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It's this time of the year again - I'm in the mood for writing bookish lists 😄 Therefore, here's my plan for #BacklistReadathon 2024. I'm going for option two and hope to read more by these authors next year ❤

@Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks

Clwojick Woohoo! Great list! Good list! 5d
Jari-chan @Clwojick thank you 🤭 5d
TheAromaofBooks Oooo nice!!! 4d
Jari-chan @TheAromaofBooks Thank you 😊 4d
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The Backlist | Frank Zafiro, Eric Beetner
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Hey friends!! @Clwojick and I are BACK with the #BacklistReadathon !! We kind of fell of the bandwagon a little in 2023, so we are loosey-goosey-ing the rules to accommodate our sometimes complicated lives! 😂 Hopefully one of these methods will help you all catch up on an author's backlist (or several!). I'm planning to pick an author a month and try to read three backlist books from that author throughout their month. Anyone is welcome to join!!

Clwojick ❤️❤️❤️ 6d
willaful I like the new options! Option 2 will work much better for me. 6d
Megabooks Yes! Since it‘s more relaxed I want to try next year! 6d
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TheAromaofBooks @willaful @Megabooks - I loved the concept but never seemed to actually pull it together to spend a whole week on one author 😂 I'm excited about the options Cassandra came up with - it feels more doable this way!! 5d
Pageturner1 interested 5d
AnneCecilie Does it need to be 12 authors or more? Can it be less? I can‘t plan now what authors I‘ll read in 2024. 5d
TheAromaofBooks @Pageturner1 - There is no formal sign up, so feel free to jump in whenever works for you and tag us when you do!! 5d
TheAromaofBooks @AnneCecilie - Absolutely pick however many authors work best for you!! Last year, I did the same author for three months in a row, working my way through a backlist series. You can choose ahead of time, or decide each month which author you'd like to read!! 5d
AshleyHoss820 Ooo! I think I‘ll count myself in on this one too! ☺️ 4d
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2024 | George H. Easton
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Hey everyone! We‘re happy to announce we have some changes for next years #BacklistReadathon challenge ☺️ Take your time to see what option works best for you, and be sure to tag us in your 2024 planning!

GHABI4ROSES OOOH! What is Backlist? More opportunities for nerding?! @DieAReader @Andrew65 1w
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ChaoticMissAdventures @GHABI4ROSES blacklist are books by authors that have been out for awhile (usually anything more that a year or two old). It is a publishing term where they move the authors order work to the "back" and their new stuff to the marketing "front" 1w
TheBookHippie Let the planning begin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1w
TheAromaofBooks Woot woot!!! 1w
Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES Looks another great challenge to get those reading lists down. Think I‘d go with option two as allows more variability and can still focus on an author a month with that option should we want to at any time. @DieAReader (edited) 1w
DieAReader @Andrew65 I agree! Count me in @Clwojick 🤓❤️‍🔥 Another perfect excuse to read @GHABI4ROSES 😉📚 1w
Read4life I‘m going to incorporate this with #Roll100 & #SeriesLove2024 💙💙 1w
Clwojick @Read4life ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1w
RainyDayReading Looking forward to this! 1w
Jari-chan Oh, I think I join that one! There are so many authors I want to read more of! 1w
GHABI4ROSES @ChaoticMissAdventures oh that is fantastic. I will look at some tags as examples, they will now make sense! 6d
GHABI4ROSES @Andrew65 Yup on Option 2! I wonder if my Stephen King list qualifies. That intersects with #LosersClubForever. Yes I am in it @DieAReader @Clwojick cus I always want an excuse to read! 6d
Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES Stephen King list definitely fits. 6d
GHABI4ROSES @Andrew65 You and @DieAReader know me with my Steve. I still have not received anything on #WinterGames2023 @Clwojick so it may be an operator error on my end! 5d
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The Wicked City | Beatriz Williams
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Beatriz Williams was my choice this month for the #BacklistReadathon

I wanted more of the 1998 story and less of the prohibition story on this one, but it was still enjoyable. I‘ll probably read the sequel at some point.

TheBookgeekFrau If you read the next two books, you'll find the prohibition story figures heavily into the 'modern' story. I loved all three Wicked books!! 💞 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2mo
Bookwormjillk @TheBookgeekFrau good to know thank you! 2mo
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Night and Silence | Seanan McGuire
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In this 12th book from the excellent Hugo-nominated October Daye series, Toby is again searching for a missing child, but this time, it's her own. I started this book during the last #BacklistReadathon but just finished it now.

#BookSpinBingo #SummerEndReadathon #RushAThon #SeriesLove2023 #hugo2023
@clwojick @TheAromaofBooks @TheSpineView @DieAReader @Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 3mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3mo
Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 3mo
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My Losing Season | Pat Conroy
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I love Pat Conroy and his ability to tell a story, but even he can‘t get me to love a basketball memoir. Sorry Pat, it‘s me not you.

This was my #backlistreadathon title from August. Next time I‘ll stick to his novels.

TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 3mo
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#Bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks

I have a lot of free range through library holds and arcs.
Most of the chosen books are #buddyreads for #NaturaLitsy #Rereadtheclassics #Pemberlittens #Bookedintime (the tagged) and the Margaret Atwood for #Backlistreadathon

The last 3 are from my poetry tbr list.

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3mo
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Fishies up the last five books in this series for this months #BackListReadathon. The first 3 were fun and simple, but by the last 3 things were getting boring and repetitive. All in all, happy to get them read, and off my phone.

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 4mo
BethM I feel like I‘ve had several series go that way. 4mo
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This was only 184 pages, a good story, but I never realized it was about two gay guys. Some sex scenes were not my cup of tea. Overall, the story was good enough for me to try book 2. This was my pick for #BackListReadathon @Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks and #RushAthon @DieAReader @Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES It is alsonpart of a series #SeriesLove23 @Andrew65 @TheSpineView

TheSpineView Fantastic!🤩😊👍 4mo
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 4mo
Clwojick Well done! 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 4mo
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The Sleeping Soldier | Aster Glenn Gray
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I suspect Aster Glenn Gray must be independently wealthy, since she spends so much time on research and virtually none on trying to get people to actually buy her books. 😂 But she has a bunch of loyal fans and deservedly so. This fairy tale retelling/friendship story/college story/young adult historical romance/time travel tale weaves disparate threads in in an immersive, quietly moving, and astonishingly insightful way.


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