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The Goodreads Killer
The Goodreads Killer: The Trilogy | Dave Franklin
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Thomas Ultorem's burning obsession to make it as a writer has broken him. And in the chaotic world of his disintegrating psyche, someones got to pay The Goodreads Killer Talk is cheap, but murder costs nothing. *** R-rated for strong violence, sex, bad language and appalling attempts at humour *** Length: 64,000 words. This very violent, blackly comic novel collects together all three parts of The Goodreads Killer.
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Oh my gosh, this article resonates with me so much: https://themillions.com/2019/12/why-ill-never-read-a-book-a-week-ever-again.html

Especially these lines: “And more importantly, I wasn‘t immersed in reading. I was immersed in reaching a goal—a goal that was beginning to feel arbitrary.”

ravenlee This is why I don‘t set a numerical goal. My goal is to read as much as I can, and enjoy what I read. It‘s nice to have a high page count or stack of finished books, but only if I processed them fully. 2w
ljuliel BINGO —- Exactly what happened to me in GR .. I spent 2 years in a row, jamming books down as fast as I could. I was reading 200 + books a year, trying to beat my numbers, trying to do challenges. You know what ? I literally got so burnt out on reading, I dreaded picking up another book. I almost ruined my favorite ( and only) hobby ! Never again. No more goals to meet. Just read anything I want , whenever I want. No more pressure ! 2w
HOTPock3tt This happened to me last year with my goodreads challenge!! This exact thing. So I‘m not set a numerical goal this year. I‘m just going to read what i love and whatever the outcome... great. I‘m taking the pressure out of it. 2w
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Moonprismpower I did this too. I set my goal to 100 one year and I succeeded but didn‘t recall most of the books I read. Every book read is a success. The number doesn‘t matter. 2w
typhlax Read whatever, finish whenever. 2w
Tamra @typhlax 👌🏾👍🏾 2w
Moony Oh yeah a wonderful article! 2w
tracey38 Yes to this! 👍🙋‍♀️ 2w
Tanisha_A So important. And not just in reading, for any other activity we do. 🙂 2w
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I don‘t have hardcore stats all the way back, but there‘s a clear delineation where I was introduced to the joy of audiobooks in 2016. 😂

HOTPock3tt Ohh that IS a huge difference!!!! 😵 I‘m going to try incorporating more audiobooks (and not just as a last resort like I usually do) I might also try speeding them up a bit as well and see how it goes 🧐 @sprainedbrain (edited) 3w
HOTPock3tt “Full blown audiobook Nirvana!” I love it! 🤗♥️📚 3w
Crazeedi I absolutely need to add more audiobooks!! I know itll up my game! 3w
JoScho It makes a huge difference in my numbers too. It is so nice to be able to “read” while being productive. 3w
Chelsea.Poole Same over here!! 🤗😂 3w
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Only 1 more book to go! I really need to stop doubting myself with my goals.

Sace You've got this! 🎉 1mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great job! You can do it! (edited) 1mo
vumblereads 🤩 1mo
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
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I have 31 days (I could finish something today)to read 10 books to reach my goal for the year. In the last 10-12 weeks I‘ve finished 3 physical books and 1 audio. Damn work getting in the way of my reading! I think I‘m going to dive into Man Cub‘s collection of ‘Who/What was ...‘ books. 🤞🏼I can do it. #yearlygoals #readinggoals #canidoit #yesican #wellmaybeican

Nute No matter where the tally ends up, you‘re accomplishment thus far is amazing!🙌🏽 2mo
Avanders You can do it! 🥳🥳 And I also agree with 👆🏽♥️ 2mo
OrangeMooseReads @Nute thank you 😊 2mo
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OrangeMooseReads @Avanders Thank you 😊 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl You got this! 2mo
Crazeedi You can do it! I have 12 more to read to reach my goal! Itll be a busy month! 2mo
OrangeMooseReads @Crazeedi Thanks 😊 ... You got this! Busy isn‘t bad when it‘s reading 😁 2mo
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Hey look at that! Whoo Hoo! One challenge done and in the books (until next year anyway)!😏


Daisey Congratulations! 🎉 2mo
Avanders 🥳🥳 2mo
LauraJ Good job! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2mo
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megzlynn Congrats!!! 2mo
thereadingowlvina Congrats!!! 🎉🎊👏 2mo
vivastory Congrats 👏🎉📚 2mo
LeslieO 137?? WHAT? What? Crazy. Well done. 2mo
Megabooks 🥳🥳🥳🥳🍾🥂 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @LeslieO There are definitely some shorter reads in there! 🤣 2mo
Eggbeater Well done! Congratulations! 🎉🎈🎈🎈 2mo
Birdsong28 Congratulations 🎊 🎉 📚 📖 2mo
Hooked_on_books Hooray! And can I say I loved that you picked an odd number that is not a multiple of 5. 2mo
Emilymdxn Wow well done!! 2mo
LauraBrook Wow, congratulations, friend!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Hooked_on_books and a prime number! I usually pick the flat 100, so at the beginning of this year I wanted to just pick something random and not really think about it too much , so I went with 13 and 7, both numbers I like, all prime, and 137 not divisible by 12 months. (edited) 2mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
Hooked_on_books I love that! 2mo
sprainedbrain Awesome! 🎉🎉🎉 2mo
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Voting for the #GoodreadsChoiceAwards is open now. I‘m disappointed again by the nominated books. They are so middle of the road, so predictable and uninspired. I know it‘s based on added and reviewed books on the platform itself, so I shouldn‘t be surprised, yet I do think these Awards do add nothing to what we already know without voting. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Kalalalatja I feel you. I haven‘t even looked at the nominated books yet, and I already know, I won‘t be surprised.. 3mo
Cinfhen I agree; these awards are usually uninspiring!!! I haven‘t looked but I guarantee Testaments and Crawdad‘s are going to win 🙄 3mo
Cinfhen I guess Crawdad‘s was on the list last year🤷🏼‍♀️did it win??? 3mo
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen It must have been on the list last year, it‘s one of those predictable nominees indeed. Give me the #ToB longlist over this one any time! 💕 (edited) 3mo
LeahBergen These lists are always so “meh” for me, too. 😐 3mo
Reggie What‘s a book you would like to see win some award? 3mo
BarbaraBB @Reggie I‘m not sure if they were all published in this timeframe but I loved 3mo
BarbaraBB To name a few! 3mo
Reggie I haven‘t read any of them, booooo, I‘ll have to change that. 3mo
Birdsong28 You can add your own suggestion 3mo
batsy Agreed! Because it's based on GR data it'll inevitably be the most hyped books that end up there. 3mo
Ms_T Litsy should do a Best Books of 2019, the list would contain a much greater variety of literature. 3mo
Amiable I agree. I‘m usually uninspired by the choices. 3mo
BarbaraBB @Ms_T Litsy does! I think it‘s organized by @LibrarianRyan (edited) 3mo
LibrarianRyan @BarbaraBB @Ms_T yep. Nominations for the #LitsyAwards will start Dec 1. I have the form ready and everything. Click through the hashtag to see the last two years worth of awards. 3mo
Ms_T @LibrarianRyan @BarbaraBB Great, I‘ll check it out! 3mo
MicheleinPhilly I completely agree. These “awards” are just silly. I have this list bookmarked as they update it every month. It‘s fantastic: https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/entertainment/best-books-2019 3mo
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly Wow, that is a fantastic site. I know what I‘m gonna go tonight 😎😜 3mo
lele1432 Yeah, I'm writing in a YA book I'm almost finished with that's not listed sadly, due to not enough hype, but it's fantastic! I'm excited for the #LitsyAwards! 3mo
BarbaraBB @lele1432 That one sounds good! I do have a weak spot for everything related to Haïti ?? 3mo
BarbaraBB @LibrarianRyan Thanks! Looking forward to it! 3mo
lele1432 I thought it was so good! I hadn't read anything related to Haiti before. 😊 3mo
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And this month on Goodreads...

#64 Best Reviewers &
#92 Top Reviewers

What an absolutely AMAZING birthday gift!!!! ❤️🥰❤️

LauraJ That‘s quite an accomplishment! 3mo
Texreader That‘s awesome! I hope your day continues to be wonderful!! 3mo
CoffeeCatsBooks 🎉Happy Birthday!! 🎈 3mo
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ljuliel Happy Birthday and congrats on the honors in Goodreads 🎂🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 3mo
kspenmoll Happy happy birthday!! What an accomplishment! Enjoy your day! 🎂🎊🙌🏻🎉🎈 3mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! 🎊🎂🎉✨ 3mo
Eggs Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
Laughterhp Happy birthday!! 🎉🥳 3mo
marleed Happy Birthday‘ 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Happy birthday 🎈 3mo
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Finished my Goodreads reading goal last week! I‘ve read 120 books!

Last year I read 153 books, so we will see how many I get to this year!

#goodreadsgoal #readingchallenge

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 3mo
Jas16 🙌🏽 3mo
Bookzombie Congratulations!! 3mo
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Reviewsbylola 🥳🥳🥳 3mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Congratulations! 3mo
jb72 Awesome job! Congratulations 🎈 3mo
Alfoster Woohoo!👏👏👏 3mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
Reggie Way to go!!! 3mo
Avanders 🥳🤩🥳 3mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 3mo
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Now that I‘m caught up adding my reads to GoodReads I‘m only 25 away from my goal. 👍🏼

Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
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Just slightly over halfway through the year and I‘m just slightly halfway through my reading goal for the year. Not bad.
If you want to add me on Goodreads same name OrangeMooseReads

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Woohoo! My Instagram pic was just featured on the Goodreads page 😁

Crazeedi Yay!! Awesome!!💖 10mo
JennyM It‘s a good pic, with some great books in the stack. 😘 10mo
bookandbedandtea That's so cool! 10mo
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This is my #goodreadschallenge so far 17 books

My goal is to read more of my own books.
Also see if I can get it from the library before buying it.
#goodreads #librarybooks

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wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 I followed! ☺️ 11mo
BookDragonNotWorm @wanderinglynn Thanks, I followed yours too! 11mo
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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3226573-jenny
LibraryThing: jenniferw88
Twitter: jennywilliams45
Pinterest: jennifer_w88
Instagram: jenniferwilliams88
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenniferwilliams88

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 And I followed! ☺️ 11mo
TrishB Hi Jenny - just wanted to say thanks for the postcard ❤️ it was very cool! 11mo
TheSpineView Followed!😊 11mo
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jenniferw88 @TrishB that's ok! 😊 11mo
aprilpohren Followed! 11mo
HOTPock3tt Followed ☺️ 11mo
slategreyskies I added you on Goodreads. :) 11mo
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It is the 15th day of 2019 and I am at 6 books read. Just under 1 every 2 days. Not too bad.

britt_brooke Excellent!! 12mo
Eggs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 12mo
Soubhiville That‘s great! I‘m right about the same 😊 12mo
tammysue Way to go ! 👍🏻 12mo
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And since I finished my first book today, I set my GR challenge number....137...it just seemed the right amount of zany for this year. 😂

jessinikkip Congrats! I finished my first book today too. My GR goal is 60 again. Despite reading 178 books last year, I always under estimate what Ill have time for 13mo
NovelGirl82 I only set mine at 50 this year, since I have so many freaking door stops that I plan to read this year (ie the whole song of ice and fire series & the tales of the new world). I‘m optimistic that I‘ll read more than that, but I don‘t want to pressure myself this year, I want to just enjoy what I‘m reading. Plus, I‘m planning to start back to school, so... 13mo
Gezemice Ok, I was going to ask, how did you come up with 137? I mean, I read exactly 137 books last year, but I didn‘t think that inspired you... 13mo
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gezemice Nope, I decided the number didn‘t matter so I just picked a random one....so that‘s really a funny coincidence! 13mo
Gezemice @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Coincidences seem to haunt us. 😁 13mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gezemice Yes they do! I read over a 100 last year, so I didn‘t want to pick that, nor did I want to set at exactly what I read last year either....so I randomly went with 13 & 7, which seem to be good numbers for me and got 137. 13mo
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#ANewChapter Day 2: As per usual, my #2019ReadingGoals is to read 365 books this year all written by women as we do our #WomenReadWomen2019 reading theme. The stats on the right are my 2018 reads arranged across genre.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awesome goals!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 13mo
vkois88 That's so cool! I love it 13mo
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What are you setting you goals at this year? #mbcbookishbash

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I am sticking with my goal of 75. I far surpassed the 75 this year but you never know what the year will bring and 75 seems like a reasonable number for me.

Jerdencon I‘m sticking with 85 13mo
ItsAngel I‘ve decided not to set a goal this year, instead I‘m going to focus my attention on a couple of challenges. 🤗 13mo
N8ure It was 50 this past year and I got to 60 instead, so I think I‘ll stick with 50 this upcoming year and see how many I actually read 😁 13mo
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530%!! Awesome for a new mother indeed!!! I didn‘t think I could make it, but I did! Yay me!!!

Librarybelle Congratulations! 13mo
Birdsong28 Congrats 🎉🎊📚📖 13mo
sprainedbrain Hooray!! 🎉🎉🎉 13mo
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RaimeyGallant Nice! And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon 13mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Congratulations!!! And welcome to Litsy 🙌🏻🎊🎉🎈 13mo
CoffeeNBooks Congratulations! 🎉 Welcome to Litsy! 📚 13mo
deadrabbitsbooks Welcome to Litsy! 13mo
Chelleo Welcome 🤗 13mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗📚 13mo
BridgetteM Welcome to Litsy! 12mo
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My reading stats for 2018. I'm disappointed in myself. Two years ago I read three fewer books (103) but my page count was nearly 2,700 higher. I wish Goodreads would let us set page count goals instead of book totals. Even when I set a low goal (this year it was 52) I always get distracted when the total gets closer to 100 and start reaching for the short books.

Final tally: 66 fiction, 40 nonfiction

#myyearinbooks #goodreads

britt_brooke Still a great year! 13mo
CouronneDhiver I don‘t think that‘s anything to be ashamed about. Every year is a bit different. 13mo
BridgetteM 36,892 pages is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations! 🎊🎈🎉 13mo
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Amiable @britt_brooke @CouronneDhiver @BridgetteM Thanks. I just have so many chunksters that are sitting in my shelves--I keep reaching past them for the short books to up the final total. I know it's all in my head, but I'm a visual person. So I wish GR would let us select page counts as an option instead of book totals. That would encourage me to pick up the chunksters. (edited) 13mo
mcipher Maybe you need a chunkster goal instead? But yeah, pages would be nice encouragement to read fewer bigger books. Does anyone have a challenge going on for fat books for 2019? 13mo
Crazeedi Congrats! I just read what I want, mostly books greater than 300 pages 13mo
LauraBeth Wow - you had a great year! Nothing to be disappointed about! What were your thoughts on Middlemarch? 13mo
britt_brooke @Amiable I agree, it would be nice if GR had a page count option. 13mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 13mo
Amiable @LauraBeth To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of classics. I do try to read one or two each year. "Middlemarch" was okay. A decent read. Not my favorite classic. I read "Tess of the D'Urbevilles" in 2016 and preferred that one. And I loved "The Good Earth" when I read that last year. If that gives you a better idea of my tastes. ? 13mo
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This happened yesterday, and I forgot to share!

My excuse is that I‘ve fallen into The Mysteries of Udolpho on audio and can‘t stop listening. 😳

On the plus side, I am a good multitasker and while listening for hours on end, I have also been working (obsessively) on modifying a totally nerdy reading tracker spreadsheet to use for 2019. I‘m so excited about it, it‘s almost embarrassing. 😂

Lovesbooks87 Yay! Congrats! 🎉📚🎉📚🎉📚 13mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 13mo
Lmstraubie @sprainedbrain Your tracking device wouldn't happen to be from @kate.olsen.reads on Instagram? I just came across a Google form she created and shared for tracking your reading. It looks pretty good. 13mo
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Crazeedi Wow, awesome! 13mo
sprainedbrain @Lmstraubie it‘s not... it‘s one that booktuber (Portal in the Pages) did last year for 2018... I‘ve modified it quite a bit, but I love her main set up. I‘ve been putting my entire tbr in there and omg that‘s a lot! I‘m going to check out the one you mentioned, just in case I like it better. 😂 13mo
Mollyanna Congratulations 🎉🍾🎉 13mo
Lmstraubie @sprainedbrain Definitely check it out. I really like the way she has it organized. And you make a copy of it so you can modify it to your needs. I can't believe you put in your #TBR list!!! That's incredible!!! 13mo
LeahBergen Wow!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 13mo
sprainedbrain @Lmstraubie well I‘m still working on it... there are sooo many!! 😳 I‘m insta-challenged, I guess—I can‘t find her? 13mo
kspenmoll Congrats! WOW!!!📚🎉🔔 13mo
batsy Amazing 🎉🎉🎉👏🏽 13mo
hes7 Yay! 🎉 13mo
Liatrek Congrats 🎉🎉🎉 13mo
Jas16 🙌🏽 13mo
Lmstraubie @sprainedbrain Are you looking on Instagram? That's where I found it. @kate.olsen.reads (I don't think she's on Litsy.) 13mo
Lmstraubie @sprainedbrain My bad @kate.olson.reads O in Olson, not E. Sorry 😕 13mo
sprainedbrain @Lmstraubie found her now, thank you! That‘s very nice and detailed, but I‘m sticking with my adaptation of Sophie‘s form, since I‘ve put so many hours into that damn TBR page. 😂 13mo
Lmstraubie @sprainedbrain I don't blame you 🤣🤣🤣 13mo
JoScho Yay! 💜🎉💜🎉💜 13mo
cariashley WOW well done!!! 🥳 13mo
mrp27 🎉👏🏼🎉 13mo
JennyM Yey 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 13mo
irre 👏👏🎉🎉 13mo
cocomass Woohoo!! 🙌🏽 🎉 🎈 13mo
BarbaraBB So are you gonna show it?! Also - happy to hear that you enjoy Udolpho. It scares me a bit 😉😀💜 13mo
Dogearedcopy LOL, I‘ve been fussing for days over the color scheme for my 2019 reading spreadsheet! 13mo
Reggie Congratulations!!!! Your love for reading makes me grin big.😊 13mo
sprainedbrain @BarbaraBB I think I can figure out how to share a copy if you‘re interested. I made it a Google sheet instead of Excel... Udolpho is sooooo long, but much like Catherine Morland, I find myself titillated. 😂 13mo
sprainedbrain @Dogearedcopy You get it. 😂 13mo
BarbaraBB I‘ll check the spreadsheet you used! 13mo
BookaholicNatty Yayyyyyyyy!!! That‘s a butt load of books!!! You should be super proud of yourself!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 (edited) 13mo
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 13mo
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Well, I‘m proud of how much I‘ve read this year! This is the most I‘ve ever read. I‘m sitting at 72 books and I‘m hoping to finish another 2. We will see. I‘m thankful for Litsy because without all of you I‘d only be reading 10-20 books and wouldn‘t be pushed to do more! 🤗 I‘m excited to see what I can do for next year!

sebrittainclark Awesome! 🎉🎉 13mo
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 13mo
DarcysMom Excellent! 🎊🎉🎊🎉 13mo
mrp27 🎉🎉🎉 13mo
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My current tally for my end of year reading stats. Might be one or two more books in there before I'm done though.


CouronneDhiver 🙌🏽🙌🏽 13mo
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I haven‘t read as much as I wanted to this year but I still have a couple of weeks left to boost this number! I can‘t believe that Lethal White is the longest book I read! Very cool #booksireadthisyear

Gezemice Nice! 117 books is too few? Seems like a lot to me! 13mo
ReadingMeagan @Gezemice haha I know! I read more last year. But I am glad to have read so many books 😊 13mo
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Ill hop on the "goodreads year in review train." I set a high goal for myself of 75, and although I'm not going to make it, I've already doubled my read, and then some, from last year. I plan on finishing off with 60 for thr year, and I think that's an accomplishment. *side note* I do need to know how some of yall read over 100 books. It was witchcraft, wasnt it?

Literary_Siren Not witchcraft. I know a lot of people are retired. I would be over 100 books if I hadn‘t moved earlier this year plus I hit a couple brutal reading slumps that left me out of the reading game for a couple months. I work nights, so if I don‘t wind up sleeping all day, I read all day. Around 10 hours, give or take a couple. 13mo
Amiable Also don't forget that books come in many sizes! Short books count the same as very long books. So someone else might read 20 books under 200 pages while you're finishing up "War and Peace." That's why I set personal goals for total page count instead of total number of books. 13mo
BethM I think audio too? I don't count mine bc it gives me anxiety lol. 13mo
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Freespirit You know I was thinking the same thing. I feel I read often and have only read about 30 books for the year. I see people reading 💯 and think wow 😮 how do they do it 😊 13mo
Karkar For me it is graphic novels and audio books that help me get my numbers up. I noticed this year that there was someone who had read over 300 but many of those where picture books and early reader books. 13mo
cariashley Audiobooks is how I do it! 😉 13mo
mutlee I tripled my normal count this year but that‘s because I‘ve had a lot of downtime at work. Normally I wouldn‘t be able to break 100. Audio books have definitely helped increase the number. I started “checking” them out with an app from my library. My husband doesn‘t think I should count audio books, but I don‘t think there‘s a way to separate them on Goodreads. 13mo
Callemarie @mutlee I dont understand that argument of not cou ting audiobooks. What is the difference between you reading it and someone reading it to you? I dont agree with not counting them 13mo
Merethebookgal @Callemarie @mutlee audiobooks definitely count! There‘s tons of people who are blind or have learning disabilities and audiobooks are the only way they can read. But even if you able to “read with your eyes,” it doesn‘t mean you shouldn‘t count audiobooks as reading. If you want to keep track of which book you read via audio you could make a separate “shelf” for them on Goodreads. 13mo
mutlee @Merethebookgal @Callemarie Right! Thanks for supporting my argument. Even though I know my husband‘s wrong, it‘s good to have back up! 13mo
Merethebookgal @mutlee Always here to help! 😄 13mo
BookishTrish Insomnia 13mo
Gissy Congratulations!! 📚📚📚📚👏👏👏👏 13mo
LogiKitty Short stories, poetry books, zines, etc! All modes that get you reading should count! 13mo
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I knew I wasn‘t crazy! My reading summary did NOT update! I just finished a book and my challenge updated but the summary didn‘t. 😕

Conservio Was there a atart and finish date? 13mo
Literary_Siren @Conservio Absolutely! There‘s always one when your kindle is connected to your Goodreads account. If there wasn‘t then my challenge wouldn‘t have updated and I‘d still be at 95 books. 13mo
emtobiasz I noticed a similar thing—mine‘s definitely undercounting by at least ten books 😒 13mo
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Literary_Siren @emtobiasz your reading challenge? Or the summary email you got today? 13mo
emtobiasz @Literary_Siren the summary. Reading challenge seems accurate 13mo
Literary_Siren @emtobiasz I seem to be the only person besides you who has admitted this! I plan on messaging the people at Goodreads and petitioning them to either make sure the summary stays updated if they‘re going to send it out early or to send it out January 1st so that it‘s complete and accurate. 13mo
Eyelit Same - I just added a bunch of books on goodreads today (because I‘ve been slacking about updating) and the year in books still showed the old number... plus I hate they send it so early. Why not wait??? 🤣 13mo
Jemgirl2014 About a year ago I tried to set up my reading challenge. It would not work. It wouldn't even register the first book I tried to list. I don't mess with goodreads. 😐 13mo
Literary_Siren @Eyelit I agree! Why send it early when we would rather wait and see all our progress at the end of the year, in its entirety?? So frustrating! 13mo
Literary_Siren @Jemgirl2014 Give it another try! You might have just needed a start date for the book. And that‘s easy to do. You also could have marked it as reading and then turned around and said you finished it. That won‘t give you an accurate start day, unless you actually did start it that day, but it will record that you‘ve read the book and add it to your challenge. 13mo
Jemgirl2014 @Literary_Siren Ok, thanks! I will try your suggestions. I'm usually good at figuring that stuff out so maybe I wasn't being patient enough lol. 13mo
Literary_Siren @Jemgirl2014 Yay! That makes my heart happy! I love Goodreads I don‘t know where I would be without it. They have definitely made a bunch of improvements to it in the last few years. I use it to catalog my home library as well as keep track of what I read. And now that my daughter has started reading more I‘m going to set her up an account. 13mo
Jemgirl2014 😊 When you put it that way...sounds like a real valuable resource. Right now, I just get the weekly newsletters wiith book recommendations. Yes, I will try again. Thanks! 13mo
Jemgirl2014 @Literary_Siren Replied but forgot to tag you lol. 13mo
Literary_Siren @Jemgirl2014 You‘re very welcome! 😊 13mo
Jemgirl2014 🤗 13mo
Birdsong28 It might be that it has registered on your challenge but not on your year on books as when you finished it they had already completed your summary. @Literary_Siren 😀📚📖 13mo
Literary_Siren @Birdsong28 and therein lies my issue. 😔 If you‘re going to send it out before the end of the year, then it needs to be updated with every book finished. If they don‘t want to do that then send it out on January 1st. 13mo
Jess_Franzino Mine did the same thing. It says that I read 84 books, when my challenge has me at 85. I wonder if it‘s because I just finished a book. 13mo
toric Ive just had a look at mine and i agree, why cant they just wait til jan 1st? But theres a link to edit just under the title and a link to missing books at the bottom. Maybe you could manually update the list? 13mo
Amiable It will update. I'll bet there's a lag time in the algorithm. If you just finished the last book, give it another day and refresh the summary again. 13mo
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This is my year with 3 weeks left -although with all the shopping etc I might not get much more reading in! #goodreads #2018

MelissaSue81 Awesome!!! 13mo
tammysue That‘s fabulous!! 👏🏻 13mo
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JennyM Yahoo!!! That‘s great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (edited) 13mo
CouronneDhiver 🏆 Yay! 13mo
DivineDiana How did you do this?!? Wonder Woman!!! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 13mo
Pamwurtzler @DivineDiana I‘m retired - so instead of working, I‘m reading. It‘s so nice!! 13mo
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I‘m not done reading yet!! Why can‘t Goodreads send this out on January 1st?!? I guess that makes too much sense. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway, 5 books to go until I hit my #ReadingChallenge goal. I‘ve got 21 days to go, I got this!!

butterbeerheist Wow good luck! 13mo
Literary_Siren @butterbeerheist thanks! I really do wish they would wait to send this out though. I still have at least 5 books to add to that count. But they don‘t update it after they send it out. 😔 13mo
butterbeerheist Yeah I thought the same thing. But don‘t they count this month with next year‘s books? 13mo
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Literary_Siren @butterbeerheist Nope they sure don‘t! You can go and look at past years. In the upper left hand corner by the banner it will say See Previous Year. 13mo
butterbeerheist Oh well that sucks. 😅 13mo
Naj Yeah, I don't get this about goodreads either. Why have a "year in books" before the year's even over. Good luck on your reading goal! 13mo
Literary_Siren @butterbeerheist Sure does! I plan on getting a hold of customer service and launching a complaint. The books still count towards your reading goal but they won‘t count them in this summary. 13mo
TheSpineView I know! I want to read at least 4 more books before year end. 13mo
mdm139 @Literary_Siren mine updated just fine last year. I got the email, kept reading, kept logging them, and checked back on Jan. 1, all my books were accounted for in the summary and the total 13mo
Literary_Siren @mdm139 I just looked at my past year and it didn‘t update in the summary. It‘s just irritating. I want to see the whole thing! 13mo
Cailey_Mac I thought the same thing😅 I‘m just going to check mine right before the New Year 13mo
Literary_Siren @Cailey_Mac me too! I hope it updates! I know it didn‘t last year. I read a couple more books after they sent the stats last year and they are not on it. 13mo
Cailey_Mac @Literary_Siren Ahhh oh no! I hope it updates in time then; I know I plan to read maybe 4 more books this year myself 13mo
Crazeedi Good job! 13mo
CareBear @Literary_Siren did you double check that you have the dates read in there? Sometimes when I use the app it doesn‘t always track well. 13mo
Literary_Siren @CareBear yeah. My challenge updated but not the summary. I‘m going to keep a close eye on it this time and make sure everything is just as it should be. 🤞🏻 13mo
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kellyann28 I am very surprised Still Me won best fiction. Maybe I need to get back into this series. 🤔 14mo
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They‘ve already put these up! It‘s like Christmas decorations, too early! #MyYearinBooks #goodreads

tjwill Yeah, we‘re not done reading yet! 1y
BarbaraJean I know!! I can read SO many more books before 2018 is over! 1y
Samplergal @BarbaraJean no kidding! I might make 20 more ! 1y
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britt_brooke OMG, I‘ll probably read at least 15 more! 1y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Day after Thanksgiving to New Year is Prime Reading Season! At least if it's like last year we you revisit it refreshes and shows your current numbers. 1y
Birdsong28 A bit early!! 📚📖 1y
Bookishlie I can‘t find mine. Must be o the website not mobile app? 1y
DivineDiana Yes, too early! 1y
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Birdsong28 Congrats 🎉🎊📚📖 1y
LoverofLit Amazing job! 1y
wordslinger42 Congratulations!! 1y
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sebrittainclark 🎉🎉🎉 1y
JoScho Yay 😊💖 1y
thereadingowlvina Congrats!!! 1y
SomedayAlmost 👏🏻👏🏻 1y
Pamwurtzler Congrats!! 👏👏👏 1y
Cedricsmom How did you get this on a screen shot? 1y
jenniferw88 @Cedricsmom i went to the goodreads app on my phone, clicked on my reading challenge on the drop down menu and screenshotted. Hope this helps! 1y
amb Awesome! 1y
candority Congratulations! 👏🎉 1y
BookNerd9906 Amazing! 👏🎉📚🥂 1y
Jas16 🙌🏽 1y
Naj Congrats!! 1y
Cedricsmom Well congratulations on your numbers. That‘s a lot of books in a year. 1y
rubyslippersreads 🎉📚🎉📚🎉🎉🎉 1y
Emilymdxn Amazing well done! 1y
sprainedbrain Awesome!! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1y
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I finished my Goodreads reading challenge!! Still a couple months left, too!

Librarybelle Congratulations! 1y
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
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sebrittainclark 🎉🎉🎉 1y
irre 👏👏🎉🎉 1y
PurpleyPumpkin Well done. Congratulations!👍🏽😉👏🏽 1y
Pamwurtzler Yay! 👏👏👏 1y
mrp27 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
Jas16 🙌🏽 1y
Nute Way to go!🙌🏽 1y
WeeWeegieBookworm Congrats!!! 🎉🎉 1y
Kalalalatja Woohoo! 1y
JoScho Yay! 🎉💖🎉💖🎉 1y
BookNerd9906 Impressive!!! 1y
Mollyanna Congratulations 🎉🍾🎉 1y
tracey38 Yay! Congrats!🎉🎉🎉 1y
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It‘s that time of year again, y‘all! #GoodreadsAwards2018

(I‘m disappointed that I have read so few of the books listed, but I have a good excuse as to why I‘ve not up with the new releases this year. #whenindoubtblamethebaby 👶🏻)

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It‘s that time of the year again...... yes, already 😱!

tessavi I voted in 2 categories only. I didn't read many 2018 books. 1y
Moray_Reads I'm always surprised by how few of the choices I've read... 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tessavi I voted in 3...and I read a ton, just not the big books of this year apparently. It is the first round, you can write-in votes for something different at this stage. 1y
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Moray_Reads @Riveted_Reader_Melissa and the "best of the best" category shows how rarely the books I vote for win! 1y
4thhouseontheleft I only voted in 3, I guess I didn‘t read many of the big ones either this year! 1y
Emilymdxn I found I hadn‘t read as many as id thought I would! Q a few big new books not there that I was surprised by 1y
Samplergal Voted in the areas I read. 1y
Geeklet I sat here trying to decide if The Poppy War was better than Circe and The Book of M for a good five minutes. 1y
TheBookbabeblog84 I feel like this year just flew by. I‘ll have to vote this morning (while at work). 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Emilymdxn Well it‘s the first round, so enter the one you want as a write-in vote. I believe it‘s at the bottom of each category. 1y
InLibrisVeritas Apparently I haven't read as many 2018 releases I had thought. I guess I'll get to a few of them before voting ends. 1y
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Woohoo!!!! This is the month! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

GypsyKat 👏👏👏👏👏👏 1y
thereadingowlvina Wow!!! 👍🤗💜💚💜💚💜 1y
TheSpineView Congrats! That is impressive!😊 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks You go girl 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
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And with that, Goodreads tells me I‘ve finished my first challenge this year already...thanks to some short stories, comics, and a bunch of lighter reads thrown in too.

MelissaSue81 Yay!!!! 1y
MelissaSue81 I think I just finished book 121.. so we are close! 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @MelissaSue81 That is close! We Melissa‘s like to stick together!😉👍 1y
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Jas16 🙌🏽 1y
Nebula_of_Books 82/100! Getting there! 1y
Daisey Congratulations! 1y
britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
Eggs Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉 1y
Clwojick Woot woot! 1y
BookwormAHN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🧚🏼‍♀️ 1y
Redwritinghood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
Kalalalatja Woohoo! 1y
JazzFeathers Congratulation super reader!!!!!! 1y
Birdsong28 Congrats 🎉🎊📚📖 1y
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1y
JoScho 💖🎉💖🎉💖 1y
irre 👏👏🎊🎊 1y
Pamwurtzler Congratulations!!🎈🎊 1y
GypsyKat Congratulations! 1y
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I forgot to post this when it happened, but I reached my second Goodreads goal of the year! I upped again to 60 books. I know the last few months of the year will not be as productive, but I‘m pretty confident that I‘ll be able to hit that goal as well.

britt_brooke 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
Lovesbooks87 Yay! Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
JoScho 💖🎉💖🎉💖 1y
Librarybelle Congratulations! 1y
Mdargusch Woohoo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1y
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Apparently I want to read 758 books, but also to take a chance on an additional 110! (The to-get shelf is totally #blameitonlitsy)

#takeachanceonme #abbainaugust @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @emilyhaldi @Meredith3 @Reviewsbylola

Cinfhen I‘m sure my shelf looks just like yours!!!! 1y
SleepyDragon So ... The 758 books are ones you own already, and "To Read" are ones you don't? 1y
jenniferw88 @NeesyBeth the 'to-get' ones (the 110 number) are books I'd like to own at some point. The 758 i own already. 1y
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Reecaspieces Well you better get busy..those 110 are not going to buy themselves!! 1y
Mdargusch I don‘t even want to know what my list says. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 1y
Reviewsbylola I need to go through and cull my GR and Litsy TBR. 1y
Meredith3 Get it girl!!! 🕺🏾 1y
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post image
JoScho 🎉💖🎉💖🎉 1y
wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉👏🏻🎉👏🏻 1y
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merelybookish Nice work!! 1y
MelissaSue81 Great job!! 1y
Ash.on.the.line Congrats! 🎉🎊 1y
hes7 Yay! 🎉 1y
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Argh! The latest update of the Goodreads App changed my language settings. It now shows up in #German. If I wanted to see it in English, I would need to change my mobiles preferred language to English.
Argh! Argh!

Jennick2004 🤣 2y
Lmstraubie Frustrating!!! Contact customer service at Goodreads. Maybe they can help 🤔 2y
julesG @Lmstraubie They referred me to their FAQ, which instructed me to change the preferred language settings of my phone. It's annoying and I hope more people are going to complain about it, so that they'll offer a different solution. 2y
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Lmstraubie @julesg Did you email them? I contacted them through email because I was so disappointed the quote was gone. Maybe tell the the FAQ didn't answer your question??? Sorry, don't mean to be a bother. 2y
Sarah83 Is it such a problem? ☺️ 2y
julesG @Lmstraubie You're not a bother, I appreciate your help. I'll contact them again. 2y
julesG @Sarah83 Of course it's not a terrible problem, German is my mother tongue. It's just that I'm used to the English terms and now I bristle at terms like Lesewunschliste instead of To Read. 2y
Sarah83 Maybe within the next update it will change again ☺️ 2y
catsuit_mango I had the same reaction :why is my interface in French? On the other hand you see so many people complaining about apps that are not localised... I can't imagine to understanding enough English to 'survive' in today's world. ;) 2y
catsuit_mango @julesG I contacted them too : did you notice that all the admin parts are still in English? My user profile and settings are titled in french but the inside pages are all in English. Very confusing ;) 2y
julesG @catsuit_mango Yes, noticed those weird language problems yesterday. Just sent them another message saying that "I'd greatly appreciate it if you could offer the users a choice for the language settings without forcing them to change their whole device settings." 2y
kaysworld1 I hate the new update, it took me ages to find everything we don't have shelves anymore we have tags. And my language has changed also. 😖 2y
julesG @kaysworld1 Yeah, took me some time to find my shelves, too. 😖 2y
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Ugh. Me not happy. 🙁

DGRachel I‘m not happy either. All my books are gone. I hope it‘s just another fixable glitch. 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 @DGRachel that happened to me once and I almost had a cow. The books came back. 2y
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Oh Goodreads. I thought we were past this. I was so grateful that you hadn't purged all of my progress this year. And then you went and changed my challenge number by two! Why those two!? What didn't you like about them? It took me a while to figure out which ones they were (Thank goodness for Litsy!) But that wasn't cool! #Help #HeyJune

Cinfhen GoodReads has been acting up lately!!! Glad you figured it out...if my GoodReads went haywire I‘m not sure I‘d even notice!!! I‘ve been really negligent with my GoodReads 😔 2y
wanderinglynn When I went on the desktop version of GR & then into “my books”, they still have, as of yesterday, the message up that some of the read dates are not showing, but that no data has been lost. That‘s why the reading challenge numbers may be off. Apparently they‘re still working on the issue. 2y
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10 books ahead of schedule?!?! It‘s a miracle! 🤣

PurpleyPumpkin Well done! 👍🏽 2y
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 2y
rubyslippersreads 🎉📚🎉📚🎉🎉🎉 2y
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sammisho Having the same issue! 2y
Lovesbooks87 I emailed them and they said it is a display issue and all of our books have been saved and they are working to fix the issue! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto @Lovesbooks87 Fingers crossed so tight! 2y
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mrozzz This happens so often... I just ignore it lol Take a look again in the morning! 2y
Amanda.T The same thing happened to me today. Hopefully they fix it! 😩 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto @mrozzz Really? This is the first time I've seen it. I did have trouble last year with some of my books not saving, but that wasn't resolved. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
cariashley 😳😳😳 2y
mrozzz Yes! It doesn‘t usually last long. 2y
MicheleinPhilly It‘s working again. 2y
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I suppose I should revisit my annual reading goal. #goodreads #goodreadschallenge

dgingo Wow! Impressive!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2y
Eggs Congratulations 🎊🎈 2y
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After finding my high school journals complete with reading records, of course I had to update my Goodreads. Unfortunately, I also had to add a new shelf 😂 #bookofbooks #readthisbutdontrememberit

DivineDiana 😂 2y
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54 books YTD! Feeling good about being 25 books ahead of schedule, probably should have set my goal higher 😆

lauraodom Impressive! I‘m always terrible at setting my Goodreads challenge goals! 😜🤷🏼‍♀️ 2y
TheBookKeepers This is awesome!!! I'm ahead on my goal for the first time ever, but no where near ur stamina! #goals 📚😍 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Wow!! That‘s great!!👍🏽 2y
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Gezemice Wow! That‘s a lot of books. Congrats! 2y
tammysue Omg that‘s fantastic!! 🤩👏🏻👏🏻 2y
cswaingiggles I‘m realizing the same thing! I only set for 100 and just knocked out #65. I guess I know better for next year. I don‘t read much during the summers here so that‘ll help, but I‘m not a cold weather girl and I live in a colder than average climate. 2y
VelvetSpade Rockstar!! 2y
eanderson Wow!! That‘s awesome!!! 2y
Kaylamburson Amazing!!! You‘re already nearing my year total goal! Haha 2y
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I believe my username is just Mikala! Here‘s my link! It‘s also in my Litsy profile. 😊


Librarybelle Added! ❤️ 2y
tjwill Just added! My username is tjwill, but my display name is Tara. 2y
Astroneman Michela Rosatelli! 2y
Jess7 Yay! I am thegreeneyedreader on instagram and Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/thegreeneyedreader 2y
Purrfectpages Just added you! 2y
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