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27.ATL.really good at being invested in fictional characters💁‍♀️📚🔮🌊🌴⚔️ https://linktr.ee/somebooksaround
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Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach
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Less: A Novel by Andrew Sean Greer
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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
Bad Man: A Novel | Dathan Auerbach
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Did not mean to be gone for 3 months, I certainly let time get away from me. But, I got Bad Man by Dathan Auerbach from @Qchambers for my bday and it is brilliant. So eerie, so well crafted.
Highly recommended!!

#fiction #mystery #suspense #litsy #new #dathanauerbach #shelfie #books #reading #tbr #currentread #november

Tanisha_A Woah! Where were you? Hope all's well! Welcome back. 😊 6y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Nice to have you back. 😊 6y
somebooksaround @Tanisha_A thanks so much!!!! I got pretty sick & had to spend some time figuring it out. But on the mend now & hoping to read more and post again! Woo! I missed Litsy!! Hope you‘re well!!:)) 6y
somebooksaround @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego thanks so much!! Hope all is well!! 💕✌️ 6y
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The Fall of Arthur | J.R.R. Tolkien
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Thank you so much @InLibrisVeritas for this lovely package!! I‘ve already learned so much about Tolkien from this! Thank you thank you! Can‘t wait to read these books! 😍🙌

#tolkien #litsy

InLibrisVeritas You are more than welcome and I am so glad you like everything! I tried to make sure to pack the necessities for your journey; a few guides some helpful markers, scents to remind you where you started, and a few comforts. 😊 6y
somebooksaround @InLibrisVeritas its absolutely perfect! Such a fun help for the Tolkien road! Can‘t wait to real these stories with this awesome atmosphere!! Thank you thank you!! 😍🙌✌️📚 6y
KirstieE Omg 😍😍😍 6y
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The Bone Season: A Novel | Samantha Shannon
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My most anticipated ya fantasy TBR books 😍📚
I‘m currently reading Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi & I‘m loving it so much!
When classes are over I‘m going to dive into more v e schwab!
#litsy #reading #books #tbr #shelfie #home #ya #fantasy #fiction #novel #wednesday

IheartYA Ohhh Scwab. Excellent! 6y
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This months bookclub read!!
Can‘t wait to start this one. So much surrounding this book, I‘m glad to read he work of such a passionate author. I hope she knows how much her book is revered💛📚
#illbegoneinthedark #michellemcnamara #thriller #truecrime #psychological #novel #tbr #listy #home #shelfie #bookclub

The Iron Flower | Laurie Forest
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Just started this ARC! Also enjoying A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan.
Finally got some sun in Atlanta, so I‘m spending a couple days by the pool! 📚🌊🌞🌴
#reading #books #arc #tbr #summer #currentread #ya #novel #series #fiction #fantasy #litsy #netgalley

Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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Found a copy of Six of Crows with the black sprayed edges at 2nd & Charles a couple months ago, and I‘m obsess with it 😂🙌
I love sprayed edges! The Illumicrate(sp?) editions of Strange The Dreamer & Muse with the gold and silver sprayed edges... uuugh... so expensive but #need lol
#books #litsy #sixofcrows #leighbardugo #ya #novel #series #grishaverse #reading #shelfie #home #fiction

BookwormAHN I love the Six of Crows with the splayed edges, also there is one of Crooked Kingdom with red edges 🖤 6y
HOTPock3tt I STILL have to read this book! I borrowed it from the library yet haven‘t read it. Is it awesome? Maybe a few good recommendations will make me actually pick it up lol 🤣 6y
somebooksaround @BookwormAHN yessss I need Crooked Kingdom with the red edges! My next buy! 😍🙌🙌 6y
somebooksaround @HOTPock3tt I‘m actually not 100% sure yet because I have to finish the last of the first 3 Grishaverse and then I can go onto Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom! I hear they‘re connected in some ways! 🙌 I hope you enjoy!!! Hope you‘ve been well! 🙌✌️📚 Happy Reading!! 6y
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Stalking Jack the Ripper | Kerri Maniscalco
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I‘m so stoked to read this! But, I have to get through some ARCs before it‘s too late 😂🙌 SOON!!
I also finished Little Fires Everywhere recently and WOW. What an ending... what a book!!
(To anyone interested- bookish candles by Highland Bluff Studio - code SBA10 will get you 10% off!💛)

#litsy #reading #books #tbr #shelfie #home #yanovel #fiction #ya #novel #kerrimaniscalco

StephanieSays What does ARC mean? Sorry if this is a silly question; I‘m new! 6y
somebooksaround @StephanieSays no question is a stupid question! 😊✌️ it means Advanced Readers Copy - Books that are given to people to review before their release dates, also referred to as uncorrected proofs! ☺️✌️📚 6y
StephanieSays @somebooksaround thank you so much! 6y
somebooksaround @StephanieSays no problem!! Happy Reading!! 6y
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An Ember in the Ashes | Sabaa Tahir
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A quick photo, but I finally got the whole series in the matching covers I am pLEASED! 😂🙌
Can‘t wait to finish book 2 & devour book 3 😍🙌
Sabaa Tahir is next level amazing! Happy Reading!

#books #reading #litsy #new #sabaatahir #tbr #shelfie #home #fiction #yanovel #ya #fantasy #fiction

tracey38 I'm reading book 3 now. This is a great series! 6y
somebooksaround @tracey38 So good!!! I hope you enjoy book 3 as well! 😃🙌 so excited to read! 6y
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And I Darken | Kiersten White
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Some books from the ever growing tbr pile 😂😬
Can‘t wait to see what stories these hold😍🙌📚
#litsy #tbr #shelfie #books #home #novel #ya #fantasy #fiction

Cathythoughts Some interesting stories there Is say 👍🏻 6y
KirstieE Stalking jack is soooooo good !! 🤗 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Beautiful! 🖤🖤 6y
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Moony I love your pictures so much! 6y
somebooksaround @Cathythoughts yess! Can‘t wait to delve in! 6y
somebooksaround @KirstieE yaaas! I‘ve heard such good things that is for sure one of my soon to reads!! 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords thank you lovely!! ❤️❤️ 6y
somebooksaround @Moony aw thank you so much! That means so much!! 💛💛 Happy Reading!!✌️✌️ 6y
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I am ready to be obsessed with this series🙌🙌
I saw she posted a cover for The Steel Prince, and while I don‘t know the story, the cover art already has me hooked😍🙌
#veschwab #ya #novel #fantasy #magic #adarkershadeofmagic #tbr #shelfie #reading #books #litsy

ephemeralwaltz Gorgeous photo! 6y
somebooksaround @ephemeralwaltz Thank you so much!!✌️📚😊 6y
SMayWrites I loved these books! Hope you enjoyed it! 6y
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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Madeleine Miller. What a talent. These books are experiences. I love looking at them😍🙌
#madeleinemiller #tsoa #circe #litsy #fiction #greekmythology #mythology #reading #books #read #shelfie

Bronte_Chintz 🙌🏻 agreed!!! 6y
Moray_Reads Love them both 6y
somebooksaround @Moray_Reads Same here!🙌😃 6y
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The contemporary concept with a unique and flowing structure. Enjoying this reading experience so far. Celeste Ng is a brilliant writer, that is for sure!✨📚

#litsy #celesteng #contemporary #fiction #novel #bookclub #reading #books #new #pick

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A book from my 2018 tbr list!
Fingers crossed I get to this one📚🤞
Oh how quickly the tbr adds up... 😬
#litsy #reading #books #classic #literature #thomashardy #tbr #shelfie #novel

Jess_Franzino I‘ve finally gotten around to reading this 😃 It‘s very engaging, right from the start! 6y
readingjedi This is probably my all time favourite book! 6y
somebooksaround @Jess_Franzino so glad to hear it!! Really looking forward to it! 6y
somebooksaround @readingjedi oh yay! So cool! I‘m so excited to read now, everyone has such good things to say! 😍🙌 6y
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Outrun the Wind | Elizabeth Tammi
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Really enjoying this ARC!
Outrun the Wind is proving to be an exciting read so far! Greek mythology tie-ins? Sign me up!!
Review coming soon... 🖤🏹

Hope fellow USA folks are having a safe Independence Day!🌈
#reading #arc #ya #novel #fantasy #netgalley #litsy #fiction #greekmythology #books #new

tracey38 This is a very pretty picture. Very calming. 6y
readordierachel I like your cactus! 🌵 6y
somebooksaround @tracey38 thank you very much! So glad you like 😊 Happy Reading! 6y
somebooksaround @ReadOrDieRachel Thank you!! Target😂🙌🙌 6y
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My friends had a bookclub and invited me and I jumped in for July so stoked to read this. I‘ve heard wonderful things, high hopes! 🌈✨

#litsy #tbr #home #books #reading #celesteng #contemporary #fiction #new #bookclub

Sophoclessweetheart Ohh! Sounds fun! Hope you enjoy! 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords fingers crossed! Thanks girl!! 💛🙌 6y
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A Little Life: A Novel | Hanya Yanagihara
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Some books I‘ve recently enjoyed and a couple I need to start! Gotta start Leah on the Offbeat! And I recently began A Little Life, but it‘s going to be a slow read I just wanted to dabble a little. I have to read some others first, catching up on ARCS and ACOTAR all weekend! 💛🙌🌈
#litsy #reading #books #contemporary #romance #lgbt #ya #novel #tbr #shelfie #currentread

Sophoclessweetheart Beautiful! 🙏🖤 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords aw thanks girl! Hope all is well!!! 6y
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Oh Barbra, my leader! 😍🙌
So excited to read this book!✨📚

#tbr #reading #books #nonfiction #bio #barbrastreisand #litsy #music

Finding Fraser | Kc Dyer
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I think this is my first real #BlameItOnLitsy buy😬
Thank you to @Alfrazier21 for posting about this book! As a massive Outlander fan, I had to read this one. 😬😂🙌💛📚

#litsy #reading #books #tbr #shelfie #outlander #jamiefraser #fiction #novel #Scotland

Bookcation74 I thought this one was so cute!! 💖 6y
somebooksaround @Bookcation74 oh yay! Can‘t wait to read! 😃 6y
Alfrazier21 Love the pic!! 😍 6y
somebooksaround @Alfrazier21 😃✌️✌️ 6y
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Grimm's Fairy Tales | Brothers Grimm
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Thank you @thereadingowlvina for tagging me!!!
1- Beothers Grimm! That counts right?? Lol
2- B O T H
3- Sunset was at 8:51pm EST!
4- possibly anything too much hotter than a jalapeño pepper lol.
5- @Qchambers ???
#litsy #littens #passiton #tagged #readers #bookish #friday

It Ends with Her | Brianna Labuskes
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Some more thrillers to dig into. Rearranging the tbr pile 😂😬
#thriller #reading #books #litsy #fiction #crimenovel #novel #tbr #shelfie #home

tammysue 👏🏻🙌🏻 6y
thereadingowlvina Great pic! Love it 💕🤗 6y
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somebooksaround @thereadingowlvina thank youuu!💛🙌😊 6y
mrozzz Awesome photo! 6y
Tanisha_A Love your bookish photographs! 6y
somebooksaround @mrozzz thank you! ✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @Tanisha_A thank you so much!!💛💛✌️✌️ 6y
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Hannibal Rising | Thomas Harris
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Finally got my favorite crime series in hardcover 😬
These are my planned rereads for 2018📚
Anyone else planning any rereads? 😃🙌
+ it‘s Hugh Dancy‘s birthday! My fav Will Graham
#reading #books #hannibal #crime #thriller #psychological #thomasharris #fiction #reread

Bklover That‘s a great idea! Haven‘t read them in years! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart I loved this series so much! Great films too! Enjoy! X 6y
somebooksaround @Bklover thanks!! such a good series, always a good reread! 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords yessss I totally agree! The show is my faav as well! 🙌🙌🙌 6y
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I wasn‘t familiar with Jennifer Nielsen before I read The Traitor‘s Game. Now I‘m trying to catch up on her other books!😍📚✨🌸
#reading #books #shelfie #ya #novel #fantasy #fiction #series #litsy

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful pic!!! 📚 6y
somebooksaround @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you!! ✌️✨🌸 6y
HOTPock3tt This book was high on my list for a while... maybe I need to move it up 🤔 6y
somebooksaround @HOTPock3tt yessss! I wouldn‘t say it‘s the best book ever but, it‘s interesting to have a protagonist who has some learning to do in regards to morality and what around her is wrong and right within a fantasy story. I‘m into it! Plus I‘m into the character names - they vibe well!😂🙌 6y
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Book haul from the past week or so!
Can‘t wait to read these😬🙌📚
#reading #books #litsy #fiction #nonfiction #novel #memoir #ya #contemporary #tbr #shelfie #bookhaul

RaimeyGallant Sweet! 6y
somebooksaround @RaimeyGallant 😃🙌✌️thanks!!! 6y
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Hello Litsy! It‘s so nice to scroll through again!
I‘m back from Bonnaroo & am excited to get some reading done! Plus I picked this book up the other day! Sounds great + love this cover 😍
Hope everyone has a great week!🌸🌈
#reading #books #tbr #ya #novel #fiction #contemporary #litsy

BookishMe Welcome back 6y
somebooksaround @BookishMe thank youu!! 6y
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About to head back to the farm for Bonnaroo!
Some of my essentials!💛✨🌸✨🌙🌞🍄🌀🎇
I hope everyone having a lovely weekend!!
#books #reading #vacation #summer #acotar #bmth #litsy #home #june #ya

AmyG Ooooo FUN! Enjoy. Stay hydrated. 🎼 6y
SledgeReader Best Bonnaroo kit I‘ve seen to date! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Have fun sweetie 🖤🖤🖤 6y
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somebooksaround @AmyG thank you! I definitely did! 😂🙌🌈✨ 6y
somebooksaround @SledgeReader thank you so much!!!😃🙌✨🌸🌈 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords thanks girl!!!! 💛💛 6y
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Only on chapter 5 & I‘m already hella invested in this book!! So ready to see what happens!!🖤📚
Also! I‘m at Bonnaroo!!! I‘m so excited to be back!!
Any Littens enjoy music festivals? 😍🙌🌸✨
#acotar #sarahjmaas #books #reading #cr #fantasy #ya #novel #fiction

Weisubei One of my favorite series! Enjoy your reading 😄😄 6y
lalatiburona Enjoy!! I love this series! 6y
GripLitGrl Enjoy!👍😎 6y
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somebooksaround @Weisubei oh yay!! so stoked to see what happens!!! Thank you! 😃✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @lalatiburona thank you!! Loving it so far as well 😊🌸 6y
somebooksaround @GripLitGrl thaaank you! 😊🌸✨✌️ 6y
tracey38 Yay, one of my favorite series, too! 6y
BiblioLitten Lovely pic😍 6y
somebooksaround @BiblioLitten thank yooou!! 💛🌸✌️ 6y
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So stoked!!! Welcome to Litsy @Qchambers !!!
EPIC writer & reader 🙌🤷‍♀️🙌 #onadeepleveltho
#welcometolisty #litsy #littens #books #new #friends #bookish #welcome

Birdsong28 Welcome to Litsy @Qchambers 🎊🎉📚📖 6y
Qchambers @Birdsong28 Thank you! 6y
Qchambers @batsy Hello! 😁 6y
thereadingowlvina Welcome to Litsy @Qchambers !!! 🎈🎈🎈 6y
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A Reaper at the Gates | Sabaa Tahir
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Such good book mail today!!!😍🖤💚

#sabaatahir #novel #fantasy #fiction #series #new #litsy #ya #books

MicrobeMom Can wait for this one!! 6y
somebooksaround @MicrobeMom yess! It sounds wonderful! 😍🙌 6y
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Some of my favorite covers😍📚✨
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Finishing up a few reads tonight but also
**A SEQUEL TO CARRY ON!!!** I cannot wait!!!!!
#hardcover #reading #books #coolcovers #cbb #circe #shadowhunters #ya #novel #fiction #fantasy

Schnoebs 😲😲😲 all those gorgeous books! 6y
somebooksaround @Schnoebs gottttaa love a good cover! 😍 6y
GripLitGrl 😍😍 6y
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Beachesnbooks Omg I was so excited to hear about the Carry On sequel!!! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Beautiful photo as usual Jordan! 🙊🖤 Some divine covers here too xx 6y
somebooksaround @GripLitGrl 😍💛✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @Beachesnbooks right!!!! Same here!!! The artwork is already incredible!! 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords thanks girl!! Means so much!! Hope you‘re having a good day!💛💛🌸 6y
Sophoclessweetheart @josteele I am thank you sweet. I hope you are too x 6y
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Anna Karenina | Leo Tolstoy
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My bookhaul from the other day at 2nd & Charles!
Anna Karenina is my challenge read for 2018 so I‘m finally getting to it! Plus could not resist those hardcovers 😬😍
#usedbooks #tolstoy #books #reading #tbr #shelfie #haul #ya #novel #shadowhunters #acotar #fiction

SledgeReader @josteele I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Anna Karenina!!! Wishing a marvelous time! 😉 6y
somebooksaround @SledgeReader so looking forward to reading! thanks so much!! ✌️ 6y
Gezemice One of my favorites! Takes a while but it is worth it! 6y
somebooksaround @Gezemice so glad to hear it! There‘s something that‘s always drawn me in, even the name is amazing. Excited! Good challenge :) 6y
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The Hound of the Baskervilles | Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir
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Found some Sherlock🕵️‍♂️🐺
Gotta love penguin🐧📚
#sherlock #classic #literature #books #reading #tbr #litsy #favorites #penguin

Sophoclessweetheart These are some of my favourite Sherlock stories 🖤🖤 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords same here!! gotta love Sherlock!😍🙌✨ 6y
Gezemice Sherlock is awesome. Enjoy! 6y
somebooksaround @Gezemice couldn‘t agree more!!! Thanks! 😃🙌✌️ 6y
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Finally starting ACOTAR!
The love for this series is everywhere!
Sarah J. Maas is such a fantastic writer, I‘m already invested! 😍📚
#acotar #ya #novel #fiction #fantasy #books #reading #litsy #series #sarahjmaas

HOTPock3tt I started the first but but haven‘t finished it, so I‘m curious to hear your review!! ☺️ 6y
Richryan52 Just followed you on Instagram. How was the Holmes book? 6y
somebooksaround @HOTPock3tt are you enjoying it so far?? Looking forward to hearing yours as well!! 😊✌️ 6y
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Madamereginald Love those books!! ❤️ 6y
somebooksaround @Richryan52 thanks!! Loving it! It‘s so much fun!:) 6y
somebooksaround @Madamereginald 😃🙌 Same here!!! ✌️🌸 6y
Richryan52 My wife lovers her books. I think she prefers them to my own which I totally get 6y
erzascarletbookgasm Great photo! 6y
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City of Bones | Cassandra Clare
post image

Went to 2nd & Charles today!
Came home with a billion
Cassandra Clare books📚💛🙌
#bookstore #books #reading #tbr #litsy #may

Erinsuereads Literally my worst habit. We have one right up the street and it‘s alwaaaayyysss a disaster for me 6y
somebooksaround @ErinSueG oh nooo! That is dangerous! 😂🙌 the one closest to me is about 50 mins away. So it was a road trip, but oh is it a vortex of books!😂 love it! 6y
Erinsuereads I check the free bins out front pretty much every weekend. I have gotten soooooo many good books. They also do a lot of buy two get one free. That‘s how I get all of my Star Trek books. A lot of their paperbacks are like 2 dollars and I prefer used books so it‘s super perfect 6y
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somebooksaround @ErinSueG that‘s so cool! I love the free bins, always interesting options & things I never knew about. So fun! - yess I got a Sherlock Holmes for 50c I was so stoked 😂🙌 they always have a great lot of Star Trek books it‘s amazing!! Such a great store! 6y
overtheedge Wow....sounds like an awesome store...wishing we had one here! 6y
somebooksaround @overtheedge it for sure is! I hope you get to go to one 😃🙌 6y
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post image

The cover thooough 😍
I am ready af to read this beautiful bb!!
The Shadowhunter world is next level🖤⚔️🔮
#cassandraclare #shadowhunters #graphicnovel #ya #novel #fiction #books #reading #bookmail

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So stoked for @Sorceryandswords ‘s #Tolkieniteswap
Such a cool idea, such an epic theme! Thank you!!
#swap #litsyswap #tolkien #lotr #litsy #reading #bookish

Sophoclessweetheart Thanks for sharing sweetling xx 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords 💕💕 of course!!! 💛✌️ 6y
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Misery | Stephen King
post image

Haul from the past week!
A couple ya fantasies and a bunch of thrillers!
Finally going to read Misery, haven‘t read a Stephen King book in the longest time. Lots of tbr to get through!😬🙌
#books #reading #haul #usedbooks #thriller #fiction #fantasy #ya #litsy

Sophoclessweetheart An amazing haul. I spy some exciting titles x 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords thank you!! I‘m exciting to dig into these!😄✌️🌞 6y
Neale I think Misery is one of his best books. 🙂 6y
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somebooksaround @Neale it has such a big legacy! I‘ve seen the movie, so I‘m excited to get started on the book! 6y
Neale @josteele The movie is great, but the books even better. The way King builds the suspense is superb. Hope you enjoy it. 😊 6y
RadicalReader @josteele love Stephen King reads double nicely as a paperweight when needed too gotta love dual purpose 6y
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post image

I won a book plate from Mackenzi Lee!
I was trying to take a picture... but, Bodhi was not having any of it!😂🖤📚
#books #reading #favorite #mackenzilee #litsy #fiction #ya #novel #contemporary

Alfoster Still so cute!😍😍 6y
somebooksaround @Alfoster thank yoooou!!😃🙌🙌 6y
LauraJ Bodhi! Cooperate. We want to see your adorable face 😻 6y
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somebooksaround @LauraJ Hahaa right!! She just walked in the photo and curled up like it was bed time 😂 I guess it was!🐺 6y
BiblioLitten Bodhi is such a cool name! 6y
somebooksaround @BiblioLitten thanks so much!! It works for her!!😍🙌 6y
GripLitGrl Awe too cute❣ 6y
JoScho Omg Bodhi is so cute! Her coloring is beautiful ❤️ 6y
somebooksaround @GripLitGrl 💛✌️✌️Thank you!!! 6y
somebooksaround @JoScho Thank you so much!! She‘s a good little bean!😂🙌💕✌️ 6y
Leftcoastzen So cute,and her cool coloring!sweet. 6y
rubyslippersreads She makes the photo perfect! ❤️🐶 6y
somebooksaround @Leftcoastzen aw thanks!!!! She‘s a fun bb! 😃🙌 6y
somebooksaround @rubyslippersreads haha couldn‘t agree more! 😄🙌 6y
Sophoclessweetheart This is wonderful, congratulations! 👏 And Bodhi is so so cute. 😍🤭 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords aw thank you so so much!!! Bodhi says thanks as well!! Hahaa😂🙌💛 6y
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Into the Darkness | Sibel Hodge
post image

Finally getting some more time to read this arc!
In the sun & listening to some tame impala🖤
Good vibes to everyone!🌻🌞
#books #reading #arc #thriller #sibelhodge #litsy #crimenovel

Sophoclessweetheart 🖤👌🏻 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords 🌞🌻💕✌️✌️ 6y
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
post image

Some University of Chicago texts on Greek Tragedies. (I presume old textbooks) Trying to read as much Greek mythology as I can!😍💛
#greekmythology #educational #books #mythology #reading #tbr #home #usedbooks #litsy

Graywacke Hope you catch whatever it is these plays still can do to us. 6y
Sophoclessweetheart I am so in love with these 😍😹 6y
batsy Love the look of these 😍 6y
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somebooksaround @Graywacke ✌️✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords hahhaa thank youu 😍🙌🙌 6y
somebooksaround @batsy couldn‘t leave them behind!!😂😍🙌 6y
Jess_Franzino If you want to discuss Greek Mythology or want any recs, feel free to message me 😃 Greek Mythology & Classical study is my heart and my favorite subject. I love chatting with others about it ❤️ 6y
somebooksaround @Jess_Franzino aaabsolutely will do! & Same here! It‘s such an incredibly vast world. Trying to learn as much as I can! 😃🙌✌️ 6y
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Into the Darkness | Sibel Hodge
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Only a few chapters into this arc. So far, it‘s pretty good. Haven‘t formed a solid opinion yet. Definitely intrigued! It comes out July 3!📚🕵️‍♀️
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Another grey rainy day in Atlanta.
The perfect type of day to get some reading and writing done!
Found the Memoirs of Casanova the other day and had to bring it home. The cover is so bright and dramatic. Love it!💕
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MayJasper I would have had to pick that book up too. 6y
batsy Gorgeous cover and picture! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Everything about this is gorgeous 😍😍😍👌🏻 6y
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BiblioLitten I'm in love with the picture💜😍 6y
somebooksaround @MayJasper right! Couldn‘t resist!😄 6y
somebooksaround @batsy thank you very much!!!💛✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords thanks giiiirl!💕🌸✌️✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @BiblioLitten thank you so much! I really appreciate it!😃✌️🌸 6y
Sophoclessweetheart 🖤🖤🖤👌🏻 6y
Moray_Reads What a great cover! 6y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells lovely cover ! 6y
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Uprooted | Naomi Novik
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Spending this Monday like it‘s a Saturday 😂🙌
I‘m also waiting for boolmail😳😳
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Schnoebs I absolutely love uprooted! Such a good book! And the author has another one coming out in August I think that I‘m super excited for 6y
somebooksaround @Schnoebs omg that‘s so good to hear!!! Yay!! I can‘t wait to read!! & thank you for the heads up, I‘ll keep my eyes open!! 😃✌️ 6y
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Climbed up waterfalls & walked through cave tunnels with @airelalove yesterday. We also found a little used bookstore and got a ton of old psychology books. Super outdated, but interesting. But, my favorite were the Greek tragedies from University Of Chicago!
Hope you‘re all having a great weekend!📚🌞🏞
#classics #reading #books #psychological #oldbooks #litsy #home

KatieanneF That‘s so awesome!! #psychologynerd 6y
somebooksaround @KatieanneF yess! A cool find for a psych nerd for sure!! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart These are so so so beautiful!! 😍😍😍😍 6y
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It Ends with Her | Brianna Labuskes
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Wow. Talk about everything coming together at the end. This book will stay with me for a long time. A heavy voyage through 3pov. Simon Cross is what they have in common. Brianna Labuskes does not hold back: trauma, vulnerability, honesty, anger. I wish the big scene at the end was 5 pages longer bc it was so anticipated! But, I was glued to the pages!
4.5/5 Stars! *warning of graphic topics*
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laurenlovesliterature I still need to read this. I got mine from Net Galley. 6y
somebooksaround @laurenlovesliterature that‘s awesome! I hope you enjoy! It‘s interesting and very dark, but the strength the characters have drove the book for me! I just started using net galley, hoping to find some new reads! :D 6y
KateFulfordAuthor @josteele - NetGalley is well worth investigating for new authors. Mine started there and I received some terrific reviews there 6y
somebooksaround @KateFulfordAuthor it seems like a great way to hear about new authors and spread the word of new books! 6y
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Sons and Lovers | D.H. Lawrence
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Some classics📚
Trying to work on reading more classic literature and rereading some I read in school.
Does anyone have any must read classics/overrated ones??✨📚
#litsy #reading #books #shelfie #classic #literature #tbr

Centique I loved Lady Chatterley‘s Lover and also The Go Between by LP Hartley is underrated! I didn‘t love To The Lighthouse (controversially!) But I need to give Woolf another go. #alltheclassiclove 6y
somebooksaround @Leftcoastzen thank you for the rec!! Tbr added! 😃🙌 6y
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somebooksaround @Centique Definitely keen to read Lady Chatterley‘s, I‘d like to read a lot of DH Lawrence! Thank you for the rec! I haven‘t read any Woolf yet, but besides being set on Skye it didn‘t sound that interesting😂 Thanks for the heads up!! :) 6y
KateFulfordAuthor Du Maurier, Austen, Woolf 6y
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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Madeleine Miller is the real deal.
Reading from Patroclus‘ pov & now Circe‘s: it‘s as if we breathe with them. Feeling everything they feel, making the good and bad choices with them.
It‘s an astral self in the form of written word.
Thankful for books everyday. 📚
#tsoa #circe #madeleinemiller #mythology #read #books #new #litsy #favorite

Sophoclessweetheart I absolutely adore this book. One of my top five favourites. I can‘t wait to read Circe x 6y
somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords Yes! I could not agree more! There is something so raw and honest about her writing. The feel sticks around for a long time after reading. 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Definitely! I still think about it often and I read it last summer. 😹🖤 It‘s such a beautiful book. I hope she writes more. 6y
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somebooksaround @Sorceryandswords Right! Ugh.. it lingers loll. Omg yesss same!! I wonder who she‘ll write about next! 😬😬 6y
Sophoclessweetheart I don‘t know but if she could just keep going until we run out of Greek myths that would be awesome 👌🏻 6y
Neale Nice to know there are people out there who love miller as much as me.😊 6y
somebooksaround @Neale absolutely!! She reaches so many, love it! 6y
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Like Brothers | Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass
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Super excited for this book mail! Wildly talented & intelligent people. From their film writing to acting, Mark & Jay Duplass never disappoint!😍🙌
(The League, Room 104, Togetherness)
#memoir #new #reading #bookmail #tbr #strand #litsy

Christine Jealous!! Looking forward to your review. :) 6y
somebooksaround @Christine so stoked to read! Thanks so much!!😃✌️ 6y
tracey38 Great photo! 6y
somebooksaround @tracey38 thank you😃!!! ✌️✌️📚📚 6y
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Outlander | Diana Gabaldon
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This is an interesting thought!
I‘d have to go with📚
1: Madeleine Miller
2: Truman Capote
3: Oscar Wilde
4: Bryan Fuller (film writer)
5: Thomas Harris
6: JK Rowling
7: Diana Gabaldon
8: Andre Aciman
Tagging @Sorceryandswords if you‘re interested!
😃✌️ 📚
#authors #challenge #littens #may #litsy

GripLitGrl Nice table👍 6y
somebooksaround @GripLitGrl 😍🙌 goals lol! 6y
rather_be_reading love this! 6y
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somebooksaround @rather_be_reading such a cool idea for a challenge!! 6y
RohitSawant Terrific list! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Interested 👌🏻 Thanks babe x 6y
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Into the Darkest Corner | Elizabeth Haynes
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I‘m on a thriller kick & the Barnes & Noble trip was a success😬I hope everyone is having a good week! Stormy weather rolling in so that means reading in the rain🌧📚
#reading #books #tbr #thriller #novel #fiction #wednesday

ladym30 Beautiful bookmark!! 6y
somebooksaround @ladym30 thank you! I couldn‘t leave it behind!😍🧜‍♀️ 6y
BiblioLitten I love your bookmark!!😍 6y
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somebooksaround @BiblioLitten thank you so much!! 😃🙌🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ 6y
RadicalReader @josteele I enjoy her books a ton can‘t say enough good things about her writing or recommend her more highly or strongly 6y
somebooksaround @RadicalReader that‘s amazing to hear! Thanks for the heads up!! I‘m so excited to read this book!! 😃🙌 6y
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It Ends with Her | Brianna Labuskes
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This book is pretty intense.
The multiple points of view are done really well & keep the pace suspenseful. The pov are three incredibly strong women who have one thing in common: Simon Cross. A serial killer with a deeply rooted obsession. It‘s chilling, and I hope they get some serious justice at the end!
#books #reading #thriller #psychological #novel #crime #currentread #litsy

GripLitGrl Looks like a good one! Love your bookmarks😎 6y
laurenlovesliterature I love those bookmarks!!!! They really tie the room together! 6y
somebooksaround @GripLitGrl thank you!!! So far so good! 😃✌️ 6y
somebooksaround @laurenlovesliterature thanks so much!! I think you can get them on amazon! I can‘t stop buying bookmarks 😂🙌 6y
laurenlovesliterature Imma get me some! 6y
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