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A Gentle Madness
A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books | Nicholas A. Basbanes
The passion to possess books has never been more widespread than it is today; indeed, obsessive book collecting remains the only hobby to have a disease named after it. A Gentle Madness, finalist for the 1995 National Book Critics Circle award, is an adventure among the afflicted. Richly anecdotal and fully documented, it combines the perspective of historical research with the immediacy of investigative journalism. Above all, it is a celebration of books and the people who have revered, gathered, and preserved them over the centuries.
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1. Nathaniel Hawthorne and Anne Perry
2. Which of their own works they liked the best
3. About 250 physical books, about 5,000 ebooks

@Eggs #wondrouswednesday @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great question!! Thank you for the tag 💗 1mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in 💗🤗👏🏻 1mo
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Day 5 of #GratefulReads is #nonfiction. Here are some interesting books from my shelves: Nancy Drew, Constantinople, books in history, WWII, and a polymath in search of Atlantis. Looking forward to reading these.
@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

OriginalCyn620 🙌🏼📚❤️ 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The one in the middle is a chunkster!! 🙌🏻 1mo
QuietlyLaura @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The middle book, A Gentle Madness, comes in at 638 pages! It‘s chock full of bookish history goodness! ☺️ 1mo
batsy A lovely stack! 1mo
Lcsmcat @QuietlyLaura And it‘s lovely too! 1mo
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#Day2 #7Days7Covers #Covercrush #Coverlove

To play along just post a picture of a book cover you love, no explanation required. If you‘d like tag someone else who you think would have fun with this. 😊

LeahBergen This is such a great read. 👍🏻 2mo
CoffeeCatsBooks Wonderful book and cover! 💕 2mo
DivineDiana I have this book! 2mo
Palimpsest @LeahBergen @CoffeeCatsBooks @DivineDiana Confession, I haven‘t read this book yet although I‘ve had it a long time, but I do love the cover with the Book Fool. I will definitely get to it soon especially with the praise you have all given! 😊 2mo
DivineDiana Also still on the TBR! 😉 2mo
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Thanks to @Amanda61 for the great #staycationintimeswap package. I'll have a good time opening my gifts!

#staycationintimeswap #sits @Chrissyreadit

Chrissyreadit 🥰❤️👏 4mo
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Oh yeah, like we need more books!📚📚📚📚📚

AmyG Psssst...you do. 6mo
rather_be_reading 👏👏 6mo
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The bibliophile passion can drive people to criminal extremes, running the gamut from the five finger discount to stabbing a colleague for spoiling the plot of a book. Thankfully most of us are blessed with a gentle madness & the extent of our unruliness is piles of unread books. Despite what our non-reading loved ones may say there's really no need for #rehab
@Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen

emilyhaldi Ha!! Love this. My husband would definitely insist that some rehab might be needed for my addiction, but I will continue to ignore him ☺️ 8mo
vivastory @emilyhaldi That's a solid plan! 👏 There's much worse addictions. 8mo
Cinfhen Totally agreeing with @emilyhaldi my daughter already told me I have a “book problem and should probably seek help” 😂😂I told her, she may be right😊 8mo
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batsy @Cinfhen Tell her that's what Litsy is for... A support group 😂😂❤️ 8mo
Cinfhen That‘s brilliant @batsy 😂😂😂but I‘m pretty sure Niki thinks EVERYONE on Litsy is part of my problem, not the solution 😉 8mo
Kalalalatja I think my bf would be great friends with Niki and @emilyhaldi ‘s husband 😂😂😂 @Cinfhen he still can‘t get over the fact that people who have never met send books to each other across the world 8mo
Palimpsest Ah, the book fool on the front of this book is such a great image. 8mo
Cinfhen Exactly @Kalalalatja Niki has a hard time processing that concept as well 😆 8mo
Mdargusch Ah yes, not many people get my reading and my Litsy friends. 8mo
Reviewsbylola This is so true. 😆 8mo
emilyhaldi LOL @Kalalalatja are the boyfriends of the world wrong? Or are WE actually nuts?! Who's to say 😆😜 8mo
Kalalalatja Definitely the boyfriends‘ who‘ve got it all wrong @emilyhaldi 😂 Maybe they just need to discover the joy of #LitsyMail 😜 8mo
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Spent the last few days in huge fights to try & get real estate agents to do things like spell my name correctly on our lease, which they‘re refusing to do. I also have no idea where most of my stuff is (somewhere in India, the movers are delaying 😭😡😭) but we did the “scouting” trip to move the kitties and I will confess that much of that luggage was books! These are hiding in Mr GaD‘s office cupboards and make me inordinately happy!!!! 😊😊😊

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m so sorry you are going through this, I hope things start moving soon...and in the right direction. 8mo
Crazeedi I hope everything gets resolved quickly! 8mo
Chrissyreadit Hope it gets easier quickly. 8mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Riveted_Reader_Melissa thanks!! I‘m hoping it all resolves over the weekend but 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 8mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Crazeedi @Chrissyreadit - thanks !!!! 😊😊😊😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊 8mo
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#MarchIntoThe70s #WhatAFoolBelieves This fool believes that if she finds good books cheap at book sales that her shelves will magically expand to hold them all.😂🙄

Cinfhen You could have dumber beliefs 😜😜keep shopping!!!!! 8mo
gradcat 😂🤣😂 Here‘s to willing your bookshelves to magically expand! 🤞🏼 (edited) 8mo
Leftcoastzen @Cinfhen You little enabler!😁 8mo
Leftcoastzen Bring on the magic @gradcat 8mo
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My final #24in48 time. I read 70 pages of a Manguel, Game of Thrones in its entirety & Revival volumes 2-5. My favorite was GoT. Mixing in a lot of graphic novels really helped me make it the full 24 hours. I'm calling this a success!

parttimedomestic Great job! 🎉🎉🎉 10mo
cariashley Wow well done!!! 10mo
Melissa_J Nicely done!! 10mo
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Bookzombie 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 10mo
megzlynn Good job! But I feel like I must warn you that Game of Thrones and the entirety of the series is addictive. 😂 10mo
Jas16 🙌🏽🎉📚🥳 10mo
Traci1 Congrats! My daughter read Game of Thrones for her readathon too. 10mo
hes7 Yay! 🎉 10mo
Bookish.SAM Congrats!!!🎉 10mo
sprainedbrain Awesome! 🎉🎉🎉 10mo
Kalalalatja Well done Scott! 10mo
Megabooks 🎊🎊🎉🎉👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳📚📚 10mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 10mo
britt_brooke Excellent!! 10mo
rohit-sawant Niice! 10mo
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I have my 2019 New Year's Resolution!
Thanks for a great month @TrishB @Cinfhen

Tamra I‘m torn between sleep & books. 11mo
Cinfhen I have to agree 💯 11mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Same here! 11mo
JazzFeathers Happy New Year. May it be filled with wonderful stories! 11mo
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If I was to stop checking books out from the library, as well as to stop buying books, I might be able to read through all my unread piles in #7Years
Don't hold your breath.
@Cinfhen @Kalalalatja

Kalalalatja Ha, good one! 😂😂😂 1y
Cinfhen OMG!!! That picture makes me sooooo happy 😁I‘m joining @valeriegeary this month and ONLY reading what I already own ~ feel free to join us #ReadWhatYouOwn 1y
julesG I'm so glad I'm not alone with piles like yours. @Cinfhen - I've tried to #ReadWhatYouOwn (what I own) for the past four months. I'm not counting pre-orders I've made ages ago. 1y
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Cinfhen How‘s it going!!! @julesG 1y
Cinfhen And pre-orders totally count as owning!!!! 1y
julesG @Cinfhen Going good. Yes, I bought second hand books in between, but most are in German and for the kids. The few English ones I bought are either for swaps, presents or DIY books. 1y
julesG @Cinfhen also, as part of my #MountTBRchallenge I want to read 150 books that have been on my TBR/physical/digital shelves prior to 2018. I've read about 80 already and am very proud of this achievement. 1y
LeahBergen Wow! 😮 1y
Hooked_on_books If you figure out how to do it, let me in on the secret! I‘ve managed to keep myself from the library, but I‘m incapable of not buying more books. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1y
Tanisha_A My eyes, my eyes! 😍 1y
SharonGoforth Looks like my house! 😬. I don‘t let that stop me, though 😊. #nosuchthingastoomanybooks 1y
saresmoore Haha! I hear that! 1y
readordierachel I see nothing wrong with this 😆 1y
Moray_Reads Oh my! 😳 I'm jealous! 1y
MrBook So much like my own home! *wipes away a tear of joy* 11mo
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RadicalReader @vivastory no better or more accurate depiction of a bookworm 1y
Bookwomble This is my curse! 1y
CoffeeNBooks I love this one!! 1y
Trashcanman Oh totally! Lol too funny. Tha KS for playing 1y
Eggs Yep 1y
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DivaDiane 😂 Pretend to have read! I think I might actually have a few of those. But mostly they are just unread. 1y
ephemeralwaltz 😂😂 1y
Trashcanman Oh shit that's like me! Lol 1y
Suet624 Oh boy. That‘s perfect. 1y
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Trashcanman Oh this is too funny! Lol. 🙂 1y
SledgeReader Nice! 1y
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rather_be_reading 😍😍 1y
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Ah, that explains it!

Pickels437 LOVE!!! 2y
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#OldCoolBooks @Linsy posted this great photo challenge and giveaway .Check her original post for details. A great excuse to look through my oldies and have some fun!

Linsy 🙏 2y
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Eggs Yep 👍🏼 😊 2y
Ddzmini Yes 😂 2y
rohit-sawant 😂 2y
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Someone doesn‘t want me to read... 🤷‍♀️ #catsoflitsy

Alfoster Awwww😍! 2y
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Was SO excited .... until I realized they were all income tax reports. Yeah, thanks but no thanks!!! (At a furniture/ antiques area in Mumbai looking for a wooden folding screen to keep the kitties apart when they‘re finally at “visual greeting” stage in a few weeks). Clearly, I was focused...🤦🏻‍♀️

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What do you do when you go to a Literature Festival then realize you‘ve got an internal transit with a really small luggage limit ....? Courier them home 😊😊😊😊😊

BookishMarginalia I like your problem solving skills! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @BookishMarginalia I am VERY glad I did.... rickshaws up steep cobbles are NOT great for that many books! 😊😊😊 2y
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The last 2 hours were rough, but I powered through! #24in48

britt_brooke 😲👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
LeahBergen Cuz you‘re a little trooper!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
jbhops Congratulations! 2y
See All 28 Comments
Eyelit 👏🎉👏🎉👏 2y
DGRachel Great job! 🎉🎉 2y
pppooraikul Wow! That‘s impressive! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2y
merelybookish Nice work! 2y
Leftcoastzen 😃 Yay! 2y
batsy Well done! 2y
GarthRanzz Congrats! 👍 2y
cocomass Wow!! 😮 congratulations!🎊🎉🎈 🍾 2y
tysephine Ahhhhh! Congrats!! 2y
drokka 🙌 2y
bookish_wookish Woo Hoo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job! 👏🏻👏🏻📚📚🎉🎉 2y
LibrarianJen Congrats! 🎉 2y
JessClark78 🎊🎉🎊🎉📚 2y
catebutler So awesome!! Great job!! 🎉🎉 2y
saresmoore Yeah! Totally crushed it! 2y
JacqMac Yay!🎉 2y
NCNY 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 2y
Kalalalatja Well done 👏👏👏 2y
Eggs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Moray_Reads *does a happy dance* well done, it was great, you did great 2y
vivastory @Moray_Reads Thank you 🤗 2y
Librarybelle Congratulations! 2y
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In the home stretch.

TricksyTails 👏😁🤘📚 Go! Go! Go! 2y
Kalalalatja Almost there!! 👏👏👏👏 2y
catebutler So close!! 👏🏼 2y
See All 8 Comments
GrilledCheeseSamurai Nicely done. 🍻👊🍻 2y
LeahBergen Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
LazyOwl Keep going 2y
ephemeralwaltz Nice!🌟👌🌟👌 2y
Moray_Reads Good luck on you're last couple of hours. I'm switching off now but I'm still rooting for you ✊😪😴 2y
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It begins!

TricksyTails I decided to participate! 🙌🤓 2y
Kalalalatja Woohoo! 2y
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You‘re in Jaipur, at a Mughal palace. After the monkeys, elephants and “wow, look at that”, I ask you, what else am I going to do? (Go into bookstore. Get annoyed at the STUPID AND RIDICULOUS prices in bookstore. Also get annoyed at self for being silly enough to be annoyed that a book store in a tourist area is price gouging. Remember I live in this country and MY DATA WORKS SO TAKE THAT....! Google better bookstores and resolve to go there). 😊

LA_Mead Cool sign though! Too bad the prices were crazy! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @LA_Mead true... they did have a cool sign!! (They had just about doubled the RRP of a guide book I *know* is a Jaipur standard! So very grouchy!!) 2y
LA_Mead @GlassAsDiamonds aw that‘s too bad... 2y
See All 8 Comments
UrsulaMonarch Sorry this was irritating, but thanks for posting- I am loving vicarious travels, and this is a cool window into a different space for me! 😁 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @Lkelly 😊😊😊 thank you! Sometimes I‘m not sure whether to post (fun vs obnoxious!). I shall go with fun & keep posting 2y
UrsulaMonarch @GlassAsDiamonds definitely! Thanks in advance for future fun posts!! 😊 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @UrsulaMonarch 😊😊😊 this time, there are monkeys! 2y
UrsulaMonarch @GlassAsDiamonds !!! Thanks for the tag - & I'm hoping for no dr visits!! 🐒🐒🐒 2y
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1. Many places! I do have a reading nook filled with bookcases and stuffed animals too 🐘
2. Either. Drove myself nuts at Christmas looking for a receipt I‘d used as a bookmark
3. End of chapter is best but the end of the sentence will do in a pinch
4. Frequently both
5. Not unless my hubs insists
6. Several in various formats
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. Heavens no! That‘s a heresy
10. I keep it nicely
11. No way
12. @Ashley31 @Samwise_Gamgee

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He started it. 😬

BookishBron 😂 2y
DGRachel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 2y
valeriegeary 😂😂😂 2y
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emilyhaldi 🤣😂🤣 2y
Lwiesman 😂 2y
Graciouswarriorprincess 👍🏻😉😆😜🤣 2y
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 2y
Litlady Love it‼️ 😎😹😹🤘📚 2y
TheLibrarian 😂😂😂 2y
Drnkpnkprincess 😂😂😂😈😜 2y
Bria God I wish my hubby was on litsy so I could tag him in this! 😂😂 (edited) 2y
britt_brooke 😆👏🏻 2y
KaatjeH 😂😂 2y
EllieDottie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 2y
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Looking for #recommendations! What are your favorite books about books? It could be fiction or nonfiction. It could be about #bookcollectors, #libraries, #bookbinding, #bibliomaniacs, #bookshops, or anything related.

I had to add a picture to this post so here is a stack of books chilling on the floor, waiting to move to my new apartment. 😊

twohectobooks This one is about a woman who interviews a famous author about her life story and secrets. 2y
twohectobooks And this one involves the “Cemetery Of Forgotten Books” and a very twisty plot. 2y
See All 6 Comments
Megara Thank you @collegecatlady and @twohectobooks ! I added your recommendations to my to-read shelf. 2y
Megara @twohectobooks I looooved The Thirteenth Tale. 2y
twohectobooks Woo! I liked that one better than Shadow of the Wind, but SotW is still quite fun. 2y
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Cozy bedtime story #selfie. Snow and ice outside. Candles and hot cocoa inside.

post image

Me: I really should put some of these books away.

Also me: But I‘m reading them!!!!



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“Book collectors, he stated categorically—and he was including himself—‘are buzzards who stretch their wings in anticipation as they wait patiently for a colleague‘s demise; then they swoop down and ghoulishly grab some long-covered treasure from the dear departed‘s trove.‘”

post image

Ahh... #booksIalmostbought 😊😊😊😊 (taking a break from the storage unit sorting to wander through one of my favourite bookstores being Dymocks George St. I wandered out with a scary stack of books, mainly gardening and non-fiction. Now, back to errands. Someone tell me when the “holiday” begins ???

BarbaraTheBibliophage That looks glorious! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @BarbaraTheBibliophage happy place!! 😊😊😊 2y
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This is normal after a trip home, right? 😉😉😉 (when you‘re an expat Living somewhere with limited releases in certain genres, massively delayed releases in others and abysmal Amazon.... you do what you gotta do!!). The top is a calendar that was cut off in the crop... 😉

#bookhaul #expat

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If you are looking for a curse to for your library to prevent stealing, let monks be your inspiration.

post image

When I feel bad about the books on my shelves, I remind myself that at least I am not violating building codes... yet 😹

LeahBergen I maaaayyy be violating building codes. 😂 2y
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Happy National Book Lovers Day to all my fellow Littens! Here's a portion from my mystery bookshelves.
#NationalBookLoversDay #BookLoversDay #shelfie #mystery

LauraBrook 😍😍😍😍😍 2y
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1. An Australian expat in Mumbai, India
2. I'm going with all three of the ACOTAR books. While not the best books I've read, they broke a post-intercontinental move depression I didn't even realize I was in.
3. The Burning City
4. The Secret Garden
5. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit
6. Tamora Pierce's February release and the final Throne of Glass book (so I can read the series!).


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Pretty sure the books invite friends over while I'm sleeping. They're inching closer and closer... 📚📚📚

kricheal 😍😍😍😍😍😍 2y
CandycaneBelle Consumes by books is not a bad way to go 2y
See All 7 Comments
elizabethb22 This is actually goals... 🤗😍 2y
Wife My first laugh 😂 of the morning! Thank you!🌹 2y
kezzlou85 Oh wow that looks amazing. Have you read many? 2y
InBooksILive This is definitely goals! I want my house to be full of books and nothing else! Haha 2y
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This was a fun quiz

Books_Wine_Repeat You do you! 😉📚📚📚 2y
saresmoore Ha! I got the Speed Reader. I think I relate just as much to this one, though! 2y
samesfoley Where is this quiz?? 😲😲 2y
See All 7 Comments
vivastory @samesfoley It's a buzzfeed quiz 2y
RealBooks4ever I also got the Broke Book-lover. 💸📚💸📘💸 2y
vivastory @RealBooks4ever Sometimes I wish I knew how much I have spent on books in my life, more often than not ignorance is bliss 2y
RealBooks4ever @vivastory To be sure! Actually, my book database could tell me, but I don't want to know! 😆 2y
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I'm not sure this madness is gentle .... but I enjoy it!!!! I'm attempting to read more local authors (and ARUNDHATI ROY HAS A NEW RELEASE!!!!!!!!) and the house is trying to learn more about Mumbai ... those others just randomly snuck in there... 😉😉😉😂😂😂

post image

One of the postcards @DeborahSmall sent with my package. Had to frame it.

LeahBergen She sent me one, too! I LOVE IT. 2y
vivastory @LeahBergen I mean, it is the LAST copy! 😂 2y
saresmoore Ahaha! Love! 2y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen he doesn't do bookmarks just postcards in the bookshop, @saresmoore I need to get a few more and will send you a couple with a tote from No Alibis too 😘 2y
Sarah83 I know also know this card. 😉 2y
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#maybookflowers #obsession Title of the book says it all!more books please😌

post image

An #obsession for most of us. 😄 #maybookflowers

CrowCAH Love the background pic; old books!!! 😍 3y
MayJasper Ooh yes, well said 😁 3y
LeahBergen Yes! 👍🏼 3y
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This is my library table (Pier 1). It's where I keep my books about books and libraries. #shelfie #aprilbookshowers

LeahBergen 😍😍 3y
britt_brooke Love it! 3y
Zelma Omg, I am in love. 😍 3y
RealLifeReading That is beautiful 3y
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Nicholas A. Basbanes is one of my #AutoBuyAuthors (which is quite fitting as he writes about bibliophilia 🤔). #BooksAboutBooks #MarchIntoReading

saresmoore Oooh, want! 3y
shawnmooney I used to have all those books! ❤ 3y
LeahBergen @saresmoore I'm sure you'll love it! Start with A Gentle Madness. 😀 3y
See All 12 Comments
LeahBergen @shawnmooney What happened to them? Were they left in Canada? 3y
shawnmooney I'm pretty sure I sold the lot. I read A Gentle Madness - chock full of absolutely fascinating information, but I hated his prose. 3y
LeahBergen @shawnmooney Oh, you. 😉 Yeah, he's definitely very much a scholar. 3y
mrp27 Patience and Fortitude looks good! 3y
LeahBergen @mrp27 it is! 3y
MrBook I see multiple recent #TBRtemptation selections here. But, when it comes to you, why wouldn't I? 😉👍🏻 3y
LeahBergen @MrBook I know! It was (almost) embarrassing how many I had when you were posting on "books about books". 3y
MrBook Lol!!! 3y
Joyfulmimi Wow! So thankful to have discovered him. 2y
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Yaaaaaaaas! This library sale was amazeballs! It was a little overwhelming. 2 rooms. Books on tables. Books under tables. Books! Books! Books! Spent $22. My first big haul of 2017.

Chelleo I love library book sales! I try not to go though. I always end up way too many books. 3y
diovival @Chelleo They are wonderful. I tried not to get too carried away. Can't make this a habit! 🤑 3y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk The Last Werewolf is one that I always almost buy when I see it. 3y
See All 6 Comments
Buddys_Momma Great haul! 👍🏽My local library sale is in a few weeks and am taking personal leave at work to be there on the first day!! 3y
diovival @TobeyTheScavengerMonk It was only $2 so I took a chance. I also randomly picked up the third book in a sale long ago. Now I have #1 and #3. I better like this series. 3y
diovival @Buddys_Momma Yes! Sounds like a good use of a personal day to me. 👏👏 3y
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Mission accomplished!

Hooked_on_books Wow! I'm not worthy! 🙌🏼 3y
Moray_Reads I love your tagged title, it perfectly describes book obsession 3y
See All 11 Comments
Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
saresmoore Haha! Congratulations! 3y
Gina Bravo! The book you tagged looks very relatable and intersting 3y
vivastory @gina It is one of my favorite books about books 3y
Gina @vivastory Books about books...♡♡♡♡♡ What's not to love! 3y
britt_brooke I only got 63%. ☹️ 3y
vivastory @britt_brooke You do have mini-adults keeping you busy 3y
britt_brooke @vivastory It is kind of tough having two tiny, demanding bosses. 😁💚💚 3y
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For @ValerieAndBooks and @Kindredanne . I tried to get the whole shelf in this photo (and there are a few more #booksaboutbooks on the shelf below). 😀

Hobbinol I still can't see. Could you just type up an inventory? 😉 3y
Kindredanne I took a screenshot and it was still difficult to read because it became blurry. It would be awesome if you would be nice enough to type up an inventory. I would be so grateful if you would be willing to do that. I understand if you don't have the time but it would be amazing!!😊 3y
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LeahBergen Okay, @ValerieAndBooks @Kindredanne and @Hobbinol . 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻There's a list of the books on the shelf 😂 Whew! 3y
Kindredanne @LeahBergen Thank You!!! I know that took a lot of time!! I really appreciate it!!! 😊 3y
LeahBergen @Kindredanne You're welcome! Have fun hunting down more "books about books" to add to your collection. ? 3y
Hobbinol Goodness. I can't even believe you went through all that trouble! But I just had the best time truly browsing your bookshelf! I added a couple titles and I'm crazy about one of the author's websites: forgottenbookmarks. I didn't know anything about it and I just love it ( ❤️ ephemera). You are such a love. Thank you! (edited) 3y
LeahBergen @Hobbinol I get inordinately excited when I find bookmarks, notes, etc in books ... you would think it was money or something (side note: I HAVE found money in used books 😂). 3y
Kindredanne @LeahBergen I have already bought two books and I am heading to check out this website @Hobbinol is talking about!! 3y
LeahBergen @Kindredanne Ooo! Which ones did you buy? 3y
Kindredanne @Leahbergen The two I have started with are "The Night at the Library" & "The Bookshop Book" both found on eBay for good prices!! I have several more though that I want. Who am I kidding I want all of the books on the shelf that I don't already have!! I have actually been to the bookstore of "Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap"!! I only live an hour away from it!! 3y
ValerieAndBooks Ooh. Now that I'm back home, I'm taking a serious and closer look at your list! Thanks so much for taking the time to tag all these books! 3y
Kindredanne @LeahBergen Just to keep you updated I bought six more books from your list from eBay!! So happy to be expanding my book collection about books!! 📚☺️ 3y
LeahBergen @Suetara Here it is! 😀 3y
Suetara Thanks! 3y
LeahBergen @ValerieAndBooks Here it is! (but I think I've bought a few more since I first posted 😏). 2y
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Today is #NationalReadingDay! Shout out to the person who taught me to read, the best gift I've ever received. Thanks, mom! I will now celebrate by reading a book. 📚🤘🏻❤

Ehbooklover Isn't every day #NationalReadingDay? 😉 3y
AnnieReads Kudos to your mom! 3y
vivastory Yes! It was also my mom who taught me to read & instilled a love of books in my life. 3y
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balletbookworm Hell, yeah, A Gentle Madness! Love that book! And thanks Liberty's mom for teaching her to read 💗 3y
Lmstraubie Love the poster of David Bowie! 3y
LittleWonder I have this poster hanging in my reading room! 💜⚡️💜⚡️👩🏻‍🎤 3y
APLitlife Love the poster! 3y
Tunde I love this book! 3y
BookBabe 3y
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As requested, here is one of the rooms in my library. It's hard to get a good shot because the ceiling is pitched, but I think you get the idea. 📚💗🤘🏻

PoetKoala Holy buckets. Can I be you when I grow up? 3y
RealBooks4ever Heaven! 😇💜 3y
courtney ONE of the rooms?! I am too jealous 😂 3y
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Bookworm-Bobbie Wowzers!! ❤ 3y
TelevisionNeighbor You are a reading hero. 3y
TheWordJar 😍😍😍 3y
TheBookAddict 😍😍😍🙌🏽 I'm with @courtney. I'm so jealous. 3y
Gina WOW!!! 3y
Lmstraubie AMAZING!!! 😍😍😍 3y
stacybmartin Wow - that's amazing!! 😍 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess That is just amazing!❤👍🏻😍 3y
AndiP74 Ahhh books this is wonderful 3y
jessdean Whoa😳😍📚😍📚 3y
Suet624 May you never have to move. 😉. I'm envious. 3y
TheLibrarian It's like heaven! This is wonderful and I'm jealous! 3y
susanw *gulp* I love it 😍 though my spouse would kill me! 3y
LauraBrook All the heart eyes for this!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 3y
8little_paws Wooooooooooow 3y
CocoReads 😍😍😍 that is awesome, and what my basement would look like if I got rid of all the unused toys and had more shelving! 3y
Bkwurm Book-lined rooms are the most comforting places. 3y
Iamlisa22 Life goal✔ 3y
read_diverse_books Holy moly. This is glorious! 3y
Serotonin Whoa! Impressive 👍 👍 👍 3y
OhNoMersault Buried alive 3y
Readingrobin This is a crazy amount of books ! 3y
szainabwilliams That book title paired with those pics made me 😂. 3y
AJBowers Lol at the hula hoop. That's awesome. 3y
monkeygirlsmama Looks similar to mine before I moved. Ahhhh such simple beauty.😍 3y
BethwithBooks Nicholas Basbanes comes into my library from time to time and I get a touch fan girly... I'm pretty sure I'm the only one hahah 3y
[DELETED] 3323341091 😍 what a great space! 3y
Crash 😍😍😍📚📚 Wow! 3y
Desha Best pic ever 3y
Desha Love! ❤️ 3y
Liberty @szainabwilliams IT'S SUCH A GOOD BOOK. One of my favorites. 💕 3y
szainabwilliams I didn't actually know what it was about until just now. How fitting! I'm putting it on the list. 3y
LeahBergen A Gentle Madness is GREAT. I love Basbanes. 😍 3y
Evamic I love the complete disregard for bookshelves (in some places)! It's very inspiring. 🖤 (edited) 3y
BookNerdBritt At first glance, I thought the posters on the ceiling were also books, and I was like, DAMN she's good. 😂 3y
Ms_Ashley I'm so jealous !!! I can't wait to get my own home library 🤗 3y
MyNamesParadise Omg 😍😍😍😍 3y
Bibliogirl 😍😮 3y
Cobscook I would like to live in your library! 😍 3y
slhbooks Heaven on earth! 3y
kspenmoll Wow- what fun to wade through📚💚! 3y
AmbityScambity Holy shitballs. 👀 🙌🏻🙌🏻 3y
MrBook 😳😱😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Abcdefghijklmnop 😱💕👍 There are soooo many jealous Littens right now 😍 3y
jaimeisbionic Wooooow 😍 3y
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