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The Self-Care Project
The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you | Jayne Hardy
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Everything you need to know about self-care; what it is, why it's important, why it's such a struggle and how to integrate it into day-to-day life. There's a damaging misconception in society that putting ourselves first is an act of selfishness. But self-care is not just a millennial buzzword. Without the restorative power of self-care, how will we ever escape the vicious circle where we're sick and fed-up of feeling sick and fed-up? Self-care is a tool, accessible to us all, which helps us to take responsibility for our own happiness - our physical, emotional, psychological and social needs. Jayne Hardy, founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation, argues that it is the best preventative measure available to us to combat overwhelmedness, stress and ill health, in our hectic, modern world. The Self-Care Project is for those who have been feeling off-kilter for a while but have not been able to put the finger on the 'why'. It is a no-nonsense, practical journey to help you do just that. It'll walk you through the case for self-care (why it's so darn important), why it isn't selfish at all, help you explore what self-care means for you, what your obstacles might be and provide advice on how to chisel out daily space for self-care in a practical, achievable and realistic way.
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1. I like that I‘m artistic.
2. Tagging three amazing women #bfc brought into my life. You guys are the most caring supportive friends.
3. This weekend I will take a bubble bath, so a face mask, and deep condition my hair.

wanderinglynn Thanks for entering! 💜 1mo
Hestapleton Your self-care choices are literally my favorite things. 💕 1mo
Hufflepuffle Yay for bubble baths!!! 💜 1mo
StayCurious Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend! 1mo
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1. I love that I‘m great at communicating and puzzling out ideas! I‘m smart and get my ideas across.
2. Gonna copy but I‘ve gotta tag my girls: @StayCurious @IndoorDame @Hufflepuffle . A random BFC group to led me to some dear friends. They are encouraging, funny, and a delight. I‘ve never felt so supported. 💕💕
3. Spending one hour Saturday with my weighted blanket, book, and tea - NO PHONE. #BFCgiveaway

kamoorephoto I so wish I could afford a weighted blanket right now! It seems like the perfect thing to help me with the transition I am going through, the anxiety and PTSD after leaving an abusive relationship. What do you recommend? Do you love it? 1mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for entering! 💜 1mo
Hestapleton @kamoorephoto this is the one I have (https://amzn.to/2NsjyMo). I ADORE it. The pressure is really comforting and I actually really like it when I‘m sick. It‘s a little too heavy/hot for night, unless you run cold or live in a colder climate. 1mo
Crazeedi Love the no phone idea, I may borrow it. And I'd love to get those blankets for my girls and me, as you said @kamoorephoto they are pricey!! 1mo
Hufflepuffle I need a weighted blanket!! Your self care hour sounds divine! 💜 1mo
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1. Hardest question ever... I like my weird, geeky, silly side that only comes out with people I fully trust.
2. @StayCurious @IndoorDame @Hestapleton I had to tag all three of these wonderful people. They are all lovely, super supportive and I always know I can be honest with them without any judgement 💜
3. I commit to having a long hot bath with a Lush bath bomb, a good book and probably some leftover Halloween chocolate 🛁 📖 🍫

StayCurious That sounds like heaven! I might join you...but not in a creepy way 😉 1mo
wanderinglynn That‘s why I asked it—because we all need to practice more self-love. 😉 Thanks for entering! 💜 1mo
Hufflepuffle @StayCurious 😂 Do it!! You can‘t beat a nice bubble bath 🛀 1mo
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#BFCgiveaway @wanderinglynn 🔷I like that I‘m creative - whether by writing or through handicrafts. 🔶I‘m tagging my girls @Hestapleton @IndoorDame @Hufflepuffle because they are all incredibly supportive and I feel like I‘ve made real friendships. ♦️I‘m taking the day off Friday and I‘m going to watch a couple movies and read🤗

wanderinglynn Thanks for entering! 💜 1mo
Hestapleton Can I stow away on your day off? SO JEALOUS. 1mo
Crazeedi ❤❤❤ and beautiful picture!! 1mo
IndoorDame Sounds like the perfect day! 1mo
Hufflepuffle Your Friday plans sound so good!! 1mo
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1. I really like that I have many talents and am blessed to be good at a lot of things!
2. @DaveGreen7777 is always encouraging me daily. He is kind and full of love !
3. I will take the time for self care this week!!
Thanks for this lovely giveaway @wanderinglynn you are amazing ! 🖤🖤🖤 #BFC #bfcgiveaway

DaveGreen7777 Awww, this is so sweet, Rachel, thank you! 😊 It‘s easy for me to say wonderful things about you since you‘re such a wonderful person! 🤗 2mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for entering! 💜 2mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for entering! 💜 2mo
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This week was a bit of a doozy. If anyone needs me, I'll be cozied up, spending quality time with my bookshelf all weekend 📚

PS: What are you reading right now? Anything you'd recommend?

Linsy Perfect self care! 2mo
Tamra Sounds perfect! 2mo
megzlynn It is amazing! 2mo
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lele1432 Listening to the audio of The Reckless Oath We Made, but I don't think you liked that one. 😂 And also started this one. 2mo
Cfmamareads Definitely recommend 2mo
Branwen Sounds like the perfect weekend! You deserve it! 💕I'm reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo! It's amazing so far! 😀 2mo
MartinaLove I recommend, Serpent and Dove and House of Salt and Sorrows. 2mo
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Hey, @laurenslibrary and anyone else who might find this helpful - a post about the #SelfCare apps I use to help me with my Anxiety and Depression.
1st row: meditation and two apps to help me get through Anxiety. 2nd row: Woebot chats with me using Cognitive Behavioral tools to help me reframe things, and 2 mood tracking apps. 3rd row: A soothing sounds app, and 2 calming games to play for distraction.
#mentalhealth #apps

mcipher Oooh I love the idea of a CBT app!!!! So cool! 2mo
Crazeedi Very interesting, I'm passing on to my daughters for sure 2mo
AlaMich Thanks for posting these! 😊 2mo
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marleed What a wonderful post! 2mo
Sace I've installed woebot and Daylio. Thanks for sharing! 2mo
QuietlyLaura @Sace I'm glad you've found these apps helpful! 🙂 2mo
Sace I think woebot could help a lot. 2mo
QuietlyLaura @mcipher @Crazeedi @AlaMich @marleed Thanks! I hope they are helpful! 🙂 2mo
QuietlyLaura @Sace I've found Woebot to be really helpful! He has a lot of information on ways to challenge your thinking. He will even tell you jokes! 2mo
Sace That's what I think I'm going to like about Woebot. I need an attitude adjustment! 2mo
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Hello all! I‘m working on a resource list for work, what are your favorite books on body positivity or self care? 🦋🌻

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Never done one of these before but I love me some self improvement. So let‘s start!

Reading Goals: My reading in August, for lack of a better word, sucked. Only read Managed to read 2 books because I finished Cruel Prince in one day. So my goal is simply to read at least a book a week to try and get back into my groove.


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks We are in the same boat!! I‘ve been in a reading funk lately 📚 We can do it!! 3mo
RvnclawWhovian @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks we got this! No better time to cozy up with a book than with fall approaching too 3mo
OriginalCyn620 Reasonable goal! You can do it! 😊 3mo
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#Bfcr2 final ✔

Met my book goal of 7 books! Didn't make the other goals, but hey, life happens. Happy self-care Sunday, littens. #teamnewbie @wanderinglynn @bookishbelle @BookBridget @Honeybeegirl @jmtrivera @mc916 @Econaghan @laurar311 @WriterAtHeart

wanderinglynn You may have not made your goals . . . YET. It's good to strive for more, but be proud of what you did accomplish these last 6 weeks. Plus being a TC! I know you're getting ready for school to start, but you can keep making progress. Keep moving forward. One step, one day at a time. Then you'll be all ready to jump back in for Round 4! 🙌 And I love the self-care Sunday idea. ❤ It's good to have time scheduled weekly for that. 👍 👍 4mo
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Today is #SelfCareDay. I hope each of you takes some time today for some self-care. Self-care is different for each of us, but it‘s super important that we each take time for it.

From https://www.selfcareday.com

“On July 24th, Self-Care Day, and everyday, Crisis Text Line wants you make time for what matters.”

For all my #BFC participants, please take some #SelfCareTime today, whatever that looks like for you. 💜
#BookFitnessChallenge #BFCr2

Meaw_catlady This is great! I didn‘t know this was a thing! 5mo
Mitch @Meaw_catlady either did I ! Today and every day should be self care day .....like putting petrol in the tank - we all run better when we‘re full 🥰 5mo
Hoopiefoot Thank you for sharing! 5mo
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Clwojick ♥️♥️♥️ 5mo
redlotusdesignz Had a self care moment by taking some time off to visit a doctor for a checkup. Putting my health first before work. 5mo
wanderinglynn @Meaw_catlady @Mitch me either. Until I stumbled across it on either Facebook or instagram. We should do this every day or at least every week, but we don‘t. So I think it‘s important to have a day recognized. 5mo
wanderinglynn @Hoopiefoot My pleasure. I think it‘s important to do & discuss. 5mo
wanderinglynn @redlotusdesignz 🙌🏻 Good for you! 💜 5mo
Mitch @wanderinglynn absolutely- it‘s a timely reminder 👍🏼❤️ 5mo
julesG Thanks for the reminder. 5mo
dariazeoli Thanks for reminding us! 5mo
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Yesterday was only another 1/2 mile day (damn you legs) and today was stretches and ending the evening with gentle chair yoga thanks to a resource from @mcipher #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge

cobwebmoth 💗 7mo
mcipher Yay you! And yay yoga resources - so many good ones out there!! 👏 7mo
audraelizabeth Great job 7mo
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BethM Never say “only”- you‘re moving and trying! 7mo
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 7mo
mabell Chair yoga sounds really neat! 7mo
wanderinglynn I agree with @BethM. You‘re doing it no matter the distance. Keep up the great progress! 🙌🏻 7mo
dariazeoli Way to make progress! 7mo
Laughterhp Great job! I‘ve never heard of chair yoga but it sounds interesting! 7mo
guinsgirlreads ❤️👍🏻 7mo
4thhouseontheleft A friend of mine teaches chair yoga, I could ask her for some resource suggestions if you're interested in finding more! 7mo
Chrissyreadit @4thhouseontheleft sure! Thank you! I‘m trying to regain strength and stamina but have arthritis in both knees and general pain and fatigue possibly from recurring Epstein Barr virus. So anything that helps is awesome!!!! 7mo
Caterina Keep taking good care of yourself. ❤ You're doing so well doing something despite the pain! 7mo
4thhouseontheleft I'm still waiting on a response from my friend, but here's a few I found that are all gentle. I love Yoga with Adriene!
mcipher @4thhouseontheleft She‘s such a great teacher, isn‘t she?! I also love Melissa West for super gentle, really kind yoga practices: https://tinyurl.com/yycd7aak 7mo
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Shopperdewey The best! 6mo
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I‘ve been having a great #SelfCareSunday , watching Supernatural, painting my nails a beautiful matte blue and doing a facial and lip scrub! I also colored my hair blue and will post a picture when you can see it better!! #springintoreading @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @vkois88

Megnogged What a perfect Sunday! 🥰 8mo
vkois88 Sounds AMAZING 8mo
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Take some time today to rest and read for Self Care Sunday📚❤

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
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1 - Hopefully a vacation. We're thinking about a road trip to Canada.
2 - I'm adventurous! I don't get to do it as much as I like, but I'm a hop on a plane to a foreign country without so much as a hotel booked type.
3 - I work really hard and I'm good at my job
4 - @PerksOfBeingABookworm This topic is timely 🤗

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

PerksOfBeingABookworm 💜💜💜 9mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
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I've been trying to find a good self care routine lately.

1. Hopefully getting outside, walking.
2. Physically, my hair and eyes
3. I love my creativity
4. @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks for friendship and always being there during some difficult times (and some good good ones!) @JoScho for always being so thoughtful and sweet to everyone

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww ❤️❤️❤️ and we have to start our yoga!!! 😘😘😘 9mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
JoScho Thanks Tracey! You are pretty wonderful yourself 💜 9mo
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tracey38 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks yes, I was just thinking about this earlier this week! I got a new Fitbit so I am more motivated right now. Hahaha 😁 9mo
tracey38 @wanderinglynn 💜💜💜 9mo
tracey38 @JoScho aww, thanks!!! 💜💜💜 9mo
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1. Vacation! Headed to Prague in May ✈️
2. Willingness to learn new things
3. I just got a promotion! Proud to see the results of my hard work.
4. Thanks for the tag @Chrissyreadit ☺️ @adnama82

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

mcipher Wow, Prague!! That‘s on my “someday” list - I hope your trip is awesome!! And congrats on the promotion! 🤗 9mo
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! Congrats on promotion! And Prague! 9mo
wanderinglynn Congrats on your promotion! 🎉🙌🏻🥳 And thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
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ravenlee Congratulations! And Prague is amazing; I‘m sure you‘ll have a great time. It‘s been almost 20 years since I was there (yikes, how did that happen?) so it may be better, but we had lots of warnings about pickpockets. 9mo
CouronneDhiver Yay - good for you! Hope it comes with a big fat raise... because BOOKS 📚 9mo
Crazeedi Congrats on your promotion!🍻 9mo
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1. I‘m hoping hot springs because...arthritis. Fingers crossed.
2. I‘m very eclectic. Curious and interested in everything.
3. I love teaching- all ages, classroom or trainings. I‘ve been told I‘m an engaging teacher.
4. Thank you @EadieB for the tag! Would love to see your responses @Alfrazier21 @ReadingRover @SamanthaMarie @hermyknee @Avanders and anyone else who is interested!!!!

EadieB @Chrissyreadit Great answers! 9mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
flying_monkeys I also love to teach! It has built in fulfillment to help someone expand their mind or skill set. 9mo
Avanders Fun questions and great answers! I‘ll try to get to it 😁😘 9mo
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1. On an trip home to UK to visit my mum who is suffering with early onset Alzheimers, I‘ll take a day to go to London and spend time with my best friend of 25yrs.
2. I treasure my friends. I‘m never too busy to make time for them.
3. I‘m a good cook. Sharing love through cooking for my loved ones is something I take pride in.
4. @Samplergal thank you so much for the tag. It‘s a total joy to chat about books (and more) with you💕

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
AmyG Ah, I am sorry about your Mom. My mom had that, too. 9mo
CouronneDhiver Praying for some special moments for you and mum. 🙏🏽❤️ 9mo
Samplergal I‘m so sorry about your mom. That‘s a tough diagnosis. Hope you get to spend some great days with her. 9mo
KarenUK @AmyG @CouronneDhiver @Samplergal Thank you so much 💕... she fairly advanced now, so every time she still recognizes me, is precious. 9mo
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Thank you @EadieB

1. Plenty of woodland walks with my pooch. Always makes everything seem better

2. I'm told I'm empathetic, which I guess is a positive attribute.

3. I asked my kids what I'm good at and they said roast dinners and cuddles 😊

4. @RachelO @TrishB @RadicalReader

#hellothursday #youareawesomeedition1


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
RedLeaves @wanderinglynn You're welcome! 😊 9mo
TrishB Having a think 🤔👍🏻 9mo
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CouronneDhiver Snuggles are underrated 🤗 9mo
RedLeaves @CouronneDhiver Definitely 🤗 9mo
RachelO 💖💖💖 9mo
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Thanks for the tag @TheReadingMermaid

1. I plan on treating myself to a reward of relaxation once this move is over on April 1st
2. I like that I can always know how to find strength in my wife whenever I feel like I dont have enough
3. Im proud to say thay despite mental and physical illnesses over the years, its 2019 and Im still here. Sorry, yall are still stuck with me
4. @Slajaunie @anewton91 @wanderinglynn #HelloThursday

TheReadingMermaid I love being stuck with you! Don't ever leave us sweetie! Remember that you are loved 💖💗🤗💗💖 9mo
wanderinglynn We‘re so happy you‘re here! 💜 Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
SailorMoon 💕🤟🏻🌙 9mo
CouronneDhiver 🤟🏽 Yes! 9mo
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1. More exercise such as walking with audiobooks.
2. I‘m good at time management and completing tasks.
3. Cooking.
4. ❤️😀 @Mdargusch @Slajaunie @sk888888 @violabrain @AmyG @RedLeaves @vkois88 @Susanita @Chrissyreadit

Thanks for the tag @gradcat

#hellothursday #youareawesomeedition1

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
EadieB @wanderinglynn My pleasure! 9mo
gradcat 😉 9mo
sk888888 Thanks, @EadieB ! So nice. 9mo
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1. I‘m trying to be good to my skin with lots of great moisturizing daily. It‘s really making a difference. 2. I‘m really good with children. I‘m very compassionate and I will truly give you whatever you need if I can. 3. I used to be a great sampler maker/ stitcher when I could see. I won Best of Show in the needlecrafts department at a state fair once. All those Amish quilts + me. 4. Missing karen at book club. #hellothursday

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😘 9mo
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What are you doing today to take care of yourself? Repost and tag @Samplergal Let‘s make sure we reenergize our bodies and souls. #selfcare me? I‘m going camping in the Everglades!🐊🐊🐊

Crazeedi That's awesome! Enjoy! 10mo
Chrissyreadit Would vegan ice cream for breakfast count? 10mo
LapReader Cooking, drinking rose, swimming, reading, going out for dinner, hanging out with my family, having a massage and watching a movie. 10mo
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Samplergal @Chrissyreadit I think it would. I‘m having a leftover taco. Lol! 10mo
Samplergal @LapReader Now you know how it‘s done! 10mo
CouronneDhiver Staying in bed! (At least for awhile longer) 10mo
BiblioLitten I wish! A particularly busy Saturday, this is going to be. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 10mo
Samplergal @CouronneDhiver Lucky you! I try to do that once a week to read. 10mo
Samplergal @BiblioLitten Sorry to hear. Try and carve out a few minutes. ❤️ 10mo
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Day 30 Self Care

I feel like post about the same things ALL the time *yawn* but my "self care" time usually involves a book, playing my sax or going out for a walk with my camera ?


readordierachel All great activities! 12mo
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After a truly rough morning, I‘m taking the day to take care of myself. Cooking for me is therapeutic, so I‘ve made myself some mushroom and spinach flautas (courtesy of Home Chef!)

Take care of you 💛


MicheleinPhilly They look delicious! 👍🏼 13mo
CSeydel Yum! 13mo
That-Bookish-Hiker Those look so yummy. 🤤 13mo
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Bookworm.Nerd Yum 😋 13mo
Kappadeemom Looks good! 13mo
Karkar Where they good? I almost got that one. 13mo
hermyknee @Karkar they were delicious!!! 13mo
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I don't care what anyone says, Litsy is self-care.

Gratuitous stray cats on my patio picture #straysoflitsy

jenniferw88 I want the one on the right! 😍😍😍 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa So cute, sorry they are strays though. 1y
Sace @jenniferw88 we've named him Floofer. 😁 1y
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Sace @Riveted_Reader_Melissa they are pretty well cared for. They come almost every day for canned food and there's always fresh water available. 😁 1y
AlaMich Awww...the kitten on the left looks like a baby version of my Luna...😢 1y
Sace @AlaMich that's E. T. which stands for Emmett Two. He looks just like another, older stray we named Emmett. (I'm really making myself out to be a crazy cat lady aren't I?) 1y
julesG 😍 1y
2BR02B Cute kitties. You're awesome for looking after them. ❤🐱 1y
AlaMich @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Oh no, not at all!! 😉 1y
LeahBergen 💕💕💕 1y
Crystalblu Definitely! 1y
kspenmoll Not crazy cat lady- compassionate & kind! 😻 1y
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I was sent a copy of The Self-Care Project by The Blurt Foundation! Super excited to read this one!

#mentalhealth #selfcare #selfhelp

SusanInTiburon The Blurt Foundation? 2y
whatthelog @SusanInTiburon it's a mental health charity in the UK! 2y
SusanInTiburon 👍🏽❤️ 2y
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