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The Mother-in-Law | Sally Hepworth
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I never got around to posting my goals for #jubilantjuly yesterday.

Weeks 2 & 3 for The Messy Lives... #sundaybuddyread
Ch 42-end for Mother-In-Law #foodandlit #Australia

Read Lumberjanes Vol 9 #seriesread
Read Hungary overview #foodandlit
Listen to Abigail #foodandlit #Hungary


Andrew65 Hope your Readathon is going well 😁 11mo
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BookSpinBingo | Untitled
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I have two months' worth of #foodandlit to read, only one buddy read for #littensloveromance, some #YApril books that may help me make some #seriesread progress, and lots of optimism. Here's hoping April is a kick-ass reading month for all of us!

I associate April with cherry blossoms. The white buds are forming in my neighborhood, and I'm thrilled for the pink petals to make their debut.
#bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks

Texreader Big plans!! Good luck! 1y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1y
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Andrew65 A great month ahead. Enjoy 😁 1y
Clwojick Fantastic stack! I loved Daisy, and I have In Deeper Waters on my tentative TBR for the month too! 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Looks like a great month! 1y
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I'm really excited about the #SeriesLove2023 challenge. I have participated in #SeriesRead the last few years, but this is the first time I sat down and made a spread for it. These are my current series but I left room because I am planning to read several this year!! @TheSpineView @Andrew65 #bulletjournal

Andrew65 A good starting point, with some good series. I like your organisation, with plenty of space for other series to be added. Good luck with the challenge. 1y
TheSpineView Smart to leave room for more. Good luck! 1y
Zuhkeeyah All your bujo pages are amazing! Good luck with all your challenges. 1y
TheAromaofBooks @Zuhkeeyah - Thank you!!! 1y
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Untitled | Untitled
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Who would be interested in a year long challenge in 2023, #SeriesLove2023, to help us get to all our ongoing series or even target new series.

The aim would be to nominate a number of series you want to target beginning or continuing with over the year, and you would post these for 1st Jan. Then you tag #SeriesLove2023 whenever you read one of these and do an end of month post showing the books you got to from those series that month.

Andrew65 As we go through the year you could add any series you want to to your list as you find new series.

Put a post below to let me know if you are interested and if enough interest I will pull together an image for the challenge and get the ball rolling.
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MatchlessMarie Ooh me!! 1y
Clwojick Oh man, I need this. So we‘re choosing specific series before the beginning of the year? 1y
Andrew65 @Clwojick Yes a start off list of series we want to target during the year, which you can add to or remove series from as we go through the year. I desperately need to finish some series. Must have hundreds on the go. 😂 1y
TorieStorieS Oh I should definitely be participating in this!! I have sooo many series that I follow, plus ones that I need to catch up on! 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 I‘m in! That sounds cool! 1y
MoonWitch94 Ohhhh I‘m in! I have many to need to finish! 1y
Elizabeth2 I would be interested! I have several series I want to read! 1y
CocoReads I‘m down for that. I‘m almost current with Lucas Davenport but there are so many others…. 1y
Texreader I‘m in 1y
Clwojick Same. I have a separate journal to track them all, but that never stops me from starting more lol. I‘m in! 1y
Andrew65 @Clwojick I might need several journals 😂 1y
CoffeeNBooks I am sooooo bad about finishing series, because I get distracted by all of the other books on my shelves! So, I'd be interested- I might actually get to the many series I have but haven't read! 😁 1y
julesG Despite having had little success with year long challenges, I'm in. Now I just need to sit down and make a list. Also, do trilogies count as series? 1y
Andrew65 @julesG Yes trilogies count. 1y
AnnR Sure, I'll join in since I own most of the books I'd like to complete. 🙂🙂🙂 I have two series that I've read the first book in and am just now tackling the second book in each. Also, an older series on Hoopla I kinda started ignoring around book #7 that I might revisit.🙃 My 6 month no-book-purchases hiatus starts in a few days but I've plenty of books to keep me occupied. 📚 1y
robinb I‘m a Serious Serial Specialist…😂😂😂. And it can get a little convoluted! 😳 This sounds like it would help with sorting and moving forward. But I also have NetGalley arcs that I try to keep up-to-date with. But…I can‘t resist, please sign me up. 😉 1y
robinb @Andrew65 Can we add to the list during the year or does it need to be complete on 1/1/23? 1y
Andrew65 @Ann_Reads It‘s quite a while since I bought any books, apart from my audiobook annual subscription, most of mine come from libraries (usually e-books). Been quite successful at managing them that way. 1y
Andrew65 @robinb No you can add or take from the list as the year progresses to suit moods or new series you want to get to, let‘s be honest we‘re constantly finding new series. 1y
Andrew65 @robinb Yes I want to use it to sort all my series, and a bit random at the moment. My name is Andrew and I‘m a seriesaholic! 🤓 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m in! That‘s already one of my goals for next year…finish up & continue on with some of the series I‘ve enjoyed over the years. Joy reading 😉 1y
LiseWorks OMG yes! I have soooooo many on the go! 1y
Laughterhp @TheSpineView has a similar challenge to this called #seriesread2023 1y
robinb @Andrew65 Hi, Andrew. Nice to meet you. 😆 1y
robinb @Andrew65 Perfect!! 1y
Andrew65 @TheSpineView I‘d not seen your Series Challenge. Would this challenge clash with yours? Andrew
Thanks @Laughterhp
TheSpineView @Andrew65 2023 will be the 4th year I have hosted this challenge. I don't see a problem. People can do both if they want. #SeriesRead2023 is all about getting to series you want to read or finishing ones they have started. Sounds like yours is going to be different. 1y
TheSpineView @Andrew65 Just had a thought. We could combine them and co-host. 1y
Andrew65 @TheSpineView If you‘re happy for me to co-host with your baby that might be better than do two different but quite similar ones. The only difference looking at them both would be I‘d suggested people to pull together a list of series they were looking to target for the beginning of the year. Certainly don‘t want to step on your toes. 😁 Let me know what you think. (edited) 1y
TheAromaofBooks I've been participating in @TheSpineView's challenge the last several years, but am up for tagging everyone who wants to host a similar challenge 😂 I would be happy to see them combined - I do like the added layer of listing out some targets ahead of time... not that I'm great at sticking to a list LOL 1y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I have several book series that I need to focus in on, so setting up a list at the beginning of the year is probably a smart move. 😅 1y
MaGoose I'm in, I think. There are a few series I'd like to get to. Next year is as good a time as any to jump into them. 1y
CBee @Andrew65 and @TheSpineView I‘d be interested! I very much want to continue reading Louise Penny‘s Gamache series, I‘ve only read two so far! 1y
kwmg40 I have a lot of series on the go, but there are a few specific ones I'd like to focus on next year, so I'm in! 1y
TheSpineView @Andrew65 I think making lists is a good idea. It gives everyone a goal(s) to work towards. I know some don't like the added pressure. So maybe it could be optional. Then those that want the extra incentive can do that and those that don't... don't have to. 1y
Andrew65 @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Yes the list would help me focus on those series too. Most of my books are series reads but the number of series I read keeps expanding. 1y
Andrew65 @TheSpineView All sounds good and have got a note of your email address if you‘re wanting to delete it. I‘ll send you an email tomorrow, it‘s 11 pm here. 😂 1y
TheSpineView @Andrew65 OK. I look you your email tomorrow 1y
DieAReader @Andrew65 @TheSpineView I love the cohost & combo idea. Count me in, either way! Many series on the go & more I haven‘t even touched yet. It will also help me with the #ReadMyRoom challenge hosted by @AkashaVampie 📚🤓♥️🥳 1y
RainyDayReading I‘m so in! I can‘t tell you how many series I have started/how many I need to start 🙈 1y
JessClark78 I would be interested. Next year I wanted to focus on series and trilogies I haven‘t read or finished yet. 1y
ShananigansReads I had planned to dedicate a month to series next year but who says I can‘t extend it all year. 1y
Mollyanna I‘m in! I like to the item if listing them in advance. It will help me focus…. Thanks @Andrew65 and @TheSpineView 1y
Ruthiella I‘d be interested! Was also considering @TheSpineView ‘s challenge as well. I need that kick in the pants! (edited) 1y
Librarybelle I‘ve been contemplating @TheSpineView ‘s challenge the last couple of years - I read a ton of series! Maybe this is a sign I should consider this…😂 Thanks, @Andrew65 @TheSpineView !! 1y
eanderson As a lover of series, definitely count me in! 1y
Lizpixie 🙋🏻‍♀️Me! I‘ve been doing @TheSpineView #SeriesRead challenge since it started(actually won it last year🙌)so I‘ll just add your name to my posts, no problem. Also have tons of series I need to finish! (edited) 1y
Read4life I‘m in. Love that you two are cohosting! 1y
Crystal83 Me!!! I have a lot series I want to work through!!! 1y
IamIamIam I've always been intimidated by any series so I'd be interested to see what's being planned before I jump in. I'm doing a Little House buddy read with @megnews because we do one chapter at a time!! Lol 1y
Roary47 I would love to do that to tackle some series‘ I have way too many started. 😅 1y
BookwormAHN I'm in 😺 1y
Tove_Reads Hah, been doing it this year already, so would be fairly easy for me, but sure, I‘ll join. I need the distraction anyway from the gruesome real murder that just happened here. 1y
Crazeedi You know how much I love series!! So yes! 1y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I make no promises, but I have a few series I should make progress on or begin entirely. 1y
PaperbackPirate Sounds great! 1y
Sresendez12 I‘m in! Having a plan of my series might actually help me more this year! 1y
TheEllieMo Well, I hadn‘t thought about it, but now that you mention it, there‘s several series I‘ve got behind in, so I‘d be interested in this! 1y
julieclair I‘m in! Love that y‘all are co-hosting. 1y
Monica5 I'm in. I had planned on doing a Series Challenge anyway 😃 1y
Gissy 🙋🏽‍♀️I have been doing this but haven‘t accomplished my goal this year😔 My goal for 2023 is at least to finish 10 but in most of those series I only need to read one or two books to complete the series. 1y
Andrew65 @Gissy Good luck with your goal, hopefully this can help. 1y
AmandaBlaze I'm interested! 1y
janeycanuck I‘ve been meaning to pick up the Agatha Raisin books for YEARS. Count me in! 1y
Andrew65 @janeycanuck That‘s an enjoyable series, and great to have you with us. 😍 1y
Sapphire This is perfect! I have several series I am half way through and stalled! 1y
Andrew65 @Sapphire Be great to have you with us 😁 1y
Sapphire @Andrew65 thanks! I am looking forward to it and to seeing how everyone progresses and finds best of in a series! Now I am just trying to figure out if you all have a StoryGraph for this challenge or how to even do one for this type 1y
Andrew65 @Sapphire Most I have seen so far have gone for a spreadsheet or bullet journal as with my post yesterday https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2522518
Not used storygraph so do not know if this could be used for a challenge of this type. Sure we will all got a lot more series to read from this. 😂
Sapphire @Andrew65 thanks! 1y
Born.A.Reader I would love to finally get through some of these series on my shelf! Do I need to sign up for anything? 1y
Andrew65 @Born.A.Reader No, but if you want you can do a post prior to 1st January sharing some of the series you would like to read in 2023 using the #SeriesLove2023 tag and tagging in me @Andrew65 and @TheSpineView, we are jointly leading on the challenge. Great to have you with us and good luck.
After that just use the tags when you complete a book. 😁
KateReadsYA I'll be joining in on this and @TheSpineView #seriesread2023 so excited. Thanks for hosting. Hoping to get some of these series finally read that I've been looking forward to. 1y
Andrew65 @KateReadsYA Be wonderful to have you joining us Kate 😍 1y
TheSpineView @KateReadsYA Fantastic! 📚📚📚📚 1y
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The Executioner | Chris Carter
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Bk 2 of #WinterReadathon #BookNookBuddies2022 #SeriesRead #ReadMyRoom #PenniesPerPage #BookSpinBingo

Gotta say, I‘m loving the ‘Robert Hunter Thriller Series‘ and definitely already looking forward to reading more of them next year📚🤓😉

Andrew65 Brilliant, l LOVE this series. 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 2y
DieAReader @Andrew65 I can see why!! 2y
Andrew65 @DieAReader They only get better IMHO as you get to find out more about Robert. A brilliant lead detective. 2y
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TheSpineView Awesome 2y
deeannloso @DieAReader I love Chris Carter! I have all of his books, the last two signed by Chris. 2y
DieAReader So glad to hear that they only get better! I agree @Andrew65 about Robert. Very cool @deeannloso 🤓📚♥️ 2y
CoverToCoverGirl Good thing next year is almost here! 😉😜😄 2y
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl So very true😉♥️ 2y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2y
ElizaMarie Ooo this one sounds pretty intriguing. I will stack it to see what's what :) 2y
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Go Hex Yourself | Jessica Clare
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Romance novels just aren't my thing honestly. I gave this one a chance given the subject matter. It's not bad, it was just so-so for me.

Wordsearch = 450

#Scarathlon2022 #Teamslaughter @Clwojick #LittenListen #Bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks #31by31 @Catsandbooks #spookoween #Seriesread @TheSpineView #pointsathon @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES #AutumnAtoZ @Texreader #witchathon @mdm139

DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 2y
Catsandbooks 🙌🏼🔮🖤 2y
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Clwojick Woohoo! 2y
TheSpineView Great job 2y
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 2y
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 (edited) 2y
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#Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter #Pointsathon #SeriesRead #BookSpinBingo #BookNookBuddies2022 #ReadMyRoom

“Without hope, the only thing that keeps you going is either momentum or fear.”😐😐😐

🔪: 1

TheSpineView Awesome 2y
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 2y
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PageShifter Sounds dark 🔪🥰 2y
DieAReader @PageShifter It is! Very much a high TW⚠️⚠️⚠️ on this one. 2y
Andrew65 Let‘s hope we don‘t lose hope! 2y
DieAReader @Andrew65 Agreed! Just gonna be pickier with my reading time & amount with this one. May just take longer to finish🤷🏻‍♀️ C‘est la vie😐 2y
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#Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter #BookNookBuddies2022 #SeriesRead #ReadMyRoom #PenniesPerPage #SeriesRead

Gonna give this random Cozy Mystery a start-up tonight. I hope I enjoy it as much as the last Kobo surprise😉🤣

🔪: 1

TheAromaofBooks Enjoy!!! 2y
TheSpineView Excellent 2y
Andrew65 Looks fun, love the cover. 2y
PageShifter Looks interesting 🥰 2y
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#Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter #BookNookBuddies2022 #SeriesRead #PenniesPerPage #ReadMyRoom #BookSpinBingo

Out of my reg genre (Thriller & the like) as well as a new to me author - I loved it! So much so that…I might have bought books 2 & 3 before I was even finished🤷🏻‍♀️🤫🤣📚

🔪: 1

Andrew65 🤣 Shows you enjoyed it. 2y
CoverToCoverGirl Always exciting to discover a new author! 👏👋 2y
TheSpineView Excellent 2y
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DieAReader @Andrew65 Most definitely! A recommended read for those series readers out there😉♥️ 2y
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl Very much so!!!♥️🥰 (edited) 2y
PageShifter Thanks for the tag! I think I have to check these 🤔 2y
DieAReader @PageShifter Any Time! Can‘t wait to know what you think😉♥️📚 2y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2y
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