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America the Beautiful | Reader's Digest
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Thanks to @BookishFeminist for her post reminding me that reading and books are a form of protest. When you feel like your country just kicked you in the teeth, grab a book and gain perspective and ammunition. (All ideas are welcome here, but remember that while some are celebrating, some of us are also grieving.). 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

rachelm ❤️ 7y
BookishFeminist ❤️❤️ glad you and finding small reasons for hope. We are going through a rough time but books have always been there. I always tell myself there is a reason WWII books are so popular. 7y
Bette 📚💙❤️💜👍 7y
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Hamilton: The Revolution | Lin-Manuel Miranda
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My kids are holding a mock election on Monday and, as part of the school-wide project, they had to write a short paragraph about why they chose their candidate. (The fact that parents had to be asked to keep things civil is beyond sad. But I digress.) Talking to my kids, I remind them that they come from immigrants. My 6YO yells in the middle of the restaurant "Did you say immigrants? Yeah! We get the job done!!" ?? I ❤️ you, Lin-Manuel!

Smrloomis 😂😂😂awesome! 7y
TheWellReadOwl @Smrloomis It was such a proud mama moment for me. 😊😊 7y
Bette Your 6YO makes me smile! 😊👏🏻👍 7y
Tsubame Your kid is gonna go far! I'll cheer for him on the front row!! 🎉💪🏼😃👍🏼 7y
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A little light reading for me while my Baby Owl tackles superheroes, spiders and trolls 😊.

SaraFair Looks great! Will take a crack at this one as the summary seems to be without a lot of bias. Thanks! 7y
TheWellReadOwl @SaraFair He lays out his political leanings right away (Democrat) but he makes the argument that there are right and wrong answers to constitutional questions, without resorting to partisan ideology. So far he's stuck to this, but we shall see. 7y
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This US election has me revisiting books that galvanize me and feed my sense of justice and purpose. Came across these two books at my library and borrowed them (again). (Although, actually, I own the Pollitt book but lent it out 😩). Because I don't ever want to become complacent, or worse, apathetic. Probably not making much sense tonight ... I'm having one of those moments where I can't believe reality is what it is.

Notafraidofwords This i totally get ... 7y
JSW All of the above. All of it. 7y
Laura317 Moral right and social good? Let's not even go down that road, please. 7y
Bkwurm Katha Pollitt is such a great writer and thinker. 7y
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The Mothers: A Novel | Brit Bennett
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Road trip bliss. A book, a few minutes of quiet and a glass. 😋

Abailliekaras Say no more! 😜🍸 7y
TheLondonBookworm Books and wine best combo ever 😉 7y
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The Mothers: A Novel | Brit Bennett
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Actual conversation with Hubby:
Me: I'm only bringing 3 books. Plus my Kindle.
Hubby: We are only going away for 2 days.
Me: Good point. I think I should bring another book.
Hubby: {stunned silence}

becausetrains Good, it's easier to read in stunned silence 😉 7y
Jenshootsweddings I see RBG!! 7y
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TheWellReadOwl @Jenshootsweddings RBG rocks! 👑😀 7y
rubyslippersreads This seems perfectly reasonable to me. You don't want to run out. 😄📚📚📚 7y
TheWellReadOwl @rubyslippersreads Of course. And I already scoped out the bookstores in town. And around town. And within driving distance of town. Because, you know #bookemergencies. 😀 7y
brendanmleonard Completely reasonable. And yes, never go anywhere without knowing where the bookstore is. 7y
sherri "Plus my Kindle" lol! I totally understand that. 7y
kerry Hahaha I read this aloud to my husband and he's totally commiserating with yours! 7y
WordWaller Story of my life!!!!! 7y
acc5446 completely reasonable. 7y
cariashley 😂😂😂 7y
Juneofthemoon I'm the same way. My suitcase is always half books. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @AmyG I KNOW! Worst nightmare 😬 7y
Lupita.Reads 😂😂😂😂 me all the time! Golden rule: Carry with you at least two books everyday, you never know when you'll get caught in a Borges like traffic jam! 😂 7y
Giantsizegeek Also put 📚 on your phone in case you are without Kindle or physical books, just in case! 😅 7y
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My Own Words | Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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Spending this rainy day with some chai and my favorite Supreme #notoriousRBG. Thanks to Hubby for giving me a few hours to myself. 😘

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1000 followers! Wow! 💕💕 Love @Litsy !! You guys are the best. 😘

Dragon 👍😀🎉 7y
BethFishReads 👏💫👏💫👏💫 7y
Well-ReadNeck 🎉🎉🎉 7y
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BookishFeminist 🎉🎉🎉 7y
BekahB Awesome!! 😃 7y
LauraBeth Yay 🎉🎉🎉🎉😸😸 7y
moranadatter Yay!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 7y
JulieAnn Yay!!! 😃😸😸😸 7y
Bookzombie Yay! 🎉 7y
Suzze Wowser! 7y
Carol 🎉👍🍾💪📚🦄 7y
LeahBergen Yay!!! 🎉🎉🎉 7y
megt Hooray!!! 7y
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Finally getting to this one. Reviews have been mixed and, quite frankly, I've been acting as my own Feminist Fight Club most of my life, so I doubt the material is new. But I'll give it a shot.

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I ❤️ books. I ❤️❤️ book festivals. I ❤️❤️books festivals near my house!! #Morristownbookfestival.

DeeLew I wish there were book festivals near me. So much fun!! 7y
MrBook Wait! You'll be there too?!?!?!?!?! 7y
MrBook We need to get together for a #LitsyPhotoOp: you, me, & @BookBabe ! How can we find each other? 7y
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MrBook I should specify, we'll be there all day Saturday, not tonight. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @MrBook We will be back tomorrow for the kids program. Tonight was adult outing for me and hubby. 😊 Kids want to see RL Stine and Dan Gutman. 7y
BookishFeminist I really enjoyed this book! Have fun at the festival. 😊 7y
MrBook Nice! @BookBabe will be seeing RL Stine as well. 7y
MrBook You know what we look like from our postings and profile pics, and we'll be around all day 😊👍🏻. 7y
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Men Explain Things to Me | Rebecca Solnit
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I don't normally rant but today I had the pleasure of having a man explain to me all the ways I am totally misinformed about my political beliefs, my parenting choices, my CAR, & basically, everything! Whew! Thank goodness he is so smart!! Because apparently my *vajayjay* disqualifies me from having intelligent opinions. As does my basic intelligence. Oh & that pesky law degree. Also apparently useless. Seriously. What century are we in?? 😱

Theresa 😡 7y
Jessicav UGH that sounds absolutely awful. 7y
Yournewfriendsams 😡😡😡😡😡 no words. 7y
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LindaGrace812 Did you give that clown a piece of your mind?! 7y
Dragon Wow what century was he from? 7y
Onceuponatime You probably handled that better than I would. 😡 7y
TheWellReadOwl @Theresa @Jessicav @Yournewfriendsams @LindaGrace812 @Dragon Don't you just go WTF???? when you meet someone like this? I think I lost my pool privileges at my brother in law's house ha ha. (It wasn't him but a friend of his.) 7y
TheWellReadOwl @Onceuponatime probably not! 😉 7y
alisonrose 😡😡😡 7y
Twocougs So many things to say but I'll be kind. Just remember that "vajayjay" makes you incredibly wise, so he must have been jealous of your wisdom? 7y
haileybean 😡😡 I HATE this. When I had my son my former boss tried to explain breast feeding to me. Because I don't know how to feed my own son?!?! 7y
katedensen Booooooooooo. We need a "dislike with fiery passion" option. 7y
Eyelit Grr. Moments like that are soooo frustrating! It sucks that it still happens. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @alisonrose @Twocougs @haileyhugsbooks @katedfisher I'm going with @Twocougs here. It was my wisdom that made him jealous. 😃 Me, I can defend myself and I know my husband has my back. I felt sorry for this Neanderthal's wife. 7y
angrylilasian Seriously??! How do people like this still exist?? Between that guy and the video circulating on Twitter from this woman who said diversity is the worst word she's ever come across, I just can't! 7y
OSChamberlain I'd like to apologize on behalf of all non-sexist, well read men everywhere, for that shithead and others like him. We're not all like that. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @angrylilasian Lets just say this guy wasn't "big on diversity" either. When I explained I was Hispanic too (you know, in addition to the vajayjay thing ?) I thought he was going to burst. Like he'd been near a Hispanic this whole time and OMG! Is it contagious? ? I felt like I was back in the stone ages. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @OSChamberlain I totally know. I'm surrounded my very cool men in my life and maybe that's why these shithead exceptions are so jarring. Because I really don't see this level of ignorance on a regular basis. ❤️❤️❤️ my Litsy peeps. Thanks for letting me vent. 😊 7y
Bette Nonplussed. 😐😟😡 7y
kgriffith Gah, par for the course for this week from what I and my social circles are reporting/ranting about! 7y
[DELETED] 3323341091 damn, that is infuriating. 7y
OSChamberlain I'm Hispanic too, but I feel sheltered because I live in Miami, (Cuban capital of America) so whenever I travel up north it's weird when people look at me like an alien. It's happened before and it's definitely eye opening. 7y
mllemay Ugh 😒🙄😡 ridiculous that we still have to go through shit like that 👎🏻 7y
Gleefulreader All the rage. Time to start that Vagenda of Manocide society. 7y
Chessa Ugh ugh ugh ugh 😡😡😡 I'm so sorry you had to deal with that BS! 7y
Mamashep 😠 7y
TheBookDream Today I was told I thought all men were jerks. I said I was going back to playing board games with three totally non-jerky guys, thanks. 7y
megt 👎👎👎 ugh. I can't even find words for guys that are like that. 7y
BookishFeminist 😡😡😡 UGH. So sorry you had to go through that- though I love whipping that law degree out to intimidate men that pull this BS. Hope you explained a lot of things back at him. 7y
Twocougs @OSChamberlain no need for you to apologize for the shithead. Lots of the "good guys" like you out there, I'm even married to one? 7y
Pandyfish That is SO awful. There are no words for people like that 😠 (ok I can think of a few but probably not a good idea to share then) 7y
GuiltyFeat Look, honey, clearly you simply didn't get it. Why don't you just try to calm down and we can go over it all again from the beginning just much more slowly. 7y
GuiltyFeat Did he sound anything like that? 7y
Lizpixie From watching the news here in Australia, I think Trump is giving people like that wanker the balls to come out with their racist, homophobic, sexist bullshit and expect others to feel the same. Kudos to you, I probably would've just smacked him.👊😈 7y
LauraBeth This is crazy 😡 7y
Hazel0303 So sorry you had to deal with that. I don't know what's worse - jerks like that who are blatant about their sexist/racist comments or men who are sexist but don't realize it. Particularly at work when I was asked to sit on someone's lap, always being second guessed, etc. I often ask if we are on the set of Mad Men and I didn't realize it. Just call me Peggy. 7y
TheWellReadOwl @GuiltyFeat Very close to that 🙄 7y
JSW Mansplaining gets me to rage faster than just about anything. 😡😡😡 7y
becausetrains ???????? reminds me of when I was on crutches (broken foot) and people said "oh, what did @bookishfeminist do to you, ha ha" Sarah was 80h/wk doing law school, why would she also want to keep me dependent on her?! She isn't Kathy Bates in Misery, folks. They also insinuated she broke me bc she is a wild sex machine. ??? Don't you dare imagine or voyeurize our personal life, fuckers. (I fell off a shelf at work btw.) ... 7y
becausetrains Knowing how furious that made Sarah (me too, now that I understand 😡😡😡) I can't imagine the fury and hurt you all have with your respective experiences. (PS: Women have told me that when men get involved, they usually shift the conversation away from women's issues towards their own points of view - please let me know if you feel I'm intruding on your safe space!) 7y
Carol Oh hell no!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please tell me this was a stranger you never have to see again? Because the urge to actually punch a jerk in the face grows the longer you're around them. 😡 7y
Hazel0303 Back at ya @thewellreadowl 😉 7y
TheWellReadOwl @becausetrains You are not intruding! My husband has to put up with a lot of the same stuff you're describing, because we don't fit the mold of a marriage that others are expecting. We eye roll a lot when we encounter those people. Yesterday's encounter just was over the top ridiculous. 🙄 7y
TheWellReadOwl @JSW @carol It certainly tested my ability to be civil! 7y
becausetrains @TheWellReadOwl glad you have a supportive husband! There are so many people I know who don't have a supportive partner (or don't support theirs) and I'm glad you and he have things worked out. 😊 7y
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Men Explain Things to Me | Rebecca Solnit

I don't normally rant but today I had the pleasure of having a man explain to me all the ways I am totally misinformed about my political beliefs, my parenting choices, my CAR, & basically, everything! Whew! Thank goodness he is so smart!! Because apparently my *vajayjay* disqualifies me from having intelligent opinions. As does my basic intelligence. Oh & that pesky law degree. Also apparently useless. Seriously. What century are we in?? 😱

Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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Late summer hurrah with a good book 🌞

Cinfhen GREAT VIEW😍 7y
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront

Late summer hurrah with a good book 🌞

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Confession: I have a (yoga) book problem. 😬 I'm up to about 40 yoga / meditation / spirituality books. Instead of giving me a hard time about my mini obsession (and my mega book obsession), Hubby actually made me a whole zen/yoga/writing room. ❤️💕 ❤️💕 It's seriously awesome, kids, when that guy you married a decade ago because he looked hot in jeans turns out to be a real keeper. ❤️

Owlizabeth 😍😍😍👍🏼 8y
MrBook Great pic! 😊 8y
readingonarainyday Wow 😍😍 8y
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MissCarrieLou 💗💗💗💗💗💗 8y
BethFishReads 💫👏💫👏💫👏 8y
tricours I've done some yogaglo classes with Budig, didn't know she wrote books as well! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @tricours This one just came out. 8y
StaceGhost Totally a problem you want to have 🤓 8y
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Period Rooms in the Metropolitan Museum of Art | Amelia Peck, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
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Enjoying an art date with hubby. Plus a stop at the Met Store for books before we leave. Because I plan all of my trips around bookstores! 😊

BookishMarginalia Who doesn't? 😎 8y
BekahB Beautiful! I love going to art museums. 8y
Mayread That Chagall. 👌🏾🙌🏽 8y
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bookishbunny Art and books. My two most favorite things! Enjoy! 8y
DivineDiana How lovely! As is the Sargent! 8y
HardcoverHearts That's the right kind of trip!! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @DivineDiana I love Sargent! ❤️💕 8y
Hobbinol I have this book too. I adore the Met. 7y
MrBook #KindredSpirits! I used to be a member there. 7y
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When work sucks and it's Friday, it's all about a good book and a glass (or two!). 😊🍷

LauraBeth Or bottle... 8y
TheWellReadOwl @LauraBeth 😊😊😊 8y
katedensen @LauraBeth Seconded. 🍷🍷🍷 8y
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RealLifeReading Sounds good 8y
BethFishReads Or three 🍷🍷🍷 8y
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻 8y
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Tiny Pretty Things | Sona Charaipotra, Dhonielle Clayton
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#uniquefact about me ... Back in my salad days, and for 20 years of my life, I was a dancer. Ballet, tap, modern and everything in between. I was not good enough to go professional but that never stopped me from dancing. I've always been stubborn that way 😀 These days, yoga fills the space where there used to be dance, but how I miss those days! (Photo is not mine - borrowed from the Internet.)

Chessa That's awesome! 8y
Hazel0303 I have a very similar story. Miss it everyday. 8y
queerbookreader I always wanted to do dance, but my parents never signed me up. So now I'm an adult and dance like a white dad at a BBQ 👌🏽 8y
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TheWellReadOwl @Chessa Thanks. 😊 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Hazel0303 Me too. I don't just miss being able to perform - I miss the effort I put in and that feeling of accomplishment I had when it all came together. Now I'm happy I can tie my shoes without need to take a break in between ha ha 8y
TheWellReadOwl @lemonlime799 😂😂 So you've met my husband? 😂😂 8y
BethFishReads I danced into my 40s. Loved ballet even if not good enough for career 8y
TheWellReadOwl I'm impressed @BethFishReads ! I can't imagine dancing like I used to at this age. My ankles would not have survived. Or my knees. Or my hips. Maybe my elbows would've been ok. 😉 8y
TheWellReadOwl @skiles Sage advice, oh wise one 😂 8y
BethFishReads Well I mean I took 2 classes a week. Not that I was rehearsing for performances. 😀 8y
Hazel0303 Hahaha @Skiles every now and again I try an old move or two. I get winded so fast and my arms are so tired! Also, you can hear me coming up the hallway at the office bc of the cracking ankles. Among other things... 8y
quirkyreader I used to dance as well. I blew out my knee and wrecked my ankle. So the dancing days are over. 8y
bookishkai I also danced for 11 years as a child. I danced four seasons with my local ballet company, but walked away when the politics of company casting became too much. Since then I've gone back periodically, tried tap, jazz, and modern in addition to ballet, but nothing matches the way I feel after a good ballet class. Someday when scraping $15 for a class isn't an issue, I'm going back again, even if it's just to a beginner class. My soul misses it. 8y
LeahBergen Oh, yes! Even at my "advanced age" ?, I have tried to keep dancing. I second what @bookishkris says ... there's nothing quite like a good ballet class 8y
TheWellReadOwl @quirkyreader @bookishkris @LeahBergen Our dancing days are never quite over, it seems ... even with the aches and pains of, um, age 😉. I still get a thrill just watching ballerinas tie their pointe shoe ribbons. 8y
ValerieAndBooks My daughter has been dancing since she was 3 yo and this fall is going off to college to major in dance performance/pedagogy. I have always admired her tenaciousness -- so much of it (pain, casting politics, some pushy dance parents etc) would have made me throw in the towel! Will be interesting to see what's she's doing farther into the future! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @ValerieAndBooks That's wonderful! It is not easy to stick with something so grueling for so many years. But it taught me discipline and perseverance and how to keep going when you want to quit. Congrats to you and to her! 8y
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The Crossover | Kwame Alexander
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#funphotoFriday @Liberty Love these two sports books by Kwame Alexander. My oldest loved them too, so much so that after he read the library copies, I had to go buy him his own set. That's high praise coming from an 8 year old!

TheWellReadOwl Also known as #FunFridayPhoto. 😁 8y
Kristio I want these!! So awesome your son loves to read! My 2 year old does too and I hope he still enjoys books when he gets older. 😊 8y
Leanney I haven't checked out Booked yet! 8y
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TheWellReadOwl @Kristio Kids will make their own path (I have 2) but chances are if you love books, so will your little guy! 😊 8y
Christy2318 My 11 yo is a reluctant reader but he loved Crossover. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Leanney @Christy2318 I personally liked Crossover better but Booked was good too. 🤓 8y
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Been a crazy two weeks! Too much work, not enough reading for fun and not enough writing. 😐 In serious need of some inspiration so I picked this one up after @MrBook recommended it. Need to get my groove back! 🤓

AmyWrites I too am reading this now! I'm really enjoying it! 8y
MrBook Yay 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻! I hope you enjoy it. This book always reinvigorates me and @BookBabe 😊. She's the one who intro'd it to me. 8y
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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#funfridayphoto @Liberty I was a huge mystery reader as a kid, and my first "adult" books were also Agatha Christie. But I also remember taking my mother's well worn copy of GWTW off her shelf around the same time - age 9 or 10? It was the biggest book I had ever seen!

Liberty I faked being sick in seventh grade so I could stay home and read this book. 😂 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Liberty Righteous! 😂😂 8y
Eyelit When my grandmother would babysit me she would just plop me down and pop in this movie. She was guaranteed at least two hours free until the intermission music came up 😅 once I knew there was a book I totally read it and was very surprised by how different it was from the film 8y
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SusanInTiburon Epic!!! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Eyelit That's one cool grandma! 8y
Keegz63 Awesome! My daughter is 22 and it's been her favorite movie since she was 8. To this day if I ask her about something or other that's going on in her life... Like reminding her to pay her car insurance, she says " I don't want to think of it today, I'll think of it tomorrow.."? 8y
coffeenebula One of my first big adult reads, too! ❤️ 8y
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That moment when you and your 81 year old father are browsing at the local bookstore on vacay and he asks you whether you've read Fifty Shades and then he wants you to explain to him what it's about 😂😂😂 Um, maybe later?? Like, maybe never??

britt_brooke 😳😂😳 8y
IndyHannaJones That's almost as bad as your father really wanting to watch Game of Thrones with to see what all the hype is about. This is the same man who had a huge fit when I was 15 and went to see the Texas chainsaw massacre. Plus I'm OK with not sitting through all the gratuitous sex scenes with my father 8y
BookishBlonde12 Oh no! 😂 8y
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TheWellReadOwl @britt_brooke @Hyaeger @BookishBlonde12 I didn't even post the best part - listening to my mother explain it to him. In detail 😳😂 8y
Joriebooks I feel your pain😂 8y
britt_brooke Too funny! 8y
Varshitha 😂😂😂 8y
BookishBlonde12 Oh. My. Word. 😹 At least you mom saved you from having to explain it. #LifesAwkwardMoments 8y
Lauren_reading That is so funny 😂 8y
Yournewfriendsams 😳😫🤐 8y
bookishchelle 😂😁 Awkward! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Joriebooks @britt_brooke @Varshitha @BookishBlonde12 @LaurenReads @Yournewfriendsams @bookishchelle I could not get any words to come out. Just turned purple and sputtered. Which is when mom declared to the whole store "it's just about sex". ? I think I need therapy now. 8y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I personally have never read these, however, I would have just thrown out "they weren't good." That's awkward but kind of funny too! ? 8y
Varshitha OMG.. Don't want to be in ur place😁😆 8y
Sue Bahahahaha! Maybe he's looking for some new tricks 😂 8y
Megabooks Oh dear!! 😂😂 8y
kammartinez Eep! Maybe just, um, get him to sit down in front of the movie and make sure you're not around to watch it with him? 8y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa It could be worse.... I had my 17 year old nephew ask me questions about it! 😱 8y
Tanner 😳 8y
flyfarther79 😂😳 last year during Relay for Life one of my committee members started reading the book aloud. I had to tell her to stop. 8y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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I was in the mood for something fun, with fantasy that wasn't too taxing. This one fit the bill. A bisexual Latina MC, full POC cast, brujas (witches), very cool mythology. A few quibbles: the story felt too big for how it was treated & resolved, MC's relationships were not fully developed (I had a few "wait, what?" moments), and I didn't love the parts in the alternate universe. Still a fun read! (Pic had nothing to do with book, but why not!)

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#vacationlife #bookpeopleproblems How to read in the pool and not get the book wet while also watching children display their handstands, flips, etc?

Reviewsbylola Ha! As soon as I have a book in hand, my kids are always yelling for me to watch them do this or that! 😂 8y
jessberk13 My future MIL was contemplating this at our pool yesterday - asking if there was such a thing as a waterproof book cover. I said probably, but what about the pages? She was stumped. 8y
QuoteQueen I have no advice. I can't keep a book dry when they take a bath. I'd never risk a pool. 😂 8y
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TheWellReadOwl @Reviewsbylola I swear I hear "Mommy watch me" in my sleep ?? 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Jessica @VeteransWife512 Come on @Litsy friends! We can figure this out! Think of the $$$ we could make ha ha ha 8y
ramyasbookshelf This is seriously a great opportunity to make some money! I have a the same issue in the pool/beach.. Wet kids and kindles don't go together :)) 8y
LitHousewife Gorgeous pic! I'm so jealous! 8y
jessberk13 @ramyasbookshelf kindle is easy, just stick it in a ziploc!! 8y
Soubhiville Haha, what fun! I have heard the kindle and ziplock solution, but have yet to try it! Enjoy your water time! 8y
TheBookDream Get a waterproof Nook or Kobo. Then it's a moot point! 8y
ramyasbookshelf @jessica smack my head! What a simple solution :) 8y
Bookzombie @jessica I do the same thing in the bath! I also put my phone in a baggie to listen to audio books while I shower. I could invest in a waterproof case, but the ziplock works! 🛀 8y
TheWellReadOwl @ramyasbookshelf @Soubhiville @Bookzombie Never even thought of it! Awesome! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @TheBookDream Didn't realize they made them waterproof. Thanks! 8y
MrBook Nice pic! 😎👍🏻 8y
MaryAnn1 Oh I'm so jealous. Partially submerged in a pool is my favorite way to read. 💕 8y
bookishchelle I usually put my phone or iPad in a ziplock then read on the kindle app. Sometimes I do this to my Paperwhite too.I know there is a waterproof Kobos, but after trying an Kobo Aura I switched with Mr. Bookish for his Kindle paperwhite. The Aura was beautiful, but too heavy for me. I recall when I was a kid, my grandma had plastic books meant to read in the bath. 🤓📚 8y
flyfarther79 I can't swim but I love reading in the pool. Makes me wish I had one just to do that lol 8y
LornaDH This book was 10 stars for me. Ripped my heart out and put it back again. 8y
BookHermit Great book. There aren't enough Buddhist nuns in English literature. Loved all the characters and the settings as well. 8y
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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
post image

Finally. Beach. Bag o' books. BOTM bag. My babies playing in the ocean. Perfect together. Hope everyone is enjoying @24in48 !!

BookishFeminist Perfect day! Have fun! ☀️ 8y
LauraBeth That looks perfect 8y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Heaven on Earth!! Enjoy!! 8y
flyfarther79 The beach is the perfect reading place! Enjoy the beauty! 8y
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Garden State | Rick Moody
post image

Had to skip @24in48 this weekend because we are sitting on the highway with about 1 million of our closest friends 😩. Plus 2 kids, 2 grandparents, 1 great uncle, every conceivable stuffed animal we own (including a giant sized Nemo) and about 30 books. Some would call this vacation. 🤔 Enjoy the readathon!

Suzze Looks like #nofunatall 8y
SharonGoforth Oh no! 8y
sprainedbrain Oh my... At least you have some books?? 😳 8y
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Iamlisa22 I thought getting there was half the fun! Lol 8y
MrBook Oh maaaan, looks like the Garden State Parkway. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Suzze @SharonGoforth @sprainedbrain @lamlisa22 Its not so bad. I have this down to a science ha ha. Singalong to Alexander Hamilton soundtrack and Harry Potter audio books. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @MrBook Yup. Lovely GSP. 🙄 8y
TheNextBook I'm on the road too. Luckily only for today and then I can try to grab a few hours before crashing! 8y
mcctrish I ❤️ the giant Nemo! The stuck with 1000's of your closest friends in the freeway not so much! Hope you get where you are going sooner than later and get some reading time in 8y
MrBook I have friends stuck in the same traffic as you. Did that many times myself. I feel your pain. 8y
Megabooks No bueno! Cute Nemo though. 8y
Notafraidofwords I'm from NJ. Is this the Garden State Parkway. 8y
JanuarieTimewalker13 GSP one of my fave parkways in the country!! Beautiful...when there isn't traffic! Hope it lightens up!! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @mcctrish @Ebooksandcooks @JanuarieTimewalker13 We have survived! Even Nemo made it in one piece 😊 8y
TeR Look at that traffic 😁 8y
JanuarieTimewalker13 I'm glad!!! Woo-hoo! Now you get to have fun! 8y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Nemo! Are you looking for Dory in all that traffic? If so, beware of driving octopus. 8y
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post image

#funFridayphoto My parents were immigrants to the US and my early childhood was filled with fairy tales and folk tales from Cuba and Spain. 💕 I remember stories about brujas (witches) and adas (fairies) and intrepid young girls who didn't listen to their to their parents ... 😊 Such great memories! (Couldn't find the book tag for the book in the pic but close enough!)

LauraJ Lovely cover 💖 8y
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post image

I feel like I've been stuck at work since last month 😩 Missing Litsy! Tonight I need something different to take my mind off work so of course I am dropping all my current reads to start a book that involves a 104-year old Zen Buddhist nun. So, definitely different. And a Litsy rec! 😊

Bibliogeekery Loved this book! 8y
RebeccaH It's very good! 8y
Caryl One of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it! 8y
See All 15 Comments
LitHousewife I need to read that one, too. On my reader waiting for me. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Caryl I was just scrolling back and saw you were the one who wrote the great recommendation for this book that caught my eye! Can't wait to dive in. Thanks! 8y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders Great book!!! 8y
Matilda Great choice! 8y
Caryl @TheWellReadOwl - Yay! Stick with it, and let me know if you get bogged down so I can cheer you on! I think you'll love it, though. 👍 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Bibliogeekery @RebeccaH @Caryl @LitHousewife @Penny_LiteraryHoarders @Matilda This book has footnotes, appendices and a bibliography. 😀 I may be in love ha ha 8y
IndyHannaJones I love this book. The end is a bit hard...but you can do it!!! 8y
JSW Beautiful book. It moves at a completely different pace (it is about beings in time, after all), so give it a chance. 8y
Baileythebookworm I love this book so much 8y
The_Literary_Jedi Picked this up at the library on Monday as well. Excited for it 8y
Sue I'm utterly intrigued! 8y
dylanisreading It's fantastic! 8y
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The Riverside Shakespeare | William Shakespeare, Gwynne Blakemore Evans, John Joseph Michael Tobin
post image

Fun Photo Friday! @Liberty Favorite bookmark from my 198$ 😳 high school trip to my imaginary boyfriend's hometown in Stratford-Upon-Avon. 😏. Riverside Shakespeare edition is from my college days, so, um, about 25 years old? 😩.

acg Oooooh so pretty! 😍 8y
BookishFeminist Beautiful!! 8y
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post image

#WCW .... Notorious RBG! As an attorney, this badass justice is my personal hero. "[W]hen I‘m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the Supreme Court], and I say 'When there are nine,' people are shocked. But there‘d been nine men, and nobody‘s ever raised a question about that." ?

Matilda I love her so much. 8y
[DELETED] 3216391035 She is also my fave! 8y
Jenshootsweddings I love her. 8y
See All 14 Comments
MMFinck Me too!!!! 8y
Rhondareads In awe of her! 8y
Laura317 While I totally agree with her recent opinion on The Donald, I believe SC justices need to keep opinions like that close to the vest. 8y
ValerieAndBooks Reading this soon...have it as an ebook! I have a feeling I'll want a hard copy eventually. 8y
BekahB I need to pick this up and start reading. The graphics are great! 8y
Literati86 Queeeeeen 🙌🏾 8y
BookishFeminist 👸🏻💪🏼 LOVE RBG. I want to be her. 8y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I loved this book! And RBG! 8y
Floresj This amazing book made RBG my new personal hero and have a small obsession of Supreme Court podcasts (more perfect)😊 8y
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Anna Karenina | Leo Tolstoy
post image

Only 35 1/2 hours on audio? Challenge accepted. 😬

Cinfhen Ha! 8y
Robothugs There's always a little satisfaction in thinking, "500 pages(or insert number/hours)? That's not so bad." While people that don't read look at you like you're crazy. 8y
jpmcwisemorgan I do the same thing and non-readers give me weird looks. I know how much can I can read in a day! Currently, I'm listening to the audio version of Harry Potter and I'm to book 3. It's a lot of hours but I unpack at the same time. 8y
See All 16 Comments
MrBook At one of my bookclubs, were discussing enthusiasm for audiobooks and I was asked what the longest book in my queue is. I said Gibbons' "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" at 141 hours. Even among avid readers all the mandibles dropped ???. 8y
BookMusings Oh that looks like it might be doable! I am listening to Barkskins which I think is close to that. :) 8y
ErikasMindfulShelf I am thinking of buying it too. 8y
AmyStewart Oh wow, is she a good narrator for this? 8y
haileybean This is on my book bucket list. I want to finish it eventually before I die. Lol 8y
Gulfsidemusing Enjoy! When I get around to a reread it will be on audio. 8y
Lindy I listened to the audio edition narrated by Wanda McCaddon. (Louise Maude and Aylmer Maude translation.) Love the way audio makes complex sentence structure easy to understand. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Robothugs @BookMusings We ❤️ big books and cannot lie. 😊 8y
TheWellReadOwl @MrBook Yowza! But that's a darn good book! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @jpmcwisemorgan The HP audiobooks are some of the best I've ever heard 😍 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Cinfhen @irre @AmyStewart @haileyhugsbooks @Lakesidemusing @Lindy So far her narration is great. She has a lower register and with her slow lilting voice, it is totally working for me. I'll be curious to see how she handles all the different voices. 8y
Susannah Ooh, let us know about those different voices. To me, the mark of a truly gifted narrator is how well they craft multiple characters. I can't quite tell if Maggie Gyllenhaal will work for me. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Susannah So far she's not really doing different voices. She alters her voice *very slightly* if there's two characters in a scene but mostly she's reading in her own voice (which is very nice). Not sure how I feel about her yet. 8y
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The Last One: A Novel | Alexandra Oliva
post image

Great premise with some very interesting angles (how real is reality tv? What role does the media hold in shaping our perceptions of reality?) But MC & side characters never clicked for me, partly due to the author's naming convention (Zoo, Black Doctor etc). Would make a great movie though 🌟🌟.5

TheWellReadOwl Picture courtesy of my 6 year old 😊 8y
[DELETED] 2232195534 I've been very curious about this one. Thanks to the kiddo! 😀 8y
Cinfhen Your photo is awesome!!!😻 8y
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TheWellReadOwl @Cinfhen ☺️ Thanks! 8y
Suzze I watch way too much reality t.v., and I know on some shows, like The Amazing Race, the other players make up names like that for other players. Didn't seem unrealistic to me. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Suzze Valid point. I don't watch reality tv except for the occasional dip into The Bachelor / Bachelorette 😬. I can see how my main hangup with the book (that everyone felt like a type) is part of the reality tv angle. 8y
MrBook Only she could kick Superman's ass. 8y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
post image

Unexpected road trip to see sick father in law. Kids are cranky 😖, weather is dreary ⛈, but I've got my new Kindle and a story of brujas. Yep. I can do this.

Chessa Sending hugs! 8y
[DELETED] 2232195534 Take care and hope things go well. A new Kindle is a good thing. 8y
Ericmanciniwriter Been there - books help - take care. 📕🍺 8y
See All 21 Comments
Laura317 There with you, but with 95 year old mil. Books do help! Hugs!! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Chessa @kaysreadinglife @Eamann Awww guys, thanks for good vibes. 😊 Love @Litsy! 8y
sherri Wishing you peace and health for your family. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Laura317 Books do help. And all the good vibes from my Litsy friends. 😊 Thanks! 8y
thebookmagpie Hope everything turns out okay! Thank goodness for Kindles. 8y
CaitlinSiem Sending hugs and positive vibes your way. Hang in there today. 8y
KVanRead Hope all goes well 🍀📚 8y
Caryl Thinking of you all! 💕 8y
BookishFeminist ❤️❤️ sending positivity & thinking of you all! Hope everything turns out alright. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @thebookmagpie @CaitlinSiem @KVanRead @Caryl @BookishFeminist Seriously, you guys are the best! Thanks so much. I'm feeling the love. 💕💕 8y
becausetrains Best wishes to you, spouse, in-laws, and family ❤️ 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Sherri Thanks so much! 💕 8y
Sue All the best ❤️ 8y
TheWellReadOwl @becausetrains @Sue Thank you! 💕This Litsy community is the best 😊 8y
kaytaylorrea Best wishes to you and to your family. 8y
BookThia Healing thoughts to your FIL. Safe journeys. 8y
LA_Mead I'm sending good thoughts your way! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @kaytaylorrea @BookThia @LA_Mead Thanks for sending the 💕💕! 8y
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post image

Fun Friday Photo! I don't re-read many books. But when I'm stressed or need to disconnect from real life, reading with my children and indulging in the joy they have for reading is the best medicine. 💕💕 Today was one of those days for me, so we hit the bookstore and got lost in the stacks 😍

Suzze When I was in charge of the kids' department at Barnes and Noble, I read this and recommended it often. 8y
KVanRead Lovely! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @suzze Thanks! We read most of it today and it's so much fun. My son loves it. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @KVanRead Thanks! 😊 8y
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Booked | Kwame Alexander
post image

@Liberty #Recommendsday HIGHLY recommend Booked by Kwame Alexander and his prior book, The Crossover. My oldest loves them. They're smart and relevant and well written and great conversation starters for middle grade. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suzze I just bought The Crossover. Looking forward to it. 8y
Caryl Kwame is the best! 💕 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Suzze @Caryl I think The Crossover is better but both are great. I love how Kwame Alexander doesn't dumb things down for kids. He makes them stretch their comfort zone. 8y
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post image

For @BookishFeminist #WomanCrushWednesday. Current ❤️ include Kameron Hurley and Lindy West. Because they rip themselves apart on the page and let us see the raw, the hurt, and the fight inside of them. 👊🏼👊🏼 🌟Kapow!🌟

BookishFeminist Yes! I love them both. I need to read Shrill already but Kameron Hurley is 🙌🏼 8y
JSW I'm seeing both of these everywhere and feel like MUST READ THEM BOTH. 8y
razmanda This American Life's Tell Me I'm Fat, featured Lindy West and Roxane Gay. Such a good episode! 8y
See All 6 Comments
Notafraidofwords 💪🏼 8y
TheWellReadOwl @razmanda Will have to check it out! Bad Feminist was so good too. 8y
Julsmarshall Thanks for the podcast head's up! 8y
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Scavengers: Stories | Becky Hagenston
post image

I'm always on the hunt for really good short stories. There's an art to crafting a perfect morsel of a tale in a few thousand words. You have to cram character development & story arc into such small real estate. When it's done well, it's so satisfying. Hopefully this one lives up to the reviews! 😊

Suzze I do love a good short story, but I am often left wanting more. The last one I loved was American Housewife by Helen Ellis. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @suzze ❤️ American Housewife! 8y
acc5446 more love for American Housewife!! 8y
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The Last One: A Novel | Alexandra Oliva
post image

Pool, book and sangria. 🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎉 Happy 4th!

annahenke That looks lovely! 8y
KVanRead Perfect! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @ahenke @KVanRead It was a great reading day by the pool! 8y
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Frankenstein | Mary Shelley
post image

Summer reading project 1 with oldest: Co-reading Frankenstein. 😊

QuoteQueen Love that book! 8y
RealLifeReading Great project! How old is yr kid? 8y
Laura317 What a sweet picture! 8y
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BekahB So cute! That's my favorite book. I still have both my high school and college copies I used in Lit class with my notes written inside. Sometimes I get nostalgic for assigned summer reading 😀 8y
TheWellReadOwl @RealLifeReading He'll be 9 in September. ☺️ 8y
TheWellReadOwl @BekahB Me too! I used to love that moment when you got the assigned summer reading list. All those possibilities! I'm doing that with the kids now. We have reading projects. 😊 8y
SusanInTiburon Smarty! 8y
MaureenMc Is he in his jammies? On the deck?? I cannot handle the awesomeness of this photo! 8y
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post image

This genre-busting book had me thinking of Atwood & Murakami. It's one book on the surface & another book at its depth. It's full of symbolism, wordplay & existential dilemmas, but the writing is spare in that every word & phrase seems essential. I had some quibbles about pacing, but still 🌟🌟🌟

Read_Abundantly This is up next for me and I'm so glad you mentioned Murakami and Atwood, as I just finished 1Q84 and The Heart Goes Last so now I'm extra excited! I had a feeling I'd like this one! 8y
RealLifeReading Sounds fascinating 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Ohlivia @RealLifeReading Its a weird little book that won't be for everyone but I fell into and read it in less than 1 hour. Part dystopian, part thriller/mystery (somewhat), part everything else. Probably need to reread to appreciate fully. 8y
Spiderfelt That is a magic author pairing. 8y
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post image

Fun Friday Canadian-style 🇨🇦🇨🇦: Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Louise Penny, Michael Ondaatje. Making my list made me realize I have to expand my reading borders! @Liberty (Full disclosure: Photo is not mine. I could not find the credit.)

Spiderfelt Doh! Another great Canadian I forgot to include in my list: Michael Ondaatje. 8y
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post image

Next up...

Well-ReadNeck Great one!!!! 8y
BookishFeminist I love this book! 8y
KiskyLuella Can't wait to see what you think, I've been hearing about this one for so long! 8y
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acc5446 so many fascinating ideas packed into such a short book - it's on my re-read list! 8y
BookishShelly I really liked this one. 8y
Crash I didn't think much of it. 8y
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Not quite stories, more like explorations of very specific moments in the lives of these characters. How they deal with sexual molestation, sexual awakening, the decisions they make-that's what Noyes explores. Endings are ambiguous because in life, do we ever really "resolve" these things?

TheWellReadOwl The writing was good but the story "fragments" lacked that gut-punch clarity I needed to make up for the lack of resolution. 8y
Gulfsidemusing Maybe not for me, but that's a gorgeous photo! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Lakesidemusing Thanks! It was a shot off my deck of a pink sunset a few months back. The kind of sunset I'd want to paint. If I could paint ha ha. 8y
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post image

I'm craving a good short story. A story that makes me linger over the words and savor each emotion. A story that lets me glimpse someone's world so precisely I'm left wondering how to get back to that world after the story ends. Let's see if this collection brings it ...

laurenm I'll be following your review... 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Excellent writing, but the lack of ending in the stories leaves you like a withered husk on the ground. Just a heads up. She chews you up and spits you out. 😫 8y
catatonic1242 Waiting to hear how you feel about this... 8y
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Megabooks Definitely interested in your opinion! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @laurenm @catatonic1242 @Ebooksandcooks As @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com said, the writing is good but the lack of real story arcs left me 😩. On the one hand I see how the lack of resolution is its own ending. On the other hand, I'm not sure the stories were strong enough to pull off that trick. 8y
TheWellReadOwl Lydia Davis writes short vignettes and short fiction that also doesn't fit the mold of a traditional "story" structure, but her prose is so sharp, so incisive, you don't feel cheated. You find yourself laughing or nodding, and somehow satisfied. Here, I didn't feel satisfied. 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Whew! Thank you! I thought maybe it was just me. And the writing is SO good that I just felt like it was a tease by not continuing the stories. 8y
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Booked | Kwame Alexander
post image

Baby boy's pick from today's bookstore family outing. 😊

StaceyKondla That's a great pick!! 8y
Ashley_Nicoletto My youngest brother is not a reader and these books have completely changed that. He begged me to take him to Barnes and Noble to buy this due to the library hold list being so long. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @StaceyKondla @Anicoletto My oldest is a reader but he's very picky about what he will read. The Kwane Alexander books have just hooked him completely. They're good for adults too. 😀 8y
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StaceyKondla They really are - I love YA and middle grade books written in free verse poetry. They are fresh, to the point and beautiful all at the same time 😊 8y
BestOfFates I really love his books - but I never go to his book events bc he's clearly geared toward kids and I'm always like, well, that'd be awkward! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @BestOfFates Ha. Totally get it. 😉 8y
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How Fiction Works | James Wood
post image

My writing partner today 🐶 had a *ruff* day. 🐾

Chessa Such a cutie! 8y
Onceuponatime Aw, so tired! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Chessa Thanks! 😊 @Onceuponatime He spent all day hanging in the sun. 🌞 8y
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List_addict It's hard work being well read! 8y
LA_Mead Did you like "How Fiction Works?" It sounds interesting. 8y
SusanInTiburon Cutie! I liked How Fiction Works quite a bit. Do you? 8y
TheWellReadOwl @LA_Mead Its not a "how to write" book but it dissects effective writing and really helps me when I'm trying to nail down a voice or when I need help rounding out a character. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Susanintiburon Yes! I find myself coming back to it when I'm writing. 8y
MMFinck Sai, does your website have more than a cover page? I'm interested in what you write. I write women's fic and for booksbywomen.org zine. Good luck w the writing, whatev it is. :) 8y
TheWellReadOwl @MMF Website launch got pushed back 😟 until July but it will be about bookish things, reviews, life, etc. I'm also writing a book (fiction) and I'll be posting parts of it on the site. There will be a section devoted to writing. 8y
MMFinck Ah! I totally get it. It took me FOREVER to finish my website. Good luck with it! :) 8y
ineverlearn Helpful book to both readers and writers! 8y
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Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe | Edgar Allan Poe
post image

Not home to photograph my shelves for @Liberty Fun Friday 🎉 but this quote on the wall of the pub 😂. So, what do I love to read? ❤️ Greek lit, mythology, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Henry James, Poe, books with strong, flawed characters, books about books, literary memoirs and bios, cookbooks...

MyBookLife That is a fantastic quote. Especially at a bar!! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @MyBookLife I know! This pub is full of quotes painted all over the bar. My favorite is "Pubs: The official sunblock of Ireland" ?? 8y
[DELETED] 3216391035 Those are AWESOME quotes! 👏🏻 8y
MyBookLife Ahhh, now I get it, that's why your (and our) skin is so fair. (Is that the right word? Bleak?) No sun 😂😂😂 8y
youngreadrshelf I take that dare. 8y
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The Iliad | Homer
post image

I'm going through a Greek literature phase. Finished the Iliad and Odyssey and now am headed into the plays. Baby boy (he's 8) made me explain the Iliad to him but didn't seem satisfied with my brief brief recap and now he wants to dive in on his own. Hmm...

QueenAnne Good start! Hope he stays that curious😍 8y
Bakingbookworm My middle son read The Iliad and The Odyssey when he was about 12 years old. Kind is surprised me but he was on a huge mythology/Greek kick. Love that!! 8y
SusanInTiburon My boy was so much like that too! If your 8 gets frustrated with Homer, maybe try him on The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Mythology never gets old. 8y
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SusanInTiburon @TheWellReadOwl P.S. I love the top of his sweet head. (Sigh) 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Envious! I'm just trying to get my 8-year-old son to read anything at all. Anything. 8y
carys14 @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com I had the problem with my son. Two years ago on June 1 I told him that we were doing something new with the local library's summer reading program. I told him that every night at bedtime he had to read. 8y
carys14 It could be a page, a minute, half a book, a dozen chapters. He could set the amount but he had to read. Now two+ years later he has read every single night except one when I was out of town. (We let that slide since it is a leap year😊). 8y
carys14 After a few months it became more of a matter of principle that he not skip a night. I would also remind him whenever he hit a milestone (months, 100 days, a year etc). Oh and he could read anything he wanted. (Pokemon graphic novels were where he started) 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Thanks - the milestones are great incentives! I'm going to try that! 👍 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Susanintiburon He loves the Percy Jackson books! 8y
TheWellReadOwl @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com @carys14 We also do Family Reading night where we read in a room together for a little while, then we talk about what we are reading. The other thing I do with the boys is Story Time where the 3 of us spend an hour writing our own stories. It helps them with reading too 8y
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post image

I won't even get to this one until late summer, but just knowing its in my queue makes me excited. This could be the story of my family and so many other Cuban relatives. Can't wait to dive in!

Matilda I hope to get to this one soon. I'm really curious about it since his interest comes from growing up never hearing about Cuba where I grew up never not hearing about it. 8y
razmanda Ooh! This sounds incredible! 8y
Mayread @Matilda Him not hearing about it is wild. Everyone in my fam & all of my cuban-american friends have at least one wall in their homes covered w pix of Cuba. 8y
See All 8 Comments
Matilda @Skiles I heard so much that until recently I didn't start reading Cuban novels. 8y
TheWellReadOwl @Matilda @skiles I'm in the "never not hearing about it" camp too. I'm curious how that distance he has will come across in the story. Plus they use words like "mythic" to describe the story. I guess I'm moving this one up in the TBR pile. 8y
LisaReads How have I not heard of this book?!! I am a Cuban-American...the only one of my siblings that was born in the US. This sounds amazing! Just added to my TBR thanks!! 8y
Matilda @LisaReads I recently really enjoyed reading The Prince of Los Cocuyos- Cuban-American memoir. 8y
LisaReads Thank you! @Matilda I'm gonna check that one out too! 8y
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post image

👍 because of her voice, her honesty & the LOL moments. But this book made me feel old. Her feminism is different than mine, more individual than collective, but it is no less valid or important. I wish I'd read a book like this 20 yrs ago when I was starting to understand what feminism was for me.

TheWellReadOwl In no way am I dismissing this book. For millennial feminists and parents of millennial feminists, this is an important read. 8y
LiaMussi How old is the writer? 8y
See All 8 Comments
LA_Mead Sounds interesting. Are the essays long? 8y
TheWellReadOwl @LA_Mead Nope. The whole book is about 200 pages and there are about 12 essays. It's a good length. 8y
LA_Mead Nice! Short essays are good. 8y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I was already looking forward to this one, now even more... 8y
RiotMom Her blog is so great. I've been reading it for a few years and it never fails to make me laugh. 8y
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