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A Great Deliverance
A Great Deliverance: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 1 | Elizabeth George
Fat, unlovely Roberta Teys is found beside her father's headless corpse, wearing her best dress and with an axe in her lap. Her first words are: 'I did it. And I am not sorry' and she refuses to say more. Inspector Thomas Lynley and DS Barbara Havers are sent by Scotland Yard to solve this particularly gruesome murder. And as they navigate their way around a dark labyrinth of secret scandals and appalling crimes, they uncover a series of shocking revelations that shatter the faade of the peaceful Yorkshire village.
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Read this on holiday. It‘s the first of books that became a series and a TV series with Inspector Lynley . I love this series so it was great to read the very beginning. First published in 1989. @MrsMalaprop

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Yorkshire UK. Village of Kendale. A local farmer is found decapitated and his dog‘s throat has been slashed. Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sgt Barbara Havers are sent to investigate. Liked the interaction between these 2 characters which is a bit touchy at times. Found George to be an excellent writer with great characterizations and plot line. Ending was a bit horrific but still look forward to the next book. Highly recommend this series.

Andrew65 A great review, and definitely share similar view of the book and series to me. 3mo
Cathythoughts Great review! I agree 👍🏻 3mo
squirrelbrain I hope you‘ve been listening to your #ayupaugust playlist whilst reading a book set in Yorkshire! 😘 3mo
EadieB @squirrelbrain Of course! 3mo
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This was an interesting introduction to this series and overall I enjoyed it. An interesting duo in the two lead characters and looks like plenty of potential for them in this series. At times loved reading this and at other times it didn‘t flow as well. An interesting plot for the murder and liked the way it was laid out. I look forward to continuing this series.

EadieB Nice review! Pretty much felt the same way! 3mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Thanks, be interesting to see how it develops. 3mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Just Finished and I‘m feeling like I want to jump into the next book! 3mo
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Andrew65 @EadieB Yes I look forward to continuing. 3mo
Crazeedi I've heard of this series, will keep in radar for a possibility 3mo
Andrew65 @Crazeedi It‘s one I‘d wanted to try for a long time. 3mo
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth A George
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Finished listening to Poppet by Mo Hayder yesterday.

Starting A Great Deliverance today - 1st book in Thomas Lynley series by Elizabeth George.

Up next is Buddy Read, Quentins by Maeve Binchy.

Keeping notes and characters in my reader‘s journal!

@Andrew65 @Tove_Reads Have you started this one yet?

#AGreatDeliverance #ElizabethGeorge

Tove_Reads Read it before Poppet. Ready to start both Quentins and A Conspiracy of Violence. (edited) 3mo
EadieB @Tove_Reads Did you enjoy it? 3mo
Tove_Reads @eadieb Gave it four stars. Good, but one of those I forget about quickly. 3mo
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EadieB @Tove_Reads I do like George's writing! I'm on Chapter 3. 3mo
JackOBotts My sister went to high school with the artist/author of 3mo
EadieB @JackOBotts How interesting! It Is a beautiful book! 3mo
Andrew65 This was a strange book for me. Liked the writing and at times loved it, at other times not so much. Notice a lot of her other books in the series are longer. Overall gave it 4 stars. Think great promise here, liked the interaction between the main 2 characters. Looking forward to continuing the series. @Eadie @Tove_Reads 3mo
Tove_Reads @andrew65 I found myself drifting from time to time, not being able to focus, because the story stood still, but the last third of the book was good. 3mo
EadieB @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads Nice to know! 3mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Could say more but would be giving some of the events in the story away. 3mo
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Starting off on the Inspector Lynley Series by reading the first book in the series. #InspectorLynleySeriesRead
Looking forward to this as have wanted to read this series for a while.

EadieB @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads Looking forward to starting this soon! 3mo
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Digging into a new series #buddyread

Cathythoughts 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 3mo
Andrew65 Likely to be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get to this. @EadieB 3mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Me too! Waiting for my book from the library! Should be there by today or tomorrow. @Tove_Reads 3mo
irre Elizabeth George is one of my favorite mystery writers. 3mo
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So well written, great character development & psychological insight. I thoroughly enjoyed ( if that‘s the word ) this one. This is the first in the Inspector Lynley series .... I have the 2d downloaded already- Payment In Blood. Looking forward to it. Great read

TrishB I‘ll look forward to starting this series 👍🏻 4mo
andrew61 I read several in the 90's and even saw her speak but haven't read any since then. I remember really enjoying her writing so don't know why i stopped! 4mo
Cathythoughts @Simona I loved it ! Thankyou very much 😊 4mo
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Simona I also ordered the next two books, and I was a little bit shocked when I saw that in this series is 20 titles! 4mo
Cathythoughts @Simona wow that‘s a lot !! Still , if they are all as good as The first one , then we are away in a hack 🎉🎉🎉 4mo
Tove_Reads We‘re about to start a buddy read. We plan on reading the whole series. 3mo
Cathythoughts @Tove_Reads great 👍🏻 I loved the first one ... the second not as much , or maybe I wasn‘t in the right frame of mind. I look forward to seeing your thoughts.... she is really good writer I think 3mo
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I love this feature in the kindle ♥️🎉. Sometimes when I switch to a real book I find myself putting my finger on a characters name 🙄... does anyone else do that ? 😬 I might be getting on a bit ....

DivineDiana I love this feature too! 🙂 4mo
Leniverse Yes, and the dictionary feature! 4mo
Cathythoughts @DivineDiana it‘s so helpful 👍🏻😊 4mo
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Cathythoughts @Leniverse yes! And the dictionary feature 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
Dolly Oh, I‘ve caught myself ready to touch a word to define it. Like adjusting your glasses when you aren‘t wearing them and hoping no one sees you do it. 4mo
Lindy I‘ve tried the pinch motion on my laptop screen to enlarge a photo … 4mo
Cathythoughts @Dolly 😂or looking for ones glasses when they are on top of one‘s head 🙄 4mo
britt_brooke Love this feature! And I‘ve totally tried to use it a physical book. 😆 But most often, I try to tap a page to turn it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ (edited) 4mo
Cathythoughts @Lindy oh stop ! What are we like us people 🙃😁 4mo
Cathythoughts @britt_brooke 😂 you are putting ideas on my head ... I‘ll be at that next now 🙃 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Ha! @Lindy happens to me too often! 😄 And how are you finding Inspector Lynley, Cathy? 4mo
Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve only barely met him ...he seems like a larger than life character for sure ! So well written ... I‘m enjoying it very much 👍🏻 thanks ! 4mo
karmenseeta Kindle is great for notes - you can even export them. With paper books I often miss a 'search ' function. 4mo
Cathythoughts @karmenseeta yes! I love the “notes” feature too. I love mixing it all up too Kindle/paperback/hardback . Welcome to Litsy 👍🏻♥️ 4mo
karmenseeta Thanks :). 4mo
Tanisha_A Oh my god. Yes. I do that for looking up meanings. 4mo
Cathythoughts @Tanisha_A yes! Looks like it‘s not that uncommon after all 😆 4mo
RaimeyGallant Now I need a Kindle! 4mo
Cathythoughts @RaimeyGallant 😂... they are a handy option for sure 👍🏻 4mo
BooknerdsLife I see you‘re enjoying your kindle 🙌🏼💖 I love the “notes” feature on kindle too! It definitely comes in handy 👍🏼 4mo
Cathythoughts @BooknerdsLife yes!! Definitely 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
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After some recent Litsy chat about this one ... I‘m about to start into it 👍🏻♥️ I‘m ready for some crime 😱

TrishB Will keep an eye out for your review - I have the first three on my kindle. 4mo
Cathythoughts @TrishB 🤞🏻I‘m hopeful & in serious need of some crime 4mo
Simona Enjoy❣️ 4mo
Cathythoughts @Simona thanks!! Yes it‘s sinse your post that I have this waiting.. taking the bus to Dublin tomorrow, so hope to realax & get some uninterrupted reading done then 😉 4mo
Simona Sounds like a good plan👍 4mo
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This is the first book in the Inspector Lynley mysteries, and also first book for me by this author. Very readable crime novel, interesting characters, set in remote English village, compelling twists and turns, and with very horrifying end.

TrishB Have these ready to read 👍🏻 (edited) 4mo
Simona @TrishB Enjoy, I certainly did❣️ 4mo
Crazeedi This is a series I need to read ! Heard good things about! 4mo
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Cathythoughts Oh I think I‘d like to try one - this one is first 👍🏻🏃🏻‍♀️off to get my kindle 🏃🏻‍♀️ 4mo
Cathythoughts And it‘s 1.78 on kindle..... 👍🏻 4mo
CarolynM I read the first few years ago, I'll be interested in how all of you feel about them now @TrishB @Crazeedi @Cathythoughts 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm I liked the style of writing, it feels very ‘British‘, from an American writer. I liked this one, agree it‘s horrifying. 4mo
TrishB @CarolynM I‘m trying to catch up on some other series before starting another new one! 4mo
CarolynM @erzascarletbookgasm some of the aristocratic stuff was a bit off, though, didn't you think? Some of it made me laugh. 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm @CarolynM I don‘t remember any of that..but then I‘ve only read the first two in the series (lots of books in the series!) and got sidetracked. 😁 4mo
Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm horrifying you say .... I‘m really interested now ( 😬 strange but true ... 4mo
Simona @Crazeedi I liked the first book, so I hope that the rest of the series are good too. 4mo
Simona @Cathythoughts Ooo, I have to check if the rest of the books are available for a good price! 4mo
Simona @CarolynM You have in mind eccentric lady with the mansion? I wasn‘t distracted by the descriptions of the aristocracy, but sometimes theirs behavior is amusing 😘 4mo
Simona @erzascarletbookgasm I was very surprised by this, and even more curious about the rest of the series. 4mo
Crazeedi @Simona 👍❤ 4mo
CarolynM Over the first 6 or 7 books you find out more about Lynley and his family and friends and some of that is a little...odd, shall we say? 4mo
Simona @CarolynM Now I‘m very tempted to skip the rest 😁 4mo
CarolynM No, don't skip them, the mysteries are really good, and I really liked the way she wrote the characters who are just there for the one book. I was mostly amused by the goings on of the toffs. Also, I was in love with Barbara Havers in those first few books. (edited) 4mo
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George

I loved this introduction to Ms. George. I am now reading the Lynley series and loving it. Involved, complex, and loaded with great main characters. I would totally be friends with Lady Helen!

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Photobombed by my dog, but what can you do. After this there wasn‘t a chance to get a pic of the books. Anyway, really looking forward to reading these!

EadieB Looks good! 6mo
BookNAround Pets are the best photobombers. 😉 6mo
Andrew65 Great one of me at my son‘s wedding! Wrong place at wrong time. 😂 @EadieB @Tove_Reads @BookNAround Looking forward to these books. 6mo
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The first nine books in the Inslector Lynley series are available for 99p I‘m the UK today.

Birdsong28 Thanks for the tag 😘📖📚 8mo
TrishB Aghhhh!!! These keep popping up ....I really want to try them too. 8mo
TrishB Do you recommend, I‘m sitting here with my finger over the buy button.... 8mo
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Andrew65 @TrishB It‘s not a series I‘ve tried yet, but getting close to the top of lists of Series I want to try. Intend doing so this year. It does have a strong reputation and recommended by others whose views I respect. 8mo
TrishB I‘ve gone for the first 3👍🏻 8mo
DGRachel @TrishB I read the first few many years ago and really loved them. My recommendation is don‘t look at the titles for the later books until you are ready to read them because there‘s a major spoiler in a title and I was so mad I quit reading the series before I even got to that book. But I really enjoyed the first few that I read. 8mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Now that‘s what I call commitment! 👍 8mo
Andrew65 @DGRachel Fancy doing that! Thanks for this information Rachel. 8mo
DGRachel @Andrew65 sadly, holding grudges is a skill of mine. I saw the spoiler title more than a decade ago and I‘m STILL mad. 😂😂 I haven‘t picked the series up since. I donated all the books to Goodwill. 8mo
irre One of my favorite series! 8mo
TrishB @DGRachel I‘ll try not to look! I‘m an expert grudge holder too.. (edited) 8mo
Andrew65 @DGRachel Me too, still haven‘t forgiven Lee Child for Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher and not reading those books as a result!. @TrishB 8mo
Andrew65 @irre Thanks for this post. Good to know. 😊👍 8mo
EadieB @andrew65 I have about 15 of these books but have not read them yet but it is a series we have chosen to read. Warning: the books are chunky! 8mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I think it should be one of the next series we get to either on Litsy or Librarything. 8mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Sounds good to me! How far are you into Hornet Flight? I‘m on chapter 12 and it‘s starting to get really good. (edited) 8mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Not far behind you now. At the start of a Chapter 11 and has got very interesting. @Tove_Reads 8mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I took a nap from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm because I went to bed last night at 6:00 and got up at midnight so I didn‘t get too much read in the book today. 8mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Thant‘s most probably how I caught up! 🤣 8mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Earlier I was listening to the Spinning Silver audio book. 8mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I never read Harry Potter but have seen all the movies. 8mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I‘ve only seen the first film and up to this year only read the first book. Aiming to do one a month this year. They are okay but don‘t get the great hype about them. I enjoy the Percy Jackson series more. 8mo
Tove_Reads Def want to read them as well! Maybe after we‘ve finished the Thomas Chaloner series? I‘m looking forward to that one in April! @EadieB 8mo
Tove_Reads @andrew65 Definitely keep me updated about reading this series. I believe there are 20 books in the series 🙃 8mo
Andrew65 @Tove_Reads Will do 👍 8mo
Tove_Reads @andrew65 I feel so privileged that there are so many must reads out there! Never a dull moment, always something to look forward to! @EadieB 8mo
EadieB @Tove_Reads @Andrew65 We will be busy reading for years! 8mo
Tove_Reads @EadieB @andrew65 Indeed! I need to get better at bailing and moving on. No time for meh books. 8mo
EadieB @Tove_Reads Exactly! I check out the rating and if they get a 3 or below, I don‘t read it. Too many good ones out there! 8mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I try not to go with the rating too much. I have seen books over 4 I‘ve hated and books below 3 I‘ve loved. Tend to go more on people‘s opinions that I know and trust. That‘s where Litsy and Librarything is essential. 8mo
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@TK-421 #quotsyjan19 #injustice
“Women who desert husband and children should somehow end up in tenement buildings pungent with the odours of garlic and urine. ...Whatever they should be, Linley was certain they shouldn‘t be Tessa Teys Mowrey.”
In the next paragraph, the Sergeant asks if perhaps there might be a photograph in the attic. (Coming to love these characters.)

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#quotsyjan19 #6fortune @TK-421
The sound of champagne, and somewhere in the garden the music of violin and flute. There were flowers everywhere, right out onto the front steps where the balustrades were twined with white and pink roses that filled the air with a heady perfume.
This is my introduction to Inspector Linley. I think I might like him.

KarenUK What a lovely passage 💕 10mo
gradcat Great series! I envy you, just starting in on it...📚👍💞 10mo
Tex2Flo @gradcat I thought I knew the character, but evidently didn‘t. This turned up as a cheap buy on Amazon and I couldn‘t resist. From your comment, I must be in for a treat. 10mo
gradcat Just go with the earlier ones, in order if possible. The author definitely does things with the characters chronologically. Also, some people have not enjoyed her last three or four, perhaps owing to a critical event in the book just before that angered lots of her fans. I like all of them, but perhaps the latest ones haven‘t been her best. Just FYI 👍❤️😊 10mo
Tex2Flo @gradcat Thanks for the heads up. I do try to read in order, but it‘s good to know when it might make a difference. 10mo
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George
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These are my five suggestions for the next series crime buddy read @EadieB and @Tove_Reads
Let me know any of these you want to veto either because you have read more than one in the series already, you can‘t get hold of them or don‘t fancy.

If anyone else has read these series which would you recommend?

EadieB @Andrew65 I haven‘t read any of these. 11mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Wow! Didn‘t I do well too, especially given your wide reading experience! 11mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I own some of these but have not read any of them. (edited) 11mo
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EadieB @Andrew65 I would read any of these. 11mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I‘ve read one of the Scarecrow and Carson Ryder books and know you‘d enjoy them. The other three have strong recommendations too. Think Mo Hayder books are quite gritty. 11mo
EadieB @Andrew65 So how do we choose? 11mo
Andrew65 @EadieB We‘ll wait for @Tove_Reads to see them and veto any. Then the remaining ones we‘ll vote on and aim to read the top two series. Those are my thoughts anyway. 11mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Sounds good to me. 11mo
Andrew65 Other option is we vote on each person‘s list and read the 3 series, the top one on each person‘s list. (edited) 11mo
Tove_Reads I should be able to get all but Kerley‘s books from the library. Did a fast check, don‘t know if every single book is available, but quite a few have been translate into Swedish, so the other four would work for me. @EadieB @andrew65 11mo
Tove_Reads We could pick the top two from all the lists. If the first series is not to everyone‘s liking we‘ll give the other one a chance. How and when we start reading three new series is up to the two of you 😃@andrew65 @EadieB 11mo
Tove_Reads @andrew65 @eadieb I vote for Hayder, because all her books are available in English at the library. Secondly, I vote for George. Her books are available as well, but would have to read them in three languages. Makes no sense, the whole series is there, but one book is in English, the next one in Swedish, then in Finnish. 🤷🏼‍♀️😩 11mo
Andrew65 @Tove_Reads I‘m happy with these choices too. @EadieB 11mo
EadieB @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads I‘m happy with Hayder and George too. 11mo
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George
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I am super pumped to be starting this series.

Breanne1 I think you‘ll really enjoy it...I‘m about 6 books in to the series and love the characters. Hope you enjoy! 11mo
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So far a great beginning to what I‘ve heard is an amazing series. Engaging and grabs you from the beginning. I am loving the complex characters...

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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George
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Sneaking in some reading time while waiting for my husband to finish at the eye doctor. #24b4Monday #boutofbooks

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This was my first Elizabeth George mystery and is the first Inspector Lynley novel. This surprised me because it felt like there is a backstory I didn't quite know. Written in 1988 it feels dated to me, I think because of some descriptions of female characters. Lynley seems like a haunted, but likable, guy.

Any advice on whether or not to continue the series?


Ruthiella Hmm 🤔Difficult to say. There IS a backstory that is revealed over the course of future books. I have read all the way up to no 18 and personally get more disappointed each time but the first 10 book were fab I thought. However I read them in the 1990‘s. Maybe try the next one and if it doesn‘t grab you...leave it? 2y
Andrew65 This is a series I haven‘t got to yet but has a strong reputation. Thanks for your involvement in the challenge. 👍 2y
irre I‘ve read all the books in the series and really like them. 2y
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Here's my afternoon:
The Masters
Vegan Brownies
#25in5 (13 hrs 33 mins logged)

Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George
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So excited to go with some Litsy friends and IRL book club members to an upcoming Author event on Friday!! Watermark Books is doing a great job getting more authors to come visit us in flyover country – Wichita, Kansas! 🌻 🌻🌻 #LitsyMeetUp #GetIndie

JulieAnn So jealous! She‘s one of my favorite authors! 2y
Cinfhen Wonderful 😍 2y
tpixie @JulieAnn @Cinfhen I‘m so excited!! I live out of town so cannot get to these author events during the week because of work. This one‘s on a Friday so I can get there! 2y
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Lizpixie So jealous! I have all of her books, been a fan for over 20yrs. I would kill for an autographed copy!💚 2y
megt So awesome! I got the chance to see her at my local indie a few years ago and she was wonderful. 2y
JulieAnn @tpixie That‘s awesome! Hope you have a great time! Enjoy! 2y
JulieAnn @Lizpixie Ooohhh me too! 2y
Sills #LitsyMeetUp @tpixie I'm so excited to go. ❤️ 2y
tpixie @Lizpixie I wish you could be here!! @megt that‘s great to hear!! @JulieAnn thanks!! 😊 @Sills yes!! ♥️📚♥️ 2y
Blaire @tpixie I love watermark books!! 2y
tpixie @Blaire are u in Wichita? I‘m in Hutchinson now. 2y
Blaire @tpixie hey, I used to live in Wichita. Lived there for middle and high school, but have been gone 20 (eek!) years now. 2y
tpixie @Blaire fun!! Time does fly!! 2y
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth George
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1. My brain went to my childhood, when it was probably something like Sweet Valley High. As an adult? Perhaps it's the Inspector Lynley series, by Elizabeth George (I'm caught up except for book #19).
2. I can't think of any. There are times that I read the first book in a trilogy and don't finish it out, but I'm not sure that counts.
3. I do both--probably 50/50.
4. Yes! I belong to two.

CSeydel Inspector Lynley is great! I‘ve read about 4 but keep meaning to go back and read more 2y
UnabridgedPod @CSeydel It‘s such a great series. I love that each book stands on its own, but the character arcs across the series are sooo compelling! 2y
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Great Deliverance | Elizabeth A George
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3.5 STARS - Do you have a list of authors that you're surprised you've never read before? I do. And Elizabeth George used to be on that list. Not anymore!

My full review - http://thebakingbookworm.blogspot.ca/2018/02/a-great-deliverance.html?m=1

It's only been 30 years. Better late than never, eh?


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Shopped at Paperback Exchange in Minneapolis while on a mini vacation. I love that store!!!!

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After a day and a half of not being able to read, I got into the eye doctor to check out my eye. Finally feeling semi-normal, thanks to all the different eye drops. Hoping to make it past the first chapter now! #readingwithdrawal #bookbreak #libraryreads

Joybishoptx Glad you found some relief! 3y
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This is most of my #libraryhaul for today. I also picked up the audio CD version of Victoria by Daisy Goodwin, which I started while driving around doing errands. (So far the audio is great!) Not sure where I'm going to start with this stack.
#toomanyoptions #lovethelibrary

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I've read numerous Detective Lynley novels, and even though I didn't start at the beginning of the series, I was able to pick up on the characters and their relationships without too much trouble. But this, the first of the series, really sets it up so well. Hubby didn't realize I'd read some of her books when he gave me this. He bought it because its set mostly in Yorkshire. Picture from our trip time!😄

lynneamch Beautiful picture! 3y
I-read-and-eat Beautiful! I visted York last year, such a lovely city. We were less fortunate with the weather so we don't have lovely sunny pictures like this 😊 3y
ReadingEnvy Ooh I've been to a service there! 3y
Lynnsoprano @ReadingEnvy We went to Evensong, and it was so beautiful. 3y
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"Here, the only life belonged to the sheep. They wandered free and unfenced, unfettered by the ancient dry stone walls that constructed boundaries for their fellows in the dales below."
I've been transported back to Derbyshire and Yorkshire?

rubyslippersreads Baaaaaa! 🐑🐑🐑 3y
Faibka @rubyslippersreads 😂 love it 3y
Lynnsoprano @rubyslippersreads 😂I ❤sheep. What can I say? 3y
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RealLifeReading So cute!! 3y
Lynnsoprano @RealLifeReading I love them, and we walked through lots of sheep pastures. We very quickly learned to look down at all times 😂 3y
Lynnsoprano I haven't, but it's going on the TBR. Thanks! 3y
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Not much time to read on this busy day, but I got a start on my first book of the new year.

EvieBee I loved this book! Good choice! 3y
Gleefulreader This is such a good series. 3y
LauraBrook Haven't started this series yet (I'm intimidated - they're all big books!) but it's on my list. I know they'll be good! 3y
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Hubby got the message about not giving me any books for Christmas. Tomorrow is out 45th wedding anniversary, but we generally start celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc. the evening before, and especially tonight, since I have the follow up for my sinus procedure tomorrow. I've been told it won't be comfortable, which in doctor-speak is major pain. I love Inspector Linley, and he picked one I haven't read. Looking forward to this.

KarenUK Happy anniversary... and hope your procedure goes well... 💐💕 3y
Bookzombie Happy Anniversary! I hope there is no pain or it's minimal. 🌹💞 3y
saresmoore Happy anniversary and prayers for health! 3y
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Laura317 Happy Anniversary! I hope your recovery is as pain free as possible. 3y
Godmotherx5 I had sinus surgery in February. Hang in there. You'll be surprised how fast time flies. 3y
MicheleinPhilly 45 years???? 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #LifeGoals Happy anniversary! 3y
Megabooks 🍾🍾🍾🍾 3y
minkyb Happy Anniversary! 3y
ValerieAndBooks Happy anniversary! My parents' anniversary is also on the 28th -- 54 years for them 😊. I hope your follow up goes as well as it possibly can! 3y
Cinfhen Happy Anniversary 🎉🍾💐 3y
Lizpixie Happy anniversary! Inspector Lynley is one of my favourites too. 3y
Lynnsoprano @Godmotherx5 I'm trying to concentrate on the fact that I'm feeling better now than before the procedure and that it's only going to get better. I hope😊 3y
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All right ya'll - send me your Reader Recs. Who should I be following on Litsy? Who do you follow that you love? I'm a big reader of #fantasy, #historicalfiction, and nowadays #cozymysteries. Plus anything set in Britain. So I would love to follow folks who have those same interests and post on same. #recommendareader

ocdIrene I'm liking everybody I've run across so far. People here are mostly intense about the books. I find people gradually as I read more and more comments on various posts. Sometimes I'll search by hashtag and find people new to me that way too. 3y
ScarletQuill I've been searching for fave books of mine and finding new friends that way. 3y
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I've been binge reading the Inspector Thomas Lynley series! Another newly discovered series that I truly enjoy besides Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Gamache. Elizabeth George is an American who writes very convincing British mysteries. Reminiscent of PD James' writing style. 😀👍🏼

[DELETED] 2232195534 'Be loved this series for years. Am a bit behind on it. Her more recent books are quite long. Have you seen the TV adaptations? I actually liked them pretty well. 3y
irre Elizabeth George is one of my favorites! 3y
erzascarletbookgasm @kaysreadinglife no I've not watched the tv adaptations. Sigh, there's so many series that I've started and loved but need to catch up on. So many booksss! 😄 3y
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erzascarletbookgasm @irre yes, it has just become one of my favourites, too! 😊 3y
kspenmoll Love this author.need to read her last 3 books to catch up! 3y
Lizpixie Yes! I have all of them, I started with Pursuit of the Proper Sinner, then went to a 2ndhand bookstore and bought the rest. Now I buy every new one that comes out. The last two were fantastic, & Careless in Red is one of her best. 3y
erzascarletbookgasm @Lizpixie Wow, you have all the books in the series! I've checked..there are 19 books! I need to get my hands on the other 17 books! I'll probably search for them at secondhand bookstores too. @kspenmoll Happy reading! I'm loving this author, too :) 3y
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Definitely wouldn't have finished as many books this month without #24in48.

Sue Well done!! 3y
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I bought all these books for $2.00. Now please tell me some of them are good reads?

Karkar Basket case and the poisonwood bible are the only two I have read and they were both good 3y
Mdargusch Good to know @Karkar 3y
Reviewsbylola You definitely got your money's worth. 3y
readinginthedark I've heard Ethan Frome is fantastic! I DNFed Tess of the D'Urbervilles. 😕 3y
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I got to meet Elizabeth George yesterday! She gave a wonderful talk about her writing process and was as gracious with me - a new reader of the Lynley series - as she was with the super fans.

MrBook Lucky you! 😁👍🏻 3y
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