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I write things that may disturb you... a little bit.
The Outsider | Stephen King
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This book was very good. I had no idea it was apart of the Mr Mercedes series until about 30% through which cake as a big surprise to me. I may be a bit biased, I love Kong‘s work. If you are on the fence, definitely check it out.

The Regulators | Stephen King, Richard Bachman
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Building my Stephen king hardback collection. Still got a ways to go but it‘s going lol what say you? What do you think I most definitely need to grab?

Violetsunrise84 The stand 4y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Violetsunrise84 yes I definitely need that 4y
Lel2403 Salem‘s lot 4y
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Hearts In Atlantis | Stephen King
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Rebuilding my Stephen King collection with all Hardbacks. So I ask you my friends... what is THEEEEE book I should have? Or what‘s your favorite king/Bachman book? .

#booksonbooks #booklover #bookblog #reading #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookporn #bookgeek #favoriteauthor #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookshelf #books #bookphotography #stephenking #underthedome #heartsinatlantis #bookcollection #collector

TrishB The Stand and then probably Salem‘s Lot 👍🏻 4y
Ms_T Misery. 4y
Johanna414 The Stand! 4y
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AmyG The Stand...if I had to pick one. 4y
toofondofbooks The Stand and Cujo 4y
Rissa1 The Shining 4y
Quirkybookworm The Stand 4y
js0315 Love, love, love Hearts in Atlantis, but my favorite is probably "Different Seasons". "The Long Walk" is my favorite Bachman book. King writes better short stories than novels. 4y
Karkar The Stand! 😍 4y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @js0315 I‘m so about to re-read that book. Love the long walk ❤️ 4y
Reggie Salem‘s Lot. My favorite of his. 4y
Victoriahoperose Carrie is my fave, but I loved The Stand, Misery and 11/22/63 4y
MStew The SHINING, salem's lot💀🤘 haven't read the stand but hear it's bomb💣💥 4y
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Re-did the covers to my series “The Palace Program” which is a dark human nature/science fiction tale about what happens to a cast of interesting characters when they lose it all to an aggressive pandemic, and end up in gov facilities together over a 20 year span. Hope you guys like them. I‘m pretty excited.

CoffeeK8 Great covers! Very atmospheric 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @CoffeeK8 thank you so much. 5y
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Today book 2 of my series released. Tomorrow‘s Wrath and I made it an instant sale. .99 cents and book 1 (New Kings of Tomorrow) is free. If you are into some light science fiction, heavy on the introspection and human nature stuff. This is the series for you. Two books for .99 cents. Feel free to check on reviews 4.5 stars and 5.0 stars.

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The Outsider | Stephen King
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So excited to start this book today. YESSSSSS!!!! Now I need some food and my kids to disappear. Lol #stephenking #theoutsider #novel

AmyG Yay! I got this in ebook! I agree...I need to be left the eff alone. 😜 5y
ItsAngel How‘s it going? Did you finish it?? I just started it. 5y
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Just doing my morning writing.
How many of my Litsy friends actually write novels? Short stories? Novellas? Or just for fun? Don‘t you think being a writer changes the way you read books? It has for me, I‘m liking picking things apart that I didn‘t before. Lol 😂

JosieG I don't write at all beyond my blog, but my daughter is a budding writer (age 11), and has a story going on my computer that she adds to as the mood strikes her. 5y
Etpayne27 I think reading makes you a better writer. And cool keyboard! 5y
wanderinglynn I have participated in NaNoWriMo for years & have “won” twice. Then I jot down short stories occasionally. Whether I pick apart a story depends on how much I am enjoying it. The more I get sucked in, the less I pick it apart from a writer‘s perspective. If it‘s a book I‘m not into, then I tend to pick it apart to understand why. 😀 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @JosieG starting early I see. Continues to cultivate that, she may be the next writing superstar. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Etpayne27 I totally agree, I don‘t think you can be a great writer if you don‘t read often. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @wanderinglynn that makes sense, now that I think about it, I do the same thing for the same reason. 5y
JosieG She actually wants to be an artist right now, but she definitely has talent as a writer too, so I could definitely see her doing both. 😊 5y
KateFulfordAuthor Yes. That‘s me too. 5y
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The Jaunt: Buch. / Dt. von Rolf Jurkeit | Stephen King, Rolf Jurkeit
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What‘s the best short story you have ever read? Mine has to be the jaunt.

IamIamIam The Girl Who Loved Flowers by Stephen King and I think it's called The F Word by Richard Matheson. 5y
Bookish_AF LOVE The Jaunt. Still haunts me long after I‘ve read it . 👏😱 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @IamIamIam I haven‘t read either but I will now 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @whippoorwill815 ITS LONGER THAN YOU THINK!!! 5y
IamIamIam This is easily one of my favorite short story collections. 5y
Jillybeane Binti 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @IamIamIam gonna read it tonight 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Jillybeane what‘s it about 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @IamIamIam graveyard shift or night shift? 5y
Jillybeane It‘s about a fictitious Africanesque tribe sending their daughter to be educated. It‘s a sci fi, and it‘s a fun read and also thought provoking ☺️ 5y
IamIamIam Graveyard Shift is the name of one of the stories in the collection titled Night Shift. 😄 A little confusing, I know. Lol 5y
Reggie The Scarlet Ibis. I remember our teacher having us read it in 9th grade and when we were finished we were not the same class we were before that story. I think about it‘s symbolism of things that aren‘t supposed to be and yet are. Anyways, it‘s a great story. 5y
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If you are looking for a #dystopian, #postapocalyptic #LoveStory novel to read on kindle unlimited or otherwise I‘d be honored for you to check out my new novel. My book hit the #bestselling list last week on amazon and has received some great praise from readers. Check out reviews if you get a chance. #NewKingsOfTomorrow #Fiction #ScienceFiction

MicrobeMom Congrats! I will definitely check it out!! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @MicrobeMom thank you, I‘d love to discuss it with you once you get a chance to read it. 5y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Congratulations!!!🖖🏽 5y
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tammysue Congrats! 👏🏻 5y
the_artist Wow. congratulations.. 5y
Bookishlie Just got it:) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Bookishlie you are the best, thank you 5y
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I‘ve been reading this book for about 3 months. 😂😂 I‘m loving it, but I‘m a notoriously slow reader and i‘m an author so most free time is spent doing that. My question is.... HOW FAST DO YOU READ??!! HOW MANY BOOKS DO YOU READ IN A MONTHS TIME?

Karkar I am a slow reader and I always have more than one book going at a time. Depending on what I feel like that day determines what I pick up. I read/listen to 7 books a month or so. 5y
QueenJen Also a slow reader. But when a book sucks me in, I will literally steal time to read!! I currently have 3 books going and will read 1-4 books in a month depending on how much time I can steal. 😉🥃 5y
needleminding I'm also a very slow reader. And I have a toddler. So I usually only read about 1-2 books a month (not counting audiobooks and children's books). 5y
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LazyDays It really depends. Some days I could be really into a book and finish a 380 page book in a day or two. Or I could be really distracted and be reading 6 differnet books at a time, But only on chapter 4 in each book!😂 I guess it depends on my mood..... I at least finish one book a month. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Karkar wow, I wish. Lol 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @QueenJen I like that, stealing time. I need to become a better thief 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @LazyDays a book in a day or two? Wow u are like a machine 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @jaimeisbionic I like your pace, I‘m right there with u. I must get better though because I really love books. 5y
Scurvygirl It all depends, last year I had a good groove going and finished 2 books a week. This year I cannot concentrate on anything and I have 9 books going at once. It's awful... 5y
Alfoster I‘m lucky to be a retired teacher so I can get through a book in a day or two (don‘t hate me; I put in 40 years!)🤪 5y
TurtleLibrarian Ummm, I read about 25 books a month, but, about 50-70% of those are comic trade paperbacks. :) 5y
QueenJen @Alfoster That makes you a hero! You earned your time! 5y
Alfoster @QueenJen Thanks for that! I feel really lucky as I loved every minute of teaching high school! 5y
cherinium I don't really count how many I read, but I probably listen to 1 or 2 audiobooks a month during my commute time. I almost always have one monster book or series going, but may take months to finish one book. And I usually read 1 or 2 shorter, quicker reads every month. I am amazed at how many people read my yearly total in a month's time. 5y
EricaReads Usually 1-3 books per week, but some months I read up to 15 in a month. Depends on the book and how much free time I have. (edited) 5y
Rcoco I average about 2 each month. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Alfoster wow that‘s insane 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Scurvygirl wow 9 books at once 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @frombellatoylva that‘s an amazing output 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @cherinium I‘m right there with you 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @EricaReads that‘s so much, teach me your ways. Lol 5y
TurtleLibrarian @jmclark35 I've been blessed to be able to read, fiction at least, pretty fast. And I do love my capes Graphic novels :D 5y
needleminding @jmclark35 My feelings exactly! 5y
Janmah I have 3-6 books going at one time. I have several TBR piles in the living room and two TBR piles in the bedroom. When one of those grabs me, I will read that one until I finish. I read pretty fast. How fast depends on the length of the book and how interesting it is. I‘ve read a book in one sitting and some take months. 5y
jjmcgaffey I read fast - as @Janmah says, it depends on the book how long it takes. But I've been tracking my reading on LT for several years, and I usually finish 15-20 books a month. One month last year I read 43 books - special circumstances (I was mildly sick, and reading a long and fluffy series). 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Man I wish I could do that, I‘m one at a time and still slow. I write a lot though and pretty fast. 5y
Bookishlie I will have five or six going at once so some months none, then others it‘ll be like six (edited) 5y
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Under the Dome | King, Stephen
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I loved the ending of this king novel. It was one of his longer and deeper books but I enjoyed it.

Who‘s up with me tonight?

jmclarks_Books_Bazaar The short story “the jaunt” is pretty awesome 5y
AmyAgentBor The Stand. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @AmyAgentBor can‘t argue that. Loved that book, the tv special/movie wasn‘t bad either 5y
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Between-the-Shelves The only King book I've read is Salem's Lot, so I'll have to go with that! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Between-the-Shelves by default lol it was a very good book though. I enjoyed it 5y
Settings Misery. Liked the bee motif. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @anoplph0ra that was good, I loved the movie too and that‘s rare for me lol. 5y
Karkar The Stand, is my favorite. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Karkar it was a very long book but it kept me interested all the way through. 5y
YouReadMyEyes Of the handful that I‘ve read, The Shining is my favorite. I really want to read The Stand because of all the rave reviews! 5y
Ingerella I really loved The Talisman. I spent a whole summer reading that when I was younger. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @YouReadMyEyes if you get a chance you should really check it out. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Ingerella I know right, did u enjoy “the black house” 5y
Ingerella I haven't read The Black House. I think I forgot all about that book..I need to read it now that you mention it! 5y
BookNerd9906 11/22/63 5y
Crewgurl The Shining! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Ingerella yes it‘s the sequel to the talisman and the first king novel I read. It‘s very good 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @BookNerd9906 how did u like that? I haven‘t read it yet 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Crewgurl did you read the sequel to that? 5y
Crewgurl I did! A little far fetched (even given the subject matter), but I enjoyed it 😊 5y
BookNerd9906 Not just my favorite King book, but an all time favorite. Definitely check it out! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Crewgurl which part did u believe was far-fetched? 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @BookNerd9906 my favorite series may be dark tower, have u read? I‘m sure you have. 5y
tpixie I bought that book when it came out and taped the TV show movie on my VSH tapes. I‘ve never ended up reading the book and I no longer have a VSH player! I really need to move this book up on my TBR! 5y
Crewgurl That his father had the affair and the child he was helping was his niece (nephew, niece? I read it when it came out and can‘t seem to recall now). But still really enjoyable 😊 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @tpixie I absolutely loved it 5y
tpixie ♥️♥️♥️ 5y
Mamashep I love when a group of blogging friends does King readalongs - this was one of the books we read together and I really enjoyed it. 5y
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“That deepening desire of wanting a thing is all too easily extinguished by receiving a thing. Therein lies the flaw in our kind.”


#newkingsoftomorrow #dystopian #postapocalyptic #sciencefiction #goodreads #bestseller

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WOW, Litsy added my book to be stacked if u choose to read it. I think you should, New Kings of Tomorrow” became a #1 bestseller a few days back. Only 3.99 and on kindle unlimited. Your support would be amazing. Thank you all. STACK THAT BOOK!!!

Bourriquet76 Congrats!!!!! 5y
ElleSkel Congrats! 5y
AlexandriaKendahl Good job! 5y
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tammysue Congratulations!! 👏🏻 5y
the_artist Wow. That's Great. Keep it up.. I'll definitely read it @jmclark35 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @rhea_reads11 thank you so much I‘d love to hear what u think about it. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thanks everyone I appreciate it 5y
the_artist 😊🤓 5y
ReadingRuby I just bought a copy for my kindle! Sounds great 😆 5y
AngelicaLuvsBooks @jmclark35 Congratulations to you Sir! Not my particular genre but I've already passed it on to a few friends. Best wishes for much success! 5y
Janmah I‘ve downloaded a sample! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Janmah hope you enjoy. 5y
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Wow!!! | Terry E. Lyle
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‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️MAJOR GOAL ALERT‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
For anyone that cares.... today is one of the best days of my life. Today my book “New Kings of Tomorrow” became a #1 best seller. I can‘t say how this feels, but it‘s amazing. If you haven‘t yet you should download and at least read the first 3 chapters. I love you all that have supported my journey.
#bestseller #amazonbestseller #dystopian #postapocalyptic #sciencefiction #newkingsoftomorrow #jmclark #number1

corycatelyn Congrats! 5y
CAnne Congratulations!! 5y
Dragon Congratulations 👍😀🎉 5y
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DarcysMom Wow! Congratulations! 🎊🎉🎊🎉😁👍 5y
MrBook @jmclark35 That is AWESOME!!!!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I hope to accomplish one day what you have today. Thank you for the inspiration!!! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @MrBook it‘s all love my friend. 5y
MrBook @jmclark35 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉🎉 5y
Karkar Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 5y
AmyG Wow! Congrats!🎉 5y
mcipher Congratulations!! 🍾🎈👏👏 5y
Rachel.Rencher Congratulations! 😁🎉 5y
Tera0707 That‘s awesome! Congratulations! 5y
DHill Congratulations!! 5y
Ingerella Wow, Congratulations!! 5y
nelehelen 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 5y
LazyDays Wow! What a wonderful acomplishment!🙌⭐⭐⭐ 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar You all are awesome, thanks you. 5y
Chelleo Congratulations! 5y
SconsinBookyBadger Congratulations on your best seller! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you all, today has been a great day I appreciate all the love. 5y
Ava_Weasley Wow! Congratulations! 5y
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Finishing up book 2 of my trilogy. What are you guys reading this week?

LibrarianJen Too many things. I need to stop multitasking my books. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @LibrarianJen lol gotta focus. I‘m the same way though 5y
SandyW Congrats! Reading Artemis for the #mttbrreadathon . 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @SandyW I‘ve been meaning to read that, is it any good? 5y
shadowspeak17 I‘m reading Bloodchild and Other Stories, House of Leaves, and Furiously Happy which is more books than I usually like to read at one time, but apparently, I didn‘t care about that when I started them all. 😂 5y
SandyW I'm about 2/3 thru. Enjoying the story, but Jazz's dialog does not ring true, and it keeps pulling me out of the story. I'll happily read Weir again but I'd want him to write a male protagonist. 5y
RadicalReader @jmclark35 cannot stop staring at your colored keyboard 5y
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A Brief History of Time | Stephen Hawking
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One of the men I‘ve looked up to for some time died today. I hope now he has learned all the secrets of the universe. RIP Stephen Hawking

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NEWCOMER | Suzanne Woods Fisher
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Check out reviews for my new dystopian novel NEW KINGS OF TOMORROW. If you are looking for something new, refreshing, and a challenge to how we view ourselves and our history. This is the book for you. I‘d love your feedback.


post image

Anyone looking for a new and interesting read about a post apocalyptic world in the near future, and what happens when everyone that u have ever loved dies. This story is about how the human psyche would deal with such a trauma amidst a truly intriguing backdrop.
#postapocolyptic #Dystopian

MelAnn Grabbed it! Sounds good! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @MelAnn I really hope you enjoy it. 5y
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American Gods | Asama Davran
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Just picked up two new books. Anyone else read these?

MayJasper I loved American Gods ❣ 5y
TK421 American Gods is a great read. Ready Player One is next on my tbr. 5y
melyndarae I loved Ready Player One. Took me til about halfway to get really into it but I really enjoyed it. 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @MayJasper I‘ve been hearing great things about it 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @TK421 yea I saw the movie trailer the other day and thought it would be a good read 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @melyndarae I‘ve heard it starts off a little slow 5y
melyndarae Yea it does. But by the 2nd half I didn't want to put it down. The movie looks like it's going to change quite a bit but still looks amazing! 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego American Gods 👍 The show is really good too. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego yea see the show is what Matt me think it would be a great read 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego There are differences. I'm quite interested to see how progresses. 5y
Carolyn11215 Love American Gods. The book and the series! 5y
RachLovesTV Yes! And I loved them both! 5y
Sharpeipup Yes, preferred Ready Player One as American Gods dragged a bit in the middle. 5y
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Today is the last day to download “New Kings of Tomorrow” for FREE FREE FREE on amazon. Grab it before it goes back to 3.99
#Dystopian #PostApocolyptic #Free #Goodreads #Kindle #ScienceFiction #Fiction #HandMaidsTale #TheMazeRunner #UnderTheDome


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The Long Walk | Stephen King
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I always loved this book, it was like The Hunger Games before the hunger games. If you haven‘t gotten a chance to read it then you should. It‘s a short one.

GarthRanzz THIS! I re-read this story once a year. My absolute favorite of King‘s Bachman books. I wish someone would finally do a movie version but all of the modern dystopian movies have probably killed that. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar A movie would be amazing, people would call it a hunger games knock off though. 😭😭😭 5y
TheBookgeekFrau I read this soooo long ago - still living at home, reading it in my childhood bedroom long ago - but I remember clear as day my thigh muscles aching as I read it. 5y
Scarlett_ohara This book is probably in my top 20. You would think it was impossible to write an interesting book about 100 teenagers who walk for days. Yet Stephen King did it. I couldn't put it down. 5y
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Taking Chances | John Goode
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FREE FREE FREE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Hey friends, I‘m running a two day FREE special on my book. Go to Amazon and download for free. Check out the reviews. Give this book a chance and check out the first 2 chapters. I think you will enjoy it.


ReadingRover I just downloaded! Thanks!!! Let me know if you decide to do an audiobook for it too. I‘d love to give it a listen. Congrats again on the release! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you so much, working on the audiobook now 5y
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Hey my friends. I entered my new book into kindle unlimited, if you have it go download the book for free and check it out. You can read the reviews as well to see if you would enjoy along with the blurb. If you don‘t have kindle unlimited they have a free trial. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT

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The Gunslinger | Stephen King
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Hey my friends, I was wanting to ask... who is your favorite book character and why? Mine is the man in Black from the dark tower series.

Karkar The Man in Black is great in the Dark Tower series. ❤️ My favorite character is Agent Pendergast from the Preston & Child books. He is so dang smart and can seriously put someone in their place! 😎 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Karkar I love characters like that, super intelligent and quick with the clever, witty comebacks. 5y
Jennifer3 Good question, I need to think on this one, but possibly Imfemula (from Americanah and I hopefully spelled it right). I loved her honest, vulnerability, and intelligence. 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Sounds like my kind of woman 5y
TheBookgeekFrau And again with the impossible to answer questions😉 Off the top of my head I‘d have to say Darth Vader; but there‘s also Odd Thomas, and Augustus McCrae, and Roland, and . . . 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar I‘m the guy with the impossible (choose between your kid) questions lol 5y
Jillybeane Cugel the Clever from Tales of the Dying Earth. That dude falls into the best and worst luck, and always comes out alive, albeit without the money/women/power he almost had. 5y
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Royal Succession | Maurice Druon
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Thanks to everyone that supported the book. You guys are amazing. That‘s love for sure.

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Whill of Agora | Michael James Ploof
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Multi time USA TODAY BEST SELLERS winner Michael Ploof read my book early and had great things to say while adding it to his mailing list. IM STOKED!!!

Day One | Peter H Wyden
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Today my book released and I‘m overjoyed. It‘s surreal to see it there. I worked super hard on it and the reviews from beta-readers are coming in. They are all very good. If someone is looking for a thrilling page turner to read, please give “New Kings of Tomorrow” a chance.
#newkingsoftomorrow #dystopian #thriller #romance #goodreads


tammysue Congrats!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉 5y
AmyG Congratulations! 5y
ReviewsbytheMrs Congratulations 🎉🍾 5y
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kamoorephoto Mine just got to my Kindle! 👏👏👏👏 5y
Eggs Congratulations 🎉🍾👏🏻👏🏻 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @kamoorephoto 🤗🤗🤗 let me know what you think. 5y
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Finally | Wendy Mass
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Tomorrow my first book releases and I‘m super excited. Long time coming and I‘m hoping to possibly hit a best sellers list. This feels surreal, and even though I‘m super happy, I‘m writing books 2 and 3 right now. Lol thanks for all the support guys.

IamIamIam Congratulations!!! 5y
VioletBramble Congratulations! I like the cover. 5y
JessClark78 Congratulations! 5y
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ptkpepe98 That is great! What is it about? 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Here is the blurb my friend 5y
ptkpepe98 That looks interesting. Congratulations! 5y
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'Salem's Lot | Stephen King
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Reviews coming in from my book makes all the lonely hours writing worth it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

tammysue That‘s fantastic! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉 5y
Chrissyreadit Congratulations! 5y
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Finally | Wendy Mass
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Feels great to see people holding onto and reading the thoughts that once only existed in my mind.

GirlChandler Me, me! I‘m writing a novel! I think this is the year I try to send it out to agents, too. 5y
GloVerdino Congrats! What an accomplishment! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Starbeast22 that‘s exciting 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @GloVerdino thank you so much. Feels pretty good 5y
Dulcinella Congratulations!! 5y
minkyb Congratulations! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thanks guys 5y
TheBookgeekFrau @jmclark35 Congratulations!!! 5y
Periwinkle Congratulations!! 🍾 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Now.... to get them to leave me reviews lol 5y
EstelaV That's amazing! I'm happy for you. Yes I am writing a novel. The first draft is almost done! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @EstelaV oooooooh got a blurb I could see? Exciting 5y
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hello! hello! | Matthew Cordell
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If you are up with me tonight, tell me your favorite book and why. I need a new read. Having trouble choosing lol

TheBookgeekFrau Awww, jeez; could you ask a more impossible question? 😄 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @C.Perone I know right? lol 5y
Chelleo @C.Perone ...right?!?! It all depends on my mood, weather, time of year, music I‘m listening to...😂🤣😂 This is a light , fun read. It‘s also being made into a movie with Alfre Woodard so I‘m anxiously waiting. 5y
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TheBookgeekFrau @jmclark35 It‘s almost as bad as ‘if you could have only one book on a deserted island...‘ lol 5y
TheBookgeekFrau @Chelleo Exactly!!!😁 5y
GarthRanzz Definitely one of the hardest questions anyone could ever ask. And like @Chelleo said, very mood dependent. My top five favourites though are: The Stand, A Canticle for Lebowitz, Lucifer‘s Hammer, On the Beach and Hunters of the Red Moon. (edited) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Chelleo I like light and fun dammit lol 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @C.Perone the Bible 😒 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Ok, lol I‘m here asking all the tough questions 😂😂😂 5y
LoLo_and_The_Dude Hmm... Amazing language, metaphors, fantastic writing, and some pretty solid suggestions no matter what your vice is... 5y
benchley1 Soothes me, boost my self esteem, makes me wish I lived in 1950s Ireland. Haha. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @LoLo_and_The_Dude I‘ve heard about this book. *adds to book list 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @C.Perone I know right 😂😂😂 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @benchley1 if we all could be Irish... that would be the life 5y
TheBookgeekFrau @jmclark35 In keeping with light and funny and your deserted island choice I‘d have to say - you‘ll laugh your ass offf!! 5y
LoLo_and_The_Dude Have you read The Sellout? 5y
Psychobabble I can never answer this question... 😞 5y
SpeculativeFemale Woman on the Edge of Time is probably my favorite stand alone novel. My favorite series is the Wheel of Time, but that's only for when you're willing to take on a pretty massive epic series. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @C.Perone def have to read this lol 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @LoLo_and_The_Dude no I have not but it sounds damn good. Do you recommend? 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Psychobabble I believe in you. Lol give it shot 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @SpeculativeFemale ok that‘s the 4th time I‘ve heard wheel of time in the last two weeks. I‘m gonna take that as a sign 5y
LoLo_and_The_Dude @Jmclark35 Everyone I have recommended it to has loved it! It‘s definitely worth picking up! (edited) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @LoLo_and_The_Dude I‘m gonna take your word for it, if I don‘t like it... I‘m tracking you down my friend. 5y
TheBookgeekFrau @jmclark35 You won‘t regret it! 5y
LoLo_and_The_Dude @jmclark35 I am willing to take my chances! 5y
Psychobabble I definitely recommend the wheel of time series... one of my favourites... (edited) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar You all are super helpful. Some great recommendations 5y
SpeculativeFemale @jmclark35 With 14 books ranging from 600 to almost 1,000 pages each, it is a serious undertaking, but well worth it. 5y
Jennifer3 I loved this book hasn‘t left my consciousness and I read it last spring. The depth of story and characters was refreshing. It will and should be a classic! (edited) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @SpeculativeFemale I love a good serious. I‘m game 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Jennifer3 I‘ve heard about this one as well. Great recommendation. 5y
Reggie This book is pure brain candy and was more Tarantino before there was Tarantino. It is my favorite book in the whole world..........WHOLE WORLD!!!! Lol 5y
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Everything's Eventual | King, Stephen
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Do you enjoy love stories? The backdrop being a dystopian world where everything is meant to be perfect. To learn rather than kill, to think rather than react. All things aren‘t as they seem though, and the Palace program is at the heart of the mystery.
Only 2.99 on amazon today. #Dystopian #lovestory #goodreads


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The Long Walk | Stephen King
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Got a few hundred copies of my book in the mail today. The book comes out next week, and I have a few book signings setup in my city. I‘m beginning to get very excited. DO YOU ALL LIKE THE BOOK COVER!!!???
#dystopian #newkingsoftomorrow #goodreads #goodbook #thriller #lovestory

tessavi Nice cover. Good luck withe the signings! 5y
Charles Would love to get my hands on that! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Inbox me, I‘ll send you one in the mail 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you so much Tessavi 5y
SiriuslyWeasley Great cover! 5y
SandyW I think the cover looks great. Beat of luck with the signings. When will you be where? (I assume you have a website?) 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Siriusly thank you for that I‘m glad you like it 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Sandy, I‘ll be at half priced books on the 13th and Joseph Beth on the 19th 5y
knittedgnome Looks great! That must have been exciting! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar It really is, hard to explain the feeling. This book isn‘t out yet and I‘m writing book 2 now, just trying to stay focused. 5y
EstelaV Wow congrats! The cover looks awesome. Had me stop scrolling and was like, what's that? I'm looking that up right now. 5y
tessavi @jmclark35 Tip:click on the person you are replying to and they will get tagged and receive a notification 😉 @RaimeyGallant and some other Littens gathered more tips at https://raimeygallant.com/2017/10 5y
EstelaV @jmclark35 2/3 done of my first draft right now. Thank you for sharing this it's very encouraging 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @EstelaV get that book done, your day is coming very soon. 💪🏻 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @tessavi thank you, that‘s awesome lol (edited) 5y
tessavi @jmclark35 👍 I'm still quite new to Litsy myself. 5y
Karkar @jmclark35 which Joseph Beth? 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Karkar crestview Hills in NKY 5y
Karkar Oh that is my Joseph Beth! Will have to see if I can make it! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar That would be awesome 5y
somebooksaround Your book sounds fantastic! Will it be available to order in physical copy? Congrats!🙌📚 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @josteele yes there is kindle preorder available now and on the 13th at launch there will be a paperback available 5y
Djspens Congratulations! Sounds like an interesting story, I'll be watching for the release and ordering it! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @Djspens thank you so much 5y
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Got a review back from one of my beta-readers for my new book coming out next Tuesday. I hope that people like what I wrote. It‘s my first book. #dystopian
#lovestory #newkingsoftomorrow #goodreads

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations!!! 🍾🎈🎊 5y
SandyW Congratulations! That's a great review. Fingers crossed for you! 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you, I‘ve always wanted to write a book that people can identify with. Question themselves, even feel guilty about their human nature. I hope most of the reviews say that I was able to do that. Thanks my new friends. 5y
mariaku21 Congrats on the book! 5y
minkyb 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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Wolves of the Calla | Stephen King
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I went to “The last bookstore” in LA a few months ago and picked up some favorites of mine.
#darktower #thriller #fantasy #horror #stephenking #LA #THELASTBOOKSTORE #goodreads #dystopian

jmclarks_Books_Bazaar I have not but I just read the blurb and it looks amazing 5y
CaitlinR Best book I read of 2017 (if that counts) is American War. Speculative fiction about the second Civil War. The audio book is great too! 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Ok I‘m gonna go check it out now. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar ^^^ the blurb sounds super interesting. ADDED 5y
Samplergal Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore. And. Hunger. 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Not a thriller, but (edited) 5y
amvs1111 The tagged book and the rest of the trilogy 5y
Karkar This is the first one that comes to mind. 5y
TheBookgeekFrau And not just keeping it in the family😉 5y
CSeydel I second the nomination for 5y
Jemgirl2014 Read it late last year. It is SO good. It's a psychological suspense with elements of science fiction. The ending will blow your mind. Stephen King calls it "bloody brilliant".☺ 5y
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Does anyone here loves any characters or books enough that you got a tattoo to commemorate? If so I‘d love to know what you got. #darktower #king #roland #bangbang #fantasy #writers #readers

swishandflick I have an expecto patronum tattoo 😄 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Really? That‘s awesome 5y
daniwithtea I have a Dorothy/Wizard of Oz-inspired tattoo. 5y
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jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Bet that looks awesome 5y
NatalieR Check out @mypoesoul Litsy feed. He has literary tattoos. 5y
CoffeeBooksandTheDoctor I have 'Carpe Librum' and a Harry Potter inspired tattoo. 😁 5y
CoffeeBooksandTheDoctor The tattoo shown in this post is bad ass! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar My tattoo guy is pretty sweet. Lol bet yours is really nice as well. 5y
LeshaMac Yes! I have a tattoo of the word Kove. It's a book title, but the meaning of it touch my soul. 5y
TheBookgeekFrau Nice ink😍 5y
EJsmama0729 Yes, a heart sankofa in the same spot as Damali Richards from the Vampire Huntress Series by L.A. Banks 5y
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Im very new to the literary world and I have a new book coming out in less than two weeks. Lol I‘m nervous to say the least. I‘m glad I found this app so that I can talk to other authors and get advice and good conversation. If anyone is interested in reading a new dystopian novel, please preorder. Only 2.99 on amazon #dystopian #scifi


Charles I‘ll definitely be reading as soon as it comes out! Looks fantastic 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you, I‘ve had a good amount of beta-readers and they all seem to enjoy the read. I hope you do too 5y
SandyW Very exciting! Best of luck. 🍀 5y
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Reggie How exciting!!!! Good luck man!!! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar I‘m hoping it all goes well. Thanks guys 5y
Smrloomis Exciting! Hope it goes well & welcome to Litsy. 5y
UwannaPublishme How cool is this! 😊🙌🏻 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar 😍😍😍 5y
Foxyfictionista Welcome to Litsy!!! Good luck with your book. 5y
kamoorephoto Welcome to where all the cool kids are!! 😽📖✊🏼💓 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Lol damn right 5y
kamoorephoto Just pre-ordered 👍🏼 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar Thank you so much. 5y
ElleSkel Welcome to Litsy Mr. Clark! This is a great little community! I hope you love it here! 📚🤓📚 5y
MayJasper Hello and welcome ☺ best wishes for your book 5y
knittedgnome Welcome! I'm new here too but it really seems like such a great community! 5y
LoLo_and_The_Dude Welcome to Litsy! I am happy to have found this community also! I look forward to meeting you through your writing and what you read! #litsywelcomewagon 5y
99problemsbutabookaint1 Welcome to Litsy!! You will love it here! 5y
DarcysMom Welcome to Litsy! It is the best corner of the internet! Check out @RaimeyGallant - she has great tips for getting the most out of Litsy. 😁 #LitsyWelcomeWagon 5y
Aliciaftw @authorkatekennelly is a friend of mine that is on the same journey as you! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar I‘m really excited but I‘m nervous. Damn first books lol but I‘ve started on book 2 already so I‘m keeping focus. 5y
VeganCleopatra Sounds interesting! Good luck! 5y
RaimeyGallant Yea! Another author! Welcome. :) #LitsyWelcomeWagon 5y
ReadingRover Welcome to Litsy! Can‘t wait to check it out! 5y
MargieW I love books by new authors! I‘ll preorder and review for you. Congrats! 5y
jmclarks_Books_Bazaar @MargieW thank u so much I‘d really appreciate it. It comes out in 24 hours 5y
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