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Horseman: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow | Christina Henry
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In this atmospheric, terrifying novel that draws strongly from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the author of Alice and The Girl in Red works her trademark magic, spinning an engaging and frightening new story from a classic tale. Everyone in Sleepy Hollow knows about the Horseman, but no one really believes in him. Not even Ben Van Brunt's grandfather, Brom Bones, who was there when it was said the Horseman chased the upstart Crane out of town. Brom says that's just legend, the village gossips talking. Twenty years after those storied events, the village is a quiet place. Fourteen-year-old Ben loves to play "Sleepy Hollow boys," reenacting the events Brom once lived through. But then Ben and a friend stumble across the headless body of a child in the woods near the village, and the sinister discovery makes Ben question everything the adults in Sleepy Hollow have ever said. Could the Horseman be real after all? Or does something even more sinister stalk the woods?
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I was so pumped when I saw Christina Henry wrote a horror sequel to Sleepy Hollow! I love Sleepy Hollow so much, and I prefer the historical setting to modern horror. I liked Ben and his relationship with Brom. The growth Ben and Katrina went through was well done, and I didn‘t see the twist coming. I didn‘t so much like the last part because it felt anticlimactic but I was happy with where Ben ended up.

Sleepswithbooks Oh wow - this book cover! Love! 3w
MadelineMcCrae @Sleepswithbooks I agree! I halted and backtracked when I saw it at the bookstore and immediately put it on my tbr! 3w
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I know this one has mix reviews/ratings but it worked wonderful for me. I loved the relationship between Ben and her grandfather and later with her grandmother and how they accepted and respected Ben. That ending was so sad but at the same time understandable due to Ben circumstances. I enjoyed it so much. I also like this author‘s writing style and retellings. I haven‘t read other genres by her but soon. 3.8/4. Thank you @mabell

Ann_Reads Excellent! 🍁🍁🍁 1mo
Gissy 8 reading hours x10 points=80 pts x10 Readathons =800 pts+ 15 pts ( #ScarathlonDailyPrompt + 15 genres + 5 pts post + 1 pts post
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Chrissyreadit 🖤🖤🖤🖤 1mo
Cinfhen Glad it worked for you 😁 Hope to see you for #IndependentWomen March 5 we‘ll be reading 1mo
mabell Yay! I‘m so glad you liked it! 🧡🖤 1mo
Gissy @mabell Yes! I like this author retellings. The book has many tabs for Ben encounters with her grandpa. 🧡 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1mo
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Thanks you so much Cindy for kindly sending me the alternative (non UK) cover of this book.
Thanks for the teas and hand cream and the super cute bookish sticker too 😍😍😘😘


Cinfhen Oh yay!!! That got there fast!!! Hope you enjoy the book😊 feel free to check out the discussion questions after you read the book because there are LOTS of spoilers!!!! 1mo
Balibee146 Thanks @Cinfhen will do!! 1mo
JamieArc Nice! Ahava is one of my favorite hand/foot cream brands. 1mo
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3 ⭐️ I thought the story was really interesting, that is until the third part, which I thought was a little bit long and thought that it could have been a bit shorter. #2022 #fiction #bookstagram #bookreview #fantasy #horror

Read this for #fearfulfall

Cinfhen Yeah!! Lots of people mentioned this book might have been better with some tighter editing. It definitely started to drag by part 3 1mo
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DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! Not sure if you voted yet for #IndependentWomen 💪🏽 1mo
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BookwormAHN @Cinfhen I did. I voted for The Women Could Fly 👻 1mo
BarbaraBB Thanking you for adding to the discussion. So good to have you there! 1mo
DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
TheSpineView Awesome 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1mo
Catsandbooks 🙌🏼☠️🧡 1mo
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#TeamMonsterMash #Scarathlon

🎃Week 3 points: 5,452 points

✨Scarathlon 2022 total so far: 10,319 points! 🥳

StayCurious amazing! 1mo
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Read for the #FearfulFall #BuddyRead I‘m giving it a soft pick. By no means perfect, I wanted more plot & character development, but it kept me engaged, I liked Ben & found this an interesting YA take on a sequel. I listened to the audiobook which was well done-the downside being that it would have been a good word search points earner for #Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash but impossible to drive, listen & record words.🤷🏻‍♀️Read/listened for⬇️

Cinfhen Great review!!! I think I approached this book from the wrong angle instead of enjoying it for what it was. 1mo
Texreader That‘s the biggest bummer about audiobooks—crazy hard to count words! 1mo
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TheSpineView Excellent 1mo
TheBookHippie I think this was so fun!!! I love these weekends! 1mo
Catsandbooks 🙌🏼🦇🧡 1mo
DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 1mo
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This was an interesting take on Sleepy Hollow. I liked how Christina Henry used the characters from the classic tale to tell what happened after Ichabod Crane disappeared. I do admit that it took me a few chapters in for me to get into the story, and I felt that part 3 was a little too long. But it was still enjoyable. 3.5 ⭐️
#fearfulfall #happyhorro @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB
#bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks
#scarathlon #teamslaughter @Clwojick

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1mo
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#FearfulFall buddy read! Not something I would have picked up on my own and I do enjoy stepping out of my usual reads to switch it up a bit! I feel like I can‘t be too harsh on this because I‘m not the reader for this book and so much was just off for me but I did like the twist on the horseman tale. The first big reveal could have been the end to the book… weirdness just happened after. I liked Ben and the creepy setting.

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So I LOVED this read. It will resonate with so many students- I am quite excited. It also resonated greatly with me. I did reread the actual original before starting this so it may have helped as well. First time reading this author, I will definitely be looking up more, which says a lot I do not typically like YA, but this one yes. Thank you to @BarbaraBB and @Cinfhen I so enjoyed this weekend!! Bring on winter!! #FEARFULFALL

BarbaraBB Thank you for joining and adding so much to our discussion! 2mo
TheBookHippie @BarbaraBB Just loved it!! I appreciate all your work you all put into it! 2mo
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Question 4: Is this a worthy sequel to Irving‘s original short story? What are your overall feelings about this book?? Did it fill your horror meter?

BookwormAHN I really enjoyed it, especially the ending 👻 2mo
MoonWitch94 I would give it a 3.5/5 ⭐️ I enjoyed it & it was a good choice for #FearfulFall 2mo
Bookwormjillk I didn‘t love it but thought it was a strong ending. I don‘t really know the original other than what I saw on Scooby Doo back in the day so I can‘t really make a comparison. 2mo
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Cinfhen Hahaha 🤣 The Scooby Doo reference @Bookwormjillk !!!!! 2mo
peaknit I didn‘t love the book, in part because I junk I had more questions than answers. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a classic, I‘m not sure this is the sequel I would hope for but it was entertaining. 2mo
BarbaraBB I didn‘t read the original one, hadn‘t heard of it either. I doubt this one will be a classic like the Legend, it simply isn‘t written well enough 2mo
TrishB It didn‘t fill my horror meter- but I think as a teenager I would have loved it- so more of a time and place thing really. 2mo
TheBookHippie I LOVED IT and I did reread the original right before starting this. I cannot wait to share it and I will read more by this author to see if others are good. I also am curious about other retellings of this old story. I do LOVE these weekends and thank you all so much. @BarbaraBB and @Cinfhen !! I cannot wait for Winter which is our next one yes??? 2mo
jenniferw88 I loved it, and I reviewed it over on a group I'm in on Goodreads and had this comment - I've read a few of the retellings/offshoots, and though nothing comes close to the original, this book was the best she'd read so far. My threshold for horror isn't as high as @TrishB 's however so liked that it was mild (the only thing that I thought might scare me was when Bente was watching Justus being eaten) - I don't do medical gore! 2mo
TrishB @jenniferw88 I think my gore meter is definitely off kilter! I probably don‘t even see it anymore. 2mo
Cinfhen I think I had higher expectations but it did provide some level of entertainment and our discussions always open my eyes and mind to something more and for that im always 💯 grateful!!! Thanks friends for joining us @TheBookHippie @TrishB @peaknit @MoonWitch94 @BookwormAHN stay tuned for details on our next #BigBuddyRead 🥰 2mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie @jenniferw88 I am happy you loved it, it is such a wonderful way of reading out of our box books together. And as we saw today, there are always so many insightful additions to our own impressions! Our next weekend will be 3-5 March. Stay tuned for our announcement, you‘ll both love the theme I guess ! 2mo
Cinfhen Im so glad you loved it @jenniferw88 and you‘re right….NOTHING freaks out @TrishB 2mo
TrishB Another round of great discussions 😁 thanks both and others for different insights. 2mo
MoonWitch94 🥳🥳🥳🥳 2mo
TrishB 😂😂 probably too old!! 2mo
TheBookHippie @BarbaraBB I did truly love it! We are not doing winter? I am excited to read again with this group it takes me out of my comfort zone and what a gift this one was!! I promise to let you all know when I read with a student and how it goes! 2mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie I‘d really like that! And it‘ll be March before we know it! 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m really glad you participated @TheBookHippie 💓💓💓💓and if this book reaches out and helps one of your students than I can‘t think of a better gift 💝 1mo
melissajayne I feel like it was a little too long and could have been more effective as a novella 1mo
Reggie I liked it but I think it should have ended the night Brom died with her killing Schular that same night. I thought those last 50 pages dragged on. But I was creeped out. The kids getting murdered with no heads and no feet. That‘s usually enough for me. Henry writes a solid story. I liked it. 1mo
DebinHawaii I enjoyed it overall. I did wish I had reread the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow before because iIt has been decades & I didn‘t remember the finer points. Although I would have liked some things more fleshed out, it kept me engaged & the audiobook was well done although I think I would have liked reading it better. I think with the caveat of it being a sequel told from the perspective of a child of the Hollow, it was a worthy enough sequel. 1mo
DebinHawaii Thank you @BarbaraBB & @Cinfhen for another great readalong & weekend of fun! 🤗 Looking forward to March! 1mo
vlwelser I'm solidly on the fence about this. The original isn't very long so she didn't have a ton to work with. Her audience seems to be YA so it was kind of basic. But this is really just my least favorite of her books of which I have read nearly every one of. It's a solid effort but it felt like something was missing. 1mo
vlwelser Oh and thank you to @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB for hosting. I love these discussions. 1mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I put all her books on my wishlist!! If they don't arrive in the holiday season I plan to purchase in January! 1mo
DGRachel I really enjoyed it and as someone who rereads the original every year, I thought it was a worthy sequel/reimagining. 1mo
vlwelser @TheBookHippie maybe skip the ones before Alice. I think those were just her starter books before she got into YA fairytale retellings. Not that I read them. Just turned off by the Tomb Raideresque covers. 1mo
DGRachel I also want to add that my horror gore tolerance is very low. I love being spooked and worried about every creak or noise in my house, but graphic violence is not something I handle well. And for @TheBookHippie , I don‘t know where Lost Boy falls into Henry‘s publication order as suggested by @vlwelser but it‘s the only other one I‘ve read and I LOVED it. 1mo
vlwelser @DGRachel definitely! That's the Peter Pan one. I think it goes Alice ×2, Peter Pan, Mermaid, Red, Horseman and a couple in the middle that aren't based on fairytales. I could look it up but... Lazy. 1mo
Bookzombie This is my second Henry book (tagged the other below) and I enjoyed it. I did think the ending could have been tightened up a bit. It had moments that were spooky and creepy, but it‘s definitely not one I need to put in the freezer. Also, I didn‘t go back and read the original story so I was probably heavenly influenced by the movie, lol. 1mo
Bookzombie I really enjoyed all the perspectives today. Great discussion! 💕 1mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser That was my plan!! 1mo
TheBookHippie @DGRachel OH thanks!! I am exactly the same way!!! NO tolerance! 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Yesssss!!! @Reggie I‘m so with you! Could have ended with the night of Brom‘s death. I was listening to the audio and assuming it was over and it kept going 😱 that turned out to be a mess, except the horseman part which could have happened the same time as (in my mind) the “first” ending lol. 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Overall — I‘m not a horror reader and would never have read on my own. I‘ve heard great things about Henry so I was glad to give her a try along with buddy readers led by @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB ☺️ not sure I‘ll read more from her, as this just isn‘t my “thing” but I do enjoy stepping out of my usual reads. Thanks everyone! 1mo
AllDebooks I'm new to Henry and did enjoy the book. I thought it was let down by all the loose threads, girl being punched, Schuler's deveopment etc. I agree @Reggie it should have ended at Brom's death. 1mo
AllDebooks This was also my 1st #Sundaybuddyread 😁 so glad I joined in, the discussions were more fascinating and enjoyable than the book. Thanks for your great hosting @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB x 1mo
vonnie862 I liked the middle of the book. I was intrigued with the Kludde and the Horseman and how it connected to Ben. I do admit that it took me a few chapters to get into the book and I was not too fond of part 3(though I like the ending). Part 3 was too long for my taste. 1mo
Cinfhen This was definitely outside my reading comfort too @Chelsea.Poole @AllDebooks @DebinHawaii but I‘m glad I was able to experience the fun with all of you!! I so agree @Reggie @melissajayne @Bookzombie @vonnie862 the book felt a bit longer than necessary😬 I don‘t think I would read this author again unless it was with all of you @DGRachel @vlwelser @TheBookHippie 😉 1mo
Bklover Hey, Cindy, I am so sorry I missed this. Last weekend my daughter moved out (rather suddenly- very long story) and I have had a rather rough time. I‘m actually still reading Horseman, but life has been rather complicated lately. Again, I am so sorry. I love your book events and would love to take part in the one for March. ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
rubyslippersreads I haven‘t read the original in years, though I‘ve seen the Johnny Depp movie several times, as well as the Disney cartoon. 1mo
Cinfhen Did you enjoy the book @rubyslippersreads ?? Thanks for adding to the discussion!! Hope we‘ll see you for #IndependentWomen March 3-5 🙌🏻💗 1mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen I did enjoy it. I‘ll be hunting down more by this author. Looking forward to our next read in March! 1mo
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Question 3: Who do you think was the Horseman before Ben??

BookwormAHN I originally wondered if it wasn't her father. 2mo
Cinfhen Me too @BookwormAHN I still think that!!! 2mo
MoonWitch94 I think it‘s her Father. I really do. 2mo
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Bookwormjillk I wasn‘t sure but liked the way it ended. 2mo
jenniferw88 No idea, but could be her Dad. 2mo
TrishB I thought the Dad too. 2mo
TheBookHippie I think Dad. 2mo
BarbaraBB I agree with you all. He took such care of Ben, he felt like a father figure. I do wonder how he became the Horseman though because her father was murdered, while Ben was not. 2mo
Reggie Lol, wow, maybe I didn‘t think much about origins but I thought the Headless Horseman was conjured into reality just by Brom making up that story and the beliefs of the townspeople made him real. 1mo
melissajayne Brom 1mo
DebinHawaii I thought her father too but @Reggie brings up a good point. 1mo
vlwelser Maybe the dad because it was protecting her from that other thing. I found some of this pretty confusing at the end. 1mo
vlwelser But I also agree with @Reggie that it became something because they all believed in it. 1mo
Cinfhen Damn @Reggie you had to go and prove us all wrong 🤪🤪🤪 1mo
Cinfhen Brom did invent the headless horseman to scare away Ichabod Crane but I want to believe that his son took on the role after his death as a way to protect his daughter & parents from the evil Schuler @vlwelser @DebinHawaii @melissajayne @BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie @TrishB @jenniferw88 @Bookwormjillk @MoonWitch94 @BookwormAHN @Reggie 1mo
Reggie I‘m not even right, I just love these discussions because we all have different opinions and I get to see thoughts I never would have thought of. 1mo
DGRachel I‘m with @Reggie on this one and I think there was even something mentioned in the book to this effect, about legend becoming reality because everyone believed it was real, but I finished it weeks ago so I‘m not positive (and that could also have been another spooky woods book I read this month). 1mo
DGRachel @Cinfhen I also love the idea that Ben‘s dad actually became the Horseman after being murdered and that Ben takes on that roll from him. 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie @DGRachel I vacillated between it being Ben‘s father and the idea that when Ben was little she somehow breathed life into Brom‘s imagined horseman. That she somehow created him. I could get all crazy it. If she was of Shuler‘s blood, maybe she had some power. In her case, it came through as light and love. @jenniferw88 I also thought of HP a little as this one ended. 🙂 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Now this part — I enjoyed! A great twist on the original tale! Not sure who/what the horseman is. Great explanation @Cinfhen and @Reggie @DGRachel 1mo
AllDebooks This was a great ending. I did believe the Horseman was Ben's creation from grief for her Dad. I like the thought of him coming into being thru belief and need. 1mo
vonnie862 The Horseman was created with Ben's unknowing power. She imagined him during a time of need so he became real. 1mo
Cinfhen I love your explanations @AllDebooks @vonnie862 !!!!! 1mo
Cinfhen You too @Bookzombie 😘 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie are you saying that the Headless Horseman was Ben‘s Patronus? Lol 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie LOL 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1mo
rubyslippersreads And what @vonnie862 said too. 1mo
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Question 2: Why do you think Schuler de Jaager is so evil? What made him this way? How about the other townsfolk ?

TheBookHippie So not an answer but an answer is she going to write a book fleshing this out? It had a bit of Steven King Silver Bullet priest for me. 2mo
Cinfhen I agree @TheBookHippie - one of my pet peeves about this book- I found a lot of the townspeople‘s actions unexplained or underdeveloped. I mean a grown man punched a girl in the face and nobody reacted!! There were some strange interactions. A bit of violence 2mo
BookwormAHN @TheBookHippie @Cinfhen I agree and what about the attempted sexual assault or the kidnapping. There seemed to be a number of incidents that just happened but were then ignored. 2mo
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MoonWitch94 @TheBookHippie I totally agree! @Cinfhen Cindy I found that frustrating as hell! Lots of loose ends. 2mo
Cinfhen Oh good!!! I wasn‘t the only one to be frustrated @MoonWitch94 @BookwormAHN 2mo
peaknit I could have used some more explanation about Schuler. He seemed like evil incarnate, it was confusing for me to know who he really was, Fenna‘s dad and Bente‘s grandpa? He seemed like the devil somehow, driven with jealousy. 2mo
BarbaraBB I share all frustrations! The loose ends, the hitting a 14 year old girl, the fact that no one seemed to care that children were murdered and this man who turned out to be Ben‘s other opa. Why did she NEVER wonder or learn about her mother‘s father while he lived in the same village? And how came Schuler to be evil? There seems no reason!! @BookwormAHN @MoonWitch94 @cinfhen (edited) 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen Well. A bit of my town it is. People do horrific things nothing happens, and well look at politics and things people do and no one says a thing. It‘s a mirror for us. It is. I think some of the kids I work with would find this comforting. It is. Welcome to life. Unanswered and not fleshing out although bothersome is generally what I admire as realistic. 😂 2mo
Cinfhen I do think he was the stand in for the devil @peaknit but I wish the author would have written his character with more depth!! And why did he never make himself known to Bente all those years??? It wasn‘t clear 2mo
Cinfhen Wow!!! That‘s pretty drastic @TheBookHippie just shows the bubble I live in. How sad that your school kids might find this behavior “normal” 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s a terrifying mirror @TheBookHippie 😢 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen “ I “ find it normal. They will too. It is quite comforting to read it in a book. Which is hard to understand if it‘s not reality for you. They love dark fairytales as well as books that don‘t end happy la la. Those have their place in escaping reading but it‘s always affirmation to “see” yourself in a book, even this one in this way. 🙃 2mo
TrishB I just thought it was classic horror build up- bad, unexplained things happen but it‘s all down to evil 🤷‍♀️ it felt a bit lazy though and sometimes YA- doesn‘t go into too much detail. 2mo
MoonWitch94 @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB I‘m glad we are in agreement about the frustrations. I do think that perhaps the average reader might‘ve missed those things. @TheBookHippie You do bring up a good point. 2mo
Bookwormjillk I didn‘t get it either, and just settled on he was evil because he could get away with it. 2mo
Cinfhen Yes @TheBookHippie really does make me rethink my stance @MoonWitch94 because originally I felt like @TrishB writes - I saw this book as unexplained YA horror but perhaps it is deeper than I gave the author credit for 2mo
TheBookHippie @MoonWitch94 I love book discussions for this very reason, no two people read the same book the same way, we may have similar reactions but generally there are things to ponder on from someone else. ♥️ 2mo
Cinfhen Always!!!! @TheBookHippie @MoonWitch94 the discussions make you look at the book through another‘s experiences!!!!! 2mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie It is really confronting what you write, I had no idea. It is definitely not my reality, I feel for your kids and I can totally understand why books like this one can be a welcome escape and maybe help them feeling understood. 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen I assume she writes for herself but also for who she believes reads or even may need this book? I‘ve never read this author but I have plans to now read more. @BarbaraBB 2mo
TheBookHippie @BarbaraBB that‘s what makes reading books together special, IMO♥️. 2mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB It felt very YA to me too, which is no problem but I didn‘t expect it. I found it a very very weak and lazy book but I can see why it would work for another public, like the school kids @TheBookHippie works with. 2mo
Reggie @TheBookHippie 🖤🖤🖤 (edited) 2mo
BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie Absolutely!! 2mo
TheBookHippie @Reggie ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
jenniferw88 No idea, but his final death scene when Bente rescues the horseman was very reminiscent of the ending of Harry Potter for me, as Harry defeats Voldemort because his parents sacrificed their lives for him. Not putting this under a spoiler because I think most people would have read the books by now 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB @TheBookHippie some excellent points about audiences. Made me think. 2mo
jenniferw88 And I was looking for the book in the YA section of the shop - found it in Sci-fi and fantasy! 2mo
TheBookHippie @jenniferw88 I found it under horror section 😳 2mo
DebinHawaii I agree with a lot of what was said above. There were points that felt unexplained or just left off. I took some of it was the fact I listened to it on my work commutes rather than “saw” the words & sometimes I miss things that way but it sounds like it was the book. I feel like both Horror & YA can be a bit shallow in character development sometimes & why things/people are the way they are, but @TheBookHippie points out, that can often be the⬇️ (edited) 2mo
DebinHawaii … way life is & the reality for young people especially & our narrator is a teenager. For Schuler, I just thought that he was the monster (don‘t ask me to spell it because again… audio book) that he was telling Ben about & he came that way from the old country. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (edited) 1mo
Reggie I just think for there to be good there has to be evil and he was that for me. I think he was a demon who just probably pops up every so often to eff with people just cause he can, a la the Devil guy from Stephen King‘s Needful Things. 1mo
melissajayne I think he‘s evil because others in the town are afraid of him and they allowed him to get away with stuff that others wouldn‘t been allowed to get away with. 1mo
vlwelser This character has to be the personification of evil. But he is weirdly underdeveloped. Maybe because Ben doesn't know much about him. 1mo
vlwelser @TheBookHippie I'm glad you liked this and plan to share it with your students. I think you'll also really like some of her others. 1mo
Cinfhen @jenniferw88 interesting ! This doesn‘t really feel like fantasy/ horror but my copy has it labeled that way too @TheBookHippie 1mo
Cinfhen Absolutely @melissajayne he‘s the town bully for sure and gets away with being that way!!! He was a bit cartoonish for me @vlwelser @Reggie @DebinHawaii 1mo
DGRachel Similar to what @Reggie said, it felt like he was a demon/devil character that crops up in horror novel small towns. I wanted more depth of explanation. I love @TheBookHippie interpretation. That adds another layer to the story for me. 1mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I saw it the same way. It seemed like his pleasure was in causing pain to others. He thought he was doing that when he sent Bente‘s father to his death. Brom and Katrina were sad, but not broken. They continued to live full lives. 1mo
Reggie @Bookzombie 🖤🖤🖤 1mo
Bookzombie @Cinfhen I think he didn‘t see any value in Bente so he didn‘t pushed to be involved. He only made himself known to her when he thought he could use in her some way. To create more pain and probably chaos. 1mo
Chelsea.Poole I chalked this character up to being the boogeyman/most horrible villainous bad guy out there and a part of what the horror genre is. I‘m not a horror reader so I thought this was pretty normal for the genre. Guess I should have thought a bit more about it. But I agree, seems a bit improbable the way Ben keeps interacting with him. And then the end…?? Felt like it could have been better. 1mo
AllDebooks I found this character development very poor. He just popped into the story out of nowhere. No explanation as to why Ben didn't know anything about her Mother's family. Was he was just a random guy possessed by evil or was he like that all along. Very frustrating! I think so much was concentrated on gender id that so many other threads were left unaccounted for. I get we're in a different time period but still.... 1mo
vonnie862 I wish there was more info on this character. Was he a demon? Was he man that turned evil? He said he was there to manipulate the town. Why? I think I have questions instead of answers for his character. 1mo
rubyslippersreads I think Schuler was a miserable person who was somehow possessed by a demon and thoroughly enjoyed it. 1mo
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Question 1: Ben yearns to be acknowledged as a boy but faces criticism by her grandmother. How do you view her sexuality? Did you find this was a distraction or significant addition to the overall story?

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peaknit It had me wondering if her dad‘s soul had infiltrated her somehow when the wood creature got him, Benedix turning into or being part of Bente somehow. It really didn‘t add or detract from the story for me. Sexuality wasn‘t part of the story otherwise imo. 2mo
Cinfhen Interesting theory @peaknit Bente did seem to possess her father‘s spirit in certain ways and her grandfather had no trouble seeing Bente as a male. 2mo
TrishB I didn‘t think it distracted- I thought it gave an excuse to be in the woods- as in other girls wouldn‘t be allowed? 2mo
TheBookHippie I didn‘t read anything into it other than how refreshing it was that it just IS. I do think teenagers would appreciate it greatly as a comfort if they read it. 2mo
jenniferw88 Up until the end of chapter 1 I was convinced Bente was a boy - it was a massive plot twist to me (hence why I'm using it for #pop22). It definitely added to the story for me, although I would argue it's her gender identity at stake, not her sexuality - she knows she's meant to be attracted/attractive to men, but she identifies as male. 2mo
Cinfhen Good points @jenniferw88 @TheBookHippie @TrishB It was a twist for me too, Jenny. And I thought Ben was probably Asexual but agreed, the book didn‘t really linger on Ben‘s identity or sexuality. 2mo
vlwelser It took me a sec tbh because I just assumed she was a girl. Because that's how it was reading. Then it became this thing that she was identifying as a boy. I thought her struggle with Katrina was easy to relate to. 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen It‘s just who he identifies as self is how I took it. Not sexuality or attraction per say. Just this is me. As a fact. I liked it. (edited) 2mo
vonnie862 At first, I thought Ben was a boy until it was revealed at the end of chapter 1. I don't think it was a sexuality issue for Ben but more of an identity one. I recall going through a phase in my preteen years that I did not want to be seen as a girl so I was a tomboy. I did not identify as a boy, i just didnt want to be seen as a girl. ⬇️ 2mo
jenniferw88 As my (bunny!) professor would say: Sex - external genetilia (male/female - physical appearance); Gender - type of behaviour expected when you have a certain type of external genitalia (masculine/feminine - society's stereotypes); and Sexuality - what you do with the external genitalia (hetero/homosexual - activities with the opposite/same sex). 2mo
vonnie862 (Cont) Now did Ben identified as a boy/Trans? Yes and no. Ben doesn't want to be seen as weak and at that time women were weak. She wanted to be more like her Opa. 2mo
BookwormAHN I thought she was just a tomboy a first. 2mo
MoonWitch94 I agree with @jenniferw88 on both accounts. I was surprised by that plot twist, and it‘s more about gender, not sexuality. I also agree with @TheBookHippie that I think it was refreshing for teens to read. I don‘t think it is distracting, but I also don‘t think it was a necessary point. 2mo
Cinfhen Yes!!! Absolutely understandable to butt heads with her grandma @vlwelser and agreed @vonnie862 Ben would have been seen as a tomboy in my days but she clearly saw herself as a boy for all the reasons you stated. 2mo
Cinfhen You‘re so right @jenniferw88 @MoonWitch94 the question should have been worded differently. Our mistake 😞 2mo
jenniferw88 It took a while for me to like Katrina. 2mo
BarbaraBB I think you are right @jenniferw88 that it was more about gender than sexuality. I thought she was a boy too until the end of the first chapter and like you @TheBookHippie I found it quite refreshing! 2mo
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen No worries on my account! Just found it funny that I had to refer to my notes from the professor that I was reminded of when we read Bunny! 🤣😘 2mo
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 For me it took some time as well to like KAtrina but that was because she was quite one-dimensional in those first chapters, only nagging at Ben! (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Yes!!! Professor Bunny 🐰 @jenniferw88 🥰 2mo
Cinfhen Katrina definitely evolved over the course of the story @jenniferw88 @BarbaraBB she grew to be my favorite by the end!!! 2mo
MoonWitch94 @Cinfhen No worries! We can‘t get it right all time 🖤 2mo
Reggie I think anybody who has had to struggle with who they are vs what their family/outside word wants them to be can identify with this. If this had been been a story about a family of lumberjacks and they have that one son who wants to be a computer programmer. All this against the backdrop of the headless horsemen drama. I wouldn‘t care. Christina Henry ain‘t out here saying she wrote the great American trans book. She wrote a character who just👇🏼 2mo
Reggie happens to be, and I think she did it justice by making Ben sound authentic. 2mo
Cinfhen 💯 @Reggie !!!! 2mo
Bookzombie I also wasn‘t expecting Bente to physically be a girl, but I didn‘t find it distracting. I didn‘t give a great deal of thought to Ben‘s sexuality. Unless I missed something (totally possible!) I‘m not sure that‘s really addressed. Ben does express not wanting to marry, but I think that has a great deal more to do with gender stereotypes. 2mo
TheBookHippie @Reggie I agree. 2mo
Bookzombie I was very frustrated by Katrina, because of her attitude and behavior, but also because I really kept trying to make her Christina Ricci in the movie. I think that movie Katrina would have supported Ben from the beginning. 2mo
Cinfhen Yes!! She saw herself as someone not to be confined or restricted @Bookzombie at first it felt to me like the author was trying to be relevant but I think @Reggie @TheBookHippie @vonnie862 and others are correct - she just wanted to make Bente recognizable to the younger readers who may be dealing with identity issues. And it was done with honestly. 2mo
BarbaraBB @Reggie She is very authentic, I actually think this part of the story is what Henry paid most attention too. Not what Ben says or does per se but who she is. 2mo
Cinfhen Haha!! I forgot Christina Ricci played Katrina!! She‘ll always be Wednesday Addams for me @Bookzombie (edited) 2mo
TrishB @Reggie so true and so good for teenagers/YA struggling with that. (edited) 2mo
DebinHawaii I listened to the audiobook & I‘m not sure why (maybe something I read about the book before starting it) I was expecting Ben to be a girl, then got confused & thought OK, he‘s a boy & then at the end of chapter 1 reveal was like “oh, OK, Ben is a girl who identifies as a boy…” Other than that confusion it didn‘t distract from the story, was good to see & made some of the plot points fit together better & as @Reggie said, made Ben sound authentic. 2mo
melissajayne I view her as someone that doesn‘t want to be pigeonholed, especially since she lived in a society that pigeonholed women into very specific roles, specifically the roles of wife and mother. I found it to be a distraction at first but eventually I found it added to the story. 2mo
DGRachel I don‘t have anything to add as it‘s been said by others and said better. Personally, I loved the way Henry handled it. It was just who Ben was and the conflict with Katrina made sense, considering the setting. 1mo
bthegood I agree with a lot that has been written - I think it was about gender (not sexuality) and it did not distract from the story - I thought it added to it - it helped me to understand some of the tension with the grandmother - 🙂 1mo
Chelsea.Poole Late to this party but I liked this part of Ben‘s story. It certainly added conflict (both internal and with Katrina). Agree with comments above about teens reading and feeling seen. 1mo
AllDebooks Agree with all the above. When the twist came at the end of chapter 1, I was quite concerned that gender id was being shoehorned into the plot to capture the zeitgeist of gender fluidity. However, it soon became apparent that this was a very well developed and assertively assured depiction of identity struggles at any age. Ben was a complex character and I loved him. I did think how much Oopa's grief for his son, impinged on Ben's early ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1mo
AllDebooks development. The whole nature vs nurture debate kept digging at me. This never detracted from the plot at all. I hope it helps kids/YA who are struggling with identity. Representation is key in any format and the time and setting of this novel is important. It is a statement that our identity, sexuality and gender have always been a complex part of who we are. Coming to terms with that and acceptance are the cornerstone of growing up. 1mo
Cinfhen So well said @AllDebooks !!! 1mo
Cinfhen I often become jaded when I feel like an author is trying to “check boxes” in their novels @DebinHawaii @melissajayne @bthegood @Chelsea.Poole but in this case I applaud Henry for adding representation to a classic without it feeling forced. 1mo
Emilymdxn Sorry I‘m so late! I was out last night. I liked it personally. I wasn‘t very attached to the original story at all cause I didn‘t know it well so nothing really felt shoehorned to me. I thought it made the story and characters richer and ending more satisfying 1mo
Cinfhen Glad you enjoyed @Emilymdxn 1mo
rubyslippersreads I felt Ben was a tomboy, but that‘s probably because I thought this would take more of a romantic turn. (The Horseman character gave me strong “The Highwayman” vibes, because that‘s one of my favorite poems.) 1mo
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I like this author a lot. But I like her other fairytale retellings better. Still giving it a pick. Book discussion later.

People were asking what I would style with these pants. This book is perfect. 😂

#FearfulFall @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen 🖤🎃

#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks 🖤🎃

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for this one, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! 2mo
BarbaraBB Love the pants! 2mo
Cinfhen The pants are fabulous!!! Great pairing!!!! This was my first book by this author and I was a little underwhelmed 🤷🏼‍♀️looking forward to our discussion later today 2mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m definitely going to seek out other books by this author. 1mo
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Onto book no. 4 for #deweyoct

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Sorry about blur but I'm not very good at taking selfies! Here's a photo from today's party. #fearfulfall @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Cinfhen Love it😍!!!! Hope your party was fun!!! Your playlist is fantastic- I was listening last night 🎶🙌🏻 2mo
BarbaraBB Is that a bat in your hair? Love it! I hope you had a great party! 2mo
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BarbaraBB Ah Yes, now I see! 2mo
Cathythoughts Lovely pic 🥰 2mo
tokorowilliamwallace Tell us about the party. Any themes, games/activities, themed food and drink? 1mo
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Sharing my favorite playlist on Spotify right now is HALLOWEEN PARTY 🎃🥳🖤
I‘m loving all of the #FearfulFall posts! This is such fun!

Littlewolf1 Love this 2mo
Cinfhen OMG! This photo!!!!!! And yea….Spotify has the best playlists for all seasons!!! 2mo
BarbaraBB This picture is fantastic! And I am loving the playlists too! 2mo
Gissy Beautiful photo! 😍🧙🏼‍♀️🍂🍁🖤🧡🖤 2mo
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I liked this. I do wonder if she had other endings or last 50 pages in mind. Because I didn‘t like them. But overall I did like the book. Ready to discuss tomorrow. #FearfulFall

vivastory This is not related to the book, but I just watched an 80s movie & I have to ask if you have seen it. It's the Australian movie Road Games with Jamie Lee Curtis? It was so good. 2mo
BarbaraBB Glad you liked it. Hope you will join in today‘s discussion! 2mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB wild headless horsemen couldn‘t drag me away. 2mo
Reggie @vivastory I haven‘t but it‘s on Tubi!!! 2mo
vivastory There's not much action in it, but the characters are great & I feel like it's an under the radar gem that has aged very well 2mo
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FUN!!! #scarathon I don't really do scary #teamslaughter

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Late to the party & low on Halloween costume (I‘m not a dresser upper) & fall (I live where the seasons don‘t visibly change)🍍pics on my phone for #FearfulFall #buddyread but here‘s some fall leaves & alter candles from a quick work trip to Montreal about 8 years ago & some more recent Halloween decor pics from the diner by work that always decorates for the season. The “witch creature” in the top left is my favorite!

DebinHawaii Good for #Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash too. 👻🧟‍♀️🧛🏻🧛🏻‍♀️🎃🐺🧟💀 2mo
Cinfhen Hi!!!! Love this🧡Hope all‘s well xxx 2mo
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Hi! Super busy at work but hanging in there. Hope all is well with you too. Also, I finished the book last night & will get my playlist finished later today. 🎃 2mo
Cinfhen Great but no pressure - just happy to see your name in my feed 😘 2mo
BarbaraBB Thanks for joining despite you being so busy. I envy you for living in a place without seasons! 2mo
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We have no pets, but here is my human reading buddy and his current read.


BarbaraBB He can join our discussion about this book tomorrow 😀 #fearfulfall 2mo
Leniverse @BarbaraBB He is allergic to social media, but I'll see if he has any comments for me to relay. 😂 2mo
BarbaraBB 🤣 2mo
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#scarathon2022 #fearfulfall #teamslaughter
🎃🐎 🖤 plans for tonight 📽️🎞️

I‘ve never seen it I could pee my pants in fear 😵‍💫
It is supposed to be the true Irving story..

Cinfhen Ohhhh!!! Good call! 2mo
Cinfhen Is that Johnny Depp??? 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen YESSSSSS 2mo
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Cinfhen Swooooon 🥰 2mo
BarbaraBB What @Cinfhen says 🥰 2mo
Ann_Reads I'm watching it tonight too! (I rented a digital copy and only have 15 hours left to start watching it.) Hoping it doesn't scare you too much. Thankfully I previously watched this one over ten years ago so I don't recall it well, other than it being super creepy. 2mo
TheBookHippie @Ann_Reads 😵‍💫 I‘m a wimp. Thankfully Mr BookHippie warns me -COVER YOUR EYES! He prewatches stuff for me 🙃 2mo
Ann_Reads @TheBookHippie What did you think of the movie?
It holds up pretty well for a 1999 movie but I wasn't as frightened by the special effects as the first time I saw it. Also, I totally forgot Christopher Walken was in it. 👍😱
TheBookHippie @Ann_Reads it wasn‘t as scary as I thought and I enjoyed it!!! It held up well! I love Walken! (edited) 1mo
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I enjoyed this for sure but I realised quite early on that i could remember pretty much 0% of what happened in the legend of sleepy hollow, which I have read but clearly not recently enough! Atmospheric and I liked the pace, and the way the MC‘s gender identity was written, but I think there was a lot to love that I missed from not knowing the earlier story.

#scarathlon2022 #teamslaughter #fearfulfall @Clwojick @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I reread the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and it definitely helped explain parts of this book!! 2mo
BarbaraBB I didn‘t read the Legend at all but I felt like I knew early on what that book was about. Maybe I am wrong 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks I've seen some mixed reviews for this one, so glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! 2mo
BarbaraBB So glad you liked it! 2mo
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Andrew65 Fantastic time! 👏👏👏 2mo
Cinfhen Glad you loved it ☺️looking forward to discussing tomorrow or in your case Monday 😘 2mo
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 2mo
TheBookHippie I loved it 🤫🤐 2mo
TheSpineView Awesome 2mo
Catsandbooks 🙌🏼👻🧡 2mo
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#ScarathlonDailyPrompts #Day22 #Skeleton For this one I‘ve gone with my current read for the #FearFullFall #buddyread Everything you need to know about the book is on the cover!🎃 #Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter 6pts

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I didn‘t get my hands on a copy of the #HappyHorror #FearfulFall buddy read book, but I did spend some time hunting through childhood photos to find this wild pic of @Saknicole and me from the year 2000!

I think I‘m supposed to be a “genie” and she is supposed to be some sort of witch? Honestly, it‘s anyone‘s guess….

Wishing everyone a fun and spooky weekend! I will be attending my sister‘s annual murder mystery party and mostly offline.

BarbaraBB That sounds like a great party. Have fun! 2mo
TheBookHippie So cute!! Enjoy your party!! 2mo
Cinfhen Love the photo and Litten connection- your weekend plans sounds great 😊 enjoy 🧙‍♀️ 2mo
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Yay, #FearfulFall #buddyread has arrived. I am a huge Halloween fan, this is a sampling of dress up with my family. 🎃 @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB Wow that is awesome 😎 2mo
JenReadsAlot Awesome pictures! 2mo
Bookzombie Those are great photos! 🎃 2mo
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Reggie Lol, this is awesome! 2mo
Cinfhen Elvis ROCKS!!!! Such FUN photos!!!!! 2mo
Megabooks Fantastic photos! 2mo
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No Hallowe‘en costume pictures from me I‘m afraid….

However, the photos of Whitby Abbey are suitably spooky, I think, especially when you know that it was about this time of year that we went, so Dracula may well have been lurking in the shadows. 🧛‍♂️

The other photos are of NYC in the fall - we love wandering the streets looking at all of the Hallowe‘en decorations! 🎃

Cinfhen Ohhhh, those photos are SUPER SPOOKY!!! I‘d love to visit one day 🧛‍♂️🏰 2mo
BarbaraBB What a fantastic pictures! 🧡❤️🤎 2mo
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#happyhorror #fearfulfall I don‘t have any Halloween photos saved digitally and God only knows where my printed photos live, so this is the many sides of NC Autumn. First column is October at the Coast (last week), then the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock from 2010, and the last column is from Cary in 2007. I love when the leaves change color. It‘s one of my favorite things and beach days are good year-round. 😉

Cinfhen OMG!! Those photos are gorgeous 😍Nothing is more beautiful than autumn foliage 2mo
Cinfhen Although that beach shot is pretty spectacular 🙌🏻💗🧡 2mo
Mitch Gorgeous ♥️ 2mo
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BarbaraBB Gorgeous pictures, NC is on my bucket list! (edited) 2mo
Chelsea.Poole Beautiful photos! 2mo
TheBookHippie 🍁🧡🍂 2mo
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Starting the buddy read and already stuff has gotten real on page 12. Geeez!!! I liked the above passage and it gave me creepy forest vibes, which is perfect.

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It‘s Day 1 of our #HappyHorror #FearfulFall party weekend 🎉🧟‍♂️📷👻
Please share your favorite photos from Halloween or any fall themed photographs 🍁🎃🏈☕️🫖🪵

Of course, once again I‘ve failed to locate my larger stack of photos so here‘s a few of my kiddos many decades ago 😉
Tomorrow we‘re sharing our (not too) ghoulish party tunes👻 💃🏽🕺🏼🧛‍♂️ or maybe you have a cozy playlist 🎃🍂
Either way, we can‘t wait to celebrate this weekend 🧡

BarbaraBB We posted at exactly the same moment 😂 2mo
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Cinfhen My apologies if I‘ve forgotten to tag anyone and all are welcomed to join in even if you haven‘t read The Horseman 😊 2mo
Megabooks I bailed on the horseman, but I‘ll find some fun photos! 2mo
Megabooks Love your kiddos of course! 🎃💕 2mo
Cinfhen Completely acceptable @Megabooks xxx 2mo
TrishB Great pics 😁 will come back to later. 2mo
squirrelbrain Fab pics! 2mo
Kimberlone Love it!!! 2mo
Cinfhen Obviously power rangers was very popular in my household @TrishB @squirrelbrain @Kimberlone 2mo
Kimberlone @Cinfhen I was obsessed with power rangers! Pink ranger was also named Kimberly ;) 2mo
Cinfhen Hahaha - I totally KNEW that @Kimberlone 2mo
MatchlessMarie I wish I had photos of the year my mom made me a homemade Hershey Kiss costume. Probably the greatest costume I‘ve ever had haha 2mo
Cinfhen That sounds so wonderful @MatchlessMarie - fun memories 2mo
TheBookHippie Have to say making the playlist was a riot!!! 2mo
Cinfhen Mine too @TheBookHippie 🤣I‘ve been playing it all week… it‘s TOO fun!!! 2mo
TheBookHippie @Cinfhen 🎶🎼🎵🎵🎹🎤🎸🥁🎻🎺🎷🪗 2mo
MoonWitch94 Love these photos 2mo
peaknit Fabulous! 2mo
Bookzombie Love your photos! 2mo
Cinfhen Thanks @MoonWitch94 @peaknit @Bookzombie hard to believe Angelica is turning 30, baby Superman is 27 and Spider-Man will be 21 next month!!!! Where did the years go??? 2mo
Centique They are so gorgeous!! What fun memories too 💕 I‘ve been awol this weekend - school ball weekend for daughters final year. Very exciting, somewhat stressful in the lead up 😂😂 I‘ll have to email you a pic 😘 2mo
Cinfhen Yessssss, please email me a photo!!!! I can‘t wait to see 😍 @Centique Little P the Flea ♥️ 2mo
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Fun fact about me! My sinuses just make my life hell every few weeks and I have no idea. I‘m constantly wondering if it‘s covid, getting negative tests then it‘s just my sinuses again. It‘s super cool and fun.

Cancelled on some friends this eve 😞 because I just needed to collapse in bed. Reading some of the tagged book for #fearfulfall and #scarathlon2022 in bed wondering why my head is full of bees

Cinfhen Oh no!!! Hope you start to feel better immediately ❤️‍🩹 2mo
DivineDiana Glad you decided to choose some rest. 2mo
Megabooks It sucks missing out on things when you‘re sick. 💜 2mo
Kenyazero Cool cool super fun 😐 2mo
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Look forward to discussing this weekend 😁 the discussion always adds so much.

Cinfhen Truth!! 2mo
BarbaraBB It better… 2mo
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB 😂 I laughed when I saw your rating on Goodreads. 2mo
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LeahBergen @MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB I saw that rating, too. 🤣 2mo
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen Lol, I hoped you wouldn‘t notice. Got my review ready for Sunday too 😂😂 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB 😂 looking forward to seeing it! 2mo
batsy @BarbaraBB This nearly made me spit out my coffee 😂 2mo
BarbaraBB @batsy Just be glad you dropped out in time! 2mo
batsy @BarbaraBB 😆 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB @batsy I am very much looking forward to Barbara‘s comments! 2mo
TheBookHippie OH I cannot WAIT!!!! 2mo
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It's that time again! Someday I'll get caught up, I swear 🤣

I love a Sleepy Hollow story but I could not get into this one at all. Part character connection (or lack thereof) and part story fatigue. Can't all be winners I guess 🤷‍♀️

#Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter #BookspinBingo #PromptMaze @TheAromaofBooks @Clwojick

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Considering that I don't read any horror, this review might want to be taken with a pinch of salt! 🤣

I really enjoyed it though, and looking forward to our discussion on Sunday! #fearfulfall @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

It also helped fulfil one of the #pop22 prompts I was struggling with - #aboutgenderidentity, which is a bonus! @Abailliekaras @Kalalalatja @Cortg @KarenUK @Megabooks @Laughterhp @squirrelbrain @RaeLovesToRead

Cinfhen Yay!!!! Good find!!!! 2mo
TrishB I‘ve just finished 😁 definitely not my sort of horror! 2mo
jenniferw88 @TrishB haha! Yes, it's very mild. Stayed up to 11:45 last night to finish it as I knew it wouldn't give me nightmares (although I took my old cuddly edd the duck toy to bed with me, just in case!) 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
TrishB Lol 😁 Sansa sleeps at the bottom of the bed so I don‘t have any problems! Though it‘s a look time since I was scared. 2mo
Cortg Good job! 2mo
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Honestly not sure how I feel about this one, but I look forward to discussing it on Saturday for #FearfulFall

TheSpineView Well done 2mo
aperfectmjk Pretty cool cover. 2mo
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Cinfhen I have a feeling I share some of your misgivings 😄🙄 (edited) 2mo
BarbaraBB Me too I‘m sure… 2mo
BarbaraBB We‘ll discuss it on Sunday! 2mo
BarbaraBB 😘 2mo
Catsandbooks 🙌🏼☠️🖤 2mo
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2mo
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I found a sliver of sun in the work lunchroom! Winter is coming… ❄️

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Just bought this for the #fearfulfall challenge to start when I finish blueberry muffin murder, hopefully tonight!

BarbaraBB I hope you‘ll like it 🤞🏽 2mo
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Getting ready for #fearfulfall (happening this weekend!) with this creeeepppppyyyy Sleepy Hollow retelling.

BarbaraBB Good luck 👻 2mo
Cinfhen Love the #FearfulFall photo 2mo
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Started the #FearfulFall #buddyread today! 👻 🎃
@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Can‘t wait to hear your thoughts- looking forward to discussing Sunday, Oct 23😁 2mo
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Cutting it fine but I finally have the book for the #fearfulfall buddy read @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB !

Also pictured: Waterstone's non-fiction BOTM (The Ruin of All Witches), & an interesting looking book for #naturalitsy (The Great Naturalists).

@sprainedbrain @AllDebooks

Cinfhen Looking good!! Excited you‘re joining us for #FearfulFall 2mo
AllDebooks Ooh, nice choices 👌 2mo
BarbaraBB Glad you‘ll be there the upcoming weekend! 2mo
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Because we‘re having our #FearfulFall #Buddyread in two weeks, I won‘t rate this book yet. I did finish it and it was NOT what I expected. And it‘s definitely horror! Can‘t wait to discuss it with you on October 23. @Cinfhen and I are looking forward to it, and to the days preceding it, celebrating October with music and memories ghost 👻 🍂 📕 🕺

Cinfhen Love the photo!! I didn‘t find it very horror-ish though 2mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I don‘t read horror often, or this kind of horror at least. But the zombie like living deads count as horror for me? 2mo
Megabooks I haven‘t picked this up yet, and I‘m wondering if I should…😬 @Cinfhen did you go audio?? 2mo
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Cinfhen I did print @Megabooks 2mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen 👍🏻👍🏻 thanks for letting me know 2mo
Cinfhen This book has tons of good reviews but it just wasn‘t for me …. Or you, @Megabooks I don‘t think you‘re going to enjoy it very much 😬 2mo
BarbaraBB Oh Meg I want you to read it only because of the #FearfulFall event but I‘d be surprised if you‘d like it. 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen not my diet of horror! There was other stuff in there though and I‘m sure we‘ll have a good discussion! 2mo
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This just arrived! Looking forward to reading this for #BigBuddyread #FearfulFall #HappyHorror

Ncostell Such a great cover! 2mo
BarbaraBB Looking forward to our weekend! 2mo
Cinfhen Curious to hear your thoughts ♥️🐺☠️ 2mo
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This was an excellent addition to the story of Sleepy Hollow. Ben, a youmg trans boy lives in Sleepy Hollow and starts to see the killings of the children and soon learns of creatures that lurk in the first just outside the town. Excellent! Engaging and wonderful.

#Scarathlon #TeamMonsterMash #15pts plus 1 Participation

wordslinger42 I've read some of her other books, but haven't given this one a try yet! 2mo
rsteve388 @wordslinger42 it's excellent. Have you read Near the Bone.. that book is horrifying... It's at the top of my scariest reads. (Of the books by her that I have read..) 2mo
wordslinger42 @rsteve388 I haven't! I've always been a huge wimp about scary things and I'm just starting to read some creepy books 😂 2mo
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HeathHof Hey, did you get The Magpies? 2mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof I don't know I'll.check my mail when I get home and get back.tp.tou 2mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof No magpie yet will check mail.when I get home 2mo
HeathHof I just checked the tracking and it said delivered on the 5th 2mo
rsteve388 Welp it's gone cause I don't have anything. Shoot. @HeathHof 2mo
HeathHof Ugh! So frustrating..I'll file a claim but idk if that will do anything, I've never had to file one. If it doesn't turn up I will buy Maggie another copy but I'm done with LMPBC this is the second time I've had to replace books because of the postal service. 2mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof let me go to the post office tomorrow after work and see if it got held up there... I'll let you know what I find out. 2mo
HeathHof Ok thank you. It says delivered to mailbox at 7 something P.M 2mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof the only package I got was my litsylove fall swap. So I will talk to them tomorrow and see what's up. It's 6:41pm here so I should get today's mail.sometine in the next 45 mins so if it shows up tonight.. we are all good. 2mo
HeathHof Hey, any luck on your end? None here. 1mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof No luck what so ever. Damn shame I am missing a swap package too. 1mo
HeathHof Oh boy, that's not good. I'll amazon a copy to you but I feel so bad because it won't have any of the first 3 group members notes in it, which is such a bummer! I'm still waiting for your book to come from @LoverOfLearning so it'll be late, just an FYI. @Maggie4483 I'm so sorry that the magpies got lost in the mail☹️ 1mo
HeathHof The new copy us set to get to you tomorrow 1mo
Maggie4483 @HeathHof no apology necessary. I'm sorry I won't get to see the notes, too, but it's not your fault at all. Thank you for letting me know! @LoverOfLearning, did you ever get The Final Girl Support Group? 1mo
HeathHof Thank you for understanding♡ @Maggie4483 1mo
rsteve388 @HeathHof I'll be on the lookout! 1mo
HeathHof @rsteve it Says delivered..did it make it? 1mo
LoverOfLearning Yes I did get the book and I'm sending Chasing the Boogeyman your way @HeathHof sorry it got lost in my move. But it will be at your door. 1mo
LoverOfLearning That is sad about the Magpies. But I'm sure it'll pop up in a few weeks !fingers crossed @rsteve388 @HeathHof 1mo
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#WeeklyForecast 41/22

It‘s time timeless our #FearfulFall book to prepare for our #buddyread weekend 21-23 October!
I‘ll start it later tonight as I am about to finish Scattered All Over the Earth. And of course there‘s another #ReadingAfrica2022 book!

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#TeamMonsterMash #Scarathlon #NextRead This is my next audiobook, I am looking forward to reading this take on Sleepy Hollow. Participation Point

AmandaBlaze Someone is having a reads thin dedicated to Horseman on Oct. 21-23 I think. Sorry, I can't remember who is hosting. 2mo
rsteve388 @AmandaBlaze No worries. Thanks for the heads up. 2mo
Chrissyreadit It‘s a #bigbuddyread hosted by @BarbaraBB and @Cinfhen - I‘m sure it will be a super fun weekend event if you join in! 2mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing the info @AmandaBlaze @Chrissyreadit all our welcome to join in the discussion or “ festivities” - on Oct 21 we‘re sharing our favorite Fall & Halloween photos🎃 on October 22 we‘re posting our spooky, ghoulish party tunes and Sunday we chat about the book. Tag @BarbaraBB if you‘d like to be added to the master party list 🎉🥳 2mo
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#FearfulFall #HappyHorror Looking forward to our #BigBuddyRead the weekend of October 21-23 👻🎃☠️Story continues some 50 years after The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. An interesting continuation from the original story. As far as horror goes, this was pretty mild 🧡 Stay tuned for more weekend details…not to late to join our group read!! Tag @BarbaraBB if you‘d like to be added to the master party list 🥳

TrishB I knew there was another book to buy! 2mo
TheBookHippie @TrishB I ordered mine yesterday 😂 2mo
TheBookHippie Mine is enroute!!! Cannot wait! 2mo
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Cinfhen Haha @TrishB @TheBookHippie glad you‘re both joining us 🐺🎃 2mo
BarbaraBB I hope I‘ll like it. I‘ve had high hopes! 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s more me than the book @BarbaraBB it‘s just not really a genre i gravitate too. I‘m super curious to hear your thoughts - (edited) 2mo
Balibee146 I find myself wanting this book for the cover #shallow 🤣🤣 2mo
Cinfhen Personally @Balibee146 I think the cover was the BEST thing about this book 😜 2mo
Balibee146 @cinfhen lol... And in the UK it's a different cover which is just average..... Saved by the naff book cover lol 2mo
Cinfhen I could happily mail you my copy @Balibee146 if you‘re still curious and #covetingthecover 2mo
Balibee146 @cinfhen that would be amazing.... Is there a UK cover edition of something you would like in return? 😘 2mo
Cinfhen I‘m good for now but maybe one day 😜 please send me your email @Balibee146 - cindyh666 at iCloud dot com 😘😘 2mo
Balibee146 I have sent you a message @Cinfhen thank you xx 2mo
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I really enjoyed this story - Sleepy Hollow decades after Ichabod Crane goes missing - the rest of the story -

#FearfulFall @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen
#ScarathlonDailyPrompts #victim (there are a few)
#Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash @StayCurious
Make a great day everyone🎃

Cinfhen I‘ve just started this one!!! 2mo
BarbaraBB Happy to hear it‘s good! 2mo
bthegood @Cinfhen enjoy - 2mo
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#BookSpin and #DoubleSpin picks for October! That moment when a buddy read is meant to be 😂 #Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash #FearfulFall

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Good luck!!! 2mo
Cinfhen I‘m almost done with The Horseman / not sure how about feel about it 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2mo
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