 1y
Simona Enjoy 😊 1y
BookishTrish Wow! 1y
AnneCecilie Who's your favorite(s) so far? 1y
JenP @AnneCecilie I‘m waiting until we post all our reviews to reveal my favorites. But I‘ll tag you when I am ready to post them 😬 1y
BarbaraBB Tag me too please 😘 1y
JenP @BarbaraBB will do! And tag me in your reviews too! 1y
BarbaraBB I will. I just started my fourth book, The Water Cure. 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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After my third lacklustre (and accidental) Man Booker Longlist read I started to think about what I would nominate and these were the books that came to mind (I tried to keep Julian Barnes out, he's such a quintessential "Booker" author, but dammit The Only Story was fantastic!) Anyone else want to play #AlternativeBookerPrize? Any fiction in English and published in the UK in 2018 is eligible

CouronneDhiver Fun idea! I don‘t know enough about new releases to play along though 1y
Caroline2 😆 Barnes is a quintessential booker author!!! 1y
saresmoore I‘d so much rather read your list! 1y
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Jas16 @saresmoore I was just thinking the same thing 1y
Kalalalatja Your list is awesome! 1y
Moray_Reads @Caroline2 it feels like he must have won it at least six times (it's once) but it's such a good book! 1y
BarbaraBB Great list! 1y
Simona I would love to, but in my reading life new releases are in a minority ... 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I discovered the reason my library doesn‘t have these five titles in the catalog is because they haven‘t been released in the US, yet. In fact, four of them aren‘t even scheduled for publication here until next year. So, do I wait, or do I buy them from book depository? 🤔 Does anyone think any of these are “must reads”? #manbookerprize #longlist

moarbookspleaze I‘m really looking forward to The Water Cure. I preordered it which means I‘ll be waiting. 1y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders I'd wait to see what the shortlist holds?? 🤔 1y
TrishB I am happy to pass on my copy of The Water Cure Rachel! 1y
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DGRachel @Penny_LiteraryHoarders I think that‘s what I‘ll do. @TrishB After reading your review, I think I may skip that one altogether! Plus, shipping from the UK must cost a fortune. I wouldn‘t know how to reimburse you, but thanks for the offer! (edited) 1y
minkyb This is an excellent question. 1y
Redwritinghood I ordered from BD, but Normal People isn‘t even released there yet. 1y
batsy These are all of the books I'm most curious about on the longlist. But new releases are so singularly expensive over here that I probably won't be reading any of these in time 😂 @Redwritinghood I think that one comes out at the end of August even in the UK. 1y
Redwritinghood @batsy I think end of August is right, but then I have to wait for it to get to me from UK. I likely won‘t get it read before the shortlist is announced, but will see. 1y
TrishB 👍🏻 I honestly wouldn‘t need reimbursing! 1y
DGRachel @TrishB If you want to get rid of it, I‘d gladly rehome it for you, if you‘re sure you don‘t mind. I can email you my address. My email is ucfdg97@gmail.com. Thanks! (No worried if you‘d rather not, I totally understand) 1y
TrishB More than happy 💕 about to go on hols. So will email on my return once I‘m back going to the PO! 1y
DGRachel @TrishB Enjoy your holiday!!!! 😘 1y
TrishB We‘ve just left Sansa for the first time in a doggy hotel 😔 they have CCTV though so we‘ve been watching her and she‘s running about playing etc so we feel a bit better now. 1y
DGRachel @TrishB Oh, I hated boarding my dogs when I‘d have to leave on business trips. That‘s awesome that they have CCTV, though! She‘ll have a great time and be so excited when you come back to get her. 😊 1y
TrishB I just need to stop my daughter looking every 5 mins!! 1y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I don‘t know what possessed me, but since I already checked out Warlight, I decided to put the rest of the longlist on hold at my library. The only problem is that the library only has half of the titles in the catalog and they only let you suggest one book per week for them to purchase, so now it will be at least six weeks before I can request them all, assuming the library agrees to buy the books I request. 😭

LeahBergen That should almost take you to shortlist time. 😂 2y
DGRachel Way to find the bright side @LeahBergen 😂 2y
hgrimes ugh sounds frustrating. Good luck! 2y
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ReadingEnvy Do you have Hoopla through your library? I discovered Snap was in there. 2y
LibrarianRyan Instead of just requesting one book at a time, to to the librarian and ask if they will be purchasing the long list. Many do. 2y
DGRachel @ReadingEnvy I‘m on the hold list for a physical copy of that one. @LibrarianRyan I‘ll try to remember to do that the next time I go into the library. 2y
DGRachel @LibrarianRyan Update: after one of the most frustrating conversations I‘ve ever had, it appears my library system does not automatically purchase the long list, but I am welcome to suggest they buy the titles they don‘t have (one suggestion per week only, please), but I shouldn‘t hold my breath that they‘ll actually order anything I request. Seriously-she said if we didn‘t buy it when it came out, we probably won‘t. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2y
LibrarianRyan @DGRachel damn. I can see where they might not automatically order, but they have someone asking. Plus to say that if they hadn't bought it they most likely wouldn't. I have never heard a library say something like that. Even libraries with little to no money. 2y
DGRachel @LibrarianRyan Yeah. I was a little surprised by her response. But, I will be a dutiful library patron and request the six titles they don‘t currently have, one a week, for the next six weeks and see what happens. They did order one of the titles I requested a couple of months ago, so maybe they‘ll order at least some of these. 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Man Booker long list was announced today. I‘ve heard about half of these, but haven‘t read any. Where to start, where to start?

Have you read any? Would you recommend it?

Leniverse I have only heard of one of the books, and think I might vaguely recognise a second author name. I think I‘ll wait for the shortlist. 😂 2y
candority I recognize three of them! I‘m trying desperately to get an ARC of Washington Black, but no luck yet 2y
Whimsical.Curiosity What's the Man Booker? 2y
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Aimeesue I'm almost done with Warlight now. It's very good. It starts off slow and just as you're wondering what the heck the point is, there's a realization that changes your interpretation of what happened in the first 90 pages. Very, very good. 2y
TrishB I loved Snap. Hated The Water Cure, which means it‘s bound to win! 2y
JamieArc @TrishB 🤣🤣 2y
AnneCecilie @Aimeesue from what little I've read about the long list, that book sounded interesting. 2y
AnneCecilie @TrishB that was one of the books that caught my eye after reading the synopsis. I've to do some more research and see what I make of it the. I've actually seen quite a lot of love for The Water Cure. I always hate it when that happens 2y
AnneCecilie @Leniverse I'll probably start reading some of the books before the shortlist is announced. Need to do a little bit more research, but I think a lot of these sounded interesting. 2y
AnneCecilie @candority good luck with your ARC hunting 2y
AnneCecilie @Whimsical.Curiosity The Man Booker prize is a prize for novels first published in English. It is for Commonwealth writers and American ones. After the Nobel Prize for Literature it's seen as the most prestigious prize to win. This years longlist is published between October 2017 through September 2018 (I think). It doesn't follow the calendar year. Their homepage is themanbookerprize.com if you want to find out more. 2y
TrishB There is a lot of love for it I‘d agree - but we all like different things I suppose! 2y
AnneCecilie @TrishB And that is what I like about books and reading, the diversity and that everyone will find something they love. 2y
AceOnRoam @TrishB haha, isn't it always the one you don't like! Only a few winners that I have actually "enjoyed". 2y
AceOnRoam @AnneCecilie I am reading both Snap and The Mars Room to start with. 2y
AnneCecilie @AceOnRoam Snap seems to be the preferred option on this list. I need to do some research and then I need to get myself to a bookstore to see what they have. Since I live in a country where English is not the native tongue, they won't have every book on the list 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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So excited! It‘s a really interesting list and I can‘t wait to get my teeth into it! Unfortunately I don‘t have the money for any new books right now, and I‘m not even living near the library, but my dads going to look in the library for me today so hopefully I‘ll gather some more up. #manbooker2018

So far I‘m on 2/13 - Warlight and Everything Under.

Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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I can‘t believe I haven‘t read one of them. I am going to be so busy these coming months. Where do I start?! #manbooker2018

Tashreads I recently bought Milkman, but the others weren‘t even on my radar. My tbr has grown yet again! 2y
Simona I have read only Mars Room... 2y
arubabookwoman The only one I‘ve read is The Overstory and I loved it. 2y
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Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻. Screen shot taken 2y
Kalalalatja I feel you, I haven‘t read a single one, and I haven‘t even heard of most of them! 😳 2y
batsy Haven't read a single one. Once again I am planning to read through the list and will probably not manage anything, as usual 😂 2y
RebelReader I haven‘t read any of them yet, but I see Belinda Bauer made the list and I loved her book Rubbernecker! More to add to the TBR list! 😬 2y
Emilymdxn Everything Under was really good! 2y
merelybookish I only recognize Mars Room! 😳 2y
TrishB Read two so far. 2y
BarbaraBB @Simona That‘s a good one, isn‘t it? 2y
BarbaraBB @arubabookwoman Thanks, that‘s good to know. I haven‘t read any of his books. 2y
BarbaraBB @Emilymdxn Thank you, I‘ll get to that one soon. 2y
BarbaraBB @TrishB Which ones? 2y
TrishB I‘ve read Snap as Bauer is one of my fav authors. And The Water Cure which I didn‘t like! 2y
mklong The list is so fun this year! So far I have only read Warlight, and I loved it. I‘m going to try to get to them all. 2y
JennyM I haven‘t read any either!!!! 2y
saresmoore I haven‘t even heard of half of these, but I want to read them all, of course. @batsy Channel your inner ambition. 💪😂 2y
JamieArc I aldehyde love this list because they are usually books I haven‘t heard of. Excited there‘s a graphic novel this year. 2y
Simona @barbarabb Yes and no.... Yes, because of the importance of the theme and the quite provocative approach ... and no, because I was totally indifferent to this sad story... but I had listened audiobook, and maybe this is the reason for so-so. 2y
batsy @saresmoore Hahaha! Plus it's our Brothers K readalong month so I'm going to "lean in" as much as I can ? 2y
saresmoore @batsy Oy vey. We are gluttons for punishment, aren‘t we? 2y
JenniferP I‘ve only heard of Warlight and The Overstory (I‘ve been on the library waitlist for that one forever). I won‘t read them all, but Snap, The Water Cure, and Washington Black sound appealing 2y
BarbaraBB @mklong @batsy @saresmoore I am going to try too. Looking forward to trying and discussing with you! 2y
Redwritinghood I haven‘t read any either. Getting started this weekend and when my Book Depository order gets here I‘ll be able to read more. I think I found only 5 of these available here in the US. 2y
saresmoore @Redwritinghood I had some luck via AbeBooks. Not that I‘m buying them. Since I‘m on a book buying ban. But I did drop a not-too-subtle hint to my husband about them. 😆 2y
BookwormM I have the same problem 🤣🤣 2y
BarbaraBB @Redwritinghood They are all available here (or ready for pre-order), unfortunately 😂. I am afraid I might buy them all in an impulse. So far I‘ve been able to resist that temptation... 2y
BarbaraBB @saresmoore You‘re so strong that you are able to keep up your book buying ban! 💪 2y
vivastory Definitely going to try to read them all before short list is announced! 2y
BarbaraBB @vivastory if anyone can make it, it‘s you! 2y
mrozzz Did you read Rooney‘s last book? 2y
BarbaraBB No... I still have unread on my shelves 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The long list is out! And includes a graphic novel! And Leanne Shapton is a judge! I‘m excited about this year‘s list, which includes some of my TBR. The next few months of my reading is now decided 😁

TrishB Read 2 do far and rated one of them so-so! 2y
cocomass Oooh thanks for sharing! This just changed my TBR up 😊 2y
Kalalalatja I have read none of them, and haven‘t even heard of most of them! I can‘t figure out if that‘s good or bad 🤔 2y
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Kalalalatja @JenReadsAlot but now I have just ordered a few, so I‘m about to rectify that! 😄 2y
JamieArc @Kalalalatja I just order some as well! Our library doesn‘t yet have many of the UK books 😕 2y
Reviewsbylola And I‘ve yet to read even one of these 😂 2y
JamieArc @Reviewsbylola Me too! Which totally wrecks my TBR! 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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The Man Booker longlist will be announced Tuesday. Here are a few of the books we (our shadow panel) predict might make the list. See our full list on the blog here: https://thereadersroom.org/2018/07/20/2018-man-booker-longlist-our-predictions/

Did we leave off your favorite? Which books do@you think will make the list?

Quirkybookworm Never heard of them but am intrigue! 2y
KellyHunsakerReads I have only read Warlight and Sing Unburied Sing and agree about both. 2y
JenP @Hunsakermountain Warlight wasn‘t on my prediction list but I think several other panel members picked it for the longlist. Glad to hear you liked it. I haven‘t read it yet 2y
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BarbaraBB Great blogpost. I love this time of year but I really don‘t have a clue about what the longlist will be. Love your predictions! 2y
JenP @BarbaraBB thanks! This year was really hard for me. Too many good options. I‘ll be happy if I get a couple correct 2y
BarbaraBB I‘ve been avoiding Sing Unburied Sing but according to you it may come so far that I must read it after all 😉 2y
JenP @BarbaraBB I think it will make the longlist but I‘m not sure it will move to the shortlist 2y
BarbaraBB And I was thinking of maybe 2y
JenP @BarbaraBB I considered that one. I haven‘t read it yet though 2y
BarbaraBB ... it‘s a debut, and a good one! 2y
Simona Interesting lists and I have read only two (Winter and Eleanor Oliphant) ... 2y
BookwormM I left Winter off my prediction as I thought Autumn was a stronger book and that was nominated last year @Simona 2y
Simona @BookwormM I absolutely agree with you. For me Winter was the same story as Autumn, only with different characters ... 2y
Cinfhen Going to check out your blog - like your prediction stack 2y
JenP @BookwormM look at our blog. Under drafts: man Booker longlist 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Wow my dad booked these tickets for me and I had no idea they were all such great seats! Makes me wish I‘d worn makeup. So excited to hear Kazuo Ishiguro and Michael Ondaatje

Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Wow! Middle of front row for Genre Benders at the Booker festival. Deborah Levy is gonna be looking right down my top and that‘s my achievement for the day.

BarbaraBB What a perfect seat. Send us pictures of Deborah Levy! Enjoy 💕 2y
Emilymdxn @BarbaraBB they were strict on photos but I can confirm that Eleanor Catton is an incredibly considerate person who passed out water to everyone onstage and Deborah Levy kept reminding me of the stern yet funny headmistress I always hoped to have at school 2y
BarbaraBB So interesting! And who won the Man Booker Golden Prize? I don‘t know yet! 2y
Emilymdxn @BarbaraBB the English patient! I just posted about what I remember of Ondaatje‘s speech but it isn‘t that much 2y
BarbaraBB Yay! I voted for that one 💕 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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So excited! Anyone else at the festival hall today or tomorrow?

Simona 😍 No, but I wish ... Have a great time 😘 2y
AceOnRoam How exciting! 2y
BarbaraBB I wish... enjoy and share 😍 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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This is the shortlist for the Golden Man Booker, a book from each decade chosen by: Robert McCrum (1970s); Lemn Sissay MBE (1980s); Kamila Shamsie (1990s); Simon Mayo (2000s); and Hollie McNish (2010s).

Now we can vote for one of them until 25 June! I haven‘t read the Naipaul, the others I did read. My favorites are Lively and Ondaatje. Any thoughts?

Melissa_J Ive only read The English Patient and Wolf Hall, but even if I‘d read them all I‘d vote for Mantel. Wolf Hall is brilliant. 2y
mklong I want to read the Lively and Naipul before I cast my vote, but right now Wolf Hall would be my choice. 2y
Kalalalatja I have only read Wolf Haul, and I didn‘t really like it 😅 2y
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CindyE09 Oh I forgot this was announced today. Few surprises in here! 2y
Ruthiella Wolf Hall and Moon Tiger were both amazing in my estimation. George Saunders just isn‘t my cuppa! I‘ve read other books from Naipaul & Ondaatje but not their Booker winners. 2y
CarolynM I adored a Wolf Hall when I expected not to like it at all. It gets my vote. 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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bobregina I didn‘t know about this prize! I have to check it 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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This year, the Golden Man Booker Prize will put all winners of 50 years of Man Booker back under the spotlight, to discover which of them has stood the test of time.

Five judges have been appointed to read the winning novels from each decade of the prize: Robert McCrum (1970s); Lemn Sissay MBE (1980s); Kamila Shamsie (1990s); Simon Mayo (2000s); and Hollie McNish (2010s).

Their shortlist will be announced on May 26.

Tamra That will be a list to see & read! Thanks for sharing. 2y
laurenbescoby I love that they picked Hollie to judge! 2y
DivaDiane Can‘t wait to see what they come up with! 2y
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merelybookish Wow! That will be an interesting list! 2y
BookHermit Great idea! 2y
Knightingale Awesome! Look forward to it. 2y
Kalalalatja Oh, I will be watching this! 2y
saresmoore Very cool! 2y
Simona I already marked my calendar❣️ 2y
emmaturi I am sure will be very difficult to choose! 2y
UrsulaMonarch Wow! Sounds fun 2y
LeahBergen I can‘t wait! 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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ReadingEnvy I'd be fan of going back to the old model. The award used to be a model of discovery for me but now makes other awards redundant. 2y
tournevis The reasons given to include US authors in 2014 were not vert strong, just as the reason given to take them out now is lame. The prize did not need to expand its pool in the first place. A prize for Anglophone/Commonwealth lit is justified on its own. But what do I know, I'm just a Francophone... 2y
Samplergal I didn‘t think it needed to be expanded. The us has its own awards. But I‘d love to hear others opinions. 2y
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Samplergal @ReadingEnvy agreed. And I‘m in the US 2y
Samplergal @tournevis I agree the reasons were weak. I wonder how political this may be (trump) now? Just my suspicions. Everyone hates us now... 2y
ReadingEnvy @Samplergal me too ... I pay attention to all sorts of prizes from different regions... I think the other downside to including USA is the impossibility of the judges reading all eligible books. Before the USA was I used it was 160-170 titles, still a massive heap. But arguably doable. 2y
Samplergal @ReadingEnvy Oh I never even thought of that side. Oh my. Good point. Kick the US out and don‘t look back. 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 No doubt this is Trump related. Who can blame them? He has damaged our global reputation. It‘s a sad state of affairs. All I can be thankful for is it‘s not on my head, bc I didn‘t vote for him. He‘s an International Relations nightmare. I would have dropped us on the Paris Accord alone. 2y
Samplergal @JanuarieTimewalker13 I will drink to that. What a sad, effed up@year it‘s been. 2y
tournevis @Samplergal It's not impossible, but I think it's mostly that they had caved to political pressure in 2014, and now are crushed under the weight of the US pub industry and want out. 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Yes, but I‘m a hopeful type and I hope to God/ Universe/Avatars the global community knows there are Americans who don‘t want to go back in time 50 years and we want him to step down and go back to his reality show. We need to help people and help the Earth. That‘s what being a member of this planet should be💫 2y
Samplergal @JanuarieTimewalker13 ❤️. I have the t shirt I travel in that is in 13 languages. I‘m sorry about Donald Trump. Lol. I‘ve gotten so many thumbs up 👍🏽 for that one. 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Oh that is so cool!!! What a great t-shirt! Love it!!!! 👌🏽 2y
ClairesReads I don‘t think this is the most well-reasoned article, but it can‘t be denied that the inclusion of the US in particular has reduced the diversity of the parts of the prize that MOST people interact with. Yes there have only been 2 US winners, BUT the shortlist‘s have been significantly less diverse and that‘s where most people take influence from in making reading choices. 2y
ClairesReads I didn‘t need the Booker to tell me about Lincoln in the Bardo- I already knew it was amazing from all the attention it gained in the US. And I can‘t help but feel, in a market that is flooded with US publishing- we are losing the opportunity to discover new gems. There was nothing wrong with the original model- but I do think they will struggle to move back to it now- which is a shame 2y
quietjenn I was super annoyed when they changed. I'd love it if it went back to the previous rules. 2y
Samplergal @quietjenn looks like you may get your wish. 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Yesterday's #bookmail Purchased under the litfluence of @BarbaraBB

nosferatoos Oh what is this? It looks so nice. 2y
BarbaraBB You‘ve got it! Are you as happy with it as I am? I hope so! 😘 2y
vivastory @nosferatoos it's a diary with Man Booker info. Including cover art of the winners & the short list since the inception of the prize. I bought my copy on Book Depository for $11. Took a couple of weeks to receive it, but definitely worth it 2y
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vivastory @BarbaraBB it's so beautiful, I don't want to write in it 😂 2y
nosferatoos I‘m going to have to look this up thank you @vivastory 2y
BarbaraBB I am so looking forward to 2018 😂 2y
vivastory @BarbaraBB I should have ordered more copies to gift. It's perfect for readers 2y
BarbaraBB Yes I thought about that too - afterwards. It‘s a perfect gift. 2y
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Part two about my new Man Booker Prize Diary 2018, especially for Simona (and all others who are tempted to buy it): the inside looks like this.... 💕

Simona ‘My precious, you will be mine, soon!‘ I've never been so impressed with the diary until now ... and what's even more funny- I‘ve never used such a classic logs diary ... until now. Who would have thought ... 🤔😂 2y
Simona ... and yes, it‘s lovely 😘 2y
Mdargusch Love!❤️ 2y
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Man Booker Prize | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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Look what I found in the bookstore, calling my name.. 😍 #manbooker #finestfiction

Reviewsbylola That looks really cool! 2y
Ms_T Ooh! 2y
BarbaraBB @Reviewsbylola It is. The inside as well. With pictures of all winning books, quotes and each year‘s shortlist 😍 2y
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Cinfhen Very cool!!! I love that💘 2y
Simona I‘m in the state of very intensive drooling 🤤🤤🤤🤤 2y
Simona ... I just bought it. I‘m very impressed with my weakness ... Thank you for your post 😘 2y
BarbaraBB @Simona It‘s lovely. I am thinking of keeping track of my Litsy things in it 😀 2y
BarbaraBB @Simona 😂😂Very good! I love that! 😘 2y
Simona I don‘t know how/for what I‘m going to use it, but I‘m trusting you that is lovely! You had me on the hook with ‘quotes and each year‘s shortlist‘ 🤓 2y
LeahBergen Oooo! I think I need this. 👍🏻 2y
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen I think so too 😉👍 2y
vivastory Must have! As @Simona said, very intensive drooling!! 2y
BarbaraBB @vivastory You should 😉! See my next post for a picture of the inside 😍 2y
BarbaraBB @Simona Good for you, I paid 13 euro‘s...! 2y
Simona @BarbaraBB Even 13€ is a good price 👍 2y
vivastory Thanks @simona ! I just purchased it! 2y
Jinjer Thank you for sharing this awesome find and thank you @simona for the link! I canceled my $14 copy from amazon and placed a Book Depository order for $10! 2y
CaroPi How come I didn't knew about this before? No worries... In my way now :) 2y
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