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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: A Novel | Michael Chabon
In 1939 New York City, Joe Kavalier, a refugee from Hitler's Prague, joins forces with his Brooklyn-born cousin, Sammy Clay, to create comic-book superheroes inspired by their own fantasies, fears, and dreams. By the author of Wonder Boys and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Reprint.
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Doing #ManicMonday on a Friday, like a rebel.

Book: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon

Author: Katherine Addison

Show: Angel

Singer: Tori Amos

Song: don‘t make me choose between Achilles‘ Last Stand (Led Zeppelin) and All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix‘s version). Ain‘t happening.

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Thanks @alwaysbeenaloverofbooks for this great challenge idea and thanks @meshell1313 for encouraging me to join!

“Never worry about what you are escaping from,” he said. “Reserve your anxieties for what you are escaping to.”

#alphabetgame #letterA

Meshell1313 Yay! Great pick! Can‘t wait to see what else you decide on next! (edited) 2mo
Onioons @Meshell1313 thanks again, enjoying this even if it's often hard to choose just one 🤔 2mo
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A few days late, but I finally had a chance to finish updating this. Another month of lots of audio! The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay was a clear favorite for July.

July #BookSpinBingo #ReadingStats #MonthlyStats

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This was a fun listen, with some literal laugh out loud moments, but also well balanced with a serious story. I was a little nervous going in as I realized it was a reasonably long audio very much about comic books and WWII, but I was soon completely invested in the characters and their stories. This is one I would consider a gem from the 1001 list and hope to revisit someday in print.

#audiobook #1001books
#Reading1001 #TBRTakedown July 2022

Daisey I‘ve listened to this one off and on the last week or so during lots of farm jobs, including today while picking blackberries and watering sweet corn. #BooksOnTheFarm 3mo
Karisa I loved that book too! Except that one weird chapter (Antarctica) left me scratching my head 😂 3mo
sarahbellum One of my absolute favorites! 💖 3mo
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Daisey @Karisa It was so good, but yes that was a bit of a strange chapter! 3mo
Daisey @sarahbellum so good! 📚 💕 3mo
AlaMich This is one of my very favorites! 3mo
Daisey @AlaMich It‘s definitely one of my favorites so far this year! 3mo
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I remember when, last fall, I found a copy of my grandfather‘s Sensation Comics #1, featuring the very first cover and second appearance of Wonder Woman, in my uncle‘s basement. It got me on the trajectory of getting into the comic book world, and even after myself and my family got $11,500 for that book and three others, I still love the comic book world. Such is the joy Chabon‘s novel has brought me. Every sentence crafted with care. Glorious.


This was a fantastic book and worthy of every piece of praise it has received 😃 I was hoping for a saga that would sweep me up and this book did not disappoint. A no question five star read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Treated myself to a Half Price Books spree for my birthday last Tuesday 🙌 After reading “The Magnolia Palace” by Fiona Davis I had to get my hands on some more of her books 😍 And the Michael Chabon book got my attention on the shelf, and it sounds good!! I think that‘s the one I‘m going to dive into next 👍

BookBabe I enjoyed The Masterpiece when I read it a few years ago. The other 2 look interesting! 8mo
sarahbellum The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is one of my absolute favorites! 😍 (edited) 8mo
Aims42 @BookBabe Yay!! It‘s great to hear you enjoyed The Masterpiece 🙌🤩 8mo
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Aims42 @sarahbellum I love hearing that!!! Thank you for sharing! Reading the summary and the reviews online it felt like I was meant to find this book today 😊 8mo
BethM I really like the masterpiece. Lions is good but slower. Check out The Dollhouse by her! 8mo
Aims42 @BethM Ooo I will, thank you! 😍 8mo
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Thank you so much @babyruth2510 for the amazing #bestof2021 package I love the books you picked and the extra goodies and the card is so cute too! I‘ll be making that cookie skillet later while I‘m snowed in today. Can‘t wait to read and use everything! Thanks for the thoughtful gifts! @candority

candority That cookie skillet looks so good 🤤 9mo
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I wasn‘t expecting to love this book, but I was completely fascinated by the stories of Joe and Sammy. So detailed and rich with absolutely brilliant writing—I loved the real-life historical elements, the setting, the whimsical and magical details, the Jewish lore, the family bonds and the love, and omg the humor! This book is so funny and touching and just damn near perfect. The audio is good, but I preferred the print.


sprainedbrain This was my #JewishMainCharacter book for #Booked2021 as well. 9mo
sarahbellum One of my absolute favorites. I recommend this book to everyone I talk books with ❤️ 9mo
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I‘m enjoying this book so much, especially when it almost makes my pee my pants laughing. 😂

vivastory This is one of my all time favorites 9mo
sprainedbrain @vivastory I can see why! 9mo
Chrissyreadit Another one on my IRL TBR. 9mo
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Day 69.
Here I will note 365 books (or as many as I will have before I get tired) that have shaped my taste in literature. No explanations, no reviews. Just the cover of the book.
I do not challenge anyone. You are all welcome to take part.

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#JulyJourneys Day 30 #FriendshipDay
@Eggs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

A lifelong friendship formed when 2 cousins met in extraordinary circumstances. This book still stays with me many years after I read it.

Eggs 🥰📚👏🏻📖 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ 1y
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Fine. If he won‘t move I‘ll use him as a table.

Leftcoastzen 😃🐶 1y
SamAnne I almost bought this used last week. Do you recommend? 1y
Christinak @SamAnne I picked this copy up years ago at a library book sale. I finally have decided to finally work on reading all these books I bought years ago - I think the sheer size of this had me set aside until I had the time to tackle it. I started this yesterday and am now about a third of the way through. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. 1y
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This is such a cool new (I think) feature! I just looked up the tagged book on Google, and it came back with not just options to buy, but borrowing options too! Love it!

(I own, have read, and LOVED the book, but just needed to confirm something. Highly recommend it if you haven't read it!)

Hestapleton Check out the Library Extension for Google Chrome! You sync your library card(s) with it and shows you if a book is available at your library on Amazon, goodreads, etc. 2y
mrp27 That is a cool option! 2y
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Random #shelfie of one of my favourite collections. I loves me some Chabon!

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Day 27 - #Amazing #WordsOfOctober
#TheAmazingAdventuresOfKavalierAndClay #MichaelChabon

This book is on the 1001 books to read before you die list. I own a copy but have not read it yet.

OriginalCyn620 📚👍🏻📚 2y
Julsmarshall Same! 2y
EadieB @Julsmarshall Looks like we need to read it soon! 2y
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Vibrant Historical fiction. What does the golem of Prague have to do w the rise of comics? This NYC story covers much fascinating ground. I m not even a comic book lover. Dazzling like it says on the cover. #historicalfiction #newyorkcity #comicbookheroes

Centique I loved this so much. I tried a more recent one of his and didn‘t love it (Moonglow) but I must try some others. 2y
Gogobooks Agree. This was strongest. Also love books set in NYC. Bought telegraph avenue to try. 2y
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Perfect Saturday afternoon, though my plant feels a bit like me— hot, dehydrated, and overstretched.

Rereading this.
Forgot how much I loved it. Now that I‘ve become more of a comics fan I have an even greater appreciation

Nute This book was very well-liked by my book club! 2y
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Reading while my kids are playing in the backyard. It is 69F today! Amazing for August!

My main book club is reading books with the theme “mask” this month. I‘m rereading this one—- haven‘t picked it up in ten years or so? I forgot how much I loved it.

Any other books spring to mind with masks on the cover or masks as a theme?

vivastory This is such a great book! Another mask book 2y
rachelm @vivastory oh excellent suggestion!! I just reread that a few months ago. 2y
rachelm @marleed totally!! I‘ve never actually read it but I should. 2y
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I'm so thankful to @TheAromaofBooks for #BookSpinBonanza because I've been reading so many books that have been on my TBR forever.

This book was a bit of a slow burn for me, but it all comes together in one epic story of friendship, love, and comics. 😁 The resilience of the characters is inspirational.

This was my first Michael Chabon read, but I'll definitely try others now.

TheAromaofBooks Great review & I'm so glad you are getting some books checked off!!! 2y
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This one won‘t grab you from the beginning. I started it and put it down a few times, but once I committed it got better as it went on. By the end I was invested in the characters and could have listened to their story for another 26+ hours. This isn‘t my favorite Pulitzer winner, but it‘s one I‘ll remember. Overall rating: 4.39 stars

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Been waiting to start thia one for a long time.

Demibom Welcome to litsy 3y
Moonshine76 Thanks 3y
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Showtime will be making this a series!https://news.avclub.com/michael-chabon-bringing-kavalier-clay-adaptation-to-s-1840343891

fleeting Omg I loved this book since college 3y
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DAY 30 #Amazing | This is an amazing, doorstopper of an adventure. Loved it!

Thanks for a good run, Cindy! 🤗 I wish I had participated more often.


Cinfhen This book is STILL on my TBR and giving me the stink eye 👁 I loved your posts❣️❣️❣️Always so thoughtful and interesting. Thanks for adding so many books to my TBR 😁📚♥️ (edited) 3y
britt_brooke @Cinfhen 🤗🤗🤗 3y
Reviewsbylola Nora Ephron mentions this one in her book that I just finished so it‘s funny you just posted about it! 3y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola I love when books/posts overlap. 💚 3y
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Thank you to Cindy for hosting so many #amazing monthly challenges. I haven‘t always participated as much as I‘d like, but I love seeing everyone‘s different takes on the prompts . Always impressed by the wit, intelligence, and humor of the posters. #movember

Cinfhen I agree, the amount of creative, thoughtful posts were simply #Amazing!!! It‘s been a great run and I‘ve enjoyed every minute 😘 3y
britt_brooke I picked this, too, but I was super late to post. 😆 Great choice! 3y
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Billypar Nice! I have a different cover for this that I was considering posting for one of mine. 3y
bookandbedandtea @Billypar It's really fun to see all the different covers that are out there. 😊 3y
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Book Haul part 2. Just waiting for three more books.📚

Ruthiella WOW 😮😀😍! 3y
TheSpineView Awesome! 😍 3y
SW-T Nice haul! Liked Orphan Train and Factfulness. Happy reading 😊📚 3y
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A fascinating walk through the golden age of comics in America during World War II. The book follows two cousins as they create the character “The Escapist”. A fascinating story, though a bit slow a times.

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1. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, The Essex Serpent
2. I just finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
3. The Gormenghast Novels

rachelsbrittain Thanks for joining in 💜 3y
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This one took me forever to read, but man, it was so worth the time investment. Just a really incredible story about two cousins who get famous in the comic book industry during the Golden Age, but it‘s also so much more than that.

Hopefully I can get back on track with life now. (Also major apologies to @Mynameisacolour for taking forever to write you back. I promise I haven‘t forgotten you!!)

HeathHof @Elfylucille it's all good! Happy Easter. 🐣 3y
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#Wonderwall makes me think of the character Seth Cohen from the TV show The O.C - and Seth‘s starter pack - “We‘ve got Death Cab, we‘ve got Bright Eyes, we‘ve got The Shins. we‘ve got Kavalier and Clay. And we‘ve got Goonies. It‘s not just for kids, Ryan. It‘s not. I don‘t care what they tell you.”


Cinfhen My daughter loved the OC! Love the word association going on 🙌🏻❣️ 4y
Mdargusch I loved OC! I miss that show. 4y
Reviewsbylola Love this! 4y
emilyhaldi Ha!! Love this! 4y
writerlibrarian Californiaaaaaa 4y
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#ImmigrantSong | Because, Joe Kavalier‘s unique trek to NYC. It‘s a chunkster, but worth every second.

📷: bigappledreamimg

ferskner Thank you for getting this song in my head. :) 4y
jmtrivera It's a great book! 4y
Cinfhen It‘s still sitting on my shelf ~ #pagecountphobia 4y
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britt_brooke @Cinfhen I listened to it on audio, but it was crazy long. I often have #pagecountphobia too. 😱 4y
britt_brooke @ferskner 👂🏻🐛 4y
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If you like magic, New York City, the 1940s, or comic books, then you need to read this one. The story follows the lives of two friends and comic book co-creators. Chabon's characters are eccentric, flawed, and lovable.

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Michael Chabon was born in May '63, not #December1963 The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is easily one of my favorite reads of the year. I will definitely be reading more of his work next year!
@Cinfhen @TrishB

TrishB I seem to have stacked this - though doesn‘t look my sort of thing at all. Someone must have done a stellar review! 4y
vivastory @TrishB It's fantastic, even if you don't care for comics. The characters are the real attraction. 4y
Cinfhen I own it but haven‘t yet read... I did read & really liked this book by Chabon 4y
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Suet624 Chabon 💕💕 And this book. 💕 4y
vivastory @Cinfhen What app do you use for the graphic for the photo challenges? 4y
Cinfhen I usually use pic collage😊can‘t wait to see your playlist 🙌🏻 4y
vivastory @Cinfhen I'm pretty excited! I'm going to create a Spotify list for it. 4y
Cinfhen Even better 🖤🎶🤟🏽 4y
britt_brooke I read this in January and it‘s one of my best of the year as well! I keep meaning to read the The Escapist comic by Brian K Vaughan. Have you checked it out? 4y
vivastory @britt_brooke I have it, but haven't read it yet. I'm planning on doing so soon. I'll need it while Saga is on hiatus. I think I asked you before, but have you read his 4y
vivastory @britt_brooke It's fantastic 4y
britt_brooke @vivastory I have it, too. 😆 Not sure what I‘m waiting on. I haven‘t read Private Eye, but it looks good - thanks! #stacked 4y
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@DoonTheGoon I love the coasters!!! Do you have an Etsy shop? Did you make the envelope? (Swoon!) I love all things paper crafty- and- have never woven but am so excited with the opportunity to try it out 🎉✨🎊This was an excellent swap- thank you 🙏 so much!
Thank you @LibrarianRyan for this #makerswap 😘

Avanders Oh my gosh it's the 15th!! 🤭 4y
DoonTheGoon Oh hooray I am SO happy you like your stuff. I must apologise because I realized the part of the swap that everything should be "themed" AFTER I'd sent your box. Oops. ? Maybe next time!!! Anyway... I do have an Etsy however it's currently "dormant" because all of my business is currently with local retailers. 4y
Chrissyreadit @DoonTheGoon I hope it reopens 🤞Also- I am an eclectic kind of girl so this was perfect!!!! 4y
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DoonTheGoon Oh and I did do the lettering on the envelope! I did a few swaps with these real wood envelopes and loved hand-writing everyone's names!!! 4y
Chrissyreadit @DoonTheGoon I love the envelope! I am going to hang it in my office or on my office door❤️ at the clinic where I work. 4y
DoonTheGoon @Chrissyreadit Hooray! I am so happy you're happy. I was so stressed about missing the theme part of the swap. Phew. Enjoy!!! 4y
LeahBergen Wow!!! What beautiful crafts! 😮 4y
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen yes! @DoonTheGoon is so talented! This is a great swap! @LibrarianRyan will host it again if you are interested. 4y
LibrarianRyan Yeahhhhhhh. I will host again in the spring. 😀 4y
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I read this book a couple years ago and loved it. Set against the Golden Age of comic books, the story spans through the years and the world, which is changing fast around the two cousins. If you like historical novels, superhero comics, and interesting and nuanced characters, this is a real fun book to read.


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I just received this in the mail. How rad is this?!

britt_brooke 😍😍😍 4y
Suet624 Beautiful! 4y
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There were plenty of rockets in the Golden Age comics, & although technically they were cousins, Joe Kavalier & Sammy Clay became as close as brothers.
@Cinfhen @Kalalalatja

Cinfhen I haven‘t read your tagged book but I did think of Moonglow because Chabon‘s grandfather was OBSESSED with rocketry 😆 4y
vivastory @Cinfhen I almost used Moonglow. I haven't read it yet but I heard that the inspiration for it was an ad featuring a rocket. I really can't recommend Adventures of Kavalier etc highly enough. It's a chunkster, but immensely rewarding. I think of it frequently. 4y
Cinfhen Kav & Clay are on my TBR and I really liked Moonglow but it‘s not for everyone. I think you‘d like it, Scott. If I ever get my copy back I‘ll send it to you but my aunt “borrowed” it 2 years ago and I‘m still waiting for her to finish it🙄 4y
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TheAnitaAlvarez This book is so good! 4y
vivastory @Cinfhen Thanks so much for the offer, but I own a copy. Just need to find time to read it! Hope she remembers to return it to you. 😬😂 4y
Kalalalatja I really want to read the tagged book! I did get Moonglow from the library at some point @Cinfhen but for some reason, I never read it 🤷‍♀️ 4y
vivastory @Kalalalatja Kavalier & Clay is one of those books that once you start, all you want to do is read it. It's definitely one of the best books I've read this year! 4y
Kalalalatja Ooooh, now I want to read it even more! 4y
Moray_Reads @Kalalalatja I second @vivstory, it's incredible. And Moonglow is possibly my favourite Chabon of all ❤️ 4y
Kalalalatja @Moray_Reads I‘ll have to give it a chance! 4y
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11 of the 21 books my mom got me for my 21st birthday 👀❤

LittlePixels You have an awesome mom! 😍 4y
LittlePixels And happy birthday! 🎉🎂 📚 4y
Eryn_Sutton @LittlePixels Haha, thank you so much :) 4y
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zzz Happy birthday🤘🏼 4y
booksaremyfavorite Happy Birthday! 4y
CaliforniaCay Happy birthday! 🎉🎉 no gift better than the gift of books! 4y
Eryn_Sutton @CaliforniaCay Very true! & thank you ☺ 4y
tammysue Happy Birthday!! 🎉 🍰😊 4y
saresmoore What a great gift! Happy birthday! 4y
LoverofLit Happy birthday! ❤❤ 4y
Eryn_Sutton @LoverofLit Thank you ☺ 4y
DivineDiana What a fantastic gift!!! Wishing you a wonderful year! 👏🏻🎉📚 (edited) 4y
Eryn_Sutton @DivineDiana I thought so :) & Wishing you a great year, too! 4y
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“With patience and calm, persistence and stoicism, good handwriting and careful labeling, they would meet persecution, indignity, and hardship head-on.” (This is to become my teaching slogan!)

LiteraryLona Hey lady! I‘m just checking to make sure you got your Harry Potter gift exchange package from me! :) 4y
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This has been sitting on my shelf for years - I‘m finally going to read it!

Sweettartlaura You‘ll be so glad you did 😍 4y
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Hoping to finally finish this one during a little weekend getaway. I started this on 5/19, and I‘m enjoying It immensely, but it‘s definitely going #despacito 😛 Storms were predicted to wash out the entire day but so far so good. Beautiful day but hot AF #bookandcoffee #morningreading #heatofjuly @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

MayJasper Fabulous view. Due you live near those great lakes? 4y
Lola @MayJasper Just a little over 2 hours away. I live in Chicago near Lake Michigan-this is in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. 4y
sprainedbrain Figures, I‘m in Chicago and you‘re not! 😂 4y
See All 8 Comments
Lola @sprainedbrain Oh man!!!! How long are you in town? This is a short trip-maybe we can still connect? 🤞🏻 4y
sprainedbrain @Lola it was only a one night trip... we were at Harry Styles last night. At Union Station now heading home soon. 😃 4y
Lola @sprainedbrain Next time! Have a good trip home! 4y
BarbaraBB This looks perfect. Enjoy 💜 4y
Cinfhen Looks like a gorgeous spot!! Hope you enjoyed 4y
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I adore Michale Chabon‘s writing. One of the main characters at a dreaded party really feels like he‘s being “introduced into a cursed circle of jabber and jazz.” 😂

GatheringBooks lovely nails!! :) 4y
My_novel_obsession Love your nail color! 4y
Lola @GatheringBooks Thank you :) @Anovelobsession It‘s OPI Big Apple Red-very appropriate for this book set in NYC :) 🍎 4y
Suet624 Jabber and jazz. Love it. An introvert‘s nightmare. 4y
BookaholicNatty I just found one of Michael Chabon others books The Yiddish Policemen‘s Union yesterday and I can‘t wait to read it and then I want to read this one next! Have heard wonderful things about his books! (edited) 4y
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Only 70 pages in and I'm loving this one! It's not what I expected but I'm really digging Chabon's writing.

BookwormM This is an amazing book 4y
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Earlier this week, I was wearing my winter coat. Today‘s weather could not be a more perfect if it tried for my before-work reading in one of my favorite spots. Even the bees are cooperating. #morningreading #Chicago

C.Perone Beautiful reading spot!! 4y
Lola @C.Perone Definitely a fave-as long as the bees behave 🐝 4y
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Starting this one tonight! It‘s one that I hate to admit I‘ve never read!

Prairiegirl_reading I‘ve had it on my tbr shelf for years. 😕 4y
GeekGrl82 It's very good, but large in scope. Stick with it. 4y
Lola I just started it this week! Been in the TBR forever 🙄 4y
ju.ca.no I‘ve had my eyes on this for years! I heard really great things and should really make time for it😅 4y
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I've reached a particularly heartbreaking part of this book, and I fear what will come next. 😢 I need a hug. 😭

Chrissyreadit {❤️} 😁 4y
Leniverse @Chrissyreadit Thank you! 🤧 4y
BookwormM Hug 🤗 great book 4y
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