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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Meet an unforgettable bibliophileElizabeth Brown doesn't like to play with dolls and she doesnt like to skate. What she does like to do is read books. Lots of books. The only problem is that her library has gotten so big she can't even use her front door anymore. What should Elizabeth Brown do? Start her own public library, of course! With charming verse and watercolors Sarah Stewart and David Small celebrate one of America's oldest and finest institutions.The Library is a 1995 New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year and Outstanding Book of the Year.
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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We found the perfect loveseat for my library today! This baby is going to see a lot of reading! 💙

bookishbitch I love it! 2w
vivastory Fantastic color 👌 2w
TheBookAddict Love it! Your library is awesome. 2w
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa 💙💙💙 2w
Texreader Gorgeous and perfect!! 2w
TiredLibrarian I love everything about this pic. 🐶📚😊💕 2w
Jas16 Love it! 2w
valeriegeary Gorgeous! 😍 2w
NovelGirl82 What a wonderful space! 2w
BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 2w
Come-read-with-me @Soubhiville What a great space! 2w
Megabooks Fantastic!! 👍🏻 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Love your spacious home library! 2w
Leftcoastzen Nice !Love your little tables both ends . 2w
Ddzmini 😍🥰🙌🏽📖 2w
Gissy @Soubhiville That space is not only beautiful but sooooo cozy! I bet you are going to spend a lot of time in that lovely space!📚😍❤️Great taste! 👌 2w
Rissreads That looks fantastic! But I think you need somewhere to put your feet up? 😊 2w
Soubhiville @Rissreads I have pulled an ottoman out of the living room. I plan to find a rug and my big red chair will move in here too from the living room after my husband finds the perfect recliner to replace it. 2w
Rissreads That sounds perfect! 😊 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful!!! I love it!!! 2w
kspenmoll What a wonderful reading space! 2w
Eggs Oh you are so blessed to have this wonderful library and reading space!! 2w
Eyelit 💙💙💙 2w
Bookzombie Love it! 2w
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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My husband is on a business trip, and the kids and I have had a bit of a rough morning. So I thought a trip to the library for some (free) bibliotherapy was in order!

DrawingSustenance Yay free! 2mo
ephemeralwaltz The best cure for anything! 2mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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#7days7covers #7covers7days #covercrush
Every day for a week post a cover; no explanation. Jump in and play!

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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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I applied for a (different) library job today. Wish me luck! ✨🍀

Pictured: a piece of the library‘s bad-ass architecture. 🐉 I mean, COME ON. 😍

DivineDiana 🤞🏻 4mo
Trashcanman Consider luck wished onto you 4mo
Megabooks Good luck!! 4mo
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Meaw_catlady Good luck! Positive vibes heading your way!! 🖤 4mo
Eyelit 🍀 4mo
julesG Best of luck! 🍀 4mo
vivastory Good luck! You deserve it! 4mo
Bookzombie Good luck!🍀 4mo
BookwormAHN Good luck 🍀 4mo
youneverarrived Good luck 🤞 4mo
TrishB Good luck 👍🏻 4mo
Itchyfeetreader Best of luck 4mo
JessClark78 Good luck 🍀 4mo
JaneyWaneyB Good luck 👍🍀 4mo
DaveGreen7777 Wishing you the best of luck! Hope you get the job! 😊 4mo
Redwritinghood 🤞🏻🤞🏻 4mo
jb72 Good luck 🍀 4mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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About 3 weeks ago, I moved to be closer to family. I moved SO MANY books. Boxes, suitcases, tote bags...all full of books. Since I was downsizing, I also had to sort through & decide what books to keep & which ones I wanted to give away, sell, etc. I did this multiple times to make room for the books I love. I decided today that I‘m going to stop hoarding 📚 & start using my local public library. Unless it‘s a book I really ❤️, I‘m not buying it!

rather_be_reading awesome 👏👏 5mo
mom2bugnbee I rarely buy books, unless they're cheap at the used book store. I borrow almost exclusively from my library. Are you now in Putnam County, TN? If so, we have a Nashville Littens community that meets quarterly. I'll be happy to add you to the GroupMe if you're now in our area! 5mo
Alfrazier21 I am! I was in Rutherford previously and am actually in the Nashville Littens GroupMe! I‘ll miss the meet up in September, but look forward to the next one!! @mom2bugnbee 5mo
mom2bugnbee @Alfrazier21 Well, I'm so sorry that I didn't recognize your handle! Did you get to go to the June meet up? I missed that one due to illness. 5mo
Alfrazier21 That‘s ok! I didn‘t get to make that one either. I was moving that day. 😫 @mom2bugnbee 5mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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The library on our cruise ship is beautiful. I just love looking at it! Celebrity cruise to Alaska this week with my family - loaded up six books on my kindle! Might be enough...

Ncostell Beautiful! 6mo
HOTPock3tt 😃 6mo
GatheringBooks looks great indeed! 6mo
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Ddzmini 😍😍😍 love the whole look of this picture 📚🙌🏽📖😋 6mo
KirstieE I went on this ship!! I spent a lot of time in this library hahaha 5mo
SheilaChew @KirstieE Wow! We did the Alaska trip on this ship. It was amazing! Where did you go? 5mo
KirstieE I went to New Caledonia and Noumea ☺️ 5mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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Hotel foyers are where it‘s at.... spent a very pleasurable hour in a cosy leather sofa browsing the little themed collections!

Oryx I quite like a citizen m - didn't know they did libraries in the foyer - how cool 6mo
Mitch @Oryx they‘re nice aren‘t they... and the addition of books just makes them even better! 6mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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This is such a cool library - full of tech to use and ways to be creative. And books take up the whole top floor which is flooded with natural light. It‘s massive! Has 3 cafes, real trees and robots whizzing books around! Love it!

TheSpineView That is cool! Where is it? 7mo
Mitch @TheSpineView it‘s in Helsinki, Finland. 7mo
TheSpineView @Mitch Beautiful. I need to see this for myself! 😊 7mo
Nute You are visiting some very neat places. Thanks for sharing. I feel like I am having these experiences with you. Keep the photos coming.😊 7mo
LeeRHarry Hoping to get there next month - looks amazing!! 😊 7mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Finland recently celebrated 100 yrs of Independence. To celebrate they designed and built themselves a library. This is the top floor ‘book heaven‘. It‘s amazing. You can not just read, eat and meet - you can create a record in the recording studios, emboss, sew, drill, use the 3D printers, use the meeting rooms and office spaces. It‘s amazing!

DivineDiana I hope other countries take note! Fantastic! 7mo
Mitch @DivineDiana such an amazing present to the nation. 7mo
Emilymdxn This is absolutely fantastic! I already wanted to go to Finland but now I want to go even more 7mo
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Mitch @Emilymdxn it‘s a very special place 7mo
Chrissyreadit I really want to go to Finland. 7mo
tracey38 Wow, that is amazing 7mo
QueenJen I want one! It's beautiful!! 7mo
Mitch @QueenJen it really lovey - the photo doesn‘t do it justice! 7mo
BookwormAHN Fantastic 💚 7mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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I'm curious if any of you get this message while browsing through books on Libby. It's been doing this for quite awhile. I'm on Android, not sure if this is a problem on IOS. I don't get this message on OverDrive. This is really frustrating because I really like Libby. 👿

Update: I restarted my phone and now it is running smooth.

Libby1 Here I am! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Sorry when I don‘t respond. Please keep liking me! 🤣 7mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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Friday taught me a lesson... never wait to tell someone they are loved. I spoke with my grade school librarian, who impacted my life as a reader more than any other teacher/adult, aside from my mum. When I told her how much she whispered into the phone the above tweet. My librarian is a magical woman and I only wish she lived closer and still taught. I could hurry and have kids and she could read to them... inspiring another generation ❤.

Nute Love this post! 7mo
LitDrivenGirl @Nute 😊 thank you 7mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Tanisha_A Aw! ☺️ 8mo
LibrarianRyan With the min wage in Illinois going from $8.25 ph to $15 ph over the next few years, you are going to see more of this. 8mo
tammysue @LibrarianRyan I didn‘t even think about that you‘re absolutely right. I‘m glad to see min. wage increase but with that high of a jump most products we buy is going to go up up up in price. What‘s going to happen to the elderly or families already struggling who‘s monthly income won‘t change. 8mo
LibrarianRyan @whatshesreadingnow I won‘t lie. I as around my last library for the minimum wage jump and when a long term staff member retired, I replaced her with three part timers and a self check. Illinois is a bit weird because min wage in Chicago is mostly higher than the rest of Illinois. It was asked for the governor to do rings, but no. Entire state same thing. And Chicago is its own entity. Most of which southern Illinois can not afford. 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 8mo
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The Library | Sarah Stewart
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Me, throwing money at my future.

This is just to say: I‘ve officially been accepted pursue my Master‘s degree in Library & Information Studies! 🎉🎉🎉

It only took me ten years in the field to finally bite the bullet & decide to go. Goodbye, everything in my bank account! 👋🏻

(I will absolutely look this glamorous throughout all stages of my education. I can probably get this outfit at Saver‘s, right? 😅)

hermyknee Congratulations!!!!! 🎊🎉🎈 8mo
Megabooks 🥳🥳🥳📚🍾🥂 8mo
tournevis 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃 8mo
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Birdsong28 Congrats 🎊🎉📚📖 8mo
cobwebmoth Congratulations! 8mo
Redwritinghood Congrats! 🎉🎉 8mo
daena Congratulations 🎉🎊 8mo
Chrissyreadit Awesome!!!! Congratulations 👏👏🙌🙌💕🥳 (edited) 8mo
TheLibrarian Congratulations!!! 8mo
CaitZ Congratulations! 🎉 8mo
Clwojick Congratulations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
wanderinglynn Congrats! 👏🏻🎉🥳 8mo
bookandbedandtea Congrats! 🎉 8mo
Itchyfeetreader Many many congrats ! 8mo
zezeki Congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉 8mo
NHLibrarian Good luck! I enjoyed getting mine even while working full time because library people are the best 😉 8mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 8mo
LeahBergen Congratulations!! 8mo
ravenlee Congrats and good luck! 8mo
Sharpeipup Congratulations! 8mo
emtobiasz Congrats! 8mo
JessClark78 Congratulations! 8mo
Lcsmcat 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Congratulations! 8mo
LauraJ So brave to go back 8mo
DaveGreen7777 Congratulations! 😀👏🎉 Wishing you the best in your studies! 8mo
Stacypatrice You are awesome!!!!! 8mo
rohit-sawant Congratulations! 🎉🎉 8mo
Jas16 Congratulations! 🙌🏽🎉👏 8mo
mrp27 Congrats! 8mo
julesG Congratulations! 8mo
cmarie Congratulations and good luck! 8mo
MaleficentBookDragon Congrats!!!🎉🎉🎉 8mo
readordierachel Congratulations! That's awesome! 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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My library does this cool thing now where it shows you on your receipt how much money you saved so far this year by checking out materials versus outright buying them. So far I've saved $7,315.74 and the year isn't even halfway over yet! 😁📚💕 #librarylove

Smrloomis This is awesome. I wish mine did that too 😆 8mo
Theaelizabet Our library does this, and our town government shows (on the actual bill) how much of each person‘s property tax goes to the library. Needless to say, it‘s a very small percentage of the overall amount. 8mo
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Branwen @Smrloomis It's really awesome! The only problem is now I feel justified when I DO buy books. Its like, hey, I can treat myself, I saved $7000 so far this year! 🤣😂 @Theaelizabet Oooh, wow! I love that idea! 😀 8mo
ravenlee My library does this, and it‘s awesome! As a homeschool mom, it helps a lot to see what a great resource our library is. 8mo
Branwen @ravenlee Hooray! I'm so glad your library dies it too! Isn't it great how it really puts things in perspective?! 😀 8mo
BookwormM Love this wish my library did it 8mo
SleepyDragon I wish my library did this, not so much for my items, but more for what my 11 yr old checks out. 8mo
Clare-Dragonfly @SleepyDragon Yes! I‘d love to see just how much money I‘m saving on board books! 😂 8mo
Branwen @BookwormM @SleepyDragon @Clare-Dragonfly Right?!?! It's such a great idea! 😀💕📚 8mo
batsy That's amazing and kind of mind-blowing! 8mo
Branwen @batsy I think so too! Its super fun! 🤗 8mo
GingerAntics That‘s impressive. 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
post image
squirrelbrain Love this! ❤️ 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Go see @mitch for details - the second annual (😉) UK #litsyreadingretreat

Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

The second one 🥰😍😍😍

Library | Sarah Stewart
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I love these libraries that #bubbles&books post on Facebook 😍📚😋

sudi Love this one 💜 8mo
Ddzmini @sudi I know dream library 😍📚 8mo
Zelma That is almost perfection for me. It‘s only missing an ottoman to out my feet up. 😍 8mo
Ddzmini @Zelma that‘s true but I could live in this room for days 😝📖📚📚📚 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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There are 4 Littens hiding in this image. Can you find them all? 😁

@rachelo @mitch @julesg @leniverse @squirrelbrain @jhod @eraderneeley @scripturient

Mitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣 8mo
jhod Ha! I've had to leave to get to the airport -lovely seeing you again and hope to see you soon, enjoy your day! 8mo
Sarah83 Great post 😍😍😍 8mo
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scripturient 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻 8mo
scripturient Could you maybe post these into the group? A screenshot makes them all blurry. Thank you, they are awesome! 😊 8mo
tpixie So amazing! Great job getting together for a #LitsyMeetUp !! 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Day Two of #Library30 is #YourWorkSpace . My office is chaos...picture from my desk. We‘re changing computer systems and weeding the collection, not to mention most of the books pictured are donations I need to review to possibly add to our shelves. Add this to the several other projects going on, and the chaos is completely understandable. #librariansoflitsy

kspenmoll What a job that is before you!!! 8mo
CouronneDhiver Yikes! 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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And here‘s the #Library30 challenge...thanks for sharing this, @Gnora !

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Love this! 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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For anyone who lives in New York and values our public libraries, Gov. Cuomo‘s budget proposes cuts to library funding. Take action at nyla.org

Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

My April library display! It was really fun to put together! The book garland is made from weeded children's books! There is also a bucket of compliments for patrons to take! 📚💕 #librarylove

Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

Part of the poetry month display that I set up for work! Along with lots of poetry books I made a ton of pocket-sized poems for patrons to take! 🤗💕📚 #librarylove #nationalpoetrymonth

Library | Sarah Stewart
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My library card just expired!!! This morning, I could check out books on Overdrive, and now I can‘t. 😩😩😩 The library doesn‘t open until 1 PM tomorrow to renew it. “Why me, oh God, why me?” (Where is this quote from? I can‘t remember.)

Okay, I‘ll be fine, but at least it should happen while they‘re open!! 🤓

Leftcoastzen Oh man! 9mo
Megabooks @Leftcoastzen I know, right? 9mo
CoverToCoverGirl Murphy‘s law.. much! 😳🤯🤨 9mo
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Dragon Bummer, man. That totally sucks! 🐉 9mo
DivineDiana They should have sent a reminder!!! 9mo
Megabooks @CoverToCoverGirl Seriously! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 9mo
Megabooks @Dragon Thanks 💜 9mo
Megabooks @DivineDiana I didn‘t get one last time it expired either. I think they should send one. 🤨 9mo
xicanti I know this pain all too well. Courage. It‘s gonna be a tough few hours, but you WILL survive. 9mo
Crazeedi My card never expires thank goodness! 9mo
merelybookish This is when it helps to have more than one library card! 🙂 9mo
Megabooks @xicanti I will. Patience. Fortitude. Strength. 📚💜 9mo
Megabooks @Crazeedi That‘s awesome!! 9mo
Megabooks @merelybookish I did, but I haven‘t renewed the one with the lesser Overdrive collection. Sigh. That‘s totally on me! 9mo
Lovesbooks87 I am so glad that my library card doesn't expire! I didn't even know that could happen to people until recently! 9mo
Megabooks @Lovesbooks87 You are lucky!! 👍🏻👍🏻 9mo
Crazeedi @Megabooks the only thing that ever happens is if I'm late returning physical books to library they freeze my overdrive acct 🤨 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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This is self explanatory 😋👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼📖📖📖

Freespirit I love seeing this! 9mo
Ddzmini @Freespirit yes and I love finding them in unusually places 📖👏🏼 9mo
Leftcoastzen They always make me smile! 9mo
Ddzmini @Leftcoastzen I know right 📖😋 8mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
post image
Smrloomis 🤬🤬🤬 9mo
litenthusiast 😠 9mo
Hooked_on_books What a bunch of 🐎💩! 👿 9mo
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Meaw_catlady Boo!!!! 9mo
cobwebmoth 😠 9mo
Susanita Make America illiterate again! 9mo
Suet624 I‘m so tired of this. 9mo
hermyknee 🤯😡🤬 9mo
Leftcoastzen I‘m with @Suet624 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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♥️♥️♥️. This was at my local library! Bucks County, PA. #library

BiblioLitten Love it! 9mo
Samplergal I have so many downloaded I‘ll die first. Good to know the library has us covered. In case. Love Bucks County. Beautiful. 9mo
wordzie 😵 9mo
JoScho Love it!!! 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Some of my #bookhaul from the FOL book sale! 😍😍😍 it‘s like Christmas!

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I love a good book sale! 9mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz 😍😍😍 9mo
Itchyfeetreader Oh my!! 9mo
See All 10 Comments
AmyG Wow! Awesome. 9mo
darklydreaming Ooo! Lots of good ones in there 😊 9mo
Reviewsbylola HELL YES! That‘s an amazing haul! 9mo
Littlestbookshelf @Reviewsbylola @AmyG @darklydreaming right!? I was soooo excited while finding them all. I got there right at 5 when it opened up and was there for 2 hours. 9mo
MStew 😍😍😍 9mo
Elma Nice! 9mo
Leftcoastzen Woo Hoo! Nice 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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1. For the physical library. Any number of times online. (Always checking to see if I can check it out instead of buy)
2. 15 at the physical library and 2 on digital
3. Audiobook CDs, hardbacks, paperbacks and digital
4. Nope.
5. 2 physical 7 digital
6. HP Half Blood Prince and The Savior

@monalyisha thanks for the fun!

Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

1. Usually once a week
2. 4
3. Print books - usually fiction
4. Nope 😀
5. Only 1 right now
6. The Silent Patient
#librarylove @monalyisha

Library | Sarah Stewart
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It's a GREAT day at work when the book order for your collection comes in! 😍📚💕 #librarylove

Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

When is the last time you used your library ?

Do you go weekly ?

Do you check out books and audiobooks , or do you tend to use Overdrive or Libby more ?

Or, do you buy all your books ?

Emilymdxn I love my library and used to go all the time but it‘s so hard to get into my schedule atm cause of where I‘m working. I haven‘t been for a while but I‘m trying not to buy books either, I‘m working through my owned tbr so I can keep saving money, set some books free when I‘m done with them and organise my life a bit more. 9mo
SailorMoon Ciao Kaye! Hope you're doing fine 💕 I used to go to the local library when I was a kid, I normally buy the book I wanna read now, especially considering that I like reading on my Kindle. I don't think we have a selection of audiobooks in my library here, so I go for Audible when I want to listen to something! 9mo
Jerdencon I read 95% of my books from the library. My son and I are there about once a week. I love my library! 9mo
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C.Perone Happy to see you back😊 I used to go to the library all the time when my daughter was a pre-schooler; but I haven't been in years. I buy my books because I don't know how to read without underlining and writing notes in the margins 9mo
Kaye @Emilymdxn That sounds great. I wish you success in doing that. I think most “ book people “ buy books at a much faster rate than they read them. I‘ve never met a person who only buys one or two books, reads them, then purchases more. Then most of us tend to have that pile of Why did I buy this .” , books that we may never read because they don‘t sound as good as they once did. Or maybe your tastes have changed. 9mo
Kaye @SailorMoon Hello, Elena, I‘m ok , thanks 💕. Yes I use my Kindle most often now so I can make the print larger. Plus, you click a button, and a new book is right there waiting for you. Handy dandy. I too use Audible a lot. 9mo
SW-T I was at my local library over the weekend. Visit about twice a month. I check out books and also use Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libby. I do still buy books but not as often as I used to. I‘m trying to clear out my physical TBR piles. 9mo
Kaye @Jerdencon Good for you ! That‘s dedication and takes lots of willpower . Do you ever see a new book come out that you really want , and go ahead and buy it because the wait list is too long ? That‘s where I run into a snag. 9mo
Kaye @C.Perone Thanks 💕. That‘s interesting that you underline and take notes in your books. Is it a good way to remember certain parts or is it just the way you like to read ? 9mo
Kaye @SW-T Great idea. It sounds like you‘re a huge fan of your library in all forms. 9mo
JoScho I use overdrive mostly and I never buy myself books. Well rarely and only if they are super cheap $3 or less. 9mo
britt_brooke I go to my library about once a month, but I use Libby nearly daily! 9mo
PathfinderNicole My son and I go at least once a week! I almost exclusively check out physical books but I also check out movies and cds! Libraries are the best ☺️. 9mo
shellleigh33 I use my library for all my audiobook checkouts. I can do it on an app on my phone (so convenient). I use to go there to check out books but you couldn‘t keep them very long. So now I pretty much buy most of my books from a used bookstore near my house or on my kindle. I like to be able to take my time reading them and be able to pass them on to friends when I am done. It makes me happy to share the love of a great book 😊 9mo
Kaye @JoScho Very smart way to do it especially if you‘re like me and tend not to keep books once read. It‘s much easier to use the library. Do you get the daily deal email from kindle ? 9mo
Kaye @britt_brooke Yep it‘s so simple to click on the Libby app to see what‘s available. You can snag some good ones that way. Their new thing they just added makes me a bit more hurried to complete a book when it tells me how many others are waiting on a book I currently have 😮 9mo
Kaye @PathfinderNicole Yes they‘re really handy. I‘m surprised at how many people never go to their town library ! There‘s so much there to offer. 9mo
Kaye @shellleigh33 Yep it‘s definitely lower cost than using Audible. I feel guilty about spending money on Audible so sometimes I drop it and try to just use my Libby for audiobooks. Then Audible has another deal so I sign back up. A vicious cycle 😱. Our town library is small and has lots of recent releases which they call Express books. You can only keep them 14 days. No renewals and fines are .50 a day . I don‘t get them often. (edited) 9mo
shellleigh33 @kaye that is the same problem we have here with our library on physical books. The new audiobooks have a pretty good wait list but I usually have at least one or two of my holds available to listen to each week so it has worked out well. Plus I have so many physical books on my home bookshelves to read. I only usually listen to audio when I am cleaning, exercising, or driving other than that I have a physical book in my hands. 9mo
Morr_Books I love visiting my local library and try to go at least once a month. I live on the Libby app. I have quite the commute to and from work everyday, so audiobooks on Libby keep me company. 9mo
kspenmoll I usually get there once a month or whenever my books are due. It‘s a welcoming library with a coffee bar & lots of windows so it‘s a wonderful place to get warm in winter! 9mo
shellleigh33 Don‘t feel guilty though bc if I listen to audio more I would probably invest in Audible. Books are our guilty pleasure and a good book deal is something you have to check it out, right? 😊 That is why I always find myself at the used bookstore and I am just there to rescue those unwanted books and take them to a good loving home 😉 (edited) 9mo
sherryvdh I use my library (at a minimum) weekly. Between myself and my kids, I'm often popping in there more than once a week. And I will often go into the closest city and check books out of there if my local one doesn't have what I am looking for. I also use Hoopla and Overdrive for audiobooks. 9mo
PurpleyPumpkin I use Overdrive mostly. I love my local library, but rarely get there. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 9mo
sherryvdh Also, as a single income household, we can't sustain me buying all the books, so 99% of my reading is from the library. If I do buy, it's almost always from the local used bookstore. 9mo
C.Perone @kaye It is to help remember key elements of the story; but also to draw parallels to other stories/characters/life 9mo
Bookjunkie57 Last week. I go almost every week. Yes I use every service my library offers for books. I rarely buy books anymore. I bought a car and that ate up a lot of my fun money. 9mo
Stacy_31 I love our library system!! There are two I frequent often, probably once a week. One has better selection, the other has a used book store and comfy chairs. I try to borrow more than buy, just because it seems wasteful to buy and leave sitting on my shelf. And with the exception of certain books, I only read them once, anyway. I use my kindle for books that are available sooner than a physical copy. 9mo
Kaye @shellleigh33 Yes audiobooks are a bit of an acquired taste I think. Some people don‘t like them at all , while others like them mainly to fill in gaps when driving or doing boring household chores. I like them mainly when I take walks and go to the gym. They‘re a great distraction up there. I also listen to them a lot when making supper. 9mo
Kaye @Morr_Books My husband uses audio for the same reason. He has quite the drive to work so it helps him to pass the time. I think he‘s so used to hearing me yak at home that he needs someone talking to him in the car too. 😁 9mo
Kaye @jape morning. That sounds like a really nice library. Only one in our area has a small coffee type area with tables and chairs and a beautiful view. 9mo
AlaMich I borrow probably 85-90% of my books, either physically at the library or through Libby or Hoopla. I also have an Audible account. I buy very few books due to finances, but also because I will happily DNF books I‘m not enjoying and I feel too guilty doing that if I‘ve paid money for a book. 9mo
Kaye @shellleigh33 Yes , True. I don‘t work so I sometimes feel guilty for spending money on Audible when I could get audiobooks free from the library. The good thing is that I usually listen to them multiple times so I‘m getting my money‘s worth. 9mo
Kaye @sherryvdh. That‘s great. I bet libraries love customers like you that use their services often ! 9mo
Kaye @PurpleyPumpkin Overdrive is handiest. I used to use it but switched to Libby when it came out. Same thing really. I just like the extra little doodads on libby. I‘ve heard they‘ll eventually be switching over to that but I‘m not sure if it‘s true. 9mo
Kaye @sherryvdh Yep I definitely know what you mean. One income here too so the library is very sensible. Nothing wrong with buying used books either. They do the same things new ones do. 9mo
Kaye @C.Perone Makes sense to me. Plus if you‘re in book groups or things like that it‘d help to remember points you felt you wanted to discuss. 9mo
ravenlee I take my daughter once a week. We often max out the allowed check-outs. I get a couple for myself, usually books I‘ve seen good things about but not sure if they‘re for me. We do movies from the library, too. There are two branches we like and we go to both, depending on what we need for homeschool lessons. 9mo
Kaye @Bookjunkie57 Yes I hear you on the fun money. Seems like the necessities get in the way of that quite often. But a car is pretty doggone important. 9mo
Kaye @Stacy_31 Sounds good. I also like to visit different ones for different reasons. I agree on the leaving completed books on a shelf. I‘m not real good at that due to my CLUTTER issue. I don‘t like things sitting around that aren‘t being used anymore. I pass my books on to others or donate for library sales. 9mo
Kaye @AlaMich That sounds just like me when I buy a book. I somehow feel more as if I HAVE to read it since I spent money on it. I‘m also a big DNF person. Life is too short to force myself to read something I don‘t like. There are other books waiting. 9mo
Bookwormjillk I go once or twice a week- more than the grocery store! 9mo
Kaye @ravenlee. Is your daughter of the age to do Summer Reading Club if your library has it ? They didn‘t offer that when I was a kid but I would‘ve loved that back then. (edited) 9mo
youneverarrived I generally go at least once a week. 9mo
Kaye @Bookwormjillk I need to use that policy and go to the library more than the grocery. Then I might not need to walk as much 😱 9mo
Kaye @youneverarrived I bet the librarians in here love seeing how often their services are used. It sounds as if lots of us depend a lot on our libraries and appreciate them. 9mo
Daisey I tend to get about half of my books through the library, but almost all are ebooks or audiobooks since I live in a rural area a ways from the library itself. 9mo
JoScho I do but I also visit bookbub.com regularly. I don‘t usually reread books either. 9mo
Bklover I don‘t have a library available. Teeny tiny town! We do have a little free library tho. 📚📚📚 9mo
tammysue We check out books weekly usually.. just depends if holds are in 😊 9mo
ravenlee I think the summer program here is all ages, but we just moved back last fall after three years elsewhere so we‘ll find out! Last year the BN manager gave us the summer program sheet, even though she was too young for it, and she was done within a week (it was something like six books). We also buy a lot of books, but I try to keep the kid book purchases to books with long-term value. Otherwise we‘d be overrun (more overrun?)! 9mo
Kaye We are lucky to live in a time where you can click a button and have a book in your lap on your kindle , aren‘t we ? @Daisey 9mo
Kaye @joscho. I e never tried bookbub. Is it new or used books ? Good prices ? 9mo
Kaye @bklover Does the bookmobile visit your town ? 9mo
Kaye Sounds great , Tammy. I‘ll bet some of those are to read to your grandkids too aren‘t they ? Good to see you today. 💕 @whatshesreadingnow 9mo
JoScho Bookbub.com has a daily list of discounted and free ebooks 9mo
Bklover Nope! No bookmobile. There‘s a library in the next town over but since we don‘t pay taxes for it we can‘t check out books 9mo
Kaye That‘ll be fun to play along with summer reading. I think most libraries here have it for kids and many are starting them for adults. Ours in town, you only have to check a book out to enter but the one I go to more often makes you write a short review and drop the card in a box. I like that one better. Kinda like being in school again and having a book report due. @ravenlee 9mo
Kaye Thanks@joshcho. I‘ll check it out. @bklover. Wow that‘s too bad. We‘re lucky they don‘t have that rule here. If you live in our state you can use any library you get a card for. 9mo
Carolyn11215 I use the library constantly. At the moment I have about 10 physical books checked out and one e-audiobook through Hoopla. 9mo
Kaye That‘s great @Carolyn11215 You must be a fast reader. Or maybe I‘m just slowing down ! How do you like Hoopla ? 9mo
Carolyn11215 @kaye Hoopla is a bit of a pain because you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to request a book or your library is at its daily limit for requests. 9mo
SW-T @kaye It‘s small but well stocked, and responsive to patron requests. I read a lot and they‘re very accommodating 😊 9mo
Jerdencon @kaye if there is something I know is coming out soon I stalk the library website until I can request it and usually I get it within a week of publication. I have a system! Lol 9mo
Kaye @Carolyn11215 I like the selection Hoopla has because they sometimes have books our Libby doesn‘t. I do have some trouble with the Hoopla audio and lots of their ebook print won‘t go large enough for me to see. 9mo
Kaye @Jerdencon I guess I‘ll have to learn your secret then. 😊 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
post image

I just applied for a part-time librarian position at our city library! I‘m pretty sure I‘ll never hear anything about it, but I‘m kind of freaked out! I haven‘t worked outside of my home since 2007! 😳

Tamra How exciting!! I do hope you hear back. 9mo
Mitch That‘s very brave and very exciting.. 🤞🏼 9mo
AmyG Good luck! And you would do just fine. 9mo
Brooke_H Thank you!! 9mo
Cinfhen Good luck! Good for you for taking a chance 😃Hope you hear back 🍀☘️🍀 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Appreciate your library.

RadicalReader Nothing could be more truthful 9mo
Librarybelle So good to “see” you! ❤️ Take care of yourself! 9mo
Cathythoughts ♥️👍🏻 9mo
RachelO ❤️ I just nipped into our Central library to look at travel books. The first floor was full of buggies (at least 25!) - Bounce & Rhyme were in fine voice today. (Bounce & Rhyme are always in fine voice, mind!) On the top floor is a clothes rail of coats and jumpers - if you‘re cold, please take one. 9mo
Crazeedi 💖💖 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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This is my current stack of books from the library that I need to read. I started Perks of Being a Wallflower today. Luckily, the stack on the right are all extended loan periods so I can keep them until July. I‘m out of control.

Reviewsbylola I‘ve not heard of extended loans before. That‘s cool! Columbine is so good. 9mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Let‘s get #LostTogether in my library. This is at a different angle, including my window and #SebastianKitty on the latest addition to the library. Cubes for mass market paperbacks, doubling as a cat perch = automatic win. #TimbitTunes

Cinfhen I‘d never leave!!!! 10mo
TheKidUpstairs Lovely! 10mo
MayJasper Wow! A great library and it comes with a cat. How great 😊 10mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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True! ❤️

Jee_HookedOnBookz Oooo yeah! 10mo
wordzie 😄 10mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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It was more difficult than I anticipated getting a picture of the front of my library. It‘s large and there are a ton of cars in the way. Maybe I should do some pix of the inside instead. #ShowYourLibrary

Kaye Huge ! Must have a good selection for that size of a building. 10mo
Bookjunkie57 @kaye There‘s a ton of books, play area for the kids, a huge conference room, a small business center, several small study rooms and tons of tables, public computers and comfy reading chairs. 10mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Just fell into the library 😮 I think I have a book addiction! ❤

Library | Sarah Stewart
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My bookish saturday includes volunteering at my local library book sale desk! It's a win-win for me not only am i helping my library raise much needed $ but i am also surrounded by books! #happyplace #selfcare #selfcaresaturday @Samplergal

Samplergal ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Spotted a gorgeous little free library in the wild! So cute!

squirrelbrain And how many did you choose?! 10mo
DivineDiana What a creative and inviting LFL!!! ❤️ 10mo
tpixie Fun LFL!! Cute puppy too! 🐶🐶🐶#DogsOfLitsy 10mo
Oryx @squirrelbrain I didn't take any unfortunately - I'm unlikely to be back anytime soon to return or replace, so I just admired it instead 10mo
Mdargusch I love this! Cute pooch too! 10mo
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Library | Sarah Stewart
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Local library. (Kerala, India)

The Library | Sarah Stewart
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Happy weekend reading my fellow book loving friends!!! #booknerd #bookaddict #library

Library | Sarah Stewart
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Saturday morning library time. ❤️ #raisingreaders