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Going back to the #blues origins for #titlesandtunes with the tagged book. I rarely listen to the genre but this is a favourite song when I do. @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Cinfhen Fantastic! Love Nina Simone 💕🙌🏻 11h
BarbaraBB Nina Simone! The queen of the blues 💕 3h
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Sing, Unburied, Sing | Jesmyn Ward
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#TitlesAndTunes #Blues
From the synopsis, SUS sounds like a road novel that is steeped in loss and haunted characters (maybe literally?). The perfect pairing with this Lurrie Bell album I picked up at a record shop recently. I'd never heard of Bell before, but his guitar riffs are a joy, the kind of blues that take you on a journey, which is perfect for an emotionally charged road novel. And it certainly channels its own ghosts of blues legends.

Billypar I chose the album opener - Givin' Me a Hard Time for the playlist: https://spotify.link/tO2khtN2hDb @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB 19h
BarbaraBB I don‘t know the artist but your description is very attractive. Glad to add him to our playlist. 17h
Cinfhen This book remains among my favorites and your song choice sounds perfect 🤩 14h
Billypar @BarbaraBB Hope you enjoy as much as I have. I like getting recommendations from Spotify algorithms, but there's still no substitute for record stores for finding new artists imo. 11h
Billypar @Cinfhen I'm so excited to finally read it after all I've heard! 11h
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The Bell Jar | Sylvia Plath
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For #Blues , I immediately jumped to the tagged book, one that has been on my tbr for such a long time.

For the song, I decided to go with a blues song by Jimi Hendrix, whose rock music is deeply rooted in the blues genre. Born Under a Bad Sign is not one I‘m completely familiar with, but I loved the instrumental play in it (it‘s pretty much instrumental for the entire 8 minutes). #TitlesAndTunes

BarbaraBB I love Sylvia Plath and Jimi Hendrix! Ver glad with your choices and I hope you‘ll “enjoy” The Bell Jar. 17h
Cinfhen Nice combo!! Great book choice 🥰 14h
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I chose this book for #TitlesAndTunes #DramaQueen because of its title but it doesn‘t fit the prompt at all 🤷🏻‍♀️ The drama is real in Segher‘s short story collection, which mostly is about nazism and the war.
In the title story, for example, a woman imagines herself with her old schoolmates on a class trip. She intersperses her descriptions of the children in the years before the war with the lives they grew up to endure. A tough read.

Librarybelle That does sound like a tough read. 1d
Cinfhen Sounds really uncomfortable 🙁oh well, next month‘s choice sounds really promising ( and it‘s short🙃) 14h
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Wild Women and the Blues | Denny S. Bryce
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I had a hard time settling on a book for October #TitlesandTunes. Going with the tagged on audio. And while no one beats Etta James I also love Grainne Duffy.

BarbaraBB Great! We already have Etta so you‘ll be good 🥰 1d
Cinfhen book and song look fabulous 💙🩵 (edited) 1d
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For #TitlesAndTunes in October my pick for #blues is the tagged. The song is one of my favourites from Fiona Apple's debut album, because when I think of blues, the lyrics play in my head: "And there's too much going on / But it's calm under the waves / In the blue of my oblivion"

@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Beautiful choices 💙🩵 2d
youneverarrived I haven‘t got around to posting mine yet but we‘ve chosen the same book - I‘ve wanted to read it for years. I‘ve listened to Sullen Girl countless times, love her 🖤 2d
BarbaraBB Those lyrics 🥰, thanks so much for adding Fiona! 1d
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Billypar Great song! I think I'm overdue for another Tidal listen - it's one of the best debuts of the 90s. And William Gass is one of those authors that I haven't tried but is on my list to get to at some point. 1d
batsy @youneverarrived Great minds! 😊 Like @Billypar Gass is one of those authors I've been meaning to read so this seems like the right time! Happy that you both love Fiona, too—Tidal is definitely up there among the best debuts. I haven't listened to it for so long but listened to it straight through just now and it's perfect 🌟 1d
jlhammar Such a great album! Definitely want to try Gass. I bought this one when it was a new release (10 years ago already!) and have yet to read it 1d
batsy @jlhammar That's on my list, too! But I'm pretty intimidated 😅 1d
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If you're looking for a crime novel where you're involved and can try to figure out who did it - this is not it. The story is more about Samsons day to day happenings, following him through Kiev in 1919. Kurkow is more about writing about the town in the midst of history, than actually solving crimes.

It's a very low pick and I often thought about not continuing this series. But there's something about the characters and the narration that ⬇

Jari-chan drew me in and made me a little sad when it was time to say goodbye. I might read the first book anyway (this is part two).

#TitlesAndTunes #DramaQueen
@barbarabb @cinfhen
Cinfhen Great cover art 😍 2d
BarbaraBB What @Cinfhen says 🥰 2d
Jari-chan @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB Glad you like it too 🤭 1d
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I had no idea when I requested this audiobook from the library it was nearly 19 hours long. I probably would‘ve skipped it, but I‘m really loving it 🥰 Narration is SUPERB🎧🙌🏻 Chose for #IspyBingo curtain and #52Books September mini challenge #BookBeginsWithProperNoun

BarbaraBB I am not doing the mini challenges but now that you mention them I‘ll probabilities do so next year 😂 (edited) 2d
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TrishB Had this on my kindle for a while! 2d
Cinfhen I really think you‘d like it @TrishB 😄 2d
Cinfhen I wasn‘t going to do the mini challenges but then I saw I kind of did without really trying @BarbaraBB I think I‘m only doing #52books and hopefully #Booked2024 next year plus the other challenges on Litsy like #AAM and #BookSpin and of course #TitlesAndTunes 😁 (edited) 2d
jenniferw88 😍 book is set in my home county, and the author lives in Dorset too! 😍 2d
Caroline2 This is 99p on kindle at the mo in the uk. 👍 😁 2d
LeeRHarry Mini challenges? Guess I‘m not doing them. 😏 2d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Hopefully #Booked2024! I‘ll do them all again I‘m afraid (52books, ATY, Pop) and of course #TitlesAndTunes and #Roll100 but not #Bookspin. Might try #AAM. And of course the #TOB! 2d
Cinfhen Have you read it @jenniferw88 ??? It‘s really good!!! Definitely worth #99p @Caroline2 2d
Cinfhen There‘s only been a few @LeeRHarry they are usually set around an event/holiday( like Easter in March or back to school in September ) 2d
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen not yet! 2d
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB hard to believe we are almost at January !! A whole new year of challenges 😀 2d
Librarybelle I‘m not doing the mini challenges this year. Maybe next year??? Who knows! I didn‘t realize this book was that long - 19 hours is a nice size book! 1d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1d
Bluebird Lol, like @LeeRHarry I did not know there are mini-challenges (edited) 1d
Megabooks Oh awesome! I‘d been avoiding it due to length, but I‘ve been burning up the audiobook hours this month! 17h
Cinfhen I really enjoyed the audio @Megabooks and I thought it was a remarkably written debut!! 14h
Cinfhen I hadn‘t planned on doing the mini challenges @Librarybelle @Bluebird but it sort of evolved organically 😉 14h
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The Young Man | Annie Ernaux
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For #TitlesAndTunes in October I will read this short story by Noble prize winner Annie Ernaux, having the #Blues reminiscing about a love affair with a man 30 years younger than she (her?).

For our playlist I chose Solomon Burke, singing the blues on an original Dutch song by my favorite Dutch band. They made an album together but sadly, when they would perform together, he died in the plane on his way to the Netherlands.

Cinfhen Oh wow, what a tragic story. Must have a listen to the song 🎶 2d
Cinfhen Book sound fabulous!!! #stacked 🫶🏼 2d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen It is a great song I think. It took him one take to record it! And the book is more of a short story but that‘s okay after the long The Bee Sting 🐝 😉 2d
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Cinfhen Absolutely!!! 2d
jenniferw88 I was struggling with book and song, but you may have just helped me with the book! 2d
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 Glad to be of help 😀 2d
Megabooks My library has this. Very interested in your review!! 17h
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