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The Secret of Red Gate Farm #6
The Secret of Red Gate Farm #6 | Carolyn Keene
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A special treat for Nancy Drew fans, and any reader who's new to the series! This is a stunning new edition of an old favourite, The Secret of Red Gate Farm, the sixth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series. It's the same exciting mystery that readers have fallen in love with for more than 80 years - Nancy and her friends must unravel the secrets of a mysterious conspiracy and track down a ring of counterfeiters. Now with a brand-new look, this is an edition that collectors won't want to miss!
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4✨I think this was my favorite one so far! Not a lot of danger, but at least it was tame and believable for curious teens. I was reading this during lunch breaks, and I think I‘m going to keep that up. Read for #NancyDrewBR @Librarybelle

Librarybelle This was a good one! 3w
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Enjoyed my read of this one! I love how quickly I can read through these and still enjoy them!

Sace Nancy is the best! 1mo
Librarybelle Definitely! They‘re quick and enjoyable! 1mo
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MaGoose I haven't read Nancy Drew novels since I was much younger. Maybe I'll get one from the library soon. Egads, more stuff to read! 😁😆 1mo
dabbe @MaGoose Such a problem to have, right? 🤩😂🤗 1mo
MaGoose @dabbe Yeah. I wish all my problems were so pleasant and easy to solve 🤣 1mo
Read4life I enjoyed this one as well. Thanks for sharing! 💙 1mo
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I really enjoyed this latest installment of the #NancyDrewBR. It featured some interesting elements: a secret code, a mysterious perfume and even a cult!

#gottacatchemall @PuddleJumper (prompt 7, Wooloo: Farm or farmer)

Librarybelle This was a good read! 1mo
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Even though this time there weren‘t two narratives which somehow (strangely) are combined in the end, but the happy go lucky life of Nancy & her friends becomes more apparent. The structure & narratives of the series so far are somewhat the same & become predictable. Even the last two titles almost seem the same. But again, the series was written for teenagers, not scrutinizing adults.

Librarybelle 😁 1mo
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#NancyDrewBR #SeriesLove2024

Another fun installment of Nancy Drew. This time she encounters a cult and a crime syndicate. I missed having Hannah in this one but we had more Carson Drew. Glad to have George and Bess around but annoyed we had no mention of Ned.

Librarybelle Hooray! Another fun installment indeed! 1mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 1mo
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Enjoyed this more than the last one. Nancy‘s genius idea at the end to sell admission to see the cave/counterfeit operation to help save the farm was pretty great. 💵

I don‘t have books 7-10 so will be sitting out the next few. Might jump back in for later books. It‘s been so fun to revisit these with you all! #NancyDrewBR

Librarybelle So glad you could join us! Would you like to still be tagged, in case you‘re able to join us later? 1mo
jlhammar @Librarybelle Sure, you can keep me tagged just in case. Thanks! 1mo
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You just did! In the book 5 of the series! At Shadow Ranch! 🙈

Princess-Kingofkings Eeek ~ good catch 1mo
Librarybelle 😂 1mo
dabbe Oh lordy. 😂🤩😂 1mo
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Way too many coincidences in this one to suit me. But still a fun read!
#NancyDrewBR @Librarybelle

Librarybelle No matter what, they are fun reads! 1mo
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On a shopping trip with George & Bess, Nancy visit a perfume place where they‘ve trouble buying a perfume. On the train home Nancy is approached by a man who recognizes the perfume & wants to know if she has a message from the boss. Also on the train they get in contact with Millie. The friends decide to come home with Millie and help get more visitors to the farm she‘s from. While there Nancy learns that part of the land is rented out to a cult

Librarybelle Another interesting cover! 1mo
BarkingMadRead This cover is amazing 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1mo
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#ReadAway2024 #SeriesLove2024

And it‘s a wrap for Nancy Drew Book 6 for #NancyDrewBR In this one, Nancy with Bess & George in tow are trying to help a new friend save her grandmother‘s farm & are caught up in a couple of mysteries that of course tie together at the end. Milder on the danger aspects & some interesting plot points like a “nature cult” & mysterious code. It was a good book for Nancy‘s noggin-no concussions for her or anyone so our⬇️

DebinHawaii …so the "Nancy Noggin Knockout" count or #NNK is just potential concussions in 3 out of 6 books now! ? And is it just me, or does anyone else read the villains‘ lines in their heads like a bad James Cagney impression or old gangster movies?! Just me? Okay… ??‍♀️ 1mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 💚📖📚 1mo
DGRachel @DebinHawaii I get Scooby Doo villain vibes off of all the baddies, but now that you‘ve mentioned James Cagney and old gangster movies, I‘ll never read them quite the same way again. (And now I want to watch White Heat). 1mo
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Ruthiella @DGRachel Totally Scooby Doo vibes for me. 👍 1mo
DebinHawaii @DGRachel @Ruthiella Definitely “Those meddling kids!!!” vibes too! 😂 1mo
Librarybelle I love the comparison to the old gangster movies! 1mo
DieAReader 🤣🤭Glad Nancy survived without a knock out! 1mo
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Here we go, #LittenDetectives - time for another discussion of Nancy Drew and her friends!

I‘ve posted 5 questions as spoilers. You can find them on my feed, the book‘s feed, or searching for #NancyDrewBR . Join the discussion whenever!

Share any other thoughts below! I‘ll post about next month‘s book, The Clue in the Diary, tomorrow! Thanks for reading with me!!

LibrarianRyan Ohhhhh. Makes me wish I wasn't flaky this year. I have the first 6 in the new cover, and you make me want to dig them out and read them! 1mo
Librarybelle @LibrarianRyan Definitely dig them out when you‘re up to it. It‘s been fun to reread through Nancy Drew again! 1mo
julieclair This was a fun discussion! 1mo
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mrp27 Another fun installment! 1mo
kspenmoll I am having so much fun with Nancy after all these years! The discussions are fun! 1mo
Librarybelle @julieclair @mrp27 @kspenmoll I‘m enjoying these so much! 1mo
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5. Let's talk character development. Usually, there should be strong character development by the time the reader has reached book six. Though the side characters have changed - George and Bess vs Helen - we have seen Nancy through six adventures. How has the character of Nancy developed over the last six books? Has the Nancy character developed? Is character development impacted by the series' creation through a syndicate? #NancyDrewBR

DGRachel I don‘t know that she really has developed, but it‘s hard to separate the Nancy I remember from all of the books I read and the Nancy of just these first six books 1mo
bookandbedandtea @DGRachel I agree that Nancy hasn't developed much in these 6 books. From my memories of these books, I don't think she changes at all during the series. She's brave with a side of reckless, always ready to help, and single minded once she catches hold of a new mystery. 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement I agree, and recklessness is certainly the right word @bookandbedandtea
The adventure, the mystery, the clues, the skill set seems to propel the story more than anything about Nancy on a journey as a young adult. We dip into her life during the capers to enjoy the story. It will be interesting to take note if Nancy and her friends change much by the end of the series.
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Bookwormjillk I agree with the others. Not much development from Nancy. 1mo
AnneCecilie I agree with everyone else, not much development 1mo
MariaW So far, Bess and George seem to be very superficial characters. Again, all about shopping, food and boys. But what were we thinking of at that age? 🤪 1mo
Ruthiella I don‘t think Nancy and crew are supposed to develop. Kids like consistency. And these books are for middle graders, not angsty teens. (edited) 1mo
DebinHawaii Yes, I agree with everyone, not much development with Nancy or any of the characters. I really don‘t think it plays a role in the whole series but maybe I am forgetting about it. It just seemed like everyone stayed the same. 1mo
catiewithac I‘m just happy to see that the books encourage independence in young women and supports them having a healthy appetite for food and adventures! 1mo
Librarybelle Completely agree, @catiewithac ! I find that there are some continuity issues - and maybe as a kid I would not have thought of them. We had Ned mentioned in the last book at a very random thing. Helen disappears, with George and Bess entering the series also randomly. I don‘t recall ever being confused with these as a kid. And, agree no development of Nancy. It makes me think on the lines of @Ruthiella that she is not necessarily meant to be ⬇️ 1mo
Librarybelle ⬆️ developed. I‘m wondering if it is because multiple women are authors of the Nancy books too…I know they are provided with an outline of the story, so no chance to really develop Nancy as a full character. Just my thoughts! @DGRachel @bookandbedandtea @CogsOfEncouragement @Bookwormjillk @AnneCecilie @MariaW @DebinHawaii 1mo
julieclair Interesting point, @Ruthiella , that kids like consistency. Very true! 1mo
bookandbedandtea That's a good point, @CogsOfEncouragement, that these books aren't about Nancy (or Bess and George) coming off age. They don't grow up in these books, they're perpetually 18. And @Ruthiella, you also make a good point about kids liking consistency. Looking back I believe that as a child I appreciated knowing what I was getting when I read one of these. 1mo
kwmg40 These stories definitely focus on plot rather than character development. However, I find myself growing quite fond of Nancy and friends, even if they are rather static as characters. 1mo
jlhammar Perhaps she is developing an even greater appetite for solving mysteries and saving the day! Great point @Ruthiella about consistency. 1mo
mrp27 I‘ve only read these 6 ND books as an adult so based on that, there has been zero character development for Nancy or any of the characters. For me I‘d like to see some type of growth as the books continue but I don‘t think that is going to happen. 1mo
kspenmoll I agree with you all. Nancy is an enjoyable but static character. 1mo
dabbe @catiewithac And all the 🍨 you can eat! 😀 1mo
dabbe Agree 💯 with all of you. I guess in a way in these stories, the characters are static, but the plot is what is dynamic and always changing. That's interesting to me. And I think the one change you could see of Nancy is in every book she shows a new skill at something that is necessary--like in this one, dressing a snake bite. 1mo
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4. A part of the storyline is the cipher that Nancy tries to decode, and quickly does...because Nancy Drew can do anything!

I found this blog entry from the Library of Congress that discusses ciphers and codes: https://blogs.loc.gov/families/2024/03/ciphers-and-secret-codes-no-security-clea...

I can just imagine readers wanting to decode ciphers too after reading this book!

Any thoughts on this part of the book? #NancyDrewBR

DGRachel It reminded me of a code solving type of puzzle that was in Dell word puzzle magazines back in the day. My mom would buy them in the grocery store and she gave me the same tips about word and letter frequencies to try to solve the phrases. So, this section gave me strong warm-fuzzy nostalgia vibes. 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement I can‘t remember the sources of my code breaking puzzles as a kid, but we‘ve had a couple provided by the hosts of the the #NoPlaceLikeHolmes BR and I used the same skills I did as a kid to find the answers. lol 1mo
Bookwormjillk My friend used to send me all of her letters from summer camp in code and now I‘m wondering if this is where she got the idea. 1mo
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AnneCecilie In my translated edition, Nancy doesn‘t figure out the code, but give her notes to the police 1mo
MariaW I really liked that part even though it is very unlikely that Nancy deciphered it this fast. I really liked your link, @Librarybelle, I will definitely use it in my next project week to create cipher wheels with my students. 1mo
DebinHawaii I have been reading the Lady Holmes series by Sherry Thomas & there is a lot of chiphers & code breaking in the books. It‘s very interesting! (edited) 1mo
Ruthiella I loved the idea of codes as a child. That was a great addition to the series. I hope it comes up again. 1mo
catiewithac How did Nancy know so much without the internet?!? Her dad must have an encyclopedia set in his library that she read cover to cover. Any other encyclopedia readers out there? I had my dad‘s encyclopedia for kids from the 1960s that I read! 🤓 1mo
Librarybelle That‘s interesting about the translation, @AnneCecilie . I wonder why! And @catiewithac , I have my dad‘s 1960s Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia set in a box in a closet! I remember them as a kid and just could not let him get rid of them. I‘m glad you can use the link, @MariaW !! So much nostalgia for ciphers and decoding and puzzles…I loved puzzles as a kid. @DGRachel @CogsOfEncouragement @Bookwormjillk @DebinHawaii @Ruthiella 1mo
DGRachel My local grocery store sold Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias when I was in elementary school (early/mid-80s) so my mom bought them one alphabet letter at a time. 😂 @catiewithac @Librarybelle (edited) 1mo
Librarybelle @DGRachel So cool!! 1mo
kwmg40 I really liked the use of the code. When I was a child, I loved the Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, which featured the young detective frequently cracking codes. 1mo
bookandbedandtea @catiewithac Oh my gosh I'd forgotten reading my parent's encyclopedias! I was always looking for something to read, and when there wasn't anything else, I'd pick a letter and start reading. 😂 1mo
catiewithac @bookandbedandtea 🙌🏼 encyclopedias 👏🏻 1mo
Allylu Nancy must have read her Dad's encyclopedias! She knows a little bit about everything! So cool to think about all of us being so nerdy. LOL 1mo
jlhammar I really liked Nancy working out the code. 1mo
AnneCecilie @Librarybelle I have no idea, but I knew that something has been missing/ changed in the translation‘s because of the page differences, the translation is 30 shorter and the bigger lettering. The 90s seem to be the period for “creative” translations. 1mo
mrp27 Codes and code breaking definitely bring out childhood nostalgia.I would have loved this as a kid. 1mo
kspenmoll That was great fun, especially since i am horrible at those kinds of puzzles. She would have worked with British code breakers during WWII! 1mo
dabbe @catiewithac I had my mom's from the 1950s. I still found it extremely useful as a kid growing up in the 70s. 🤩 1mo
dabbe @Librarybelle @DGRachel ... that reminds me of the FRIENDS' episode where Joey can only afford the letter “V“ and tells everyone about Mt. Vesuvius! 🤩 1mo
dabbe @bookandbedandtea YES! I always loved looking up mountains; I have always been fascinated by them. 🤩 1mo
dabbe The idea of deciphering codes reminded me of another favorite SH story, “The Adventure of the Dancing Men.“ And just like this book, a lot of discussion goes into how the cipher is solved. I'm horrible at puzzles like that, but I love reading about others who are able to solve them! 1mo
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3. Nancy shows her skills yet again in the various encounters she faces. Let's talk about the adventures and the dangers she and her friends have to work through to solve the mystery. Snake bite, a cult, strange men after Nancy, a counterfeiting scheme (the scene in the restaurant where Nancy was accused of passing counterfeit money had me gasping in indignation!). Which adventurous episode was the most impactful to you? #NancyDrewBR

bookandbedandtea Her being accused of passing counterfeit money is one of the events from the series that I remember into adulthood. It made a big impact on me in my childhood! 1mo
DGRachel I actually enjoyed the snake bite first aid scene and I agree about being indignant over the restaurant scene. 😂 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement The girls going into the cave with the “cult” was the type of brave/crazy thing we expect of Nancy. If the bills were always $20 (not updated in the 1980s) that was a lot of money in 1961. It makes sense the little diner would be upset over the monetary loss. About $200 today. 1mo
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Bookwormjillk The snake bite freaked me out. I have a huge snake phobia. 1mo
AnneCecilie The restaurant scene, maybe because that‘s one of the more normal things that have happened and could happen to “everyone”? And the cave scene, very Nancy to do something like that 1mo
MariaW Since I used to work in a bank I know the weird moment you realize the money in your hand is counterfeit, so I could totally relate to that. The most interesting incident for me was the snake bite episode because I actually learned something. In Germany snakes are not that common, but now I know how to handle a bite. And I thought it seemed like an omen something bad was coming up, a snake bit one of the girls short before they were going to … 1mo
MariaW … spy on the Black Snake Cult. 🐍🐍🐍 1mo
DebinHawaii You left out her modern cult dancing abilities! 💃🏻 😉😂 I used to be really paranoid about counterfeit money possibly because of this book. On the other hand, due to Girl Scouts In the 60s, I feel like I was prepared for snake bites! 🐍 Hah! But yay to Nancy for quick thinking! 🎉 1mo
Ruthiella I know I didn‘t read this as a kid because the cult aspect would have really stood out to me. I thought it was so odd how no one blinked an eye in the book at a nature cult in the neighborhood. (edited) 1mo
TheBookHippie I don‘t LIKE SNAKES!!!! 1mo
catiewithac The mysteries perfume was under utilized. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I thought it was kind of hilarious that everyone, even the members, just called it a cult, like generally people IN the cult do not consider it a cult 😂 1mo
DGRachel @DebinHawaii OMG! The cult dancing was hysterical. I was dying at how the girls were able to blend in. 1mo
julieclair The cult dancing was the best! But the cave scene freaked me out. 1mo
lauraisntwilder @TheAromaofBooks Yes! I couldn't believe it when Nancy asked, "Are you in the nature cult?" That's not something you ask! 1mo
lauraisntwilder I remember reading this as a kid and being creeped out by the cult members having ceremonies while dressed in bed sheets. I grew up in the south and have always been freaked out by the KKK, which is definitely what the illustrations made me think of. 1mo
kwmg40 I was very intrigued by the mysterious cult. It was a lot less scary when it turned out to be counterfeiters! I also liked the use of the coded message. 1mo
Allylu I thought the cave segment was creepy. I expected it to be more notorious than counterfeiting. 1mo
Librarybelle @lauraisntwilder I had thoughts along those lines, too. 1mo
jlhammar Yes, Nancy being accused in the restaurant was a great scene! 1mo
mrp27 I agree the cult costumes were very KKK looking in the illustrations and the perfume angle was under played. I did like the diner scene with the counterfeit money. It really felt the most realistic. I was also thinking Mr.Drew was working on a counterfeit case and that it world relate to Nancy investigating the cult. 1mo
kspenmoll @mrp27 agree with your thoughts. The “ghost costumes” did make me think of the KKK. I wonder if the authors were thinking at all about the Civil Rights movement or if it was a subconscious allusion? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/the-heinous-1961-kkk-attack-on-the-freedom... 1mo
kspenmoll I did like the counterfeit money plot & was surprised when that‘s what was in the cave. I thought it would be more creepy. 1mo
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2. Let's talk about the storyline - Nancy and George and Bess heading to Red Gate Farm to help Joanne (1961 edition)/Millie (1931 edition) and her grandmother. What did you think of the storyline? We'll discuss the adventures themselves in another questions, but think in terms of the other adventures Nancy has faced so far. How does this book compare? #NancyDrewBR

DGRachel It feels similar - Nancy has a bit of a savior complex - and I think we‘re starting to get into a formula. 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement Nancy has the time, money and strong desire to help Joanne. Her dad supports this and Nancy has help from Bess and George who seem to need little convincing. Nancy‘s main skill is code breaking this time. The snake bite gave another skill for Nancy to exhibit. 1mo
Bookwormjillk This one felt less like a mystery to me than Nancy being nosy. 1mo
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AnneCecilie This one was less scary than some earlier ones, but still more of a mystery than the last one. 1mo
MariaW To me it was weird that the storyline took place on a farm again. Why having two stories placed on a farm, one after the other? Bess mentions she would like to have a farm holiday early in the book, even though they just had one. It seems like this is the only things the girls were doing in that time - meeting new friends and spending holidays on farms. 🙈 1mo
DebinHawaii Less intense for sure. I agree about the two farms in a row thing being a bit strange @MariaW ! 😆 1mo
Ruthiella I thought it was on par with the other ones only 1. No buried treasure (instead tourism saves the day) and 2. Nancy is taken prisoner (again) but not conked on the head. 1mo
catiewithac Nothing compares to the submarine adventure! And Nancy didn‘t get any jewels this time. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk - I had a similar thought - Nancy's really hung up on the “nature cult“ and spying on them way before they actually do anything suspicious. 1mo
Librarybelle @DGRachel @CogsOfEncouragement @Bookwormjillk @AnneCecilie @MariaW @DebinHawaii @Ruthiella @catiewithac @TheAromaofBooks I thought it was less intense too. I like the thought that this was less mystery but more Nancy being nosy, almost like some of the cozy mysteries. 1mo
julieclair @Librarybelle I agree that this had more of a cozy mystery feel. @MariaW @DebinHawaii Nancy & friends simply HAD to go on this farm vacation, even though they had just returned from one, because Grandma was about to sell the farm! They had no choice! 😋 Having plenty of money and leisure time definitely comes in handy when you‘re a young sleuth! 😎 1mo
Librarybelle @julieclair Yes to the plenty of money and leisure time! 1mo
kwmg40 I too thought it was a little strange to have another adventure on a farm right after the last one, but I enjoyed this story more. 1mo
Allylu Maybe this one was supposed to be a respite story - to prepare for an exciting 7th book? Nancy and the girls were in danger, but they weren't shot at or chased or kidnapped or anything. What will happen in the next book??? 1mo
Librarybelle Agreed, @kwmg40 ! 1mo
Librarybelle @Allylu This could have been a sleeper story before a next big danger book. I guess we‘ll see - I cannot remember everything that happens in the next one! 1mo
jlhammar Yea, agree—not as frightening or dangerous, more cozy, but I didn‘t mind that. 1mo
mrp27 A very mild adventure in terms of danger than in the other books. 1mo
kspenmoll This was more cozy, no real suspense , but that was ok for me. 1mo
dabbe @MariaW I thought the same thing. I also am wondering why Nancy doesn't have a job and just expects her dad to foot the bill for everything. She's out of high school, she's 18 ... yet she still lives at home, and her dad pays for everything. Was that normal in the 50s for young women to do--besides getting married at that young age of course. 1mo
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1. Unlike previous books, The Secret of Red Gate Farm has minimal changes between the 1931 edition and the 1961 edition - that makes it easier for us to discuss! Which edition did you read? Note that if you read the 1989 edition, it follows the 1961 edition.

While I'm not always crazy over Wikipedia, here is a link to the site that views some details about the book: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_of_Red_Gate_Farm #NancyDrewBR

bookandbedandtea I only had time for the 1961 version this month but it sounds like there would have been no reason to read the earlier one this time. 1mo
DGRachel 1961 edition here. I like that they didn‘t make a lot of changes. 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement 1961 this time. 1mo
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Bookwormjillk I had 1961 1mo
AnneCecilie The 1931 edition, but apparently with some serious changes in the translation 1mo
MariaW I‘ve read the 1961 version as well. 1mo
DebinHawaii 1961 for me too. Interesting the Wikipedia article of the 1961 changes said Karl was a federal agent. I was under the impression he just called them but wasn‘t an agent but maybe I missed it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1mo
Ruthiella @DebinHawaii 100% in the 1961 version, Karl Jr. only CALLED the Secret Service agents. He was not one himself. 👍 1mo
TheBookHippie 1961 this time! 1mo
catiewithac I read 1961 1mo
TheAromaofBooks 1961 for me. I guess after completely rewriting the last book they decided to take it easy here 😂 1mo
Librarybelle @bookandbedandtea @DGRachel @CogsOfEncouragement @Bookwormjillk @AnneCecilie @MariaW @DebinHawaii @Ruthiella @TheBookHippie @catiewithac @TheAromaofBooks I read the 1961 as well. I‘m not a fan of Wikipedia because of the errors you‘ll find, like the Karl Jr and agent…you‘re right, Deb. Karl was not an agent in the 1961 version. 1mo
julieclair 1961 1mo
kwmg40 1961 edition for me. 1mo
jlhammar 1961 1mo
mrp27 1961 1mo
kspenmoll 1961 1mo
dabbe 1961 for me as well. 1mo
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Me trying to keep up with my reading while travelling Iceland in this weird winterlike spring. Hopefully, I will be prepared for today‘s discussion. 💪💪💪
#nancydrewbr @Librarybelle

Librarybelle Looks so beautiful outside! 1mo
AmyG Enjoy! I will be there in June. 1mo
BookmarkTavern Lovely view! 💕 1mo
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
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This time I read the revamped edition, not the original story from the 1930s. I like Nancy‘s loyal friends Bess & George. Nancy again proves herself clever, brave, and selfless as she helps in the hardships of a new friend. My library book is staged here with my daughter‘s books she earned in library summer reading programs gone by. I look forward to discussing this one with #NancyDrewBR tomorrow.

Librarybelle Hooray!! 1mo
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This is the only Nancy Drew book I know for sure I read as a kid. I checked it out of the school library. One day, while I was reading, a boy (who everyone universally thought was really cute) interrupted me. He asked, "What's the secret?" I said, "I don't know yet." I never thought much of him after that. ? All I remembered of the book was people walking around wearing sheets in the night. Reading it now, this was one of the better ones so far.

Librarybelle Agreed! One of the better ones for sure! 1mo
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
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#6 is a pick in this series. Suspense, Nancy‘s capable, inventive self,a few sidekicks,perfume & threatening, sneering men- throw in a snake & it‘s a win.

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
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Nancy Drew‘s latest adventure finds her and Bess and George staying at Red Gate Farm, where interest is high in purchasing the property from the owner, and a cult hangs out near a cave. Codes and snakes and suspicious dealings have Nancy trying to figure out what ties everything together.

So much better than the last one! #NancyDrewBR

kspenmoll I agree-suspense & nancy in big trouble! 1mo
Librarybelle @kspenmoll The scene in the cave was intense! 1mo
julieclair Unpopular opinion here… I liked the last one better! 😀 1mo
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#NancyDrewBR @Librarybelle
Another farm/inn to be saved? 👍 Able to drop everything and go on vacation with your BFFs? 👍 Show any new skills like how to dress a snake bite or decode text in one evening? 👍 Have your dad just let you go on a dangerous mission with only a “You be careful, Nancy? 👍 Old lady being harassed to sell her home? 👍 Nancy hit on the head? 👎🏻 Better than the last one? 👍 #teamnancy

Librarybelle I‘m in the middle of this right now, and it is way better than the last one, in my opinion! 1mo
Ruthiella Awesome review! 👍 1mo
dabbe @Librarybelle YES! 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
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dabbe @Ruthiella 🤩🤩🤩 1mo
Gissy You changed your photo😃👌 1mo
dabbe @Gissy Just trying to shake it up a bit! 🤩😂🤗 1mo
CogsOfEncouragement I started this today. 🕵🏻 1mo
dabbe @CogsOfEncouragement I thought it a BIG improvement over the last one. Can't wait to read what you think. 💙🩵💙 1mo
jlhammar 😆 Great review! I‘m about a third of the way through and enjoying it more than the last one. 1mo
dabbe @jlhammar Much better than the last one! 🤩 1mo
kspenmoll Great review! I kept thinking of me reading this as a young thing & totally buying into it all! I enjoyed this #6 1mo
dabbe @kspenmoll This was the first one I where I actually remembered a little bit from the decades ago when I first read it! 🤩 1mo
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⭐️ 🕵️‍♀️ 🤫🐄

⭐️ All the Broken Places, John Boyne. #libraryfind

⭐️ Louise Penny, Donna Leon, Anne Lamott


Eggs 🩵 Armand Gamache & Three Pines🩵 1mo
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“Oh, Nancy,” teased George, “ there you go again, dreaming up another mystery!”
#NDBuddyRead #LittenDetectives

Librarybelle 😂 1mo
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Noonday reading. #cofffeeandbooks #porchlife
My son bought me this beautiful pottery mug from the Shelburne Museum (VT)where they witnessed the eclipse.
#NDBuddyRead #littendetectives

Librarybelle Nice afternoon reading spot!! 1mo
Bookwormjillk I love that place. What a cool pick for eclipse viewing! 1mo
Tamra I‘m so ready for outdoor reading! 1mo
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Oh, Nancy. Snake bite first aid, decoding cyphers, saving the day (and the farm). You clever girl.

Ok #NancyDrewBR group… did I miss it or did Nancy NOT get hit on the head in this one?

#BookSpinBingo #SeriesLove2024 #NancyDrewBR
@TheAromaofBooks @Andrew65 @TheSpineView @Librarybelle

TheSpineView Great job!❤️📖📚 1mo
AnneCecilie I love the covers of your Nancy Drew editions 1mo
bookandbedandtea I think you're right- no one was knocked unconscious this time! I agree with @AnneCecilie that the covers on your editions are gorgeous! 1mo
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kspenmoll I love your editions!!!! 1mo
Librarybelle OMG…no noggin hits!!! 😂 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1mo
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Thanks for the tag, @TheSpineView! 😘

1. Just saw the eclipse (🤩), dentist appointment (😞), financial appointment (😬).
2. Morning: just coffee. Afternoon: a cordial of some sort and whatever snack my husband brings me (he's a good guy!).
3. Bookmark (I've got quite the collection going thanks to #LitsyLove! 💚)
4. √
Consider yourself tagged! 🤩

TheSpineView You're welcome! 1mo
Cupcake12 Great answers. Thanks for joining in. Have a great week xx 1mo
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Another weekend comes to a close with #Naturalitsy #HyggeHourReadathon I‘m spending mine with Nancy Drew & an almond croissant cookie. When I was at the maker‘s market Saturday I bought a couple of cookies from a new vendor. The father, working the booth with his daughter (the baker), said this was his favorite. It does taste like an almond croissant. 🥐 😋

Mood is mellow & not at all excited for Monday. 😬

TheBookHippie Yummm. 1mo
sisilia For a moment I thought that‘s tempe (traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans) 🙊 1mo
Chrissyreadit 💛💛💛💛 1mo
DebinHawaii @sisilia Gotta be honest, I‘m happy it was a cookie! 😉😆 1mo
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Nancy‘s back on her home turf but she‘s still hanging with her cousins George and Bess from the previous adventure. The criminals in these books are terrible! I did like the snake bite first aid. 🐍 Also Nancy learns how to decode cyphers in one evening. Either she‘s a genius or everyone is really dumb…

Librarybelle Let‘s go with super genius on decoding cyphers! 1mo
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I‘m dying with these books, y‘all. All the meddling and snooping and ADVERBS. So. Many. Adverbs.

As always, there‘s plenty of danger, suspicious looking characters, and as noted in the quotes in the photo, meddling and snooping. I enjoyed this one more than the last, though. I definitely rolled my eyes a lot less.

Ruthiella What‘s standing out to me is the word “retort”. Nancy is always retorting! 😂 1mo
DGRachel @Ruthiella I didn‘t notice that! Quizzically was the word that got me this time. I‘ll keep my eye out for retorts in the next book. 🤣🤣 1mo
Librarybelle So many eye rolls! 😂 1mo
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Reading this today in my #happyplace 🌲❄️

CourtneyA Holy cow your reading space looks like perfection! 🤩 2mo
bookandbedandtea @CourtneyA It's certainly perfect for me! This is my parent's mountain cabin and I would spend all my time here if I could. 2mo
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What I hope to read in April. Some my choices; others buddy reads.
#NDbuddyread #bookedintime #inquisition #philosophy #nunlit #sundaybuddyread #historicalfiction #libraryfinds not pictured: #readyourkindle, #audiobook

Suet624 I‘ve been trying to get The Nun for ages from Hoopla. I need to wake up at 2 am to grab it before the daily limit of the library is met. 2mo
Librarybelle Looks good! 2mo
kspenmoll @Suet624 Oh no! I finally ordered it from some seller on line- libraries did not have it. 2mo
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Starting this today for the #NancyDrewBR

Librarybelle Yay!! 2mo
Ruthiella Take a drink every time Nancy is conked on the head, locked in somewhere, finds hidden treasure…what am I missing? 😂 2mo
BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella drives in her convertible, called a Titian blonde, talks to a random stranger …. 2mo
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dabbe @BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella ... shows yet another unknown skill, goes out on her own when she's not supposed to, finds something “secret“, receives a talisman for her work on the case instead of $$$ ... 🤩😂🤗 2mo
Read4life @Ruthiella @BarkingMadRead @dabbe 😂😂😂 If Nancy was sleuthing today, she‘d have to retire as a result of concussion protocol. 😳 2mo
dabbe @Read4life #truth 🤩😂🤗 2mo
Aimeesue @Ruthiella @dabbe 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
Bookwormjillk @Read4life it‘s so true. Her head trauma makes me so uncomfortable as a modern day soccer mom. 2mo
BarkingMadRead @Read4life omg that‘s so accurate! 2mo
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#LittenDetectives : we‘re two weeks away from our next #NancyDrewBR discussion!

Questions will be posted on the 15th!

In the meantime, @lauraisntwilder shared info on a video game based on last month‘s book on Shadow Ranch: https://store.steampowered.com/app/572740/Nancy_Drew_The_Secret_of_Shadow_Ranch/

lauraisntwilder I'm excited for this one! It's the only one I remember reading as a kid. 😊 2mo
Librarybelle @lauraisntwilder 😁❤️❤️ 2mo
Ruthiella Ready! 👍 2mo
See All 21 Comments
DebinHawaii I‘ve got to go grab my library hold this week. Can‘t wait! 🤗 2mo
BarkingMadRead Woohoo!! I‘m ready!! 2mo
DGRachel I don‘t think my library hold is going to be available on time (I‘m #3 and check outs are for 21 days), but I‘ll check on it again next week and buy the ebook if need be. 2mo
Roary47 That game looks fun! I‘m ready to read another fun mystery. I hope it‘s located somewhere I can claim another #ReadtheUSA 2mo
dabbe @DGRachel I'm in your exact same boat! 🤩 2mo
Librarybelle I hope it‘s a good one, @bookandbedandtea @Roary47 ! 2mo
Librarybelle Hope you‘re able to get it from the library @DGRachel @dabbe ! 2mo
Bookwormjillk @Roary47 ha! I was thinking the same thing! 2mo
Read4life I picked up my copy from the library Thursday so I‘m ready to go. 2mo
PurpleyPumpkin Just waiting for my library hold. Fingers crossed that it comes in soon!🤞🏽 2mo
Librarybelle Hopefully it comes in soon, @PurpleyPumpkin ! 2mo
CogsOfEncouragement My local library branch doesn‘t have this one, just put in my request for one of the copies in the system. Looking forward to another BR! 2mo
Librarybelle @CogsOfEncouragement Hope you get it soon! 2mo
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Repost for @Librarybelle

We‘re up to book 6 in the series, #LittenDetectives ! In April, we follow Nancy, George & Bess to Red Gate Farm. Discussion will be April 15th.

Please feel free to continue contributing to the Shadow Ranch discussion!

If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, just let me know! I‘ve also had some questions about the book order, so I have a link in the comments to a list of the books. #NancyDrewBR

Librarybelle Thanks for reposting! 2mo
BarkingMadRead Woohoo!! I‘m ready to go! 2mo
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We‘re up to book 6 in the series, #LittenDetectives ! In April, we follow Nancy, George & Bess to Red Gate Farm. Discussion will be April 15th.

Please feel free to continue contributing to the Shadow Ranch discussion! I plan to join in later today.

If you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, just let me know! I‘ve also had some questions about the book order, so I have a link in the comments to a list of the books. #NancyDrewBR

DGRachel Placed my library hold yesterday! Thanks for hosting this. 💖 2mo
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TheBookHippie I have this one -phew! 2mo
Ruthiella This is another one I don‘t think I read before. Looking forward to reading it! 2mo
Librarybelle @DGRachel @TheBookHippie @Ruthiella Hooray!! Let‘s see what happens to Nancy and crew this time! 2mo
kwmg40 I actually have an old battered copy of this one! 2mo
Allylu Yay! You caught up to me! 2mo
Librarybelle @Allylu I thought this was the one! Yay!! 2mo
julieclair My copy arrived yesterday, so I‘m ready to go! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Looks like I have the 1961 copy of this one! My collection is all over the place 😂 2mo
BarkingMadRead I‘m ready to go!! 2mo
Pageturner1 looking forward to it 📚😀 2mo
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Another fun detective story. Nancy tries to save Red Gate Farm while solving several mysteries.

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# 6 done

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Number 12 for #nancydrewchallenge done!

Nancy stumbles into a web of mysteries, breaking codes, foiling counterfeiters, and rescuing a friend‘s grandmother from losing her farm.

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“You don‘t understand,” her companion replied nervously. “There are things I can‘t explain. The leaders of the colony will be very angry with me if they find I have left even for a few hours, and especially that I‘ve mailed this letter to my #sister. The cult forbids communication with the outside world.”

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Day 10 of #MarchMadness is #ShortMystery - I always thought the Nancy Drew books were a short & fast read!
Happy Saturday everyone! I‘m off to see Black Panther!! ❤️📚
#books #march #challenge #nancydrew #short #mystery #reading #carolynkeene #fiction #litsy

thereadingowlvina Nancy Drew series are awesome 💕 6y
GripLitGrl Love Nancy Drew series💗 6y
somebooksaround @thereadingowlvina @GripLitGrl same here!!! Holding a Nancy Drew book is always nostalgic!😃🙌 6y
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RaimeyGallant Used to love those. 6y
batsy A Nancy Drew cover instantly reminds me of the pleasure of devouring these when younger 💛 6y
somebooksaround @batsy absolutely! It‘s just an instant nostalgia hit! Love it! 😃🙌 6y
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Day 1 of the #150PnPCoverParty:

In The Secret of Red Gate Farm, a grandmother is about to lose her farm and desperately needs money. Paying boarder, Nancy Drew, soon finds herself in the middle a mystery at the farm. Counterfeit money, a “nature cult” called The Black Snake Colony (nothing shady happening there), and a group of Federal agents scrambling to break up a counterfeiting ring. This entire book centers on #Money. 💵💰💵💰💵

Pamwurtzler Love those two editions! 6y
CrowCAH Wow, “money makes the world go around”! Love the picture arrangement! 💰 6y
LeahBergen Great photo! I love Nancy Drew. ❤️ 6y
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Jess_Read_This @Pamwurtzler @LeahBergen Thank you!! I just love the classic Nancy Drew covers. 6y
Jess_Read_This @CrowCAH Thank you! I didn‘t have any bills so emptying the coin purse had to do.. 😂 6y
wanderlustforwords Is it the same book, just dj off? Love the boards! 6y
Jess_Read_This @wanderlustforwords Two completely different books. The blue is older and the dj one is covering the tweed edition. 6y
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I picked up the 6th Nancy Drew for 50¢ at a local thrift store a while back. Another fun and easy read. I can't wait to get my hands on some more Nancy Drew novels.

Another square down for #TBRbingo!

Sace Nancy Drew is such a great way to unwind. 7y
queerbookreader Check the kids section at your library!! There's usually a whole collection of yellow spines somewhere 7y
WarpedSweetness @RestlessFickleBookSlut Yes it is! I remember devouring these books and the Hardy Boys books, and those crossover books with them two when I was a kid. @thequeerspiderwoman I did! And they have them! 7y
WhatDeeReads Original Nancy Drew books are so delightful. 7y
WarpedSweetness @WhatDeeReads Yes they are. I would really like to rebuild my collection. 7y
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