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Your Opinion Counts: Using Online Surveys to Share Your Views and Get Paid for Your Thoughts | Britton Alexander
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My name is Britton Alexander and chances are good that in 2009, I was just like you are today. I was working full time, making a huge house payment, and struggling to find ways to get from paycheck to paycheck. On average, from 2006 thru 2010, I spent $2800 a year on bounced check fees. Life is miserable when you feel like you have so much, yet struggle to get by. I decided I was fed up with not being in control of my finances, so I decided to do something about it. No, I didn't find a get rich quick scheme or anything close to it. I found a bunch of little things that I could do online that gradually added up to enough money to quit worrying about bounced checks and late fees. I got my mortgage caught up, completely funded my IRA contribution for the year, and started paying down all my credit card debt. Today I'm on a more financially sound footing then ever before and I want to show you how I did it. One of the things I started doing to earn extra cash was taking online surveys. They were easy, fun, and I GOT PAID. I will take you through the entire process of how to find survey companies that will pay you to take surveys. I'll give you a list places you can go to get surveys as well as show you how to do it... step-by-step. This book covers everything you need to know to get started, get organized, and start making a decent amount of money in the world on online surveys. HERE IS WHAT I WILL SHOW YOU INSIDE -Why companies will pay for your opinion -Tips to make your survey taking experience a success -How to find the best paid survey sites -How much money you can make participating in paid surveys -And a lot more!
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1.The people behind every comment or post I read. I have expanded my knowledge & opinion.Thank you Litsy friends from all around the world😘2.I can learn always something 3. I'm not so creative but I'm impressed with all the ideas I see on Litsy for every taste! 4. 3or 4 timer per week? 5.Yes, I enjoy all of them.I have shared in every swaps with wonderful people. My respect & admiration to the coordinators. 5. I love it as it is. Thank @MrBook

ljuliel Thanks for the replies. 💕 4w
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗 4w
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1. The discovery of new books, people and ideas in the reading world.
2. I'm weird, but no pictures of food (sorry).
3. Better hash tags and announcing of swaps, groups and so on. Many people miss out because it's difficult to find.
4. I try to once a week - I can do better!
5. Swaps, questionare, read along.
6. Wow, tough one. Not sure but part of it is my answer above (hashtags)
Thanks for questionare!


ljuliel Thank you for posting. I like to see the pictures of food too. 👍🏼 (edited) 4w
Crimson613 I recommend following @LitsyHappenings , they post events happening on litsy :D 4w
Gaylagal2 @Crimson613 Thanks, I visit it often. My point (should have made it more clear) is that sign are open for a short period and wish there was more time. What do I know? Hahaha😁 4w
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A questionnaire from fellow concerned Litten @ljuliel about how Litsy is evolving. Please consider taking the time to provide comments.

Here are mine :
1. I enjoy seeing book quotes & reviews & book-related stories & learning about books I haven't heard of yet.
2. Not as interested in the swaps & contests, although I do like to join in some of the smaller games.
3. I'd like a way, in-app, to save hash tags or book searches I'm interested in.

DrexEdit 4. Not as often as I'd like to. I'm in Litsy more often than my posting activity would suggest.
5. I mostly do readalongs and questionnaires. Things that don't take a lot of extra time or help me accomplish reading goals I already had.
DrexEdit 6. I like the idea of making an effort to comment instead of just liking and scrolling. I'd also like to see more publishers involved. I'd love to get more coming soon news or info on special editions. Just more engagement there. I'd would have thought publishers would be eager to talk with a group of such thoughtful readers. I've tried to convince my own small publisher, but I haven't been successful yet.
DrexEdit 7. I love being a part of Litsy. My own reading (and book acquisition!) has gone through the roof since joining. I can hardly keep up! 😊 And I love the tone on Litsy. I'm definitely not as thoughtful a reader as many of you. I tend to want to devour stories and move on, but I've never had anyone denigrate me for silly comments I might make. All contributions are appreciated and welcomed! 😊 1mo
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Sace I understand the wanting publishers more involved, but one reason I do love Litsy is the distinct lack of publishers and their social media influencers. I left GR because of authors and publishers and I stay away from Instagram because it. But I'm a cranky ol lady 🤣 1mo
Sace And that was crappy of me to come on your post and whine about publishers. I apologize. I had a knee jerk fear reaction and didn't pause and think before commenting 1mo
ljuliel Thanks very much for replying and all your thoughtful answers. 💕💕 1mo
Ddzmini The books I‘m interested in are on my tbr list I know I know wait until you see it but I also keep a back up which I need to update ... but not all of those books are going to be read... you‘ll understand why... but I‘m interested in them 🤗😜📚📚📚📚📚📚📖😋 1mo
DrexEdit @Sace that's OK. I think I get what you're saying. I'm not thinking of commercialized involvement, more like a conversation. giveaways, sure, but they could also participate in things like the favorite covers meme or share upcoming titles. I just read a great post on Facebook this morning from tor.com. They posted a meme about the size of a TBR list, then responded to every commenter with a gif comment. Everyone was having fun with that. 1mo
DrexEdit @ljuliel you are most welcome. Thanks for asking the questions! 😊 1mo
DrexEdit @Ddzmini it's probably a good thing there's not a number attached to Litsy's TBR list like on goodreads. The number associated with my TBR list on goodreads is enough to give me nightmares! Lol! 😄 1mo
Sace @DrexEdit that does sound fun! 1mo
rwmg You can see the number of books in your stacks on the web version of Litsy 😈 4w
DrexEdit @rwmg I wish you hadn't told me that. Lol! 😄 😄😄 4w
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1. The interaction with Littens! I can post anything here and discuss books with Littens. Litsy is definitely my go-to bookish platform. I‘m also on Instagram, but I find that they are more keen in the aesthetics of the photos than the captions
2. Gift swaps. I used to participate and enjoyed it very much, but it has become very competitive and the drama, omg! 🤯
3. More stickers, please!

sisilia 4. Hmmm, probably 2-4 posts per week... I think 5. Readalongs!!! I enjoy tackling my TBR with fellow enthusiasts 6. Better UI (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen Yes!!!! More stickers- such a simple request 1mo
sisilia @Cinfhen Hahaha .. life is much better with more stickers 1mo
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Cinfhen That was my suggestion too!!! #GreatMinds and I also mentioned my dislike of the swaps 🤪but hey, that‘s just me....and YOU 😘😘 1mo
julesG @Cinfhen I'm with you on the swaps. They have become very competitive indeed. 1mo
sisilia @julesG @Cinfhen I‘m scared of the swaps 🤪 If I curated a little package (with friendly postal cost), would I be labelled stingy? 1mo
julesG That is exactly my fear too. 1mo
Cinfhen I think there are actually many of us who don‘t care for swaps @julesG @sisilia and it‘s fine for those who enjoy them 1mo
ljuliel @sisilia @julesG No worries in the swaps. There are those that like them and those that don‘t. I think there are some kinks that need worked out with them but I mentioned those before and it didn‘t really help. I won‘t bring up the situation, but I‘ve had a couple of bad experiences with them, so I choose to participate in Litsy in other ways now. Thankfully the swaps are only a small part of it 1mo
julesG @ljuliel I used to like the swaps, until I had a few bad experiences. I'm with you, there are other ways to support Litsy. 1mo
ljuliel @julesG 💕💕💕 1mo
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1 Great place to share love of books with great people. Photo challenges are my fave give you the opportunity to post & interact daily.
2 Can't think of anything
3 The option to follow a hastag & option to opt out of follow a hashtag
4 I've been slacking recently only posting a few times a month when i have time to.
5 yes to all listed
6 can't think of anything at the moment
Thanks for the tag @MrBook #Litsyquestionaire

ljuliel Thanks for participating. 💕 1mo
GripLitGrl @ljuliel you're welcome😀 1mo
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#KeepLitsyActive @ljuliel

1. That the app is exclusively for posting about books. Each and everything revolves around books and reading🤩
2. Non bookish posts😞
3. Hmm..none that I can think of right now🤔
4. About 4 times a week
Continued in the comments

ShelfRighteous 5. Readathons- No becoz they mostly have a set of books you're required to read and my reading is very moody
Swaps- No, mainly becoz I'm not situated in the US which makes it harder
Readalongs- Maybe, haven't tried any
Questionnaires- My fav, I never miss any
ShelfRighteous 6. Right now I can only think of allowing more text in the caption and some freedom from posting only square images 1mo
ljuliel Thanks for responding. It helps to get as many opinions as possible. 💕 1mo
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1. Bookish interactions and learning about books that might not otherwise cross my path.
2. If a post doesn‘t interest me, I just keep scrolling and ignore it.
3. Search features.
4. When I have time, so it‘s erratic.
5. Well, I‘m doing a questionnaire so...😂
6. Asking people what they want and then trying to deliver the most requested features.


ljuliel Thanks very much for your replies. It helps to put a finger on things and get a conversation going. I‘ve had someone tell me that the heads of Litsy see what‘s going on here, so I‘m hoping they do and will take some of the suggestions on board. Litsy is still a great place to hang out, but it does seem participation is down..I think if we reply more to folks instead of clicking LIKE, we might get more interaction going again. 1mo
SW-T @ljuliel Replies are helpful. Clicking LIKE when someone posted sad news is very different from enjoying a book review, a funny cartoon, or quote you like. 1mo
ljuliel True...it seems a bit weird when someone posts a sad event and they get lots of “likes”, but it‘s just meant to say they care in those cases I guess. 1mo
SW-T @ljuliel True, plus “like” is the only option to click. They know folks care and for some it‘s easier to click “like” than think of the right words for a particular situation. You work with what you‘ve got! 1mo
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1) I enjoy the sense of community & getting others views on books I wouldn‘t otherwise read or know about. 2)some of the reading challenges that I constantly see are a bit overwhelming but I like to see all the participation they receive. 3)I‘d like to see more posts about current reads more than I see about random posts or challenge related things. 4)I post every time I start a new book 5) not really my kind of thing 6) litsy is awesome I 💜 it

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1. Mostly the books: what people are reading, what they love/hate, new books on the horizon. I also love the pictures people post of the places they live or travel to, their pets, their kids, their projects. My absolute favorite part of Litsy is the monthly postal book club.
2. I‘m not particularly fond of the peripheral events that lead to massive amounts of non-book related postings. 👇🏻 continued

arubabookwoman I‘m glad all the Halloween stuff is over, and I‘ve mostly skimmed over all the fitness/exercise stuff. Sometimes the massive number of these types of posts make it difficult to get to the book stuff, but it is what it is. 1mo
arubabookwoman 3. I‘d really like a larger character limit than 450 or whatever it is. I‘d like to post (and read) longer reviews, at least occasionally. I‘m always tailoring reviews to fit the letter limit, and end up expressing myself awkwardly and incompletely. 1mo
arubabookwoman 4. I probably only post once a week or so, but I read every day, and comment when I think I have something to say. 5. I don‘t participate in these (yet), but I‘m open to readathons and buddy reads. I did a swap once, was pretty stressed out, and got burned (rec‘d nothing). So I think I‘ll avoid those. 6. See 3 above. @ljuliel 1mo
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Megabooks Re: 3. I don‘t “no character limit” because that‘s one of the things I don‘t like about goodreads and bookstagram, but it would be nice if the author of the post could pin a comment so then for those who want it, the character limit would be more like 900. 1mo
ljuliel Thanks. I agree, it‘s be nice to have more space to write a longer book review. It‘s hard for me to fit everything into that small a space. I‘m sorry to hear you got ripped off in a swap. I really hate it when people do that. 1mo
lele1432 I struggle with your #3 too! I don't want to post massively long reviews; I like clear and concise. But 450 characters feels really short sometimes! 1mo
Suet624 You know that you can block the swaps, right? 2w
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Thanks for the tag @megzlynn ❤️ 1) How there are people from around the world connected just by their love for reading, also how everyone is so accepting here! You can give an opinion without the fear of being judged! ❤️ 2) Haven‘t come anything across of the sort 3) Messages? 😂. 4) Weekly 5)Read alongs and questionnaires 6) I find it perfect

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love the positive vibes in this one. ❤ 1mo
Mishu94 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego it‘s true! ❤️❤️ 1mo
ljuliel I‘m glad you‘re so happy with it 💕 1mo
Mishu94 @ljuliel ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
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Thanks for the tag @MrBook
1. I love the community that Litsy provides.
2. I haven‘t really found anything I‘m not interested it.
3. Longer post limits lol. Maybe I‘m just too wordy.
4. At least weekly.
5. I enjoy swaps and questionnaires. I would participate in read alongside and readathons but my schedule is hectic and won‘t allow it.
6. I can‘t think of anything that I would change right now.
@Mishu94 Do you want to participate?

Mishu94 I would love to! ❤️ 1mo
ljuliel @megzlynn Your issue with the space allotted for reviews, etc has been mentioned a lot. I think we all need a bit more space. It‘s hard for me to do a proper review with the limited area. 1mo
megzlynn @ljuliel I never really reviewed books until joining Litsy. After I got started though I realized I have a lot to say so I started a blog to write out my full thoughts. I still would love just a little more space on here so I can fully get my point across! But I will always be thankful to Litsy because it truly made me a better reader. 1mo
MrBook Wonderful answers! Most happy to tag you! ☺️ 1mo
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Thanks @ljuliel for this excellent survey, and thanks @MrBook for tagging me.
1. Everything! Getting to know other readers, learning about books outside my comfort zone.
2. Very little, really.
3. Hmm. Maybe larger character limit for posts, but that‘s not major.
4. Generally at least once a day.
5. I don‘t do readathons because my weekends are usually crazy. Being retired, I have more weekday reading time.

Lynnsoprano 6. I like @MrBook ‘s suggestion of 15 minutes commitment a day, and not just scrolling and liking, but commenting. My new commitment is to search at least three Litten friends each day and comment on a post. As we‘ve gotten bigger, old friends‘ posts become buried in my feed. I need to seek them out and nurture those friendships. 1mo
MatchlessMarie Same about readathons. I still do them but weekdays are better for reading for me. 1mo
ljuliel Thanks for responding. Yes, the 15 minutes a day and responding to 3 people sounds great. 😊 1mo
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ljuliel How would you guys feel about setting up a weekday readathon ? I‘ve got free time every day, but weekdays are best because I‘m the only one here all day. Nothing I have to do. Maybe we could make a mini one day one to start ? I think it‘d be best to try that after the weekend. It sounds like there‘ll be lots of stuff going on then. 1mo
MatchlessMarie @ljuliel I don't know if I could run one, but I'd surely participate if someone else does! 1mo
Lynnsoprano @ljuliel What a great idea! I‘d love to do that. 1mo
ljuliel Sounds great @MatchlessMarie @Lynnsoprano Let me put my thinking cap on and see what I can pull together for maybe next week ? 1mo
tdrosebud @ljuliel I think weekday readathons would be great. My "weekend" actually falls on Wed/Thur. When I first started doing them I would get a bit disheartened about low times (not due to anyone here, just my own expectations). I still participate in them, but just create my own goal instead. A weekday one would fit my schedule better. 1mo
ljuliel Great to hear of more interest in the weekday readathons @tdrosebud I‘ll see what I can get organized for next week. 1mo
MrBook @Lynnsoprano Yep, the same has happened to me—older Littens‘ posts get buried for some reason. @MatchlessMarie @ljuliel I know where you‘re coming from on weekday readathons. That‘s why I started weekend book clubs, since there really weren‘t any, and boy did I get a positive response back from area readers! 👍🏻👍🏻 1mo
BookwormAHN I would also like a week day readathon. My weekends are nuts 😺 1mo
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1. Books and talking about books
2. Not-book stuff
3. I'd like to filter by post type so that when I'm catching up on a few days' posts I could limit my attention just to the reviews.
4. Every couple of days, whenever I finish a book.
5. Readathons, yes; swaps, no; I haven't done readalongs, but would when the title and time are right; I do questionnaires when tagged (Hi @MrBook !) but otherwise have little interest.
6. See 3

BarbaraTheBibliophage Great idea on 3 - I‘d like to filter like that on my feed and also search results! 1mo
ljuliel Thanks for answering the questions. I appreciate all the feedback. I agree on the Book Review posts. I‘d like to see lots more of them ! 1mo
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
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1. I like the book reviews. I have read, and enjoyed, several books that I doubt I would have even heard about if not for Litsy.

2. I‘m not interested in seeing posts that have nothing to do with books or reading.

3. To be able to follow a hashtag.

4. I post whenever I have finished a book & have occasionally posted quotes.

5. Read alongs

6. I‘ve only been on Litsy for 6 months, so I‘m still trying to get a feel for how it works.

Sace 2. I'm guilty 😔 3. Oh yes! That's brilliant! 1mo
ljuliel Thanks for your answers. Although you‘re a bit newer, your opinion counts just as much as everyone else‘s. I hope you enjoy it here. I like seeing the book review posts too ! 1mo
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Questionnaire by @ljuliel
1/it's one place where I know I can talk (and geek) about books without boring the people around.
2/I don't do swaps
3/I'm not sure I like the simplicity of litsy for now
4/once a week maybe. I was more involved at one point but I'm reading a bit less because life.
5/I did a few readathlons and readalong... But I'm usually here to see books and discover new things
6/there are a few glitches, but I like it as is.

ljuliel Thank you for replying. I hope you‘ll stick around or drop in fro time to time. Maybe you‘ll find something that will be of interest. I like seeing the book posts also. That‘s one thing about readers. We can have more books than we know what to do with, but we always are on the lookout for another. 🙂 1mo
catsuit_mango @ljuliel i do drop in from time to time :) that's how I discovered Circe this year and enjoyed it :) and one thing is true we do love talking about books :during a work lunch I managed to discover that the person training me was also a reader and recommand 3 authors :) 1mo
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1. Everything!
2. Nothing that I can think of, I like it all.
3. I may have to think about this.
4. Daily or at least I try to.
5. I don‘t think I have done a read along, but I enjoy the rest.
6. I love it the way it is, but I was thinking the other day, if I could scan my books like I can on Goodreads, it would just take it to the next step!

#LitsyQuestionaire #Opinion #IHeartLitsy #Share #Books #LitsyForLife

ljuliel Thank you for the answers. I‘m not very tecchy, so I‘m clueless as to how the scanning the books works, but it sounds like it‘d be a timesaver. I‘m hoping the head honchos will read people‘s requests and take some into consideration. 1mo
AsYouWish @ljuliel On Goodreads, it uses my camera and somehow reads the barcode and the book pops up and I can add it quickly to my TBR list or currently reading. I just think on here is would be a timesaver and also we would be able to look up books quickly and see reviews, right now searching sometimes takes a me a minute to find the right book. 1mo
ljuliel Sounds pretty neat. That‘s one that hasn‘t been mentioned yet. Always good to have new ideas thrown out to see if we can get some to stick. 😊 1mo
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Phenomenal questionnaire composed by the always tremendous @ljuliel ! (Please repost and share! 😊)

1. Can‘t think of anything I don‘t like about Litsy!
2. Interested in it all because I‘m always curious to see and hear what the world‘s best bibliophiles are all about!
3. I‘d have to think about this.
4. Fluctuates between several and a lot. 😆🙈
5. I‘ve only not participated in #readalongs since I have a bunch of bookclubs on my plate.
6. 👇🏻

MrBook 6. 15 minutes a day. That‘s all it takes. Spread the love. You know that our #LitsyFamily is like no other group of book lovers on the planet. 15 minutes for the best group of folks that share your passion that much of the rest of the world dismisses? Oh yeah. 😎🙌🏻🤗 1mo
Clwojick @MrBook What a great answer to number 6! You're a gem 💝 1mo
TheBookAddict @MrBook 💕💕💕 I agree, we all spend way more than 15 minutes staring at our phones, so why not just dedicate 15 minutes of everyday to Litsy? 🙂👍🏽 we can make this happen for our Litsy Family! 💕💕💕 1mo
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ljuliel Thanks for the answers, and for tagging that truckload of people. I believe all this place needs is a bit of CPR or maybe a slight ZAP with the defibrillator and we can get some more interest and participation again. ⚡️ 🔥 ⚡️ 1mo
ljuliel Maybe if each of us tries to pick at LEAST one post a day and stop to ask a question or make a comment, rather than click the LIKE❤️ and keep moving ? We can do this, folks. (edited) 1mo
Clwojick @ljuliel For sure! Like we said earlier. The communication isn't quite like it was a short 2 years ago. Spark up a conversation! You never know what similarities you have with the wonderful people on this platform. 1mo
IamIamIam ❤ I'm absolutely guilty of using Litsy like Instagram lately! I don't engage enough but I'll definitely start trying to comment more! I love this community and the people I've found on here! 1mo
Rachel.Rencher @Clwojick This is so true! I remember a couple years ago, posts would have 20+ comments with people talking back and forth. I miss that! 1mo
Rachel.Rencher Love your answers @MrBook ! Although, I have to admit, I spend far more than 15 minutes a day on this app... 🙊 1mo
Clwojick 😍@Rachel.Rencher I definitely spend HOURS on this app some days! 😂 1mo
Texreader Spread the love! That‘s so right! I ❤️ Litsy and my fellow Littens. Thanks @mrbook for all you do to make Litsy fun and inviting!! 1mo
kspenmoll @MrBook I love this community! I will try 15 minutes daily- always on more on weekends- thanks for all you do to keep us involved!❤️ 1mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the tag, Jason!! As Litsy grows it‘s harder to keep the space “intimate” and I definitely miss that although I still find plenty of pockets of conversations amongst Littens. 1mo
Alora Thank you for the tag ! I reposted 😊📖 1mo
Eggs Thanks for the tag Jason, Monsieur Le Livre 📚❣️❣️ 1mo
Insightsintobooks Thanks for the tag. 1mo
kgriffith @MrBook, could you tag additional people in comments instead of editing the post? I‘m getting notifications with every edit, and presumably others are, as well. I know this was on my radar but it might be worth bringing to the team‘s attention in case it‘s slipped through the cracks. 1mo
Caffeinated_Reader Thanks for the tag 📚 I love litsy and this community 💜 1mo
MrBook @kgriffith Sorry about that 🙈. Don‘t worry, my brain and fingers hurt now 😆. 1mo
CSeydel Thanks for the tag! I know I‘ve been MIA from Litsy for the last months or so. And I miss it! I‘ll repost this with my answers shortly 1mo
catsuit_mango Thanks for the tag, I fell seen as someone famous on Litsy tagged me ;). Will repost 1mo
Andrew65 Thanks for thectag, and I agree about devoting that time each day and regularly commenting on different people‘s posts. Like @Rachel.Rencher I know I spend a LOT more than 15 minutes most days and hours during the #24B4Monday Readathon. (edited) 1mo
BookwormAHN Thanks for the tag. I know I spend loads of time liking posts but I will try to comment more 😺 1mo
kezzlou85 Thanks for the tag. I will repost and try to comment more. I'm guilty of just liking posts. 1mo
EadieB Thanks for the post and tag! I will definitely try harder at commenting and interacting with others! (edited) 1mo
Velvetfur Thank you for the tag - and the reminder!! I know I used to be very active on here, it's still the social media thingy I use most often (I'm not a glued-to-my-phone person) but I haven't had as much time to be as active lately after my move up North and the crazy busy job. But work has calmed down a bit now so I'll have more time to be on here - thanks again for the nudge! I love my Litsy family 💜 1mo
SilversReviews Thanks for the tag. I‘ll answer and repost. LOVE Litsy!! 1mo
Marilyncjackson Thanks for the tag but I haven‘t been on Litsy in like three weeks. I am debating about deleting the app. It was really fun when I first started and most of the posts were about books or book related. People would sometimes post things about people who got them into reading and stuff; however, there are way to many posts about other things and so much drama this is turning into Facebook. I already have FB so why spend time on both apps. 1mo
Marilyncjackson Also, I can‘t stand when people bag on a book for a typo or for “poor grammar.” Language is fluid and the rules of grammar change (shocking but true). And the negativity that people put out there about ebooks vs “real” books. I want a positive community where one might mention an Indy book has a few typos but continue with a more in-depth review of the story. These are the reasons I am not on here anymore. 1mo
FantasyChick Thanks for the tag! I agree with 15 mins per day, though some days I spend hours and other days I'm not on here at all. I've been trying to get more involved again and the readathon and games really help get me motivated! 1mo
Crazeedi @MrBook @ljuliel I try to comment on as many posts as I can. Thanks for tag, I'm going to post my answers soon, I've been pondering. I love this app, I've given up FB because of the negative people. I really havent seen much of that here at all! 1mo
tournevis 😘 1mo
ljuliel @Marilyncjackson Thanks for your comments. Believe me, I get where you‘re coming from. The last thing I want or need is drama.Litsy used to be a sort of Vacation Spot to me. I could come in here and it‘d keep my mind off unpleasant things but it‘s lost a bit of sparkle ❇️. It sounds like you‘re frustrated. Could you give it another couple of weeks or so ? I‘ll try to ask bookish questions within the group and see if we can get this turned a bit (edited) 1mo
Marilyncjackson @ljuliel thanks for your comment. I will wait until December at least. I want to give things time to sort themselves out. 😊 1mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for the tag @MrBook — this set of questions sure has started an interesting conversation! 1mo
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag @MrBook I will think on these questions and repost. 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks for the tag 🙌🏻💛 1mo
TsundokuAleax Fun and thank you. Real life has gotten busy recently so I tend not to be as regular on here. That being said, expect a book dump once I get some pictures in order. 1mo
Lynnsoprano @Clwojick @Rachel.Rencher I also miss the the back and forth. I think my problem is that I follow so many people and end up missing the posts from people I‘ve come to consider friends over the past three years. I‘m trying to make an effort to search out a few of those people every day, and not necessarily the same ones, and respond to their posts. 1mo
DrexEdit Thanks for the tag @MrBook! I'm glad I didn't miss this post and will repost with my thoughts later today. 1mo
Centique @Lynnsoprano I think you‘ve hit the nail on the head there - for me anyway 😊. I have to go look up twenty or thirty people a day and see if they‘ve posted. A favourites list - which is what I use on twitter - would make it easier to see those posts and interact with them. Even better if I could get alerted to other people‘s posts my favourites have commented on - would encourage longer convos in the comments. 1mo
MrBook @Marilyncjackson Oh nooo, I know there are plenty of us who don‘t want to see you go, and that sucks you‘ve seen some negativity 😕. That‘s why I went ahead and tagged so many thoughtful Littens (sorry for all the notifications 🙈), and I would have tagged many more for further input but my brain was saying enough of the mental file sifting last night; hopefully, things come back around for you on here after this. (edited) 1mo
Lynnsoprano @Centique I‘ve often wished for a favorites list, too. The idea of seeing what other posts favorites have commented on is spectacular. I love the long convos! 1mo
CaseyLea Ahh...love this, thanks! Such a welcoming community 😊 1mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Thanks for tagging me, but I‘m all questionnaired out. Lol it begins to feel like surveys and paperwork to me. But I can say I love Litsy just the way it is! I think it‘s the time of year and people are just very busy right now getting together Irl 🖖🏽 (edited) 1mo
Kaylamburson How did you even tag that many people in your post without going over your character limit??? Lol 1mo
Pamwurtzler Thanks for the tag! 1mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Agree with the favorites list idea! I‘m getting a little exhausted/overwhelmed with all the non-book posts. One thing I love about Litsy is discovering books I would never have learned about, and Im having to hunt for actual reviews lately. The best thing, though, is all the friends I‘ve made (sappy, but true)! 1mo
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1. Finding books I might not otherwise have known about

2. Swaps, questionnaires (and yet here I am), song and key word prompts

3, Another stack so I can separate wishlist and TBR

4. I try to post every time I start a new book and also any quotes that amuse or interest me.

Continued in comments 👎


rwmg 5. It took me a while to dip my toes in the water, but yes to readathons.
Readalongs - I already belong to two book clubs with set books most months, I don't need more.
Swaps and questionnaires - generally not interested.

6. A minor niggle, but it would be nice to be able to change a post's classification. Too many times I have posted a review or quotation as a blurb and there is no easy way to remedy it.
ljuliel Thank you 💕. The TBR area seems to be a big one that many would like improved. I don‘t have the power to fix it, but maybe the Boss Folks will see these and respond accordingly ? As for not liking questionnaires, thank you for answering this one. I‘m only doing this as I want Litsy to be like it used to be but it‘ll take some work. I‘m glad you tried the Readathons and like them. I‘ve tried them myself. They‘re fun, but I forget to turn my 1mo
ljuliel Timer off and on, so I mess it up. I‘m game to give it another try this weekend though. 1mo
TheBookAddict Yes! It would be great to be able to distinguish between which books we already own and which are on our “to buy” list. 1mo
rwmg @ljuliel The first time I tried a readathon I had some lapses but including the timer with every post has kept me on track. 1mo
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1.The community. How nice and respectful people are.
2.Food or other non book related stuff, unless it‘s an accomplishment or a celebration.
3.Being able to send private messages (but only if the user chooses to allow private messages).
4.As much as I can, if I have something book related to say.
5.Readathons, Swaps (small not very expensive ones), and questionnaires
6.It‘d be better if people actually commented on posts instead of just ♥️ them.

Insightsintobooks I agree, especially with 6. I need to work on that myself though. 😳 1mo
TheBookAddict @Insightsintobooks thank you. Yes, me too. I‘ve been working on it myself. 1mo
Texreader I agree with your number 6 and I try to post comments as often as possible. Especially when I see a great post that no one has commented on. 1mo
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ljuliel Perfect answer about commenting on posts. I think that might be the shovel that digs us out of this place we currently are. If we all took an extra few minutes to respond, ask a question, act INTERESTED in what others post, we‘d see a bit of greenery starting to grow in here again. Good job 👏🏻 👏🏻 (edited) 1mo
TheBookAddict @Texreader right, I‘ve been trying my best after I started feeling like no one really read my posts. If felt like they were just scrolling and liking the picture and not caring about the words that went with it. I know I don‘t always comment, but I try to do it as often as possible. 1mo
TheBookAddict @ljuliel thank you. I think so too, because many of us joined Litsy because we don‘t have others to talk to about books near us. The whole point is to talk to others about books we‘ve read, are currently reading, or would like to read. I know I can‘t talk to anyone except my husband about books and he doesn‘t usually read the books I read. The middle schoolers I work with don‘t want to listen to me talk about books, so I usually go to Litsy. 1mo
Texreader I think you‘ve nailed it on getting more participation. This isn‘t Instagram where a ❤️ is enough. I love reading people‘s book reviews!! We need to let everyone know that! Thanks for the encouragement and motivation! 😘 1mo
TheBookAddict @Texreader thanks. 😊 I also enjoy reading reviews and blurbs about books...which is why my TBR only gets bigger and bigger 🤦🏽‍♀️😅. You‘re welcome. Another reason why i love our #LitsyFamily, we can have an honest discussion about important things. 🙂👍🏽 1mo
hermyknee *reads full post, all comments, then presses ♥️* guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️ 1mo
Shadowfat I'm the same way @hermyknee , I really enjoy reading people's reviews, but I don't get great data at work so it's hard to comment or post during the day! 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Will have to comment more. I think I'm being annoying sometimes when I comment a lot though. 🤷‍♀️ 1mo
BookwormAHN @hermyknee I will also be working on that 😸 1mo
TheBookAddict @hermyknee @Shadowfat @Butterfinger @BookwormAHN I do the same sometimes. By no means am I trying to call out people on this. I‘m just saying could all be a little better about participating, myself included. 😊👍🏽 1mo
TheBookAddict @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 😆 not annoying at all. I welcome your comments, I just probably won‘t respond until I get home from work or during lunch. 1mo
sprainedbrain I‘m guilty of what @hermyknee says, too. I don‘t like every post I see, but I promise I do read every post that I mark liked! Sometimes I just struggle to come up with some interesting to comment. 😂 1mo
sprainedbrain @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I worry about that when I‘m commenting a lot, too! Are people annoyed by all of ‘great review!‘ and ‘oh I love that book‘ comments. 😂 1mo
TheBookAddict @sprainedbrain well, I personally don‘t mind comments. If I liked I the post but I have nothing to say I‘ll add an emoji or two that depict what the post made me feel. I don‘t know if anyone else is ok with that though. I know I don‘t mind it on my posts. 1mo
Chrissyreadit I‘m a sucker for reading book posts and comments but I do not always comment myself. Sometimes a just want to see what others are thinking. I do not like every post either, sometimes I scroll by. 1mo
Sace @Texreader "this isn't Instagram" THANK YOU. To me that also means it's OK if there are lulls. Because that's genuine and life sometimes gets in our way. I'm starting to feel like I'm in an alternate universe because frankly I had not noticed a drop off in posts or a huge change in likes or comments I receive. 1mo
Texreader @Sace Truth. 1mo
TheBookAddict @Sace I also didn‘t notice the drop. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 1mo
Sace @Texreader @TheBookAddict lol. This really makes me feel better. 1mo
TheBookAddict @Sace 😆 👍🏽 you‘re definitely not alone. 1mo
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1. Interacting with people who love books and reading; no need for fancy staged photos like on instagram
2. Swaps, questionnaires, photo challenges, review posts that only link to blog posts of reviews
3. Reviews, conversations about books
4. Varies, depending on life and what I'm reading
5. No
6. Easier way to mute hashtags; more detailed stats about book ratings; easier way to have book discussions

ljuliel Thank you for the replies . Very honest and up front. Perfectly ok to be mainly interested in the books , seeing as how this is a book group. This really isn‘t the most ideal platform for book discussions. I think a message board type area would work much better for that. Easier to locate where the discussion is. 1mo
TheBookAddict I agree, it‘d be nice to have more conversations about books. Not just likes on posts. I also agree that just posting a link to your review is a bummer. I get that a lot of people have review blogs and if others want to read a long review about the book they should go read the blog post, but at least give a short review of the book along with the link. 1mo
Bookzombie I also don‘t care for review posts that only link to blog reviews. 1mo
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janeycanuck I‘m with you & @Bookzombie on the links to reviews. At least give me a sentence or two! 1mo
Amie @ljuliel yes, a message board would work better for discussions. Also, I feel like I should clarify my response to #5: I'm not interested in (or don't have the time) participating in those things, but I don't mind that they exist on Litsy because I think these keep people engaged. I get tired of seeing posts about swaps and questionnaires, which is where I would appreciate an easier way to mute hashtags. 1mo
Amie @TheBookAddict I feel like it can be hard to have conversations on Litsy because it's difficult to keep track of comments on other people's posts. It would be nice to have notifications if someone else comments on a post that you've commented on, or to be able to somehow follow a post to see what conversations might pop up after you've scrolled past it. 1mo
TheBookAddict @Amie right, it would be nice to be notified of comments on posts you‘ve commented on. It would make it easier to go back and keep a conversation going. I was also thinking of being able to create groups for swaps, questionnaires, picture prompts, book clubs, and for conversations of books we‘ve finished & would like to talk about. The groups would be helpful to keep stuff together & so others don‘t get bombarded with posts they don‘t want to see. 1mo
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1. The positive atmosphere and discussion about books, and meeting up with my Litsy friends, readathons, photo challenges, Quotsy, buddyreads.
2. Swaps as work so hectic I know I wouldn‘t keep up and wouldn‘t want to let people down by missing deadlines.
3.Not really sure as very happy with it as it is. Possibly ability to add books not in catalogue, Improvement on scaling of photograph editor.
4 Usually several timez a day unless life takes over

Andrew65 5. All but swaps as I say above. I host one of the monthly readathons, and lead some buddy reads so of course totally love those elements. Love seeing what others reading and seeing their recommendations. 1mo
Andrew65 6. As above. 1mo
ljuliel Thank you Andrew. You brought up a good one. It would be nice to “ fix” pictures you post in here rather than using Pic Collage or one of those. It‘d save a few steps to be able to size them in here. 1mo
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Andrew65 @ljuliel Yes would make it much easier to post, otherwise you can‘t see a full book‘s cover. Can be frustrating. 1mo
Andrew65 Also the ability to send a message to another member without having to make it a post. 1mo
ljuliel Perfect. That‘s another good one. A PM area. It‘d be easier than finding someone‘s post and replying at the bottom to get ahold of them. 1mo
LibrarianRyan You can add books to Litsy from the desktop just not from the add. And if you are using the desk top it will do a full cover and add the white bars where needed. That being said the online photo editor sucks. 1mo
Andrew65 @LibrarianRyan Thanks, I didn‘t know that as I only use the app. (edited) 1mo
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1. I love the book reviews, books and the pets who help us read them and most of all the vast array of readers to talk to
2. Discussions of tv shows and movies... I‘m here for books... even if it‘s an adaptation... the book is what interests me
3. Not sure 🤔
4. Not as often as I‘d like. Every couple of weeks 😔
5.readathons and questionnaires
6. Not sure ....

ljuliel Thanks for replying. I agree, I‘m not much interested in the TV shows and movies, since I don‘t watch them. My main focus at this point is to try to keep focused on books. 1mo
Crazeedi I'm not a movie person either, I'm here for the book conversations 1mo
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1. Book people are the best people
2. I like it all - learning about your lives, seeing your dogs and cats, funny book memes, etc.
3. I wish we had a lot of our members back. I miss some of our folks!
4. Depends on work and life. I‘m pretty regular.
5. I like them all - I don‘t do many read alongside because I already have a huge TBR
6. Not sure. I know that a lot of people don‘t know that you can hide hashtags which helps w/frustrating posts

ljuliel Can you tell me how to hide hashtags ? I saw someone posting awhile back about it. I think they said you have to do it from the website version of Litsy. . I tried going in there to figure it out, but it didn‘t work. Thank you for responding. 1mo
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@ljuliel #LitsyQuestionaire
1. I love the positive nature of most interactions here. I really enjoy things like photo a day challenges, hump day posts, and swaps.
2. Non-book related posts.
3. Can‘t think of anything at the moment, but if I do, I‘ll tag you in the comments...
4. Anywhere from a couple posts a week to a couple a day.
5. Yes to the whole list! Very much so!
6. See #3.

ljuliel Thanks for your input ! It helps to see people‘s opinions. I agree on more book related posts. 1mo
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