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Untitled | Unknown
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Just feeling a lot of love for my fellow #littens today. So happy to be a part of this group of bookish people.

Meaw_catlady ❤️❤️❤️ it‘s a lovely place to be ! 🥰 1d
Beatlefan129 Litsy is just the best 😁 1d
squirrelbrain Awww what a nice thing to say! It is a lovely place to be! 1d
TheSpineView It is the best book community around! ❤ 1d
LeahBergen 😘😘 18h
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The Last Email | MRIDULA. GARG
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All of the #JolabokaflodSwap matches have been sent out (finally) except three. The emails bounced back to me. Can the tagged people email me? @Karisa @KaylaD @Deifio
My email is MaleficentBookDragon@gmail.com

Comment below ONLY if you have not received your match.

Thanks for all your patience. Next year I'm starting to work on this one earlier. The response has been amazing! #Littens are the best.

KaylaD I tried to email you but it didn‘t work!? Idk why my email is kayla_d1408@yahoo.com 2d
Karisa Emailed. Sorry about that. 😳🤗 2d
Endowarrior21 @MaleficentBookDragon I emailed you about my match ☃️ 2d
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MaleficentBookDragon @KaylaD try emailing me again. When I try and email you I get a message saying your email address doesn't exist. 2d
Deifio Emailed you, sorry I must have mispelled my email on the form! ☺️ 2d
umbrellagirl I didn‘t get one 1d
Littlewolf1 I got my person, but there Litsy handle is not coming up. I have Responded to the email about this problem, if you are able to follow up it would be great. 1d
Tiffiney You sent me my match a few days ago, and then sent me another one today, minus her info. I‘ve already shopped for the first match you sent. Please check your email. 3h
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Mistborn: The Final Empire | Brandon Sanderson
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Question for my fantasy reading #littens... Mistborn is the first in the series. According to my half-assed googling The Alloy of Law is the fourth in the series but the first in the Wax and Wayne series. The Alloy of Law appeals to me a little more (based on Amazon synopsis.) Can I skip straight to that?

tournevis That's the reading order I found, but honeslty, I'd ask Sanderson himself. He's online a lot. 5d
Sace @tournevis Thanks for the link! It's very helpful! 5d
Soubhiville Interesting. I loved the Mistborn trilogy, but I really didn‘t care for Alloy. I feel like Sanderson is pretty good at restating how his magic systems work in each book, but honestly don‘t remember Alloy, so I‘m not sure. The magic system is complex, so that would be my only concern. I do remember the story being entirely different though, and feeling like Alloy didn‘t fit the series for me. 5d
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Grateful For You | Thomas Nelson Publishers
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#Littens - for those who celebrate Thanksgiving and all my other friends here, thank you for the past year! I‘ve loved our conversations and your book recommendations. All the best – Rachel x


ljuliel ♥️♥️♥️ 1w
LauraJ Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 1w
RachelAmphlett @LauraJ thank you! Enjoy yours 💜📚 1w
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An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving | Louisa May Alcott
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I can‘t believe I‘ve never read this book #setduringThanksgiving. I‘ll have to remedy that before I head out to my Turkey Day #celebration. And often LMA‘s characters can be #angelsandsaints. (Beth comes to mind. 😇) #movember #gratefulreads #namastenovember #multitasking 🦃🦃🦃

Happy Thanksgiving to all the #Littens—I‘m thankful for this group of kindred spirits who understand and share my obsession with books! 😊

Cinfhen Love those graphics 🧡Have a wonderful day 1w
OriginalCyn620 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🧡 1w
LauraJ Happy Thanksgiving!🦃 1w
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Tamra I 1w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🧡 1w
Eggs Great triple dip!! Happy thanksgiving to you❣️❣️ 1w
Bookzombie Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃 🍂 1w
Nute Thankful for you, Ms. Ruby. I hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday!🧡 1w
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The Queen of Nothing | Holly Black
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Rating: 3.75/5 Stars
I ship Cardan and Jude super hard. But, I feel like this book was rushed in their time together and just in general. Something was missing and I feel like the book could have been developed a bit better and longer. There were no twists that made me gasp, they just made me guess in advance. #thecruelprince #thewickedking #cardan #jude #cardanxjude #hollyblack #thequeenofnothing #bibliophile #bookstagram #litsy #littens #read

Fairy Tail Volume 1 | Hiro Mashima
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After listening to students (and #littens) rave about this series I'm finally trying it.

Un Pommier Dans Le Ventre | Simon Boulerice
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Hey, French-speaking #littens! There is this really cool app called L'ovni which offers all 5 to 10 minute reads, excerpts from very diverse books from all over the French-speaking world, and links to buy them from the independent retailer of your choice. In November? Québec, including from tagged author. And Free! 🛸 Android and iOS. Go!

Velvetfur Wow, thanks for letting us know about this! I haven't read anything in French for a long time so I'd like to try again. Merci pour cette information, je suis content! 😂 2w
TheBookHippie Oh how wonderful!!!! I use to be able to understand it I‘m giving it a whirl! 2w
tournevis @Velvetfur @TheBookHippie Cute, fun, short, free! What's not to love. Something like 7-8 reads a month. 2w
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twohectobooks Awesome, thank you for the recommendation! I‘ve been practising with Duolingo again lately but this will help more! 2w
Qpri Thank you!! Will def check this out!! 2w
tournevis @twohectobooks @qpri Happy to share! 2w
writerlibrarian Lancement a eu lieu au Salon du livre de Montreal cette semaine je crois. 2w
tournevis @writerlibrarian C'est ce que j'ai compris moi aussi 2w
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Gravemaidens | Kelly Coon
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There are definitely times when that pain in the ass of mine really proves why I keep him around. It's been a rough month and an exhausting week so coming home to a little #selfcare surprise was exactly what I needed today. 🥰🥰

Always take the time #Littens

Now, off to finish my book and relax for the night

#bathbombs #bookandbath #carepackage #dontforgetyourself

MoonWitch94 💛🧡enjoy your book! 2w
Alfoster Nice!👍 2w
Megabooks Enjoy it! 💙💙💙💙 2w
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1️⃣I love baking mini caramel apple pie 🥧 & eating Apple Cider Donuts 2️⃣ It has been a busy, stressful month so I have yet to finish a book 🤦🏻‍♀️ 3️⃣ My Family, My Boyfriend, and My Friends are why blessings today ♥️ #thoughtfulthursday Tag some #littens, play & share!

megzlynn Apple cider donuts are the best! 2w
Alora Thank you for the tag! Mmm caramel apple pie?! 2w
MoonWitch94 @megzlynn yes! My absolute favorite. I have a coffee that tastes like them, too! @Alora yes! I will post a picture bc I am making them next week. 🥧 2w
Ddzmini I‘ll have to do this at lunch break today 🤜🏼🤛🏼 2w
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