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LibraryThing as a library service
LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I‘m branching out to Library Thing to keep track of my taller-than-ever Mount TBR. So far, it‘s been confusing! Anyone‘s active there? My handle is sisilia9 and hope to see you there

rabbitprincess I'm on there as well, same username as here! :) 2w
LibrarianRyan I‘m there same screen name. Welcome. 2w
arubabookwoman I'm on Librarything, same user name, active in the 75 Group and Club Read. 2w
Librarybelle I‘m there! Same username. 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m trying to figure it out too. I would prefer an alternate to the amazon mega industry. 2w
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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MsLeah8417 This is me, too!!!♥️😊📚 1mo
BiblioLitten 🤣🤣 1mo
MrBook 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I decided to snag an LT t-shirt on clearance. It arrived today! Woot!

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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I'm late to the Library Thing game, but I'm very much over Goodreads. I wanted something less social media more book organization. So here I am on Library Thing updating and adding books and tagging and basically nerding out 🤷‍♀️

rretzler I love LibraryThing. I‘ve been a member for about 8 years now and it has so many more advantages than GR. The only thing I like about GR is that is is easier to pick the actual book edition that you are reading and I like the annual summary. Other than that LT is the way to go. You should check out the 75 Books Challenge Group. Very nice group of people and you don‘t actually have to read 75 books! 4mo
cj82487 @rretzler yea I'm finding it a lot more pleasing to the eye. I like that I can look at my library and see all the book covers and that if I add details like where I got the book it can track it in my stats. Goodreads just can't do that kind of stuff. I just wish the app was better but both LT and GR need better apps 🤷‍♀️ 4mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria

Question for all the library readers out there!

I, of course have my local library card but have wondered if it's worth it to get a non-resident card from a bigger library. Waitlists for popular titles can be ridiculous for my local library but is that any better at a bigger library? I appreciate any feedback you can offer!

suzie.reads Can you not order books from other libraries to be delivered to your local library? 4mo
SimplyShelia @suzie.reads I'm mainly talking about ebooks, I should've clarified. I can never seem to get physical books returned on time! 😁 4mo
suzie.reads Oh right we have borrowbox in the UK which is really good, I use that for ebooks. 4mo
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Booknerd2 My library is in what they call RiverShare, which is about 6 or 7 cities/communities. The ebook waits are always longer than physical books. 🤨 I just read an article where one of the major publishers decided to only allow the purchase of one newly released ebook for libraries in the first 6 months of release. Then they will make more available. The reasoning was not enough sale if it‘s too readily available at libraries. 4mo
SimplyShelia @suzie.reads Thank you 4mo
SimplyShelia @Booknerd2 It makes sense, I hate that it will make it even worse. I get that they need to drive sales but I can't afford to buy all the books I read or want to read. I generally do buy from favorite authors or books I decide I want to own. 4mo
Booknerd2 @SimplyShelia I think if they were using their heads they would realize that anyone reading their books and talking/posting about them, whether they bought them or not, is a good thing. I almost exclusively use the library, unless they simply don‘t have a copy and can‘t borrow. I‘ve only run into it once. 4mo
SimplyShelia @Booknerd2 My thoughts exactly! I follow and promote authors on Twitter, recommend and even buy books as gifts. I think it's unrealistic, (financially and spatially speaking), for most people to buy every single book that peaks their interest. Our libraries are treasures and I'm definitely thankful for mine. 4mo
Booknerd2 @SimplyShelia Amen 🙏💜💜💜 4mo
sprainedbrain I have an unusual situation... I live in a tiny town with a tiny library that is barely open and doesn‘t participate with other libraries in share programs. For a couple of years now, I have had two out of state library cards (Brooklyn Public and Fairfax County) and I don‘t know what I would do without them. I pay a total of $77 per year and save so much money on audiobooks and ebooks. 4mo
SimplyShelia @sprainedbrain Thanks! I may check them out and see what they offer. 4mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Interesting... And that Amazon link could be dangerous.

audraelizabeth I had always hoped there was a way to do this. Ive used goodreads for almost a decade so i have a lot of books. 6mo
batsy Love those links. Can opt to add to my neverending TBR on Goodreads or do the one-click buy thing where it sits on my Kindle for years 😂 6mo
Sace @batsy I do that one click to storage thing a lot 🤣 6mo
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Sace @audraelizabeth I can see where this is useful for many. I'm not organized and I have lists everywhere 😔 6mo
audraelizabeth Im a list maker and now have goodreads as far as digital and 2 tul disc bound notebooks for hard copies. One is for challenges and the other is a planner. 6mo
Sace @audraelizabeth I've sworn off challenges. For a long time I kept a digital list of completed reads, but I recently gave that up and just doing a paper copy in my notebook. 6mo
audraelizabeth I definately dont do as many as i used. 6mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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My library haul from yesterday 💗📚💯😍

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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@Crazeedi @cobwebmoth okay so here is what my app looks like. When I first go into it I open up Your Catalog followed by Collections and this is the screen I come to. I already have an ebooks library shelf set up so all I need to do is go to Add to Catalog at the bottom and look up the name of the book. Then when I have found the book I add it to my ebooks library by pressing the Edit button on the right side.

TheReadingMermaid Physical books are easier because all you have to do is press the Add to Catalog button at the bottom and then the scan button in the top right-hand corner. You can then scan the barcode at the bottom back of the book or if you are scanning a mass-market paperback the inside front cover. The scanning operation automatically adds the book to your collection. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid When you have found the book that you are looking for you can use the Edit button on the right side of the book information page to add the book to one or multiple bookshelves on your app. 7mo
cobwebmoth Thanks for sharing! 7mo
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jpmcwisemorgan I was able to what I had on Goodreads uploaded to LT a month or so ago and a lot showed up without covers so I stopped. I don‘t know why or if that can be fixed. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @jpmcwisemorgan when I was first cataloging my books I had that happen to me a lot too. There is a function where you can actually take a picture of the cover of your book and upload it to the app so that you and others can use it. If you go to the book info page up in the top right corner underneath where the photo should be there is a picture of a camera with a + in it. Press that to take a photo and upload it. 7mo
jpmcwisemorgan What about for ebooks? That‘s what most of my books are. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @jpmcwisemorgan I think that function also allows you to upload a photo. In that case what you can do is just take a screenshot of the cover of the book and then upload it. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid Yes it does if you press the camera + button it takes you automatically to your camera but if you press the button on the bottom right-hand corner it allows you to upload a photo instead 7mo
LibrarianRyan @jpmcwisemorgan @TheReadingMermaid if you are on LT desktop version you can change your cover and for many (not all) you will be able to choose a cover from various that are found on Amazon and other services. I find I frequently have to add galley covers but that is about it. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @LibrarianRyan thanks hun! 👍🏻😃👍🏻 7mo
jpmcwisemorgan @LibrarianRyan @TheReadingMermaid Thank you! I‘m going to try that next time I‘m at a computer. 7mo
Crazeedi Thank you for this information, I will have to schedule a day to do this. It would be so great to have my books cataloged 7mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Guess what I'm doing this weekend!

Andrew65 Managed to solve the clues for the first eight days. Some trickier than others. 11mo
Sace @Andrew65 oh I know I will be living on the hints thread lol 11mo
gradcat What is this? I‘m not up to speed, sorry 😐 11mo
Sace @gradcat it's a scavenger hunt on the Library Thing website. You read clues and go to the page they are describing (could be book, author...anything) and a code on the page awards a "prize." For Halloween it was a little piece of candy corn. 11mo
gradcat @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Thank you for explaining it to me! Sounds fun! 😊😊 11mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Proud owner of a #Litsy mug! #santathing #librarything

RaimeyGallant So jealous! 11mo
CouronneDhiver 👍🏽 11mo
Bookladylinda So jealous! 🤢 11mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria

I still don‘t understand LibraryThing. How is it different or better than Goodreads? Or Libib? Every time I look at it, it doesn‘t appear very user friendly and I can‘t find anything about why you‘d use it over other choices that are more user friendly. Any resources out there, like someone who‘s blogged about it?

BethM I also feel very overwhelmed by it. I don't think it helps that you can't do much from the app. 12mo
Burghbookaddict I tried it and it was kind of just a simpler goodreads? If that makes sense. Its just another app to categorize your books but I've already done that on goodreads so why would I do it again somewhere else? 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @BethM I‘ve only looked at it from the website, I don‘t think I realized there was an app! @BurghBookAddict That‘s kind of what I thought. I know they‘re working on connecting Litsy to it, although I don‘t know that I‘d want everything on Litsy to show up there. I use Goodreads to keep track of what I‘m reading and the occasional review for when I receive an ARC. I don‘t want to replicate the work and I much prefer Litsy for the social aspect. 12mo
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jpmcwisemorgan @BethM @BurghBookAddict I know some Littens use it so I was hoping someone had a resource with benefits. I did see where there are some fun stat things but I don‘t want to keep track of everything in multiple places. Maybe there‘s an easy way to upload or transfer information? 12mo
DivineDiana Haven‘t tried it yet! Happy with Goodreads for the time being. 12mo
LibrarianRyan I do use it. It has it quirks I do t like, but if you are in a readers advisor position LT can be better than good reads because you can search by tags that are much more common speak than library speak. So you could easily look up steamy Amish murder you can do. You can also search by places etc. I prefer GR for reviews etc but I see value I. LT. 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @LibrarianRyan So you‘re keeping things in both places? Is there an easy way to get information from Goodreads to LT? And do you have to come up with your own tags? (edited) 12mo
LibrarianRyan @jpmcwisemorgan I keep my LT pretty pairs down. I put reviews both places. LT is easier to inventory your books in but is harder to switch between wishlist and library. 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @LibrarianRyan Ah, and I don‘t really want to inventory my books because most of my physical books I get rid of when I‘m done reading them. I really just use Goodreads to keep track of what I‘m reading. Hmmm...I guess my LT account will sit empty for awhile longer. 12mo
LibrarianRyan @jpmcwisemorgan I have to inventory so I don‘t rebuy books I forgot I already own. I too get rid of most mine when I‘m done. 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @LibrarianRyan Now that I buy mostly ebooks from Amazon I manage not to rebuy - although there have been a few glitches in that system. I‘m wondering if Libib wouldn‘t be better because I can upload a CSV and I have almost all my ebooks in an Excel File. I‘d just need to convert it. (edited) 12mo
LibrarianRyan @jpmcwisemorgan no idea. I need to be better about what‘s on my iPad. 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @LibrarianRyan Earlier this year I figured out how to get a list of all my Amazon ebooks. It took some time but I did it. It involved a lot of copying and pasting of code like stuff. Whew! 12mo
charl08 I started just using it for the cataloguing feature (I was always buying second hand books and finding I'd read it, or I'd got a copy hidden away somewhere). That has been brilliant. I live that I can have lots if lists: books I've read, owned, given away, read in a particular year... But you're right, it's not set up to work as an app like litsy. 12mo
jpmcwisemorgan @charl08 Do you just use LT or do you use Goodreads too? 12mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I‘m working on cataloguing my entire collection via LibraryThing (except the kids‘ books—I‘m not totally off my rocker) in preparation for the SantaThing exchange! Woohoo! This is more important than cleaning the kitchen and making a pie crust, right?

Not pictured: the living room shelves, the bedroom shelves, the books on the mantel... 😬

Amiable This looks gorgeous! 12mo
Cathythoughts Very lovely ❤️ 12mo
LauraBeth I love your shelves 😍 Also - we just got back from the store where I said screw it and put back the fresh apples and bought a frozen pie 😂 (edited) 12mo
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saresmoore @LauraBeth I was so close to picking up a gluten free frozen pie from Trader Joe‘s, but when I flipped it over to read the ingredients, both kids said, “Whoa,” so I quietly replaced it in the freezer case. 😒 12mo
saresmoore @Amiable @Cathythoughts Thank you! They‘re a bit of a mess as I‘m cataloguing, but re-facing the shelves is half the fun. 😄 12mo
JennyM A feast for the eyes! Gorgeous 12mo
LauraBeth Hopefully, Emma won‘t see the ingredients on the box! 😂 She just made me return some shampoo because I forgot to check if it had parabens. 12mo
readordierachel Quite an undertaking! How many are you at so far? 12mo
saresmoore @LauraBeth You know what this means? We are TOO good at being mothers. 😅 12mo
saresmoore @readordierachel Oh, no. I hadn‘t even thought to look at the total... I‘m just barcode scanning, but I‘ll be sure to report back if I don‘t pass out. 😬 12mo
LeahBergen I want to come over and examine your lovely shelves. 😍 12mo
saresmoore @JennyM And for the brain! 12mo
saresmoore @LeahBergen You are welcome any time! Meanwhile, I‘d just like to sit in your library and soak myself in the smell of antique volumes. 😄 12mo
saresmoore @readordierachel Okay, I‘m only at 556. Phew! That‘s a totally sane and manageable number. So, I‘ll just stop now... 12mo
Kalalalatja So pretty! 😍😍 12mo
Ddzmini Yes yes it is 🥰📚📚 12mo
saresmoore @Ddzmini Thanks so much for your support/enabling. 😇😘 12mo
Joyfulmimi I‘ve been doing this 12mo
Joyfulmimi Its so much fun 12mo
emilyhaldi Gorgeous 🙌🏻 you have my chomping at the bit to get moved into our new house so I can finally unpack BOOKS!! ❤️ 12mo
batsy Looks so lovely! 12mo
saresmoore @emilyhaldi Yes! I‘m so excited for you! It‘s the best kind of decorating. 12mo
saresmoore @Joyfulmimi 🙌 Isn‘t it? It‘s fun and useful! When I‘m in the frenzy of a library book sale, sometimes I can‘t remember what I already have copies of at home, so I just look it up on LT. 12mo
saresmoore @batsy Thank you! I still don‘t have a chair in this room, but I like to walk by and just look at the shelves. They‘re a dream come true! 12mo
Joyfulmimi Exactly @saresmoore I am always pulling LT up when buying books 12mo
BooksForEmpathy Love this a lot. Makes my heart happy. 12mo
saresmoore @BooksForEmpathy Photos of your home make me happy, too! ♥️ 12mo
rohit-sawant This is so delightful in every way! 12mo
Suet624 I just want to live in a closet at your house. I‘m really small and don‘t need much room. If you need extra income just let me know. 12mo
saresmoore @Suet624 LISTEN. Sue, my dear one, you have a whole bedroom to yourself, rent free, you just have to be willing to share a bathroom with my kiddos. 12mo
Suet624 Don‘t tease me. 😀 But save that spot for me. I want to visit. Gotta get my body back. And thank you. 12mo
Suet624 By the way, that should have read, Got to get my body back before I can start visiting dear friends. 12mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Dammit I should have left for work 20 minutes ago!

Avanders 😳🎃🤡 13mo
Sace @Avanders it's addictive. And I'm annoyed that I think I understand some but can't get the candy! 13mo
KathyWheeler @RestlessFickleBookHoarder : there are two I know I have right but I don‘t understand how to get the candy apparently. 😞 13mo
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Sace @KathyWheeler exactly! For some you just go to the series page or author page or whatever. But for some I do that and I still can't get the candy! WAH! 😭 (hope this comment doesn't constitute cheating! 13mo
KathyWheeler @RestlessFickleBookHoarder I know! It drives me nuts. 13mo
Avanders Sometimes it's clicking in the right category... ie maybe it's a *tag* or maybe it's a *place* versus a work or an author..... (Also tagging @KathyWheeler ) (edited) 13mo
VioletBramble There is no cheating possible. People can help you. They usually have a hints page in the group Library Thing Talk. 13mo
VioletBramble I hope this is still active when I get home tonight so I can search as well. I love the LT hunts. Esp Talk Like a Pirate day 13mo
Sace @Avanders ah, that's what I was thinking but sadly I'm not sure how to find "categories" (and admittedly I was pressed for time ?) 13mo
Sace @VioletBramble I'll be poking around there tonight! 13mo
Sace @VioletBramble I would be interested to know how long this will be up. 13mo
VioletBramble It's up until 12pm EST on Nov 1. 13mo
Sace @VioletBramble woo hoo! I got 13 candies yesterday and I figured one more out when I was drifting off to sleep last night (I'm not obsessed at all 🙄) 13mo
Landslide Thanks for sharing. I got all 15 with a lot of help from the awesome members! 13mo
Sace @Landslide it was so much fun! My husband thought I was nuts! 13mo
VioletBramble I did the hunt last night after work. I thought it was much easier than the Pirate treasure hunt I always need help on 1/3 of the clues on that one. This one the only one I didn't know the answer, at least in part, was the Muppet one. These are so fun. I'm gonna love seeing that little candy corn in my badges. It's so cute. 13mo
Sace @VioletBramble this was my first hunt. I can't wait to do more! 13mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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This is so me I couldn‘t help but post it. I turned my IKEA cart into a book cart (and yes some dvds) all to be read. Plus some cozy blankets and reading shawls. Because it is Fall ya‘ll (I‘ve never said that before right now. But I like it!).

DivaDiane I need one of those carts! 14mo
ReadingMeagan @DivaDiane they are the best! I use them as bedside tables at my parents Cottage. They hold so much! 14mo
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Oh boy... apparently I chose to do the TBR bookshelf before cataloging the books that I have read 😳 I‘m late to the #LibraryThing but I‘m trying to catch up! Im not even 1/4 of the way through my books. I‘m eanderson511 on it if you can add friends! 🤗

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Does anyone else just randomly go onto their online catalog of their own home library just to admire how beautiful their collection looks? Or am I the only weirdo? 😆 👀 📚💕

#LibraryThing #ForTheLoveofBooks #BookAddictProblems

suvata Nope. You are not alone. 1y
TheBookAddict @suvata yay!!! 😆 1y
akckitty Oh my gosh allll the time haha 😆 1y
Birdsong28 Yes!! 😂❤️📚📖 1y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Some baking genius made a library cake!

akckitty That is amazing! 1y
batsy Oooh ❤️ 1y
TheBookAddict Looks so beautiful. I wouldn‘t want to cut into it. I would disappoint everybody by saying that the cake was off limits and I planned to preserve it some kind of way...😅 1y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I want to go to Kansas 😳📚📚📚

rubyslippersreads There‘s no place like Kansas! 😊🌪🌈 1y
JoScho How cool! 1y
vivastory You should see the inside. It's one of the most beautiful libraries I've been to. I used to live in a loft only a block away. Also, within walking distance is the power & light district. My favorite movie theater (Alamo) & favorite venue for live performances (Midland) are located there. Some great restaurants & bars, too! 1y
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BookwormM Wow 😮 1y
TheDaysGoBy @rekahlee Maybe you should check this out next time you go home 1y
GypsyKat Wow! 😍 1y
Ddzmini @rubyslippersreads have you been to this library 📚 😳 1y
Ddzmini @vivastory 😞 if I get to Kansas I definitely will 📚 1y
rubyslippersreads @Ddzmini Unfortunately, no. As a lifelong Oz fan, I‘m embarrassed to say I‘ve never been to Kansas. 🙁 1y
Ddzmini @ruby slippers reads well we can both put it on our bucket list 😋📖📚 1y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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#bookhaul. A lot of lgtb stuff this time

LiteraryinLititz The bottom one is very good! 1y
Tdumatrait I loved “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” I can‘t wait for the movie. 1y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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DC opened a new library today, it was so cool to see so many people show up for it.

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Lol 🤣

knittedgnome Seriously made me laugh out loud 1y
CoffeeNBooks 🤣🤣🤣 1y
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Ruthiella Good one! 😂😂😂 1y
HOTPock3tt 😁 1y
rohit-sawant 😂😂 1y
Eggs 😊😊😊 1y
Jeg 😂😂😂 1y
DivineDiana Hysterical! 🤣 1y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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A friendly reminder to sign up with LibraryThing and start picking your selections for early review books. I‘ve picked books the last two months and was awarded books both months. The caveat: write reviews! I post my reviews on Litsy, LibraryThing, and Amazon.

Reviewsbylola Ooooh gotta check out the May selections!! 2y
Texreader @Reviewsbylola I know. I enjoy looking at the choices so much! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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A friend of mine told me about getting my books (Updrift and Breakwater) reviewed by Library Journal, so I submitted them. If anyone has any advice for me on this front, I'll take it! (Sorry for the wonky screen thing.) #indie #libraryjournal

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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#itsashame that I‘ve been a member of LT for over ten years and have no idea how tf to use it. I‘ve always catalogued the books I‘ve read through GoodReads but I‘ve never catalogued the books I own but haven‘t read. @GondorGirl has inspired me to give LT another shot though so I‘m here for any tips or tricks or insight anyone has to offer! If you use Library Thing, what do you like about it? If you don‘t use it, why? #aprella

Craftylikefox I am in the same boat as you. I have the app too and have cataloged all my best books but kind of at a stand still. The app is nice because you can scan the books in. 2y
Librarybelle I love it because it reminds me of cataloguing in a library (can‘t you tell I‘m a librarian??). To me, it‘s more analytical than GR. LT is my place for my lists - what I‘ve read and what I own. 2y
Cinfhen Ha!! I‘ve been a member for over two years and I found the website really difficult to navigate. I‘ve been told it‘s better to work off a PC than an iPad or phone so maybe that‘s my issue...let me know if U figure this site out...I‘m willing to try again but I honestly have no problem with GR 2y
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TaylorMay I'm just going to follow this conversation right here 🙂 2y
Reviewsbylola Yeah I think I want to catalogue all my books but we‘ll see. I think the site is not very user friendly so I‘m glad I‘m not alone in feeling that way. @Cinfhen 2y
Reviewsbylola I think the cataloguing feature is really the only thing appealing to me now but I‘m curious to see if anyone has any tips or tricks of how else they utilize LT. I‘ll have to check actually because I think I already catalogued my entire library a decade ago and I probably have all different books now. 😂😂 @Librarybelle @Craftylikefox 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘ll make sure to tag you too if I see anything that is amazingly helpful! @TaylorMay 2y
Coleen I was a user of LT before GR, so I have a little loyalty for LT. I prefer GR for the social aspect and for seeing what my friends are reading, but I feel like LT is better for cataloguing and I can find and organize better with LT. However, I don‘t care for the app. I access it on my PC almost exclusively. 2y
umbrellagirl You can export your stuff from GR into LT! 2y
Librarybelle @reviewsbylola @Coleen I agree with you 100%, Coleen. I use the app to see what I have, for instance when I‘m at a bookstore and can‘t recall if I own a copy. The app is still clunky for me. I‘ve used LT for over 10 years, so do feel the loyalty. But, it‘s not the social spot for me. I tried getting social, and never felt “welcome.” I do like the Early Reviewers program and have received some great titles from it. All the tips I have! 2y
DebinHawaii I signed up after the buy out & made a profile but didn't get much beyond that. I thought about trying to download my Goodreads stacks into it but it intimidates me & I didn't really like the chat threads I looked into--except for the Easter Egg hunt which was fun & I did that when Litsy was down. 😆 I was thinking about scanning all my cookbooks on there to start as I haven't catalogued them before but I don't know if I'll actually do it.🤔 2y
TaylorMay @Reviewsbylola Thank you!!! I just started using it last week and I have to log in on my computer because my phone was just not cutting it 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m only going to use it to catalog books! And that took days! I do like that you can add books to a wishlist! 2y
Graywacke I love LT. The cataloging is really strong partially because it‘s so flexible. But adding books is slow. I limit my chatting to certain groups - 75ers and (for me especially) Club Read, where I keep a reading journal. I have never used the app. Only safari or equivalent. 2y
emilyhaldi I‘m not sure I want to spend my time on any apps besides Litsy and goodreads. They‘re doing the job just fine! 👍🏻 2y
Mdargusch Figure this out and then teach me! 2y
Reviewsbylola That‘s very good to know! @umbrellagirl 2y
Reviewsbylola Yeah I don‘t see myself using it for the social aspect. I don‘t use GR for that either though, although I also like seeing which of my friends have read certain books. @coleen @Librarybelle 2y
Reviewsbylola You sound exactly like me when I made my initial profile. @DebinHawaii 2y
BarbaraBB I am a big fan of LT. I use it mainly as a catalogue of my own books and tags (way better than GR, I think). I like to keep track of what I read, and to see what my friends read and what their library looks like. It is not primarily a social medium, I think, although you can participate in all kinds of groups. I do in some but it is in no way comparable to Litsy. I mostly use it on my Mac, hardly ever the app. I should really give it a try! 2y
Varske I am also a big fan of LT. One Christmas I got two gifts of the same book, which I also bought for myself. After that I scanned all my books so I could check always in a bookshop that I didn‘t already have the book. For a time Goodreads had a better scanner than LT, so I also used that. But now I just use LT. Don‘t use it as a social thing, but used to have a widget on my blog showing what I was reading. But now I stopped blogging. (edited) 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I have imported my Goodreads booklist. I‘ve looked around. I even won a book I can‘t figure out how to download. So... is there something I‘m missing ...because the message thing reminds me of the times when modems squawked.

Settings Sounds like you've got everything. Isn't is wonderful? :P 2y
JHSiess Pointless from what I can see. Sticking with GoodReads. 2y
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Joyfulmimi I catalog the books I own on Library Thing and the books I have read on Good Reads. Keeps me from rebuying. @JHSiess I own a lot of books plus go to library a lot 2y
Suet624 Hahaha. I can‘t help you but I understand your confusion. 2y
Samplergal @Joyfulmimi okay. That seems like a plan except my ADD precludes that for me. Glad that works for you. 2y
Joyfulmimi Wait a minute @Samplergal ! I have ADD, too. 2y
RaimeyGallant I need a tutorial. 2y
leahbird I started a thread where you can ask all your questions! Happy to help! https://www.librarything.com/topic/289065 2y
jillrhudy @RaimeyGallant @Samplergirl I can tell you how I use LT and if you need pointers just ask. LT is used by many to catalog very specific works. They either import from Goodreads into LT and edit their online library, because any import/export has mistakes—or they scan with the app or add on a computer. I use LT as a reading JOURNAL from 2005 forward plus several books I read prior to 2005. (edited) 2y
jillrhudy When I click Edit on a book in Librarything, I can specify edition and exact cover and all that jazz. I never bother. I did specify that I read the edition of The Stand where Stephen King put stuff back in the book. Unless it‘s like an Annotated edition or special in some way I don‘t care. The only point is to keep a record that I finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes on a date. I don‘t use start date. That way I know what I read and when. 2y
jillrhudy Litsy is not going to work for my online reading journal purposes for several reasons. There is not enough in the book database. The book database is loaded with mistakes. (I do need author, title, and original pub date correct). And finally, the only source of book reviews is full of games and memes. No offense, I know how that‘s how you guys roll, but go look at LT reviews for any book with a day of the week in the title. 2y
jillrhudy Then look at that same book in Litsy. If I want to get very book specific and catalog my old Modern Library collection and add my own photos to LT that can be done. If I want to make a shelf of precise editions of children‘s books I own, most of them will be in the LT database. 2y
jillrhudy The other problem with Litsy from my point of view is that a “bail” is still a “read” and in my records all that counts is what I finish. I‘m not going to bother importing 1660+ books even if they make that possible. I find Litfluence suspect. I will judge for myself. 2y
jillrhudy While the book reviews on Litsy are buried in the profiles, the book scores are the most valuable I have ever seen. I think, wow. 69, or 44, or 90, that is about right! So let‘s hope nothing happens to mess that up because right now I am going to LT for reviews but coming to Litsy for scores! (edited) 2y
Samplergal @jillrhudy thank you! I will try to see if it will be at all useful. 2y
RaimeyGallant @jillrhudy Thanks for all the tips! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria

Help! Any LibraryThing old-hands have a minute? I've just been playing with the app - but I've stopped because I don't want to break anything. If I find a record that's close to what I'm looking for, but not quite there, and I hit the photo or edit button, does that make a new copy of the record for my library or would it ruin the original record?


Maybe it'd make more sense on the website 😬

Miss_Kim I believe it makes a new record. 2y
RachelO @Miss_Kim Thank you! I was hoping it would be way too simple to break straight-up, but am backing off til I'm sure. 2y
Graywacke I‘ve never used the app... 2y
RachelO @Graywacke Ah well! It'll probably all become obvious tomorrow. Sure it can't be *that* breakable! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I'M SO GLAD LIBRARYTHING IS BACK!!!!! I knocked a few things off La TBR this weekend and I very much wanted to see the number in my catalogue go down.

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I went to add a book I‘m currently reading to LibraryThing via the app and I kept getting a weird error message. So I jump over to the actual site to see if it‘s just my phone. It wasn‘t my phone, thank goodness, they‘re just down for maintenance. BUT the books they used for their maintenance message had me laughing out loud, literally! 😂😂😂 Stages of grief, indeed! 😂

Emilymdxn Omg I‘ve just noticed this and I‘ve been using the site for ten years! That‘s so cool 2y
AshleyHoss820 @Emilymdxn I only noticed it because I saw You Suck and I thought, “haha! That‘s funny cuz I thought that for a second!” So I looked at the others and found a new appreciation for LibraryThing! 😂😂😂 (edited) 2y
DeleteAcct Lol! 2y
Centique 😂😂😂 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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This Easter egg hunt is hard to even with some clues :) anyone knows what they are talking about with the lifetime membership if you find up to at least 5 eggs I thought that library thing accounts were already for as long as you had them or wanted to have one any ideas anyone that is also on LibraryThing

Swe_Eva LT is free up to 200(?) books, to log more than that, you can add a yearly version for $10 or lifetime for $25. That's the "lifetime" they're talking about in the egghunt. 2y
Carolhreads @LT_eva ok yeah thanks I ended up googling it and looking on their forum to find the answer glad that I did the egg hunt because I Dont think it's worth it to only just be able to log a certain number of books and there are no other perks seeing as how other websites like good reads Dont have a limit :) 2y
Swe_Eva @Carolhreads There are oodles of ways on LT to receive an upgraded account, so I think it's only veterans like myself who paid about a decade ago. 😂😂😂 My problem with GR is that I can't make changes to the editions to match the specific edition I own (and a lot of my foreign or obscure books aren't there at all). If your not as picky as I am about edition, GR is just fine. I do use GR for the read-last-year round up function which I love. 💜 2y
Carolhreads @LT_Eva ah ok I see what you mean the edition switch is definitely important to me as well your right about that good reads has some editions to be able to change but it definitely varies on the book :) did you participate in the egg hunt? 2y
Swe_Eva @Carolhreads I did - I love those hunts. 💜 There's always one around Talk Like a Pirate Day too. This one was a little easier than that one usually is, though. For the eggs I had a hard time finding, there are lots of people in the Talk thread to help with clues. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Okay, not to be a traitor , but during shit down today, I did a thing. I did the Library Thing Egg Hunt. It was a fun activity while we were away. I'm not sure how well I like LT (not very currently but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt) but the Egg Hunt was fun. I still can not find number 5 if anyone can help.

If you want to check it out, it's under NEWS in the app or browser.

CouronneDhiver Shit down 😂 #autocorrect 2y
ptkpepe98 I hunted a little tonight. It was fun. I'm still learning about all that it is, but I've already been given e-books as an early reviewer. I received the first one within 2 days of joining, so that is definitely a positive. 2y
laurenbescoby I got them all! That is also how I spent my downtime yesterday...🙈 Let me check what number 5 was 😂 2y
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laurenbescoby Ah! It's Eggs, via the Tags function x 2y
DebinHawaii I did it last night during the downtime and stayed up much too late figuring them out! 😆👍 2y
LibrarianRyan @miralunasbooknook that's makes sense now. I kept trying to find a reviews section. 2y
LibrarianRyan @CouronneDhiver why I shouldn't post in bed. 🙁 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Hi, fellow littens if you guys are on library thing I would like to be your friend there as well have been a member of LibraryThing for a while and would love to see ya there :) my Library Thing username is circled in red there :)

MrsSpencer Tell me more about this! 2y
Carolhreads @MrsSpencer hey there! Library thing is a website and an app that has been around for a while it's a way to catalog and keep track of books your reading, books you own and books you would like to read. Kind of like Goodreads you can also add friends, join chat groups and enter to win books for free on their giveaway page. :) They have also recently bought this website :) 2y
pinkpygmypuffs I think I might need to sign up for this! 2y
Carolhreads @pinkpygmypuffs yeah its pretty fun you get to see all the covers of books you add as well so that's pretty fun to add them to your catalog . 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Me to Me: What‘s LibraryThing about? Oh, cool! I can scan all my books!”

*Cue Spongebob‘s Three Days Later screen*

The 319 books I put in my Favorites catalog are the #1001Books books that I own...so far...

9-year-old daughter: Can we scan mine!?
We‘re gonna need a bigger boat...

BarbaraBB It is a great catalogue, don‘t you think? You can also make sun categories. I made one for my 1001 books. I am Simone2 at LT, what‘s your name? (edited) 2y
AshleyHoss820 @BarbaraBB It‘s very nice! I thought, if there‘s ever a reason my books get destroyed, this will help me replace them! Plus, I was curious how many books I owned... I‘m Miss_Ashley 😄 2y
1001BooksPodcast That‘s an impressive 1001 books collection. You are living my dream! 2y
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AshleyHoss820 @1001BooksPodcast 😊😊😊 Thank you!! I use my birthday and Christmas money for books! And ThriftBooks helps A LOT! 😄😄😄 2y
looseleafbooks I haven‘t tried to convert yet... I‘m such an avid Goodreads user. Is it worth it? 2y
AshleyHoss820 @Looseleafbooks The jury‘s still out! I too am in love with GR! 😄 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Is anyone else using LibraryThing as a way to catalog your books? I actually like it for this purpose, but it‘s going to take a while...

guinsgirlreads It‘s taking me forever lol 2y
charl08 Love it! @nittnutt @Crazymamie @RidgewayGirl are all active there. 2y
merelybookish I just started. Making me realize how many unread books I have! 2y
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Amandajoy There‘s a way to export your Goodreads shelf in if you have one. Saved me a ton of time! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @guinsgirlreads I know!! Are you using the scanner? 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @charl08 ok!! I will find you guys!! Thank you!! I have to use a laptop for anything other than scanning books because I can‘t see!! 🤣😂 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @merelybookish ikr!! Its embarrassing 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Amandajoy my goodreads crashed last year so I haven‘t fooled with it anymore! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2y
Velvetsun I only use it as an Early Reviewer. I'm too intimidated to try and catalog my books. Lol 2y
Wife I‘m afraid 😱! So I haven‘t even looked at Library Thing yet. 2y
Chellebearss I‘m a big fan and have been on it for years. The app scanner will make it quicker. 2y
LibrarianJen I‘ve signed up but haven‘t done anything with it. I‘m LibrarianJen83 on there because my Litsy handle is already taken 😞 2y
Swe_Eva I've been on LT since 2006, I think. I started because I have books on both sides of the Atlantic and kept double- and sometimes triple-buying books. Like Litsy, it's bad for your wishlist, but at least I only buy one copy of each book now... 😉😂 2y
Drnkpnkprincess I just finished cataloging mine. I used the scanner to add the books, then went through and did each one separately. I also changed some of my “catalogs” ... took out “your library” and added paperback & hardcover (quick reference), also added TBR and DNF... i also only have 150 books so it went quick. 2y
guinsgirlreads @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks sometimes.. when I have enough time to go through some at home. 2y
Drnkpnkprincess @LibrarianJen mine was too- but I clicked forget password and it emailed me a reset. I don‘t remember registering but maybe it took everyone in Litsy‘s database and combined it with theirs. 🤷🏼‍♀️ also- how do you add friends?!? 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LibrarianJen I will look for you!! Mine was “too long!” So I am Loverofbooks22 ☺️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Chellebearss it‘s cool, but it‘s still taking a long time!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Wife it‘s very “busy!” I have to look at it on a laptop because I can‘t see it on my phone! I‘m using the app tho to scan and catalog my books! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Velvetsun I think I will like it if I ever get them scanned in!! 2y
taraWritesSci I just imported my Goodreads list yesterday aaaand it's a disaster. I think I'm going to work on cataloging new stuff in both GR and LT to see how it goes. o.o 2y
Itchyfeetreader I just finished adding to a library I had started there years ago. Like @merelybookish it‘s really just highlighted the virtual height of my unread book pile! 2y
LibrarianRyan It didn't scan most of mine. I'm only half done. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Itchyfeetreader omg!!! Idk if I‘ll ever read all of these books 📚🤣😂 but hey it makes me happy!!!!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LibrarianRyan it‘s scanning most of mine! If not I just type it in!! I have 3 shelves left!! 2y
Settings I use it for books I've read, not books I own. Stats are more interesting to me that way. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @anoplph0ra I‘m just scanning away like I work at Walmart!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️🤣 2y
LibrarianRyan @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks yeah!! I haven't started typing yet. That's next. Maybe because most my shelves are kids and teens. 2y
Quasifesto Yes, for books I own and books read. 2y
lyradora Yep. Been on LT for years. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Quasifesto I‘m getting the hang of it finally!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @lyradora I think I‘m getting the hang of it!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so frustrated because I can‘t find anyone!!! @lyradora @Quasifesto @LibrarianRyan @anoplph0ra @taraWritesSci @LT_eva @Drnkpnkprincess @guinsgirlreads @Chellebearss @Velvetsun 😩😩 it‘s not very user friendly in that way or maybe it‘s just me!! If y‘all can find me I‘m Loverofbooks22 💕 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Itchyfeetreader thank you for finding me on LT!! I can‘t find anyone on there!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @merelybookish if you can find me on there I‘m Loverofbooks22! I can‘t find anyone!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @charl08 I can‘t find anyone on LT! I‘m Loverofbooks22 if you can find me!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Amandajoy I can‘t find anyone on LT!! If you can find me I‘m Loverofbooks22!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2y
Swe_Eva @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I'm -Eva- on LT, which wasn't an allowed name on Litsy, hence the difference. I believe the LT "also on" feature will include Litsy at some point after Tuesday's server-move. 2y
Chellebearss @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks a fun way to find people is to join a group and start a thread. I hang out in the 75 books in 2018 group. I‘ll try and find you though 2y
Chellebearss Also if you search a name in the search bar you will see on the left hand side in black “social” then in blue below it you will see “member” and that‘s where you‘ll find users. Hope that helps! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LT_eva great!! Thank you!! My Litsy name was “too long” on LT 😐 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Chellebearss awesome!! I will check that one out!! I have to use a laptop for LT though because I can‘t see it!! 😜😝 2y
merelybookish @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I haven't even tried to figure out that part yet. At some point, hopefully! 2y
guinsgirlreads @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I haven‘t tried to find anybody yet either. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @merelybookish it‘s not very user friendly in this way and many people have different user names!! @guinsgirlreads 😩😩 2y
LibrarianRyan @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks hope u had more luck. I'm the same on all platforms but FB and that is family only. 2y
charl08 Found you on LT and added as a friend - please do msg me if I can help! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @charl08 thank you!!! 💕 2y
Godmotherx5 I‘ve hesitated because I know it will be time consuming endeavor. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Godmotherx5 I finally got all of mine scanned! Well I thought I did until I remembered some old books this morning 🤣😂 I really like this aspect of LT... 2y
Godmotherx5 No matter, you still accomplished a lot. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Godmotherx5 yes! It‘s embarrassing the number of tbr!! I totally blame it on Litsy!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Godmotherx5 I don‘t feel AS bad though because most of them came from swaps, thriftbooks, or goodwill... I never buy books new anymore. I‘ve definitely got a lot of reading to do! 2y
Godmotherx5 You should never feel guilty about books. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I just joined LibraryThing! What should I do now? 🤔 Friends who are on LT, will you add me on there? Same name: tjwill. I have some exploring to do!

GondorGirl I'm PirateColey on LT and have been a member for ten years. If you have any questions feel free to ask! 2y
tjwill @GondorGirl I probably have lots of questions, but I‘m not quite sure where to start. I like the Easter egg hunt on there. I‘m doing it now and already have 12. It‘s fun! 2y
Coleen Long time LT user here. Come find me! (indygo88). I use it primarily for cataloguing my books. And love their Early Reviewer program. (edited) 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Us library folk being resourceful on a warm spring day!
Thank you @callielafleur for wanting to be rad a send out books!
And, you are right #litsyisthebestus

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Hey!!! I‘ve been on LibraryThing for years and love their catalog system. The app lets me see the covers of the books I have read in reverse chronological order, and I‘m referring to it constantly when talking with friends about recent reads. I‘d love to connect with all you fabulous Littens on LT, too!! I‘m
Well-ReadNeck over there, too.

BarbaraBB I know exactly what you mean and feel the same about LT. I‘ve added you some time ago as ‘interesting library‘. My handle there is Simone2. 2y
Sarah83 I still have difficulties to add books to my shelves. Even if I find a book on someone's shelf, I can search for the book, but than LT doesn't find the book any more. 😫😥 2y
Craftylikefox Slowly coming back around to LT my handle is Tabithamorey 2y
Litsi Much prefer it to Goodreads, but simply can‘t convince enough people. I‘m linenandprint. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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For those of you who are concerned about importing your books from #GOODREADS to #LIBRARYTHING - it's quite easy, just follow the steps on this page: https://www.librarything.com/more/importgoodreads

My handle on #LIBRARYTHING is the same as on here.

Edited to add: You may want to check for duplicate books once you've imported from Goodreads.

MidnightBookGirl Love this! Thanks! 2y
tonyahoswalt Thanks for this! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Am I the only one who had never heard of LibraryThing before this week? It's surpising, bc I am a big reader and have a pretty big social media presence. Should I sign up? Can I use my Litsy info to sign in? #litsyonlt

Kaye I‘ve heard of it and joined a couple times long in the past. Not impressed with the website. I think GR is much more user friendly if you want to catalog your books , be in a reading group, etc. It‘s everyone‘s own choice though. Good luck with whatever decision you make. 2y
sprainedbrain I had heard of it but never used it. I just created a new account a couple of days ago. I used the same email and username that I have on Litsy, and I was able to import my 3000+ books from Goodreads for free, and it appears I have a ‘lifetime‘ membership without paying for it? I‘m not sure how that happened. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Still finding my way around LT! (edited) 2y
Aseleener @sprainedbrain I read a thread here on Litsy that if you sign up via mobile app, you automatically get the unlimited version for free. So I did it that way, even though I had my laptop on my lap. Then after I registered, I used the laptop to import from Goodreads. My account info says lifetime membership also. 2y
sprainedbrain @Aseleener well that explains it! Thanks. 😃 2y
SqueakyChu Welcome to LibraryThing, everyone! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I‘ve been really getting into Library Thing this afternoon. I‘ve had a surprising amount of fun scanning all my books, sorting them into collections and tags. And it makes it so much easier to see all the books I haven‘t read! It‘s also a reminder to have a sort out and get rid of some books that I‘ll never get around to reading as my tastes have changed so much without me even realising!

Well-ReadNeck The scanner is AWESOME!!! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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So, neat addition to the LibraryThing tools, an Alexa skill. I've started using this for adding books to my collection. It's so much easier to yell out an ISBN across the room than to actually walk over to my computer, LOL.


GarthRanzz Almost worth joining LT for. Almost but not quite. 2y
Texreader Love LT! Almost worth getting an Alexa for! 😁 2y
GondorGirl You can also use the phone app to scan the bar code on the back of your books. It's what I use when I'm traveling. 2y
Chelleo I wish my Google Home had this feature!! 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria

So what's LibraryThing exactly? And what does that mean for Litsy?? I'm on Goodreads, is it similar??? Lemme know guys! #litsy #librarything #huh

AmyG No clue. 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘m on it but I‘ve never understood it or been active. I prefer Litsy for he community aspect and GR for cataloguing all of my books. 2y
Lexeegee @Reviewsbylola I‘m the same way. I joined but never could get the hang of it. 2y
SilversReviews Yes. Similar to Goodreads. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I realized I‘m behind on this news, but I wanted to say how excited I am about LibraryThing buying Litsy. I‘ve been a member of LibraryThing for... jeeze... almost twelve years now. Check out my home library(in sore need of updating) at www.librarything.com/catalog/waynegjr and say hi.

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Is anyone else going to set up a Library Thing profile? I've been trying and just uploading a profile pic has been hard! (I'm the one with the upside down photo as there's no rotate option! 🙄) then there's the books TBR: 0 Read: 0 😩 can I really be bothered to put alllll my books in? It's layout reminds me of Facebook! Can't say I'm keen so far! 🤷‍♀️

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I did and I had the same problem!! Do you have InstaSize? If so, use that and your photo will fit and be upright. I‘m Loverofbooks22 on there! 🤗 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m not sure how much I will use it because I can hardly see it on my phone 👁👀 2y
4thhouseontheleft I have been on LT since 2013, I imported my library from Goodreads. Still working in tagging and cataloging everything to my liking. I‘m abergsman on LT. 2y
See All 24 Comments
TrishB Not bothering. Time that can be spent reading 😁 whilst everyone is still here I‘m staying here! 2y
Jess7 I set up a profile — and by that I mean I created a user name and added all the suggested people from Twitter. I haven‘t done anything else yet. No profile pic, no books etc. but everyone please feel free to add me. I‘ll eventually get around to updating it. I‘m thegreeneyedreader on there to match all my other bookish media. 2y
jhod Agree with @TrishB ! 2y
Oryx @TrishB @jhod good, thought it was just me! 2y
Bookladylinda I don‘t think I‘m going to set up a LT account. I have GR and though it‘s not perfect, I still love it and I‘m just not interested in LT. 2y
TrishB @jhod @Oryx I‘m generally not very good with these things - Litsy clicked for me and it‘s awesome and enough for me! 2y
Chrissyreadit I can‘t decide. I like my goodreads, but I don‘t like that they are part of the amazon empire. So part of me want to try LT because they are independent. 2y
Bookladylinda @Chrissyreadit I get that about GR being a part of Amazon, I think that‘s the only part that doesn‘t make me excited. But I like my GR too! 2y
batsy I'm trying it out because I'm curious and because I was already on Goodreads, so I could import the books from there. Definitely not going to be a replacement for Litsy, just as an extra like Goodreads is. I'm not too fond of Goodreads but I'm not too fond of LT so far, either 😬 I'm subabat on LT. 2y
Caroline2 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks oh thanks for the tip I'll try that! I know what you mean about the size! It's really tricky to use on you phone! 🙄 2y
Caroline2 @4thhouseontheleft thanks, that's good to know you can import it from GR! 👍🏻 2y
Caroline2 @TrishB @jhod @Oryx @Bookladylinda @Kaye yeah, I had a look out of pure curiosity but I'm not going to bother with it! Setting it all up is hard work and Trish hit the nail on the head...I'd rather spend that time actually reading!!! 😂 I'm just prayyyying that don't change Litsy too much!! 😨 2y
Caroline2 @Chrissyreadit I know what you mean but I just find Goodreads soooo much easier to use! It's quick and simple, like Litsy! I can dip in and out with ease. Library thing seems a lot more complicated and involved! 2y
Caroline2 @batsy yeah I had a look out of curiosity but can't say I'm impressed! It's so complicated compared to the simple, user friendly style of Litsy! It's made me apprehensive about what they're going to do to Litsy tho! 😳 2y
tpixie I set up tipixe but haven‘t done anything else yet! 2y
DebinHawaii I set up my profile a bit & looked around but I haven't downloaded any books. Not sure what I'll do yet. I have so many books on Goodreads & my 10 years there have made it hard to make a switch--everything seems like so much effort on LT. 😬 But I'm the same DebinHawaii there if anyone wants to be friends.😆 2y
Itchyfeetreader Apparently I had an account years ago and I have got as far as importing all my goodreads in on top of the old books that need weeding through. I like collections and tags options but see LT as a tracking tool vs one for engaging etc. Don‘t imagine I will be active on the forums. 2y
RadicalReader @Caroline2 I hate when there‘s no rotate option for photos seriously there needs to be 2y
BookishMe I never found it user-friendly, so staying away. Was surprised to find out I actually have an account as I Can't recall when I had signed 2y
BooksAreTheNewBlack I use LibraryThing just to store my collections! I have all my books and movies in there. It‘s so easy to search, when I‘m shopping! I haven‘t used it for much else... 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Trying to deal with it #litsyonLT... 😕

saresmoore It‘s a lot at once, isn‘t it? I think everything will be a-okay, even if we don‘t become Library Thing converts. 2y
TheLibrarian I just opened my LibraryThing account and not sure how I feel about it. 2y
sprainedbrain I just started mine today... I can‘t even get my picture on there the right side up so maybe I‘m not cut out for LT. 🤪 2y
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Sarah83 @sprainedbrain Well it is not that bad, but it is difficult to find. Nevertheless if I can deal with it, you can manage it aswell. 🤗 2y
Sarah83 @saresmoore yes indeed. Sometimes I still wonder, how complicated social media internet access can be. 🤔 2y
Sarah83 @TheLibrarian I still feel a bit weird about it. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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What am I doing this evening, eating a sweet treat I bought from my niece‘s school sales (a whoopee pie and this one happens to be Banana, yum), while I wait on my computer to export my Goodreads Library and import it to Library Thing. Let‘s see how this turns out.... 🥁 🥁 🥁...

britt_brooke Yum!! 2y
Laura317 I‘m afraid to try that. Let me know how it turns out for you? 2y
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Laura317 It wasn‘t too bad, there are instructions to import your books from Goodreads, so all the books appeared, with ratings, tags, and reviews. I just have to move some around....I have them tagged as “read” but need to move all those to my collection named “read”. And in Goodreads I‘ve never really marked all the ones I physically own, so I need to do that, but that‘s just me and because I never bothered to do it before. And I joined the.. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Laura317 ...Litsy group already and found both @Andrew65 and @BarbaraTheBibliophage already, so I have some friends pending too. Oh and I found out how to mass add those tags to the right collections too, so it isn‘t difficult, just takes a bit of time, mostly because mine weren‘t the best organized to begin with. 2y
Daisey Glad to hear it worked fairly well. I‘m considering looking into LibraryThing this weekend, but not sure if I want to start with importing from my list of owned books or Goodreads read books since I have two separate lists. 2y
Chrissyreadit Did you have to pay to import your list? 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey I only had Goodreads, which means I have to edit for owned versus just read. The nice thing was Goodreads brought over my ratings and reviews too. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Chrissyreadit Nope, I didn‘t pay anything 2y
Andrew65 @Laura317 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa This is the address for the Litsy Group on Librarything. Unsurprisingly it‘s the 12th most active group this week and now has 59 members. http://www.librarything.com/groups/litsy (edited) 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Andrew65 Already found it and joined it!👍 2y
Andrew65 And been an active poster. 😊 2y
Laura317 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Thanks! I‘ll give it a try later today. @Andrew65 Thanks! I‘ll look it up. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Well... I did it... I‘m still trying to navigate it and I couldn‘t use my Litsy handle because it was too long... I‘m Loverofbooks22 on LibraryThing. If you‘re on there friend me because I haven‘t found that yet!! Lol 📚❤️💕

Riveted_Reader_Melissa This is one of my goals for the weekend! Great job! 2y
FantasyChick I got on there today too! I moved my GR library so I have something to work with. I'm going to give it a try....just to see how I like it. I still have my soul though lol. Nessa33 is my username 😊 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Riveted_Reader_Melissa yes!! I‘m going to be positive about it!! My loyalty and most of my extra time will still be with Litsy though! I think it will be a good cataloging tool!! and @FantasyChick 💕 I‘m not sure where to go to add you! ☺️ 2y
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ShookBelf I also joined today - still trying to figure my way around. I'm ShookBelf on there if anyone wants a friend 😁 2y
FantasyChick I'm not sure yet either lol. I'll give it a try tonight after supper and see if I can find out 😊 I think it will take a while to get the hang of it. 2y
Lynnsoprano I joined the other day. I‘m Lynnsoprano—no sense confusing myself 😄 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @ShookBelf @FantasyChick I‘m going to wait for my hubby to go to work and then dive in!! I have to charge my kindle though! I can hardly see anything on the website!! Is it just me?! I‘m getting old!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️👓 👀 👁 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Lynnsoprano it wouldn‘t let me keep my name!! “Too long!” 🙄🙄 2y
jfalkens @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I had a hard time navigating their website too, I didn't find it very mobile friendly. 2y
Jess7 Ok, so your post made me want to sign up. I did it but I haven‘t added any books yet. I‘m thegreeneyedreader on there like my other social accounts. 2y
FantasyChick It's not just you @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I can not use it on mobile at all. I need the big screen for this one lol 2y
VioletBramble I just friended you. To find people that you know: from the home page, click on the Q (or maybe it's a magnifying glass) in the search box on the top right. A search page will come up. On the left side is a menu. Click members. Type the name of the member in the box. A list will appear. Click on the name. You will be taken to their home page. Top right corner is an AddTo box. click friends. They have to accept. Good luck. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @jfalkens ok good!! It‘s not just me!! I need to use my kindle and iPad anyway!! ☺️🤣 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess7 awesome!! I will look you up!! @VioletBramble just sent me instructions 😉 2y
jfalkens @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks lol nope not just you 😊🤣 2y
auntie_jenn i made an account, but haven‘t gone any further! same handle 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess7 Jess, it‘s very “busy!” Let me know what you think!!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @auntie_jenn it‘s very “busy!” I like simple lol 2y
AmberWB I‘m on too- I have done nothing but make the account. 😊 same handle 2y
laundry_piles I'm so confused... Are we losing Litsy and or Goodreads? Or this just another type of app? 2y
BarbaraBB I befriended you! My name is Simone2 on LT and I have been there for years. It‘s not very fancy indeed but that‘s‘ what I like about it. It is mainly a good catalogue system in which you can compare your library and rating to that of your friends! 😘 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @laundry_piles no! From what I understand they bought Litsy and are going to make some improvements! Hopefully no drastic changes! It‘s mostly a cataloging app from what I can tell. Are you friends with @MrBook Gr is awesome at explaining everything! Also check out @kgriffith ☺️📚 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BarbaraBB thank you!!! Going to accept you now!! @laundry_piles 2y
Nebula_of_Books How is LibraryThing different than Goodreads? 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I haven‘t been on there much this afternoon... I‘m not on goodreads that much anymore, but it looks really similar!! @kgriffith 2y
kgriffith @Nebula_of_Books The primary differences, in my opinion, are the look/feel, and the data. LibraryThing is much more text-based, not a lot of buttons and images on every page, and no ads. There are very few types of notifications, and social discussions are in a forum style setting as opposed to a news feed. LT was created by a bibliophile academic for his own use and that of his (similarly geeky) friends, so it‘s also very data rich, by design. 2y
aquariusnat Hi , I'm a LTer that is trying out Litsy ! My fav things about Librarything are their Early Reviewers program, where you could win Free ARCs monthly ! And they also have a program called Legacy Libraries, where they create a page for dead historical figures and celebrities . 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @aquariusnat I will check those out!!! Thank you!!! ☺️ 2y
aquariusnat Your welcome! Librarything is really all about the data ! Whenever you are curious about the details of a book , this is the best place for the info ! They are also big supporters of local libraries too ! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @aquariusnat I accidentally blocked someone and can‘t figure out how to unblock them!!! 😩😩 2y
aquariusnat Ack ! IDK how to rectify that , but their customer support is pretty great . Email Tim and he should be able to help fix it . 2y
Jess7 So I find this website extremely hard to navigate. I‘m thegreeneyedreader on Library Thing. How do I add a profile picture to this thing? I am finding it extremely not user friendly. @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @FantasyChick @ShookBelf @Lynnsoprano @jfalkens @VioletBramble @auntie_jenn @AmberWB @BarbaraBB @kgriffith @aquariusnat 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess7 I totally agree!! It‘s very “busy!” You have to click three times in three different places to add a book to your wishlist! I can‘t find any of my friends! And it‘s so hard to see I can only use my laptop! I do,however, like the scanner option for cataloging my books! That will probably be the only time I use this app! It‘s all I can do to keep up a Litsy, life, and work! 2y
kgriffith I‘m on vacation so this is a LT member comment, no admin hat 😊 Go to this page (edit to put in your username) and look at the left menu. I know it‘s not intuitive; I agree and am taking notes 🤓 https://www.librarything.com/gallery/member/YOURNAME 2y
Jess7 Thanks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I agree. Thanks @kgriffith for responding. I‘m trying to stay open minded but I am honestly finding LT to be a little infuriating. I want to import my books from Goodreads but I‘m afraid of losing all my books in goodreads like others said happened to them when they imported. I wish there was a way to import books directly from the list of kindle books I have purchased through amazon but I cant figure out how 2y
Jess7 I tried pasting over data from amazon into an excel spreadsheet but every time I click paste, excel crashes. I own over 515 kindle ebooks. The process of manually adding them individually on LT seems 10x harder than it is on Goodreads. I‘m not sure this app is going to be for me. @kgriffith 2y
kgriffith @Jess7 The one person I saw report that about their GR data disappearing said that it came back shortly thereafter. That‘s something to report to goodreads for sure, but I don‘t think there were lasting effects. I‘ve never tried a digital content export from Amazon and don‘t know if there‘s a way, but it would certainly be nice if they made that data available! 2y
kgriffith @Jess7 Excel is crashing with only 515 lines of data? I‘m not a Microsoft expert, but I would definitely check for updates to see if maybe that‘s a known issue resolved by a later version. The scanner in the LT app makes manual adds easy and fast, but I‘d be frustrated about the issues you‘re having in making my data import-ready from elsewhere too. (I always use the full site for adding groups of books if they‘re not in my hands, much easier) (edited) 2y
Jess7 Thanks @kgriffith - I think I am going to have to step away from this LT app for today. Maybe I‘ll try it some other time. It‘s just too confusing and time consuming as is for me right now. But I really do appreciate your help! If I go back to it in a few days, I‘m sure I‘ll have questions. Thanks again 2y
Jess7 Thanks @kgriffith - yeah - I‘m not sure. I have a Mac - with excel on it. It‘s never crashed like that before but the amazon list has boxes and stuff beside the stuff I‘m trying to copy so I‘m not sure if that could be messing with it? 2y
kgriffith @Jess7 that could definitely be it. I would try google sheets to see if it parses the data better, but when you‘re in a better place to tackle it again! 😊 2y
FantasyChick @Jess7 I haven't been having any luck with the app but I find it much easier to use on the PC. I never had any issues with exporting my GR library and I added in almost 2000 books with a ton of tags. I was surprised with how quickly it updated, to be honest. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole layout either. 🤔 2y
Jess7 Thanks @FantasyChick - good to know. I tried it on my Mac Book pro too, and I‘m just not a fan of it yet. I use goodreads to track my books, so I‘m not entirely sure how adding library thing will be useful for me yet, and since it‘s been so difficult to use, I‘m not sure I‘m going to be active on it. (At least for now), but definitely add me as friend if you can figure that part out @FantasyChick - I‘ll be glad to add you back if it lets me. 🤗🤗 2y
FantasyChick Will do @Jess7 🤗🤗🤗 And i pretty much feel the same way. Time will tell with this I think. 2y
auntie_jenn what is available on the app is limited. i saw that you friended me (they sent email) but can‘t see friends from app. maybe tomorrow i‘ll play and try to load my Goodreads data. 2y
jfalkens I found library thing hard to use, unwelcoming and ended up deleting my account. 2y
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LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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I‘d like to read the tagged book; it‘s an open access publication and is available at https://www.research-collection.ethz.ch/handle/20.500.11850/151687. Anyway. My favorite thing about LibraryThing? Library of Congress Classification numbers.

LibraryThing as a library service | Aina Manso Santolaria
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Ok fine, I‘ll join! If I must! But having to pay to add more than 200 books = bleh! 😤

Melissa_J They should waive the fee for new users from Litsy, if they haven‘t already. 2y
umbrellagirl What? I didn‘t have to pay and I imported 800+. 2y
Grimscythe I imported 600+ myself. I don‘t see myself using it too much though. 2y
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AudreyMorris Hmmm I have not imported (my entire read list is in GR), but I have 270 readbooks in LT and have never paid. I have had my account for longer than I have actively added books as I read them. Our owner library is too much to in constant flux to try to catalog and maintain it. 2y
Rachellynnwright At first I was skeptical about whether they would actually waive the fee, but so far they haven‘t charged me yet! 👍 @AudreyMorris @Melissa_J (edited) 2y
Rachellynnwright @TheGhastlyGrimoire I plan on replacing GR with LT depending on how much I like it... I really only used GR for keeping track of my books and reading reviews! 2y
kgriffith The fee will be waived, we just haven‘t put a system in place yet — but, sounds like you won‘t get cut off at 200; let me know if you do? This isn‘t my side of the system but I can find out more easily. 2y
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