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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Tracy Flick wants to be president of Winwood High. She's one of those ambitious girls who finds time to do it all: edit the yearbook, star in the school musical, sleep with her English teacher. Staunch idealist Jim McAllister thinks the students deserve better. So he persuades Paul Warren - a well-liked jock - to run as well.
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Book: Election by Tom Perrotta
Movie: Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off
Song: Hot for Teacher

#manicmonday @JoScho

jhod Election was my immediate film thought, so good! Have never read the book, but I will! 5mo
Megabooks @jhod The film and the book are equally good! I like them both! 5mo
Megabooks I just realized Varsity Blues would probably make more sense with a female teacher and the song Hot for Teacher. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔😉 5mo
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tammysue Great choices! 5mo
Megabooks @tammysue Thanks! 5mo
JoScho 🖤👩🏼‍🏫🖤 5mo
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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We‘ve had a crazy week here. Whiskers has a bad cold, my grandma turned 90, and today we‘re having a really important election. Whatever happens, I know we‘ll be okay, but I‘ve been stressing a lot about it. I‘m going to go volunteer at the library after I vote, and keep my fingers and toes crossed.

rretzler 😻 9mo
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Didn‘t have stickers but here‘s my selfie in the voting booth. ✅

Redwritinghood 👍🏻👍🏻 1y
vivastory 🤘🙌🎉 1y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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If you are in the United States, and you haven‘t already, please make a plan to vote on (or before) Tuesday! And talk someone else into it, too. I‘m not going to ask you to vote a certain way, or my way. I‘m just asking that you do it. Take the time - people give up their lives so you can.
#Vote 🇺🇸

Bette 👍 1y
goodbyefrancie Yes! Vote, vote, vote! 1y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Another day, anther Perrotta novel, another cast of humorously flawed characters making terrible decisions. Tracy Flick's affair with one of her teachers leads to the termination of his career and marriage. Then she goes on to run for class president and "Mr. M" can't just sit by and watch... leading to disasterous results.

Reviewsbylola I just recommended this to @britt_brooke One of my favorite Perrotta‘s! 1y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi I‘m planning to read this one soon! 1y
Mdargusch Would I like him? And this book? It sounds good. 1y
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emilyhaldi Try this one or Little Children (I own both) you might like! Same author as the one I posted yesterday but not quite as racy 😉 1y
Cinfhen Was this a movie?? Sounds familiar?!?! 1y
KarenUK @Cinfhen Early Reece Witherspoon.... really good movie 👍 1y
Cinfhen I thought so @KarenUK yes!! It was VERY good 🙌🏻 1y
Reviewsbylola I think you‘d like this @Mdargusch It‘s a quick read so you wouldn‘t waste much time if you didn‘t like it. 1y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Watching one of my favorite book-to-movie adaptations before bed!

AmyG Love this movie. 2y
Blaire One of my favorite movies! 2y
Megabooks @AmyG @Blaire 👍🏻👍🏻 Thoroughly enjoyed it! 2y
Reviewsbylola Loved this book so much but never saw the movie. 2y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Two of my recent #bookoutlet purchases that have been made into #films that I have yet to see. Looking forward to reading Election after a very positive recommendation from @Reviewsbylola 😄

merelybookish Never have read Election but that movie is 👍👍 Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick is the best! 2y
AmyG Both movies were very good. 2y
Reviewsbylola Election was just so funny! 2y
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TrishB Not seen either film or read book 😔! 2y
Leftcoastzen Love hours , both book and movie, Election film hilarious, need to read the book. 2y
readordierachel I'm embarrassed that I didn't realize Election was a book! Excellent film though. 2y
BarbaraBB The Hours 😍. Loved it. The book I mean. 2y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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I wanted to give a close up of the books @ValerieAndBooks chose for #halloweengoespostal because you couldn't see them in my other photo. I am so excited for all these choices. Seeing what people pick for me is my favorite part. I am most excited for Hands of My Father, I hadn't heard of it before and it sounds amazing. And I loved hearing Valerie's reasons for sending it to me! ❤️❤️📚📚

Reviewsbylola Election is fantastic! 2y
ValerieAndBooks I look forward to what you think of it; it‘s one of my favorites about Deaf culture even though some things are a bit different today (mostly due to technology). 2y
ValerieAndBooks @Reviewsbylola glad you say that — as I told @Alicia , I got a copy of Election for myself as well (lucked out at Dollar Tree for that title) 😊 2y
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LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Alicia @Reviewsbylola @ValerieAndBooks I'm excited for that one too! I heard him on Book Riot's new podcast where authors recommend books and he seemed awesome! 2y
Alicia @ValerieAndBooks I am really excited to read it. It's not a subject I know a lot about but I'm fascinated in. I work in healthcare so anything that helps me understand health and humans I love to learn, especially from a personal perspective! 2y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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I was having a hard time getting started on something new after my last read, so I picked this up for something quick and easy. I love the movie...but as always, I wish I'd read the book first. Tracy Flick will never NOT be a young Reese Witherspoon to me! I didn't find the book to be as funny as the movie, but it was still a pleasant read. It's really an original plot for a novel...

Election | Tom Perrotta
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Flaming margarita + chips and salsa + my book = ❤

Election | Tom Perrotta
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Great to see all the new faces in the litsiverse #welcomelitten #1 I'm in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 #2 probably the only ever useful Facebook ad (bookriot) #3 Election by Tom Perotta - a great book & a great film #4 no, but I'm worried this is going to start a whole new #blameitonlitsy trend 🐢

merelybookish Election the movie is great! Never read the book. 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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4.5⭐️ I haven't been on Litsy today because I've been deep cleaning my house so I can party next weekend. 🎉🎉
BUT I did take a couple of breaks to finish this fun book. If you enjoyed the 1999 movie with Reese Witherspoon, the book at the movie are pretty similar except for the ending. (I won't spoil it!) It is such a fun, well written palate cleanser. I love Perrotta's books, and this is no exception! 👇🏻

Megabooks I had been search for this book on and off for 6-7 years, and I'm so glad I found it at Book Outlet for a decent price. Anyway, happy dance on this one! 🤗🤗 3y
EvieBee This one made me laugh quite a bit. He always makes me do that. 3y
Megabooks @EvieBee84 Yes! His books are clever 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Okay y'all, I'm kind of sick of my two slow burns - Since We Fell and Universal Harvester. I don't want to spend my Saturday night in a slog through. So I'm going to try to read this fun book all in one sitting tonight. Wish me luck! 🤞🏻

LauraBeth I ❤️ Tom P! 3y
Megabooks @LauraBeth Me too! I picked up this and Nine Inches from Book Outlet last month 😃 3y
Eggs The movie was hilarious 3y
Megabooks @Eggs The movie is more or less true to the book, which is fun. 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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My haul from the Book Outlet sale🎉🎉📚 but fear not, I have another shipment coming tomorrow from after the sale! 🤦🏻‍♀️

The 5 that are turned around are for my #summersantagoespostal, but Election, The Hopefuls, and How I Became a North Korean are all mine!!

Election is one of my favorite 90s movies, so I'm curious to see how the book stacks up!

LeahBergen Ooo!! Are they for me?!! 😂 3y
Born.A.Reader Ooh another sale?? Yay!! 3y
Megabooks I don't know @LeahBergen 😏 3y
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Megabooks @Born.A.Reader it was great while it lasted! 3y
Born.A.Reader Oh darn, it ended already? 3y
Megabooks @Born.A.Reader Yeah, it ended last Monday. I got these in under the wire. 3y
Born.A.Reader Darn it! Oh well, my TBR pile is sighing in relief as it is lol 3y
L_auren The Hopefuls has the best spine ever 3y
Megabooks @L_auren Agreed! It is pretty awesome! 3y
Hazel0303 I liked the Hopefuls, but I really like politics. I could see how the casual reader would find it tedious after a while. 3y
Megabooks @Hazel0303 I was a political science major in college, so I may like it. 3y
Hazel0303 I think you definitely will then @Booksandcooks 3y
LibrarianRyan The fun thing about the books turned backwards is trying to guess the books. I think I know one, no idea about the rest. 3y
Megabooks @LibrarianRyan one is a little obvious (no offense maybe it's not the one you're guessing), and I considered removing the jacket, but I like to drop little hints! 3y
LibrarianRyan @Booksandcooks na. It's all fun. 3rd from the top. The rest hummmmmmmmmmmmm🤓👍🏻 3y
Megabooks @LibrarianRyan That's the one I thought people would guess...it's a pretty popular book on here. 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta

My nerves are shot, you guys. For the first time in a really long time, I'm too upset to read.

BookishFeminist 💖💖 You're not alone. 3y
Samwise_Gamgee I'm with you 3y
rachellayown Me too. This is beyond devastating. My heart is so heavy and I've been physically sickened all day. 3y
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acc5446 you are definitely not alone. big hugs - it's a good night for some self care. 3y
Suet624 I decided to rewatch Parks and Recreation. Government that makes me laugh. 3y
Eyelit 💜 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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I saw this quote in the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group today. It is the only thing that has given me hope on this dark day. Today we mourn. Tomorrow we act. I'm ready to stand alongside everyone who Trump and his people seek to bury. Let's grow stronger than ever. I love you guys.

BookishFeminist Love you too. 💖 #ImWithYou 3y
Notafraidofwords @BookishFeminist you guys are the best. I know we're trying to find hope, but I'm just not feeling it. Mostly because I only slept one hour last night and I'm at work till 2 today. 3y
MatildaBaggins 💜💜💜 3y
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mauveandrosysky @BookishFeminist - ❤️❤️❤️ @Notafraidofwords - I completely understand. I've been despondent all day. Woke up sobbing. You're not alone in feeling this way. And we all have every right to feel whatever we need to feel right now and to allow ourselves time to grieve. ❤️ 3y
Bianca 🙋🏽💙💜 #imwithyou 3y
BookishFeminist @Notafraidofwords Sleep will help. I am running on very little myself. It's perfectly okay to take the time to mourn. Just know you're not alone and we aren't giving up. 3y
Simona I'm citizen of the World and #imwithyou 3y
Magpiegem I love that quote. Thank you for sharing it. ❤️️ 3y
Susannah This is wonderful @mauveandrosysky. Thank you for posting. Before the election, I was reading through Pantsuit Nation posts, thinking, This is how movements start. I need a couple of days to grieve, but then the work begins. 3y
alohabetty I saw this quote there early this morning, too, and it really moved me. I'm still a little too raw to engage fully anywhere right now, but soon, with a little watering and care, I'll be growing again. ❤️ 3y
LauraBrook Thank you for posting this. Like @alohabetty I'm still feeling too raw, but this morning I ordered a bunch of NF books to help educate myself further. And then I went to Half Price on my way home and bought whatever I wanted. 3y
LauraBrook Oh, and I forgot to add - #imwithyou 3y
mauveandrosysky @Susannah @alohabetty @LauraBrook I totally feel you guys. We all need to allow ourselves time to grieve and process the weight of this. ❤️ 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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🙈🙉🙊🇺🇸 #election2016

IG credit: mytherapistsays

CocoReads 😬😱 3y
moranadatter So right. 3y
Robothugs I'm hearing this from everyone. Majority rule: yes. 3y
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britt_brooke @CocoReads @kmdartist @Robothugs I can't watch the results and I can't read my books. Solution? #getlitsy #gettipsy 3y
[DELETED] 3323341091 completely 😱 3y
Beachesnbooks So true 3y
LeahBergen Gah! Watching from 🇨🇦 and 😮 3y
Robothugs I like the get tipsy hashtag! #gettipsy & stress eat? 😂 3y
ApoptyGina69 A number of us have chosen WINE. 🍷I paired it with a tums. 😒 3y
britt_brooke @Robothugs I forgot #stresseating .... been doing that, too! 😂 3y
britt_brooke @ApoptyGina69 😂😂😂 Nice pairing! And completely practical. 👏🏻 3y
saresmoore I just. Can't. Even. 3y
britt_brooke @LeahBergen I feel like we are the laughing stocks of the world. 😕 3y
britt_brooke @fern @Beachesnbooks @saresmoore We need ((hugs)) 🇺🇸❣️ 3y
ApoptyGina69 @Robothugs I was about to suggest this very thing. Holding off for a meal though. An entire bag of BBQ chips sounds amazing right now. 😬 3y
[DELETED] 3323341091 your comment about the US being a laughing stock - i agree. it is as if we are stepping backwards with this. the racial hatred bandwagon is terrifying. 3y
BooksForEmpathy Yesssss! 3y
Kimzey @ApoptyGina69 I'm with you on the wine and Tums! 3y
Robothugs Let's all have a stress eating and getting tipsy party! BBQ chips! Ice cream! The works! @ApoptyGina69 & Britt! Whoever else wants in! 3y
TK-421 Hugs from 🇨🇦 Up here, we're anxious for you too 😱 3y
UwannaPublishme Thx Littens! I feel much better hanging out here with you. 🤗 3y
BookishFeminist 💙💙💙 3y
Lizpixie And I thought Australian politics was a clown carnival!🎪 3y
britt_brooke @Robothugs Sounds perfect! @ApoptyGina69 bring the Tums, I'm all out! 3y
britt_brooke @fern Exactly. 🎯 3y
LeahBergen @britt_brooke Nooo! Don't think that! 😘😘 3y
britt_brooke @Lizpixie This is a complete shit show. 💩 3y
britt_brooke @BookishFeminist 🍷 and ((hugs)) 3y
britt_brooke @LeahBergen That makes me feel better. ❣️ 3y
Susanita 😱 3y
moranadatter Right here with you. Can't drink. Watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix. 3y
britt_brooke @kmdartist Great distraction! 😁👏🏻 3y
moranadatter @britt_brooke It's hilarious, but only sort of working. 3y
Bookcation74 @britt_brooke #gettipsy = best hashtag ever and the only option right now 😱 3y
britt_brooke @Bookcation74 🙌🏻💕💕💕 3y
Bookish.Heart @Robothugs I want to join!! I'll bring extra booze and cupcakes! And happy pills for those that want to partake! 3y
britt_brooke @Bookish.Heart Emphatic YES to all! 3y
Bette 💩show is right. Unbelievable. 3y
Robothugs @Bookish.Heart And the party just got bigger & better!!! The more the merrier! 3y
britt_brooke @Bette 😭😭😭 Terrifying. 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta

Watching the Presidential election. It is so nerve wracking and so close! 😬

SimplyShelia It's making me a nervous wreck! 3y
BookishMarginalia I'm having a nervous breakdown. Seriously 3y
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UwannaPublishme Going crazy here too. Oh my! 3y
BookishFeminist 💙💙💙 3y
Bette Nervous wreck as they call another state...can't stand it 3y
Lucylovesreading Calm as a cucumber reading my book, ignoring the world! No point getting worked up when I won't know the results for a while :) 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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American Litsy pals - I have guest bedrooms up here 🇨🇦 if you need! This is sooooo stressful to watch from this distance. I can't imagine how you folks feel! Sending 💓💓

JSW 😘 hanging in there. 3y
KilgoreTrout Canada may have to build a wall to keep Americans out 😜(humor is how I deal with my fear!) 3y
LeahBergen Eeee. Tell me about it! And I'm Canadian, too. This is STRESSFUL. 3y
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Bibliogeekery @KilgoreTrout humour is so important! 3y
britt_brooke It's not our proudest moment. 🇺🇸 3y
britt_brooke @KilgoreTrout 😂👏🏻 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled 😵CNN is on and I just can't even look. 3y
stacybmartin Can you send us Trudeau too? 3y
readinginthedark If I'm allowed to get a passport after this mess, I am there! Should have gotten one before...😆 3y
KVanRead Freaking out over here in Cali. Might just moving home to Ottawa. Hi kids, meet snow! 😂😱⛄️ 3y
Mindyrecycles I literally feel like throwing up. What a nightmare. 3y
Sparkpuppypup I'm in Ohio. 😔 This is so stressful. And embarrassing. And horrifying. 3y
valeriegeary I'm snuggling with two dogs. And beer. Beer and dogs. 3y
Arbol The whiskey has made an appearance and it's here to stay. 3y
SimplyShelia I can't watch but can't not watch. I'm so nervous! It's way closer than I'd hoped. 😭 3y
mcctrish 🇨🇦I can't imagine how stressful it must be ( I feel semi nauseous with the numbers) 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I may be coming, save me a room! 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess I am in shock! Can't believe this is happening!😬 3y
Nebklvr No joke. May need. 3y
Soubhiville Enlist all your friends- there may be a whole crowd of us! 3y
Sparkpuppypup What the hell world are we even living in? This is horrifying. 3y
BookishFeminist Thank you for your kindness. I don't know what is wrong with America. 💙💙💙 3y
Vexingcircumstance I like Canada. I do wish it wasn't so cold. I'm very sensory sensitive to cold. If it wasn't for the cold I would have moved to Canada years ago. I almost went to college there. 3y
Bookish.Heart I keep trying to tell myself it's still early. But while that is helping somewhat, I still feel like crying 3y
Lizpixie Y'all can put a blowup mattress in my library anytime! 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled @stacybmartin Mmmmm. Trudeau. Yum yum. 3y
Tanner 🇨🇦Sorry, we're keeping Trudeau! But I have a decent-sized backyard if y'all need to escape and camp-out. Plus I have wine... and books! 3y
krismlars I was born and raised in North Dakota. So I know I can handle Canada. Dibs! 3y
Kimzey That is a touching offer and one that sounds pretty appealing right now. 😨 3y
elkeo_TheBookDragon @KVanRead At least it seems we just legalized pot in CA so maybe that is how we get through the next 4 horrific years... 3y
Susannah @elkeo I haven't been able to look at the California initiatives because I turned my back on the returns around 8pm PT. I think with the presidential election results, we may qualify for medical marijuana. 😰 3y
elkeo_TheBookDragon @Susannah HA. Agreed. Election depression is the real epidemic! 3y
KVanRead @elkeo That looks to be about the only bright side this morning. And it's gonna take a bumper crop! Ought be good for the economy though! 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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I voted on Friday (thanks early voting in MA!) and now I'm sitting here glued to CNN (confession: I have a huge crush on Jake Tapper) medicating myself with chocolate and hoping America votes for intelligence and human decency today. I will always feel the Bern, but now #imwithher and have no shame or reservations about it 🙎🏼

BookishFeminist I don't have cable so I'm glued to network TV & NYTimes.com with my wine and a pizza. I voted HRC in the primary so I'm very happy but have loads of respect for Bernie too. I'm glad they've been working together. 😀 3y
mauveandrosysky @BookishFeminist I had pizza earlier, too! 🍕And yes, I agree, Bernie + Hillary working together = a better world for all of us. 😊 3y
Notafraidofwords @BookishFeminist I hibernated yesterday but today I'm at the gym but I can't even focus. So I ate a bowl of Ice cream to calm my nerves. I'm a disaster today lol 3y
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BookishFeminist @Notafraidofwords I've had pizza and wine and have moved onto tortilla chips. 😆 i am a complete mess! Eating my feelings today. 3y
mauveandrosysky @Notafraidofwords @BookishFeminist seriously...I haven't been able to concentrate on anything all day. I just want her to win and for this nightmare to be over! 3y
BookishFeminist @mauveandrosysky Right?! I haven't either. I got maybe 15 min of audiobook listening in? I can't remember the last time I've felt this anxious. These results trickling in aren't helping! Solidarity. We'll make it through some way. 💙✊🏼 3y
Bianca I need chocolate. Or something. I'm exhausted but glued to PBS. 3y
Ellen I've had the attention of a gnat all day! I'm on NY Times, constantly refreshing the map 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled The Magic Board on CNN is killing me 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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And done.

Election | Tom Perrotta
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#LitTweetTuesday In honor of #election2016🇺🇸 I suggest Election by Tom Perrotta. I saw the movie first and loved it, but the book turned out to be even better (as is usually the case). The character of #TracyFlick was so much more sympathetic which made her even more enjoyable #bookstagram #booklife #youarewhatyouread

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Election | Tom Perrotta
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read_diverse_books Thank your cat for me! 😄✊ 3y
MrBook 😻😻😻😻 3y
Suzze And I know he is thinking "#imwithher" 3y
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Genrebending These are the cat voters we have been warned about 😸 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 So cute!!! 3y
britt_brooke Cute! 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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Election day- time to vote. Here's a friendly non-political reminder: we vote with our dollars when we buy from indie bookstores and support diverse authors!

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Election | Tom Perrotta
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I love The Guardian. 😂🍻🍷🍸

BookishFeminist 🍹🍸🍷🍾🎉 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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It's almost over, y'all!!!

Texreader Amen!!! 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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When you're just ready for Election Day to be over but you're worried AF about the results and their impact on the literal state of the world. #BooksCantEvenAssuageThisAnxiety

shawnmooney Hear hear! 3y
Gayan I feel the same way. 3y
Soubhiville Yep... anxiously waiting for it to be over. 3y
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KarenUK Just took hubby out for LARGE margaritas on a 'school night' so we didn't wallow in our anxiety! 3y
Notafraidofwords Same. I can't even handle anything but come home and hibernate. 3y
LilMamaMastro I've had so much anxiety of late due to election. Nursing a stiff shoulder that I attribute to all the negativity. I believe the prescription for that will be cocktails (not Mazaltov😂) tomorrow night! 3y
Imagineannie With you. It's 2:15am and I'm just...twitching. 3y
Gleefulreader I can't imagine how stressful this is for my American friends. As a Canadian I feel like I have vicarious PTSD from watching all the coverage - it has gotten bad enough that I leave the room when my husband turns on CNN! 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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For those of you who could use a laugh after the debate. A Dutch parody has appeared of Trump and Clinton singing Time of my Life. Check it out on YouTube. It gave me a good laugh.

BeththeBookDragon My sister just sent us the link! 3y
katedensen 😂😂😂 3y
I-read-and-eat @bethfriedman906 It made me feel a lot better after such a circus debate. 😂 3y
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Bookzombie 😂😂 3y
LauraBeth 😹😹😹😹 3y
mrsh62010 Check out the "bad lip reading" of the first debate as well ??? 3y
I-read-and-eat @mrsh62010 Will do! We might as well have fun with them. 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta
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If I vote early will this election be over?

BookishFeminist Sigh, sadly not. 3y
moranadatter If only... 3y
BookishMarginalia Just make your vote count. Every single vote counts. 3y
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GinaAnderson @BookishMarginalia We're a deep blue state so it's sometimes hard to feel like I'm making an impact but I vote in every election anyway. 3y
katedensen My friend and I are coming up with a presidential drinking game. 🍷 3y
GinaAnderson @katedfisher You're gonna be soooo drunk. Believe me. That hangover is gonna be yuuuuuge. 3y
katedensen @GinaAnderson 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Mamashep Think how many people would vote early if that were true! 3y
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Election | Tom Perrotta

I want to be Friends with all of them.

Election | Tom Perrotta
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all movie tie-ins! Tom Perrotta is one of my favorite authors and I think Election is his best (or maybe Wishbones or maybe Little Children-there's a reason so many of his books have been made into movies :) his Tracy Flick is an icon. Towelhead is an amazing novel about an Arab teenager forced to survive in Texas :) it goes to very dark places but is funny and poignant.

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