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Smilla's Sense of Snow
Smilla's Sense of Snow | Peter Hoeg
Presents the story of Smilla Qaavigaaq Jasperson, who investigates a Danish company's files to uncover the mystery behind her six-year-old neighbor's deadly fall.
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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Taking a break from work to start part 3. Im oddly both entranced to continue reading but also repulsed by what I‘m reading. My friend named his dog after Smilla so I have to keep reading.

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Lovely with a dash of wow. Part mystery, part spy-thriller, all inner journey in the head of Smilla Jaspersen, herself part Inuit, part Danish, never belonging anywhere, only within herself.

batsy I love this book ❄️ 2mo
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This is my for real TBR. Each of these has a date associated with it to be read by (a book club, travel..) I must read them in this order to hit the dates. I must not get unduly distracted by other wonderful books, but must also complete my Christmas projects that will be gifts.

Sapphire Therefore, I am going to go take a bubble bath 2mo
writerlibrarian I love Smilla sense of snow. 2mo
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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1. The tagged book is amazing, it‘s so beautifully written, even in translation it just flows.
2. I don‘t get out much anymore, the last one was The Dark Tower At the drive-in(what a disappointment😠)
3. Ice cream! And watermelon.
4. 25. I think.
5. @Cinfhen @sisilia @JazzFeathers share some love ladies!♥️♥️♥️


Cathythoughts I have tagged one on Kindle... must get to it 👍🏻♥️ 6mo
Cinfhen Hi!!!! Thanks for thinking of me 😘😘 6mo
JazzFeathers Thanks for the tag!!! Great answers! 6mo
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David

I keep changing my mind on this book.

Plus - one gutsy woman - the tenacity to find out the why a little boy had to die. I really liked her love interest - seemed humble with a stutter

Wish - That gutsy woman could be downright violent - I guess she had to be. Some description went over my head (boat, scientific jargon, roundabout clues) The love interest turned out to work for the bad guy, the real reason Isaiah died -discovery of species WHAT?

Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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Reminds me of Thoreau's Civil Disobedience.

Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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@Emilymdxn I'm halfway. Keeps getting better and better. It's funny, I don't like Smilla as much as I should other than appreciating her stubbornness, but I love the mechanic.

Emilymdxn I really loved all this material too! 6mo
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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I'm enjoying this read set in Copenhagen. The MC is a scientist who studies snow and ice in Greenland. In order to shut her up, the law has threatened to lock her up if she continues to investigate the death of her young friend.

It deals with one of my main interests - equity of language and culture among indigenous cultures. If I was to get my doctorate, it would be in this area.

Emilymdxn I just finished this and really loved it! I thought it leaned into being a thriller more than a social novel about cultures towards the end but still really good. Great area for a doctorate! 6mo
Butterfinger It is. It is. I'm only on 100 and finding out how the Danes treat the Greenlanders is what hit me. I was disappointed at first because I don't choose to read about bad things happening to children. I would not have gotten it if It hadn't been a challenge. I just got to the part where she decides not to be intimidated. Is this a series? 6mo
Butterfinger You're right @Emilymdxn I should have put "it reminds me of" instead. 6mo
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Finished on plane to Vienna. I loved the writing, the characters and the social commentary of this, I was less engaged by the thriller aspects but that‘s just me not being a big thriller fan, I think it‘s a great crime novel if you like crime! The way Smilla speaks about Greenland and it‘s differences from Denmark is what will stick with me for a really long time, this is a view of colonialism I never considered before

BookishTrish I‘d love to see Vienna! 6mo
suzisteffen Whatchu doin in Vienna? Fun! Love that city! (edited) 6mo
Henrik_Madsen I got to reread this soon. I loved it when it came out, but I have grown tired of Høeg and his antics in his latest books. 6mo
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Lillie Really enjoyed this one too. Loved finding out the differences between Greenland and Denmark. It's was an interesting social commentary on colonialism. The mystery was good also. 6mo
Emilymdxn @BookishTrish it‘s amazing! 6mo
Emilymdxn @suzisteffen just here for a quick weekend with my parents! 6mo
Emilymdxn @Henrik_Madsen I honestly haven‘t heard of anything he‘s done other than this one, may avoid if there have been antics... 6mo
Emilymdxn @Lillie I felt exactly the same! 6mo
Henrik_Madsen @Emilymdxn I‘m Danish so I get to hear about his lesser books as well. I think most of it is translated but not nearly as well known. Antics - it‘s mostly his interest in meditation, his obsessive attempts to write thrillers, and his ‘marginalized main character is actually a super hero‘ that gets old. But his first three or four books were great. (Smilla is the third) 6mo
mreads I remember loving Borderliners and The Woman and the Ape. 6mo
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Hello all! I‘m in another nightmare busy week so my fitness has been more of a ‘holistically give it a go‘ than tracking anything much. I‘m working til 9pm tonight and have a flight at 8am tomorrow so between work and packing there is not a minute to check my step count 😢 continuing to do my best tho!

This book continues to be amazing tho! #bfcr2 #goteam

Leniverse You are roughly at the point where I thought the book took a shift for the worse. 😕 Like it changed genre from excellent Scandinavian social realism/detective fusion to all out action spy thriller. I still liked the whole book, but it was jarring. 6mo
TheEllieMo Sounds like a hectic time! Not easy to hit your planned goals, but keep doing the best you can to look after you #SelfCare 6mo
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Megabooks Like Ellie said, make self care a goal! For me, it‘s more important to take a moment for myself when I‘m stressed and busy than to keep to a goal. Listen to your mind and your body, and we‘ll be here for you! Good luck! 🍀 6mo
wanderinglynn Listen to @TheEllieMo – during hectic periods, it‘s important to focus on self-care. And I hope your schedule eases a bit soon. 💚 6mo
julesG Don't forget your me-time. It's important. I think it's mo 6mo
julesG ... (hit send too early) wanted to say, mental health is often more important than step count. Take care! Also, I like the skirt/dress. 6mo
cobwebmoth I agree, be sure to take care of you. You haven't given up altogether, so you're still doing good.❤ 6mo
cewilf I‘m with you on this busy week! I‘m just doing what I can. I hope you‘re able to do the same! ☺️ 6mo
RachelO ‘Giving it a go‘ is just perfect. Take care and have a good journey! 6mo
Emilymdxn @leniverse now I‘ve finished it I agree - I didn‘t dislike the book, and I‘ve got nothing against thrillers/crime novels but I wouldn‘t normally choose one. Most of what I‘ll remember most fondly was in the first half but very good book overall! 6mo
Emilymdxn @theelliemo @megabooks @wanderinglynn @julesg @cobwebmoth @cewilf @rachelo thank you gorgeous gang! I adore being busy so as long as I get enough sleep and have just enough time to do laundry I‘m pretty happy with the current arrangement! I‘m such a natural extrovert and I love to be busy I only really need one or two days a month on my own to recharge 6mo
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That‘s why Thule will never become a museum. The ethnographers have cast a dream of innocence over North Greenland. A dream that the Inuit will continue to be the bowlegged, drum-dancing, legend-telling, widely smiling exhibition images that the first explorers thought they were meeting south of Qaanaaq at the turn of the century. My mother gave them a dead bird.

Niso Is this a kindle or a Kobo? 6mo
Emilymdxn @Niso it‘s a kindle fire generation 7! I‘m really happy with it 💖 6mo
Niso @Emilymdxn Fire! That's why it has coloured highlights. I thought I was missing on an update to my kindle 😊 6mo
Butterfinger I just checked this out of my library. 6mo
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“There is one way to understand another culture. Living it. Move into it, ask to be tolerated as a guest, learn the language. At some point understanding may come. It will always be wordless. The moment you grasp what is foreign, you will lose the urge to explain it. To explain a phenomenon is to distance yourself from it.”

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Christmas-themed #prettybooks

Only read two of the titles. 😄

TrishB Lovely 💕 8mo
Cathythoughts I love these ♥️👍🏻 8mo
BooknerdsLife These are gorgeous 💕 8mo
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Kalalalatja Cute! 8mo
LeahBergen So pretty! 8mo
Freespirit They are gorgeous💕 8mo
ladym30 Gorgeous ! 8mo
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#50wordsforsnow This book set in Denmark and Greenland is full of snow. It starts so well with a good character, a gripping mystery and some fascinating stuff about Danish-Greenlandic relations but the plot is unbelievably silly by the end @TrishB @Cinfhen #winterwonderland

Cinfhen Lots of mixed opinions about this one ☝🏾 I might need to try it for myself 😉 14mo
Moray_Reads @Cinfhen I liked it so much at the beginning and then it all became too thriller-y for me. And the solution to the mystery was utterly ludicrous add far as I was concerned. Lauded by reviewers though! 14mo
Cinfhen Your cover is extra special too!!! This book seems to be a love it/hate it 14mo
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TrishB It‘s on my tbr and it definitely is a love/hate! Have you read @Cinfhen ? 14mo
Cinfhen No, I had it on my TBR @TrishB but Stephanie ( @Reviewsbylola HATED it) so I took it off my TBR, but now I‘m curious so back on it goes!!! #ThatsHowIRoll 😘😘 14mo
TrishB @Cinfhen I got a copy for giving money to charity 😁 every review is different - so I go hot and cold! 14mo
Kalalalatja I‘ll be excited to see what you guys think @Cinfhen and @TrishB even though he is a Danish author, I have nevet read him, but he is very popular in Denmark, too! 14mo
Leniverse I loved the first half, but the second half was like a completely different genre! I felt about as lost as when I watched From Dusk Till Dawn and it suddenly became a vampire flick. 😂 @TrishB @Cinfhen I think it‘s worth reading just for that first half, and then just get ready to do a lot of eye rolling when it goes from detective/social novel to James Bond. 14mo
BarbaraBB @Leniverse @moray_reads Me too, I LOVED the first half and then it went downhill. I shouldn‘t try @trishb @Cinfhen 14mo
Moray_Reads @BarbaraBB it was so interesting at the start and by the end it was hard to believe I was reading the same book! 14mo
Cinfhen Looks like we might have to #BuddyRead @TrishB 😊😘 but maybe only the first half @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @Leniverse @Moray_Reads 14mo
Cinfhen Like your photo @Leniverse 💕🙌🏻 14mo
Leniverse @Cinfhen Thank you! 14mo
TrishB @Cinfhen 😂😂 we‘ll get the page number and finish before it goes down hill! 14mo
Melissa_J Such a pretty cover. 14mo
Reviewsbylola Good luck!! 😆 @Cinfhen 14mo
writerlibrarian Well... i loved this one all of it. But YMMV. 14mo
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If anyone knows #50wordsforsnow it‘s Smilla Qaavigaaq Jaspersen! #WinterWonderland @TrishB @Cinfhen

batsy Good pick 👍🏽 14mo
Cinfhen Was going to read this book but @Reviewsbylola pretty much convinced me to skip it 😂 14mo
emilyhaldi I think she convinced me too 😉 @Cinfhen 14mo
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Lcsmcat @Cinfhen @EmilyMarieReads I read it years ago (‘99?) and liked it, but it wasn‘t a “don‘t miss this!” kind of book. 14mo
TrishB It‘s still on my tbr.... 14mo
Cinfhen I might still try it @Lcsmcat 😉 14mo
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#winterwonderland #50wordsforsnow

Smilla knows all about snow, she probably even knows 50 words for it! Certainly her snowy expertise can help her discover whether a death was accidental or a homicide.

I remember enjoying this book many years ago - but I suspect it is a little slower and quieter than your average thriller despite the claim on the cover “The Original Scandinavian Thriller”. ❄️❄️❄️

TrishB I have this on my tbr but not got to yet! 14mo
Cathythoughts Me too .. on my TBR looking forward to it ❄️❄️❄️ 14mo
batsy Yes, slower and quieter indeed. I loved it. Was also thinking of using this! I suspect I will find a way to use it this month 😂 14mo
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Tonton @Centique I loved this when it first came out; thinking of a re read now😎 14mo
SilversReviews Pretty. I didn't know you could layer on Pic Collage. (edited) 14mo
ElenaBaer I loved the movie. (I know, don‘t hate!) 14mo
AlaMich Weird...the US title for this was Smilla‘s Sense of Snow. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 14mo
Cinfhen I love your graphics!!! So pretty 14mo
Centique @SilversReviews yes, in freestyle you can use an image from your camera roll for the background - which is what I‘ve done. Or you can overlap photos - click on them after you‘ve added them and look in the editing options. 👍 14mo
Centique @batsy so many snow prompts right? 😂😂❄️ 14mo
Centique @ElenaBaer I haven‘t seen it but I trust your taste! 😊 14mo
Centique @AlaMich odd how they change titles for different markets. 🧐 14mo
Centique @Tonton I need to reread it sometime too! 14mo
SilversReviews @Centique Thank you...love what you did with the photo. 14mo
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Smilla is an idiosyncratic #IcePrincess in this cool, chilly thriller that evokes a great sense of place. I've held on to this unremarkable movie tie-in paperback since I first read it sometime in the late 90s. #NoFemmeber

@Billypar @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I‘ve been meaning to the read this one for a long time! Thanks for the reminder 1y
batsy I loved it @Cinfhen but it seems to be a bit of a Marmite book 😁 1y
Cinfhen Yea, I‘ve heard 😉 1y
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TrishB I have it on the tbr too ! 1y
Booksnchill Loved it and loved the movie but you cannot buy the movie here☹️ 1y
Reviewsbylola Good pick! I bailed on this one. It was sooooo boring imo. 1y
Reviewsbylola Now I still have to read a Nordic noir for pop sugar. ☹️ 1y
MicheleinPhilly @Reviewsbylola I can‘t remember if I bailed or finished but I found this book to be a big 😴 too. 1y
Lcsmcat I read it in the late 90‘s, going in with absolutely no expectations- it was in a bag of books I got from a friend who was moving overseas- and I was fascinated by it. 1y
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve never heard of this, though the author is familiar. However, I‘m busy looking at the remarkable and esoteric titles in the background. 😉 1y
Cathythoughts I must try to get this one on kindle ... I did get the book years ago but the print was sooo tiny I couldn‘t cope ... it‘s meant to be very good ??! 1y
gradcat Ohhh, this brings back fond memories! I loved this book, and I read it with a group of girlfriends while we were in grad school—such a wonderful diversion! 1y
gradcat @batsy What is a Marmite book? 1y
batsy @TrishB 👍🏽 1y
batsy @Booksnchill Me too, I loved the movie! That's too bad that you can't easily buy it :( 1y
batsy @Reviewsbylola Haha! 😆 I hope you're able to find a Nordic noir that you enjoy... It's a genre that intrigues me because of the doom and gloom (lol) but I haven't really read much; everything's on my TBR! 1y
batsy @Lcsmcat That was my experience with it, too—zero expectations & just found it so intriguing! 1y
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm 😁 This one I bought in the 90s still has the price tag from MPH—the days when a paperback was RM20! 1y
batsy @Cathythoughts I thought it was, Cathy! Look forward to your thoughts if you give it a try. 1y
batsy @gradcat Such a good read! I borrowed the term "marmite book" from @TrishB ? Marmite is a British food/sandwich spread that divides opinions—people seem to either love it or hate it! 1y
Cathythoughts Just got it on kindle !! I‘ll get to it ...... 😊 1y
Billypar Ah, alliterations in titles- very ssspecial 😀 1y
gradcat @batsy Oh, I get it now! I fear I‘m on the “hate it” side when it comes to marmite...all I can say is “Yucko!” 🤢 1y
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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I bought this book from a secondhand store today and this picture was folded up inside. It‘s beautiful and intriguing. It made me think about who owned this book before, what they are like, what their life is like. It‘s a shame we don‘t have the ability to know these things about past owners of books.
I‘ve always said if I could have a super power it would be to read people‘s minds. I find myself wondering often about strangers lives.

JennyM That‘s beautiful. Great find. 1y
rather_be_reading love finds like tht in a book 1y
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School pick up line reading and it is starting to sprinkle. I have 200 pages left of this book and book club is tomorrow.

Burghbookaddict You can finish it! I believe in you! 😋 1y
CoverToCoverGirl Go, go, go! 1y
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The kids are at school, the house is clean and quiet. I get to spend 3 hours alone in my library reading my book club book with a sleepy dog by the fire. I have always wanted this day to come and I can't stop thinking about and missing my babies!

BooksBikes12 Fire ! its 107 in my neck of the woods. 1y
mdm139 @Books_Bikes_12 it is a space heater, it is on the no heat setting so i get the atmosphere since I am reading a book set in a cold snowy place. It is triple digits here too 1y
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The salty old queen of the sea, Copenhagen, was where we were today.#backpackEurope @JenP @BookwormM

CafeMom We are pretty close. I am in Rotterdam. 1y
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You know it is hot when you burn your feet on the cement at night. We are night swimming after my summer book club on ice. A local bookstore is hosting 3 book club meetings to discuss books set in snow. Tonight we discussed Ethan Frome, this is the next book.

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What a wonderful stay in Denmark with this book 💙I really enjoyed the company of the quircky Smilla. A fascinating read, especially when we got to learn more about Greenland life and culture. The writing flows beautifully, and pulls you right in. I can understand that this is not for everyone though, especially if you're expecting a fast paced crime novel. This was, in my opinion, so much more than that. ❄️

Solid 4⭐️


batsy Great review, I agree with what you said 👍🏽😁 2y
hilded Thanks @batsy:) It was a great read ❄️ 2y
Dragon Totally agree. 🐉😀 2y
hilded 👍😊 @dragon 2y
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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There was a charity shop on the way to the cinema 😁 today‘s purchases! Couldn‘t resist the Peter Hoeg one after @Lizpixie said everyone should read 😘

Andrew65 I keep meaning to read 2y
TrishB @Andrew65 I realised when I got home that I already have on my kindle (unread)....oh well it was only from a charity shop! 2y
Andrew65 @TrishB I do that, but at least giving to charity at the same time. 2y
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Bookwomble Smilla is a fantastic book ❤. The film adaptation is very good, too. 2y
TrishB @Bookwomble it certainly has a lot of Litsy love 💕 I love it when a book gets several mentions and there it is when you get in a charity shop! 2y
TrishB @Andrew65 true 😁 2y
MicheleinPhilly Totally unrelated but last night we were watching Killing Eve and my wife said, “It‘s been ages since either of us has been to London. Maybe we should plan a trip.” As I am the designated “trip booker” in our house I‘m going to book a stopover in Liverpool and see if she notices. 🤫 2y
TrishB @MicheleinPhilly well that would be fab 😘💕 it would be so brilliant she will be congratulating you !! 2y
Caroline2 Ohhhh that Sins of our father looks very interesting! Look forward to hearing what you think of it? 🤔 2y
Cathythoughts Sabastian Faulks ❤️❤️❤️must read another if his. Let us know what this one is like 2y
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
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Hr30 Challenge for the #24in48 #readathon is “Flying Under The Radar” My favourite book that never gets the recognition it deserves is this gem of a book from Denmark. I wish I could put copies of this in everyone‘s hands & make them see how beautifully written it is.How the writer just sweeps you away with his lyrical prose & makes you live inside the book, feel the snow on your face, hear it crunching under your feet, hurt along with Smilla.11⭐️

batsy I love this book! 💙 Perfect description. 2y
Chelsea.Poole It‘s crazy I have run across this book twice in two days and have never heard of it before these past couple of days. Book serendipity...now I‘ve gotta read it ☺️ 2y
hilded I am reading this now, and loving it 💙 2y
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Enjoying my literary stay in #Denmark very much in the company of the quircky Smilla :) Today we had time for swimming, icecream and we're also going to a concert tonight -yay! :) Makes me almost not want to travel on further, so I might just hang here for a couple of more days 🇩🇰


@JenP & @BookwormM

Louise What a beautiful photo! It‘s such fun to read a book that is connected with one‘s travels. I remember reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being on the train to Prague. It was magical. Enjoy your journeys, both literal and literary! 2y
batsy Smilla is very quirky, I enjoyed being in her company too :) 2y
hilded Thanks @Louise:) That sounds like a fantastic train trip! Enjoy your summer as well ☀️😎 2y
hilded Glad to hear that @batsy :) I am a little over halfway through, and had heard mixed reviews about this one before I started. Seems to be one of those that people either love or hate, luckily so far I'm in the love camp 👍 2y
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#beatthebacklist2018 prompt for 3 May--a book set in another country: Smila's Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg. This book hits a lot of my reading challenges task. It's one that I've been meaning to read for years and it fulfills the Nordic Noir task for one of the various clubs I belong to. In honor of Star Wars Day tomorrow, I present the novel on my Star Wars body pillow.

May the Fourth Be With You!

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Snow day is perfect for nordic noir

post image

I hate to do this, but having a week off from this book for vacation has only cemented the fact that I really have no desire to get back to it. Such a disappointment. And now I have to find a new book for #nordicnoir #pop18. #smillassenseoffebruary Sorry for letting down my fellow read-a-longers. @2BR02B @Kristy_K @sprainedbrain @BrainyHeroine Also, clearly Gertrude is as bored of it as I am! 😂😂

sprainedbrain Totally understandable bail! 😖 2y
Velvetfur Aaww look at Gertrude's ickle pawsies! 💜 2y
2BR02B I was actually reading this for the alliterative title prompt. For Nordic noir I plan to read 2y
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respekt1111 🐶💕 2y
NovelGirl82 Side note: Gertrude is adorbs!! 2y
Bookish.Heart Gertrude is sooo over it 😍🐶 2y
Reviewsbylola I like Nesbo a lot. I am definitely thinking he would be a good choice for a replacement. @2BR02B 2y
Moray_Reads I hated this one. It started well and as it went on I alternated between death-defying eye-rolling and screaming "What?! WHAT?! Are you KIDDING?!" 2y
readinginthedark Oh no! I read another one by him and found it really interesting. 2y
Reviewsbylola I am almost too scared to try him again. This was so boring and confusing. @readinginthedark @Moray_Reads 2y
Moray_Reads @Reviewsbylola by the end it's firmly in "bloody stupid" territory 2y
MallenNC Gertrude is adorable! 2y
emilyhaldi Lol @Moray_Reads your comments ironically made me WANT to read this book 2y
batsy I loved this! And did not like the one Nesbo I've read 😁 2y
readinginthedark Oh, The Quiet Girl was really confusing, too. I didn‘t find it boring, but I was listening to it in small doses on audio, and I don‘t really read thrillers or anything like that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So, grain of salt... 2y
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This month has been so crazy I haven‘t had anytime to start my buddy reads! I‘m in the middle of a cross country move and found out my grandma has stage 4 brain cancer. This is my first time on Litsy in over a week and I hate to do it but I need to bail on my buddy reads this month. I‘m loving going back through conversations about this book, Wonder Woman, and I feel there was one more but I can‘t remember.

nelehelen I‘m so sorry about your grandma 🙏🏼♥️ 2y
DebReads4fun So sorry about your grandma. Praying for you. 2y
Louise Love to you and your grandma. ❤️ 2y
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Linsy Sending love your way 💕 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘m so sorry. 😢😢 2y
ElishaLovesBooks So sorry about your grandma. 💙 2y
Jas16 I am so sorry about your grandma. Sending ❤️ 2y
Dragon So sorry about your grandma, 🤗 2y
MaureenMc 😞🙏💗 2y
bookandbedandtea So sorry about all the stress and fear in your life right now. Sending good thoughts your way. 2y
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Wait... I struggled through this book for 8+ hours for THAT ending? 🤪



BarbaraBB I know what you mean. It started off strong and then went downwards and kept me waiting and waiting for nothing actually. 2y
UwannaPublishme The book may have been disappointing, but your stats are outstanding! 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2y
Reviewsbylola I will be shocked if I end up like this one. 😣 2y
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sprainedbrain @BarbaraBB there were parts where it got interesting and I did enjoy it... and then that ending. Ugh. 2y
sprainedbrain @Reviewsbylola you definitely made the right choice not to bring it on vacation. Lol 2y
Eyelit Agreed! I read this forever ago and I still remember being disappointed 2y
2BR02B Bummer! I'm really struggling to make headway on this one, but since it's related to my heritage (my maternal grandparents are from Denmark) I feel I must persist. 2y
sprainedbrain @2BR02B you should persist! It‘s not a bad book... I just would have liked a little more at the end. 2y
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I finished The City... so I‘ve got the reading done for the first half of #SmillasSenseOfFebruary

I think I actually know what‘s happening, and I may just continue and finish this book this weekend. It seems like reading it in larger chunks is easier for me than splitting it out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Reviewsbylola I‘m going to be behind because I didn‘t finish The City and I‘m not taking it on my vacation. I‘m glad to hear it‘s coming together though! 2y
2BR02B @Reviewsbylola I don't think I'll finish this section in time, either. I plan to read it tonight, but I still have 170 pages to go. 2y
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I‘m 10 chapters in and I‘m not really sure what‘s happening. 😂 That‘s never a good sign, right? I‘m curious to see what my fellow buddy readers think. Sometimes I think I‘m starting to get it and then I‘m like oh wait, nope. I‘m trying to just go with it and assume that the mystery aspect will explain itself. #smillassenseoffebruary #bathandbook

sprainedbrain I‘m at chapter 5 of the The City part 2 (even the organization of the book confuses me), and I know what you mean. I understand the thing that Smilla‘s investigating, but I can‘t quite figure out why she‘s qualified to do that, and I do get lost sometimes. I‘m still reading though! 2y
Samplergal Never got it. You're not alone. I bagged it. 2y
2BR02B I'm 80 pages in and I feel like I'm barely scraping by, comprehension-wise. I keep going back to reread earlier sections, and I still have a lot of questions. Who is this Loyen guy she keeps mentioning? Why is her father involved? 2y
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Reviewsbylola Thank you guys. I was truly afraid I was just a dumbass. 😂😂 I‘m glad it‘s not just me. @sprainedbrain @Samplergal @2BR02B 2y
BrainyHeroine I keep skipping around seeing if it ever makes sense 2y
EvieBee It will! Honestly, it was the relationship angles that kept me reading and then everything else filled in. Now it‘s a favorite of mine. (edited) 2y
2BR02B Seriously though, why does she keep talking about the kid's erections? It's disturbing! 😞 2y
Mdargusch Eeeewwww 👆🏼 @2BR02B 2y
Reviewsbylola IKR, I let the first one go but then she keeps going back to it. 😂 @2BR02B 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘m praying I will feel that way by the end. @EvieBee 2y
Reviewsbylola Yeah I‘ve found myself skimming. I just finished Part 1 last night. My goal is to finish The City portions by the time I leave for vacation tomorrow. It probably won‘t happen but at this point I have no interest in taking the book with me. 😂 @BrainyHeroine 2y
emilyhaldi I know nothing about this one 🤔 2y
Reviewsbylola Keep it that way. @emilyhaldi 2y
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1. Here's Feli and Fran, fallen asleep while hugging. #LetsMakeTricksySmile
2. Always Android, though I think my current phone will be my last Samsung.
3. All of the nuts.
4. Reading the tagged for a buddy read (#smillassenseoffebruary). It's about an irascible woman who decides to get involved when a neighbor child's death, which she suspects to be murder, is ruled accidental. I'm 50 pages in, so I can't yet say whether I'd recommend it. 👇

2BR02B I'm certainly learning a lot about Greenland, and their relations with Denmark, though. 2y
2BR02B 5. Badminton. Or none. 2y
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2BR02B Sending you positive vibes, @TricksyTails 2y
JamieArc Oh my. That is stinkin‘ adorable! 😻😻 2y
Ubookquitous Read it when it came out and 2y
SandyW Such cuties you have there. 2y
Reviewsbylola I think I‘m going to start this tonight! (edited) 2y
Purrfectpages Oh my goodness. What a great picture! 2y
TricksyTails Ohh...ohh...this is too precious!! 😽♥️ I‘d never get anything done with these two. I‘d just want to cuddle all day. Thank you for sharing and for all the positivity! 🤗♥️ I need a pair of kitties like Feli and Fran. 😍 2y
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I‘m finally getting started! I will have ‘The City‘ read by 2/14 as scheduled for #SmillasSenseOfFebruary 😃

Reviewsbylola I am going on vacation next weekend so I think I‘ll take this with me! 2y
Kristy_K I just started as well! Life keeps getting in the way but I‘m going to take this on the plane with me next week and get a good chunk done. 2y
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Hey @Kristy_K @Reviewsbylola @sprainedbrain:

Are we still doing a buddy read of this guy in February?

BrainyHeroine If you are can I join? :-) 2y
2BR02B @BrainyHeroine I don't see why not! ☺ 2y
Kristy_K I still want to! 2y
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Reviewsbylola Yes!! Just tell me when. 😄 2y
Kristy_K @2BR02B @BrainyHeroine @Reviewsbylola @sprainedbrain I don‘t know about all versions but mine is broken up into parts: The City 1, The City 2, The Sea 1, The Sea 2, The Ice. The City 2 is a little long but the rest are under 100 pages. We could maybe do 1 part a week with the last week having both The Sea 2 and The Ice? What do you think? 2y
BrainyHeroine @Kristy_K which version are you doing? 2y
Kristy_K @BrainyHeroine Vintage. Translated by F. David. It has a Christmasy cover and my version is called “Miss Smilla‘s Feeling for Snow.” 2y
sprainedbrain Yes, I am definitely down for this in February! My copy has The City part 1, 2, and 3, then The Sea part 1 and 2, and then The Ice. 2y
2BR02B I have a different version. Mine is translated by Tiina Nunnally and is divided into only 3 parts. 2y
Reviewsbylola Works for me! 2y
Kristy_K @sprainedbrain @BrainyHeroine @Reviewsbylola @2BR02B Would it work if we did the parts in the city the first 14 days of Feb and the rest of the book the 2nd 14days? Since everyone seems to have different versions this may work the best. I‘m not sure as I‘ve never had to plan a buddy read before! 2y
BrainyHeroine I have the same copy as @sprainedbrain Sprainedit sounds like, so I'm good with the 14/14 split. 2y
sprainedbrain 14/14 split works for me! 2y
Reviewsbylola Sounds great to me! 2y
Reviewsbylola We need a hashtag! 2y
sprainedbrain @2BR02B I meant to start last night but didn‘t have time. I will definitely get going tonight or this weekend! 2y
Reviewsbylola I can start soon. Gotta finish up some other parts soon. I will plan on having the first part done by 2/14 tho! 2y
BrainyHeroine I had planned on yesterday but life was like no. Should be good to start after I get my mom home from chemo 2y
2BR02B I'll get started this weekend as well. 2y
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“With age everything starts reminding you of something else.” Finishing this one today before I get out of bed.

DebbieGrillo Welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon 2y
chris.wolak Thanks, Debbie! 2y
Nute Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a warm and caring community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I look forward to getting to know you! 8mo
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This book started out really good for me, then it kinda went downhill from there. There were many parts that were just slow, and also many parts where it got very science-y. If you enjoy/have an aptitude for science, then that probably wouldn‘t bother you, but it went over my head. If some slow parts and some detailed descriptions had been cut, this book would have been much shorter, maybe sharper too.

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The second half of the Nordic table, @Andrew65 . #LitsyLovesLibraries

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Settling in on this dreary afternoon with a snack and a new book. This one will cross off 2 #popsugarreadingchallenge2018 categories - Nordic noir and a book with a weather element in the title.

post image

Thanks to @MinDea for another fun #HumpDayPost!
1. One shelf of my bookcase 📚
2. Futuristic 👽
3. Liquor, specifically tequila 🍸
4. Hazel green 💚
5. I finished a book today, so I‘ll be starting the tagged book tomorrow. I‘m also reading Middlemarch concurrently with other books. 📕

MallenNC Cute shelf! 2y
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A lovely stack that I need to make room for on my shelves, all for my various 2018 challenges. Most of them are also #1001books selections. I‘m planning to make a dent in that list next year!

Aleida Smilla‘s Sense of Snow is an incredible book. I loved it and the film. 2y
PerksOfBeingABookworm Do you have the 1001 books app or physical book? I'm considering getting the app. I would like to expand my reading. I was wondering which one you had and how well you like it. 2y
sprainedbrain @PerksOfBeingABookworm I actually have both. I love the app!! 2y
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PerksOfBeingABookworm Awesome. Thank you! 2y
tstan Pretty sure The Tea Rose isn‘t on the 1001 list🤣 2y
sprainedbrain @tstan ummm... no. And neither is Dark Harvest. Those as for other challenges. 😂 2y
Reviewsbylola I loved The Tea Rose so much. I‘m reading Smilla for #pop18 2y
sprainedbrain @Reviewsbylola me too! It‘s my Nordic noir. 😃 2y
2BR02B @sprainedbrain @Reviewsbylola meee threee! Readalong? 2y
Kristy_K @2BR02B @sprainedbrain @Reviewsbylola I‘d join in on that read along! 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘d be down for a readalong! @sprainedbrain @2BR02B @Kristy_K 2y
sprainedbrain @2BR02B @Kristy_K @Reviewsbylola that would be great! When do you all want to read it? 2y
Reviewsbylola I was thinking the first quarter of the year when it‘s cold and snowy! 2y
Kristy_K @Reviewsbylola Works for me! Maybe in February? 2y
sprainedbrain @Reviewsbylola sounds good to me! 2y
AshleyHoss820 Look at you go!! Awesome stack! I just used my Christmas money from my Dad to order 53 new 1,001ers to my collection! ''Tis the season! @PerksOfBeingABookworm The app is worth it! When I'm in a bookstore, I just consult the app to see what I don't own! 2y
sprainedbrain @AshleyHoss820 That is awesome!! How many of the 1001 have you read? 2y
AshleyHoss820 @sprainedbrain I haven't been counting the books I've read previous to knowing about the list because I thought it would be a good excuse to re-read them! So far, when I finish the ones I'm currently reading, I'm at 123! How about you? 2y
SilversReviews LOED The Tea Rose!! 2y
sprainedbrain @AshleyHoss820 I‘m at 77 read. I‘m filling my reading challenges for next year with more of them, though! 2y
AshleyHoss820 @sprainedbrain Awesome! I did that this year, killing two birds with one stone! It really helps! 😊 2y
PerksOfBeingABookworm @AshleyHoss820 thanks for the advice! I think I will buy it tomorrow when I have time to set everything up. It seems like a great, albeit slightly overwhelming, reading challenge! (edited) 2y
AshleyHoss820 @PerksOfBeingABookworm You're welcome! I've been plodding away for about three years! Don't be afraid to hit up your library for inter-library loan! It's usually a LOT cheaper than trying to buy them! My library charges $3, to cover shipping. It's been a great resource, especially for the hard-to-find books! 2y
PerksOfBeingABookworm @AshleyHoss820 I'll keep that in mind, thanks! In addition to cost, I'm not sure where I would find the space to add 1001 books in my apartment. 🙈 2y
sprainedbrain @PerksOfBeingABookworm ebooks and audiobooks work, too! I‘m going all formats, and I get them from the library, too. I will add that I think the app is wonderful for organizing... I also have Goodreads shelves for 1001-tbr and 1001-read so that I can track there and more easily determine which books will work for other challenges. I‘m slightly obsessed. 😂 2y
PerksOfBeingABookworm @sprainedbrain that sounds perfect and wonderful and organized! Unfortunately, I don't do ebooks. I'm slowly teaching myself how to listen to audiobooks though. Now I'm really excited to get the app and see what this is all about :) 2y
AshleyHoss820 @PerksOfBeingABookworm I trick my husband into building more bookcases...😈😈😈 I listened to Dune on Audible and it was amazing! @sprainedbrain it looks like we get to add another one to our ranks! I've gotten so ridiculous that even the librarians know what I'm doing! 😂I'm so glad I'm in such good company as you guys! 2y
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This book is a Nordic mystery, and the main character lives in Denmark but isn‘t Danish. She‘s an outsider tasked with solving the tragic death of a little boy. Høeg is poetic about the #snow, in a way that I could never be. But it‘s a beautiful book.


dsfisher Loved that book, I may need to read again 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @dsfisher I wonder if I should do that too. But I have this massive TBR of unread books ... 😎 2y
batsy Such a gorgeous book 💙 2y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @batsy I remember feeling that way when I read it, but it‘s been decades! 😀 2y
tomes4gnomes I‘ll be reading this in 2018 for the POPSUGAR challenge in the alliteration category. Looking forward to it! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @tomes4gnomes I hope you enjoy - it‘s a great pick for that prompt. Here‘s what I‘m using 2y
readinginthedark I read The Quiet Girl this year. Need to read this one! He has such a fascinating writing style! 2y
tomes4gnomes @BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘ll be interested to hear your thoughts about The Lies of Locke Lamora, since I feel like I‘m one of the only people in the world who didn‘t like it. I gave it 200 pages then abandoned ship. Although the book‘s world was vividly realized, I didn‘t feel anything for the characters. Heists and anti-heroes just aren‘t my thing, I guess. 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @tomes4gnomes I‘m sure I‘ll be posting here. 😎📚😎📚 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @readinginthedark Now you‘re making me want to read more of his work! I‘m doing Popsugar‘s challenge this year and the Nordic Noir prompt might fit, but I‘ll have to look at The Quiet Girl and see ... or I could just read it without a challenge prompt, for gosh sakes! 😜 2y
readinginthedark It‘s very strange but worth it! 2y
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Day 10: #cold #twinkle

Is that a twinkle in the eye I see?

@RealLifeReading #seasonsreadings2017
@Cinfhen #decdays

Cinfhen I've always meant to read this one!! #somanybookssolittletime 😍thanks for the reminder #stacked 2y
diovival @Cinfhen This is me too! My unread books definitely outnumber books read on my shelves. 2y
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One of my favourite books #setinwinter. You can feel the icy chill from the start:

"It's freezing - an extraordinary 0 degrees Fahrenheit - and it's snowing, and in the language that is no longer mine, the snow is qanik - big, almost weightless crystals falling in clumps and covering the ground with a layer of pulverized white frost."

I think it's time I treat myself to a nicer edition ? #decktheshelves @JoeStalksBeck @Tiffy_Reads

AmyG This was a wonderful book! 2y
EvieBee Yes! I adore this book! Should totally reread it. 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds good! 2y
Dragon Great book! Much better than the movie 🎥 2y
batsy @AmyG @EvieBee So good! :) And yes @Dragon I remember the movie being pretty mediocre. 2y
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Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow | Peter Hoeg, F David
post image

We had snow ❄️ during the night. So it begins....
This book... lovely with a dash of wow. I resisted for so long to read it because people praised it so much. How wrong I was to skip it for so long. Not everyone will like but who do will like it a lot. #seasonsreadings2017

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While walking the dogs today I remembered I‘ve been meaning to read this book for ages.

Cathythoughts amazing picture 💫 2y
Tove_Reads @Cathythoughts Thanks! It does look amazing here atm. 2y
Annashep Good book and the film with Gabriel Byrne is good too :) 2y
Tove_Reads @Annashep Sounds great! 2y
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I started reading this book a few times, knowing it was a book I needed to read. It wasn't until I found my own hard-cover copy that I got past the first 50 pages and couldn't stop until I had finished it!

Proustian I own a copy of this book, but also have not yet made a proper attempt to read it! Oddly, my edition is titled something slightly different, “Smilla‘s sense of snow”, I believe. Cheers! 2y
Lotta84 That title is actually more truthful to the original title. Strange that it would have two different titles... 2y
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