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Dissolution: A Shardlake Novel | C. J. Sansom
The 1st instalment in the wildly popular Matthew Shardlake mystery series, now available from Vintage Canada. It is 1537, a time of revolution that sees the greatest changes in England since 1066. Henry VIII has proclaimed himself Supreme Head of the Church. The country is waking up to savage new laws, rigged trials and the greatest network of informers it has ever seen. And under the orders of Thomas Cromwell, a team of commissioners is sent throughout the country to investigate the monasteries. There can only be one outcome: dissolution. But on the Sussex coast, at the monastery of Scarnsea, events have spiralled out of control. Cromwell's commissioner, Robin Singleton, has been found dead, his head severed from his body. His horrific murder is accompanied by equally sinister acts of sacrilege. Matthew Shardlake, lawyer and long-time supporter of Reform, has been sent by Cromwell to uncover the truth behind the dark happenings at Scarnsea. But investigation soon forces Shardlake to question everything that he hears, and everything that he intrinsically believes...
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I'll save most of my thoughts for the #shardlakeseriesbr discussion, but I really liked this book. It was refreshing to read something about this era that wasn't focused on royalty. I'm looking forward to the next in the series! #shardlakebr

dabbe Yay! I'm almost done. Can't wait for our next discussion! 🤩🤗😀 1d
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I very much enjoyed this murder mystery set during one of my favorite historical periods. Glad to be reading with the Shardlakians and look forward to our discussion at the end of the month. 4🌟


Freespirit Loved this series❤️ 4d
dabbe Yay! I'm almost done. Can't wait to discuss, too. 🤩🤗😀
#ShardlakeBR #Shardlakians
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I think I can appreciate this first book more on a reread because I know how the character of Shardlake continues to develop through the series. I also really enjoy the variety of unique characters. I knew about Henry VIII‘s break with the pope to form the Church of England, but it wasn‘t until I read this series that I better understood the conflict this created. I thoroughly enjoyed this reread and am looking forward to continuing the series.

dabbe Yay! I'm thoroughly enjoying my reread, too! 🤩🤩🤩 6d
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Preparing for #hyggehour in Michigan. I spent most of the day in the car, so it's a welcome respite. 💙💖💙

dabbe I'll be reading that tonight, too! 🤩 7d
TheBookHippie 💙💙💙💙💙 6d
AllDebooks I really need to get to this series 6d
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Chrissyreadit I want to read this! 6d
lil1inblue @dabbe I couldn't stop once I hit chapter 20! 😬 6d
lil1inblue @TheBookHippie 💙💖💙 6d
lil1inblue @AllDebooks @Chrissyreadit The first book is excellent. I can't wait for the next one! 6d
dabbe @Chrissyreadit Do you want to read with us? #ShardlakeBR You're more than welcome! 🤩🤗😀 6d
dabbe @AllDebooks I'll be happy to add you to our BR list! #ShardlakeBR 🤩🤗😀 6d
Chrissyreadit @dabbe In theory yes- but my brain fog this year has my reading game so slow!!! feel free to tag me and i will do what i can. 6d
dabbe @Chrissyreadit No worries at all. Read when you want, if you want. 💙💚💙 6d
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I enjoyed a little hammock reading with the pets this evening and looked up a few words from this book as I did. I really like the sound and meaning of this one.

susurration: (noun) whispering or rustling

#WeirdWords #WeirdWordWednesday #ShardlakeBR #ShardlakeSeriesBR #HammockReading

CBee Yes! Great word 😊😊 1w
dabbe That is such a good word--where the sound of the word means EXACTLY its definition! 🤩🤩🤩 1w
Tamra Nice 1w
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As a series opener, this novel isn‘t too bad. I‘m just not sure, this close to completing it, if I liked the Shardlake character enough, though. Despite the casual pacing, it is an easy enough read, but I didn‘t get enough immersion into the period from the writing alone, feeling I did a lot of the visualisation work myself. I wasn‘t wholly convinced by the whodunit denouement either. Good, but not amazing, although I sense the series grows.

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Sunday morning book & breakfast is Dissolution. I‘ve been so busy through June that I just got to read chapter 1 last night. I‘m so looking forward to rereading the early books and finishing the series.

#BookAndBreakfast #Reread #ShardlakeSeriesBR #ShardlakeBR

dabbe Yay! Lots of good comments this morning to come back to when you're ready! 🤩🤗😀 2w
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#ShardlakeSeriesBR #Chapters1-16 @dabbe

Thoughts, Shardlakians?

LiseWorks I've always loved this Era. Even as a teen king Henry Vlll always fascinated me. The deceit of each character just to get ahead. The torture in order to get to what they thought was the truth. The fighting just over religious beliefs. The lies and the fall from grace was incredibly bad. 2w
Karisimo The pacing/style of the investigation and the character of Shardlake reminded me so much of Louise Penny‘s Inspector Gamache series which I love! 2w
The_Book_Ninja I‘ve not read a book like this since I read a few of the Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan. There‘s an Athelstan in this book, I wondered if it‘s an homage🤷🏻 2w
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Deblovestoread I‘m really enjoying this. I recently read a biography of Anne Boleyn and this feels like a continuation of that in a way. 2w
OutsmartYourShelf The Tudor period is my second favourite time period to read about (first is Imperial Rome) whether fiction or nonfiction.

It's quite slow in parts but it feels a bit like a cross between P.C. Doherty's 'Hugh Corbett' series & Ellis Peters' 'Cadfael' (although both were set in earlier time periods.) I liked both of these series so it bodes well.
dabbe @LiseWorks I love this era, too. I've always been fascinated by his six wives and what happened to them. And those dresses! I always thought I would have loved to have lived during this period--until I learned how awful it really was--especially if you weren't wealthy. 2w
dabbe @Karisimo I've only read one Gamache (which I loved); I need to read more! 🤩 2w
dabbe @The_Book_Ninja Definitely could be since the Sorrowful books came first. I also think there was a real Brother Athelstan, too. 2w
dabbe @Deblovestoread Yay! I'm loving rereading it, too. I forgot so much, so it's like I'm reading it for the first time! 🤩 2w
dabbe @OutsmartYourShelf I've not heard of the series you've mentioned. I'll have to look into them and add them to my never-ending TBR! 🤩 2w
AnneCecilie For me this is a reread, but this first book was read approx. 15 yrs ago. So I know I love it, but I don‘t remember much. I love Sansom‘s eye for historical detail and showing us how this period was like. 2w
dabbe @AnneCecilie It's a reread for me, too, and about as many years ago! I'm rereading it like it's the first time because I've also forgotten quite a bit. 2w
kwmg40 Since I'd read this first book not too long ago, I decided not to reread, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but I wanted to follow the discussions. I love reading about the Tudor era, and it's nice to read a book set in this time period where the main character is not a member of the royalty. It gives a different perspective from many of the Tudor-era books I've read in the past. 2w
Librarybelle Finally finished last month‘s reading! I have a fascination with the Tudor era and will read anything I can find. This is my first time reading Sansom, and I am really liking this. It‘s a really good behind-the-scenes look at the changes in Henry VIII‘s reign. I came to this knowing the violence and the unstableness of the era, and Sansom does well highlighting these elements and the brutality. Shardlake is quick to temper but very insightful. 1w
dabbe @Librarybelle I love his flawed character--and his brilliance! 🤩 1w
lil1inblue I'm a little late, but I finally caught up on my reading! I'm glad my previous curiosity (obsession?) with this era is paying off so far - I haven't needed to do any context research. I do appreciate that this isn't about the usual royal drama. Also, I am fascinated by the relationship between Shardlake and Mark. The change between them as the story evolves is very interesting. 1w
lil1inblue @Librarybelle It's my first introduction to Sansom, too. I'm loving it! 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue And both of their interest in Alice! Perhaps a threesome-love-triangle in the middle of a decapitated murder? Yowza! 😱 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue Yay! 🤩🤗😀 1w
Mollyanna So I finally got caught up. I am loving this novel. Sansom does such a wonderful job of immersing you in the time and setting. It has The Name of the Rose vibes. 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna You just gave me another book to add to my TBR! Glad you're loving it so far. 🤩🤗😀 1w
Mollyanna I hope you enjoy it. 1w
lil1inblue @Mollyanna Definitely going to check that book out! 1w
lil1inblue @dabbe I like how the conflict allows us to see another perhaps less likeable side to Shardlake's character, too. 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue We like our heroes to be flawed, don't we? Even when they're detectives! 🤩 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna I'm sure I will! 🤩 1w
Mollyanna The movie is also decent. It stars Sean Connery and a very young Christian Slater. @dabbe @lil1inblue I think the fact that they are flawed shows the human experience of our detectives. It helps to relate to them. 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna So true! That's one of the traits of a hero (according to Joseph Campbell's monomyth). I taught a Hero's Quest unit to all of my students, whether standard or honors. It is the essential building block of all stories. And our heroes have to be flawed--otherwise we can't related to them. Sometimes a perfect hero might work (James Bond, perhaps), but very rarely. 1w
BookWrym I am all caught up to this point. First time reading enjoying it so far. Interesting that Shardlake as an agent of Cromwell is the hero when typically he would be a villain. Love that Shardlake has a disability and that it is not just used to make him seem different I appreciate the comments about pain and needing to rest. 6d
dabbe @BookWrym Great points. I also think Shardlake is showing some signs of being dissatisfied with the the Reformation and Cromwell's machinations, so maybe that could be why he's the hero. 6d
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#ShardlakeSeriesBR @dabbe

Thoughts, Shardlakians?

LiseWorks I do feel sorry for him. He seems like an intelligent man. And perhaps people didn't see him coming. Yet they had to respect him because of who he works for. 2w
bthegood This took me out of the story - I do not think this would happen at that time, I think even in a family with money/titles - this would have been a disgrace and hidden - although I am not a historian so I could be wrong! 2w
Karisimo I honestly had a hard time picturing it and forgot about it between mentions. But, an ailment to make others underestimate him was a good plot device! 2w
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The_Book_Ninja I can only speculate that having the main character suffering from kyphosis is a push back against novels where things such a limps, facial scars and other types of disability makes a character often cast as a villain. One monk does have a speech impediment I noticed 2w
Deblovestoread I do think it is unusual to see a disabled character in society. I‘m assuming part of Cromwell‘s use of him is people will be dismissive and he will have more freedom to investigate and he obviously has a sharp mind. 2w
OutsmartYourShelf I wondered if he was perhaps based a little on Robert Cecil. Although Cecil was in Elizabeth's I time, he is rumoured to have had a similar physical disability, but rose to become Secretary of State.

Maybe class has a part to play - someone from Cecil's background may have had an easier time than those from a lower class. Also I wonder if women fared worse than men.
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja I love that perspective 💖 2w
dabbe @LiseWorks Agree 💯. 2w
dabbe @bthegood I think you could be right, but perhaps Shardlake was just too headstrong to allow himself to be hidden away. 2w
dabbe @Karisimo I would forget, too, but then a mention from him would come across like how much his back hurt, and I'd be reminded of how much toil this job must have been on him. 2w
dabbe @The_Book_Ninja Interesting observation! I found myself feeling sorry for the monk with the speech impediment--until I saw how mean he was. 2w
dabbe @Deblovestoread Agree 💯. I also think it might put people off so that they might not be at their clearest--which then gives them a disadvantage as well. 2w
dabbe @LiseWorks @bthegood @Karisimo @The_Book_Ninja @Deblovestoread @OutsmartYourShelf @Bookwomble

In a conversation with Penguin Books, C.J. Sansom was asked, “Why did you afflict [Shardlake] with this particular physical deformity?“

His answer: To interpret the time to modern readers, I needed a protagonist who was “apart” from his time—through intellectual rigor and honesty, but also in
more subtle ways. ⬇️
(edited) 2w
dabbe “I don‘t know why I gave him the hunchback, perhaps it symbolizes the weight he carries as a person of integrity in that grim time.“ (edited) 2w
AnneCecilie I don‘t think a hunchback would have risen as far as Shardlake did in Tudor England. And most of the time I would forget until it was mentioned in some way. But Sansom‘s own explanation for this was interesting, I never thought about that 2w
dabbe @AnneCecilie Our heroes have to be flawed in some way, but usually that flaw is internal more than external. I love how Sansom has Shardlake with the external weight he must bear, and the internal lashing out that he sometimes gives because of it. 2w
Deblovestoread Thanks for sharing the quote. It helps round out Shardlake. 2w
dabbe @Deblovestoread It gave me pause for thought, too. I hadn't thought of him carrying the weight on his shoulders, but that makes sense. 🤗 2w
Librarybelle Thanks for sharing that quote! I cannot imagine, in reality, someone like Shardlake would be such a high agent for Cromwell. Whether Cromwell would higher someone with a disability as a means to unsettle a suspect could be possible—he was a very ruthless man, and did not have a good ending—but I seem to recall that those with disabilities are seen more as comic relief in the Tudor court, as jesters or fodder for torment. I could be wrong on that.. 1w
dabbe @Librarybelle No, I think you're right. I also tend to believe that Shardlake's intelligence is what got him to where he is--it'd be difficult to ignore someone that brilliant. And I love your thought that Cromwell would use Shardlake to unsettle suspects. 🤩 1w
Librarybelle @dabbe Shardlake is very intelligent, and you‘re right it would be hard to ignore someone who is that brilliant 1w
lil1inblue In some ways, I think the consequences of his disability him in his career. Since he was often ostracized, he developed a good habit of observation. But there are also instances where his embarassment or self-consciousness hinder his ability to observe passively. Like when he believes Whelplay to be mocking him and misses seeing it as a symptom. 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue Excellent observation. His hurt feelings and/or supposed misreadings could really cause some more mayhem or tragedy. 1w
Mollyanna I also agree that it would be unlikely for someone with a disability to rise in the era. I wondered whether it was a commentary on Cromwell‘s own unlikely rise to power. If Cromwell could be the ear of the King, why couldn‘t this intelligent man be someone the King could use as well. 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna Agree 💯. 1w
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#ShardlakeSeriesBR @dabbe

Thoughts, Shardlakians?

LiseWorks I did and didn't. Why would anyone just want to pray all day. They did have relics that kept normal people in bandage. I just think King Henry could have done it a different way. 2w
Karisimo It seems that some reform was needed- the financial power they held over the locals wasn‘t right. But Henry VIII was separating from Rome for a self-indulgent reason. I always wish for less extreme measures. 2w
The_Book_Ninja The whole hypocrisy of religion is well explored in this novel 2w
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Deblovestoread Henry‘s reform of the church was for secular reasons…the Pope not giving into his demands to be divorced from his first wife. Those that refused reform were destroyed and those that pretended to reform kept their things. You just can‘t trust any of them. 2w
OutsmartYourShelf I've always had mixed feelings about this. There were undoubtedly some who took advantage & didn't live as they were supposed to in the monasteries & convents, but I always felt sorry for those who relied on religious houses for help, i.e. the poor, the sick, & the disabled. In many cases these people had nowhere else to go after the dissolution.

Also sad we lost so much religious history (wall paintings whitewashed over etc) in England.
dabbe @LiseWorks Henry was (IMHO) a narcissistic ruler who needed money desperately. It seemed that there was no ends to his means. And, yes, why would anyone want to pray 24-7? 😀 2w
dabbe @Karisimo Maybe that's why we don't see so many monarchies these days--or we just see them as figureheads. 2w
dabbe @The_Book_Ninja And the entire series. I can already see Shardlake faltering a bit with his reformation views. 2w
dabbe @Deblovestoread Perhaps just like our politicians today. It seems that everybody is on the take for something or another. 2w
dabbe @OutsmartYourShelf Agree 💯. 2w
AnneCecilie When I read about how the monks in this novel lived, I can‘t say I feel sorry for them. They have moved too far away from their original teachings and is thinking too much about money and taking advantage of the locals and poor. It even said that the poor had to walk to the monastery to receive alms. 2w
dabbe @AnneCecilie Yeah, as they're sitting there warm and cozy and well-fed, it's hard to feel too sorry for them in any way. 2w
Librarybelle Completely agree with you @Deblovestoread and @OutsmartYourShelf ! There are problems of greedy monasteries and really no system set in place to watch how the church collected its money. But, the reasonings behind the move towards reforming was not religious per se but built on individuals who craved power and a king who had weakness for many women. 1w
dabbe @Librarybelle And a king who needed to rebuild his treasury due to his extravagant nature. 1w
lil1inblue @The_Book_Ninja I agree. Both sides are explored quite critically. 1w
lil1inblue It was hard to hold sympathy for any "side" when there seems to be so much hypocrisy and deceit on both sides. 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue #truth Both sides seem to crave the power and the $$$. That whole power-corrupts-absolutely idea. 1w
Mollyanna Like others said, I didn‘t feel sorry for those living the life of luxury, but the reason for the dissolution of the monasteries was just as selfish. Those that truly suffered were the poor, the ill and the truly devout. 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna And when the devout were kicked out of the monasteries, they usually had nowhere to go, so they also became the poor or ill. What power and money can do to a person's soul is still astounding to me. 1w
Mollyanna Very true! 1w
lil1inblue @dabbe It's an interesting theme to explore during an election year. 😏 1w
lil1inblue @mollyanna @dabbe It's interesting that it's set so long ago, and yet the same things happen today. It's still often the poor and ill that suffer while the powerful argue and play games. So sad to think about, really. 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue Such truth. And so, so sad. 😞 1w
Mollyanna @dabbe @lil1inblue So very true unfortunately. 1w
BookWrym I think we will see Shardlake change his opinions about Cromwell and the reformation or not necessarily the Reformation but how it is carried out. No particular sympathy for anyone at this point, apart from@maybe the physician who will probably turn out to be the murderer. 6d
dabbe @BookWrym I should have read this before I replied to your other comment. Agree 💯! 😂 6d
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#ShardlakeBR @dabbe

Thoughts, Shardlakians?

LiseWorks I'm hoping they take Alice to a better place. I feel for Mark but he is learning from Shardlake. I don't really trust any of the brothers. And I'm cold because of the winter lol 2w
Deblovestoread I don‘t have any predictions at this point, which I love. Mark is young and has much to learn. Alice is smart. I hope she is a character that continues through the series. Like @LiseWorks I find it diff to trust any of brothers. 2w
OutsmartYourShelf Shardlake - interesting character.
Mark Poer - annoying & too concerned with his love life.
Brother Guy - bit of an enigma atm.
Alice - no real personality yet, just there. Probably there as the 'romance' for MP.
Cromwell - cartoonishly evil. Expected him to twirl his moustache (if he had had one).
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BookWrym Not started as 3 audio library books arrived at once hoping to catch up next week 2w
dabbe @LiseWorks I'm living vicariously through the cold right now! I also worry about poor Alice. 2w
dabbe @Deblovestoread The only bro I like (and perhaps trust) is Brother Guy. He seems to be a monk for all of the right reasons. 2w
dabbe @OutsmartYourShelf Love your Cromwell thoughts! 😂 Not so hard to believe that the later Oliver Cromwell was distantly related to this one. #twopeasinanevilpod 2w
dabbe @BookWrym No worries! We'll still be here! 🤩 2w
AnneCecilie Since this is a reread, I only know which one didn‘t do it. I don‘t remember who did it. I find the characters interesting and I want to learn more about them. 2w
Librarybelle I worry about Alice! No clue to the whodunnit part yet. I like Shardlake…he‘s tough, quick to temper, but very methodical. I couldn‘t help but think of qualities I saw in him from some of my favorite males leads in mystery—Inspector Gamache, Brunetti, Cormoran Strike, and even Inspector Rutledge. 1w
dabbe @Librarybelle Agree 💯. 1w
lil1inblue Shardlake - I like how aspects of his character unfold throughout (so far). Mark - His increasing conflict with Shardlake is intriguing. I'm curious to see where it leads. Brother Guy - I like him, but I feel like there's a secret there. Alice - I'm curious to see what happens. Again it feels like there's more than meets the eye. Cromwell - Ick. 😂 (edited) 1w
Mollyanna I like Shardlake. His insight and introspection are interesting. Mark to me seems to be the one with the most growth so far, even to the point that he feels comfortable with having some alternate ideas/theories to Shardlake. I like Brother Guy and Alice but feel there is something lurking “off stage” that has to do with one or the other. Cromwell seems like a caricature. 1w
dabbe @Mollyanna Excellent take on all of them! 🤩 1w
Mollyanna ☺️ 1w
BookWrym Shardlake as a hunchback is an interesting choice as main character. I like the limitations his condition puts on him physically while mentally he is right up there. He does seem@to take things rather personally. Mark Poer is not interesting me at the moment although I do like him as a foil to Shardlake. Brother Guy is my favourite monk. Alice astute and observant and Cromwell is the offstage villain. No idea yet whodunnit. 6d
dabbe @BookWrym I've read it before, and I can't remember whodunnit! It's like reading it for the 1st time. 🤩 6d
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repost for @dabbe

10 days until our first discussion, #Shardlakians! I am thoroughly enjoying this reread; I had forgotten so much, so it feels like a new read with a character that I deeply love. Hope you're enjoying it, too!

original post:

dabbe Thank you! 💙💚💙 3w
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10 days until our first discussion, #Shardlakians! I am thoroughly enjoying this reread; I had forgotten so much, so it feels like a new read with a character that I deeply love. Hope you're enjoying it, too! @LitsyEvents

Librarybelle I plan to start this very soon! Thanks for the reminder! 3w
dabbe @Librarybelle I just got the next Nancy Drew, too! 🤩🤗😀 3w
Librarybelle Yay!! 3w
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The_Book_Ninja I‘m 70% in. I‘m a slow reader🐌 3w
LiseWorks I love this time period 3w
PurpleyPumpkin I‘m going to start reading this today! 😉 3w
Karisimo It reminds me so much the Inspector Gamache book where they are at a monastery! (In a good way!) (edited) 3w
dabbe @The_Book_Ninja You're farther than I am! 🤩😂🤗 3w
dabbe @LiseWorks #metoo! 🤩🤗😀 3w
dabbe @PurpleyPumpkin Yay! 🤩🤗😀 3w
dabbe @Karisimo 🤩🤗😀 3w
AnneCecilie I know what you mean. I first read this 15 yrs ago and have read every book since and love the series, but I don‘t remember much of the details of the story. I should be done with the first 16 chapters in time for the discussion 3w
dabbe @AnneCecilie It's kind of cool when you reread a book, and it's like a new read! 🤩😂🤗 3w
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Another series started, and I loved it! I didn't get the culprits in this one, and looking forward to reading the next one.

#52bookclub24 #roadcycling #arevengestory
#pop24 #abookthatwasturnedintoamusical (well, it may have helped write Six!)
#aty24 #abookbyanauthorknownbytheirinitials

dabbe Yay! I can't believe how much I didn't remember; it's like I'm reading it for the first time! Discussion in 10 days! 🤩🤩🤩 3w
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Just started this one for #shardlakeBR and think this “hidden gem” sticker on the spine bodes well for the experience! Two chapters in and so far I agree! @dabbe

dabbe Yay! I'm thoroughly enjoying it the 2nd time around, too. I had forgotten so much! 🤩🤗😀 4w
mcctrish I love that ‘Hidden Gem‘ sticker ❤️❤️ 4w
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#WondrousWednesday. Thx for the tag @Eggs and @dabbe
1. I don't have a favorite book
2. In Williamsburg with family this week.
3. Family
Make a great day everyone 😊

Eggs Thanks for joining in🥰 1mo
bthegood @Eggs 👍😊 1mo
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Family vacation in Williamsburg VA. Brought tagged book for reading, when I can😊
(Photo courtesy of trip savvy)

Make a great day everyone 😊

Lesliereadsalot Isn‘t it so fun there? We were there on the hottest day ever and felt so sorry for the teens working in the forge! Loved the gift shop where they sold the white dresses. 1mo
AnnCrystal 🤩💝 have fun😉👍. 1mo
dabbe Have a lovely time! 💙🩵💙 1mo
bthegood @Lesliereadsalot yes, very fun. Our family loves history. Will keep an eye out for the shop😊 1mo
bthegood @AnnCrystal @dabbe thank you😊 1mo
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From @dabbe :
I have a schedule for all of us! It can easily be changed too! Discussions twice for each book….and thrice for the last #chunkster
First discussion:6/30/24 over the first half of Dissolution.
original post:

dabbe Many thanks! 🤩😘😀

If anyone would like to join us, just comment below, and I'll add you to our list! 🤩
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#ShardlakeSeriesBR #ShardlakeBR #SeriesRead2024 #LitsyEvents @LitsyEvents

Hello, Dissolute Readers (thanks for the name for the 1st book, @kwmg40 🤩)!

I have a schedule for all of us! It can easily be changed, too, if we need to. Discussions twice for each book (because they are quite detailed), and thrice for the last #chunkster!

1st discussion: 6/30/24 over the 1st half of DISSOLUTION. Can't wait!
Schedule link: https://bit.ly/3KhKlIP

Librarybelle Sounds great! My copy from PangoBooks is on its way! 2mo
dabbe @Librarybelle 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
Mollyanna Thanks for the beautiful schedule. Looking forward to this buddy read. 2mo
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kwmg40 Looks good to me! Thanks for setting this up. 2mo
curiouserandcurioser @dabbe could i also be tagged, please? 2mo
Daisey Thanks! I pulled my copy off the shelf to start soon. 2mo
AnneCecilie This looks good. Thanks for organizing this buddy read 2mo
dabbe @Mollyanna 🤩🤩🤩 #metoo! 2mo
dabbe @kwmg40 You Dissolute Reader, you! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @curiouserandcurioser You're on the list! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @Daisey 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @AnneCecilie 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
BookWrym Woo hoo I got the first 3 books on offer at Audible so I am ready to go 👍 2mo
curiouserandcurioser @dabbe thank you so much!:) 2mo
LiseWorks Well just found out that I have to wait 18 weeks in order to get the 1st book. I should have put a hold earlier. 🙄 Hoping for a miracle that people skip the hold lol 2mo
bthegood Getting my copy from the library this week - 🙂 2mo
dabbe @BookWrym Yay! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @LiseWorks Keeping my 🤞 for you! 😘 2mo
dabbe @bthegood Yay! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
lil1inblue I've got my copy! I'm excited! 2mo
dabbe @lil1inblue #woohoo! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
bthegood @LiseWorks The holds for ebooks at my library were long waits but the physical copy I was able to pick up today. I'll see if that holds true for the rest of the series, especially since the tv series begins soon🙂 (edited) 2mo
LiseWorks @bthegood There's a TV series. Where will this be playing? I decided to get it on Kindle. I never buy books, but the series sounds good. And I like to not rush reading long books. It's all good. 2mo
bthegood @LiseWorks glad you were able to get it - and I believe it is on Hulu - I think it began the first of May - 🙂 (edited) 2mo
dabbe @LiseWorks Yay! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @bthegood I think I'm going to have to get Hulu now! 😂 2mo
bthegood @dabbe 😂 1mo
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@dabbe is organizing the #shardlakeseriesbr for anyone interested.

LiseWorks They seem to get longer as they go, great qualifiers for the chunkster challenge 🙂 2mo
dabbe @LiseWorks Absolutely! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
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Hi, everyone. I've begun putting together a buddy read for C.J. Sansom's Shardlake series (he passed away in April). There are 7 novels with an average page count of 660. 😳 I need some input. Does reading a book a month seem feasible? Or every 2 months? Or any other ideas? I'd like to keep this as low-key as possible with a Q&A session at the end of the month(s). Thoughts?
Tagging those who were interested; all are welcome! 😀

kwmg40 Every two months sounds good to me. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with monthly buddy reads, especially if the books are longer ones. 2mo
RaeLovesToRead I'm in. Love Shardlake series 💙 2mo
See All 24 Comments
Mollyanna I‘m in and I‘m with @kwmg40 every other month would be perfect. I‘ve always wanted to read this series and own at least the first two. 2mo
lil1inblue @kwmg40 I agree. I'm afraid I would fall behind quite quickly if it was a book a month. 2mo
The_Book_Ninja I started book 1. I doubt if I‘ll read it in a month. But I‘ll do my best 2mo
Librarybelle I think every two months is best! 2mo
LiseWorks It depends on how I get it but, if it's the library and I can't renew it I'll have to read it in 21 days, if it's kindle, it's at my leisure. But let's do every 2 months. Just in case there is a wait list at the library.. I love new series. 2mo
Deblovestoread Every two months sounds good to me. 2mo
Daisey This is tempting. I‘ve read the part of this series and truly enjoyed it, but I‘ve never finished it. I think I can fit in another book every two months. Please add me to this list as well! 2mo
dabbe @Librarybelle @lil1inblue @Deblovestoread @batsy @kwmg40 @AnneCecilie @Gissy @bthegood @LiseWorks @PageShifter @PurpleyPumpkin @BookWrym @jenniferw88 @RaeLovesToRead @Mollyanna @The_Book_Ninja @Daisey

Now, what should we call ourselves? The Shardlakes? (sounds like a 60s dance band! 😂)

One book every two months. Thanks, everyone. I'll post the schedule soon! 🤍🌹🤍 (hope you can see the emojis!)
kwmg40 @dabbe Great, thanks for getting this set up! As for a name, how about The Dissolute Readers, as a nod to the first book? 😂 2mo
OutsmartYourShelf First I‘ve seen of this. I have some of the books just sitting on the shelf so why not - @dabbe add me to the list or whatever please. 2mo
Karisimo I would like to join! 2mo
jenniferw88 2 months sounds good to me (as I've committed to a Ducks, Newburyport buddy read, too, forgetting that I've signed up for this!) 2mo
dabbe @OutsmartYourShelf You're on the list! 🤗 2mo
dabbe @Karisimo You're on the list! 🤗 2mo
dabbe @jenniferw88 Yay! 🤩 2mo
OutsmartYourShelf @dabbe 😃 Thank you! 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin One book every 2 months sounds like a plan! Thanks for organizing @dabbe. 💜 2mo
dabbe @kwmg40 I like it! 🤩🤩🤩 2mo
dabbe @OutsmartYourShelf 💙💚💙 2mo
dabbe @PurpleyPumpkin 💙💚💙 2mo
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repost for @dabbe


Just gauging some interest. I hope more of you will want to join them and me in reading/rereading this fabulous historical mystery series. We'll start on June 1st, and more info will follow if enough people are interested. 🤗

original post:


LiseWorks Oh, I would like to join this. Would it have sword fights by chance? I am a Tudor fan. Never heard of this series before. 2mo
LitsyEvents @Dabbe see above 2mo
dabbe @LiseWorks All kinds of fights and many different kinds, too. This is my 2nd favorite detective series after Sherlock Holmes. I'm so glad you're reading with me! More info to follow! 💙🩵💙 2mo
dabbe @LitsyEvents #yourock Thanks! 💙🩵💙 2mo
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Adding another #SeriesLove2024 to my May reading - at times I do get my story lines crossed (so many quaint villages, close knit neighbors and mysterious deaths to keep track of 😉)

Make a great day everyone 🌞

TheSpineView Ohhhh... looks good. Enjoy!📚📚📚 2mo
bthegood @TheSpineView thanks and thanks for hosting !! 2mo
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Just gauging some interest. I'm tagging people who responded to my post yesterday re: Sansom's passing, and I hope more of you will want to join them and me in reading/rereading this fabulous historical mystery series. We'll start on June 1st, and more info will follow if enough people are interested. 🤗

Librarybelle I‘m in! 2mo
Ruthiella I‘m unfortunately going to have to bow out. But I wish you all lots of fun! 🤩 2mo
kwmg40 I‘d love to join! I probably won‘t jump in until you get to the third book, as I‘d read the first two fairly recently. 2mo
See All 23 Comments
lil1inblue I'm in! It's brand new to me, but I'm intrigued! 2mo
Gissy Sounds so interested. I ordered the firing book...what can I say? I‘m always behind in all my buddy-reads😳😬🤦🏽‍♀️I will read your comments instead😃 2mo
AnnCrystal Thanks for the tag 😉👍. Unfortunately, I will have to pass on this reading adventure. I haven't any of C. J. Sansom books, and with my sluggish reading, I'd struggle to keep up 📚🏃‍♀️. This is truly a sweet honor for this author 🥲👍. Here's to happy readings 📚🥂💝. (edited) 2mo
bthegood I have this one on my tbr - I'll put it on my #BookSpinBingo and see how it goes - thank you! 2mo
AnneCecilie I‘m in 2mo
batsy Thank you for tagging and I'll try to join in! 2mo
LiseWorks I want in, I am a Tudor fan 2mo
Lesliereadsalot Thanks for the tag but I‘m not up for a 7 book series right now after just finishing the 1850 pages of the 3-Body Problem trilogy! Will watch the tv series tho! 2mo
PageShifter You know I am desperately trying to join! 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin I‘m in! I have 6 of the 7 books in the series and would love to read them with this group. Looking forward to it! 2mo
BookWrym Please tag me in interested in start this series 👍 2mo
jenniferw88 I'm in! 2mo
dabbe @Librarybelle @lil1inblue @Deblovestoread @batsy @kwmg40 @AnneCecilie @Gissy @bthegood @LiseWorks @PageSwifter @PurpleyPumpkin @BookWrym @jenniferw88

I hope I've tagged everyone who said YES! Sooo excited! I just wanted you to know I have you down and will post more as we get closer to 6/1. I think I'll use the hashtage #Shardlakians for this group if that's okay (sort of paying homage to Sherlock Holmes). Info soon! 💙🩵💙
LiseWorks Fantastic! 2mo
Librarybelle Sounds good!!! 2mo
The_Book_Ninja Might give it a bash, thanks @dabbe …However, I‘m a notorious bailer. If it doesn‘t grab me I‘ll dip out. 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin Woohoo!🥳 2mo
Bookbuyingaddict Oooh I watched this last night and read the books years ago didn‘t know he‘d sadly past away 😢 2mo
dabbe @Bookbuyingaddict Was it good? So sad he passed and that there won't be any more Shardlakes. If you want to reread, we'll be starting in June! 🤩🤗😀 2mo
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Thank you CJ Sansom for the great Shardlake series that I enjoyed very much! So sad to hear that your earthly journey has ended 😢 Rest in Peace

EadieB @Tove_Reads So very sad! He was a great writer! 2mo
dabbe I am beyond sad! 😢 2mo
Ruthiella Such a loss. 😢 2mo
Andrew65 Oh no didn‘t know this, this is terrible. No more Shardlake. RIP 😢 2mo
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I am devastated that C.J. Sansom has died. He was the author of my 2nd favorite detective series featuring Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer in the era of the Tudors who suffers from kyphosis. I can't imagine not having another Shardlake mystery. I think I'm going to need to revisit all 7 of his novels. Anyone care to join me?

The_Book_Ninja I‘ve never read his books but they seem ubiquitous 2mo
Ruthiella I just read the last one last year. Such a pity as I had read he intended to continue the series into the Elizabethan era. 😢 2mo
lil1inblue I've never read his books, but I'd be interested in doing so! 2mo
See All 12 Comments
Librarybelle I‘ve not read any, but I‘d be interested! 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin No way!!! I am so saddened by this news! What a loss. 🥺 2mo
Aimeesue Oh how sad. I enjoyed the Matthew Shardlake books very much. 😢 2mo
Deblovestoread I‘m sorry to hear this. I have been wanting to read his books. Would love to read along with you. 2mo
AnnCrystal That would be a nice way to honor one of your favorite authors 📚💝. 2mo
Lesliereadsalot I see his first book, Dissolution, will be a Disney series starting on Wednesday. Will tune in! 2mo
batsy @Lesliereadsalot I was interested because I'd heard about the series, too! Sorry to hear he's passed on @dabbe 2mo
kwmg40 That's very sad. I'd discovered his books only a short time ago and have read only two so far but enjoyed them very much and had been hoping for many more to come. 2mo
AnneCecilie Incredible sad. I loved this series. I might be interested in a reread 2mo
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If a Matthew Shardlake book comes out, I get it, no matter what. I LOVE this series! The stories take place during the Tudor reign, and Shardlake is a hunchbacked (his words) detective-lawyer who gets into all kinds of interesting situations, which then evolve into me learning something historical about the time period. The tagged book, Dissolution, is my favorite because that's where the fun begins. 🕵🏼

BookmarkTavern That sounds so fascinating! Thank you for sharing! 1y
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With me being a fan of crime fiction, and this being set in probably the period of English history that fascinated me more than any other, this was always going to be a pick! It was, for me, made more interesting because of the difficult relationship between Shardlake and his assistant.

I‘ve added this series to my #SeriesLove2023 list 😊

Second finish in the #JoyousJanuary readathon; I sadly haven‘t had much time to read this week.

Andrew65 Love this series and they only get better from this first one. Enjoy and well done 👏👏👏👏 1y
TheSpineView Hope you enjoy this series! 1y
dabbe Love, love, love Mathew Shardlake and all things Tudorian! (not a word, buy, hey ... I like it!) 1y
Andrew65 @dabbe I love that word! 😂 1y
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I am posting one book per day from my extensive to-be-read collection. No description and providing no reason for wanting to read it, I just do. Some will be old, some will be new. Don‘t judge me - I have a lot of books. Join in if you want!


dabbe I have read all of these, and they are WONDERFUL! Matthew Shardlake is the detective (actually a lawyer) with a hunched back (which is important in the books). The stories take you through the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII's reign all the way through the Tudor line. Fascinating history + mystery + detective = 🙌! These would probably qualify as #Chunksters, too! 🤣 1y
TheEllieMo @dabbe I‘ve read Dark Fire, and loved it, but for some unknown reason, for which I have no excuse, I haven‘t got around to reading any of the other books in the Shardlake series, despite loving mystery novels and the Tudor period, and in particular the Dissolution, being a period of history that has fascinated me for a long time. I didn‘t have this series in my #SeriesLove2023 list but I‘m going to add it now, I think this one will be my next read 1y
dabbe They are huge books, and there are 7 of them! ❣️ I might have to go back and reread at some point because they truly take you out of the here and now. I should have used the term “hunched“, but that's how Shardlake himself describes his condition, yet still ... sorry about that. 🫢 1y
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This was a super enjoyable mystery for anyone who enjoys the Tudor period. And especially if you‘re a fan of #nunlit this is #monklit ! Most of the book is spent in a snowed in monastery in rural England as you accompany Matthew Shardlake, lawyer and commissioner to Cromwell, uncover the secrets behind a murder during the period when Cromwell is seeking the dissolution of monasteries and their lands. Great atmosphere for a cosy autumn read 👍

andrew61 It is a great read and there are loads more to enjoy in the series. 2y
Centique @andrew61 I‘m keen to get into them next year! 2y
Bluebird Glad you enjoyed it. I love this series! 2y
See All 6 Comments
Ruthiella I‘ve read all but the last book and also really enjoyed this series. 2y
CarolynM I‘ve been kind of aware of the series without knowing what it‘s about. You‘ve made it sound like something I want to read🙂 2y
Centique @CarolynM @Ruthiella @Bluebird looks like there are lots of fans! 2y
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#manicmonday #letterd @CBee @The_Penniless_Author

📖 Dissolution (CJ Sansom)
✒ G.W. Dahlquist
🎞 Death at a Funeral (original UK version)
🎤 David Bowie / Depeche Mode
🎶 Do you love me? (The Contours)

Hon mentions: Dune (Frank Herbert), The Draw (Bastille song), Dracula: Dead & Loving it

The_Penniless_Author Hey, we picked the exact same singer/band combo! 🤘 2y
RaeLovesToRead @The_Penniless_Author Adore both of them ??? "It's no good" was my favourite song for most of my childhood and I would've sold both my siblings to dance with Jareth the Goblin King in his bubble ballroom ?? (just kidding). 2y
CBee @RaeLovesToRead I love love love Labyrinth ♥️♥️♥️ 2y
RaeLovesToRead @CBee "I move the stars for no one..." ? 2y
CBee @RaeLovesToRead I try to quote it to the hubby sometimes then remember he hasn‘t seen it (the NERVE 😂). 2y
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A great pick for fans of murder mysteries and history. I always thought I knew a reasonable amount about Henry VIII's reign but there was so much more to it and this series, of which Dissolution is the first, captures a snapshot of history and a thrilling murder mystery in one.

post image

#two4tuesday @TheSpineView
Thanks for the tag! @The_Penniless_Author

1. Dissolution. I 🖤 this series! Recommended to mystery fans, especially those who like the Tudor times!

2. I mean it depends what the word is... 😄 I've had a look at my faves shelf and not many of them are one word titles...

Saga. Bone. Recursion. Hyperion. Rebecca. It. Dune. Freedom.

Tag! @Chrissyreadit @brittanybooks @vivastory @mandarchy @Liatrek @Susanita @Megabooks

TheSpineView Thanks for playing and happy Tuesday! 2y
RaeLovesToRead @TheSpineView Happy Tuesday! Good questions as always! 2y
Branwen Rebecca! Yes! Love that book! 📖❤ 2y
RaeLovesToRead @Branwen It was gloriously dark! 2y
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An excellent historical mystery set in England during the Tudor period. Much of the story takes place in a monastery, during the time in which Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell worked at disbanding all monasteries.

This was my #BookSpin choice and second square filled for #BookSpinBingo!

Andrew65 Love this series and only gets better. 3y
Crazeedi I have only read 2(I think) I really need to get busy on more, loved this one 3y
Ruthiella Agree with @Andrew65 . I‘ve only got the 7th book to read now and I‘ll be caught up. 3y
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 3y
kwmg40 @Andrew65 @Crazeedi @Ruthiella Glad to see so many fans of this series. I will definitely read the second book before too long.

@TheAromaofBooks Thanks for stopping by!
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I ❤️❤️❤️ the Shardlake series set in the dark 16th century about a hunchback/attorney/murder investigator. Lots of queens/kings and all the royal drama included. They‘re brilliant and ebook 1 is on sale.

post image

This murder mystery was right up my street as I love anything to do with the tudors!

Historical fiction is my jam and I really enjoyed this, shardlake is an interesting character and I found the story riveting and interesting!

Ruthiella I‘ve read the first three in the series and have really enjoyed them. Great Historical Fiction that doesn‘t come off as anachronistic. 3y
bthegood You had me at murder, mystery, Tudor......book stacked😊 3y
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My round up for #joyousjanuary better later than never i read 5 book, audio books and ebooks.
Quite proud of myself

@Andrew65 thank you 😊
#readingthelibrary #audiobooks #readathon #booknerd #reading #femaleauthor #queerbooks #comicbooks #ebook #girlspower #friendshiptothemax #lumberjanes #readathon

Andrew65 Brilliant, well done 🍾🥂🍾🥂🙌🙌👏👏👏🎉🥳😊 3y
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post image

Brilliant little audio book of murder, religion and obsession. Just what I needed this morning.

@Andrew65 another book down for #joyousjanuary.
#readingthelibrary #librarybook #reading #audiobooks #audiobook #readathon #booknerd #reading #goodreads #librarybook

Andrew65 Love this series and only gets better. 3y
kaysworld1 @Andrew65 I enjoyed this one a lot, got the second one reserved at the library. 3y
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Matthew Shardlake is a lawyer working for Thomas Cromwell in Tudor England. Now he‘s trying to solve a murder in an abbey outside London. In the cold and snow. He doesn‘t know who to trust and the monks are all caught up in the church / state changes of the era. I like Shardlake and how he thinks, as well as his vulnerabilities. Definitely reading more in the series!

Full review http://www.TheBibliophage.com

intothehallofbooks I really think I would love this series!! 4y
Ncostell Sounds good, I am reading The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel right now. This would be a good follow up! 4y
MamaGina Such an excellent series! I have the latest checked out from the library and it‘s calling my name 🤓 4y
See All 6 Comments
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Ncostell Might be. Someone commented on another post I made that this author has a MUCH different perspective on Cromwell. And they found that jarring. I read Wolf Hall so long ago that it didn‘t bother me. 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @MamaGina Yes! I have the next one queued up in Scribd. 4y
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post image

I‘m diving into historical fiction to escape to other times and places. This mystery in a monastery is captivating me. Which is a good thing because I have quite a lot of #audiocrocheting to get done before the 25th!

Tove_Reads Great series! 4y
Ruthiella I read this a few years ago and liked it. The only problem for me was adjusting to the less than flattering view of Thomas Cromwell after reading the first two Hilary Mantel novels that are more sympathetic. 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Ruthiella Good point! I read Wolf Hall so long ago that it hasn‘t been an issue. And so far there hasn‘t been much Cromwell in this, but I‘m not too far along! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Tove_Reads Yes, I may listen to a few more this winter! Just found them on Scribd. 4y
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Continuing my trend of always being at least 10 years behind in my reading recommendations....I'm finally reading C J Sansom. I loved Dissolution AND I don't have to wait for the next books in the series to be released! (George R R Martin I'm looking at you) 😂

Texreader Such a great series!! 4y
CGalinor3 @Texreader I love it so far! 😊 4y
Texreader The books only get better! 4y
CGalinor3 @Texreader I finished Dark Fire yesterday....I loved it! 😁 4y
RaimeyGallant A belated welcome! 4y
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The Shardlake series is my favourite historical fiction series. Tudor England is a period I love and the political and religious tensions of the time play a huge part in the books. And Shardlake is a great character - a clever, prickly lawyer who just can‘t help sticking his nose into dangerous situations!
#20series20days @Andrew65

MsMelissa I read book one last year. Loved it so I immediately ran out and bought the rest of the series 😊 4y
Andrew65 Loved this series. 4y
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Day 6 #20series20days

The Matthew Shardlake series is one of my favorite historical fiction/historical mystery series. Sansom created a memorable character in Shardlake and brought Tudor England to life with his vivid descriptions. And he created some intriguing mysteries to be solved! I have yet to finish the series..which is a good thing. More great reads in my future.

MsMelissa I‘ve only read the first book, but I really enjoyed it. 4y
Andrew65 Love them! 4y
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post image

Day 6 - #Top20Series #20Days20Series
#ShardlakeSeries #CJSansom

A favorite historical mystery series.

The series' protagonist is the hunchbacked lawyer Matthew Shardlake who works on commission from Thomas Cromwell in Dissolution and Dark Fire, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer in Sovereign and Revelation, and Queen Catherine Parr in Heartstone and Lamentation. The seventh book, Tombland, was published in October 2018.

EadieB Sansom has said that he plans to write further Shardlake novels taking the lawyer into the reign of Elizabeth I. 4y
Daisey I really enjoy this series, although I have yet to read the most recent book. 4y
Andrew65 Another great series. Sovereign was my favourite. Good to hear there will be more. 4y
See All 15 Comments
EadieB @Daisey Glad you enjoyed them too. The last book is a very long one but so good! 4y
EadieB @Andrew65 I'm anxiously awaiting the next one. Hope we don't have to wait too long. 4y
Andrew65 @EadieB Yes hopefully not another 6 year gap. 4y
Ruthiella I‘ve only read the first book but may get to the second soon since I was able to get my mother interested in the series too. 😀 I do have a little trouble with the portrayal of Cromwell because he‘s so different from in the Hilary Mantel books! 4y
andrew61 Great choice, id forgotten about the series and hope to read tombland soon. 4y
EadieB @andrew61 Thanks and it is a real tomb of about 866 pages! 4y
Nute I don‘t know how this happened, but book three and four are on my Kindle.🤷🏽‍♀️ (edited) 4y
EadieB @Nute Have you read book 1? (edited) 4y
Nute No. I think it was late at night and I thought that I was purchasing the first two books, but I love this historical period so I will get the entire series one day. Glad to see the love for it! 4y
EadieB @Nute Great series! Hope you enjoy it! 4y
Freespirit This is a brilliant series❤️ 4y
EadieB @Freespirit I think so too! 4y
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post image

I am in for SUCH a good time! 🥰 #bookspin #doublespin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!!! 4y
35 likes1 stack add1 comment
post image
TrishB Oh thanks! I‘ve read number one and got brought number 7 - so have some to get. Will go and have a look now. 4y
TrishB Got 2-6, thank you 👍🏻 4y
Birdsong28 @TrishB Its ok! You might as well grab a bargain when you can 📚📖 4y
See All 8 Comments
Cathythoughts Thanks ! I did read the first one ... must have a look 👍🏻❤️ 4y
TrishB Also told my sister and she‘s got them too 👍🏻 4y
Birdsong28 @TrishB That is great news 📚📖 4y
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag. @Cathythoughts @Trishb @Birdsong28 I enjoyed the first one but having read the others they got a lot better. My favourite was the one with Henry VIII in. (edited) 4y
Ms_T I wasn‘t going to buy any more series but these look excellent. You‘ve twisted my arm! #Purchased 😘 4y
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Last book for this year and decade!!

post image

My email from C.J. Samson‘s agent:

Dear Eadie
We hope there will be more Shardlake novels — but we will have to wait a good while. The author is at the research stage with the next novel.
All best
Antony Topping

My reply:
Dear Antony,
Thanks for your reply. Love these books and all the research he does and his writing is amazing!
Thanks again,

His reply:
Very pleased to know you have enjoyed the books so much.
Best wishes

Ddzmini I‘m adding them to@my tbr so as always my list is growing 📖😋 5y
EadieB @Ddzmini You won‘t be disappointed. 5y
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post image

A little slow to start but it's a solid and atmospheric historical murder mystery, set in an isolated monastery, that kept me guessing about the culprit.

3 stars

#MOUNTTBR2019 21/36
Goodreads 39/52

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post image

Day 27 - #OneWordTitles #CJSansom #SpringIntoReading

1. Dissolution (2001)
2. Dark Fire (2004) - only 2 word title
3. Sovereign (2006)
4. Revelation (2008)
5. Heartstone (2010)
6. Lamentation (2012)
7. Tombland (2018)

Freespirit I love these books! 5y
EadieB @Freespirit They are great reads! 5y
Mitch I read book one of these a long time ago and have another few on my shelves. You reminded me what a good read it was and that I need to get back to the series! 👍🏼 5y
See All 10 Comments
EadieB @Mitch Yes! You should! 5y
Andrew65 Great choice! 5y
Andrew65 @Mitch The good news is I think book 1 was the weakest of the series. Really gets going from book 2. 5y
Mitch @Andrew65 oh - well that‘s good. Because I liked book 1! 5y
Twohikers81 I just bought the first one can‘t wait to start it Thankyou for posting it 5y
EadieB @Twohikers81 Enjoy! I know you will love it! 5y
66 likes2 stack adds10 comments