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Saturday | Ian McEwan
From the pen of a master the #1 bestselling, Booker Prizewinning author of Atonement comes an astonishing novel that captures the fine balance of happiness and the unforeseen threats that can destroy it. A brilliant, thrilling page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.Saturday is a masterful novel set within a single day in February 2003. Henry Perowne is a contented man a successful neurosurgeon, happily married to a newspaper lawyer, and enjoying good relations with his children. Henry wakes to the comfort of his large home in central London on this, his day off. He is as at ease here as he is in the operating room. Outside the hospital, the world is not so easy or predictable. There is an impending war against Iraq, and a general darkening and gathering pessimism since the New York and Washington attacks two years before.On this particular Saturday morning, Perownes day moves through the ordinary to the extraordinary. After an unusual sighting in the early morning sky, he makes his way to his regular squash game with his anaesthetist, trying to avoid the hundreds of thousands of marchers filling the streets of London, protesting against the war. A minor accident in his car brings him into a confrontation with a small-time thug. To Perownes professional eye, something appears to be profoundly wrong with this young man, who in turn believes the surgeon has humiliated him with savage consequences that will lead Henry Perowne to deploy all his skills to keep his family alive.From the Hardcover edition.
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I‘ve read McEwan before (liked Black Dogs, LOVED Atonement). I thought this would be a quick read, but it took me 22 days to read 289 pages. 🤪

The writing is meticulously detailed, but the story is so damn boring. When things do finally happen, it doesn‘t come to much. Perowne has a perfect life and super successful family. He‘s kind of pompous but sneaky about it. It gets ridiculous at the end.

So anyway, this was not for me.



BkClubCare You are not wrong! I have an unexplainable crush on McEwan‘s writing. I honestly cannot recall what I thought about this book. 3w
BkClubCare Wait! Is the hashtag mean it is on the list of 1001 Books to read before I die? cool 3w
sprainedbrain @BkClubCare yep, it‘s on the ‘complete‘ list! I think it was later taken off the new edition list, but I‘m working on the complete list so it counts for me. 3w
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BkClubCare @sprainedbrain - me, too! If a title has ever made an appearance, I count it. But I haven‘t been a good steward of xref my read list to it lately. 3w
erzascarletbookgasm Oh dear! I do like his others (On Chesil Beach, Nutshell) and of course Atonement. 3w
sprainedbrain @erzascarletbookgasm have you read this one? I‘m not going to stop reading him, but this one just didn‘t do it for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3w
erzascarletbookgasm I have not. Only read the three 👆. I recommend On Chesil Beach! 3w
Daisey I‘ve found McEwan to be kind of a toss-up for me. I didn‘t enjoy Black Dogs, but Atonement was fantastic. 3w
Graywacke So agree, boring af. It came recently in something I was reading (maybe history of London- I forgot) and I thought, this is the book you chose to make your point? 😂 Critics like the somewhat subtle political play on that now somewhat distant era, taking shots at the UK PM then. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 3w
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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There's a Great Dane under there somewhere...😂❤️🐶

AmyG Awwww ❤️ 4mo
JaneyWaneyB Awww too cute 😍🐶 4mo
janeycanuck If I can‘t see you, you can‘t see me.... ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan

HELP! I‘ve never read Ian McEwan! So what would you recommend based off of these books currently available via Libby?
The Children Act
Sweet Tooth
On Chesil Beach
A Child In Time
Black Dogs
The Cement Garden
The Daydreamer
In Between the Sheets

Thank you!!

BookishTrish Every one of his is different from the others. I love Atonement and thought Nutshell was very inventive 5mo
LiteraryinLititz Nutshell is really really short, so it‘s not a big time investment. I thought it was weird but an interesting premise. 5mo
DavidDiamond Going with AMSTERDAM! 5mo
TheLudicReader Atonement is the BEST, but you really can't go wrong with him. 5mo
LapReader Atonement is one of my favourite books ever, the wine descriptions in nutshell are up there with Sideways, Saturday then solar if you want a laugh. 5mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Love Ian McEwan and I‘m also working on the #1001bookstoreadbeforeyoudie list, so clearly I must read this one soon. #hymnfortheweekend #julycoldplay

Saturday | Ian McEwan

I enjoyed Atonement and loved it's literary quality, but I felt Saturday lacked something. It felt like McEwan was trying a little too hard, trying to create literature instead of just creating literature.

But I can't put my finger on the book's faults, so it's probably just in my head and not actually a real thing.

Overall, a respectable modern novel.

MommyWantsToReadHerBook I just found it a very stressful read! 6mo
paulfrankspencer @MommyWantsToReadHerBook It did seem like a foreboding promised travesty on the next page the whole way through. Very tense. 6mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I have mostly horror novels, so I had a hard time putting something together for spine poetry. When I was hastily getting things together while also getting ready for work, I thought this sounded good. Now that I‘m looking at it, it doesn‘t. Haha! Oh well.

#day12 #30junebooks #spinepoetry

Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. I have, in the U.S. and I‘m a fan of the big cities plopped down in deserts but not fan of the CSI-esque middle of nowhere.

2. No, I‘m awful. Just awful.

3. Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware and How Not to Die Alone by Richard Roper... and both are wonderful. ❤️

@saguarosally @ReadosaurusText

saguarosally So how middle of nowhere is middle of nowhere? A few years and you get used to it. 😇 7mo
BlameJennyJane @saguarosally I‘d say my middle of nowhere criteria would include anywhere remote enough someone might consider it a good location to hide a body AND far enough out people have spotted UFOs, but the number of corroborating witnesses is small enough that the government won‘t take reports seriously. 😂😂😂 👽 7mo
saguarosally @BlameJennyJane So anywhere near where I grew up.🤣 7mo
BlameJennyJane @saguarosally lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 7mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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💚 California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico
🌵 I have been for certain plants: ferns, succulents, geraniums, coleus, ivy
💚 reading my first ever Nancy Drew mystery
#succulentsaturday @saguarosally @ReadosaurusText

saguarosally How‘s the Nancy Drew going? 7mo
Eggs Finished it last night-a quick read. Thanks for asking🤗 7mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. Yep, Mohave Desert, Las Vegas, Cali
2. No. I really wish I did. I try to grow things and they just die 😔
3. Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh & will probably start In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware


saguarosally I quit trying with plants. 😜 7mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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#succulentsaturday @saguarosally @ReadosaurusText

🏜 Yes several including the Arabian Desert.
🌻 So-so... I do good with some things and not so good with others.
📘 Circe and The Memory Tree

ReadosaurusText Ooh! I loved Circe! I hope you enjoy it, too! 7mo
TheSpineView @ReadosaurusText Liking it so far! 7mo
saguarosally I so want to see some deserts on other continents! 7mo
TheSpineView @saguarosally Hope you get the chance toa 7mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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🌵 Yup! My grandparents live in Palm Springs in California.
🌱 Oh man, I wish. I like to garden but I‘m not very good at it!
📚 Dark Matter, Long Road to Freedom, Born a Crime.

#succulentsaturday @saguarosally @ReadosaurusText

ReadosaurusText That is some excellent weekend reading! 7mo
saguarosally I really loved Born A Crime. 7mo
bewareofwords @saguarosally Yeah, it looks really interesting! I‘ve only just started, so I‘m excited to see how it is. 7mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Hope you guys are all enjoying your Saturday. It‘s 8pm here, and we‘re just getting started on painting the living room 😂

Kshakal I hope it goes well!! 8mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I am the #saturdaylibrarian for the last time for this semester... so no snuggling up on the couch for me. But maybe I can get some readjng done while I‘m there. 🤫

booklover984 I love this mug so much!!❤️❤️ 9mo
CoffeeNBooks Great mug! 9mo
squirrelbrain Oh my gosh! Love the mug! 9mo
MelissaSue81 @booklover984 @coffenbooks @squirrelbrain - thanks. I actually have two. I posted it on my fb page once and two family purchased it for me. 🤣. 9mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Went to a coffee shop this morning and they had this bookcase with a lot of great titles; HOWEVER, they cut the durn books in half so that they didn‘t stick out 🧐

BarbaraJean 😳😱🤬 10mo
JaclynW 😱😧😬😢 10mo
ScientistSam Why would you even do that???!!! 10mo
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Librarybelle 😱 10mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Really, that‘s just horrible. Argh. 10mo
Drocchio03 How grossly absurd. 10mo
RavenLovelyReads Monsters! 10mo
mrsmarch 😱😱😱😱😱😱 10mo
cobwebmoth Oh no! That's awful. 10mo
LeslieO That's crazy! 10mo
Bklover That‘s just evil! 10mo
Blueberry 😖 10mo
TrishB 😱😱😱 10mo
CSeydel 😵😵 10mo
CSeydel That‘s utterly horrifying 10mo
megansaurusrex That's practically sacrilege! 10mo
Aimeesue 😱😱😱 10mo
Reggie Lololol, that‘s like in The Road where they see the house and go towards it but they keep hearing that tinkling bell. They make it to the barn and see people and are so happy at first but then realize they‘re in captivity and some have their legs chopped off. 10mo
Kappadeemom @Reggie lol😱 10mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Eggs ❤️🤗❤️ 11mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan

This is another one I read for a literature class. I thought it was great. So much can happen in one day that can change your whole life.

Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Lazy Saturday morning. Current view #CatsofLitsy

LauraBeth 😻 Who got the bed? David? 13mo
Dragon 😻 13mo
WanderingBookaneer @LauraBeth : Good eye, though. David and Chippie are sisters. David is grayer while Chippie has a reddish hue. 13mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Not Saturday but Thursday book shopping with lovely @JulietteGF at Literarity independent book store (in El Paso). Be sure to drop by if you happen to be in the area ;). @JulietteGF - what was the name of the book and author that you recommended? I didn't write it down ...

JulietteGF It was Vercors - Le Silence de la mer ;) 13mo
Anna40 @JulietteGF Thanks :) 13mo
Anna40 @JulietteGF : there is a bilingual edition! 13mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Shop Small at your local Bookstore! #TatteredCover
#Denver #shopsmallsaturday

monalyisha Jeff Tweedy 😍♥️😍 14mo
AmyG I got a Jeff Tweedy signed book! 👍🏻 14mo
Mgruidae Yessss Tattered Cover! ❤️ 14mo
Maria514626 Tattered Cover! 😘😘😘 13mo
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Enjoying my Saturday! (waiting for my Georgia Bulldogs to play) ❤️🖤❤️🖤

Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Great day of book shopping !! LOVE supporting Indie book stores. 📚📚🤘😁

AmyG I read Koko YEARS ago and just loved it. 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I'm late to the #friyayintro @howjessreads, it's Saturday here.

1) read, enjoy the balmy autumn
2) CET, at the moment CEST. We still have Summer Time for two more weeks.
3) no favourite read for this season, I have a ginormous TBR to go through. Hence,
4) no time to reread.

CoffeeAndABook ➡️1. It‘s the balmiest of balmy autumn days isn‘t it? Just gorgeous ☀️🍁🍂☀️ 1y
julesG @CoffeeAndABook It is. I've been sitting on the balcony all day. 1y
CoffeeAndABook That sounds fab!!! I‘ve been doing stuff outside but am just about to crash in our tiny backyard with Harry Potter & Co 👏🏻🙌🏻🦉👓🥢🏰 Have a lovely evening 🙋🏼‍♀️ 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Here's to the weekend!

Sace ❤️ 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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My little humans picking their reads for the week
📖 🐛

Cathythoughts Adorable 💕 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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MaleficentBookDragon 😀😂♥ 1y
kspenmoll This is great! 🤣 1y
Ddzmini Yes 🤣🤣🤣 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Typical McEwan brilliance covering the events of a single day. The details of neurosurgery are utterly compelling though not the main focus of the novel. I had to finish the book in two sessions, very hard to put down.

DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚🎉Hope you enjoy it here. And check out @LitsyWelcomeWagon to get connected. There are links to good tips for navigating Litsy in the profile. 2y
RaimeyGallant Nice review. :) And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. 1y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy! 1y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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After a long day of errands and cleaning, I got to sit down to this delicious dinner of filet mignon, salad, and let‘s not forget the pink moscato! #deliciousdinner #bestfiance

Trashcanman Nom nom 2y
Craftylikefox Moscato in an adorable cup!! 2y
TheLibrarian @Craftylikefox Thanks! One of my old work friends finds the coolest cups for me. 2y
RadicalReader @TheLibrarian will forever be a fan of salads because of their sensationalism 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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So I had to work today so I thought I would share a collage of some of our awesome Graphic Novel Collection for my ‘Saturday Shelfie‘. The bulk of our Marvel and DC collections are not shown here but I am still proud!

#ReadingResolutions 📚Saturday Shelfie📚

Nute Wow! That is an awesome collection. 2y
DrexEdit Nice collection! 2y
Elle_Skeldon @Nute @DrexEdit thanks! We have a great selection comparatively. And we just received two huge boxes full for collection development because my boss is amazing! 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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An interesting premise—one day in the life of London neurosurgeon Henry Perowne. A day that turns out to be not an average day. But this book started so slowly I was already bored by the time it picked up. It takes place between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq—and feels dated. Not McEwan‘s fault, if things had gone differently it might have aged better. Not his best. #1001books My 20th 1001 list read in 2018!

BarbaraBB 20! So much! 2y
ValerieAndBooks Good idea, keeping track of how many #1001Books within a certain time frame!! 👏👍 2y
AshleyHoss820 Twentieth!? Good for you!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Only when enough of them have been torn down, will it be possible to start loving them p.78

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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Just another Saturday in good old Hillbilly Village. Hanging with my grandson and got some posies in the yard.
All is right with the world. 💕

kspenmoll What gorgeous flowers! Spring is late here in CT. So nice you are having a day with your grandson! Enjoy! 2y
Kaye Thank you @kspenmoll I told him I took pictures of the best looking things in my yard. 😁 He‘s my pal. Such a good kid and very funny. (edited) 2y
BookaholicNatty These are absolutely beautiful!!! 2y
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Cinfhen Love the hydrangeas 💜 2y
AmyG Lovely. 🌸🌺🌼 2y
LitsyOwl Yours are so pretty! Mine are burning up in this 95 degree weather 🔥 2y
JoScho What a little cutie he is 💕 2y
Kaye Thanks guys 😁 2y
ReadZenRites The colors you‘ve selected for your annuals are divine. That blue! 💙💙 2y
Kaye Thank you @ReadZenRites I chose blue because our house is grey with blue shutters. Trying to add some color to make it more exciting. I chose the pinks because it‘s my favorite flower color. 🌸 2y
ReadZenRites Oh that‘ll look lovely. 2y
Kaye Thank you @ReadZenRites 😊 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty !!!! 2y
Kaye Thank you Misty. @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Library book sale! I got the tagged book and so many more. I‘ll post the book haul later. Now I‘m off to my granddaughter‘s birthday party.

TrishB Sounds like a great day 👍🏻 2y
rather_be_reading awesome! 2y
Kaye Wow 😮 looks like fun ! 2y
LeahBergen Ooooo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Happy #Caturday from my sweet boy, Chance!

Rachellynnwright Caturdays are the best kind of days! 2y
tammysue 😻😻😻 2y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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More browsing at the second-hand bookstore 📚

Saturday | Ian McEwan
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AmyG To you, too! 🌸 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. 🌞 I love summer in theory coz you can do more but as long as it‘s not too hot! 2. 📚 Prefer fiction 3. Not in one 4. Prefer a real book! @SilversReviews

SilversReviews Summer all the way for me. Thanks for playing...nice answers. 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. After this winter(and it's not over yet) I choose summer!!!!!
2. I enjoy both but I read more fiction
3. Love my book club!!!! Been in it for about 10 yrs, missed a few years in that 10yrs
4. I read both e-book and print. I now have libby and hoopla app so I may also give audiobook a try.

SilversReviews Libby is wonderful!! Oh yes....this winter can definitely go away. Can‘t wait for summer. Nice answers....thanks for playing. I like how you “spruced up” the photo. THANKS.. (edited) 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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What are your choices?

Have fun, and thanks for playing.

My answers:

In a Book Club
E-book and Print

Wonderwoman89 How do I put this on my page with my answers? 2y
SilversReviews Take a screen shot of the photo. Let me know if you need more help. 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. Dishes!
2. My husband is an amazing cook! He makes great steak, brisket, fish tacos, homemade mac and cheese. . .
3. More time on the weekends
4. Recently read The 57 Bus in about 4 hours.
5. Fiction or YA- Love helping teenagers find good books!
6. At least 100 in my living room.
7. Graphic novels!
8. Too scared to read Stephen King😲

Kaye Teens would be a fun group to help. I like that age if kids. Very entertaining. So glad you found a new genre you like. I have yet to try a graphic novel. Maybe one of these days. 😁 (edited) 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. Vacuuming. The noise is ahhh 😩
2. My step dad, often makes the roast dinners.
3. Same
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I think. Read it all in one night when I was 13 (which was a lot for me back then!)
5. Organising the books, probably 😆
6. 39!
7. Nope!
8. Haven't read any Stephen King (yet) 😬

#saturdaynightspecial @Kaye

Kaye I like your specific number of books you listed. 39 😁. That was quite an accomplishment with the Potter book, but I know there are tons of fans, so they must be really good ! Thanks for playing. (edited) 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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This clearly applies to our guy littens too. I wish I had a donut 🍩 Enjoy your Saturday friends 💕
Image from Ana Rosa on Tumbler

blithebuoyant I'm reporting this because I'm on a donut 😂😭 2y
blithebuoyant Omg. That was supposed to say diet. See what you're doing to me?! 2y
JoScho @blithebuoyant lol I was like does she mean she is sitting on one of those inflatable donuts? 😂😂😂 sorry I didn‘t mean to put donuts on your brain 💕 2y
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4thhouseontheleft @blithebuoyant @JoScho I was also picturing an inflatable pool 🍩 😂 I would sub coffee for tea. 😃 2y
JoScho @4thhouseontheleft me too-I am a tea girl. See there you go with the good taste again 😉 2y
blithebuoyant Don't they have those post pregnancy pillows that are good for your lady bits after you've shot a baby through it? I think those are called donuts too 😂Naw girl I need my coffee. I love tea too though tbh 2y
JoScho @blithebuoyant lol yes! That is what I thought you meant at first 😂 2y
GripLitGrl 🙌💗 2y
Gissy Love this Saturday where I will stay at home. I need to fix my car but they said I need to wait until Monday so I will sacrifice myself staying at home 😜and I will read. Also, waiting until midnight to open my #EasterBasketBookSwap box Yeah! 👏👏👏📚🎉🎊🎉🎊📚🎈🎈🎈 2y
MrsSpencer The perfect saturday 2y
JoScho @Gissy I love it when things happen like that and help me procrastinate! Enjoy your Saturday at home reading 💕 Also a bit pouty here because I haven‘t gotten my Easter box and I don‘t think I‘m going to ☹️ 2y
JoScho @MrsSpencer so perfect 💕 2y
Gissy @JoScho I hope it can arrive late today. It happened to me in the past. As a way to alleviate my "suffering" (how dramatic I am but it is necessary for what I'm going to say), I went to the bookstore and bought one book. Just to felt happy until I got my box☺️ 2y
JoScho @Gissy lol yes some retail therapy might make me feel a bit better 😊 2y
MaleficentBookDragon I agree!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕 2y
4thhouseontheleft @JoScho great minds think alike... 😃 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
2. Lisbeth Salander series. I read the first book and own the others on Kindle but don‘t think I‘ll ever read them.
3. If I love it and intend to reread it, I shelve it. Otherwise I pass it on.
4. Nope

#weekendchat @CSeydel

[DELETED] 3803335244 Number 3 👍 I know if I love it I shelve it too. Unless it belongs to someone else, then I have to buy my own copy & return the book to the person it belongs too. It‘s great to pass along books, sharing the love of reading. (edited) 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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A habit I started a couple of years ago is to buy a book in English and a book in the local language in every country I visit. This time, bought #Saturday by #IanMcEwan and a book by #AgathaChristie in Mandarin from #Beijing! I love this book store. If you‘re in Sanlitun St area, don‘t miss out on this store!

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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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@jesshowbooks #friyayintro

1. Watching the US Synchro Skating Championships!
2. Medium height!
3. 18 years (?!) time flies!
4. About to start Sing, Unburied, Sing

Saturday | Ian McEwan
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1- 31
2-I have 6 brothers and 1 sister.
3- no children for me.
4- Blood for Blood
5- choosing a fav book is too hard for me.
6- 😑
7- truculent
8- that I‘m actually American. People like to ask, “where are you from?” I say, “here.” The they say “no where are you actually from?”
9- dog lover
10- all three
11-I don‘t know
12- I‘m sure everyone has been tagged in this already.
Thanks @GypsyKat for the tag!


sammisho #8...I am biracial and get " What are you?" 2y
That-Bookish-Hiker @sammisho ugh that‘s gotta be annoying. 2y
GypsyKat Truculent is a good word. 👍 And wow that‘s a lot of siblings! At least your holidays are probably never boring! 😄 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Happy Saturday, everyone!!

PurpleyPumpkin What a lovely picture!💜 2y
Asthecroweflies Very pretty! 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I want to hear your non book related good thing that happened this week. I was named Employee of the Month!

IamIamIam YAY!!!!! Congrats, Rachel!!!!! 2y
quirkyreader Yet another good reason to go and have dinner at CB. 2y
JoeStalksBeck Awesome!!! 👏👏👏👏👏🤘🏻💃 2y
See All 39 Comments
Aims42 Way to go!!! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
JoeStalksBeck Well, I got a giant cookie and some great cards from my students for National Tutoring Week! I cried 2y
CocoReads Omg-do you work at Cracker Barrel? I love that place! Also Congrats! 2y
Conservio My husband surprised me with a new couch 2y
Nat_Reads Congratulations! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto I got a big promotion and made it through my first year end close! Congrats on employee of the month! 2y
Sharpeipup Booked my trip for Friendsgiving! 2y
Clwojick We found homes for all three of the abandoned kittens in my friends neighbourhood 🐱 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!🎈🎉🎊 2y
Andrea4 I started altered book art therapy! 2y
EllieDottie Congratulations!! 🎂✨🎉🎈 my bf's grandma is coming into town!!! 2y
AmyG Yay! 👍🏻 2y
JSW I got a new job!!! After 18 months of unhappiness and 6 months of looking!! 2y
Notafraidofwords Congrats. I got my niece her costume for Halloween! 2y
Cortg Congratulations! I had a storytime this morning at work. A new to the library Dad came with his daughter and gave me a hug at the end, he was so happy to participate. 2y
LiteraryinLititz Congrats!! I oversaw/proctored the SATs today and they went smoothly! Now I get to relax and read! 2y
moranadatter Congratulations! I had dinner with my grandparents today. 2y
Beckys_Books Visited our son at college. 2y
maximoffs @quirkyreader if you‘re ever in AZ come say hi! @JoeStalksBeck thank you and OMG that sounds amazing!! @Aims42 thank you! @CocoReads I do! And thank you! @Conservio I hope it is super comfy @Nat_Reads thanks! @Ashley_Nicoletto yay! Congratulations! And thanks! @Sharpeipup awesome! Have fun! @Clwojick that‘s awesome! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you! @Andrea4 that is awesome! @EllieDottie that‘s amazing!!! Hope you have fun! 2y
JoeStalksBeck ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
maximoffs @AmyG thanks! @JSW omg!!! Congratulations! That‘s amazing! @Notafraidofwords thanks, what‘s she going to be! @Cortg that‘s super awesome! @LiteraryinLititz woohoo!! @moranadatter thank you! Sounds like fun @Beckys_Books that sounds like fun! 2y
Notafraidofwords @steverogers a pink pony from my little pony 🦄 2y
WarpedSweetness That's awesome!! Congratulations! 2y
GatheringBooks congratulations are in order! 2y
batsy Congratulations! 2y
rohit-sawant Congratulations!! 🎉 2y
Lmstraubie 👏👏👏👏👊 2y
heikemarie That's awesome! My school told me they're sending me to a conference in November! ☺️ 2y
Cathythoughts Congratulations! I have nothing so great to tell. Nevertheless, it has been a happy week. 💕 2y
mhillis Congratulations!! You must be so proud!! We celebrated our anniversary this weekend💕 2y
TaylorMay Congrats! I got to go Glow in the dark Kayaking. It was both slightly terrifying and completely cool. 2y
TNbookworm Congratulations! 2y
Buddys_Momma Yay!!!💜 2y
Suet624 Congrats! 2y
TricksyTails Congratulations!! 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Happy Sunday everyone! I finished this apple tart shortly after I took this picture 😋and I'm hoping to finish this novel today. It's taking me way too long to read! But this past week was busy at work, etc. resulting in me being MIA on Litsy and not reading many physical books (audiobooks are a godsend right now!). Hooray for weekends!🎉

MicheleinPhilly I just saw the tagged book and thought, "Wait, it's only Saturday? ??" ??? 2y
Eggs Lovely😍 2y
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Sace Apple tart looks yummy. 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @Eggs 😉👌🏽 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @RestlessFickleBookSlut It really was! First time I've had it but won't be my last. 😋 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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Okay I have a huge tbr but that doesn't mean there aren't books that I must re-read soon! Here are a few of mine - what are yours? #MustReRead

kathedron Off the top of my head... "Rebecca" (again!) and I'm surely due for another Dostoevsky re-read. 2y
kathedron By the way, I put a penpal letter in the post to you earlier. 📝 2y
Balibee146 @River_Voice good call I need to read that again. Yay thanks for the letter, I was just about to write but will wait until I receive yours. Thank you :-) 2y
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Saturday | Ian McEwan
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I should take a break from my #readingenvyreadalong of The Secret History-I certainly have plenty of other options-but I'm just not ready to put these twisted people to the side. #Saturdayreading #bookandcoffee #bookandbrunch

Cinfhen Great photo ‼️breakfast looks delish 💗 2y
Lola @Cinfhen The hub has really been knocking it out of the park with the weekend breakfasts lately. So good that I don't even mind clean-up duty 🙃 2y
Jinjer Looks delicious and beautifully presented! 2y
Laalaleighh A. I want your breakfast. It looks amazing. B. The secret history is so hard to put down, good luck. 2y
ReadingEnvy No shoulds! 2y
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