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Went to Book People this evening for a little #bookhaul, including the tagged book for #IndependentWomen #BigBuddyRead with @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB . I‘ll be using The Echo Wife for #Booked2023 for a book you could describe using the word “twist”, as I saw a review that called it precisely that 🙂📚.

I went to see an author speak, but unfortunately he got covid and had to cancel the last week of his tour 😞. (Travis Baldree- Legends & Lattes)

Soubhiville @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian I was excited to see your review for this, as I hadn‘t heard of it but read the first couple sentences of the blurb and it sounds fun 3mo
Soubhiville And I‘ve already read the first 2 chapters of Macallister‘s book in the cafe- saw her at #TexasBookFestival and wanted to get the book there, but they had sold out 3mo
Bookishlie Ooooo you‘re local! You should also try lark and owl in Georgetown and fabled in Waco! 3mo
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Soubhiville @Bookishlie I‘ve been to Lark and Owl, never to Waco though. My “home” bookstore is Black Pearl Books on Burnett. I‘m also a big fan of Nowhere Bookshop in San Antonio 🙂📚💕 3mo
Cinfhen Fantastic purchases!!! I really enjoyed Echo Wife!!! Perfect choice for #twist and the other two books looks really good 😊 3mo
BarbaraBB Such a great haul!! 3mo
AmyG The Echo Wife was good…and yes, it has a twist! Also Small Game was good….a very interesting plot. Emjoy! 3mo
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#BookMail Just in for the #IndependentWomen #BigBuddyRead taking place March 3-5🥳
I‘m already getting good vibes from the cover….and I 💗the byline. “Magic is real. Embrace your power”
Still plenty of time to join @BarbaraBB & I for a weekend full of music, memories and book talk!! If you want to be added to the party list tag us below 💜💜💜

BarbaraBB @Deblovestoread Yay! Happy you‘re joining us! 3mo
Cinfhen Wonderful @Deblovestoread 🧡🥳 3mo
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Amandajoy I really enjoyed her first book. I‘m in! @BarbaraBB 3mo
BarbaraBB @Amandajoy That is so good! Welcome! 3mo
Cinfhen Excellent @Amandajoy so glad to have you join us!!! Thanks for tagging @BarbaraBB #KeeperOfTheList 🙌🏻♥️ 3mo
CBee Want to be sure I‘m tagged! Just got this on Kindle for free (had a credit 🙌🏻)! @BarbaraBB 4w
BarbaraBB Of course you‘ll be tagged! ❤️❤️ 3w
CBee @BarbaraBB hooray, thank you ♥️ 3w
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More #BookMail 🥳I ordered 8 books from Book Depository and they are slowly winging their way across the ocean😄This was a potential choice for #IndependentWomen #BigBuddyRead and even though it didn‘t make its way to the final contender list it did end up in my cart 😙#ShitHappens

BarbaraBB Haha! I hope it‘s as good as we thought it would be! 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m happy to share it with you after I‘m done @BarbaraBB xx and your bday gift is on its way 🤞🏼 3mo
BarbaraBB Exciting!! Thank you so much! I‘ll be spoiled that day 🤍🤍 3mo
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elkeOriginal Love getting a BD email about my order ‘winging its way‘! 3mo
Cinfhen Hahaha @elkeOriginal exactly!!!! 3mo
Megabooks I really enjoyed the audiobook! 👍🏻👍🏻 3mo
Cinfhen It has lots of #LitsyLove @Megabooks maybe I‘ll be able to pick up the audio on #Scribd 😄 3mo
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Already in, this beautiful copy for our #IndependentWomen #bigbuddyread on 5 March. It‘ll go on my shelves for now but it seems a good one and I look forward to read it with you all!

vlwelser 😍 looking forward to this 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m excited for this one!!!! Especially after seeing @BarbaraTheBibliophage review!!! 3mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I love this cover!! 3mo
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Giddings takes witches and makes them relevant to the reality of the USA in 2022. It‘s a spectacular feminist speculative fiction novel. I enjoyed Giddings‘s debut novel, Lakewood, and reviewed it on my blog. And her storytelling in The Women Could Fly is one masterful notch up the scale. My favorite #scarathlon2022 read!

Full review https://www.TheBibliophage.com

Cinfhen Ohhhh, yay!! Excited for our #independentWomen #BigBuddyRead @BarbaraBB 3mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Yes! Will you add me to the list for this one? I read this for a local book club that got rescheduled for a night I can‘t attend. So I‘m thinking I‘ll reread and discuss with you guys! 3mo
Cinfhen That‘s awesome for us!!!! Their loss our gain 😘 3mo
BarbaraBB Yay, glad you‘ll be joining us and that the book is good! 3mo
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Save to your calendar the Spring #bigbuddyread hosted by @barbarabb and @cinfhen . Let them know if you want to be tagged or feel free to reach out to them with any questions.

BarbaraBB Thanks for sharing ❤️ 3mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much for the repost!!! Awesome graphics ♥️ 3mo
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Super excited to share our winning book for #IndependentWomen #BigBuddyRead March 3-5!!! This book won by a single vote, so thanks to everyone who voted 🗳♥️ if you weren‘t tagged by @BarbaraBB and would like to join let us know below & we‘ll happily add your name to the party list 😊We love hosting these group reads with all of you- each book takes on another life after our discussions 🙌🏻

Cinfhen Please share @LitsyEvents 🫶🏼 3mo
Chrissyreadit Depending on where I am in life I would like to join in. 3mo
Cinfhen Great @Chrissyreadit I‘m tagging @BarbaraBB so she adds you to the list 💓 3mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage I JUST read this. It SOOO good. Can‘t wait for my brook group discussion next week! 3mo
Cinfhen Ohhh! I‘d love to hear how the discussion goes and if you recall any of the questions please share them with @BarbaraBB and myself!! We‘d love for you to join our discussion♥️ (edited) 3mo
Sparklemn I've love to join in! 3mo
Cinfhen Fantastic @Sparklemn adding your name to the list @BarbaraBB 💖 3mo
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In case anyone missed this announcement by @barbarabb earlier today!! Please visit Barbara‘s original post and VOTE on her page for our next #BigBuddyRead #IndendentWomen taking place March 3-5, 2023!!! All are welcome to join 🫶🏼

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Question 4: Is this a worthy sequel to Irving‘s original short story? What are your overall feelings about this book?? Did it fill your horror meter?

BookwormAHN I really enjoyed it, especially the ending 👻 3mo
MoonWitch94 I would give it a 3.5/5 ⭐️ I enjoyed it & it was a good choice for #FearfulFall 3mo
Bookwormjillk I didn‘t love it but thought it was a strong ending. I don‘t really know the original other than what I saw on Scooby Doo back in the day so I can‘t really make a comparison. 3mo
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Cinfhen Hahaha 🤣 The Scooby Doo reference @Bookwormjillk !!!!! 3mo
peaknit I didn‘t love the book, in part because I junk I had more questions than answers. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a classic, I‘m not sure this is the sequel I would hope for but it was entertaining. 3mo
BarbaraBB I didn‘t read the original one, hadn‘t heard of it either. I doubt this one will be a classic like the Legend, it simply isn‘t written well enough 3mo
TrishB It didn‘t fill my horror meter- but I think as a teenager I would have loved it- so more of a time and place thing really. 3mo
TheBookHippie I LOVED IT and I did reread the original right before starting this. I cannot wait to share it and I will read more by this author to see if others are good. I also am curious about other retellings of this old story. I do LOVE these weekends and thank you all so much. @BarbaraBB and @Cinfhen !! I cannot wait for Winter which is our next one yes??? 3mo
jenniferw88 I loved it, and I reviewed it over on a group I'm in on Goodreads and had this comment - I've read a few of the retellings/offshoots, and though nothing comes close to the original, this book was the best she'd read so far. My threshold for horror isn't as high as @TrishB 's however so liked that it was mild (the only thing that I thought might scare me was when Bente was watching Justus being eaten) - I don't do medical gore! 3mo
TrishB @jenniferw88 I think my gore meter is definitely off kilter! I probably don‘t even see it anymore. 3mo
Cinfhen I think I had higher expectations but it did provide some level of entertainment and our discussions always open my eyes and mind to something more and for that im always 💯 grateful!!! Thanks friends for joining us @TheBookHippie @TrishB @peaknit @MoonWitch94 @BookwormAHN stay tuned for details on our next #BigBuddyRead 🥰 3mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie @jenniferw88 I am happy you loved it, it is such a wonderful way of reading out of our box books together. And as we saw today, there are always so many insightful additions to our own impressions! Our next weekend will be 3-5 March. Stay tuned for our announcement, you‘ll both love the theme I guess ! 3mo
Cinfhen Im so glad you loved it @jenniferw88 and you‘re right….NOTHING freaks out @TrishB 3mo
TrishB Another round of great discussions 😁 thanks both and others for different insights. 3mo
MoonWitch94 🥳🥳🥳🥳 3mo
TrishB 😂😂 probably too old!! 3mo
TheBookHippie @BarbaraBB I did truly love it! We are not doing winter? I am excited to read again with this group it takes me out of my comfort zone and what a gift this one was!! I promise to let you all know when I read with a student and how it goes! 3mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie I‘d really like that! And it‘ll be March before we know it! 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m really glad you participated @TheBookHippie 💓💓💓💓and if this book reaches out and helps one of your students than I can‘t think of a better gift 💝 3mo
melissajayne I feel like it was a little too long and could have been more effective as a novella 3mo
Reggie I liked it but I think it should have ended the night Brom died with her killing Schular that same night. I thought those last 50 pages dragged on. But I was creeped out. The kids getting murdered with no heads and no feet. That‘s usually enough for me. Henry writes a solid story. I liked it. 3mo
DebinHawaii I enjoyed it overall. I did wish I had reread the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow before because iIt has been decades & I didn‘t remember the finer points. Although I would have liked some things more fleshed out, it kept me engaged & the audiobook was well done although I think I would have liked reading it better. I think with the caveat of it being a sequel told from the perspective of a child of the Hollow, it was a worthy enough sequel. 3mo
DebinHawaii Thank you @BarbaraBB & @Cinfhen for another great readalong & weekend of fun! 🤗 Looking forward to March! 3mo
vlwelser I'm solidly on the fence about this. The original isn't very long so she didn't have a ton to work with. Her audience seems to be YA so it was kind of basic. But this is really just my least favorite of her books of which I have read nearly every one of. It's a solid effort but it felt like something was missing. 3mo
vlwelser Oh and thank you to @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB for hosting. I love these discussions. 3mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I put all her books on my wishlist!! If they don't arrive in the holiday season I plan to purchase in January! 3mo
DGRachel I really enjoyed it and as someone who rereads the original every year, I thought it was a worthy sequel/reimagining. 3mo
vlwelser @TheBookHippie maybe skip the ones before Alice. I think those were just her starter books before she got into YA fairytale retellings. Not that I read them. Just turned off by the Tomb Raideresque covers. 3mo
DGRachel I also want to add that my horror gore tolerance is very low. I love being spooked and worried about every creak or noise in my house, but graphic violence is not something I handle well. And for @TheBookHippie , I don‘t know where Lost Boy falls into Henry‘s publication order as suggested by @vlwelser but it‘s the only other one I‘ve read and I LOVED it. 3mo
vlwelser @DGRachel definitely! That's the Peter Pan one. I think it goes Alice ×2, Peter Pan, Mermaid, Red, Horseman and a couple in the middle that aren't based on fairytales. I could look it up but... Lazy. 3mo
Bookzombie This is my second Henry book (tagged the other below) and I enjoyed it. I did think the ending could have been tightened up a bit. It had moments that were spooky and creepy, but it‘s definitely not one I need to put in the freezer. Also, I didn‘t go back and read the original story so I was probably heavenly influenced by the movie, lol. 3mo
Bookzombie I really enjoyed all the perspectives today. Great discussion! 💕 3mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser That was my plan!! 3mo
TheBookHippie @DGRachel OH thanks!! I am exactly the same way!!! NO tolerance! 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Yesssss!!! @Reggie I‘m so with you! Could have ended with the night of Brom‘s death. I was listening to the audio and assuming it was over and it kept going 😱 that turned out to be a mess, except the horseman part which could have happened the same time as (in my mind) the “first” ending lol. 3mo
Chelsea.Poole Overall — I‘m not a horror reader and would never have read on my own. I‘ve heard great things about Henry so I was glad to give her a try along with buddy readers led by @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB ☺️ not sure I‘ll read more from her, as this just isn‘t my “thing” but I do enjoy stepping out of my usual reads. Thanks everyone! 3mo
AllDebooks I'm new to Henry and did enjoy the book. I thought it was let down by all the loose threads, girl being punched, Schuler's deveopment etc. I agree @Reggie it should have ended at Brom's death. 3mo
AllDebooks This was also my 1st #Sundaybuddyread 😁 so glad I joined in, the discussions were more fascinating and enjoyable than the book. Thanks for your great hosting @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB x 3mo
vonnie862 I liked the middle of the book. I was intrigued with the Kludde and the Horseman and how it connected to Ben. I do admit that it took me a few chapters to get into the book and I was not too fond of part 3(though I like the ending). Part 3 was too long for my taste. 3mo
Cinfhen This was definitely outside my reading comfort too @Chelsea.Poole @AllDebooks @DebinHawaii but I‘m glad I was able to experience the fun with all of you!! I so agree @Reggie @melissajayne @Bookzombie @vonnie862 the book felt a bit longer than necessary😬 I don‘t think I would read this author again unless it was with all of you @DGRachel @vlwelser @TheBookHippie 😉 3mo
Bklover Hey, Cindy, I am so sorry I missed this. Last weekend my daughter moved out (rather suddenly- very long story) and I have had a rather rough time. I‘m actually still reading Horseman, but life has been rather complicated lately. Again, I am so sorry. I love your book events and would love to take part in the one for March. ❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
rubyslippersreads I haven‘t read the original in years, though I‘ve seen the Johnny Depp movie several times, as well as the Disney cartoon. 3mo
Cinfhen Did you enjoy the book @rubyslippersreads ?? Thanks for adding to the discussion!! Hope we‘ll see you for #IndependentWomen March 3-5 🙌🏻💗 3mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen I did enjoy it. I‘ll be hunting down more by this author. Looking forward to our next read in March! 3mo
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This just arrived! Looking forward to reading this for #BigBuddyread #FearfulFall #HappyHorror

Ncostell Such a great cover! 4mo
BarbaraBB Looking forward to our weekend! 4mo
Cinfhen Curious to hear your thoughts ♥️🐺☠️ 4mo
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