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I had the thought this morning that I must be approaching my first year using Litsy. Well, it turns out today actually IS my Litsyversary! Thank you all for creating such an amazing community ❤ I'm looking forward to a second year!

Jas16 Happy Litsyversary!! 🎉🙌🏽📚 12h
ulrichyumiodd @Jas16 Thank you!! 12h
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 12h
TrishB 🎉🎉👍🏻 11h
AnneCecilie 🎉🎉🎉📚 10h
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So excited for the #LitsyLove Swap!! Helping out @SamanthaMarie by filling this one out!

1) Yes 😊 I even added a bunch of titles yesterday.
2) Bookmarks, my book sleeve (so books don't get bent in my bag), a book light
3) Love candles! Fancy pens in fun colors, bath bombs, stickers for #LitsyLove mail!
4) I love so many candies. Just no nuts or coffee flavors. Milk chocolate is preferred, & love it w/ caramel or coconut. All fruity gummy candy!

SamanthaMarie Yay!!! So fun. I definitely saw that you do NOT like nuts or coffee hahaha!! Easy to stay away from those. :) looking forward to our swap! 5d
Kaylamburson So excited for it!! This will be so fun!! 5d
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1) yup!
2) bookmarks, gel pens, stationary, stickers
3) socks and tea mugs
4) jelly beans

Excited for the #litsylovewinterswap

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ 5d
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I'm very excited for the #LitsyLoveWinterSwap

1.) Yes it is!
2.) Bookmarks ♡ Book logs ♡ Stationary ♡ Everything ha! ♡
3.) Candles, socks, book bags, book related paraphernalia
4.) CHOCOLATE. I am sadly allergic to dairy and soy so it has to be dairy/soy free. But I looooove chocolate!

I'm easy going!!!

@Kaylamburson I'd love to know your answers though I already thoroughly stalked your Litsy and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm getting you 🤣

Kaylamburson Ohhh I didn't realize we had each other, ha! I've stalked you, too lol. But this is extremely helpful! I'll fill this out and post 😊😊😊 5d
SamanthaMarie @Kaylamburson Hahahaha yes!! Misty made it easier on herself since #LitsyLove is so big :) I'm excited. (Also, I saw way back when that you met Peter Hermann!!!!) 5d
Kaylamburson Hahaha some serious stalking. And I did!! He was so friendly and crazy TALL. And I definitely don't blame her! 5d
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Bookish wisdom from one of my daily emails straight to you. 🧠📖 🙌🏻📚💙

Ruthiella That‘s a good way of looking at it!😀 1w
Trollkonstnaren So just to be on the safe side and make sure as many books as possible get through, I should read more books? 1w
Ddzmini Nice and true 🙌🏽🥰 1w
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Ahhhhh!!! It‘s been so wonderful being a part of this community for the last 3.5 years. 😁😁😁 Thank you all for helping me get to this milestone and for proving time and time again that book people are the best people!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾📚🎧💙💙💙

I will be doing a giveaway, and I‘m currently looking into what.

BookwormAHN Congratulations 👏🏻 1mo
LogiKitty Brilliant congrats 🤗❣️ 1mo
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Nute Congratulations!🙌🏽 1mo
AmyG Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾 1mo
Djspens Nice!! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm 👏🎉 Wohoo! 1mo
squirrelbrain Congratulations! ❤️🎉🥳 1mo
lele1432 Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
rubyslippersreads 🎉📚🎉📚🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Cailey_Mac Congrats!🎊🎈📚 1mo
Kalalalatja 👏👏👏 Woohoo! 1mo
Meaw_catlady Congratulations !!!!🍾 1mo
Ddzmini Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾 1mo
sudi Congrats 🎉🎉🎉💃💃💃 1mo
Birdsong28 Congratulations 🎊🎉📚📖 1mo
Crazeedi Such a great milestone! Big congratulations! Whoohoo!!🎉👏💖👍 1mo
LauraBeth Wow! Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 1mo
tournevis 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃 1mo
Lucy_Anywhere Congrats! 👏 1mo
mrp27 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
AnneCecilie Congrats 🎉📚🎉📚 1mo
CoverToCoverGirl Congratulations! 1mo
SamanthaMarie Incredible!!! Congratulations on that amazing Litfluence!!! 🎉🥂🎉 1mo
Jas16 🎉🙌🏽📚 1mo
cassiopia That's quite the milestone!!! Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Megabooks Thank you so much!! I really appreciate how each of you help make Litsy the wonderful place it is!!!! 💙💕💙🍾📚🎧 @SamanthaMarie @Jas16 @cassiopia 1mo
Lindy Congratulations! 1mo
Megabooks @Lindy Thanks! 👍🏻 1mo
PaperbackPirate Congratulations!! 1mo
Megabooks @PaperbackPirate Thank you!! 1mo
youneverarrived Congrats 🥳🥳 1mo
Megabooks @youneverarrived Thanks!! 😊😊 1mo
LeahBergen 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Megabooks @LeahBergen Thanks friend! Are you back in Canada? 1mo
LeahBergen @Megabooks I am! 😘 1mo
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Lots of #LitsyLove going out! I was two months behind. Sorry!

catiewithac OMG! 2mo
dgingo I have to catch up too! 2mo
Slajaunie @catiewithac Are you saying I should stay caught up? 😂 2mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Lol!!! I was caught up until today!! Love it!! 📝❤️ 2mo
catiewithac @Slajaunie that‘s A LOT of #litsylove 😍 2mo
Crazeedi I have LOTS of letters to write too!!! Getting to them this weekend! 2mo
Princess-Kingofkings Thank you for my letter! 1mo
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3 of my most used literary mugs for #literaryloot @24in48

TheBookHippie Woe. Who knew there was a Litsy mug?!?! 2mo
KnightOwl love that Litsy mug! 2mo
Sunraven You‘re provoking my desire to acquire more mugs, and I‘m out of cabinet space! 😁 2mo
Crazeedi @TheBookHippie I just saw someone had one, I asked and they are prize giveaways right now☹ 2mo
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I'm still behind, but caught up on about half of my #LitsyLove and #JB replies tonight while doing something completely unbookish related--watching The Bachelorette and listening to podcast recaps if the episode, haha.


I just started using Litsy's website and not just the app and I'm loving it! I feel it's much easier to interact with what people post.

jillrhudy It is! You have a reply button! 2mo
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I want to thank all my Litsy friends for this exciting occurrence. So excited only 10,000 away from the big 100,000 🙌🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏽📖😋 thank you all again ... do you guys see how many books I‘ve added to my tbr 😳😝📚📚📚

JennyM Yey...that‘s a lot of #litsylove 😘✨ 2mo
Ddzmini @JennyM yes it‘s so great 😃 📖😋 2mo
tournevis 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺 2mo
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catebutler Yay! 🎉🎉 2mo
rubyslippersreads 🎉📚🎉📚🎉🎉🎉 2mo
JaclynW Congratulations! 2mo
mrp27 🎉🎉🎉 2mo
BookwormAHN Congratulations 👏🏻 2mo
AnneCecilie Congrats 🎉 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm 👏💃💫 2mo
Erofan Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 2mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 2mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 2mo
kspenmoll Congrats! 2mo
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 2mo
Redwritinghood 🎉🎉🎉🎉 2mo
Ddzmini @DivineDiana and @Redwritinghood thank you 🙏📖😋 2mo
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We couldn't choose just one! (But we couldn't choose them all—we don't have an infinite supply of mugs!) So we chose eight winners of the #DownPhoto contest. They are: @BookFreakOut, @LeahBergen, @jenniferw88, @Chelsea.Poole, @Soubhiville, @Simona, @mdm139, @Blaire .

Click on #DownPhoto to see these and the many other great photos.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Winners: Read the comments to find out what you need to do.

Litsy Winners: Send a note to litsy@librarything.com with your user name and your address. We'll send out a mug to you as soon as we can! 3mo
squirrelbrain Yay! Well done all of you! 3mo
DivineDiana Yes! Love all of them! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
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Soubhiville 😲😲😲! Yay! Congratulations to all the other winning photos too! 3mo
LibrarianRyan I would recognize that cat anywhere. Congrats @soubhiville 3mo
Blaire 😮 🥰 thank you!! Love seeing all of these! 3mo
BookFreakOut Thanks for organizing this, it was fun to come up with something and see everyone else's ideas! 3mo
LeahBergen Yay! How exciting!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations to the other winners, too! 😘😘 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Thank you, thank you! ☺️ These are some great photos! 3mo
mdm139 Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the winners! I loved seeing everyone‘s ideas 3mo
Simona Thank you 🙏 3mo
tpixie @LeahBergen woot congrats 🎉🎈 📚 2mo
tpixie @Soubhiville congrats! ♥️📚♥️ 2mo
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So I hav sent out some responses but have more to do!

jb72 That is such a lovely stack of mail! 3mo
Slajaunie I agree @jb72 3mo
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Joined today after the joint Litsy/LibraryThing meetup yesterday evening. Thanks, Tim, for getting me into the Exhibits to get all these great books!

#ALA #FreeBooks

BookFreakOut Hello again! I also picked up Luminous Dead and Terra-Two! Managed to get everything packed up under the airline weight limit. 3mo
drneutron @BookFreakOut Luminous Dead will probably be the first one I read, but unfortunately, I picked up 6 library books before I left (and have a seventh waiting for me). So I have to figure out how to interleave the two batches. 😁 3mo
charl08 Still super impressed by this haul. One day I will get to an ALA meeting! 3mo
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SqueakyChu Welcome to Litsy! Great book haul! I‘m sure you‘ll get them all read...eventually! I hope you enjoy Litsy. I find it fun to post brief messages here about books as I read them. (edited) 2mo
drneutron Thanks! I‘ve been posting as I finish, but will probably add those in process too. 2mo
SqueakyChu @drneutron So how have you been enjoying Litsy? I love to stop right in the middle of a book just to jot down my thoughts here. 2mo
drneutron So far, I‘ve enjoyed seeing the range of what folks are reading! 2mo
humouress I'm still working out how to use Litsy, but I'm finding it useful to put down thoughts/ quotes as I read. Then I can use them to write a review on LibraryThing (and then bring the review back here and work out how to condense it right down). (edited) 4w
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Help! I was trying to clean my TBR here on Litsy to take out books that I already own, and I didn‘t see a way on the app nor the website to just remove books, so I just changed them to read (which makes me anxious because I haven‘t actually read some of them!). Does anyone know if there‘s a way to remove books that we‘ve tagged as Reading, Want to Read, or Have Read???

RachelO If it‘s showing as ‘to read‘, just click the ‘to read‘ button again and it‘ll toggle off. 3mo
Rachel.Rencher @RachelO I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing. 😁 3mo
JamieArc @RachelO Oh my gosh. Of course it‘s something as simple as that! 🤦🏻‍♀️ @Rachel.Rencher I‘m glad I‘m not the only one who didn‘t know! 3mo
RachelO @JamieArc @Rachel.Rencher Oh good! I wasn‘t too sure that sentence made sense. It took me ages to work it out too! 3mo
Velvetfur @RachelO @JamieArc @Rachel.Rencher It took me a long time to work it out too - you're not alone! 😂 3mo
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LibraryThing/Litsy meetup at #ala #alaac

Chrissyreadit So fun! 3mo
annahenke Fun! 3mo
CouronneDhiver Hi everyone! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 3mo
ness Sad I missed it, but hi fellow librarians at ALAAC19! 3mo
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#ALA! Come to the Litsy / LibraryThing meetup tonight. See @Litsy for details!

Reviewsbylola I wish I were there! 3mo
GypsyKat Fun! 3mo
Aimeesue I wanted to do the meetup, but am now exhausted from walking around the exhibit hall Enjoy Busboys and Poets for me! 3mo
TimSpalding @Aimeesue nooooo! I‘ll buy you coffee! 😀 3mo
tjwill I hope you all had fun! I had an event that overlapped and couldn‘t make it. 3mo
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I‘ve received my first #LitsyLove mail! Thank you @Lovesbooks87 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and @Honeybeegirl for welcoming me in so quickly! I look forward to sitting down and writing some of my own!

Lovesbooks87 Yay! Welcome to the group! 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yay!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
Honeybeegirl I‘m glad it made it to you!! 3mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Jamie, is your tbr list up to date?? Asking for some friends 👭😉 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @JamieArc 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 3mo
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Headed to #alaac19 this week? Don't miss out on the joint Librarything/Litsy meetup! Say hi to your fellow bibliophiles offline.

Saturday, June 22, 6:30pm
Busboys and Poets
450 K St NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

We've also got free exhibit hall-only passes you can grab here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/307549#6843202

Let us know here (or on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/topic/307549) if you'll be attending.

See you there!

BookFreakOut I'm planning on coming! (edited) 3mo
RaimeyGallant So jealous of everyone who's going! 3mo
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Nitpickyabouttrains Thanks for the link! Very excited to wander the floor. 3mo
Sharon4 @Nitpickyabouttrains Love the name 3mo
Susanita I had hoped to come to dinner, but I‘ll be dealing with a maintenance issue instead. 😡😫 3mo
Litsy @Susanita Sorry we missed you! Hope that everything's okay, and that you had a good weekend, nonetheless. 3mo
Susanita All's well. It was just a little poorly timed glitch. 3mo
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I think Litsy is my TBR #BookSource these days. I see so many good reviews, discussions about books quotes... I guess I add a book a day to my stack.

#30JuneBooks @howjessreads

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I got so much #litsylove in the mail today!! @Princess-Kingofkings I love my book mark and letter!! @Stacypatrice I love my letter and your stickers!! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks you are wonderful for this group and for my letter and my Minnie Mouse sticker!! @Lovesbooks87 it is a beautiful card but it got soaking wet in the rain and I wasn‘t able to read anything 😢 but your kindness makes my heart happy!! Now it‘s time to write you all back!!

Lovesbooks87 Oh no! I am sorry that you weren't able to read it! 3mo
Stacypatrice 💌💛😀 3mo
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Seekingtardis @Lovesbooks87 no!! I‘m so sorry that my shotty mail box ruined your beautiful letter!! 3mo
Lovesbooks87 @Seekingtardis not something that we can help. I was always worried that that's going to happen with the pens that I use. 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so happy you are a part of the group!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
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Sample Litsy #downphoto

Crazeedi 👍❣ 3mo
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Anyone keen to join me this round @Sarz @BecH @thegreensofa @Tashreads @Freespirit @CarolynM ? Any Aussies are welcome xo @suvata

Freespirit This sounds fun. I think I understand it... we all buy a different book..read and make notes then pass to next person in group. If we have 4-5 people we will read 4-5 books. Is that it @LapReader Alissa? 3mo
Freespirit I'm in😊 Will I wait till we have more members to sign up? (edited) 3mo
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LapReader Did you fill in the form on @Suvata page @Freespirit ? (edited) 3mo
Freespirit Not yet.. 3mo
CarolynM Oh, why not? I don't want to displace any one from the group if they want to go around again. How is everyone feeling? @Sarz @thegreensofa @BecH 3mo
LapReader I loved your pick last time @CarolynM 3mo
Sarz I'm happy to sit this round out, so feel free to jump in @Carolynm if you all need a fourth though, let me know :) 3mo
LapReader Hopefully we will need a fourth @Sarz. I loved your last pick. 3mo
thegreensofa I'm probably going to go in again. It's very addictive and my favourite Litsy challenge! 👏🏻😍📚. (But if a first timer needs my spot just let me know 😊 and I'll jump out for them🤘🏻) 3mo
LapReader Yay! We have four! @thegreensofa @Freespirit @Carolyn Ive already picked a book. Anyone read Euphoria? 3mo
Freespirit No @LapReader I will enrol and think about a good book😊 @thegreensofa @CarolynM 3mo
CarolynM Ok, I've signed up. I haven't read Euphoria. Has anyone read The Bridge by Enza Gandolfo? @thegreensofa @Freespirit 3mo
LapReader I haven‘t @CarolynM 3mo
Tashreads Thanks so much for the tag! Glad you‘ve found your four. I‘ve got a lot of things going on at the moment, but definitely keen to join again in the future. Enjoy 😊 3mo
Freespirit I‘m signed too..I haven‘t read either book @LapReader @CarolynM @thegreensofa 3mo
Freespirit Have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn @LapReader @CarolynM @thegreensofa 3mo
LapReader I haven‘t @Freespirit but keen to. 3mo
CarolynM @Freespirit It's on my TBR do I'd be keen to do that one @LapReader @thegreensofa 3mo
thegreensofa @Freespirit @LapReader @CarolynM I haven't read any of those they all sound really good! 👏🏻😀. Which Euphoria do you mean lapreader I found 4 when I searched. CarolynM I was going to read The Bridge really excited that it's a pick for LMPBC and that we are reading it together! Lol I'm feeling stupid I was so excited I forgot I had to pick something myself as well!! (😳). I will let you know what I come up with and check with you all! 😍📚❤️❤️ 3mo
Freespirit That‘s great @thegreensofa @LapReader @CarolynM it will be A Tree grows in Brooklyn from me. I had just ordered it so glad no one has read it😍Looking forward to sharing books💕 3mo
LapReader The one by Lily King @thegreensofa 3mo
thegreensofa Sounds interesting, I haven't read a book set in Papua New Guinea before. I'm a yes too! 🤓 3mo
thegreensofa @lapreader @Freespirit @CarolynM what about as my choice? It's a bit controversial, but what has attracted me is it is told in using two different timezones. (edited) 3mo
LapReader Sounds good @thegreensofa 3mo
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We want the next version of the app to have a feature to see posts about your books, following books, etc.

For now, however, we did the next best thing. For now, we did the next best thing: @PostsAboutYourBooks, a special account for posts from books you‘ve stacked or posted about from across the Litsy community.

You can look at it at any time, or you can follow it, to have the posts mixed into your regular feed.

LeahBergen I just had a peek. Very cool! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
Litsy Note: The feed doesn't include all books. We have a system that marks certain books as “probably not real,“ and those are excluded. So if you've posted about “Untitled“ or “Fitness Tracker“ you won't get all those posts mixed in. 3mo
marleed That‘s so cool. I love to go back to the newsfeeds of books I‘ve read to see what new readers to that book have said. 3mo
See All 24 Comments
Bookwormjillk Love it! 3mo
marleed @Bibliogeekery Did you see this post - it could answer your concern from yesterday. Perhaps you want this as your primary newsfeed. 3mo
BookwormM Following 3mo
TheSpineView I like!!! Thank you! 3mo
Bibliogeekery @marleed Ooo, thank you! I had not seen this but am following it now! 💗 3mo
BarbaraBB Thank you!! 3mo
CaitZ This is great. Thank you. 3mo
StayCurious What a great idea 👍🏻 3mo
Clare-Dragonfly THIS IS SO COOL. 3mo
Litsy @Clare-Dragonfly Thanks. We're tryin'. 😀 3mo
Peddler410 Woah! That was kinda cool. 3mo
bookandbedandtea This is fantastic! Thanks! 3mo
staci.reads Very cool. 3mo
AceOnRoam Love this. Thanks. 3mo
BookHoarder32 Thank you for this!! I already made new friends connecting through a series I love ❤️ 3mo
Paperback.Propensity I really love the new updates so far 3mo
Blaire This is great! 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Love this! 3mo
gilroyc I have had to unfollow the posts about books account. It seems to override the tag filter I have in place, which makes the filter seem broken. 2mo
Litsy @gilroyc If by “tag filter“ you mean tags you've muted, I want to make sure you're using Litsy on the web—tag muting only works on the web version for now (it should be coming to the app in a future release). Assuming that you're using the web and still seeing posts with muted tags get through, could you give us an example? Feel free to email at litsy@librarything.com if you'd rather not hash it out here. 2mo
rather_be_reading interesting!! 1mo
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Are any Litsy members going to the American Library Association meeting in Washington, DC—or just live in the DC area? We're looking to plan a meetup!

The meetup will probably be a joint Litsy/LibraryThing thing, at a bookstore cafe in the area, like Kramerbooks, or Politics and Prose are all on the table.

Post here, or on LibraryThing at http://www.librarything.com/topic/307549 .

We'll also have free day passes to give out soon.

Andydear Oh man i wish i could make it! 3mo
Bookwormjillk I‘m in DC. Keep me posted! 3mo
Chelleo YES!! I'll be there! I just hope the meetup doesn't conflict with my meetings! 3mo
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Susanita I‘m in DC too! 3mo
mhslibrarylady I wish! 3mo
Merethebookgal I live in the DC area but will be have friends visiting 20-23 so maybe if it was on 24 or 25. 3mo
tjwill 🙋🏻‍♀️ 3mo
LibLib I'm in DC! I hope I can make it! Keep me updated 😊 3mo
Aimeesue I'm in NOVA, so maybe! 3mo
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Gezemice Congrats! 3mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 3mo
tournevis 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺 3mo
xxjenadanxx So awesome!! 3mo
Dragon 🎉👍😀 3mo
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Here's my entry for #downphoto!! @Litsy 📚📓😻😴😴

mhillis Perfect!! 😻😻😻 3mo
JazzFeathers Lovely 😻😻😻😻 3mo
RachelO That‘s great! 3mo
See All 8 Comments
batsy 😆 3mo
ladym30 So adorable❤️ 3mo
BiblioLitten That‘s me on a Wednesday. 🤣 3mo
hermyknee Love this!! 3mo
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My Litsy #downphoto entry! Feel free to caption this for me.

post image

My pick for the @Litsy #downphoto - a classic #Chloe shot. No idea about a caption - but I‘m cracking up looking at this again. 😆😆

Purrfectpages ❤️ 3mo
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 3mo
valeriegeary 😂😂😂 3mo
See All 7 Comments
BethM This is hilarious. 3mo
shellleigh33 Love this photo!!! 3mo
kspenmoll She looks lime a teddy bear! 3mo
BiblioLitten 😄 3mo
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post image
kgriffith Not down, just a brief delay. All posts/likes/comments will show up now that the queue is caught up. 3mo
Sarah83 @kgriffith not today. I meant the photo challenge 😁 3mo
kgriffith @Sarah83 HA! Timing for that was great though 😋 Good luck! 3mo
Sarah83 @kgriffith I thought quite the same, when I saw, the post wasn't uploaded. 😁 3mo
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post image


What do you mean, Litsy‘s down? 😆

mcipher Your kitty looks so much like my #Chloe !! ❤️ 3mo
shortsarahrose @mcipher Aww! I bet Chloe is a beauty! This is my sister‘s cat #Jenga. I can‘t have a cat at my apartment so I try to soak up all the kitty love and silliness when I visit her. 3mo
peaknit I see the bag and think, are you from WI?? I worked at Woodmans in college. Hi kitty!! 3mo
shortsarahrose @peaknit I‘m originally from WI (now in IA), but my sister still lives in Madison. 3mo
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tournevis I see you.

FYI, my issue with the web interface is that I can post if I don't try to post an image, just like at the very beginning a few weeks ago.
TimSpalding Thanks. We just discovered this. We're diving in. 3mo
IamIamIam 👋👋👋 3mo
TimSpalding Fixed yesterday. Thanks! 3mo
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post image
ladym30 So sweet and adorable❤️ 4mo
Patchshank Would help with the sadness of litsy being down ❤️ 4mo
julesG 😍 4mo
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TheSpineView 💜🐾 3mo
SW-T 🧡🧡🧡 3mo
Purrfectpages ❤️ 3mo
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Took this in my backyard during a rare kid break.
It reminds me of the joys of escaping screens for a bit. Sometimes a forced break from favorite apps can be a good thing! #alwayslookonthebrightside 📖☀️

mhillis This is so nice!! ☀️ 4mo
Crazeedi Perfect! 4mo
Crazeedi Did you put this of Facebook for a suggestion?? 4mo
readordierachel I like this one! 3mo
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My contribution to the #downphoto question. This guy visited our driveway the other day. Almost invited him in for tea!

Hooked_on_books I like it! 4mo
rabbitprincess This one has my vote 😉 3mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @rabbitprincess I‘m not surprised! 🐇 3mo
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post image
wanderinglynn Aw, so sweet! ❤️ 4mo
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#downphoto Also posted this on FB but here‘s my entry to the competition. 😁

erzascarletbookgasm 👍 Nice caption. 4mo
Litsy Awesome. You don't have it without the words also, do you? 4mo
scripturient @Litsy Of course I do. Do you want me to post it here? 4mo
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scripturient @Litsy Wait, I‘ll just replace it with the plain one. :) 4mo
julesG That's perfect! 4mo
Litsy @scripturient Awesome! 4mo
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post image
erzascarletbookgasm I love everything in this pic! 4mo
Soubhiville Nice! 4mo
Smarkies I have read one book in that photo. Now you have my interest piqued for the other one. 😂😂 4mo
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ephemeralwaltz GORGEOUS! 4mo
batsy Oh, that is indeed calming and lovely ... I feel soothed 😁 4mo
Simona @erzascarletbookgasm @Soubhiville @ephemeralwaltz @batsy The title is Winter Picnic in My Living Room and I use it as screensaver photo 😁 4mo
Simona @Smarkies Still unread ... both of them, but they are photogenic 😁 4mo
LeahBergen Beautiful! 4mo
Simona @LeahBergen Thank you 😊 4mo
Redwritinghood Lovely photo! 3mo
Simona @Redwritinghood Thanks 😘 3mo
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post image
julesG That's beautiful! 4mo
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We need your help with a Litsy “down“ image—a photo to show when Litsy is temporarily offline.

Rather than some stock photo (like above), we figured we'd ask the community for help. Just take a photo and tag it #downphoto. On June 18 we'll pick our favorite to use. We'll give out three Litsy mugs—one for the favorite and two randomly to anyone who gave it a shot.

Got an idea for a good photo? Leave it below.

Litsy Caveats! We don't absolutely promise we'll use the photo. And we may choose more than one favorite. Either way, we'll send out a mug for each favorite, and at least two more to random Littens who gave it a serious try! 4mo
LeahBergen Well! I‘m going to have to give this some thought! 🤔 4mo
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texasgirl Got to get ahold of my creative side 🤫 4mo
scripturient So, who won??? 😃 3mo
zezeki @scripturient Yes, I was just wondering the same. 3mo
Litsy Thanks for your patience, folks! We should be announcing the winners soon. 3mo
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Congratulations to Littens @ErinSueGreads, @onemused, @cmastfalk, @Books.Bottles.and.Babies and @Shakespearience! And thank you to EVERYONE who posted something on social media. You got the word out—thank you!

Winners, please send an email to litsy@librarything.com with your username and your address, and we'll send you out a Litsy mug.

wanderinglynn Congrats winners! 🥳👏🏻🎉 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl Congratulations winners!👏👏 4mo
TheSpineView Way to go! Congrats! 😊 4mo
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jessinikkip Whoo-hoo! Congrats winners! 4mo
Litsy @ErinSueGreads, @onemused, and @cmastfalk, still waiting to hear from you. Please send your mailing info so we can get your mugs out to you! Email us here: litsy@librarything.com. 3mo
ErinSueMreads Yay!!! Sorry I‘ve been out of the country! 3mo
onemused YAY! Just emailed! Totally missed this! 3mo
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Liz, I forgot to say how sweet you are with your thank you card. That is a skill in thoughtfulness I stink at. It arrived before the weekend but I put it down and became distracted!

Avanders (I also stink at that skill... I used to be good but alas ... 😞) 4mo
hermyknee 💖💖💖 4mo
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#Changes @Megabooks

📘 The biggest change is my TBR pile is no longer a pile but a mountain... several mountains actually. It is over 1K and I am afraid to do a count.
📘 Litsy has become my favorite social media. All the others pale in comparison. I spend lots of time here and not so much on others.

Megabooks Definitely the best social media! I always feel better after I‘ve been on Litsy, and I can‘t say that about any other. 👍🏻 Thanks for answering. 😁 4mo
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This is a reminder that Litsy has a Facebook group, “Onward Litsy!“ where staff and members get together to talk about the future of Litsy, discuss potential features, review new features, take polls, etc.

It's open to all Littens, with over 1,000 members already!


Litsy We know not everyone is on Facebook. But Litsy doesn't have the ability to conduct detailed, threaded, group discussions, and we didn't want to force everyone on LibraryThing, which does. Facebook was our best option.

Needless to say, we're always glad to get feedback and have what discussions we can on posts like this. - Tim
baes I wish the group was Closed (this would still be searchable). 😕 I don‘t like all my activity showing up to my FB friends in their feeds. 4mo
baes My only major recommendation for Litsy is to be able to save posts and maybe be able to turn on notifications for new comments. I can never find posts I want to check-in on later. I do like the idea of a status bar for reading progress too. 4mo
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RebL I refuse to go on Facebook, but I‘ll look for threads on LibraryThing. 4mo
Litsy @RebL Sorry. I understand. I wish I had a better way. Perhaps when LibraryThing gets fully mobilized, it will be an answer. 4mo
umbrellagirl @baes I agree wrt the group being closed. I don‘t like having all comments public for anyone to see. @Litsy 4mo
Litsy @umbrellagirl @baes Thanks for the notes. I've changed it. I think the public nature helped early on, when it wasn't clear what it was. Now that more than a thousand members are on it, we can take it closed. Thanks! 4mo
umbrellagirl @Litsy Thank you! 4mo
mreads I second the saved feature mentioned, also would be nice to be able to have an owned list or notation for swap purposes 4mo
baes Awesome, thanks! I requested to join. 😊 4mo
SkeletonKey Yay! 4mo
lkpreader Good to know 😀 4mo
Megabooks Does Litsy have an algorithmic feed now or is it still chronological? I feel I am missing things. 4mo
Litsy @Megabooks Litsy's feed is still chronological, and we don't have any plans to change that in the future. If you think you're missing posts in your feed, please point us to some specific posts or accounts! You can also reach us at litsy@librarything.com if that's easier. 4mo
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To all new Littens out there. Litsy created two new accounts to help you find accounts to follow.
Click on @TheBestofLitsy and @BestOfLitsy to get to them.

hermyknee Intriguing 4mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hmmm I agree, Interesting! 4mo
LibrarianRyan interesting 4mo
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RaimeyGallant Cool beans. 4mo
TheBestofLitsy 1/ I'll explain, shall I?

We've been struggling with sign-ups. 90-95% of new users never post. Most never follow anyone. They get Litsy, go through sign up and just BAIL!

As an experiment, we now auto-follow an account on sign-up. Following that account sub-follows about a dozen others. Thus, everyone gets something to look at when they sign up, unless the manually de-follow it.
TheBestofLitsy 2/ Why are there two accounts? Well, to try out different theories about what sort of auto-following works best, bringing new members into the site and using it. In tech terms, the two accounts are an A|B test. Half of members get A, half get B. Are these accounts really following the “best“? I dunno. What's best? But we hope at least to give new people something to follow, and pick a combination of accounts that will get them interested. 4mo
TheBestofLitsy 3/ What differentiates the two accounts? I will not tell you. It recently changed, actually--which is why some of you got followed. We tried two theories out A and B, and A was better. Now we're trying C against A. 4mo
TheBestofLitsy 4/ The other thing going on, though, is that we now have a technical way to follow multiple accounts through one account. That might prove useful in the future. Or, with some changes, it might be how we can effect following a book, an author or a hashtag. 4mo
julesG @TheBestofLitsy Thanks for explaining! 4mo
BarbaraBB @TheBestofLitsy You‘re really investing in Litsy, thank you for that! 4mo
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To all the new Littens out there, Litsy created 2 new accounts to help you find accounts to follow. Click on @TheBestofLitsy and @BestOfLitsy to get to them. To stay up to date, I also recommend following @LitsyHappenings @LitsyPenPals @LitsyWelcomeWagon @Litsy @LitsyGetsGraphic @LitsyBuddyRead @LitsyGoesPostal

BookwormAHN Thanks for the heads up 🌺 4mo
julesG Interesting! 4mo
emz711 Fun! 4mo
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Geeklet Oh neat! 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Thank you!! Super helpful!! 4mo
jimfields3 Thank you for all your tips and tricks! It can be little confusing what a newbie should do, and I really appreciate your guidance! 3mo
RaimeyGallant @jimfields3 My pleasure! 3mo
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Ok #litsylove folks, I‘m getting ready for vacay and find mail my ahem- wonderful- husband stashed from MARCH! If you recognize this I‘ll get back to you in June when we‘re back. Sorry!

Avanders 🤭😆whoops. 😁 4mo
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