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The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
Ramona Blue | Julie Murphy
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If you are in the mood for an honest, insanely well-written and endearing coming of age story, definitely give this one a shot!

BookishMarginalia I picked up my copy @TheBookmarkPR 👍🏼👏🏼 7y
thatbookishboy I've seen this at the bookstore but didn't pick it up. Time to go back (always tome to go back)😎 7y
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AlisonWonderland1 Loved seeing her at #ALAN17! Can‘t wait for Puddin‘. 7y
Kathryne7 I loved this book! 7y
Althaf Does it cover any sad and desperate scenes 6y
Angelic It looks good 6y
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Hunted | Meagan Spooner
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that dedication tho

TheYoungAtHeartReader I want a book that is just awesome dedications 7y
stargazerblue49 My brain really wanted that to be a poem. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 7y
Sue OMG, that actually brought tears to my eyes. This describes my daughter perfectly. Edited to add: And that pushed me over the line to order it from Book Depository rather than wait for the release here. (edited) 7y
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Conleyheather That is the PERFECT dedication 7y
[DELETED] 206653737 Love it ❤️ 7y
GypsyKat That's so sweetly beautiful! 💗💗💗 7y
carrceli I love it!! I guess this book is for me. I'm hooked! Must buy it! 7y
colleenbee I wanna read this 7y
Gina Very nice 7y
clhorton32 Love this!!! 7y
ValeKitty Love it!! 7y
Kristina_Z Absolutely beautiful 💞 7y
BooksOhMy I love this. It is perfect. 7y
Ratface Loveeeee this! 7y
Neverforget_7 ❤️❤️❤️ 7y
NekoBookCat This is me!!💜💜 7y
Kathryne7 This speaks to me... even though my skills have allowed me to upgrade the flashlight to an actual book light. 7y
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Reign of Shadows | Sophie Jordan
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Love this dark fantasy set in a world with almost no light and scary, zombie-like creatures!!! Definitely worth a try if you want a romance-y fantasy set in a unique world!

GypsyKat Great picture! 7y
monkeygirlsmama Stacking! The covers are beautiful. 7y
Foragingfantasy Sounds good!! 7y
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melrailey I loved this series and thought it had a great ending. 7y
Gissy Yes, sounds great 7y
Hikari85 I'm listening to the first book again and I have the second book from the library already too. So excited to get trough this duology. 7y
thatbookishboy This is such a good photo. So jealous and those books looks intriguing. 7y
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Allegedly | Tiffany D Jackson
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"Nothing in life surprises me anymore. It's one unexpected thing after another."

Donna_sBookMinute Me either. King Solomon said it best. "There is nothing new under the sun." 7y
KellySonnack Been looking forward to this one! 7y
SaturnDoo I ❤ this book!! I recently read it and highly recommend it 😊 5y
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Super cute story about a girl who reinvents herself as the perfect Manic Pixie Dream Girl to win back her boyfriend! Sounds more sugary than it really is. This book definitely has some serious sh*t in it but is a great in between read!

Notafraidofwords What's a manic pixie girl? 8y
angrylilasian @Notafraidofwords she's the character you see in movies who is quirky and a little on the wild side who helps the sad, moody or workaholic guy learn how to let go and fall in love. 8y
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PlantyLibrarian She's also usually the girl that everyone wants/wants to be, but no one can have. 8y
EpicReads @angrylilasian basically every lead girl in a John Green novel 8y
Unicornsteak @EpicReads haha, exactly JG! 7y
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Tiger Lily | Jodi Lynn Anderson
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This is a Peter Pan prequel, before Wendy shows up and ruins everything. It's told from the POV of Tinker Bell! This book is absolutely gorgeous and an all time favorite and will give you so many feels. It is bittersweet, romantic, and the writing is absolutely breathtaking. It's the kind of book where you could pull an amazing line out of every page.

Elisa Sounds awesome! I've always loved Peter Pan and I'm a huge fan of Tinkerbell so this is right up my alley! 8y
Kristy_K Loved this retelling! 8y
TheNextBook I absolutely loved this one! 8y
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DanaDeMille Okay that review, particularly "before Wendy showed up and ruined everything" made me want to put this back on my TBR! 8y
ericalynnb I loved this book so much! Particularly the ending. 8y
OceanCityMama This is the greatest retelling I've ever read. It's true to the source but completely new and creative. You're correct about the writing, it's stunning. 8y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Love this book so much! ❤️ 8y
misswendyd SLANDEROUS LIES. Though I begrudgingly admit the book is fantastic despite that. 8y
Anescapewithinthepages This is one of my all time favorite reads, it was breathtaking 8y
itstimeana I love this book ❤️ So many feelings in this one! 8y
ninergrl6 @Mandahrin this sounds like something you might like 7y
Mandahrin @ninergrl6 yes!!! I might just have to look this one up!! 7y
AlsLibrary I‘ve been wanting to read this for awhile! Is it any good?! 6y
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Of Fire and Stars | Audrey Coulthurst
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In which a princess is betrothed to the price....but she falls for his sister instead. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Absolutely love this new fantasy standalone that is getting ALL the starred reviews. It's a refreshing addition to the YA fantasy genre that is getting a lot of hype in our community and worth a try! We posted the first 2 chapters on our blog if you want to give it a go!

storiesandstethoscopes What a gorgeous cover 😍 8y
BookNerdBritt I've been dying to read this since I first heard about it!!! 8y
Crewgurl I need more standalone books in my life. 8y
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LazyLibrary This is on my list! 8y
sarawrrr13 Cannot wait for this! 8y
CouronneDhiver Love the cover design! 8y
hwheaties I absolutely love it and hope it gets a companion novel or sequel!! Can't wait until it's unleashed on the world! 8y
quietdissident Looking forward to this one! 8y
nikkiebooks Uh? I have to read this BYE 7y
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Three Dark Crowns | Kendare Blake
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This book is absolutely lives up to the hype. It's a very unique and original fantasy about three triplet sisters, each with their own power, who live where only (yasss) Queens rule, but only one can be queen. So they must meet on their 16th birthday and essentially kill each other in order to take the throne.

This book has A LOT of characters which can be very confusing at first, but stick with it and it will all make sense as you go!

LitLogophile These books are beautiful! And that sounds really interesting. 8y
Sharona322 I have this one on order, can't wait to get it...sounds soo good, and this is def. out of my "comfort zone" of books that I usually pick! 8y
QPensive Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of the style of writing or the world. 7y
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Bright Smoke, Cold Fire | Rosamund Hodge
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A dark and twisty, fantasy retelling of Romeo & Juliet? YES PLEASE! This book is just as good as Rosamund's other 2 fairy tale retellings and the perfect in between a series book because it's a standalone!

angrylilasian I love dark and twisty. 8y
EliNeedsMoreShelves This sounds like everything I love in a novel all at once. 8y
Chachic This looks intriguing! 8y
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WitchsRune Definitely adding this to the must read list. 8y
Librarygal08 Love this author cant wait to read this and that cover wow 😍 8y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Just bought this! ❤️ 8y
thebookdiviner EEEE Thanks for sharing! Had no idea that she had released another book 😍 Went and bought it immediately 8y
EpicReads Take that back, it's not actually a standalone. There will be one more book! 8y
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A Madness So Discreet | Mindy McGinnis
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This book is dark af and totally worth it if you want to read something weird, dark, historical and not like other YA novels. Perfect for fall!

Nebklvr Hmmm....had this in my cart a while back, but had to wean down to the size of my paycheck so it stayed in the store.... 8y
littleapollyon This is right up my alley genre-wise. and i love the cover 8y
fangirlibrarian ...did not love this one. Awesome idea, but I had a lot of complaints about the last, say, third. 8y
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The Thousandth Floor | Katharine McGee
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Strongly recommend this one to anyone who wants to escape for a little while and get caught up in the drama-filled lives of some truly terrible teens (we mean that in a good way, obvi.) What's also cool about this book is it is set 100 years from now and all of Manhattan is now encased in one giant tower with some very cool tech. Fans of Gossip Girl will love this one! PS- the entire package design is GORGEOUS.

BekahB I picked this one up last week. I'm excited to get to it! The cover is fantastic! 😀 8y
EpicReads @BekahB yay!!!!!! 8y
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LibrarianRyan Just bought this Friday. I read a review and thought it was my kind of book. Can't wait to read it. 8y
AlexandraGriffin While I haven't read (or watched) it, this sounds a bit like High Rise, but with teens. 8y
jnichole Just downloaded it to my nook. 😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 8y
littleapollyon I need this book ASAP. Going to see if my library has it in stock 8y
processpending I started this book two days ago and am addicted! Why didn't i know about this sooner? 8y
LeeannDunton I just started this! The cover is incredibly gorgeous. 8y
Bookwives I am actually reading this. Great book! 🖒 8y
only1 Starting this tonight 😆 8y
QPensive So-so book. Futuristic version of "Gossip Girl." 7y
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This story about a girl who is allergic to everything (everything) but risks her own health to be with a boy definitely lives up to the hype!

ElizabethSensa I enjoyed this book! Hope you do too! 8y
PrezBookster This looked so good! I will wait to see if it comes out in paperback! 8y
Niks_Nook Great book!! 8y
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Varshitha The cover looks so beautiful!! 8y
Reviewsbylola I am super picky about YA and I only read this because my mom insisted. I absolutely loved it! 8y
BeveragesAndBooks Loved this! 8y
Glamorousjo Loved this! and they're making a movie! 8y
That-Bookish-Hiker They are making it a movie @Glamorousjo? I hope it's good!! 8y
LizGotauco @That-Bookish-Hiker @Glamorousjo yes, with Rue from The Hunger Games! 8y
That-Bookish-Hiker @ElizabethGotauco she will make a perfect Maddie! 8y
Gonerogue The movie sounds exciting! 8y
BookNerdBritt This book is SO good and I can't wait for the movie! 8y
Bookwives Love this book so much! Although I wanted to throw it against a wall... 😢 8y
Julietaasteggiano Usually these stories are pretty cheesy, but I love each one of them anyway! And you should never judge a book by its cover. 7y
Kristina_Z One of my favourites 💞 7y
QPensive TBR on my shelf. 7y
freyabridgeman I think I might buy this seems like a really good book to read,also i really like the cover it is beautiful 7y
lilpumpkin2.0 i read this book and saw the movie! 6y
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This Savage Song | Victoria Schwab
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This urban fantasy is dark, full of action and so well-paced. It's the perfect palette cleanser! VE Schwab does a great job of creating this very complex world and revealing details slowly and calculated. It's a dark, no romance story about monsters and what it means to be human. Highly recommend!

WanderingBookaneer @TheBookmarkPR featured it on their social media. I bought my copy there. 8y
EpicReads @JaimitaPR Very cool! 8y
kay89 Interesting that her fantasy books are V.E. Schwab and her YA is Victoria. A marketing thing? Love her fantasy books, so will give her YA a try! 8y
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BooksOnPointe Just bought this. Can't wait to start reading it! 8y
CrazedReader Looks very interesting! 6y
ravenclaw12 I highly recommend this book! The world is awesome, very spooky, hair raising read! 6y
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Sweet isn't the right word for this very heartfelt coming out story. It's very well written and somewhere between Simon va the Homo Sapiens Agenda and More Happy than Not in terms of tone. So serious, but full of heart and honesty. Definitely worth a read for Pride Month!

Peddler410 Is this one middle school appropriate? 8y
Dmbulan What could be more appropriate than this book for what Orlando is facing now (I live minutes away from Pulse). I wish everyone was as open and informed as the people I meet in the book community. As a teacher I do the best I can, but pray it is enough to stop the cycle of hate. I must read this book 8y
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My Lady Jane | Jodi Meadows, Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand
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hwheaties I loved this book!! 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I want to read this just for that dedication. 8y
LastPaigeFirst Me too! 8y
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she_barks That is fantastic! 8y
Batman Ah this is on my list of books to read next month! Can't wait to get my hands on it! 8y
Chiross I was just watching that scene in titanic five minutes ago. Why did they both try to climb on the same side?! Duh! 8y
romanticreads It's already been tested that the door wouldn't hold them both lol 😅 8y
BookishBabes-BookClub Yyyaaassss! Can't wait! 8y
EpicReads lol lol these comments are fab 8y
Gnomegrlem Reading it now and can't put it down! 8y
KJReads Actually the most perfect dedication ever. 8y
oneworldofbooks Added to my tbr list just for that dedication! :) 8y
LukewarmSiren Why can't I find this book anywhere? 8y
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I am obsessed with maps in books and I love time travel, so this book pretty much does it for me. It's about a girl who has sailed across the globe on her dad's time traveling ship! I absolutely loved this book! Have you read it?

QueenAnne What a view 😍 8y
wanderlustywriter On my list! 8y
NanaNinjaReader Love time traveling books - will definitely add it to my list! 8y
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ssravp LOVED THIS!!!! 8y
ReadingMusing Pretty picture!! 8y
LianneB This is my "right after the next book" book. ? 8y
Aswenson Looking forward to the sequel to this one! 8y
BookNerdBritt This was such a fun read. Excited for the sequel! 8y
NovelGirl82 It's on my bookshelf waiting for me!! 8y
Awriterspenandpaper I can't wait to read this book! I've heard really good things about it 8y
Elisa Oh, I must get my hand on this! It sounds just like my cup of tea 😊 8y
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Dumplin' | Julie Murphy
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That dedication tho...

Gayan I really loved this book. 8y
anrobe Really enjoyed this one! 8y
Literati86 This is on my TBR! 8y
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stargazerblue49 So great! I loved Dumplin'! 8y
thebookmagpie Yesssss 8y
HBug-Allen I loved this book! 8y
Peddler410 I also loved this book, and the dedication too. 🙂 8y
jessberk13 I have this sitting in my kindle. I'll have to bump it up to the top of the queue! 8y
JulieAnn I've got this on hold at the library! 8y
pageturnersnook I saw this and the Queen song came to mind 😄 8y
Chelsey I'm not a crier, but this book made me cry. So good 8y
hollybelle88 Loved this book, too. Enjoy! 8y
LibrarianRyan So much better than I was expecting it to be. 8y
meradigan1 Loved this book!!!! 8y
nicolekukral This book was so good! Loved the empowering messages in it. 8y
EriLynneK I could hear her southern twang in every word, and Dolly Parton? LOVE! 8y
KTQuimby Loved this book! For the voice in particular, but also for the way everything worked together as much as for the message of empowerment. 8y
Gnomegrlem Just finished the audiobook and was so pleasantly surprised by its awesomeness! 8y
J.the.Scheffel Loved everything about this book! 8y
ColleenVanderlinden This is on my TBR... may have to read it sooner based on that dedication, though. 👏🏻 8y
Vipsmom Just Prichard this audiobook. Looking forward to listening to it soon! 8y
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Ruined | Amy Tintera
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This is probably one of the fastest paced fantasy books I've ever read. Amy Tintera jumps right into the action immediately within the first chapter. Perfect quick read or gateway to fantasy! It's great for reluctant readers too!

BookFreakOut I saw this in a store and loved how the background design fades in and out with the light! 8y
BookNerdBritt Loved Reboot and Rebel! So excited to read this. 8y
EpicReads @BookFreakOut Yes! The jacket IRL is gorgeous! 8y
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AlexandraGriffin I can't wait for this book!! 8y
soulcleverbooks I can't wait to pick up this book! 8y
TeR I want this cover! We've got a different one in Australia.... 8y
EpicReads @Tr Ooh I haven't seen that cover! 8y
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Queen of Hearts | Colleen Oakes
post image

A fun, villain origin story set before the events in Alice in Wonderland!

booklover-of-life I want some playing cards like that 8y
AStoriedSoul This book is ❤️❤️❤️ I also love her new Wendy Darling series so far. 8y
PrezBookster I love Alice in Wonderland twists so this will go on my TBR! Thank you! 8y
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IndyHannaJones Wendy Darling series? Tell me more. I love Villain stories. 8y
RachelCabbit Sounds a lot like Heartless by Marissa Meyer - it's release got pushed back til November. 8y
AStoriedSoul @Hyaeger the Wendy Darling series Colleen Oakes just started is a darker take on Peter Pan. ❤️ 8y
teariffic.books Can't wait to read this book! 8y
bookstash Those playing cards!! I saw this in the store today in paperback but I've got my copy on preorder. 8y
CassiT83 Absolutely loved this book. Such a great read ❤️❤️❤️ 8y
HallieBFly I want to read this book!! 8y
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Flamecaster | Cinda Williams Chima
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It was like kisses were oxygen and they'd been drowning.

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Flamecaster | Cinda Williams Chima
post image

If you loved the Seven Realms series then you are going to really enjoy this spinoff! But fair warning, a major SR character dies in the first 2 chapters of this book! You can totally read this without having read the OG series too, btw!

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Before I Fall | Lauren Oliver
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Lauren Oliver's first and still my favorite!

Dmack198 I loved this book so much. I read it back a few years ago 8y
sabkfox I wish I could have finished this book! I've tried so many times. :( 8y
MLVReads I ugly cried. Such a beautiful book. 8y
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BookHabits Loved this book. 8y
BarbaraJean I so wanted to like this book! But it's the same problem I have with the movie Groundhog's Day... I just don't want to repeat the same day over and over and over again! 8y
Jary798 Loved this book. 8y
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The Shadow Queen | C. J. Redwine
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I love dark retellings of my favorite fairy tales and this one did not disappoint! It's a retelling of Snow White but with some twists like instead of 7 dwarves, it's 7 dragons!

TBroem I really enjoyed The Shadow Queen. I liked the twist on the huntsman. Funny, never occurred to me that there were seven dragons instead of seven dwarfs! 8y
Inkpaperblott I just read this and never cottoned on to the 7 Dragons I feel slightly silly. 😂 8y
Jary798 I thought it was a great book. Didn't figure 7 dragons until I finished it. Lol 8y
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This book completely cured my book slump! Very cute, easy to pick up and jump in and a great follow up to To All the Boys I've Loved Before!

charlene I actually liked this better than To All The Boys. 😊 8y
Connie Loved this series! 🌸 8y
Hartiekins I hope Jenny Han makes a third book in the series! 8y
missarixreads @Hartiekins she is publishing a third, Always and Forever Lara Jean, next spring! 8y
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RIP Louise Rennison 😥😭

Victoria It's hard to "like" this. ?? 8y
Polly So sad. I go back to her books over and over. 8y
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The Lifeboat Clique | Kathy Parks
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This is one of the funniest books we've read in a long time! Read it if you liked Beauty Queens by Libba Bray!

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