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Helping People Help Themselves
Helping People Help Themselves: From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Assistance | David Ellerman
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David Ellerman relates a deep theoretical groundwork for a philosophy of development, while offering a descriptive, practical suggestion of how goals of development can be better set and met. Beginning with the assertion that development assistance agencies are inherently structured to provide help that is ultimately unhelpful by overriding or undercutting the capacity of people to help themselves, David Ellerman argues that the best strategy for development is a drastic reduction in development assistance. The locus of initiative can then shift from the would-be helpers to the doers (recipients) of development. Ellerman presents various methods for shifting initiative that are indirect, enabling and autonomy-respecting. Eight representative figures in the fields of education, community organization, economic development, psychotherapy and management theory including: Albert Hirschman, Paulo Freire, John Dewey, and Sren Kierkegaard demonstrate how the major themes of assisting autonomy among people are essentially the same. David Ellerman is currently a Visiting Scholar in the Economics Department at the University of California at Riverside.
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I need a tutorial on Goodreads groups. Specifically, I can‘t find a way to leave groups I‘m no longer interested in and I can‘t remember how to respond to someone‘s post (quoting part of their post in my response). If there‘s a help function in Goodreads app I can‘t find it. Anyone?!?!?!?!

sprainedbrain Groups are not easy to manage in the app... it‘s much easier on a computer or web browser. I‘ve never been able to do much with groups in the app! 4mo
tjwill You can‘t quote someone‘s response in the app, just from the website. I‘m not sure about leaving groups. It is probably the same. I typically use the app, even though it has limitations. 4mo
Carolyn11215 @sprainedbrain @tjwill well that explains my lack of success then. Thanks! 4mo
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I need a favor, #librariansofLitsy maybe #bbrc folks - the kiddo needs a book by an author with her first name to finish the SRP with a bang, and I‘m stuck. Casey or Cassandra, something appropriate for a 5/6 year-old. Anybody?

Zelma A few picture books by this author but I don‘t know any early reader books. 5mo
LibrarianRyan Author Casey W, Robinson 5mo
LibrarianRyan Author Cassandra king (aus) 5mo
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LibrarianRyan Author Cassandra Webb (aus) 5mo
LibrarianRyan The way I love you 5mo
LibrarianRyan Hope all these help. 5mo
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For reals!! What do I do now?? Scalzi has been my go-to for sci fi the last couple years. But I‘m all caught up now. 😭😭😭

I also loved the Illuminae Files.

What other funny sci fi recs do you have for me??

pepsicola Hey!I just followed you on Twitter! My handle is @__pepsicolas_ 9mo
Lizpixie And the end of last year really enjoyed 9mo
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Kimberlone Props on the Tobias Funke gif 9mo
julesG I just read the following. 9mo
tessavi I'm loving The Expanse so far. 9mo
taraWritesSci @tessavi I second this recommendation. I'm obsessed with The Expanse series, it's so good! 9mo
Dragon The Murderbot novellas 9mo
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Littens, I need your help! I‘m so behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal this year! 📚📚📚 I have to read 17 books in six weeks! 😱😱😩😩😭😭 Please comment your suggestions for short, quick, unputdownable reads! Thank you for your help ❤️

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Librariana Don't know if this would be your cup of tea, but the audiobook was a quick and very enjoyable listen 13mo
JenReadsAlot Short and enjoyable 13mo
Cailey_Mac There‘s a sequel to this called Perfect as well! 13mo
Cailey_Mac And finally 13mo
Judybskt Wonderful short story collection. And each story counts as a book. 😊 13mo
zezeki If graphic novels count, then 13mo
kstadt929 I read this one in less than a day this weekend 13mo
zezeki This one has about 350 pages, but I've read it in two sittings. Be prepared for some tears though. 13mo
Sarah83 I loved this one 13mo
rubyslippersreads Do you like kidlit? The first Betsy-Tacy book is short and lots of fun. 13mo
iread2much How do we tag books in the comments? 13mo
Kaye All the Mitch Albom books are really skinny. Or how about some YA books ? 13mo
Kaye @iread2much To tag a book, click on reply. Right under that, there‘s a little doodad on the left under the line you‘re typing in that has a bookmark shaped thing. Click the bookmark, then it‘ll take you to a new page to type in the title of a book. Type in the title, then click reply or send and it shows up as a link. 13mo
megnews Anything by Elie Wiesel. I agree with the Mitch Albom comment too. Any Christmas story by Richard Paul Evans. 13mo
Pamwurtzler Elin Hilderbrand‘s books are quick. Or, I just finished 13mo
Velvetfur (my first tag in a comment...) 13mo
Velvetfur (trying again...) 13mo
Samary @Rissreads I‘m 4 books behind, reading this one now 13mo
Velvetfur OK I'm giving up now! Here's another quick one - 'Aftershock' by Jules Mountain 13mo
Velvetfur 'West With The Night' by Beryl Markham 13mo
Velvetfur 'Pedro Paramo' by Juan Rulfo 13mo
ravenlee It looks big but it‘s MG/YA and goes really fast. 13mo
Elma Every Heart a Doorway and the other 2 books in the series. 13mo
iread2much @Kaye tha n you so much! 13mo
iread2much Can‘t go wrong with this YA read from one of my favorite authors (edited) 13mo
Avanders And it's King, but not really horror and a super fast read: 13mo
BookBabe Thank you so much, everyone! I really appreciate your suggestions. I‘ve put a bunch on hold with the library already! 😊 12mo
Peddler410 Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds 12mo
Peddler410 Novels in verse are great choices for quick reads. If this format appeals to you I can recommend a bunch! 🙂 12mo
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Okay, I have a question I hope someone out there can answer!! When I first signed up, I included ALL the books I wanted to read on my TBR, even those I owned. But I want to leave it as just those I need to own. Can I mass edit my TBR or am I stuck doing this one by one????

jessinikkip Ugh two hours to clean up my TBR 13mo
Gaylagal2 You know I asked Litsy the same thing, never got an answer....ugh. There has to be a simpler way. I have books I own AND want too read, but can't add them here or Goodreads because it won't let me make a default list of books I own. So frustrating with book swaps. But still fun and I love it!🤙 12mo
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Guys I need help to choose my next read after Sharp Objects. Here is my #TBR for this month: https://coupleofreviews.com/2018/09/03/whats-on-our-shelf-september-2018/

heylaurenmack 11.22.63 1y
Joy0201 I love love love We Were Liars 1y
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70pgs left of Marlena. I have a a decent size #botm backlog and I can't decide what to read next. Help please!?

ErinGoBragh1011 Thanks @MicheleinPhilly it has been on my TBR for a while. 1y
TheBookStacker If you want a quick read I suggest 1y
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The_Heeler_Booklife Circe and The Woman in the Window is really good. I am 50 pages into Spinning Silver and it‘s really good and pulls you right in. 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 I went with Little Fires Everywhere. I after this I think I will read Woman In The Window and then The Hearts Invisible Furies. 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 @allthingskayla let me know what you think about Spinning Silver. I didn't know anything about the book when I picked it. It sounded like it would be good. 1y
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Help wanted, dear expert readers?. My bookclub want to read something "clever" next, something set in a big city and that includes books, art or both. We take turns choosing books and it's not my turn, but she asked me for advice and suggestions and I'm lost... Suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated!???

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Libby1 This one isn‘t set in a big city, but it‘s about the wives of 3 different poets across history. I loved it. It looks at the themes of creativity and resilience in the context of gender issues. 1y
Libby1 It has only a 50% rating right now, but before I gave it a Pick a moment ago it was at 0%! So one other person didn‘t like it! 1y
HannaPolkadots Thanks @Mitch , @BookwormAHN and @Libby1 ! 😍 I love all your suggestions and am writing them down to bring to my book club. And I will def check them out! 1y
HannaPolkadots @Libby1 - The Poets' wife sounds very interesting 1y
HannaPolkadots @Libby1 - I think Nadezha Mandelstamm published a book of her own too? Her name rings a bell 😀 1y
BarbaraBB Mine is really good. And clever. And about NYC and art 😉 1y
HannaPolkadots I love Siri Hustvedt, so I def wanna read it @BarbaraBB 😀 gonna share the suggestion with the rest of the girls too. 1y
HannaPolkadots Thanks @mhillis !😀 that looks very interesting and was completely new to me🤩 1y
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