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Repost for any who missed the first one!
We‘re SO excited to share our 3rd annual reading challenge #Booked2020❣️

As in years past, there are 24 prompts broken into 4 seasons. You are free to read in any order you wish. Just one book per prompt, please.

*New this Year* the last week of each quarter you MUST post & tag us with your completed prompts to be eligible for the giveaway.

Questions~ask away
Sign up here:


bookwrm526 I stopped posting mine last quarter for some reason, but I‘m hoping to finish this quarter strong and I‘ll definitely play along next year!! Thanks for the tag 5d
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IamIamIam I'm in!!! I signed up last night!! 🤗😘 5d
MelissaSue81 I think I signed up too!! I still have to finish 2019 though! 5d
AnneFindsJoy YES!!!! I‘m in! Thank you for running it again! 5d
Sace I'm not sure I'd be an official participant. I'm not interested in the giveaway or anything. Could I still find inspiration in the prompts and post when I finish a book? 5d
AmyG Oh, I‘m in. I already began choosing Winter books! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @bookwrm526 You can still post last quarter's reads if you read the books! Glad you're in for 2020! 🎉 5d
4thhouseontheleft @IamIamIam Woohoo! 🎉 🎉 5d
Lizpixie I‘ve already signed up too!🙌 5d
jillrhudy Can we tag Untitled for these games? Tap on “Booked” (the book) and see what‘s happened for the author or a potential reader. 5d
4thhouseontheleft @MelissaSue81 @AnneFindsJoy Yay!! I'm happy to see so many people returning for another year! 🎉 🎉 5d
Violetta @4thhouseontheleft Thanks for the tag! 🙌 I'm still not finished with 2019, but certainly plan to do better next year! 😁 5d
Hestapleton Hahaha I‘ve already planned out all my choices! The announcement of 2020 reading challenges is my favorite time of year! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @Violetta You've still got time! @lizpixie 🎉 🎉 5d
Sresendez12 Just signed up! I read so many great books outside of my comfort zone this year because of #booked2019. Looking forward to what 2020 brings! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @Sace Absolutely! The giveaway is not mandatory for participation. And you've made a great point. Next year, I'll add an option on the form to opt out for the giveaway. 🙂 5d
4thhouseontheleft @AmyG 🎉 🎉Thanks for sharing on your page! 5d
Sace Yay! If it's OK, I'll lurk and be inspired in 2020 and maybe wait until 2021 to officially sign up? Lurking is what I do best 🤣 5d
4thhouseontheleft @Sresendez12 That's great! I'd love to know which prompts had you reading outside of your comfort zone the most? For me, it was related to a podcast, and CliFi. @Hesptapleton You're on a roll! This is a fun time of year! I'm working on my choices today. 5d
sammisho Thanks for the tag! I have been a little AMA and missed this! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @Sace If you haven't filled out the form yet, I can go in and edit that option now. Plus, I'll make a note of it. The giveaway is really just a side bonus, the real fun is sharing and seeing what everyone is reading! But either way is fine, you are welcome to lurk too! 😆 5d
Ashley_Nicoletto I failed miserably this year. Maybe 2020 will be my year! 🤞🏼🤞🏼 5d
4thhouseontheleft @MelissaSue81 Yes, you are signed up for next year! 5d
Sace Thank you! I still think I'll hold off on "official" participation. I know I love reading everyone's posts. I'm glad it's been successful ? 5d
andrew61 Thanks for the tag i have signed up. ☺ 5d
OriginalCyn620 Yay! I had a lot of fun with #booked2019 and signed up for #booked2020! I am looking at possibilities for Winter! 5d
sprainedbrain Thanks for the tag! I‘m definitely in... so glad you‘re doing it again next year! 5d
Megabooks Thanks for the tag!! I think I‘ve signed up? Can you check? Thank you! I‘m excited! 5d
IndoorDame Thanks for the tag! I‘ve slowed downed with #booked19 recently so I‘m not sure I‘ll finish everything, but I love how many new authors it introduced me to this year so I‘m psyched for #booked2020 ! 5d
Mandigolightly These are some interesting ones! 5d
Samplergal Thanks for the tag! Just signed up and will likely plan ahead, just to change everything! #Booked2020 (edited) 5d
Blaire I‘ve signed up! Looking forward to it. 5d
gradcat Thanks for the tag! I, like some others, am still trying to finish 2019...I‘m on the final push for the winter quarter! ♥️ 5d
Velvetfur Oohh I haven't seen anything about this, thank you for the tag! I'm into this, I'm going to fill in the form now 👍 Almost finished this year's one...! 😂 5d
youneverarrived I‘m all signed up 😁 5d
thereadingowlvina YES!!!! Thanks for tagging me! Can't wait to start this!!!! 👍😁❤ 5d
Jerdencon I totally slacked this year with booked2019 but will sign up again and hope for a better year! 5d
Nessavamusic Signed up! I dropped the ball on this years so I‘m going to try again! 5d
Victoriahoperose Thank you! I‘m all signed up! 5d
hes7 Yay! It‘s crazy that it‘s already time for 2020 challenges, but I‘m excited. 5d
ErinC Oh good! Last year was rough but I‘m crazy excited for 2020! 5d
AnneCecilie Thank you for the tag. I‘m already signed up and looking forward to next year‘s prompts. 5d
julesG Going to give this a try. 5d
BookwormAHN Signed up 😸 5d
sheffner Yay! Looking forward to it. 5d
RealLifeReading Thanks for the tag! I was terrible at actually posting about books for this year‘s so I‘m going to try harder for 2020! 5d
Pamwurtzler Thanks for the tag! I fell off this year but will try again next year! 5d
AsYouWish This may be a silly question, (it has been a long week and my brain is ready to shut down!) but does Tartan Noir equal Scottish Romance? 4d
4thhouseontheleft @AsYouWish Tartan Noir is Scottish crime fiction. But we are always flexible with the interpretation of prompts! 4d
AsYouWish I could do Scottish Crime Fiction! I am all for anything Scottish related! Although I might need some suggestions of good ones! @4thhouseontheleft Thank you for answering so quickly!!! 4d
Butterfinger I signed up. EXCITED!!!! 4d
Bklover Thanks for the tag! Signing up right now! 4d
Bklover @BGam You might like this challenge for next year! 🙂 4d
Bklover Uhhhhh. Dumb question but what qualifies as a millennial author? 4d
Soozee Thanks for the tag. I enjoyed #booked 2019 so would be happy to sign up for #booked2020. 4d
4thhouseontheleft @bklover pretty much any author in the Millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996, so they would be 23-38 years old. 3d
Bklover Got it- thanks! 3d
LauraBeth Thanks for the tag! I failed miserably this year with Booked but I‘m inspired to try it again for 2020! 😀 2d
StephanieMarie So excited! What authors would qualify as a pan Asian author? 2d
BGam Thank you 😊 2d
4thhouseontheleft @StephanieMarie It's a fairly vague definition, essentially an author from Asia. An Asian-American author would count as well, or interpret however you choose! This prompt has a lot of options. 1d
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Friendly reminder... don‘t forget to share the books you‘ve read for the third quarter of #Booked19 📚#FinalQuarter starts October 1 🍁🍂🍁And don‘t forget to tag your hosts so we can enter you in the gift card drawing 💚

IamIamIam AAARRRGGHHH, I've got 5 more chapters to go and I'm finished!!! Tough choice, laundry or 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Posted mine last month 🙂 2mo
Cinfhen Yes, you did @erzascarletbookgasm 😘Are you reading Geek Love for genrebursting @IamIamIam ??? 2mo
IamIamIam I am!!! I read this at an inappropriately young age, maybe 14 or 15, and it's stuck with me ever since! I flipping love this book!!! It's definitely not for the faint of heart!!!! 2mo
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All the Bright Places | Jennifer Niven
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Trigger Warning: Suicide

I think this book could have had an important and impactful message.this book could have been about reducing stigma, listening to the signs, not being afraid to speak up. But instead, I found it really problematic. I thought it romantized teen suicide. I am over the tortured, mysterious, "sexy" trope.
#booked19 book to movie
@BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft

sammisho Also...the audio is pretty awful! 2mo
Cinfhen Ugh! Appreciate your honest review 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Keeping it real. I‘ll bet I‘d have the same concerns. Thanks! 2mo
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I became a fan of My Favorite Murder late in the game (mostly out of trepidation that I wouldn't be able to handle serial killers), but their combination of mystery, comedy, and friendship is perfect. This book captures all the bits of wisdom that fans of the show adore.

#pop19 #bookbytwofemaleauthors #readharder #humorbook @bookriot #booked19 #relatedtoapodcast @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

DrawingSustenance I'll try... especially, the not getting murder part. 3mo
Cinfhen Great progress ❣️❣️❣️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3mo
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Three Act Tragedy (Poirot) | Agatha Christie
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Another favorite Christie for me. The solution is chilling and diabolical, and I think quite a bit darker than most of her other books. #agathachristieclub @Bambolina_81 #booked19 #foodorbeverageoncover @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft #readharder #cozymystery @bookriot

raeintheworld I‘ve got this one on hold with Libby. I‘m working through Poirot mysteries in order. 3mo
ferskner @raeintheworld me too! I read a Christie a month, in publication order. We used to have the #agathachristieclub on Litsy but I think I'm the only one still going. :) 3mo
Librarybelle I‘m so far behind in the #agathachristieclub ! Maybe a year or more?? I should probably binge read to catch up...I miss reading her monthly! 3mo
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TheAromaofBooks Maybe we need to restart the #agathachristieclub - I would be way into that! I read all her books in published order a few years ago and would love to work through them again. 3mo
ferskner @Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks YES! I'm pretty far into it so I wouldn't want to start over, but I'd love company. @batsy you in? 3mo
batsy @ferskner Yes! Like you I probably wouldn't start over but I'm trying to keep going from where I left over from reading her books chronologically. I'm not sure how it would work if we're all at different books but it's fun to just keep the club going for us to find each other through the tag and read the comments and reviews :) 3mo
Librarybelle @batsy @TheAromaofBooks What if we had two pieces to this? I‘m so behind that I don‘t mind starting again, and anyone who wants to join in on that piece may do so - read a book a month, with discussion at the end. For those in the middle of this, maybe just continuing where we should be under the original club. I don‘t think it would be too confusing...Littens would have the option to start from the beginning or pick up in the middle of the list. 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle @batsy - maybe keep the original #agathachristieclub but also add a secondary tag to differentiate, like #secondround or something like that? 3mo
Librarybelle I think that would work, @TheAromaofBooks ! 3mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @batsy Honestly, I wouldn't mind taking a break for y'all to get caught up. I'm also behind on where I should be, and but I remember the books well enough that I could join in on discussions at the end of the month, and I'd reread some of my favorites. I am SUPER behind on a bunch of podcasts and series, so this would give me a chance to balance that out again. 3mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @batsy I'm also a big fan of the All About Agatha podcast, where they recap and analyze all the books, so that could help me refresh my memory as well. :)
batsy @TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle I'm not sure where we last stopped as a group or where we should be right now; the last one I read following publication order was Lord Edgware Dies. @ferskner That podcast sounds great by the way, thank you for recommending! I'm going to check it out. 3mo
ferskner @batsy it's really fun! They're sometimes pretty catty and I don't always agree with their favorite books (they LOVED The Man in the Brown Suit), but they do discuss the underlying racism and sexism and take into account how well the stories have aged as part of their ranking system. And I always love a ranking system! 3mo
Librarybelle @batsy @TheAromaofBooks @ferskner The next one on the list for me is Peril of End House...no clue how far that is down the list from everyone else. I‘m fine with however we want to do this! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle @batsy - I've never participated in this type of long-term reading group before, so I'm not sure how it usually works. Do we have an official list somewhere? 3mo
Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks @batsy We were using the publication list from Agatha Christie‘s website. It has a breakdown chronologically of her works and designated UK titles versus US titles, since a few are different. 3mo
batsy @TheAromaofBooks Hope the link works https://www.agathachristie.com/stories If you scroll down to the bottom it says "download the full list of works" or something and it's a nice handy pdf file :) OK so I'm still a bit clueless about how to proceed from here if we're all at different books ? @Librarybelle 3mo
ferskner @batsy @librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks what do y'all think? I'm fine with taking a reading break to let the group catch up (but still participating in discussions), but if that's crazy then I'll do whatever. I tend to overthink these things. :) 3mo
ferskner @batsy @librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks or maybe we do two a month until we get caught up to @batsy?
Librarybelle This has been a great discussion! I think I also tend to overthink things. I believe I‘m a couple books away from Lord Edgware, so I‘m close to @batsy . My thought had been maybe some of the newer Littens would like to join in - I‘ve seen a lot of Agatha Christie being read, so kind of why I said maybe to have a start over to reintroduce the idea. But, I‘m totally up for anything! We need Dame Christie to help solve this puzzle! 😂 @TheAromaofBooks (edited) 3mo
batsy @Librarybelle @ferskner Poirot would be appalled at my not so active little grey cells 😂 I think this sounds great; I've no problem with waiting. For newer Littens who are Christie fans, if they'd like to do a readalong in publication order like we are, perhaps like @TheAromaofBooks suggested they can add the #secondround or something tag to their posts? 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @ferskner @batsy - the link definitely worked, and that is a super useful list no matter what we decide to do haha It looks like there are 16 books before Lord Edgeware, so that is almost a year and a half for those ahead to wait. Are there people out there still doing the original list? If no one else has been participating in discussions, I think we can do whatever we want. Anarchy!! 3mo
Librarybelle Haha, anarchy! I don‘t think anyone else has been participating. Maybe we should just keep reading and posting at our own pace?? @TheAromaofBooks @batsy (edited) 3mo
batsy @Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks I'm down with anarchy! 😆 I think we can do just that? 3mo
ferskner @batsy @TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle haha this discussion! We're such nerds. I agree with @Librarybelle that I'd like the idea of opening it up to new Littens and also having a monthly discussion so there's a little bit more of a book club feel than the original club had. Can we do that, and maybe call it #agathachristieclubR2 or something like that? I'm happy to spearhead the discussions. Then those ahead can keep reading at our own pace? 3mo
TheAromaofBooks @batsy @Librarybelle - I think it would be great if @ferskner would like to be a gentle guide as to what we are reading next, and to organize the discussion? We have a week until September, so maybe this is a good time to invite people to start? 3mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @batsy @Librarybelle I think that since perfect! I'll post something later tonight. 3mo
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I‘m done with the Fall part of the #Booked19 reading challenge and my favorite is the book in the tag. Plotless and slow story about growing, but rich in setting and prose.

Cathythoughts Well done 👍🏻. I‘ve still 2 books to read for summer ... better hurry up 😉 4mo
Cinfhen Woohoo 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊well done ♥️ 4mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job!! ♥️📚👊🏻 4mo
Simona @Cathythoughts Thank you 😊I have to read for the summer only one book and then my Booked 2019 challenge will be completed🤓 4mo
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Jim Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal #1 | Simon Spurrier, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
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Since this is my #LMPBC #groupU read I will not say much but I loved it. Can‘t wait to read the next volumes.

First read of July done!

#booked19 #genrabusting
#littenlovebingo #pickedbyME
#nancydrewchallenge #fantasy

hannah-leeloo I love the dark crystal. My husband treated me to the Jim Henson novel of this that goes to the set I have including the labyrinth. Can't wait to read it. Happy reading hun. And @Jackal121 look, yay! 4mo
LibrarianRyan @hannah-leeloo I have quite a few Labyrinth and DC books. I just havent read them yet. the #LMPBC was a great reason to get started. Do you have the Story Tellers collection? 4mo
hannah-leeloo @LibrarianRyan i haven't as of yet as they are on my wishlist, they look really promising and can't wait to have them to add to my other Jim Henson's. I love his books. 4mo
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
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3 🌟 What happens when Fate and Chance make a bet over a map?
I almost DNFed. The book moves along very slowly, and the audiobook makes it worse. On top of that, beauty is a big thing in this book. Isabella asks the fairy queen to give her beauty, and the fairy queen says she will only grant this wish if Isabella can find all three pieces of her broken heart. This book is that quest. listen @ 1.75 speed to stay awake.

Full Review GR and LT

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The House of Special Purpose | Christopher Hyde
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Just finished an awesome week of reading.

#PopSugar19 - 37/50 K?K! (question) / R (game) /
THOSP (same title)

#Booked19 - 17/24 R (social media) / LWFC (food) / TWR (middle grade) @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen

#ReadHarder19 - 14/24 LWFC (Mexico voices) / TWR (Oceania voices) / TOAOI (animal POV)

#AroundtheWorld19 - 5/52 K?K! (Haiti)

4thhouseontheleft You‘re making great progress in your reading challenges! 🎉🎉 6mo
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To Night Owl From Dogfish | Meg Wolitzer, Holly Goldberg Sloan

This book is a collection of letters between two girls who never want to meet. Once you start this book, you will have a hard time putting it down. I am thankful to my friend who said, hey all, let's read this. It will now go on my always recommend pile.

Full Review on GR and LT

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