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Black Cat
Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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SHE HID HER TRUE SELF. NOW THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED. Living a life of lies under the thumb of her widowed, spiritually-obsessed mother, Celeste has been forced to take on the identity of her dead identical twin brother, Noble. Under her boyish clothes and short-cut hair, she's almost forgotten what it's like to be Celeste -- except for the one thing that keeps her sane: caring for her darling daughter, Baby Celeste. And only Celeste knows the truth about the baby's father. But when Celeste's mother marries a kindly neighbor, a new breed of poisonous secrets and vicious enemies will force Celeste to do what she must to survive the darkness. Will revealing the truth about herself release her and her child from the demons of her family's past? Or will it seal a terrible fate for them both?
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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BookwormAHN No worries, thanks for participating 🐈‍⬛️ 9mo
Catsandbooks Will you be hosting the holiday card swap this year? 8mo
LibrarianRyan @Catsandbooks yes. And I should get back in town tonight and will work on getting it posted this week. 8mo
Catsandbooks @LibrarianRyan awesome! Looking forward to it! 😊 8mo
TheBookHippie @LibrarianRyan here I am stalking for the card swap too 😘😂😂😂😂😂 8mo
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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I have no idea where I got this photo, but here's a perfect #Treat for me. 😁

#Scarathlon #PhotoChallenge #TeamMischiefAndMayhem

LeahBergen 😂 9mo
AmyG Hahahaha…that‘s great! 9mo
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 9mo
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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@BookwormAHN @BeckyWithTheGoodBooks @TEArificbooks @Yuki_Onna @LibrarianRyan @Read-y_Picker @TheQuietQuill @hes7 @TheBookDream

1. My friend called me “5feet of fury” 20 years ago & I always thought it was fun, I use it on most socials.
2. thriller
3. Halloween
4. Yeah
5. USA
6. Crazy cat lady (I have 2 black cats #BlackCatCrew ), I like to cook (but not bake), running, hiking, various art projects.


BethM I love the nickname- sounds like a fun friend! 10mo
TheQuietQuill The team name fits you perfectly with your love for cats ! #blackcatcrew 🐈‍⬛ 10mo
BookwormAHN Perfect team name then 🐈‍⬛️ 10mo
Read-y_Picker I had a nickname like that once upon a time! Used it for email, also a numeric code for back when pagers were a thing. Definitely not as fun or usable as your handle though. Great one!
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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1- I added my initials to bookworm🧡
2- Somewhere between historical fiction and horror 👻
3- I love Halloween and Fall 🎃
4- Yes, just not in most of the people who have said that they have seen them 🤦🏼‍♀️
5- US
6- I am someone who loves Halloween and horror and reading. I think of myself as a crystal witch who has recently found walking to be very therapeutic 😸
#Scarathlon #BlackCatCrew

Read-y_Picker #4 LOL 10mo
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Here is a quick little getting to know you quiz for #Scarathlon #BlackCatCrew
Also, in case I didn't make this clear. On the 15th of October and the 1st of November, when you tally up your points, tag me since I will be keeping up with this team's total. And feel free to tag me in your other posts. I love seeing what everyone is reading and watching and crafting and whatever else you decide to do 🐈‍⬛️

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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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🎃Black cat ( like @hannah_leelo baby cat🖤), a wolf or an owl
🎃I don‘t have one but I love witches, vampires, haunted houses. I love the series The Others by A. Bishop and I am enjoying the Discovery of Witches
🎃Close my eyes in some gory scenes but then I think how that part was created for the movie. A defense mechanism?🤷🏽‍♀️Maybe😜
🎃I like the Hocus Pocus song “I put a spell on you” but also the Nightmare Before Christmas sound track⬇️

Gissy I like the music of the tv series Dark Tick Tack
🎃Hocus Pocus The Night Before Christmas. Not a Halloween movie but I like The Others, and haunted house movies

Chrissyreadit Have you read all of The Others books? They are instant reads for me. 2y
Gissy @Chrissyreadit I have to read the last old book and then the new one. But I‘m planning to finish the series this year. So good. How was your trip? I saw so many photos! All those authors there😱Amazing! 2y
Chrissyreadit @Gissy it was great!!! You should come!!! I live just under 2 hours from the convention center so it is easy to go. This year was very empty- no lines to see anyone- that made it possible to see and do more than typical. And of course having dinner with Littens is always fun! 2y
Gissy @Chrissyreadit Sounds great! It is so good to go to those events! Today is my book club but is about YA fantasy books but I enjoy those almost 3 hours. We visit the bookshop and then go to eat and discuss the books. We are only 3 in the group and sometimes one person connects with us via FaceTime. I don‘t have any other book related activity around here, that is the reason I enjoy the Readathons (in YouTube and Litsy) and swaps (in Litsy). 2y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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I can‘t NOT share another picture for international #BlackCatDay, since my little man is all curled up beside me while I plan for the next THREE months of reading events that I have planned. Oscar is also over my stupid sleep schedule. He wants to be close to me, but he also wants me to shut the darn light off.😆

ju.ca.no ❤️ 4y
Moony ahhhh soooo cute! Black Cats are the best 😸 4y
Sace What a cutie! 4y
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Bookwormjillk 😻😻what‘s going on in January?? 4y
Clwojick @Bookwormjillk we haven‘t announced the event yet, but I promise it‘ll be a fun one! 4y
Bookwormjillk @Clwojick nice!! I started my 2021 reading journal yesterday 4y
Crazeedi I love this picture! I miss my black kitty so much, he was beautiful (name Domino cause he had a white spot under chin) 4y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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ladym30 Stunning and scary photo!❤️ 5y
Texreader Whoa! 5y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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#BlackCat #screamathonphotochallenge @4thhouseontheleft

The second book in one of the most twisted trilogies I can recall from my youth!

SW-T I would totally use that candle holder all year long! 😂 5y
ShyBookOwl I plan to! Haha 5y
alisiakae Love the candle holder! 5y
ShyBookOwl @4thhouseontheleft thank you 🎃 5y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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The weekend begins meow. I went around my house looking for some black cats for the #screamathon photo challenge- couldn‘t find any books.

Happy reading everyone!

alisiakae 😻 😻 5y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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alisiakae Do both challenges have a black cat prompt around the same time? I should have looked...oops! One of my fur babies was the inspiration. She‘s my Halloween kitty. 👻 Although technically she‘s a tuxedo. 5y
TheSpineView @4thhouseontheleft Yeap! No big deal. Even though I don't have cats (allergies) it is easy to find pics! There is a tuxedo kitty that hangs around my house I call Tucker and feed in occasion. Cats are cool!🖤🐾 5y
TheSpineView @4thhouseontheleft In another note... I have been thinking of doing an awesome giveaway associated with my #Two4Tuesday. Maybe giving away something to do with Asheville. Wondering what Littens would like to get? Any ideas? 5y
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alisiakae @TheSpineView Does Malaprops have any branded merch? That would be neat! 5y
TheSpineView @4thhouseontheleft I was thinking even bigger than that! An end of year go out with a bang kind of thing. Like a night or two stay. The thing I worry about is it would be limiting because not everyone could get here. 5y
alisiakae @TheSpineView Oh wow!! That is big! Might be hard, since a lot of Littens might be restricted by not living close enough. 5y
TheSpineView @4thhouseontheleft I know! But I noticed a lot of people say they like to vacation here or want to vacation here. I'll noodle on it. Thanks for your input!😊 5y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Joy kitty has commandeered my favorite reading spot.

LeslieO Love the mantle! 6y
saresmoore @LeslieO Thank you! Just keeping my books warm up there. 6y
MicheleinPhilly Wait, have you always had a cat? 🤔 6y
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saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly Yes! She‘s about as social as I am, though, so she doesn‘t show up in photos very often. The fire and a stack of cushions is just too good for her to resist, I guess! 6y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️❤️ 6y
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly how have you‘ve missed @saresmoore knitting beds for her cat? It‘s adorable. 😻😻 6y
CatLass007 😻😻😻😻😻 6y
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth My brain is Swiss cheese. 6y
LeahBergen It looks so wonderfully cozy ... how could she resist? She just needs a little glass of wine now. 😆 6y
laurenlovesliterature That's a great spot right there! 6y
saresmoore @LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly I think she‘s due for a new kitty bed, too! 6y
saresmoore @LeahBergen Gah! Now I want to get her a kitty sized wine glass and fill it with canned tuna. 😂 6y
saresmoore @laurenlovesliterature It‘s the best spot in the house! 6y
CouronneDhiver Oh my goodness... kitty is living his/her best life. 🖤 6y
Bklover Beautiful! Your kitty is adorable! 6y
BarbaraBB Love your space 😍 6y
batsy Omg that's too cute for words 😻 6y
saresmoore @Bklover @BarbaraBB Thanks, friends! ♥️ 6y
saresmoore @CouronneDhiver @batsy I think she is my spirit animal! 😺 6y
Moray_Reads I don't blame her 😻 6y
Leftcoastzen Super cute! 6y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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#BlackCatChallenge @clwojick

Prompt: Superstition

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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful 🖤😽 6y
maggie_azevedo Those eyes! 💚 6y
vkois88 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I miss having a black cat around... 6y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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@FantasyChick In honor of your request for pictures of fur babies to cheer you up, may I present to you these idiots: Lumos and Nox! My sincerest condolences. We may call them pets but they are our companions, and the better parts of ourselves. ❤️❤️❤️

FantasyChick Lumos and Nox are purrfect! You are so right, they really end up being more companions and friends than pets. Thank you so much for taking the time to share yours with me 😘😘 6y
AshleyHoss820 @FantasyChick Absolutely!! ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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This is Bandit. He follows me everywhere and sits with me (never on me!) in any chair. In this picture he is sitting and purring while I do laundry and make the bed. I think he likes me...however, if I try to pick him up, he takes off. He also bites when I don‘t pet him the way he likes. He is a character 😂 Happy birthday and congratulations on hitting your milestone! #catsoflitsy #mollysbdaygiveaway

RaimeyGallant Sounds like my Posie. 6y
knittedgnome He's so handsome! 6y
Molly_the_mezzo He is a very handsome kitty! 6y
Cinfhen Gorgeous eyes 😻 6y
Melkyl @knittedgnome @Molly_the_mezzo @Cinfhen Thank you! I am crazy about him 😻 6y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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#May thinks the jack o lantern looks delish #CatsofLitsy #May

MrBook 😻😻😻 7y
AmyG Ha! 7y
BarbaraTheBibliophage That's fabulous! 🤣🤣 7y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 7y
batsy Perfect pic 😻 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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#Coale is watching the deer with deep interest, lol. Silly boy. 😻😻😻 #catsofLitsy

britt_brooke Our dog's greatest thrill in life is chasing deer out of our yard. It's hilarious because he has an invisible fence and the deer know he can only come after them to a certain point. He thinks he's a badass, though. 😂 7y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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For all the new Littens, you'll be seeing quite a bit of @BookBabe 's and my wee lad, #Coale. He's always around books, and since we're always around books, he's always around us 😹👏🏻. You can tell by his expression that he's not happy to have reading time disrupted. 😻 There's many #catsofLitsy roaming around, you'll come across them over time. @BookishMarginalia & @WanderingBookaneer 's #Septimus is Coale's long lost sibling 😹.

BookishMarginalia Indeed! 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️ Black kitties rule! 7y
Ms_T Beautiful! 😻 7y
inked.delights Haha 😹 I'm going to ask my cats tomorrow if they also want to be #catsofLitsy 7y
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page.traveller I absolutely adore him! More please, I beg you! 7y
NotthePathtoNarnia So cute! 7y
BookishBrooklyn So cute! I wonder if my peppy would like to be a litsy cat! 😂 he's definitely bookish 😂 7y
WanderingBookaneer Septimus, Tricky, and Coale: The Three Musketeers 7y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Littens! I have two new black kittens that need names. Any literary ideas for two cat sisters?

rubyslippersreads What adorable kitties! 😻 Charlotte and Emily? Betsy and Tacy? (Not sisters but just as close.) 7y
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Emily92Bibliophile I like @rubyslippersreads Charlotte and Emily idea! 7y
BekahB Awww they're adorable! 7y
emilyhaldi How about Wilhelmina and Hester? There must be a literary reference somewhere... 😄😄😄 7y
CouronneDhiver Black kitties!!!!!! 😻😻😻 7y
RohitSawant How adorable! I was going to suggest Charlotte and Emily too, but I didn't want to leave out Anne! Ursula and Margaret maybe? 7y
bellasocks Merricat and Constance from We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Dark but I loved this book! 7y
Mel Beatrice and Ramona! Love me some Beverly Cleary 😊 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Ok.... maybe two of the sisters from Little Women or two from Pride and Prejudice. My first thought was Smoke and Shadow though, not literary, but that was the name of the 2 black kittens I had in my 20's. Now if I was going to pick two literary sisters...I'd probably go with Arya and Sansa 👍 7y
OrangeMooseReads Ginny and Hermione 7y
Reviewsbylola I like Beatrice and Ramona! 7y
Reviewsbylola Katniss and Prim. (edited) 7y
Reviewsbylola Scout and Jem. 7y
monkeygirlsmama I'm liking @Reviewsbylola's suggestions of Scout and Jem. 7y
monkeygirlsmama Also the names Trixie and Binx would be cute. 7y
Reviewsbylola Scarlett and Melanie in honor of our readalong. 7y
RowReads1 Jem and Jerrica😉. 7y
Reviewsbylola Ismene and Antigone 7y
Reviewsbylola Violet and Veruca 7y
Reviewsbylola Eleanor and Park 7y
Reviewsbylola Harper and Lee 7y
Reviewsbylola Tess and Clare from Tess of the d'Urbervilles. 7y
Reviewsbylola Charlotte and Fern from Charlotte's Web. 7y
RowReads1 Jane and Lizzy. 7y
Bklover Oh they are so cute! Now I want two more cats so I can use some of those awesome name suggestions! @Reviewsbylola 7y
Little_Reader I vote for Beatrice and Ramona! My favorite books as a kid! 😍 7y
LeahBergen Elinor and Marianne. 😂 7y
Laura317 Thing One and Thing Two. Dr. Suess. 7y
Zelma So cute! Congrats on the new family members. 😻 7y
minkyb Adorable! 7y
emtobiasz Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee (although maybe not for sisters 😂-- or maybe anyway!) (edited) 7y
asiriusreader What about Jo and Meg? Or Jo and March? I 💗 black kitties? 😻😻 7y
[DELETED] 3144876009 Tarabelle & Cricket 7y
Cinfhen So cute and I think @Reviewsbylola has thrown in some pretty awesome names 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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It's hard to read when this is happening. #springcleaningreadathon is over for this evening. #goodnight all!😴

emilyhaldi 😹😹 7y
JazzFeathers I know, right? ;) 7y
MaleficentBookDragon @lemonlime799 this is Harpy and her favorite place to lay. My neck will never be cold. 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Look who is sitting in my reading chair when I get home 😂👏🏻. Oh, #Coale! 😻😻😻 #catsofLitsy

jfalkens My cats are spot thieves too! Even if you just kept up for a drink or snack! 7y
JessClark78 🐱❤️ 7y
booksandsympathy My cats like to steal our spots on the bed. 7y
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minkyb Where else would you expect him to wait for you? 7y
MrBook @minkyb Good point 😊👌🏻. 7y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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#Coale's moved 😆. #catsofLitsy

BookishMarginalia Coale is so gorgeous! 7y
JessClark78 Handsome kitty. He reminds me of a cat I used to have. ❤️ 7y
Mariposa_Bookworm Black kitties are my favorite. Coale is such a beautiful kitty. 💕🐾 7y
LitLogophile Love the V C Andrews tag 😂 7y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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@Dolly I could only post this much 😒

diovival Yes! 😻 Black cats are lovely creatures. ♥ 7y
bitterbear @diovival Black cats are my favorite. I don't have any now... 😭😭😭 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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Good news for black cat moms and dads. It seems like so many Littens have them. 💞💓

asiriusreader Yay for black kitties!! 💗 7y
Melkyl I love my black kitty. He's so handsome ❤❤ 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Awesome!👍. Just one more reason to not discriminate, our differences make us stronger.😉 7y
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ChasingOm Yay! I just adopted two of them! 😻 7y
Dolly @asiriusreader @Melwilk I scrolled to find both your kitties and they are beautiful! Hard to photograph though.❤️ @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I love all colors of kitties but I wear a lot of black clothing so I kinda favored the dark side 😉 of the shelter. Your fur babies look very content in your photos.😻🐶 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Dolly Thank you, and I completely understand. Years ago I had adopted a brother & sister that were all black, and the fur showing was MUCH less of a problem! 7y
Dolly @ChasingOm They are sooo pretty! Moonshine looks similar to my Smirk but my girl has a smaller white smirk shaped patch under her chin. They will both acclimate faster than my girl, who was feral. It's been a long journey. 7y
ChasingOm What a cute name for a cute girl!! 7y
CouronneDhiver Black kitties rock! 7y
kspenmoll Beautiful coats! My kitties are not black but love pixs of black cats shiny coats & eyes😃😺 7y
Amiable Love black cats! Especially my own, Cleopatra 😺😺 7y
Dolly @ChasingOm 😊I thought a sassy name was appropriate...it was. @CouronneDhiver they do for sure (as all kitties do) ! 😍 @Amiable she's adorable! 😃 @kspenmoll those eyes creep me out when I'm working & happen to look overhead to the loft and she's looking down at me. I've actually shrieked in surprise😱 7y
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Black Cat | V.C. Andrews
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My #freebie for #riotgrams is called Black Cat with Bookshelf.

Josie 😂😂😂 I want a framed copy of this. So cute.! 7y
LauraBeth 😹😹 7y
diovival I love black cats! Great pic. 7y
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candyflossramparts Adorable! 😻👑 7y
Lmstraubie So cute 😻 7y
CouronneDhiver Black kitties are the BEST! 7y
AlaMich Black cats are only improved upon by being tuxedo cats! 😊 7y
JazzFeathers 😻😻😻😘 7y
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