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Our #MidsummerSolace event may be over, but #SaturdayChatterday is continuing. It had such a lovely response and is a wonderful weekly check-in with each other that I'm keeping it going.

All are welcome to join in, grab a drink and start chatting.
Use the #SaturdayChatterday in your posts, tag me, play, tag and share.

Have a great day 🌞

AllDebooks ☕️ Are you having a good weekend?
☕️ What are you up to today?
☕️ Where are you?
☕️ What are your plans for next week?
☕️ Any recommendations - books, places, films/tv shows etc?
AllDebooks It's my birthday tomorrow, so I have a weekend of family celebrations. Also, catching up on the news after a very dramatic election result. My current read is Elderflora 💚 I highly recommend R F Kuang's The Poppy Wars trilogy. I just finished the 1st one for #AuthorAMonth it was so good. I read it in 2 days 1w
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IndoorDame @AllDebooks happy happy birthday!!!🥳 1w
Librarybelle Happy early birthday!! 1w
Liz_M I hope you have a wonderful birthday! 1w
Cuilin Happy birthday. Yes very dramatic elections. I like how they have to stand there when the results are called. I started an aqua class this week, to help with movement and it‘s gentle on joints. It is so good. My plan is to increase to 4 classes a week. It‘s quite the workout. 1w
Avanders Happy birthday!! 🎂🎈 1w
TheBookHippie @AllDebooks HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎂🥳🎈🎊🎁 1w
TheBookHippie @Cuilin I hope that goes well!! I LOATHE me in the water but it‘s been highly suggested to me as well. Although I‘m allergic to chlorine 😵‍💫😅 I‘d have to find a salt water pool. 1w
TheBookHippie I was recovering from a hemplic migraine attack most of the week. Waiting on all my biannual bloodwork results is 😵‍💫😅. Heading to my brothers today to spend the day just us and our spouses. 1w
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie that sounds so scary. 🤞 your blood results are ok. Enjoy your family time and rest up x 1w
AllDebooks @Cuilin thank you 😊 That sounds like a relaxing workout x 1w
Cuilin @TheBookHippie oh my hope your recovery continues. Being in the water feels so good. Highly recommend if you can get to fresh or saltwater pool/lakes. Enjoy your family time. 1w
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie migraine weeks are the worst! Hope next week is better and results are good 🤞🏼 1w
IndoorDame @Cuilin I hope aqua classes go well! I love being in the water 1w
Deblovestoread Happy birthday! 🎂🎈📚 1w
Read4life Happy birthday, @AllDebooks 🧁 Migraines are terrible. I hope you‘re feeling better, @TheBookHippie 💙 I took my son to the airport this morning. He‘s heading back to St. Thomas. 1w
DebinHawaii @AllDebooks Happy Birthday tomorrow! 🎉🎂🎉 I have The Poppy Wars Trilogy on my Kindle & need to start it one of these days! 1w
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie Ugh! 🤕 Hope you are feeling better & have fun with your family! 1w
DebinHawaii Went to a craft fair this morning & bought some cute locally made cards & things from new artists there & a Laotian/Peruvian fusion plate lunch (for dinner later) because I love the flavors so much. Then I ran errands, dropped my perishables at home & headed to the coffee shop for a bit to send out some overdue cards & letters. If you are an 80s groupie like me, I recommend Brats on Hulu, the documentary by Andrew McCarthy I finally watched. 🍿 1w
AllDebooks @Deblovestoread @Read4life @DebinHawaii thank you for the birthday wishes. It's been a lovely day x 1w
AllDebooks @DebinHawaii I've read about the Brats documentary. It's on my watchlist 💚 1w
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Prodigal Summer | Barbara Kingsolver
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#litSolace #MidSummerSolace

This was a re-read for me, but it hit much differently in my 40‘s than it did in my 30‘s. I loved the three stories of women breaking the mold in Appalachia and how they came together at the end. I forgot how funny this book was too. Truly some laugh out loud moments.

Thanks for the motivation to re-read @AllDebooks

PaperbackPirate This is my favorite Kingsolver so far! A reread is a great idea, but I still need to read Demon Copperhead. 📚 2w
Bookwormjillk @PaperbackPirate I read Demon Copperhead a few months ago and loved that one too. 2w
AllDebooks I really enjoyed this. It's my favourite of hers so far. 2w
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As the evening draws to a close and we say goodbye to June, I will leave you with one final #thoughtoftheday
Thank you to each and everyone of you for participating in #MidsummerSolace & making it so wonderful. I'm so grateful you joined my dance. 💚

And a huge hug of gratitude to my fellow hosts @TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

Until next time x

Bookwormjillk Love this!!! 2w
TheBookHippie 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 it was just lovely! 💚💚💚💚💚💚 2w
Deblovestoread Love this! 💜💜💜 2w
AnnCrystal 💝💝💝. 2w
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The Lost Man | Jane Harper
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#SaturdayChatterDay #MidsummerSolace #NaturaLitsy

Coffee in the shade of the garden. Nature coffee and a book. The only thing missing is the sea, but I'm already counting down to my holiday.☕️🌳🌿
I'm currently reading Forever My Girl and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And currently listening The Lost Man.

@AllDebooks @TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

AllDebooks Wonderful 💚 2w
TheBookHippie Lovely!!!! 💚💚💚 2w
maich @AllDebooks @TheBookHippie thank you💚💚💚 2w
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Prodigal Summer | Barbara Kingsolver
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#Litsolace #MidsummerSolace

Discussion thread for our #buddyread

📖 Did you enjoy this novel?
📖 What stood out for you?
📖 Any particular likes/dislikes?
📖 Did you enjoy the author's writing style?

All are welcome to join in the discussion. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

Bookwormjillk I‘m only two chapters in, but enjoying it! It‘s a re-read for me but it‘s been a while. 2w
Librarybelle I‘m hoping to start this today! I fell a bit behind on a couple of my buddy reads. 2w
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#Naturalitsy #LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Discussion thread for our May/June #buddyread

🌱 Did you enjoy this call to change the way we garden/view our spaces?
🌱 Did you agree with the author?
🌱 Would you change your own practice?
🌱 Any particular likes/dislikes?
🌱 Did you enjoy the author's writing style?

All are welcome to join in the discussion. Please let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the taglist.

PaperbackPirate I didn‘t get to read this in June, but I‘m hoping to get to it in July. I hope everyone liked it. 2w
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Let's make Saturday a day for coffee and chats. Join in our #SaturdayChatterday event. Grab a drink and start chatting.
☕️ Are you having a good weekend?
☕️ What are you up to today?
☕️ Where are you?
☕️ What are your plans for next week?
☕️ Any recommendations - books, places, films/tv shows etc?

Have a great day 🌞

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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AllDebooks Sorry wrong @BethM 2w
AllDebooks We're off for a morning swim, before a wander through the forest this afternoon. 🍸Mojitos 🎬 I rewatched Pride & Prejudice (2005) for Donald Sutherland 📚 2w
ElizaMarie I was enjoying my coffee this morning. I have a couple of assignments to do for my class, but then get ready for Atlantic City :) We booked a couple of days. I am trying to nurse a massive headache before I start my day, so I am a little slow to get up fully. Also for some reason, Lobster is on a rampage today. So, I am trying to stay out of his and his claws' way. 2w
TheSpineView Just woke up and made my first cup of coffee for today. Heading to the barn shortly before the heat ramps up. Want to be riding no later then 10AM. With the heat and humidity I'll keep it short. A nice bath to cool off afterwards. Then lunch with my barn friends. After that, housework, make dinner and read a bit. Rinse and repeat for Sunday. 2w
Librarybelle Most Saturdays are cleaning and organizing days for me. Not fun, but at least I have an audiobook! I hope to finish this month‘s #LiteraryCrew selection, A Thousand Ships, and find questions for tomorrow‘s book discussion. It‘s such a good book! 2w
IndoorDame Spent yesterday with a friend helping her start organizing her place which was feeling out of control after a year with a new kid in the family. I sort of overdid it, but it was great to get out of the house and see people. I also leant them my car while theirs is in the shop, which will help keep me home recovering for the rest of the weekend. 2w
Bookwormjillk I‘m enjoying my tea and taking care of a few things on the computer. Then I need to run some errands and get ready for a cookout later. A busy but easy day compared to last week. 2w
TheAromaofBooks Had the best night's sleep last night that I've had in a long time, so I am feeling pretty good about today!! No big plans, just puttering around. Supposed to be stormy today, which I really enjoy as long as they don't get too crazy lol 2w
wanderinglynn @AllDebooks Swimming then wandering through a forest sounds lovely! 2w
wanderinglynn I need to workout & do my stretching routine, but I‘m lacking motivation this morning. I don‘t really have any plans—it‘s going to be hot & humid here today, so a good day to do puzzles & read. 2w
Read4life My whole family is in town this weekend for my mom‘s 90th birthday. 2w
julieclair @Read4life How wonderful! Enjoy every moment. 2w
julieclair Our neighborhood garden club is having a native plant sale, so I‘m heading over there to see what I can find for the perennial border I‘m trying to start. (I am NOT a gardener, but I do love flowers… and how hard could perennials be, right? 🤞) 2w
mcctrish @wanderinglynn I need to restart my workout and yoga routine and today is the day 💪🏻 although I am still in bed at 10:23 😳 I had a big sleep in. It‘s supposed to rain all day here 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I‘m going to putter, exercise, make some meal plans/grocery lists and chill out with books, print and audio 2w
julieclair @Librarybelle I‘m trying to finish it too! And loving it so far. 2w
julieclair @wanderinglynn A puzzles and reading day sounds wonderful! 2w
julieclair @IndoorDame What a gift to your friend! 💙 2w
ElizaMarie @TheAromaofBooks Ooo congrats on your night's sleep! Anything you did special to facilitate that!? 2w
ElizaMarie @julieclair Ooo good luck with that! I don't have a green thumb at all! So, I am excited ot hear about your success with this! Ooo and pictures please! 2w
Cuilin @IndoorDame what lovely gift to a friend. Here‘s to a relaxing weekend and an easy recovery. 2w
Cuilin @ElizaMarie I‘ve never been to Atlantic City. Hope you have a lovely time. 2w
Cuilin Dropped my daughter back to Arlington Mass and she messaged me yesterday to say she has tonsillitis!! My younger daughter, called to let me know that she pulled a muscle in her thigh, racing children at camp!! So I am going to visit her in Rhode Island tomorrow. Today is a rest and recovery day. 2w
Cuilin @TheAromaofBooks sleep is the best. I struggled last night. Ended up reading from 1:30 to 4:30 am. Not a usual occurrence. 😌 2w
Cuilin @julieclair a day buying plants sounds delightful. Enjoy!! 2w
Cuilin @AllDebooks sounds like a lovely day!! Hope it nourishes your soul. 2w
IndoorDame @Cuilin have a good rest day! And I hope your daughters heal up fast ❤️‍🩹 (edited) 2w
IndoorDame @julieclair plant sale sounds fun! I‘m not a gardener either, but i always think you‘re bound to have better luck with native plants 2w
IndoorDame @TheAromaofBooks I love those nights when sleep is truly blissful! 2w
IndoorDame @AllDebooks oooh, enjoy your wander through the forest! That sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in this weather 💚🌳 2w
IndoorDame @Read4life what a milestone! It‘s awesome that everyone is able to come together ❤️ 2w
AmandaBlaze My SlimFast has the added energy of a cup of coffee (Mocha Cappuccino). lol Today is a relaxing day as it supposed to rain pretty much all day. 2w
wanderinglynn @mcctrish 💪🏻🙌🏻 I find working out/stretching first thing in the morning works best for me. If I don‘t do it first thing, I find I put it off until it‘s too late & the day has passed. 😄 2w
wanderinglynn @TheSpineView I hope you enjoy your ride! That‘s sounds like a great way to start the day. 🐎 2w
dabbe Woke up, and it was already 100º, so no dog walk today. They are NOT thrilled about that, but those GSD coats don't handle heat well--especially Pip, the black one. Staying cool inside, puttering and trying to keep the dogs entertained. Any suggestions? 😀 2w
wanderinglynn @dabbe if you have some empty boxes, you can do nose work which also keeps the focused. Start with 1 box & put a treat under it. Then do 2 boxes with a treat under 1. You can keep adding boxes, putting them in a variety of locations, with a treat under only 1 box. 2w
dabbe @wanderinglynn What fun! I'll give it a try! Thanks. 🤗 2w
Catsandbooks @Read4life How fun! Happy birthday to your mom! 🎉 2w
Catsandbooks @dabbe I made a snuffle mat for my dog with strips of fleece and a rubber mat. I sprinkle some treats and her kibble in it and she is entertained for awhile. You could also use a box with scraps of paper/fabric and mix in treats for the same effect. 2w
TheAromaofBooks @wanderinglynn - I've been enjoying your puzzle posts on IG!! Sometimes it's nice when the weather gives you a good excuse for hunkering down 😂 2w
TheAromaofBooks @ElizaMarie - My big secret is going to bed at 8:30pm 😂 😂 😂 2w
Catsandbooks Today my husband and I had lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow I fly to WI to help my mom after she has shoulder surgery so I'm getting ready to travel. I'm a bit anxious as I'm not a big fan of flying, but I'm as prepared as I can be. 2w
dabbe @Catsandbooks Another excellent idea that I'll try. Thanks! 🤗 2w
DebinHawaii @Read4life Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎉 to your mom! What a milestone! 2w
DebinHawaii I did my usual Saturday of errands & catch up although I had a slow start as sleep was hard last night. I ran errands then hit the coffee shop for a couple hours & came home & did laundry & helped my friend over Zoom with some org charts she needed to do for her work. 2w
AllDebooks I'll catch up with you all tomorrow when I'm back home x 2w
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Walking: Top Essays | Henry David Thoreau
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

The gorgeous views from our lodge. I am in my happy place. 💚
Nature is always my go-to when I need peace, time, and rest. What's yours?

Check today's post from @TheBookHippie as a reminder x

@Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

🗺 Sherwood forest, Nottinghamshire, UK

slategreyskies Awww, I love this! It looks like the perfect place to recharge. Side note: my teddy bear is named Sherwood after Sherwood Forest. 🌳 🐻 🤍 2w
AllDebooks @slategreyskies that's so cute 🐻 2w
Bookwormjillk So pretty 🤩 Enjoy! 2w
maich Nature and books💚 That's so pretty🥰 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Our final #Fridaynightshare is to recommend a favourite book on mindfulness.

Right now, I'm hidden away in Sherwood forest on a family holiday. There is very little technical connectivity but plenty of spiritual, so all is good.

I'm looking forward to all your suggestions. 📚📚📚

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

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dabbe I don't know if this one qualifies by Susan Cain, but it changed my life and my way of thinking. It made me realize that I was just fine as an introvert and that our so-called voices are just as important. 2w
Avanders Being hidden away in a place called Sherwood Forest on a holiday sounds glorious. 🤩 Book on mindfulness? I really love the tried but true 2w
AllDebooks @dabbe this does sound good. Stacked! 📚 2w
AllDebooks @Avanders it is blissful, so quiet. Just what we need. That is a great book. x 2w
AllDebooks I've just started this, and it is an incredible eyeopener. Examines emotions, behaviour patterns and attitude towards food, with a mindfulness lens. 2w
AllDebooks I really love the Leaping Hare press series on mindfulness about specific subjects. There are over 25 different titiles https://www.quarto.com/series/Mindfulness-Series 2w
wanderinglynn This is one I listened to first as an audiobook then bought the physical book so I could keep referring back to it: 2w
StaceGhost I just finished What You Are Looking For is in the Library and it was lovely and mindful and low stakes and just what I needed right now 2w
AllDebooks @StaceGhost 💚 I have this on my Kindle, bumping it up the tbr list. 2w
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