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These are my results for #BFC21. I‘ll be participating in #BFC2022 as well but haven‘t settled on goals yet. I will post those later. I‘m pretty proud of myself for these results — especially given how crazy and difficult my last few months have been.

Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 11mo
wanderinglynn Awesome! Way to go! 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉 11mo
Reggie Wow! Great job, Kathy! And Happy New Year! 11mo
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Reggie Also, here‘s to more unlikable characters while you listen while you walk. 😜 11mo
bnp Congratulations Kathy!🥳🎉 11mo
KathyWheeler @Reggie 😄 Happy New Year to you too! 11mo
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Holly and Ivy | Fern Michaels
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Done! As I said before, not a cheery Christmas story, but definitely worth reading! When it started, I wasn‘t sure how it was going to go, but it was a three-tissue tear-jerker in the end. I will be thinking on it for quite a while. #162 #DS #BookSpinBingo #BFC21 #NewYearSpecial #20in4 #CSReadathon #RIF #ChristmasMyWay #Wintercosy #AVeryMerryReadathon #WG2021 #MistletoeManiacs

DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 11mo
TheSpineView Great job! 11mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 11mo
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Welcome to #BFC2022!

For a little extra 2022 motivation, there'll be a mid-year & an end-of-year drawing!

To earn entries:
* Post monthly goals (1 post per month)
* Post end-of-month update (1 post per month)
There *may* be other ways to earn entries during each month. 😉
And be sure to use #BFC2022 + tag me to earn your entry.

Tagging everyone from #BFC21. Please comment if you want to be tagged for #BFC2022

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IndoorDame Yes. Please tag me! 11mo
wanderinglynn @IndoorDame 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
MatchlessMarie Tag me. Kind of fell off the wagon but I want to try again. 11mo
wanderinglynn @MatchlessMarie 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
Jennifer3 Please tag me! I would love to do this. ❤️ 11mo
Chrissyreadit 🙌👍👋😘 11mo
tdrosebud Yes, please tag me. I also fell off the wagon pretty early on and I really need the motivation. Thanks for hosting this! 11mo
KathyWheeler I‘ll be doing this again. It helps me so much with motivation! 11mo
katy4peas Please tag me! I want to keep trying! 💕 11mo
Read4life Yes. I‘m in. Please tag me. 💙🤓 11mo
mcipher I‘m in! I really need some motivation! 11mo
ChasingOm Yay! I‘m in!! 11mo
AsYouWish I am in!!! 11mo
BookishBelle Life happened a lot this past year. I‘d like to try again in 2022. I‘m in! 11mo
TK-421 I‘d like to try again! Count me in! 11mo
Airykah13 I‘m in! 11mo
Roary47 I‘d like to focus in again. Update for this month I am catching up. 🥰 11mo
eanderson I‘m in! 11mo
Susanita Yes please 11mo
Allydanielle88 I'd love to do this 11mo
BarkingMadRead Yes! I‘m in for 2022! 11mo
fredthemoose I‘d like to be tagged! 11mo
rockpools Oh, I am glad you‘re running this again. Please can you tag me? Thanks 😊 11mo
wanderinglynn @rockpools 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
julesG Yes, please tag me. 11mo
wanderinglynn @julesG I got you on the list! 👍🏻 11mo
PageShifter I am in! 11mo
Bookwormjillk I‘m in! I haven‘t fully figured out my goals yet, but I will eventually! 11mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Hoping to do better with this challenge this year. ❤️ Definitely still tag me. 11mo
Hestapleton No tag for me this year. Pregnancy is kicking my butt and I‘m expecting postpartum will be the same. :/ 11mo
Jerdencon Yes! I have been participating but will try to be better about posting this year! 11mo
Crazeedi Lynn I really need to commit to this in 2022. Thank you for hosting and for encouraging 11mo
Moonprismpower Tag me too. I may complete it all but I will be trying. 😄 11mo
Charityann Yes, tag me, please! I‘m recommitting to my fitness and health goals.😄 11mo
Bookwormjillk @Hestapleton congratulations 🎉 11mo
Andrew65 Thanks, think I need this. 🤣 COvID has led to a more sedentary lifestyle. 11mo
Sresendez12 I‘m in! I reached my fitness goals last year and am attempting better eating this year so the more motivation the better! 11mo
AbigailJaneBlog Yes definitely want to continue - it helps keep my goals in mind 🥰🎉 11mo
NovelGirl82 Yay!! I‘m excited for this year. Grad school is done and I‘ll have more time to focus on my health goals. Looking forward to this year with you all!! Will our slack channel still be active this year? 11mo
OriginalCyn620 Yes, please keep tagging me! I want to recommit to my fitness and self care goals in the new year! 😊 11mo
RedxoHearts Thanks for hosting this again I've already got my goals in mind for January 11mo
ATB Thank you for the 2022 tag! Working on my goals today. 11mo
wanderinglynn @Hestapleton totally understand. Sending you many {hugs} and lots of love 💜 11mo
Larkken Thanks for the tag! I did not keep up with this challenge last year, but I‘d love to take the opportunity to try, try again! 11mo
wanderinglynn @Larkken 🙌🏻👍🏻 11mo
Chrissyreadit Happy New Year! 11mo
wanderinglynn @Chrissyreadit Happy New Year my friend! 😘 11mo
bthegood I'm in - thanks for hosting. ⭐ 11mo
MoMogrl I'm in.... Hopefully I'll be better about posting this year 11mo
Blackink_WhitePaper Wish you a happy new year 🥳 I m trying to continue this for 22 as well . Count me in 🙌💐 11mo
jmtrivera In! 11mo
Bookgoil Time for me to join in ❤️ 11mo
MoonWitch94 Is it too late to join in? I think this could be a fun way to set some new goals. @wanderinglynn (edited) 11mo
niftytiffd Please include me 🙋🏼‍♀️ 11mo
wanderinglynn @Bookgoil @MoonWitch94 @niftytiffd Welcome! It‘s never too late to join. 🙌🏻 11mo
niftytiffd @wanderinglynn Yay! Thank you!!! 11mo
DogMomIrene Im thinking thIs challenge may be the very thing to help me stay on track with my reading and personal goals this year. Count me in. Need to think about my January goals🤔 11mo
wanderinglynn @DogMomIrene welcome! 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
CoffeeNBooks I'm going to try this again this year- hopefully I'll do better than I did last year. 😄 11mo
wanderinglynn @CoffeeNBooks 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
Jadams1776 I think I‘ll join in this year! 11mo
wanderinglynn @Jadams1776 yay! Welcome! 🙌🏻 11mo
MoonWitch94 Wahoo! 🥳🎉 Thank you! 11mo
Chelseabillups30 Read my first three books towards a total goal of 10 that apply to my local library‘s winter reading challenge and do something physically active for a minimum of 20 minutes, 22 seconds a day!! 11mo
wanderinglynn @Chelseabillups30 great goals! 🙌🏻👏🏻 11mo
j9brown Mind adding me to the tag list, too? I got winded just rummaging around in a closet the other day, I desperately need to move more! 😝 11mo
wanderinglynn @j9brown absolutely! Welcome! 👍🏻🙌🏻 11mo
MelAnn Oh I‘m gonna do this - working on my posts / goals now! 10mo
wanderinglynn @MelAnn happy to have you join us! 🙌🏻💜 10mo
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Finished this one yesterday. That gives me a BINGO on #BookSpinBingo! It was a really sweet story and said a lot about Santa and the spirit of Christmas that I remember telling my children when they got to an age that they had questions. Really good book loaded with Christmas words and lots of generosity, Holiday magic, and reindeer! #BookSpinBingo #BFC21 #CSReadathon #RIF #WINTERCOSY #AVeryMerryReadathon #ChristmasMyWay

DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 11mo
TheSpineView Love the cover! ❤ 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I've read a couple of Admans's books and really enjoyed them. 11mo
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Oh, this was good! Some of the stories were stronger than others (I particularly liked the swamp beast one) but they were all creepy and looked great!



night_shift Impulse read (10pts) 🎄 #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks (space 2 - library hold) 🎄 #WinterCosy @PuddleJumper (9/20) 🎄 #AVeryMerryBingo @Jadams1776 (It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year) 🎄 #BFC21 @wanderinglynn (8/20 overall) 🎄 #HolidayHorrors @Patchshank (2/10) 🎄 1hr/6 readathons +1 for post 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 11mo
Jadams1776 👍🏻🎉🎄 11mo
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The Mushroom Fan Club | Elise Gravel
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I really want to add this cute mushroom picture book to my bookcase. I am member of the mushroom fan club! They're fascinating and weird and I love keeping my eyes peeled for them while hiking/camping. 🍄🍄



night_shift Impulse read (10pts) 🎄 #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks (space 22 free) 🎄 #WinterCosy @PuddleJumper (8/20) 🎄 #AVeryMerryBingo @Jadams1776 (Jingle Bells - bingo!) 🎄 #BFC21 @wanderinglynn (7/20 overall) 🎄 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 11mo
Jadams1776 🎉🎄🎄 11mo
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Garlic and the Vampire | Bree Paulsen
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This was too cute! Garlic was very relatable, but Carrot was freaking adorable 😍 very sweet story about humanoid veggies and a vampire, not judging people before you know them, and being brave. Really loved the art in here, too!

#MistletoeManiacs #WinterGames2021 @Clwojick



night_shift Impulse read (10pts) 🎄 #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks (space 17 library hold) 🎄 #WinterCosy @PuddleJumper (7/20) 🎄 #AVeryMerryBingo @Jadams1776 (This Christmas) 🎄 #BFC21 @wanderinglynn (6/20 overall) 🎄 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 11mo
Jadams1776 🎉👍🏻🎄🎁 11mo
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This was a great Christmas book. Great characters, lots of Christmas activities and words AND a happy ending (sorry if that‘s a spoiler for you - but it is a Christmas novel so…) #155 #BookspinBingo #11 #BFC21 #CSReadathon #RIF #ChristmasMyWay #AVeryMerryBingo #Wintercosy #LittenListenAudioathon #AVeryMerryReadathon

Jadams1776 🎄🎉👍🏻🎁 11mo
TheSpineView Fantastic! 11mo
TheAromaofBooks I read this one this month and really enjoyed it also!! 11mo
DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 11mo
Clwojick I love this authors Xmas books! 11mo
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Elf: A Short Story of a Tall Tale | Buddy Hobbs, David Berenbaum
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East of Eden | John Steinbeck
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#currentlisten #BFC21 Trying to finish this 25 hour #audiobook before the end of the year. Halfway there, will take a lot of walking! #chunkster

SRWCF 25 hour?!?! 11mo
CuriousG That is a huge book and I love it, but don't know if I could have done it on audio. Good for you! 11mo
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