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Feeling Thankful
Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Stop and smile. You have a lot to be thankful for! People, places, and things can make us feel happy. They can make us feel safe. Open this book, and warm your heart.
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Just returned from vacation and my mailbox was stuffed with this gorgeous tote bag and a stack of #LitsyLove letters. Wow! Thanks @24in48 for such a cool door prize. And I‘m so grateful for all my #LitsyLove pen pals. Thanks for all the love! 😘😘😘 It‘s going to be a weekend of power letter writing. 😅✍🏻💌
P.S. Next #24in48 Readathon is January 18-19, 2020.

ljuliel Are they skipping the next 3 months for readathons ? That sounds so far away ! Is it for the holidays ? 2mo
Avanders 🥰🥰🥰 2mo
UwannaPublishme @ljuliel I‘m not sure. I only remember them having two a year. But there‘s never a shortage of Readathons. Dewey‘s is coming up on Oct 26. And #24b4Monday is going on now! 😊📚 2mo
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UwannaPublishme @Avanders 😘😘😘 2mo
tpixie Beautiful tote!!! 1mo
UwannaPublishme @tpixie 😍👍🏻 1mo
PurpleyPumpkin Congrats on the 24in48 door prize! Looks lovely. And wow, that a lot of mail! 😳 1mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz My oh my the tote! 😍😍Where can I get one? 3w
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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A big thank you and hug to @Soubhiville , @BarbaraBB and @gradcat for sending the wonderful #bookmail love for my birthday! So thoughtful and generous of you all...really above and beyond. 🤗📚🤗📚🤗📚 Looking forward to diving into these! 😍

Soubhiville Sweet! Happy Birthday! 2mo
robinb @Soubhiville Thanks again so much (loved the cool postcard too!👍😊)! 2mo
BarbaraBB Happy birthday Robin💕 2mo
robinb @BarbaraBB Thanks again, sweet friend! 🤗😊💕 2mo
gradcat I hope you‘re pleased with my choices, but if not—please feel free to exchange them! Happy Birthday, again, & you‘re very, very welcome. ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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I am overwhelmed by all of the beautiful #LitsyLove cards and wishes for my birthday!!! Littens are the most thoughtful and generous folks around! Love y‘all! 💕 @ImperfectCJ , @aroc , @AmyG , @OriginalCyn620 , @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks , @TheBookHippie , @litenthusiast , @CaliforniaCay

tpixie Happy Birthday!! 🎂🎁🎈 📚🥳 2mo
Mollyanna Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎂 2mo
AmyG Hope you had a wonderful birthday! 2mo
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Chrissyreadit Happy Birthday! 2mo
robinb @tpixie thanks so much! 💕🤗 2mo
robinb @Mollyanna thank you! 😘🎉💕 2mo
robinb @AmyG thanks so much, Amy! 😘🤗 2mo
robinb @Chrissyreadit thank you! 😍🤗💕 2mo
Avanders Happy birthday!! 🎁🎈🎂 2mo
robinb @Avanders thanks very much! 💕😊 2mo
kezzlou85 Mine is on it's way but might be a bit late. Hopefully not too late. ❤ 2mo
mabell Happy Birthday! 🎈🎉🎂🎁 ❤️ 2mo
OriginalCyn620 Happy birthday! 🎂🎊🎈 2mo
robinb @kezzlou85 thank you very much for thinking of me!! 🤗💕 2mo
robinb @mabell thank you, Elizabeth! 🤗💕 2mo
robinb @OriginalCyn620 💕😘 Appreciate your thoughts, Cynthia! 2mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you so much for all the #BirthdayFairy and #LitsyLove wishes for my birthday! You all definitely brought the “HAPPY” to my day! 💕💕💕
Thanks to @Lovesbooks87 (stickers & bookmark), @BookwormAHN (book note stickies), @squirrelbrain (thank you to your mum for the lovely handmade bookmark!), @SaturnDoo (stickers), @Crazeedi (bookmark) and @UwannaPublishme (bookmark & surprise note).

(Excuse the multiple posts..I‘m not good at staging!) 😆🤣

BookwormAHN 😸😸 2mo
robinb @BookwormAHN 😘😘 2mo
SaturnDoo ❤💜❤ enjoy!!! 2mo
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squirrelbrain Hope you had a lovely day! 😘 2mo
robinb @SaturnDoo 👍😘💕 2mo
robinb @squirrelbrain 👍😊💕🤗 2mo
UwannaPublishme Glad you‘re having such an awesome birthday! 🤗❤️🎂🎉🎉 2mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you so much for the gift @jenniferw88, I love it! (and also for the #lmpbc book, am looking forward to this one) I will save the card for now 😊

Thank you 😍😘😘

squirrelbrain How lovely! 💚 2mo
jhod @jenniferw88 i wore my badge all day yesterday too 😊 2mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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A huge shoutout of thanks goes to all of you for supporting myself and my fellow Littens who gave it their all yesterday during the #LitsyWalkathon! Motivation is key, and having your favourite group of awesome people cheering you on really makes all of the difference! So thank you, thank you, thank you! 💕

MartinaLove You did a great job! Congratulations! 👏🏻🙌🏻 4mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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It‘s Canada Day long weekend and I‘m feeling very thankful for all the thoughtfulness of my fellow #PoutinePenPals! I‘ve been feeling rather overwhelmed lately, so I haven‘t been able to respond as quickly as I‘d like. But I wanted to let you all know how very much I appreciate you. 💜

BookishTrish Back at you! 5mo
FantasyChick 😘😘 4mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Sometimes things happen exactly when they need to. 💕

Was feeling a bit sad yesterday (lots of self doubt that wouldn't leave me alone). Then today a much loved library patron came in and gifted me with this lovely bag with my initial embroidered on the front! The card says, 'thank you for making my days at the library so enjoyable!'

I really needed this today and am endlessly lucky to work at such a wonderful library! 📚💕

JennyM ❤️ 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage So lovely! 5mo
TheSpineView How sweet! 5mo
batsy That's so kind 💕 5mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thanks @Owlizabeth for cool books, sweet summer pampering, Harry Potter and cat related love, and a poster book with my favorite group of women, the madres de la plaza de mayo (in addition to other coolness). And, when I checked my email, awesome ebooks were waiting too! I appreciate everything so much! I‘m excited to read stuff I haven‘t come across before! #summersantagoespostal

Owlizabeth Yaaaaaay!! I really hope you enjoy! 5mo
tracey38 I really liked Written in Red! 5mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Alicia, @LazyDays The books have arrived!! These are the ones you got me, right? My heart is overflowing with gratitude! Thank you so very much! ❤️😍
#birthdaygift #Littensarethebest

Bookishthoughts Yes! 🌻🌸 You're welcome! Happy birthday 🎂! I'm so happy they finally made it, I was starting to get a little worried. Happy Reading! 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm Thank you, lovely ❣️😘 Have a great weekend! @LazyDays 7mo
BooknerdsLife These are gorgeous! 😍😍😍 7mo
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batsy How lovely! 7mo
readordierachel Beautiful 😍 7mo
youneverarrived Gorgeous 😍 7mo
Ericalambbrown I love anything Chris Riddell illustrates! 7mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Oh my gosh Harper, you really spoiled me! Thank you so much for all my birthday goodies! It was so sweet of you! 💜📚🎂💜📚🎂

CoffeeNBooks Yay! I'm glad everything got there! 💌 9mo
Lovesbooks87 @CoffeeNBooks it did! Thanks again for thinking of me! Litsy friends are truly the best! 9mo
AmyG 💕 9mo
wordzie 💌 😎 9mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Managed to catch this milestone and then promptly forgot to post it🙈 Let‘s blame it on the pregnancy hormones😜

So, a little later, but no less heartfelt, a huge thank you to all you wonderful Littens!! I love knowing there‘s this beautiful community of lovely people who are just as crazy about books and reading as I am☺️
You‘ve inspired me to read even more, to read outside my comfort zone, to be more aware of what I read... I can keep going☺️

Megara Congratulations! 10mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! This is truly a wonderful community! 10mo
Avanders 🎉🎉🎉 10mo
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Birdsong28 Congrats 🎉🎊📚📖 10mo
julesG Congratulations! 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm 💗👏🎉 10mo
Cinfhen Wonderful congrats🥳🥳🥳 10mo
Sarah83 Congrats 💕 10mo
Jas16 🎉📚👏 10mo
CoffeeNBooks Congratulations on the milestone! 🎉 10mo
inthegreensandblues Congrats! 🎉📚 10mo
TheAliceEvers Congrats! 🎉👏🏻🎉👏🏻 10mo
tournevis 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺 10mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you so much @debthmpsn for this awesome #MerryandBright swap package!I haven't read any of the books! And i love that you had notes about each of the books!! So exciting!! Love the scarf, insulated cup, journal and snacks! I hope you enjoy yours! 🎄📚🎉🎅 my kitty loved the tissue paper also 😻 Merry Christmas!

debthmpsn Yay!! Glad you love everything :) 11mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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@Rissa1 I got your wonderful #Thankfulforbooksswap.
Worth the wait. The book sounds great and the book light! I needed a new one so bad. The sign...true! And my new favorite bookmark...it‘s beautiful and sturdy. I am always dropping my book and this one stays put. How special that you made it for me. ❤️ Thank you again so very much.

JamieLou Yay! 11mo
Amiable Good book! It inspired me to continue with the series. I'm on book #4 right now. 11mo
AmyG @Amiable Good to know. Thanks! 11mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Loved this book! I didn't know it's a series! 11mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you so much, @Yeah_I_Read for the amazing St. Nicholas Day box!!! I‘m excited for the books and love the treats, tea and cup!! And I can‘t wait to start #audiocoloring in my new coloring book that‘s perfect for the season!! And thank you to @Avanders for setting up this amazing swap!!!

Yeah_I_Read I‘m glad you like everything 11mo
Bklover Great stuff!! 11mo
TorieStorieS @Yeah_I_Read I do!!! Thank you so very much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 11mo
TorieStorieS @Bklover I know!! I‘m looking forward to all of it!!! A great St. Nicholas Day!!! 😊😊😊 11mo
Avanders 😍🎄♥️🥰❄️ 11mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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@TheSpineView I don't even know what to say! I felt like a kid on Christmas day all over again opening up that box of goodies! You are such a generous person. I love every single thing and I appreciate it all more than you know. I really needed some cheering up so I thank you so, so much. Ferrero Rocher is my absolute favorite chocolate with Ghiradelli at a very close second! The B&N gift card I was not expecting at all.. just.. thank you

TheSpineView I am so glad I was able to spread a little cheer. I hope you enjoy. Hide the chocolate!! 🤩 11mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Dear @erzascarletbookgasm,

My reading year was pretty awesome! (I don't use that word lightly) I nit only upped my Goodreads Challenge to 150 books I also far exceeded that hoal thanks to Litsy friends, recommendations, NetGalley and lots of reading time.

I've read so many different books, tried new-to-me authors and genres.

Thank you for this generous giveaway! #festivebookishbox

Thank you Littens for being the best!

erzascarletbookgasm Congrats for surpassing your GR goal 👏. Here‘s to a more awesome year ahead 🍻. Thanks for entering, 🤗🍀 11mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you @LapReader for the AMAZING haul! I want to read all the books, will be making a Christmas shopping list in the notebook tonight and may even put on the socks! I can‘t believe I‘m hard to buy for. 😛 Funny that we got each other for #thankfulforbooksswap. I can‘t get books here fast enough so not many swaps in my future. I‘ll send you the book I ordered for you! Thanks @JamieLou for organising!!

ReadingDownUnder Ugh. It cut off the bottom half of my pic! Someday I‘ll figure Litsy out. 12mo
AmyG Ooooo John Boyne! Lovely. 12mo
ReadingDownUnder @AmyG I‘ve been wanting to read this! 12mo
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LapReader No worries. Enjoy. 12mo
Avanders What a lovely package! ♥️ 12mo
Elma Yay! You got your swap! 12mo
ReadingDownUnder @Elma I did and it is great!! 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Wow thank you @JamieLou !!!! I can't believe how much you fit into a medium box!! I loooove the pillow and its book pocket!! The doggy stuffy is so adorable; allll the drinks and treats are so exciting; the pumpkin notepads, and 2 Berenstain Bears books *and* the Turkey Day Murder cozy are all 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽!!!! Thank you so much. I *am* so #ThankfulforBooks and for you!! 🦃♥️🦃♥️🦃♥️

Avanders @JamieLou did you make the pillowcase?!? 😲😲 12mo
BethM Great package! Loved those books as a kid! 12mo
Kaciecalderon Yes she made it! @JamieLou 12mo
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JamieLou @Avanders I did make it! 😊 Happy Thanksgiving! I realized after I sent it I forgot my note haha. I‘m glad you enjoyed it all 🦃 12mo
Avanders @BethM I know they're the best!! @Kaciecalderon @JamieLou wow you are really talented!! 🤭🥰🦃♥️ 12mo
JamieLou Thanks! Looking at it all layed out that is pretty good for the box size 😂 I just kept dumping candy and tea in the spare cracks. 12mo
Avanders @JamieLou oh and that candy! The espresso snickers?! I didn't even know that was a thing until your box! So good 🤤 (edited ... I think I was half asleep when I initially posted that 😆) (edited) 12mo
BookishMarginalia Espresso Snickers? Another one to look out for! 12mo
Avanders @BookishMarginalia right?! And they're so good!! 🤤 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1. My fiancé ?
2. My puppy. His love and kisses always make my day brighter ??
3. Encouraging and supportive co-workers ??‍?
4. Payday and team Thanksgiving luncheon at work ??
#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for participating! ☺️💚 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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MaGoose That's a great bouquet of flowers! 12mo
Myhusbandhatesreading Beautiful! Happy birthday 🎂🎈 12mo
eanderson Happy birthday!!! 12mo
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rubyslippersreads Happy 🎂🎂🎂! 12mo
gradcat What a nice looking bouquet! Happy Birthday! 💐💐💐 (edited) 12mo
SamanthaMarie Pretty bouquet!!! Happy happy Birthday!! 🎈🎉🎁❤ 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday! 12mo
Cinfhen So glad your day was full of #birthdayLove 💕💕💕💕 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1) My mom ❤
2) coffee & chocolate & hot baths
3) I'm healthy & I have the day off 😁
4) I'll get to sleep in tomorrow morning & I'm sure I will be grateful for all the cookies & snacks that I have hidden in my vehicle while I'm working. 😋
#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for participating! ☺️💚 12mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Snacks and hidden!! Ahahaha well thought-of my friend! 12mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer @Jee_HookedOnBookz it's one of my best ideas ever! 😂 it keeps temptation out of the house, I snack proportionally (and only if I'm feeling hungry), plus anyone who happens to be in my vehicle gets a free snack, everyone wins! So far, it hasn't derailed my diet at all. 😊 12mo
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SamanthaMarie Coffee, chocolate, and hot baths, oh my!!! 😍 So agree. 12mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @KrystleTheBookSlayer I wanna be the friend who's gonna be in that vehicle of yours and binge-eat your snacks all day HHAHAH 12mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer @Jee_HookedOnBookz and you would be welcome to do so, I figure the more everyone else eats, the less I will! 😂 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1. My sister, @Ireadkidlit
2. Comfy reading spot
3. Good Health of my family
4. It will be Friday!

Hugs to all! ❤️💕❤️💕 #hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for participating! ☺️💚 12mo
SamanthaMarie Awww comfy reading spot, yes! ♡ 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1) My sister
2) Does my cat count..?
3) First snowfall
4) Friday
#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Your car absolutely counts! And thanks for participating! ☺️💚 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1) my boyfriend!
2) coffee in the morning
3) I have lots of knitting time!
4) tomorrow is Friday! Almost the weekend!

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for participating! ☺️💜 12mo
SamanthaMarie I really want to learn to knit!!! Sounds like the perfect autumn/winter hobby. 12mo
Rudis @SamanthaMarie It‘s fantastic, I totally recommend it! 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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1. My mother
2. The smell of fall
3. I am thankful I have a job to go to.
4. Tomorrow is Friday and I‘m thankful I only have to work a 1/2 day

{hugs} to all!

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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Oh my gosh...look how much Megan spoiled me! 😍

I didn‘t get a chance to open my #AllHallowsRead package until after conferences tonight, but it was so worth the wait!

A gorgeous tarot deck (with a book!), all of these lovely books (Made for Love! Craft!), Pennywise stuff, ghost socks, a witchy candle, Alice‘s Nightmare coloring book, a sugar duck!! So much more. And a string of lights I can use to make my posts 😎

Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

sprainedbrain And thank you, Chelle, for organizing another great swap, and matching me with such a thoughtful person! ❤️ @MaleficentBookDragon 12mo
sprainedbrain Also! @ReadingRover I just love that totally rad 80s cat card and your note. You obviously put so much thought in to everything and I truly LOVE everything you sent. Thank you again! 12mo
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MaleficentBookDragon ♥🎃♥👻♥🦇 12mo
ReadingRover Yay!!! I‘m so happy you like everything! It was so much fun shopping for you. I had such a blast!!! 12mo
ReadingRover Also the sugar duck lights up💡!!! I think there is a little plastic thingy in it you have to pull out. I tried to find one that wasn‘t already on. 12mo
sprainedbrain @ReadingRover oh yes, my little dude had it lit up right away. He also ate all of the skittles and wants the Pennywise keychain hooked to his backpack... never mind that he‘s 7 and has never read or watched It. 😂 12mo
ReadingRover @sprainedbrain 😂 that will go over well at school when the other moms see it! 🤡 12mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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Thank you so much for this @AprilMaesBookHabit ! Now I can finally read this and then watch the HBO miniseries. And thank you @TheBookKeepers for organizing #JustABookSwap

TheBookKeepers Oh I need to read this soon too! May be a good October read if I can squeeze it in my ever growing TBR stack 😝 13mo
AprilMae Glad you got it!!! Enjoy, it's one of my favs 13mo
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Feeling Thankful | Shelley Rotner
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I didn‘t have the willpower to wait until after work

@monalyisha - I am floored by your thoughtfulness! I have not read any of the books and am so happy to add them to my shelves. I‘m totally stealing your “My Pick/Your Pick” idea! 💖 The bonus birthday book is so generous! That mug is right on time because one of my other mugs started ‘bleeding‘ the ink off & I was super bummed. An overall great #fallingforfallswap P.S. L😍VED the wrapping

Chelleo @Avanders Thanks so much for hosting such a great swap!! 14mo
scripturient That mug! 😍😍😍 14mo
Mdargusch Those gummies! 😻such thoughtful gifts for fall! 14mo
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RaimeyGallant Wowzers! 14mo
Mitch Cool. Such a thoughtful package. Can‘t wait to open mine tonight. Love the pin! 14mo
Avanders ❤️🧡💛🎃🍁🍂😍 and I love that mug! 14mo
monalyisha Yesss! So happy you like everything! I‘ll admit: I bought a pack of those gummies for myself, too... and they‘re pretty bomb. 💣💥 🤤 Also, I‘ve read almost all of the books & I can personally vouch for them! I hope you end up loving them all as much as I do! (Tag me in the reviews if you remember. 😉) It was so fun shopping for you! 🤗🎃 (edited) 14mo
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